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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2011   Mar 26   Comment Summary

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K7FA   SO(A)AB HP   508,3202011-03-26 23:49:58
Ant: Various
Rig: K3 w/ AL-800H
Sfw: N1MM-Logger V10.10.2
20-m Propagation to EU, Asia, Africa, and the Middle-east was amazing.
Likely I missed openings on 15-m and 10-m.
Murphy helped me decide to QRT when the external tuner failed.
Able to work a few Qs despite the bad tuner and stuck rotor on the tri-bander.
Thanks for the fun. 73, Tom
DJ1YFK(@DJ6ZM)   SO(A)AB HP   549,9882011-03-27 06:26:57
FT1000MP, Expert 1k, Monobanders, see

Mostly S&P. Nice to see 15m in such a good shape!

Fabian DJ1YFK
OH2V(OH4KA)   SO(A)SB20 HP   321,4402011-03-27 06:34:47
S57AD   SOAB(TS) LP   23,8002011-03-27 06:41:00
TS-430S @ 80W; OCF dipole @ 40' (12m)

Family commitments allowed me just 4 hours on air; my humble plan (100 prefixes
worked) was fulfilled anyway...
S53M(S51FB)   SOSB20 HP   1,450,1582011-03-27 07:57:01
TNX for calls.


Miha / S51FB
MD2C(MDØCCE)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   3,121,2092011-03-27 10:58:08
Had other commitments, so dipped in and out of the contest. 40M antenna still
down and waiting for parts, so made a quick inverted vee and pulled it up the
tower, where it twisted itself around (circular polarization?) and required a
tuner at the lower end of the phone band....thanks to those who pulled my
signal out of the noise! Lots of interesting callsigns and lots of activity, a
good work-out!


Rig: FTDX9000D, Quadra
Ants: SteppIR 4-el (10M-15M-20M)
OH4KZM   SOSB20 LP   52,9922011-03-27 11:54:31
Just have fun. Mosley 33 up 10m, FT-920 , N1MM software.
73 tnx qsos..
K6CTA   SO(A)SB15 HP   105,2812011-03-27 12:04:14
I originally just got on to see what the bands were like, and wound up spending
more time than I had planned. 15M was in such great shape on the
West coast that I decided to stay on one band. It was nice to see it open to
pretty much all parts of the globe. Still not a fan of SSB contests, but it's
always fun to work DX! Thanks for the Q's.

Elecraft K3
Alpha 89
8 ele yagi
WriteLog/MicroHam MK-II interface

Ed - K6CTA
DM4DX   SOAB HP   169,6722011-03-27 12:51:30
Just a couple of hours after rebuilding my shack. Always suffering from man made
noise. Condx were great, especially on 15m.
G6T(G4MKP)   SO(A)AB HP   270,8162011-03-27 12:54:30
I tried to get into the contest but was constantly distracted by fabulous
conditions on 20m-10m. KH6 long path on 10m from Solihull from a Hexbeam at
31'? KH2 after only two calls into the pile-up? I don't think so. They must
have been pirates!

Thanks for the Qs everyone.
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   51,7652011-03-27 13:03:03
OH1F(OH1NOA)   SOAB HP   6,995,1152011-03-27 13:09:11
Found out that my 15m stack was not turning (pointed to East), couldn't work as
much 15m as wanted.

Big boys beat me bad, but at least I did my personal best in WPX SSB :)
Propagation was excellent.
OK7K(OK1BN)   SO(A)SB160 HP   184,4372011-03-27 13:13:10
Many thanks to all who called me.
QRV only 6 hours.

Used equipment:
FT-1000MP Mark-V Field
ACOM 2000A
34m Vertical with 2 elevated radials
RX ant: K9AY, Reversible bev. 015/195deg @ 268m, 120/300deg @ 165m

See you in next contest.

73 Petr OK1BN / OK7K
GØHVQ   SO(A)SB10 HP   36,4322011-03-27 13:15:03
Equip: Icom 7400 + amp, 300W, 4 ele yagi

Good fun, 10m has finally woken up. Some great DX in there inc FY8DK, 4K8M,
RF9C, VK6FDX, VK9CF, but best of all was NH7O Long Path down over S.Africa just
after dawn on Sunday. Some useful backscatter into Europe too.

Best paths were always south of here, disappointed not to work any Russians or
USA, although a few Ws heard quite strong on scatter whilst beaming to

Darrell G0HVQ
YP5WFF(YO5OAG)   SOSB20(TS) LP   159,7242011-03-27 13:25:20
Thanks contest
'73 Sanyi YP5WFF op. YO5OAG
S57AW   SOSB10 HP   207,4002011-03-27 13:30:52
Operated only on Saturday, strange conditions. More South America (163 QSO) than
EU (123) in the log, this must be my first contest with such a statistics, HI.
All continents worked anyway.

A pleasant surprise was NH7O via LP in the morning and ZL2OK, ZL1BYZ and JA6WJL
also long path in the evening here.

73 Robert, S57AW
DL6RAI   SOAB HP   761,0642011-03-27 13:54:51
Good to see 10 meters alive again!
S54O   SO(A)AB HP   442,6382011-03-27 13:57:28
h.m. PA
3el 3bander + wires
PP2EG   SO(A)SB10 HP   1,187,2102011-03-27 14:05:24
Using a 5/8 vertical antenna in a contest is funny. But there is no chance left
when compared to the big pistols on the band... hi hi
Used a TS-2000 + Amp (250W) and 5/8 vert antenna.

Really enjoyed the good openings on the 10 meter band.

73 de Eger PP2EG
ES5TV   SOAB HP   17,850,2962011-03-27 14:26:24
Haven't seen such kind of propagation for years. I could actually run US on 40m
which has been impossible for many years. And 20 and 15 ignored all the
propagation rules staying open to US till local midnight. Incredible! What a
contest. QSOs and multipliers never seemed to end.

I post my EU record breaking score quickly before E7DX will come and crash it:)
I think 20+ mio is due from him.

Had to finish the contest 4 hours before the end as I cut the break of the
first day short to work JA on 15m for a few hours, over 200 JAs is very nice to
see considering the situation.

Was experimenting with SO3R again but as the rate was unexpectedly high the
usefulness was limited.


By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 |Total|
| 00 | | 7 | 96 | | | | 103 |
| 01 | | 3 | 129 | 2 | | | 134 |
| 02 | | 31 | 76 | | | | 107 |
| 03 | | 101 | 17 | | | | 118 |
| 04 | | 44 | 64 | | | | 108 |
| 05 | | 1 | 92 | 14 | | | 107 |
| 06 | | | 7 | 21 | 68 | | 96 |
| 07 | | | | | 149 | | 149 |
| 08 | | | | | 77 | | 77 |
| 09 | | | | | | | |
| 10 | | | | | | | |
| 11 | | | | | 55 | | 55 |
| 12 | | | | 12 | 137 | | 149 |
| 13 | | | | 12 | 151 | | 163 |
| 14 | | | | 11 | 112 | | 123 |
| 15 | | | | 11 | 132 | | 143 |
| 16 | | | | 56 | 64 | | 120 |
| 17 | | | | 162 | 3 | | 165 |
| 18 | | | | 184 | 1 | | 185 |
| 19 | | | | 133 | 9 | | 142 |
| 20 | | | | 140 | 5 | | 145 |
| 21 | 6 | | | 145 | 2 | | 153 |
| 22 | 15 | | | 119 | | | 134 |
| 23 | 15 | 1 | 40 | 68 | | | 124 |
| 00 | | 1 | 148 | | | | 149 |
| 01 | | 2 | 127 | | | | 129 |
| 02 | | 79 | 9 | | | | 88 |
| 03 | | 56 | 28 | | | | 84 |
| 04 | | | 99 | | | | 99 |
| 05 | | | 36 | 52 | | | 88 |
| 06 | | | | | | | |
| 07 | | | | | | | |
| 08 | | | | | | | |
| 09 | | | | | | | |
| 10 | | | | 12 | | | 12 |
| 11 | | | | 128 | 2 | 1 | 131 |
| 12 | | | | 125 | | 2 | 127 |
| 13 | | | | 117 | 14 | | 131 |
| 14 | | | | 2 | 159 | | 161 |
| 15 | | | | 3 | 143 | | 146 |
| 16 | | | | 1 | 140 | | 141 |
| 17 | | | | 110 | 30 | | 140 |
| 18 | | | | 143 | 3 | | 146 |
| 19 | | | | 131 | 5 | | 136 |
| 20 | | | | 43 | 4 | | 47 |
| 21 | | | | | | | |
| 22 | | | | | | | |
| 23 | | | | | | | |
| | 36 | 326 | 968 |1957 |1465 | 3 |4755 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.7.0
K1HI   SO(A)AB HP   226,3042011-03-27 15:01:53
Great to hear something on 10M! I don't know why I expect any results without
an antenna...
K7EG   SO(A)AB HP   228,8642011-03-27 15:02:33
NBAA Tournament took priority. Struggled to find microphone. Great condx.
DF9ZP   SO(A)SB15 HP   5,395,9712011-03-27 15:09:32
thanks for the calls,
great contest...
vy 73 jo df9zp

qsl via lotw and eqsl
VE6SQ   SOAB(TS) LP   179,0952011-03-27 15:21:15
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 19 61 10
7 36 137 18
14 101 236 67
21 166 394 118
28 2 5 2
Total 324 833 215
Score: 179,095

For the most part, it seemed that the DX was coming in better than the K/W
stations. The high noise level on 80 & 40 was disappointing, but I guess that
one can't have everything. It was neat to work a couple of stations on 10 -
but it still has a long way to go up in this part of the world. I did hear a
few other stations, but no-where strong enough to work.

The splatter from the super power stations on 15/20 was disappointing. When
presented to one of these stations, the comment was that the meters are reading
ok & there's a lot of it anyway... When the HAM who lives a mile or so away
from me gets on CW, I don't hear anything until he gets within a couple of khz
of what I'm, listening to. I was hearing the splatter from some of the contest
stations this time around more than 50 khz away from their centre frequency and
at a level that was causing readability issues.. As I said, disappointing..

It appears that I managed to pick up four of the six states that I am missing
for phone WAS. Guess that I will be lurking on the Delaware, WVa and Nebraska
QSO parties so I can finish off my Triple Play

DM9K(DL2OBF)   SO(A)AB LP   2,942,2182011-03-27 15:22:00
Thanks to my host Toffy, DJ6ZM, for the chance to operate from his fine station.
Nice experience to be back to full scale single op contesting after quite some
W4AX   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   56,3732011-03-27 15:37:38
Thank you for the QSOs. Focused on 80 and 10 for this contest. 80 was a bust
this weekend due to major thunderstorms.

Flex 5000A, 80M Horiz loop at 25M.
OZ1ADL   SO(A)AB HP   3,001,3472011-03-27 15:41:32
It was my Birthday, so it was an on/off operation - with lots of multiplier

Best 73 de Jan, OZ1ADL

NQ1W(K1KO)   SO(A)AB HP   306,1762011-03-27 15:42:58
First time I ever worked two BYs and two JTs in the same contest ---
unbelievably good signals from northern Asia. The JT was S9+30 in southeastern
Virginia. Go Sunspots!!!
NA4W(K4WI)   SOSB10 LP   63,3842011-03-27 15:53:47
Lost my 10 mtr stack several weeks ago to tornado... so hooked up an old KT34 at
40 ft and gave it a short go... not much fun after using the stack! 73's Cort
VE3HG   SOSB15 QRP   158,2392011-03-27 15:58:03
Flex 1500 and Writelog worked perfectly. Thrill to work JAs and one VK at 5
watts. Interesting I can work stations into the noise if the frequency is
clear. 15 was open from 9am to dark both nights. Had tons of fun with QRP
powerhouse :)
K7ULS   SOSB10 LP   22,8812011-03-27 16:03:09
Operated from 9000' at Powder Mountain with a FT-897D and Antron 99
Africa in the morning and Oceania at dusk.

3D2 6Y1 8P3 8P5 8P9 AH7 AY5 C6 CA3 CE4 CV5 CX3 CX7 D4 E51 EB8 FO8 HD2 HI3 HK3
HR2 JR1 K1 K9 KI4 KZ5 LO7 LP1 LR2 LR4 LS1 LT4 LT5 LU1 LU3 LU4 LU5 LU6 LU7 LW1
LW6 N8 NS1 P40 PJ2 PQ5 PR5 PT5 PT6 PU1 PU2 PU5 PV2 PW2 PW7 PY1 PY2 PY5 PY7 PZ5
TG9 TI8 TO11 TO5 V3 VK1 VK4 VK7 VQ51 W3 WB3 WF3 WN1 XE1 XE3 XR6 YN2 YV5 YW4 ZF1
ZL1 ZL3 ZL50 ZS6 ZV2 ZW4 ZW5
W4BQF   SO(A)SB10 HP   16,9922011-03-27 16:03:09
10m was spotty at best, but the guys in SA and on the west coast had very good

Only my second try at SSB contesting so hope to do better next time.

Tom - W4BQF
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   SOSB15 HP   2,379,1702011-03-27 16:14:36
This band was SUPER and open to USA until midnight, so super the points/qso
averages 2.62 and 81% of the log is DX of which 757 USA, that's more than half
of the log. It was hard to work EU...

73 de Franki ON5ZO
K8SM   SOSB40(TS) LP   99,7502011-03-27 16:15:10
My first SSB contest in 31 years.
Yaesu FT-920 & G5RV at 56 ft 100w
PY2ADR   SO(A)SB10(TS) HP   2,067,3122011-03-27 16:20:09
VK3TDX   SOAB HP   2,035,5122011-03-27 16:24:54
Strong 10 meter opening to EU second day. Thanks to all who worked the pileup
and thanks to all who turned antennas to VK!
WØMU   SO(A)AB HP   179,9492011-03-27 16:25:44
Part time while chasing the VU4 and S21 and other DX.

Interesting conditions. Great polar opening on 20m Saturday.
N3ALN   SO(A)AB LP   394,9822011-03-27 16:31:00
Conditions were good but had to go to the hamfest and work on Saturday.
My score was lower than last years...oh well, had fun anyway!

Icom 756-Pro III 100w
Carolina Windom
K7XE   SOSB15 LP   143,7882011-03-27 16:34:42
FT-990 2 el beam @ 30 FT
WU6W   SOAB HP   209,0402011-03-27 16:43:27
With no 10-15-20 meter antenna to speak of - 15M was the work horse again.
Used trap dipole at 8 feet for 10-15, 5-BTV for 20-40-80.
W4EE   SO(A)AB LP   361,4252011-03-27 16:44:39
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Qs,
WF4W   SO(A)AB HP   61,4662011-03-27 16:47:23
Just played in the contest for few hours here and there. It's always fun to get
thanks for the new prefix.
73, Tad, WF4W
K7ABL   SOAB HP   122,0492011-03-27 16:51:53
this is most contacts i have made in any contest. tried to get DXCC on 15
WØPAN   SOAB LP   216,9002011-03-27 16:52:31
This is one of my most memorable contesting experiences of the past 50 years.
Band Conditions were phenomenal, equipment worked, antennas stayed up, - what a
life. Antennas are an MFJ 1795 Vertical ground mounted between my fruit trees
and a G5RV 80-10 dipole mounted on my house roof in a horizontal Vee
configuration at 18 feet. That's what happens in a 55+ CCR challenged
community. Thoroughly enjoyed the contest and can't wait for the next sun spot
cycle to be with us for a period of time.
W4IX   SOSB10 LP   217,5152011-03-27 16:55:14
It was crazy this wknd, there was such a fine line as to where the band was
open...wrkd some Italians, SV's 4X, EA, & CT direct, but everything else north
was on backscatter, which with 100 watts and antenna only at 45 feet, was
difficult, but made a few Q's anyways...Band was really gud to Pacific, South
America, and Africa both days...worked some neat stuff. Only issue I had was
trying to run, it seemed like no one was able to hear me or just didnt bother
to call, so most Q's were S&P. I will say that I listened to 15 meters on Sat.
nite and I never in my Ham radio career heard Asia as loud as they were that
nite..simply amazing and Im sure the huge scores will reflect this..73's and CU
All next time in CQ WPX CW from NQ4I...73's John
N2FF   SO(A)AB LP   703,0622011-03-27 16:55:34
Almost entirely a search and pounce effort but there was a lot to pounce on.
I did not expect to spend as much time in the chair as I did. I found the
very noisy but that may have been local noise.

Thanks to all who heard my 100 watts and answered. Thanks also to those few
stations who commented that I was loud.
NO7T   SO(A)AB HP   228,1652011-03-27 16:59:24
Super conditions made for a GREAT contest. First time for working Cambodia, Hong
Kong and Turkey. Hopefully, this will be with us all for awhile now.
N3RD   SO(A)AB HP   1,227,5562011-03-27 17:00:23
I didn't intend to do much if any operating, but got sucked into the good
conditions on 15 meters. It's very very good to have 15m back in action. Lots
of juicy stuff called in on the last hour.
VE2TLH(VA2SG)   SOSB15 QRP   27,3422011-03-27 17:03:07
FT450 at 5W in a Carolina windom. Thanks sun!
NY6N(W6YI)   SOAB HP   8,381,9482011-03-27 17:03:30
Thanks for all the qsos. Great conditions provided for lots of fun. Saturday
evening 20 meter European opening was really good.
NA2U   SO(A)AB HP   22,4732011-03-27 17:04:56
Pro III, AL-80B, KW to multi-band dipole at 56" (1.5M).


VE9HF   SOAB HP   2,090,3302011-03-27 17:05:03
Legal limit into a ground mounted Hustler 6BTV.
WF6C(K6SRZ)   SO(A)AB HP   1,030,5752011-03-27 17:05:59
What a pleasure to not have to be dependent on 20 meters!
K6JEB   SO(A)AB HP   130,7322011-03-27 17:07:15
Finally a contest where 160-10 were quite usable at some part of the day!
AJ9C(@KE9I)   M/S HP   6,429,9602011-03-27 17:07:17
Nice to see some sunspots. 15m was open had to fight the urge to dx instead of
KØRI   SO(A)AB LP   1,527,1602011-03-27 17:08:15
Reached goal of 1K Qs. Great to hear FB prop on all bands.
W2IRT   SO(A)SB40 HP   1,327,1482011-03-27 17:08:28
Probably should have gone all-band since 10 and 15 were so good during the day.
40 was a wasteland up until about 2100z on Sunday then it went insane almost

Everything worked perfectly and I even got some rest. Best WPX single-band
score to date. Many thanks to one and all and see everyone in CQWW-SSB in

Peter, W2IRT
NK6A   SOSB15 HP   216,5292011-03-27 17:08:28
Great openings to Europe both Saturday and Sunday morning. Nice to hear 15
meters come to life again.
N8HM   SOAB QRP   20,6702011-03-27 17:08:31
I enjoyed the contest. It was a bit frustrating at times as it usually took
several calls for my weak signal to get through, but I worked some new QRP DXCC
and had a lot of fun. Thanks to all the operators with great ears and patience
to dig me out!

Rig - Yaesu FT-817ND
Antenna - AlexLoop Walkham Portable Magnetic Loop
Logging software - N1MM Logger
ND8L   SO(A)AB HP   1,439,8202011-03-27 17:08:33
Great conditions...once again, with a two element quad at 60'
15 turns out to be the money band. Had a couple of good runs
into EU on 15 on both days.

Exciting to work DU, YB, and JA. There was a JT on 20 Sunday
morning that sounded like a local. This is when it's fun.
PY2NY   SOAB LP   3,685,6642011-03-27 17:10:49
Was a fantastic journey, and totally diferent than any time on last five years,
with 10m responsable for more than 900 QSOs (1639 total)! I had a lot of
problems and left my friends alone on PS2T station Multi Single. At my home,
every contact is a challenge due of urban noise.
I am really happy because found a lot of friends around! Thank you guys,
calling me...
Let's see some statistics...
Max Rates - really poor:
2011-03-26 1944Z - 5,0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour
2011-03-26 0121Z - 3,0 per minute (10 minute(s)), 180 per hour
2011-03-26 2028Z - 2,1 per minute (60 minute(s)), 127 per hour
PY2NY Runs >30 QSOs:
2011-03-26 0004 - 0037Z, 14278 kHz, 41 Qs, 74,6/hr PY2NY
2011-03-26 0050 - 0151Z, 14278 kHz, 116 Qs, 114,9/hr PY2NY
2011-03-26 1026 - 1125Z, 21277 kHz, 35 Qs, 35,7/hr PY2NY
2011-03-26 1132 - 1328Z, 28408 kHz, 124 Qs, 63,9/hr PY2NY
2011-03-26 1334 - 1406Z, 28411 kHz, 55 Qs, 104,7/hr PY2NY
2011-03-26 1412 - 1519Z, 28411 kHz, 57 Qs, 51,0/hr PY2NY
2011-03-26 1738 - 2028Z, 28423 kHz, 287 Qs, 101,3/hr PY2NY
2011-03-26 2135 - 2257Z, 21257 kHz, 139 Qs, 101,6/hr PY2NY
2011-03-27 1115 - 1229Z, 28447 kHz, 82 Qs, 66,8/hr PY2NY
2011-03-27 1332 - 1412Z, 28463 kHz, 38 Qs, 57,4/hr PY2NY
2011-03-27 1500 - 1551Z, 28432 kHz, 41 Qs, 48,1/hr PY2NY
2011-03-27 1606 - 1711Z, 21176 kHz, 69 Qs, 63,9/hr PY2NY
2011-03-27 1957 - 2048Z, 28420 kHz, 102 Qs, 120,4/hr PY2NY
2011-03-27 2334 - 2354Z, 14295 kHz, 35 Qs, 105,4/hr PY2NY
KY7M   SO(A)AB HP   266,7082011-03-27 17:11:17
I enjoyed the great conditions on 15 meters!
AL9A   SO(A)AB HP   2,867,8302011-03-27 17:12:03
Now we're talking radio! Seems like 20M was open to EU 24/7. Haven't heard
such continous bedlam on the band in years. I wish 15M would have been
stronger - only had a short run late Sunday afternon, but it was better than no
band at all! Welcome back Mr. Sun, better late than never.

I'm sure this is the first time I've broken the 2 million point barrier. On to
3 million plus next year! Great fun, thanks to all for the QSOs and points.
KU8E   SOAB HP   292,6542011-03-27 17:12:15
Casual effort in between doing weekend chores. All S&P.
K3MD   SOAB(TS) HP   3,801,6522011-03-27 17:13:28
Personal best. No telnet!!!
QRM on 20 and 15 was unbelievable......UBN is probably high.
KD5J   SOAB LP   102,2402011-03-27 17:13:31
2011 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest KD5J


80m 6 9 4
40m 27 116 25
20m 39 90 37
15m 93 203 76
10m 54 150 38
TOTALS 219 568 180

Claimed score = 102240

2011 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest KD5J AR Section

Prefix Multipliers:

2E0 CE3 EA5 HL5 K5 LR2 NR1 RK8 VC6 WQ6
4O3 CM2 EA7 HQ3 K6 LR4 NR6 RT3 VE2 WW2
5D5 CM8 EA8 HR2 K7 LS1 NS1 RW0 VE3 WX3
6V7 CN2 EB8 II9 K9 LT1 OE3 S53 VE6 XP1
7S0 CQ3 EC2 IO5 KA1 LU1 OL4 SP1 VE7 XR6
8P5 CR3 EC3 IQ1 KC3 LU3 OM2 TG9 VE9 YW4
9A5 CT4 EI4 IR4 KF7 LU7 P40 TI2 VP2 ZS6
9A7 CX3 ES5 IR9 KI4 LY7 P43 TI8 W2 ZV2
9Y4 D4 G3 JA0 KI7 LZ9 PJ2 TM2 W3 ZX2
AA1 DF9 G5 JA2 KL7 MW5 PQ5 TM6 W5
AA7 DJ8 G7 JA6 KP2 N1 PS2 TO1 W6
AB3 DL2 GW4 JA7 KP3 N6 PT5 UC0 W7
AB7 DL3 GW9 JE7 KQ7 N7 PV2 UI9 WA1
BX5 E71 HI3 JQ1 KZ7 NK7 PY2 VA5 WF6
CB3 EA4 HK3 K0 LQ5 NP4 RF9 VA7 WP4

Total: 180
PT5T(@PP5EG)   M/2 HP   35,256,3822011-03-27 17:13:41
Nice to have the new generation with us
Three guys with les than 24 years, one with 33 and the old guys to make a
Thanks for being on our log
K7MKL   M/S LP   331,4552011-03-27 17:13:52
Husband/Wife team under Shelley's newly upgraded-to-Extra call. Spent far more
time than originally anticipated. 15 was huge, 40 was excellent and 20 was
so-so due to antenna elevation...tough to get the European's attention. Doubled
Shelley's DXCC total in time for Visalia. We *will* be back!
PY2NDX(@PS2T)   M/S HP   28,630,5842011-03-27 17:13:58
Thank you to Atilano for let us use his good station again, again and again!

What a contest! Beat a brazilian M/S record from 1989 - ZX5C (solar peak of
cycle 22).

Thanks everyone for the QSO.


PS2T Team
VY1EI   SOSB15 HP   818,0822011-03-27 17:14:19
Great condx on 15 meters!
N4DJ   SO(A)AB HP   713,0702011-03-27 17:14:47
15 was the good band for me. Not sure what happened to 20 but it seemed really
bad here.
AD4L   SOAB(TS) HP   2,033,2702011-03-27 17:15:20
TS850+SB200 @ 600 watts
A4S (3el tribander) @ 27 feet, wire at 70 feet
NA6E(WT6P)   SOAB HP   531,6852011-03-27 17:15:26
Great fun! Had some fine band openings to EU and SA.
Hope the propagation gods look kindly at us and make it better!
Thanks for all the patient ops, after a while the calls all sound the same.
EI7M(LY3MM/EI3JZ)   SOSB40 HP   11,149,4852011-03-27 17:16:05
What's a weekend! Thank's to everyone!
WO7V   SOAB HP   56,9902011-03-27 17:16:07
Other things got in the way and I couldn't spend as much time as I would have
liked. Great openings on 15 and 10 meters as 15 was again the heavy lifter.
However 20 meters was amazing as it was open until past 10:30pm local time both
nights and from Oregon was like a pipeline to all of Russia. This is one of
those weekends where the band conditions are really too good.
WØERP   SOAB LP   129,8702011-03-27 17:16:19
This was fun only work for 12 hours could of had a lot more q's good to see 15
and 10 meters open
W4RK   SO(A)AB HP   196,6642011-03-27 17:16:27
Nice to have good 10 and 15 meter propagation again!
WØRAA   SO(A)AB HP   160,3802011-03-27 17:16:53
I was only going to get into this for a couple hours, but band conditions were
so good I couldn't resist and the time turned into 11 hours. Not a huge effort
but a lot of fun. Since my good friend and neighbor was on 10 meters, I stayed
away for the most part. I did manage 7 quick Q's on 10, but concentrated on 20
& 15 meters. They were good to me this year. It was great to hear all the
activity on the higher bands. Almost like the "good old days", but not quite.
They're getting there, though. Thanks to all who gave me a contact and suffered
through asking for repeats because of QRM. But patience prevailed and we got
the job done. I even picked up a few new ones in the process. My contest log
will be uploaded to LoTW within a couple days.
K9GY   SO(A)AB LP   46,3362011-03-27 17:17:38
Wow 15m sounded like 20m! COOL!

Yaesu FT-857D
Cushcraft R8

73, Eric
NH6P(KH7Y)   SOSB15 HP   7,132,1142011-03-27 17:17:52
Wow, 15 was open just about 24 hours a day. Excellent long path conditions both
nights to EU, plus short path to EU was excellent many hours each day. After
all this I am ready for a good CW contest...

Thanks for all the QSO's

IC-7800 + AL-1500 4element m2 at 100 feet and 8 element LP at 80 feet.

Aloha, Fred
KB3LIX   SOAB LP   806,9942011-03-27 17:17:59
100 % Search & Pounce.

NICE CONTEST, Lots of activity !!!!
WF3C(@N4UU)   M/2 HP   9,686,7832011-03-27 17:18:58
Tnx to N4UU and Pat for hosting the crew this weekend. Nice to see WC4E on the
business end of the microphone again for the first time in a while.

Excellent to see 15m in good shape! I can hardly wait for 10m to follow suit.

Rigs: TT Orion2 x2
Amps: TL922 LK550ZC
2-ele Triband Quad @ 40'
TH5/TH5 @ 95'/45'
402-CD @ 120'
Inverted-Vee @ 107'
Full-Wave 160m Delta Loop

N1MM s/w

Good to work my cousin WF6C for the first of, I hope, many times to come.

Chris WF3C
K7WP   SO(A)AB HP   1,292,9942011-03-27 17:19:03
FT1000MP/ AL811H/ Force 12 6BA @ 70'/ CL33 @ 30'/ 160/80 Sloper/ N1MM

Busy weekend here, but was able to have a limited amount of fun playing with
the sunspots...welcome back prop! Great to hear the activity and many old
friends. Hope it holds (or gets better) for WPX CW! CU in the next one...

73, and thanks for the Q's...

John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
SJ2W(SM2WMV)   SOAB HP   13,841,9752011-03-27 17:19:21
This was a blast! I had set as goal to beat the current SM record taken by
SM3SGP as SK3W in 2000. I was hoping for 10 meg if everything went OK and this
went over my expectations by far. The old record was at 8.3 meg and I think
this result should even pass logcheck. Propagations were outstanding except the
last two hours, which suffered a bit from some small aurora.

I tried SO2R with two computers for the first time (of course interlocked) and
it worked like a charm. I need to do some minor fixes in the firmware of my
SO2R box, but otherwise it went very smoothly. 316 qsos on the 2nd radio, I
mainly tried to focus on 3/6 ptsers and mults.

It was also fun to once in a while run into OH8X and OH10X and compare how I
was doing compared to them. It will be very interesting to see the results.

Next one will be WPX CW as multi-op!

For more information of the station, check the website which contains lots of
up to date information!
KØVXU   SOAB HP   1,906,1372011-03-27 17:20:34
Another solar surprise! Great conditions all weekend. Great to hear all the
familiar callsigns and big signals. QRM was maddening at times, but ain't it
great to HAVE QRM.

For me this was more or less a casual operation. I just didn't have the time
to put in a max effort. This time I concentrated more on QSOs and less on

The low bands were much a lost cause as we had thunder storms Friday and
Saturday that pretty well oblierated any signals except the very loudest. Many
thanks for the 160 meter QSOs. Because of the high QRN levels on the low bands
I didn't have many 5 band QSOs with any one station...maybe 3 or 4 and no 6
band QSOs.

KU1CW of the KCCC was really rocking along when I worked him on 80 meters.
Conditions up in Iowa must have had less QRN. KC0MO of the KCCC was doing a
casual effort also but putting up some decent numbers, too.

RIG: IC-746PRO / TL-922A / TH6-DXX (10-15-20) / inverted vees 940 & 80) /
inverted L (160)

Thanks to all who gave QSOs and my regrets to those who called and I couldn't
copy due to the crowded bands.

See you all next year.

Russ - K0VXU
VA7FC   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   728,1302011-03-27 17:21:45
had fun and was glad that I could participate with limited time available ..
73s Perry
W7VJ   SOAB HP   514,9582011-03-27 17:22:31
Exceptional conditions for a change... now if I only had the time to devote to
this. Highlights included call from FR1. Running on 15 to EU proved to be a
challenge despite very strong signals. Guess it's not time for us yet here in
the Pacific Northwest U.S. Very impressive numbers from many. Congratulations
to the winners, and thanks to those whom I worked.


KA2D   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   819,0002011-03-27 17:22:35
F12 XR-5 @ 70ft
F12 D140 @ 78ft
80M Ground Mount wire vertical
K7XC   SO(A)AB HP   667,9642011-03-27 17:23:06
Only One Word Describes This Past Weekend..... WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Fantastic Conditions on all bands, HUGE amounts of activity, LOUDDDDD signals
from all over the globe, Rare countries worked I have not heard in over 20
years, Plenty of juicy DX and gobbs of prefixes...

Some of the best DX worked includes... 3V, 6W, CN, CT3, D4, EA8, ST, 9K, 9V,
A6, BV, BY, JT, UN, ER, ES, IT9, LX, TF, TK, OX, 3D2, 9M6, E51, KH2, & YB.
Entirely Hunt and Pounce.

Station: IC-746, IC-2KL @ 500W Out, Classic 33 Tribander @ 25', 3 ele 20M
Monoyagi @40', 80/40M Inv Vee @ 37', 40M Slopping Dipole @ 37', 160M Inv L @

Cant wait to see what LOTW does with this file over the next week or two!

73s and Great DX de Tim - K7XC - DM09nm... sk
KCØMO(KØOU)   SOAB(TS) HP   791,9342011-03-27 17:23:54
the 40 meter antenna is broken so only had the tribander and verticle for use
this weekend. Part-time anyway. Watching basketball all weekend. Bands were
pretty good with 15 picking up nicely Sunday afternoon. Had fun and lookong
forward to cw test when I hope to get a better effort in. CU all later - K0OU
(KC0MO in WPX)
N3RC   SO(A)AB HP   603,2752011-03-27 17:23:59
Nice conditions. Should see some big scores!!!!
AB3CX   SO(A)AB HP   4,612,0322011-03-27 17:24:42
Great conditions prevailed here, although 10 meters was not really open to
Europe for me, and 10 meters showed more life day 1 than day 2; overall super
condations from the low to the high bands. My personal best score for any WPX
SSB yet.
VE6TL   SOAB HP   2,577,5162011-03-27 17:25:04
What a better way to spend a snowy weekend than doing a contest? I was hoping
to go to VE6SV for a group effort but was suffering from a cold and with the
roads so icy, decided to stay home. Was also told that SV couldn't make it
back in time due to being stuck out east in a snowstorm. Guess things have a
way of working out.

This was, by far, the best result of any contest I've ever done. I put in more
hours, got more Q's and more points than any previous contest. So I guess condx
were pretty good! I've never made it to a million points before so this was
uncharted territory for me.

I couldn't hear anything on 160m and 80 was almost a wipeout as I'm still
experiencing RFI from power lines at 30dB over S9. The power company has been
hunting all winter for the source. With all the frost on everything, this only
made the arcing much worse. Luckily, my FTDX-5000MP has some great filtering
that helps me through a lot of it. I'm finally getting the hang of it after
about a year.

40m was pretty tough going, as usual but had a good run on Saturday night. I
had a great run on 20m on Saturday afternoon and some good runs on 15m on
Sunday afternoon. On Sunday, 20m was just wall to wall packed so it was hard
to do any running. Even below 14.150 MHz it was full of DX signals. I was
busy running Americans on 15m around 2000Z on Sunday when suddenly this noise
came on from the southeast that killed everything. It sounded like a vacuum
cleaner. I ended up point my beam towards Japan and got rid of most of the
noise. And I started working JAs. I noticed the Aurora was acting up and this
got worse as the afternoon went on. After a while, it didn't seem to matter
where I pointed my yagi. Calls came in from all over. I haven't checked but I
figure I made DXCC on 20 and 15m. With about 45 minutes to go I was wondering
about Asia. I had only worked a few JAs and one Indonesian station. Then I
got a call from Malaysia and ZL. The ZL said I was the first Canadian he had
worked! Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Although I'd like to strangle whoever
invented the phonetic alphabet. About 70% of the time they heard "echo"
instead of "tango" for my call. So when I said "Tokyo" instead of tango they
would say "bravo". I thought the point was to avoid things that sounded alike.

Time to rest my sore throat. I've gone through 3 packs of lozenges over the

CU in the next one!

Jerry VE6TL

Rig: FTDX-5000MP
Ant: TH6DXX tribander @13m and BigIR Vertical 80-10m
Amp: FL-7000 about 500W peak
AH6RR   SO(A)SB10(TS) HP   379,6002011-03-27 17:25:58
Great time and a Great opening in EU ant 10PM local
SK2T(SM2LIY)   SO(A)SB15 HP   1,982,3702011-03-27 17:27:03
Good conditions, especially on sunday.
Nice to work loads of KH6 in the middle of night.
73 Per SM2LIY
RL3A   M/S HP   22,351,5892011-03-27 17:27:33
Thanks to ALL for the QSO's, see you further in Contests!
KS4X   SOAB(TS) LP   163,6142011-03-27 17:27:44
Had thunder storms all day Saturday.
VE1ZA   SOAB LP   1,263,5002011-03-27 17:29:13
Thanks to all the Asian stations who heard my LP signal on 15M Sunday morning.

DX seemed very long, since not many US stations in the log.

Tony VE1ZA
K7ZS   SOAB HP   1,969,3122011-03-27 17:29:56
Only had time for a part time effort, but needless to say, fantastic conditions,
making it hard to find a place to run with my modest station.

Had to throw out the normal Pacific NW and plan - the band stayed open long
after they were ordinarily long gone!

To say it was 'Fun' doesn't properly describe it! A BLAST might!

73 Kevin K7ZS
WB8JUI   SOAB(TS) LP   166,5902011-03-27 17:30:02
Thanks to all for the contacts and prefixes (one to one ratio). Special thanks
to the Sun Gods for smiling upon the high bands!

73 - Rick WB8JUI
WU3A(W3UA)   SOSB40 HP   5,056,5852011-03-27 17:30:05
Two factors made impossible for me to take part in this contest in my beloved
"Assisted Living" category -- unbearable noise rendering the high bands totally
unusable, and certain unavoidable family needs, which blocked my daylight hours.
So I decided on a night band -- 40 meters -- and I glad I did! Several firsts --
first "spotless" contest in many years... I decided to try it an "good old way"
-- and I should tell -- it was fun. Since I could hold my frequency all the
time, and with virtually unlimited supply of multipliers, there were absolutely
no reason to seek for QSOs in S&P. I made less than 20 Qs searching -- and it
was fun without a backup -- just like old good times.

Overall, I had a lot of fun... well forgotten feeling. Splatter level on 40 was
so high, it completely covered the power line noise -- and thus I was on the par
with other guys. I didn't do split at all -- expansion of the 40 meter phone
band for both us and the rest of the world made split absolutely unnecessary.

Now I can only hope National Grid fixes the power line before the WPX CW, and I
get back to my Bandmap and skimmer... No matter what, I like spots ;)
WN6K   SOAB(TS) LP   656,1802011-03-27 17:30:44
Started on Ten but that thrill lasted just a few minutes and headed to this
year's 'money' band. Did not beat myself up either night and quit on 40 about
11:00 each night and got lots of sleep. 20M was awful for me - band noise
seemed high and EUs were not all that workable. The EUs on 15 were better
(best on second morning for me) so I spent the time sweeping the band there.
On Sunday as the EUs were fading to only the "one's already in the log" I
happened to switch to 10M to see if there were any new SA stations that I had
not worked and first call at 350 was a W1 telling someone "yes, I am a real W1"
which meant it was open east to west for a change. Well although they are only
1 pointers, about every 3rd or 4th was a mult so I basically hung on till the
end with it opening to China and Japan at the very end for a short time.

Goal was breach 800 / 500 and if the bands would have just been a tiny bit
better, I probably would have done that.

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

OC 0 0 3 3 24 15 45 5.9
NA 0 3 134 58 108 153 456 59.3
SA 0 0 4 7 3 49 63 8.2
AS 0 0 5 5 80 15 105 13.7
EU 0 0 2 10 85 0 97 12.6
AF 0 0 1 0 2 0 3 0.4

WN6K, Paul
VE7GL   M/S HP   10,239,7502011-03-27 17:31:12
Some good openings over the pole on all bands.
NX9T   SOSB15(TS) HP   29,6822011-03-27 17:31:42
1 sounded good!
4O3A   SOAB HP   15,188,7402011-03-27 17:32:19
What a contest!
Nice propagation, huge activity and great competition. I can say that anything
was failed, except myself. Still have a feeling that I did most of contest on a
good way, with good choice of rest periods, but what take a look at E7DX
summary, it is obvious that he did it excellent and except fantastic 80M first
night his run is always better than from here, where ever we operated.
Respective scores from comes from EU in SOAB. E7DX made EU records twice and
this year brake 20M margin, what is amazing. Just two years ago we had EU
record a bit over 10M.
Looks like that EU scene becomes much more interesting and harder for winning.


NE5LL(N1CC)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   407,2592011-03-27 17:33:34
FT-990 100W, DX Engineering 43'Vertical with tuner at the base and 32 radials.
160 M Inverted V (Shortened) Apex at 40'

Limited effort, both N1CC and NE5LL had bad colds for the weekend, albiet the
radio conditions seemed very good.
AD1C   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   1,015,2002011-03-27 17:33:45
Radio: ICOM IC-7600 (100W)
Antenna: HyGain AV-640 multi-band vertical
Software: WriteLog 10.84

Holy cow! I bet some (or many) records will be broken this year.

This is the first time I've broken 1M points in any contest from Colorado (my
goal for this one was 500K). I am sure it will be less after log checking. I
was very paranoid this year for some reason about serial numbers, both what I
copied, and what the other station copied. I took notes, so I can compare to
the LCR net year. For some reason, ARRL SS seemed easier in my mind.

My wife was in Mexico all week, and I picked her up at the airport after 0z
(Saturday evening local time). I kind of mentally checked out of the contest
at that point. I did work about an hour around local midnight, and had
better-than-average success working Europe on 40m. I got back on Sunday
morning, but two hours past sunrise so didn't catch anything on 40m. I
operated until about noon local time, went shopping, then caught the last 1.5
hours. I didn't know if I could break 1M points (I had "quit" with just over
900K), but I managed to squeak by with about 10 minutes left. A bunch of new
USA prefixes, with lowish serial numbers, put me over the top.

Conditions on 15m were even better than ARRL DX SSB. In fact, during the last
hour of the contest, I was hearing an EI and a JA on the *same* frequency on
the upper end of 15 meters, and about the same signal strength. Just like the
old days! The JA opening on 15m Friday night lasted well past 02z, but seemed
to get shorter each night. My only Europe on 10m was a couple of EAs, however
EA8s were loud both days.

My biggest thrill came outside the contest. Saturday around 14z, I found Karl,
HS0ZDG on 20m with a decent signal but he couldn't hear me. That is one of the
last two zones that I have not yet worked from CO. I then saw VU4PB spotted on
20m CW, tuned down there, and found he had a good signal, but there was a decent
sized pileup. After probably about 15 minutes, I got through (remember, just
100W and a vertical). I really could not believe it, as this is the *first*
time I've ever even heard zone 22 from here (the other of the last two zones).
Their signal continued to improve after working them, but I went back to the
contest. By the time I realized that he had gone to RTTY, the pileup was too
big, and I called for a while but with no success. I did see that V85/9M6XRO
was spotted about 2 kHz down, and though he was weaker, I worked John easily
for an all-time new one on RTTY (#310).

Thanks to everyone who got on the air, especially those who traveled to put a
unique prefix on the air. Without you, the bands would be pretty quiet!
N8BJQ   SOSB15 HP   1,876,1162011-03-27 17:35:20
Really good conditions. Did not decide what to do until just before the start.
Spent the week in W6 and did not get back until very late Thursday night. 15
sounded good in the afternoon when I turned the radio on so figured I would
start there and see how it went. The first night was okay - mostly W6 and
VK/ZL. Saturday morning was quite slow. Lots of S&P as the band was opening.
Did not find a good spot to run until 1545. Splatter was pretty bad. Some
really wide and loud signals. Ran off and on until 2030 and then had to quit
for family obligations. Did not get back on until 0030. Lots of loud AS
stations (9M8, JT5, BY's and BV's) plus JA's. Expect I missed a lot while I was
off. Sunday was much of the same. S&P in the AM and run off and on in the
afternoon and evening. Got to watch a couple of basketball games when things
got slow. Nice JA run to finish up. Good to hear loud signals from Asia on
15. Some really big numbers. Expect some records will be broken when all is

Had some problems with the DVR in the K3. It died several times, usually
preceeded by a very loud pop. Not sure what caused it - it appeared to be a
random occurence. Only way to recover was to cycle the power.

K3 with DVR
4 ele M2 @95'
3 C3's @ 114, 78, 36;
Dishtronix DX2400L
WZ4F(K4AB)   SOAB HP   4,481,0202011-03-27 17:35:41
I almost bagged this contest 3 or 4 times. The first night was great but when I
went to the high bands at sunrise, I was floored by S9 +20 rain static. It was
impossible to copy anyone on the yagi. In desperation, I finally wound up
listening on the Beverages...on 20 meters! But thats only half of the story.

It seems that a stalled warm front was producing thunderstorms one after
another that rolled over the QTH about every hour or so. And the front wasn't
going anywhere. So Saturday and Saturday night was spent working the contest
and looking out the window for lightning, then disconnecting everything for
10-20 minutes until the storm passed. The reconnecting everything and
continuing the process until the next storm approached in about an hour.
Officially I operated 32 hours, but in reality it was much less.

Sunday was a different story. The storms were gone and 15 meters was as good
as it ever was and can ever hope to be again. During the last few hours of the
contest, the band was literally open world-wide. You could run JA and Europe at
the same time, and also work South America, VK/ZL, USA, and deep Asia. It was
amazing to experience. I'm glad I didn't bag-it Saturday. 15 meters alone
Sunday afternoon was well worth the price of admission!

Larry K4AB (WZ4F)
K6LRN   SOAB HP   430,0482011-03-27 17:36:36
Thanks to all for the Qs...great to hear good signals on 10. Hope condx good for
CW WPX. 73, Dick
K7VIT   SO(A)AB HP   402,5582011-03-27 17:36:59
My my! What a difference in band conditions in 3 weeks here in the Pacific
Northwest. This was fun. One must must make "DX hay" while the sun is
"shining." 20 m. was so good on Saturday evening local time--It was amazing.
Propagation to Europe was great. 15 m. was also a workhorse. Strangely with
other bands humming, I found 10 m. to be below what I might have expected.

Thanks to those that called me.
73, Jerry
E7DX(E77DX)   SOAB HP   21,337,0862011-03-27 17:37:07
Just to take back my record taken few hours a go from Tonno!

Thanks to 4O3A, ER4A and ES5TV for competion and for extra motivation!

Thanks for QSOs and cu in WPX CW!

VE7AX   SOAB HP   196,7352011-03-27 17:37:23
I had a lot of fun and conditions were great! Still struggling with very
limited antennas on a small lot and limited time available this weekend but my
log includes contacts from almost every corner of the globe. Thanks to all for
the QSOs and for the positive spirit of ham radio. It was impossible to avoid
thinking of the many challenges facing our world this weekend especially as we
exchanged contest information with our friends in Japan and the Middle East.
73 Don, VE7AX
KC4YBO   SO(A)AB LP   42,7522011-03-27 17:37:41
Short time but did pick up 2 new ones.
N7RQ   SOSB15 HP   2,378,2682011-03-27 17:38:51
A whale of a party, thanks to some long-time-no-see propagation. Wall-to-wall
signals and lots of folks to work. Nice to finally work well into eastern
Europe after such a long wait. Interesting propagation in the evenings opened
a window to western Russia and Ukraine via longpath and I could hear UZ2M and
RK4FF at S9, though they couldn't copy me through the wall of JAs. I finally
worked them both Sunday morning, following an opening to EU a few minutes after
sunrise. At the end of the contest, worked many JA and other Asia, along with a
great polar path opening to OH and SM.

Many thanks to my no. 1 cheerleader, Bob Epstein K8IA, who baked chocolate chip
cookies that provided the necessary ingredients for a successful and fun
single-band effort. Whatta guy!!
W5GN   SO(A)AB HP   1,209,9962011-03-27 17:39:31
Beams stuck at 045 pending Rotator replacement meant using the Roof Mounted R8
Vertical with no radials for the rest of the world, but with High Power, I was
still able to give out a lot of Qs.
N4DU   SOAB HP   61,3452011-03-27 17:41:07
Very casual effort of 4.5 hrs, 500 watts into 3 element tri-bander and wire for
160/80. It was nice to work Ja's, RA0's, and two Chinese stations. Heard
Philippines, South Korea, and Indonesia but they did not hear me.


PP1CZ   SOSB15 HP   2,823,1222011-03-27 17:43:50
I experienced very bad propagation on 15 Meters, with some quickly openings to
EU and NA. But the important is that I had fun anyway.
Thank to all for the important QSOs.
See you in the next Contest.
PP1CZ - Leo.
K9MMS   SO(A)AB HP   772,2252011-03-27 17:46:29
K3 + AL-80B ~1 kW PEP ; Win-Test logging with packet cluster ; 100% S&P

Nice to have 15 meters open for some great DX QSOs with all continents.

Thanks for the Qs, Ms, and fun.

K3FIV   SOAB(TS) LP   349,2562011-03-27 17:46:56
Like everyone else - wow! Bands wall-to-wall with signals. My 100W-and-wire
wouldn't work very well trying to run, so I did mostly S&P. It's pretty
amazing to scan 15M, work a ZL, and then EU a few KHz away. Almost every Q was
a struggle with all the crowds and some extremely strong signals.

I suspect there will be lots and lots of miscopied exchanges. A combination of
QRM and accents makes SSB so much more difficult than CW or RTTY.

Thanks for all the patient ops pulling my exchange out of the frenzy!

Rig: Flex-3000 (the panadapter is great!)
Antenna: 80M Carolina Windom dipole at 12M high, all bands
W4PFM   SOAB LP   606,4812011-03-27 17:47:20
Best score since returning stateside. all S&P!
Rig Elecraft K3
Antennas: Mosley TA33JR up 50 feet
Inverted Vee fed with ladderline to SGC tuner. Center of antenna at
48 feet.
WW4LL   M/2 HP   17,827,5112011-03-27 17:47:33
This has to be the most exciting, fun contest we've run in a long, long, time.
15 meters was amazing, as were the openings to Asia.

John, K4BAI celebrated his birthday with us today and he left with a big smile
on his face, having great runs to Asia on 15 meters. Many thanks to the many
JAs who got on in spite of the crisis they're dealing with. I actually
received an email from one of them this morning, who said that he was about to
return for another daily stint of volunteering in the cleanup and relief
effort. His limited participation in the contest was a release for him.

Thanks to a great crew assembled here this weekend and to everyone working us,
making this a most enjoyable weekend of contesting.

73'.....Fred WW4LL
VP9I(N1SNB)   SOAB LP   2,412,0002011-03-27 17:47:40
I defeated myself in this one.

Long week of travel for work had me into Bermuda late Thursday night, ended up
changing flights 4 times in 3 days to get to Bermuda - always pushing it
further back. Spent Friday out exploring the island.

Radio and DVK issues plagued me in the beginning. The radio would randomly
shut off and developed a buzz on transmit, my voice keyer fried and my Heil
boom mike bit the dust! All contributing factors in me losing my contesting
mojo on Friday night, when I could not get anything going anywhere. 100w and
wire antennas - even in Bermuda - on SSB is tough on the low bands.

On Friday, ended up going to bed early and waking up late, only to find I still
couldn't get anything going on Saturday unless I turned the beam to NA. I
couldn't hold a frequency and EU seemed interested in working each other on 15
and 20. In retrospect, I should have done more S & P instead of walking away
from the radio (I only operated 23 hours)and should have worked harder to a
hold a frequency. My planning indicated 2000 QSOs was a realistic goal - I
think if I would have operated the full time, I would have barely made
it...meaning 13 hours more with a rate of less than 45 per hour. With college
hoops on that was a stretch.

Luckily Saturday ended with a JA bang, I think I worked around 100 JAs on 15m
and they were LOUD, many S9+. One of the best, most fun JA runs I've had in 15

Overall, Sunday was much much better, I had long run deeps into EU on 15 and
20. Still, with 100w - it's very very hard to hold a frequency when your
between EU and NA and you are beaming in one direction.

All in all tremendous fun - even with the Murphy visits. I felt like I did
greatly improve my S & P tactic by not looking at the radio and just focusing
on tuning the radio with one hand and typing with the other.

Yes, it was sunny and warm in Bermuda all weekend.
KM9P(KØEJ)   SOSB15 HP   4,243,7772011-03-27 17:48:00
tnx to K4JNY and the Ringgold Contest Club for use of the callsign.

73, Mark K0EJ
VO1KVT   M/S HP   4,317,6002011-03-27 17:49:15
Great conditions on all bands, thanks for all the contacts.
73, VO1kVT
KE7AUB   SOAB LP   208,4132011-03-27 17:51:08
Is it possible to have too much fun in an Amateur Radio Contest? Thanks to all
who worked me.... I had a blast!!!!!! I worked more stations on 20M when the
sun was down than when it was up on my patch of the globe (well almost).
KØSR(@WØZT)   SOAB HP   6,791,9432011-03-27 17:51:15
This is the first time I've ever operated a WPX contest, ever! What great fun.
Good to see improving conditions and all the activity.

73 Steve K0SR
K3WW   SO(A)AB HP   3,848,7052011-03-27 17:51:23
Plan was to run Europe on 10 if it opened, or make 1000 Qs between family
activities and obligations ..everything sounded really good except 10..couldn't
stop at 1000. My Telnet node lost its connection and will be down for a few more
days, sorry guys. I can reach the outside world using a tablet PC as a WIFI
73 Chas K3WW
NS1L(W4SVO)   SO(A)AB HP   6,285,3442011-03-27 17:52:26
I first want to thank Jim NS1L for letting me use his call. Sometimes I would
slip and use my call and sometimes wanted to say NQ4I also. This is what
happens when you are using so many calls!!! This is my second effort at an all
band. I thought cndx were pretty good. 10 open up a little to Europe. 15 was
wall to wall with European stations all very loud, so hard to find a clear
freq., when I did it only lasted for awhile as other stations would fill in the
small space between stations. I could not get anything going on 15 until Sunday.
40 was also hard to find a freq., as Europe took over the 75 kcs that we can
operate with out broadcast stations, very rough. The storms to the North made
it hard on 80 and just about useless on 160 as you see by my totals. Anyway
still had a lot of fun. Mark W4SVO
N4DXI   SO(A)AB HP   120,6842011-03-27 17:52:29
Many openings to South America. Strange conditions on 10 meters: quiet but very
weak signals then
stronger, then fading away but did work several Australian stations, New
Zealand and even Fiji.
W5WMU   SOSB15(R) HP   1,821,3542011-03-27 17:55:25
Came up for this contest to see how the stack to EU played. spent 90% of
time beamed to Eu.Had basically no carib. ant and Ja ant at 30 feet..
Had great reports from EU..what a difference from operating in La...hope to get
it all together of these days!! Mucho fun..Pat
KØRH   SOSB15 HP   360,5442011-03-27 17:56:33
Part time...Jim
NAØCW(NØKE)   SOAB HP   2,591,6732011-03-27 17:57:42
Sunspots are back! 15m was amazing. Good over the pole on 20 for Asia mults.
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)AB HP   1,483,0482011-03-27 18:01:16
Condx were great! Lots of DXing, not enough contesting. Short path, long
path....great stuff this weekend!! Hope this is a trend.

73, Mike K9NW
NXØI   SO(A)AB LP   103,2002011-03-27 18:03:35
Didn't get back in town to work very much of the contest but had alot of fun.
K3STL   SOAB LP   130,6612011-03-27 18:04:38
I got a kick out of the stateside stations calling for DX only at night and
losing easy stateside points because they were too busy repeatedly calling CQ
WW9DX(K9NW)   SOSB40 LP   15,7252011-03-27 18:06:05
Got on for the last hour from home. Mostly W/VE but nice to have some DX call
in as well!

IC-746 100w
Dipole @ 25'

73, Mike K9NW
XE2AC   SO(A)AB HP   14,3962011-03-27 18:08:00
Thanks for the Q's.
NW3H   SO(A)AB HP   546,0002011-03-27 18:09:23
My first real WPX effort with my current station. A sinus infection that has
plagued me for six weeks as well as what appears to be bronchitis
(going to the doctor tomorrow) knocked me out of commission for most of Sunday.
I did get on late in the day to rally and get over 500K. Band conditions were
in a word awesome especially on 15. Great opening to Asia around 5PM ET
Saturday. Not as good on Sunday. It is always a kick to work JA,b,ZL, and VK
from my R-8 vertical. 40 was a zoo but it that is expected. The R-8 seems to
play well there into Europe. I tried running for awhile on 40 and 80 but could
not keep up with all the QRM. Most of my effort was S&P. Heard lots of high
numbers late on Sunday. Thanks for the QSOs. See you in the pileips. 73.
WC6H   M/2 HP   15,062,1122011-03-27 18:09:54
Great conditions, had fun!

Sorry about the mistake, originally posted as W6CH, now posted as WC6H
correctly .. that's what 48 hours of operating does to the hand - eye
NR7DX(K7ABV)   SO(A)AB HP   626,6462011-03-27 18:15:14
started slow mostly from lack of interest, but, got interested more late
saturday, band good shape for Eu. on 15 and 20 meters...some nice dx on the
band which made for some nice prefix counters...thanks to all for another good
test, the rig worked fine and with such nice conditions many folks on, find cw
a little easier to work with crowded bands..glad we had the weekend folks to
help too, without them it would not work at all...
DM1A(DL1IAO)   SOAB HP   8,588,8002011-03-27 18:17:19
2x IC756Pro3(INRAD) + Alpha87A, IC4KL (40m)
TopTen decoders, WX0B bandpass filters & homebrew 2R-switching

WT v3.23.0 on 3x HP Omnibook XE3

(160) 27m shunt-fed tower, Mag-Loop (RX)
(80) Bobtail (NW/SE), Delta Loop, DP @10m
(40) 3el M2 Yagi @20m (linear-loaded, tuned for CW), DP @10m
(20) 5el M2 Yagi @27m
(15) 5el Yagi @25m
(10) 6el Yagi @24m (sharing tower with 40m)

I returned from a business trip on Saturday, so off-time choices were limited.
I didn't get the full operating time but tried to catch the best DX hours. As
the 40m Yagi is useless in the high phone band I needed to fire up the IC4KL
with its built-in antenna tuner or use a low DP for those QSOs. Most times 15m
felt very good, even to AS and OC in the morning. However, on Sunday between
about 14:30-16:30Z I experienced a real propagation blackout with DX signals
almost disappearing. I could watch it on the Pro3's scope and the only thing
that worked was to switch between 20m and 40m and work some EU or AS. Others
just seemed to continue with their 15m NA run. I noted a similar effect in ARRL
SSB but thought it was a poor choice of antenna height for that part of the

With a few SSB antenna tweaks and better planning 10M should be within reach
from this station. Of course, a few people have done it easily this year -

CU in summer for some CW contesting.


KZ5OM(K6III)   SO(A)SB10 HP   16,1882011-03-27 18:19:19
Submitted score as Single-Band, 10m.
Casual ops and did a lot of spotting as is my usual practice.
Did manage to work a few new DXCC... ST2AR comes to mind as a new one.
73 de Jerry
Grass Valley, CA
Grid CM99
W1KQ   SO(A)AB HP   1,289,6442011-03-27 18:21:21
WOW! My first time breaking a million points.
KM4HI   SO(A)SB15 LP   385,8602011-03-27 18:23:03
Total chaos ... wall to wall all weekend. Band was smokin' to Asia and Oceania
Saturday 00:00. Thanks to Mr. Sole for the 113 SFI. Thanks to all for the Q's!

Jim / KM4HI
KE3X   M/S LP   38,3682011-03-27 18:23:44
My son Aidan KB3SPI helped me make some QSO's as a Multi-Single. His 'kid
voice' helped cut through the QRM on 20-meters, and he worked Germany, Czech
Republic, Belgium, France and other DX. We also used our 40-meter dipole
through the FT-1000MP's which loaded up on 15-meters at 50 watts and 2:1 SWR,
but that was good enough, given the excellent conditions this weekend.

This weekend we also picked up a 2nd identical FT-1000MP and two tower sections
to continue our station upgrade.

73, Ken KE3X
AK7AZ   M/M HP   5,487,1742011-03-27 18:28:01
Three and a half operators pushed to their limits with minimal sleep, some
persnickety hardware/software issue... Bands were above average. Not bad for
our first time doing this contest as a team. A great time was had... now to get
some sleep.
K6III   SO(A)SB15 HP   34,1282011-03-27 18:28:44
Casual ops. Did a lot of spotting as usual.
Thought I had 125 Q's, but discovered 1 dupe!
SSB is NOT my preferred mode. Hearing issues at this OM age!
Lotsa SNOW on the ground (about 1 ft) but the power stayed ON
this time.
73 de Jerry
Grass Valley, CA
K2PO   SOAB LP   685,5202011-03-27 18:29:48
KQ8RP   SOAB HP   91,0152011-03-27 18:30:46
Flex 5000, AL80B, Verticals and Inverted L
KP4WW(@WP3C)   SOSB15 HP   5,459,0252011-03-27 18:30:55
Is good to back on the air with my callsign after using Al contest station
callsign (WP3C and NP4DX) in the past contests. The band was crowded and some
time it was hard to copy some station. Hopefully we will be ready with the
station amps in the near future. I used the spare amp (Ameritron AL-80B) only
500W, due the other 2 are on repair the Alpha 91b and Ameritron AL-82. Once
again thanks tp Al (WP3C) and his YL for having me in their house. 73

Radio: Yaesu FT-2000
Amp: Ameritron AL-80B (500W)
Antennas: KLM KT36XA and Force12 C31XR
Software: Wintest

Att Rafael KP4WW
KE7YF   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   424,7752011-03-27 18:32:11
IC-746 PRO; AL-811;
80M Inverted-L 20Ft Vertical span; 40Ft Horizontal span;
40M 30Ft vertical, ground mounted two 33ft radials;
20M Dipole at 18 Ft
15M Dipole at 18 ft
10M Short Dipole at 16 Ft

All search and pounce. My best CQ WPX effort yet. Yea sunspots!!
Good signals from EU on 15M, but still tough to get through the east coast wall
with low antennas. Understandably, few JA's calling CQ, most were S&P, at least
the ones I could hear. I only had 18 JA Q's. In normal times they would have
been good for another 100 Q's. Very few on 40M at dawn.
Worked 80+ unique DXCC entities. Thanks for the Q's.
KW7Y(K7RL)   SOAB HP   11,157,0882011-03-27 18:33:33
All I can say about conditions this weekend is WOW. With no solar disturbances
and a moderate SFI, this was a quite a different experience from what I am used

40m was incredible both nights with great EU runs until around 07:00z. Most
signals were well over the QRM which made copying calls, and holding a
frequency much easier than usual. This kept me awake and enthused which made
my nighttime operating fly by.

20m was excellent over the pole in the evening, especially the last night until
around 05:30z. I haven’t heard openings like that in many, many years.
During the daylight hours it was struggle after about 17:00z, but 15m more than
made up for it.

15m was the best I have heard it since the last solar maximum. EU was runnable
until after 20:00z both days with very strong signals from every corner of the
continent. This is the first time I can remember my Q totals on 15m exceeding

The W7 SOAB HP record is currently 7,226,691 set in 2000. I wasn’t aiming
for the record, and am really quite surprised to have exceeded it by a large
margin. I imagine many old records will fall this weekend.

One of the highlights was being called by S21YZ in the middle of a Sunday
morning EU run on 20m. The frequency got suddenly quiet as everyone realized
it was S21YZ on the frequency. I had to chuckle because I’ve never heard a
pile-up dissolve into nothing so quickly. You could hear a pin drop. My
compliments to Jon (KL2A) and the entire crew for an outstanding DXpedition.

Thanks to all for the Qs.

73 de Mitch, K7RL (KW7Y)
W4LT   SOAB HP   39,7622011-03-27 18:34:17
WPX SSB - 2011-03-26 0000Z to 2011-03-28 0000Z - 178 QSOs
W4LT Max Rates:

2011-03-27 2341Z - 5.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour by W4LT
2011-03-27 2309Z - 2.8 per minute (10 minute(s)), 168 per hour by W4LT
2011-03-27 2346Z - 2.2 per minute (60 minute(s)), 134 per hour by W4LT

Total time 1 hour 50 minutes on the air!

Score : 39,762

Rig : Elecraft K3/100/KRX3 - Ameritron ALS600

Antennas : Cushcraft A3S at 38 feet

Soapbox :

So I come home from WF3C multi 2 to take my XYL to dinner. Took a shower and
got ready. Her turn to take a shower and get ready, which takes her about an
hour. Spent the hour on 10 meters running stations!

Off we go to dinner. Had a nice time, good conversation. Come home, she works
evenings on Sunday. So she leaves for work at 6pm, I head to 20m and run some
stations until 15 minutes before the end of the contest.

I just cant get enough of this stuff!

Rate Rate Rate! Fun Fun Fun!

K2CYE   SO(A)AB LP   20,6672011-03-27 18:34:25
I was only able to get on for 3 Hrs due to work but as usual I had a great time!
I ran a 3 EL Beam for 10/15/20 and a Dipole for 40m with 100w and had fun. 40
was tough due with the dipole but I was amazed at some of the stations I
worked. The Optibeam will be here on Tuesday and the 80Ft tower project is
currently underway. Can't wait to get on the air with the new tower!

Mike K2CYE
WI7N   SO(A)AB HP   497,2052011-03-27 18:38:01
Excellent conditions and a fun contest.
9Y4W   SO(A)SB15 HP   8,401,1202011-03-27 18:39:19
Thank you all for your calls and contribution.

73 from Tobago Isl.

NA3M   SO(A)AB HP   2,407,5282011-03-27 18:49:51
TBW, S&P most of the time.
K7IA   SO(A)AB HP   105,8852011-03-27 18:52:02
All S&P and all but the last two hours with the K2, constructed last Spring.
Used the K3 for the final two hours. What a difference! K2 ops now restriced
to CW and to portable ops.

I just cherry picked the bandmap spots in the hopes of building up the DXCC
count on 10 meters. Got a few, too, if they can spell "LOTW."
AK1W(@K5ZD)   M/S HP   17,583,9302011-03-27 18:53:59
We finally got good conditions for a contest weekend! There was more activity
than the bands could hold. Stations were stacked 2 and 3 deep on 15 and 20
meters. 10 meters was an oasis of quiet with loud signals from the South. 40
was excellent, but 75 Khz is not enough. No one listens split any more.

Jay did most of the operating. We did it tag team style. Only one operator at
a time. When one got tired we would switch and the off duty op would get some
sleep. We did not do a good job of managing the band changes to get

We found the first night to be difficult. 75m working split was the only place
we could penetrate the European wall of QRM.

Couple of really great hours to start the morning on 20m, but 15m never really
seemed to get going. Band was open, but signals were weak, so hard to hold a
frequency. Sat afternoon though the bands really came alive. Running on 15m
and having Europeans and loud JAs coming back at the same time. For hours!

Sunday the bands were better. Even the UA9's on 15 meters were booming in.
Always fun to get called by a YB0 or 4S7 at an unexpected time.

The score really takes off in this contest. Never made 17 million points in a
contest before! :)

We chased the WW2DX guys on getscores all weekend. Couldn't get the score
poster to work so did it manually when one of us thought about it.

Log checking could be painful. There were many QSOs where it was difficult
enough to get the callsign, much less a QSO number. Lots of requests for
repeats (only to have the missing digit obliterated by QRM each time).

Between ARRL DX, RDXC, and now WPX, both Jay and I are contested out. Good
thing WPX CW is 2 months away so we can recover. Thanks to Jay for coming
over. Thanks to everyone for helping us have so much fun.

Station Description
Radio 1 - Elecraft K3 + Alpha 76CA
Radio 2 - Yeasu FT-1000D + Ameritron AL-1200

Tower 1 - 100' Rohn 45G
40-2CD @ 110'
205CA @ 100' / 50'
5-el 15 @70' / 35'
160m 1/4-wave GP with 4 elevated radials

Tower 2 - 90' Rohn 25G
6-el 10 @90' with 4/4 @ 60'/30'
40m 1/2-wave sloper to west
80m wire 4 square hanging from tower with 16 radials per vertical
160m shunt feed tower with 32 radials

Tower 3 - 40' Rohn 25G
TH7DXX at 40'

As always, some numbers to help tell the story.

QSOs by Continent

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 3 188 250 982 1301 4 2728 61.8
NA 16 184 430 283 216 32 1161 26.3
SA 0 6 43 31 48 55 183 4.1
AS 0 1 10 119 114 0 244 5.5
OC 0 3 25 10 19 6 63 1.4
AF 0 5 8 11 11 2 37 0.8


QSO/Pref by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

0000Z --+-- --+-- 4/4 105/82 21/20 --+-- 130/106 130/106
0100Z - - 28/26 12/10 - - 40/36 170/142
0200Z - 38/32 5/5 - - - 43/37 213/179
0300Z - 51/40 9/4 - - - 60/44 273/223
0400Z - 44/32 14/10 8/5 - - 66/47 339/270
0500Z - 100/62 - - - - 100/62 439/332
0600Z - 36/16 40/18 - - - 76/34 515/366
0700Z 4/4 28/11 56/27 - - - 88/42 603/408
0800Z --+-- 1/1 91/45 --+-- --+-- --+-- 92/46 695/454
0900Z 1/1 20/6 57/22 5/2 - - 83/31 778/485
1000Z - - - 168/91 - - 168/91 946/576
1100Z - - - 75/38 70/27 - 145/65 1091/641
1200Z - - - - 122/46 - 122/46 1213/687
1300Z - - - 1/1 90/27 - 91/28 1304/715
1400Z - - - 29/14 59/18 - 88/32 1392/747
1500Z - - - - 133/34 - 133/34 1525/781
1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 112/36 --+-- 112/36 1637/817
1700Z - - - - 69/15 9/5 78/20 1715/837
1800Z - - - 85/16 - 2/0 87/16 1802/853
1900Z - - - 54/12 30/7 - 84/19 1886/872
2000Z - - - 1/1 129/22 - 130/23 2016/895
2100Z - - - - 129/38 - 129/38 2145/933
2200Z - - - 10/1 56/24 43/17 109/42 2254/975
2300Z - - - 96/21 1/1 2/2 99/24 2353/999
0000Z --+-- --+-- 3/0 59/17 19/4 --+-- 81/21 2434/1020
0100Z - - 15/2 41/9 - - 56/11 2490/1031
0200Z - - 38/9 27/9 - - 65/18 2555/1049
0300Z - 39/11 30/5 - - - 69/16 2624/1065
0400Z - 15/3 37/6 - - - 52/9 2676/1074
0500Z - 5/0 64/10 - - - 69/10 2745/1084
0600Z 14/0 - 51/7 6/1 - - 71/8 2816/1092
0700Z - 1/0 74/11 - - - 75/11 2891/1103
0800Z --+-- 9/1 37/4 --+-- --+-- --+-- 46/5 2937/1108
0900Z - - 14/4 35/9 - - 49/13 2986/1121
1000Z - - - 68/10 - - 68/10 3054/1131
1100Z - - - 101/14 - - 101/14 3155/1145
1200Z - - - 47/6 57/11 - 104/17 3259/1162
1300Z - - - - 147/25 - 147/25 3406/1187
1400Z - - - 1/1 132/20 - 133/21 3539/1208
1500Z - - - - 95/16 - 95/16 3634/1224
1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 2/2 70/10 1/1 73/13 3707/1237
1700Z - - - 3/3 64/8 - 67/11 3774/1248
1800Z - - - 1/1 40/8 19/7 60/16 3834/1264
1900Z - - - 119/11 - 4/4 123/15 3957/1279
2000Z - - - 125/19 - 7/7 132/26 4089/1305
2100Z - - - 122/15 - 3/3 125/18 4214/1323
2200Z - - - 27/3 45/11 9/4 81/18 4295/1341
2300Z - - 99/18 3/2 19/4 - 121/24 4416/1365

Total: 19/5 387/215 766/237 1436/426 1709/432 99/50

Two stations on 6 bands: WC6H NX5M

Five bands: F4FLQ HG2011N P40M YN2ET
WB5AAR(@N5RZ)   M/S HP   3,445,3162011-03-27 18:55:54
A laid back effort. Missed some prime time due to other commitments and a 2
hour power outage the first night. Fun contest - vy good condx, tons of
activity and some really big scores.

Got kicked around pretty good with the small antennas here. The 2 ele triband
Delta Loop crapped out last week & didn't have time to troubleshoot, so only
had the TH6DXX to use on 15M & 20M. The rotator sure got a workout. Also, the
farmer is planting, so had to pull the beverages down. Never did make it to

Deborah, KF5HHD had lots of good practice and thanks everyone for their
patience. She is learning fast.

Congrats to all the participants & thanks for the QSO's. CU on CW in 2

K3 + Alpha 87

TH6DXX @ 50' 40M Rotary Dipole @ 50' 80M Inverted Vee @50'

N1MM Logging software

73, Gator
WP3C   SOSB80 HP   1,880,3362011-03-27 18:56:09
The first night I did 550 qsos and the Saturday there was an electric storm and
the 80M turns 20db of noise and at 3:00pm Local time my voice turn off, then I
went to bed. I wanted to make better score but always there is something that
happened. But as every contest I enjoy it a lot. It was a pleasure to have
again here at home, Rafi (KP4WW) operating the 15M. I would like to thanks
Pedro (NP4A) that give me to use at the contest his amp. (Kenwood TL-922A) to
let me go as a HP, because the 2 amps of my station are broke (Alpha 91B and
Ameritron AL-82). Thanks to everyone for the qsos and CU in the WPX CW. 73

Radio: Yaesu FT-2000
Ant: Inverted V
Amp: Kenwood TL-922A
Software: Wintest

Alfredo Velez WP3C/NP4DX
W6ONV   SOAB HP   36,3862011-03-27 18:56:58
Too much work this weekend and not enough time in the chair, but I knew that was
going to happen. But the time I did get to operate I had a great experience. I
did work a few new DXCC on 15M, which is where I spent a majority of my time.
10M was hot again down to SA, even picked up ZL1BYZ late on Sunday. I was
somewhat surprised of the signal strength from 6V7D, who responded on my first
call. Didn't put much effort into 20M, but that is where I picked up most of my
EU contacts. Didn't even go to 40/80M during the contest due to work and my rest
I needed. Thanks to all for the QSOs. You can read my write up at

Yaesu FT1000MP & 5-band hex beam at 20'
FO8RZ   SOAB HP   758,0002011-03-27 18:58:45
Waouh ! What a good propagation.

I was not able to operate in the entire week end; nnly 06h30 of free time.
Very good openings to EU : 183 QSO with EU stations, it is very good.
Propagation was really good on high bands.

Did not search for multis, I only sent CQ and replied.

There is a really big difference between EU and JA/USA way of DX.
USA/JA respect what is asking the DX, EU don't do it and loose a lot of time.
Congrats to USA/JA, because it goes really fast with them.
Red flag to Europe, they call all the time, never listen and the rate with them
is very low.

Well, it was really funny and I was so surprised to hear station during their
night on high bands.

I will try to operate WPX CW but I don't know if it will be possible during all
the contest.

Best 73 from Tahiti

FO8RZ Phil
WK5T(N2IC)   SOSB15 HP   5,687,2022011-03-27 19:04:45
This may sounds nuts, but 15 meters was too good this weekend. During the core
of the EU opening on Sunday (1330Z-1800Z), it was completely impossible to hold
a frequency for any length of time from the western USA. The whole world wanted
their slice of the 247 kHz we have to play in, and being out west, we are 2-3
hours late to the party ! Either the Europeans would crowd you out, or you
would discover that another USA station, inside your skip zone, was on the
frequency. And then the skip would shorten, and that "weak" backscatter signal
suddenly became S9+40, and you're in a frequency fight ! (My apologies to

Lots of fun after 19Z both days, once the spectrum pressure valve was released.
Many solar cycle 24 firsts. First time being able to run EU and JA at the same
time around 21Z. First nighttime over-the-pole openings to UA9 and UN. To my
surprise, the number of JA QSO's was down by only a handful from last year. My
thoughts go out to all my friends in JA, especially those in JA7. The number of
BY's was double from last year ! The number of USA worked was down by 100+, Why
? Too busy working DX ?

Rig: TS-590S, Alpha 76CA
Antenna: 6 elements, 40' boom, KT-36XA

One parting note: I seriously operated 4 phone contests this season. That's
about 3 1/2 too many.

Steve, N2IC
LW3EWZ   SO(A)SB40 HP   44,5232011-03-27 19:05:03
few hours i have a parents visit, many stations.. and mny qrm
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   3,3602011-03-27 19:07:41
K2, 5 watts, verticals.
KT4ZB   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   1,784,9802011-03-27 19:09:14
KZ9O(KB9OWD)   SOAB(TS) LP   2,014,5762011-03-27 19:09:19
My best outing so far in this one. Topped by best score by a half mil and first
time over 1,000 q's on SSB. The plan for the weekend was a M/2 with this call
up at W0AIH as we did in the last few years. They had a major snow event and
Paul was literally snowed in Wednesday night. He also took a direct lightning
hit and had some equipment damage so the decision was made to throw the towel
in on the M/2. I then utilized the call down home way and entered SOAB LP T/S.
Antenna's were a TH7 at 50' and a 80 meter 1/4 wave tuned to 80 and 40.

I got a late start on Friday as I got held up at work. I didn't even get home
until 0100Z and didn't get on until almost 0145. 15 was still decent to the
west coast and VK. I worked several VK's and a few JA. Although the band was
open that way, I never heard a ZL all weekend.

I stayed on until 0745Z and took 4 hours off to sleep. 15 opened early on
Saturday and was wide open to EU by 1215Z or so. EU was wide open both days on
15. Best EU conditions there from here in a long time. However, that's not
completly "all good" in this category (T/S) from this location. The loud ones
are loud, some huge, but the splatter was unreal with some really wide signals.
Once the loud ones are worked, that's about it for a bit and it can hurt rate
and score.

I did my normal "run" with these conditions. I will find a half way clear
slot, slide in a CQ, pick off 6 or 7 til I am pushed off. That worked rather
well actually this weekend. I could not hold a frequency real good to EU all
weekend, but the "mini runs" amounted to some good mults and points.

The JA opening is a bit better, less signals, a bit more wiggle room from here
and I was able to run JA way both days on 15. Sunday was much better than
Saturday with a very nice JA run to help the score the last hour. I planted
way up on 21.435 and it stayed pretty quiet on both sides. The JA signals were
huge and my LP seemed to be loud there. That was fun! No real juicy DX on
Sunday during that run. Was nice to be called by B1Z on Saturday while beaming
JA. On Sunday the qrm was a bit much and I was getting frustrated late morning.
I took a half hour morale break to DX, went to CW and remembered what filters
do for a band!! I ran EU high speed on 15 CW and logged about 70 or 80 in a
half hour. That brought my blood pressure down and I was back in the game.

20 was the opposite for me. I never felt loud there and needed many, many
fills. Hard to find new ones to work after awhile too. I never ran to EU at
all, just couldn't fit in anywhere and I didn't feel that loud on S & P anyhow.
Needed many fills. If you heard my CQ message, you noted I changed it up to
"contest, kilo zulu nine oscar, kilowatt zanzibar nine ocean". For some
reason, many kept goofing zulu for sugar.... If I had a dollar for every time
someone said "Kilo sugar nine oscar" I could build a station and host a M/M for
the CW portion. The change to zanzibar seemed to help.

I ran on 40 but only domestically. 40 actually seemed really good on Saturday
evening and was able to work a little DX that were calling. My CQ's as
expected were answered locally with the exception of a few SA and a VK Sunday
morning. 40 overall didn't seem too bad though. All my 160 numbers are from
about a 10 minute stretch Friday evening. 80 was noisy and didn't seem too
active while I was there. Kept my nighttime focus on 40. Also a nice over the
pole opening Saturday night on 20 kept me off 80. UA0 and JA still coming in a
midnight local.

10 meters was never open that I heard to the U.S. from here. All SA and a few
AF stations. Pipeline to South Africa Saturday morning. 5D5A was about 40
over on Sunday for a long time.

Also, before I forget, many folks took the KZ9O for K9ZO. I can't remember all
the calls, but Ralph, if your reading this, half the contesting world says HI.

Did anyone besides myself get jammed/hassled by the "and listening" guy
somewhere out west on 15 Saturday? He found me CQing and told me homosexuals
(not said so nicely) are not allowed on 15. He then would blast "and
listening" after each on my CQ messages were done. I was sleep deprived but
instead of it irritating me, I was laughing out of control so bad that I almost
had to move as I was having a hard time composing myself. Anyone else graced by
this guy or was I the lucky one? If my VOX was sticking this guy could actually
be somewhat helpful!

I am happy with my effort. Alot of BIC time. On Saturday I was literally up
for 10 minutes to run to the store down the street to the deli for a hot lunch
and 1 bathroom break in 18 hours. Sunday I took 2 hours off in the afternoon
to watch some hoops. However, my butt is sore. Longest stretch of straight
BIC in a long time.

Thanks alot for all the QSO's. I had a good time and am happy with my turnout.
Going to be some huge scores I think! Not sure what is up for WPX CW but I'll
be on from somewhere hopefully and dabbling in a few in between.


Ryan KB9OWD (KZ9O)
NX5M   M/M HP   18,025,0292011-03-27 19:13:13
We did exactly what we said we were going to do for the most part...and that was
to not do this one seriously except for the time that we were in the operating
chairs. It was to be a "loose" operation. Loose means: If you need a break,
take it. If you need to go potty, do it. If you need to eat, go eat. If you
want to sleep, go catch some Z's. I mean really, how in the world can it be a
serious multi-multi with four operators? It can't, it wasn't but we were
really surprised by the score we attained.
The first night we all quit and went to bed around 0545z. KU5B was the first
to wake up the next morning and got on the air at 1130z. The rest of us
followed a few hours after joke. The second night we stayed in
there a little longer simply because we did not do squat on 80 and 160 the
first night. KJ5T and N5XJ hit the shack exit around 0600z followed by KU5B
and myself around 0730z. Once again, as morning came about, KU5B was the first
idiot in the shack at 1230z. N5XJ and KJ5T followed an hour later. I did not
wake up until someone came into the house and slammed a door around 1400z.
OK, so we were not serious the "whole" time and we all got a good bit of sleep.
In the end we only operated 37 hours and there were times in those 37 hours
that there was only one or two operators in the shack.
Saturday we were looking at our multiplier total instead of the score. Knowing
that in 2004 we had set the W5 multiplier record at 1107 we knew we had a shot
at that so we kinda made that our goal. 1107.....obliterated!!! Next, we
looked at beating the W5 score record. 10.7 million in 2004....obliterated!!!
We are all really surprised at the final score and can only wonder what we
really could have done if we had operated the whole contest. Of course more
operators would have made that possible and maybe one of these days we will
have them.
This was fun for the most part. Always amazes me how people can ask people to
move up or down on a crowded band when there is nowhere to move to. That is
contesting folks. It might not be as bad if those stations that run their mic
gain wide open would back off some.
See you in WPX CW.
YN2ET   M/S LP   5,879,0732011-03-27 19:15:24
TS480HX rig, N3FJP logger.

Antenna switch inop until found problem. First qso made 46 minutes into

Lost power for about 3 hours. YN2A hooked up generator so we lost only a few

Excellent prop on 10 both days.

We will be here until 03 Apr so give us a call.

AE1T   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   536,7102011-03-27 19:18:05
Best score ever. (SSB contests are not my thing!)
NDØC   SOAB QRP   755,4202011-03-27 19:18:23
I've been anxiously waiting for months for WPX since I had cleared my calendar
for the 2nd year in a row to eliminate all possible conflicts. And except for
a little family time each day, I stayed in the chair or was napping. I was QRP
again (and in the TS overlay category) as always and was really hoping to beat
my score from last year. (Thanks for the great plaque Doug!)

Propagation on the high bands was pretty impressive. 15 was really wild in the
afternoons, local time. On Saturday western Europe was coming in to the Midwest
on 15 close to midnight their time! I really gave the rotator a work-out!
Japan, Australia and South America were all open and then a few Europeans are
banging in off the back or side! I worked all continents in about 20 minutes
on 15 Saturday afternoon. Late Sunday afternoon it didn't seem to make any
difference where my beam was pointed. Signals were very loud off the sides and
I just gave the rotator a rest and called strong stations off the side - with
success! This included breaking a pile-up on the first call to get P43A late
Sunday. I was furiously swinging the beam around from Japan and called him
while it was swinging past Europe and nailed him!

20 was the usual zoo with wall-to-wall splatter. And when 15 was open to
Europe, it was pretty messy too. 80 and 40 seemed very noisy and were
especially tough on Saturday night and Sunday morning - at least for QRP!

It was nice to work KP2/NE1RD for a 2-way QRP QSO Sunday afternoon. Many
operators were very patient and persistent in pulling out my call and/or
numbers, but some would bail out pretty quick. Obviously the QRM was terrible
and would just swamp my little signal. EI4DW was really great as he hung with
me for what was probably a solid minute or more to complete our QSO - thanks!!

With the exception of a couple little "mini-runs" of 2 or 3 stations, this was
all S&P - pretty much the rule of thumb for QRP in DX contests! On Sunday
morning things got pretty slow and I struggled to keep the rate over 20 per
hour. It seemed to me that there were fewer Canadians on this year - at least
not many were running. I really missed them on 40 and 80!

I had a blast and succeeded in beating last year's QSO total, multipliers and
score. I was pleased with the results considering the very modest antennas and
being in the infamous "black hole". It is great to see some solar activity! Now
I'll just have to see how badly the East Coast QRP guys beat me!

Rig: Yaesu FT-897D running at 5 watts output; Heil microphone
Antennas (T/S overlay category): 3 element Wilson tribander Yagi at 15 meters
and inverted vee with apex at 14 meters, fed with open wire.
Logging software - N3FJP (works for me!)

Randy, ND0C

"You don't have to be crazy to contest with QRP ... but it helps."
N6HI   SOSB15 QRP   2,8862011-03-27 19:18:24
SOAPBOX: Single Band 15m. QRP, 1/2Watt, 20 foot End-Fed Wire.
SOAPBOX: 500 Milliwatts of fun with a wire out the window, worked 18
SOAPBOX: Thanks for all the Q's. Go Arizona Outlaws!
NS1S(K1ZZI)   SO(A)SB15 HP   176,7302011-03-27 19:19:39
Great band conditions on 15m. All S&P looking for unique prefixes. I never
heard it so good into Asia. Excellent DX in every direction worldwide. Yea
sunspots FINALLY.

Ralph K1ZZI
WE9V   SOSB15 HP   671,7602011-03-27 19:20:39
Didn't really plan on spending much time in the contest,
and it seemed like I spent most of my time on 15M, with
a few Qs on 20 & 40, so I guess I'll just turn in a 15M

Chad WE9V
KG6DX   SO(A)SB15 HP   7,326,3492011-03-27 19:25:06
WOW, great conditons on 15, from New England in the morning to the British Isles
at night. My first time ever breaking 1000 Prefixes.
KU7Y   SOAB QRP   12,5672011-03-27 19:25:34
First ever SSB contest for me. Running QRP with a vertical. My hat is off to
everyone who can understand what people are saying! CW is much easier! Ron,
AF7S   SOAB LP   296,6262011-03-27 19:25:56
Way too many ops don't know how to adjust mike gain and processors. So many
signals had terribly distorted audio and were about so wide they blanked out
others 5 khz away. If some mike gain is good, more isn't necessarily better.
It slows down the exchanges because it's hard to understand whats being said,
and it causes unneeded qrm.

Other than that, pretty good operating. Good openings even on 10. 20 was my
worst band. Highlite was working ST2AR. Hope he wasn't s a slim
K9CT   SOSB15 HP   2,745,6002011-03-27 19:31:36
This was much fun. The propagation was the best in years and many stations came
out to enjoy 15m. I like this because I could sleep a full 8 hours! But you
need ed to be in the chair early for sunrise. The band just popped open each

It was so much fun to hear some really loud dx calls emerge from the
headphones! Calls I have not heard in years on 15m....BV, BA, YB, HL, HS. What
a thrilling contest weekend.

There were many times I really did not know where to point the antennas. I was
working JA and still get many calls from EU and SA. Great to have conditions
like this.

Thanks for a great weekend!
N6AN(@W6UE)   SOAB HP   213,0172011-03-27 19:38:25
Family responsibilities limited my operating time. It was GREAT to hear 15 and
10 open.
Thanks for the QSOs.
David N6AN
VA7IR   SOSB20(TS) QRP   151,4202011-03-27 19:42:22
I think with the way band conditions were that this contest should have been
QRP for everyone???
I had a great time on friday night working into russia and also a super one
to a 9k2k! fell out of my seat using QRP and a TH 6 at 50 ft.
thanks to all that heard me and answered.
i know life is too short for QRP but it can be fun.
K2DSL   SOAB(TS) LP   485,9822011-03-27 19:51:45
100w and wire antennas. Lots of fun during the weekend. Thanks to all!

K1LT   SO(A)AB HP   28,1372011-03-27 19:55:13
Just chasing DX between work and chores. Nice to hear 15 meters wide open.
Worked several new countries in East Asia.
K6TUJ   SOSB20 LP   5,9282011-03-27 19:56:10
Sun was good to us this year as evident by the large pileups. Heard a lot of
european stations but was difficult to pull them out. Next year should be
really great with the solar cycle finally on the way up. Typical fun CQ
contest. It brings out everyone.
WØBH   SOAB HP   394,5522011-03-27 19:56:34
The conditions were simply amazing this year .. wish I had more time to operate.
40m on Saturday evening to Europe was one call one Q with signals well over S9
(from Kansas with a vertical, that's really something). 10m and 15m were also
fun with surprises from all over. Thanks to all for making this one really

73, Bob, w0bh
N4PN   SOAB(TS) HP   6,572,5502011-03-27 19:59:58
It looked like this would be the best in a long time with the
good "numbers", but 40 and 20 never seemed quite "rite" to me.
Thank goodness 15m was wall to wall and they kept coming..
Late Friday night was really something with all the good
stuff in Asia coming thru with big signals on 15m...
10 turned out to be pleasant surprise off and on all weekend.

My score way off from last year when I used NX0X....
By band...160 and 80 better this year....40 and 20 way off
this year in Q's and Mults....15 and 10 whole lot better this
year....650+ less Q's and 70 less mults this score
off by 1.7m compared to last year...

Thanks Jay, N4OX, for letting me use your club call....didn't
work another kept me busy.

73, Paul

TH-5 @ 70'
Alpha-Delta 80/40
Inverted V for 160
Logging w/CT
KK7YL   SO(A)SB20 HP   3,0082011-03-27 20:00:58
Ant: 20M6A
Rig: FT-1000MP & AL-800H
Sfw: N1MM-Logger V11.2.6
Had other plans for the weekend, but band conditions were just too good to pass
up the opportunity to make a few European contacts on Sunday morning.
73, Rita
KT7E   SOAB HP   208,0262011-03-27 20:06:56
Fun and the bands were really busy. Actually I had no break down at all. N1MM,
computer, radio and amp all worked so no excuse for the lower score. Just a
slow typest. Had some family things to do and other house hold duties but it
was enjoyable. hihi Thanks to all that worked me.

73 and take care

Joe KT7E
KØDU   M/S HP   13,130,0402011-03-27 20:10:06
Well spring time in the Rockies with heavy snow the first couple of hours of the
contest.Snow also brings snow static of 5-9 plus plus so we were off to a slow
start . The Elk tore down the receive beverages ( DAMN ELK ) so we didn't have
those long wires to help out on receive. Once the snow stopped all hell broke
loose ! Great band conditions! Bill and Larry had all they wanted for stations
to work (me too). We had a good time and the station played well . Thanks to
Bill K0UK , Larry K0CL and my lovely XYL KC0DKX for putting up with us. Thanks
to all that worked us . It was our best WPX from here . We will see some of you
in Visalia . 73's Jerry K0DU -.-
KR4Z(N4PN)   SOAB(TS) HP   6,572,5502011-03-27 20:15:16
Knew I should have gone to bed and submitted the score
I said KR4Z enuff this weekend - how could I forget..
N4BCD   SO(A)AB HP   128,8002011-03-27 20:16:40
Part 1. At the start of the contest, we had the Huntsville Amateur Radio Club
station K4BFT operating in the meeting room. Had guys making their first HF
contact in years logging stations and many others asking questions. Gratifying
to see.

Part 2 began after getting home and on the air about 10PM local. What a
difference power makes. Where we struggled at K4BFT on 40 & 20, I pounced
across the bands with first calls for about 2 hours then went to bed. Saturday
& Sunday were spent dealing with a hot water tank replacement job, frequent
disconnects for t-storms with a few minutes here and there in the chair.

FT-950 > Alpha 91 >
80m - 1/4 wave full size elevated vertical with 3 tuned radials
40m - 420' horizontal loop at 55'
20-15-10m A3S @ 60'
VA7ST   SOAB HP   1,482,4512011-03-27 20:17:19
* FT-2000 and SB-221
* N1MM Logger (unassisted)
* Steppir 3-el. at 47'
* 40M -- Steppir dipole
* 80M -- twin vertical array E-W

2011 -- SFI = 114 A = 1 K = 0
2010 -- SFI = 88 A = 7 K = 2
2009 -- SFI = 71 A = 3 K = 1

With sunspots in the 130 range by the end of the contest, flux hit 117 and the
high bands were open nicely. 15M was wide open to Europe both days, thanks to
low Auroral activity, rising flux, no significant flaring.

Still, score was down more than 500,000 points and Qs down by more than 250.
Mults were down by 43.

I hoped 20M wouldn't be so jam-packed with 15M wide open, but both bands were
stuffed full and finding a spot to run was virtually impossible. Had better
luck finding slots on 15M but still not much action when calling. The lack of
attention made it really hard to stay in the chair, so I ended up taking 10
hours more off-time than last year. Probably could have doubled my score had I
stayed in the chair a little longer at normally busy times.

As I heard commented a few times, it seemed everyone was running and nobody was
searching. I don't know where people were finding 3,000 Qs (at least from the
West Coast), but good for them -- the rate needed for that sure wasn't showing
up in my headphones, though.

Felt like strange conditions at times, when I'd search-and-pounce across 20M or
15M and work every DX station I heard, and receive comments about having a big
signal, then find a spot and CQ for ages with not a single response. Couldn't
even get much attention from Stateside.

While 15M was a pleasure, 75M was a huge disappointment. Qs down by more than
half there. Managed just 53 Qs but at least they included D4C and EA8. Couldn't
believe how poor the North America action was. I called CQ for a couple of hours
over both nights with virtually no callers. Then I'd search around and work a W1
or W4 no trouble at all. So it wasn't conditions as much as it was
participation. Guess most people were glued to 40M working the easier 6-point
Europeans there. Sure felt like a ton of missed opportunities for 4-point
slam-dunks on 75.

Thanks for the contacts.

-- Bud VA7ST

Band 2011 2010
--------- ---------
3.5 53 129
7 253 318
14 246 461
21 333 260
28 22 4
--------- ---------
Total 907 1,172
Score: 1,482,451 2,014,380 (raw)

Hours: 22 32
KF7GYE   SOAB LP   110,2292011-03-27 20:26:13
Great Contest.
KM6I   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   56,0322011-03-27 20:29:53
Only had an hour of time to operate during daylight hours, but what a fun hourn
on 15 meters it was, with back-to-back S9+ QSOs with EU, SA, and JA. Sunspots
KE7VUX   SOAB LP   110,9112011-03-27 20:30:02
Nice to hear 10 open. 15 was almost too crowded. My first real 160 contact
since I shunt fed the tower, and it was NT1E the Telsa station on the other
edge of the continent, so not too bad for 100w and not enough radials.
N6WIN   SOAB HP   4,289,2202011-03-27 20:38:38
This contest was awesome. Band conditions were excellent for 40/80m Asia runs
during my morning grey line. Europe/Asiatic Russia opening on 20m Saturday
night seemed endless... something I had not experienced before. I was able to
run Western Europe for the first times on 15m from home and at times had more
EU stations calling me than NA, well into my afternoon. It was funny how many
EU stations asked me if I was really in California?

I set out to top my last year's score. My equipment at home is much upgraded.
New C31XR @55' replaced TH7DX at 30'. New 2 element 40m at 70' replaced 40m
rotatable dipole at 35'. New 80m inverted-v at 53' replaced 80m double bazooka
at 27'. New Acom 2000A replaced a Heathkit SB-220. Also now have fully
automatic band switching.

This years SFI was around 113 vs. last year's 85.

The result: Nearly 2 million additional points earned.

Operating equipment:

Yaesu FT2000
Acom 2000A
LM354HD 54' Tower
Force 12 C31XR
Cushcraft XM240 (also my 160m antenna)
80m inverted-v
N6DA   SO(A)AB HP   524,6002011-03-27 20:39:29
TS-940S and Alpha 87A
Wires and 4 el. 10 meter yagi @ 13 feet (!)

Used 40 dipole on 15, but had RF feedback. Missed a lot of good stuff there.
Otherwise, a wonderful contest. Good conditions kept it fun.
VC6X(@VE6JY)   M/2 HP   21,360,4902011-03-27 20:44:55
Finally some decent conditions at our usually solar challenged latitude. In
addition to 20 and 15m being open at the usual times, 15m was nicely open to
Europe just after Saturday midnite for several hours. 80 and 40 did not play
out as well as hoped and 10m had activity but not of any real runnable

Our first M/2 effort in this one and my predictions of 5K q's and 15 meg (just
comfortably over the VE record) were easily met. Thanks to Bill VE6BF for
getting the VC6X callsign and being part of the team. QSL requests also go thru

We plan to be active in WPX CW with VC6X as well.

73 Don
VE7XF   SOSB15 HP   965,8482011-03-27 20:49:56
Wow - 15 is back!!! EU workable on Sunday from 1500z to after 2200Z -
the first for me time in many years (not quite as good on Saturday).
If Old Sol keeps up the good work until the CW section,
I might be able to work EU on 10m :-)

Lost my focus on Saturday, and had to have a nap to regain my interest.
I'm not getting too old for this, am I?

My compliments to the JAs for being on the air in spite of their difficulties,
especially JA7 and JA1. We all wish them good luck in these 'trying times'.

After the contest, my neighbour knocked on my door.......
(to be continued. :-(

K3 (no trouble since it's 'bypass surgery'), Acom 1000, 3 el Steppir, N1MM.

Ralph, VE7XF
WØRIC   SOAB HP   36,0882011-03-27 20:59:48
Rig : FT-1000D, Alpha 87A
Antennas : 4 Elem 20M Yagi, Phased 63' Verticals.
Soapbox : Part time effort. Full time fun!!

Chased the VU4 on CW & RTTY! That took some up some radio time!!
N7ZG   SOAB(TS) LP   1,371,4392011-03-27 21:01:09
Summary of conditions:

The A/K index was 1 for the entire contest weekend. SFI was 115

Propagation was excellent on 80-15 meters and was pretty good on 10. Got a
late start on Friday at about 1 am local time. I was planning on starting at
about 10 pm but I drove all the way out to the station and forgot to bring my
power supply. In retrospect I should have taken Friday off and planned my off
times for strictly from midnight to 6 am. I was hoping to run JA's on 40 the
first night and sleep the second night. The runs were poor/non-existant on
80/40. I guess the folks in JA are recovering from the tsunami. I'm wishing
them well.

The good news is that 15M opened to EU in a big way going from about 8 am to 1
pm local time. 20M stayed open to EU from about 1500Z to 0700Z with a great
over the pole opening on Sat night. I wasn't in the chair during this time on
Friday so I'll see what other folks have to say about this. Also, 40M was
open to EU with very strong signals at sunset on Sat. evening. I put about 20
EU Q's in the log with the inverted vee at 120'. That is pretty good for the
PAC NW and 100W. I was able go get some runs going to EU on 15. Looking
forward to more prop like this.

Memorable Q: 5N7M called in while running EU on 15.

Antennas used:
160M Inverted L w/apex at 90'
80M vee at 140'
40M vee at 120'
3 el SteppIR at 105' for 20-10

This will be my last contest with these antennas as the monobanders will be
going up on the towers this summer. Looking forward to it.

CU in the IARU this summer!

Guy, N7ZG
AL1G   SOAB HP   34,4542011-03-27 21:13:45
I had a rehearsal Friday night and concerts Saturday night and Sunday afternoon
and had to practice some difficult parts at home so I couldn't spend much time
in this contest :-(
PW2D(PY2ZXU)   SOSB10 HP   3,563,8742011-03-27 21:15:15
Thanks to Mamiro, PY2DM for having us and thanks for all QSOs. Some snafu that
had motivation to suffer, but recovered somewhat on Sunday. First day I simply
was not heard to the extent expected, don't know what it was... Anyhow Sunday
was fun! Thanks for the sunspots!
NR6O(@N6RO)   M/M HP   16,303,8842011-03-27 21:16:07
Last Saturday the 110' 10M tower and three yagis came down in the vineyard
during a big winter storm. With yeoman duty from N6ML, Ken was able to get his
40-year-old TH6DXX working (and rotating) atop a 30 ft. crank-up tower in the
middle of the antenna field, just in time to use on 10 meters in the contest.

Main ops: N6BV on 15, K3EST 10 (and 20,) K6AW 20 (and 10,) WA6O 40, N6WM
80-40-160, WT6K 80-160. Guest appearance by N6RO for one QSO.

Low(er) band scores including 20M were down somewhat from prior years, 15 is
near the record for this station, and 10M was quite respectable, esp.
considering the antenna.

Many dx ops not signing their calls for long periods, lots of splatter and over
modulation, people arguing about someone stealing their qrg -- a typical ssb
contest! There should be a lot of new records this time around -- Randy will
be busy. It's very nice to see a little more from the sunspot department.

There are some really big scores in all three multi categories - congrats to
those teams! Thanks for all the Q's -- see you on cw at the end of May.

73, Steve K6AW
W7TVC(@KD7VIK)   M/S HP   383,1522011-03-27 21:20:52
This was the first WPX effort for the Tualatin Valley Contesters. It's sure nice
to see 15 meters come alive again, and 40 was remarkable too. We only spent a
few minutes on 10 meters but found it open to Japan and South America around

73, Ron KD7VIK, Everett W6ABM, Mike K7CIE, Steve AD7OG, and Carl WS7L.
PY2SEX   SO(A)SB10 LP   2,119,6562011-03-27 21:28:50
Wasn't good but entertaining as always....
One day before the contest I had a little chat with my neighbor and after some
Ferrite cores spread over her
home the issue gone. The problem is with the Phone and Internet cable.
Everytime I tx the internet and phone
stop to work. Her PC's Speaker still receiving my voice and CW but she said
that is not the major issue. I think She just wanna know when I'm txing to see
if the issue is because of me. Now what category to chose? I decided for Single
band since my 80m band completely sux and on WPX, low bands sums more than high
ones. My antenna do a good Job on 10m and 15m and I like to be busy on radio, I
don't like stay calling and calling and nothing happening, so I chose 15m and
put as goal a 2000+ QSO and 800 PFXS, but I've got surprised with a really bad
response to my calls and I started to think what to do and enjoy some DXs
around, I was tempt to go to 10m but til the morning I kept my thoughts on 15m.
After wake up and try some QSOs on 15m and keeping yelling to be heard I changed
my mind and moved to 10m, too late!!! I've lost a lot of mults from Asia past
I began the contest on 10m and Win-test didn't show what was a new mult, so I
sent an email to the [win-test]'s list and N6TV gave me a HUGE help to resolve
it, then I could keep my log for other band's contact as well as control the
10m needs.
The China stations were loud here but just some of them could hear me like B7P
and BD4QH, but B5B was booming over here and nothing. So comparing both bands,
15m was better to Pacific and Asia.
ARRL was a million times better, I don't know if the propagation helped or
because there are less stations on the air, my rates were terribles then I kept
chasing DXs during the night forgetting the contest completelly.To summary the
weekend, I had a quick visit from Murphy with a short power outage and I need
to be more focused when chose a single band effort. I started on 10m at 12:37pm
(GMT) on Saturday and that score was all I've got. Some QRN and a lot of
SPLATTERs left my weekend bored, but the new DXs kept me woke up until late
like old times. Btw, DX Cluster stole the way to chase DX, at least 50% of
chasing, it gone with DX Cluster's creation. Another thing that I could realize
this time that I kept a separate screen with DX Cluster running with filters by
Country and band, was that I wasn't spotted as others Brazilian stations, I
don't know if it have to do with the reception, my call sign or is just the way
it is. Thanks to all that spotted me as well as all in my log. Also thank you
Soni (PY1NX) for keep me motivated to be on radio and in the contest, To Bob
(N6TV) for his quick reply to my issue using the win-test software and all
Jokes heard because my Call sign, I really love that. As soon as possible I
will put all evaluation of my Contest activities on some webpage to be
accessible to everyone.
As always, my logs already uploaded to LoTW and Clublog.
The other band QSOs are in the log and will be sent as well.

Sorry About my English...

See you at next one...

************************* CQMM DX CONTEST 2011 ***************************
** **
** From 1500Z, Apr 16 to 2359Z, Apr 17, 2011 **
** **
** More Information on **
** **

PY2SEX, Alex

Radio: YAESU FT-950
Ant. 7el. Tri-band (10X15X20). (3el. to 10m, 2el. to 15m and 2 el. to 20m)
Logging Software: Win-test
NK7U   M/S HP   14,097,8732011-03-27 21:40:31
Wow, what a contest.

Have not heard conditions this good in a VERY long time. 20 was incredible in
the evening to the entire world. 15 was really crowded! I can't remember EU
runs that good from W7. 40 was good for some EU runs... fantastic!

The old W7 M/S record was 7.1M. Congrats to KW7Y (K7RL) for crushing the W7
SOAB HP record also!

I have a feeling just about every record was broken this weekend. It's the
conditions we were all waiting for!

Too many cool things to list here.

Big thanks to Joe and Sharon for hosting us. This was one to remember!

-Chris KL9A

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 4 0 177 0 181 181 4.6
0100 0 0 4 24 76 0 104 285 2.7
0200 0 0 4 148 1 0 153 438 3.9
0300 0 0 0 109 5 0 114 552 2.9
0400 0 0 12 78 0 0 90 642 2.3
0500 0 0 74 4 0 0 78 720 2.0
0600 0 5 75 0 0 0 80 800 2.1
0700 0 4 50 0 0 0 54 854 1.4
0800 0 0 62 0 0 0 62 916 1.6
0900 0 0 69 0 0 0 69 985 1.8
1000 0 0 76 0 0 0 76 1061 1.9
1100 0 0 91 0 0 0 91 1152 2.3
1200 0 0 57 0 0 0 57 1209 1.5
1300 0 0 58 0 0 0 58 1267 1.5
1400 0 0 35 40 4 0 79 1346 2.0
1500 0 0 0 37 37 0 74 1420 1.9
1600 0 0 0 5 133 0 138 1558 3.5
1700 0 0 0 5 100 0 105 1663 2.7
1800 0 0 0 3 104 2 109 1772 2.8
1900 0 0 0 0 97 5 102 1874 2.6
2000 0 0 0 0 107 5 112 1986 2.9
2100 0 0 0 0 54 5 59 2045 1.5
2200 0 0 0 89 6 0 95 2140 2.4
2300 0 0 0 77 5 0 82 2222 2.1
0000 0 0 0 4 96 2 102 2324 2.6
0100 0 0 1 66 26 0 93 2417 2.4
0200 0 0 5 72 0 0 77 2494 2.0
0300 0 2 3 60 0 0 65 2559 1.7
0400 0 3 2 72 0 0 77 2636 2.0
0500 0 0 4 77 0 0 81 2717 2.1
0600 0 0 68 0 0 0 68 2785 1.7
0700 0 0 52 0 0 0 52 2837 1.3
0800 0 39 3 0 0 0 42 2879 1.1
0900 0 24 14 0 0 0 38 2917 1.0
1000 0 3 54 0 0 0 57 2974 1.5
1100 0 0 37 0 0 0 37 3011 0.9
1200 0 0 36 0 0 0 36 3047 0.9
1300 0 0 46 0 0 0 46 3093 1.2
1400 0 0 1 59 1 0 61 3154 1.6
1500 0 0 0 27 13 0 40 3194 1.0
1600 0 0 0 0 93 0 93 3287 2.4
1700 0 0 0 0 107 5 112 3399 2.9
1800 0 0 0 0 77 5 82 3481 2.1
1900 0 0 0 5 58 0 63 3544 1.6
2000 0 0 0 1 69 4 74 3618 1.9
2100 0 0 0 1 55 3 59 3677 1.5
2200 0 0 0 4 70 1 75 3752 1.9
2300 0 0 0 9 66 1 76 3828 1.9
Total 0 80 997 1076 1638 38 3829

Gross QSO's=3901 Dupes=72 Net QSO's=3829

Unique callsigns worked = 3205

The best 60 minute rate was 181/hour from 0000 to 0059
The best 30 minute rate was 216/hour from 0000 to 0029
The best 10 minute rate was 252/hour from 0000 to 0009

The best 1 minute rates were:
6 QSO's/minute 6 times.
5 QSO's/minute 18 times.
4 QSO's/minute 78 times.
3 QSO's/minute 283 times.
2 QSO's/minute 726 times.
1 QSO's/minute 1089 times.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 27
4 1182
5 1323
6 1255
7 10
8 22
9 7
10 2
11 1

Multi-band QSO's
1 bands 2696
2 bands 402
3 bands 99
4 bands 8
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

----- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O ' s -----
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 34 644 740 1251 27
RN9CM   SO(A)AB HP   5,982,6922011-03-27 21:49:57
GP Hy-Gain DX-88.
Delta 83m.
Inv Vee (160m)
WD5K   SOAB HP   2,436,1382011-03-27 21:53:41
FT1000mp +Amp 700w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
WL7BDO   SOAB LP   271,6592011-03-27 21:54:17
That was great! 20 open over the pole to Europe most of the time. Bested my
last years score. Rebuilt and improved my 40 meter home brew antenna and
worded great with represented Q's from NA, EU, SA, AS. But wait conditions so
good into the night on 20 could not spend as much time as I wanted. 15 rounded
out the fun.
OG1M(OH1VR)   SOSB15 HP   1,023,3982011-03-27 22:07:18
Station: 2xK3 + Acom 2000A + microHAM boxes, 2x5-el monobanders at 28m/18m +
3-el SteppIR at 24 mtrs in another tower.

Great fun. Unfortunately had to be QRT during best US -openings on Saturday and
Sunday. I also lost most of EU multipliers for very simple reason: no
propagation. Too long skip.

Thank you for QSO's!

Seppo OH1VR
ST2AR(S53R)   SOAB(TS) HP   13,419,6682011-03-27 22:18:27
The conditions in past months certainly promised one good of a WPX and I sure
hoped to better my last year’s score. Well, proved to be wishful thinking. I
was having problems with the intermittent RX path in the good old IC746PRO for
a while, but it’s difficult to fix it here. What is even more difficult is to
get a new radio in. So I hoped the problem would go away miraculously for the
contest :) - well it did not! The problem really became obvious during the late
afternoon/evening openings to US, when the band goes quiet and signals are
rather weak, yet the QSOs keep on coming for hours. It is rather frustrating
when the RX level goes up and down several times within a matter of seconds and
makes it difficult to pull out a complete call-sign or exchange. My humble
apologies to all for repeated “call again” and “number again” requests.
Must have sounded silly! I never complain about Murphy, broken equipment,
etc… but this time I really feel it’s a pity I did not have an extra radio
to “plug” in! It would have made a whole lot of difference.
NG3R(W2GD)   SOAB HP   4,235,8682011-03-27 22:48:05
Many thanks to K9RS for allowing me to use his very FB station this weekend.

This was a one day effort, about my limit for phone contests as a SO from the
states. I see more M/S, M/2, and M/M in my future on phone contest weekends.

This is by far my best ever SOAB HP score in WPX PH from the USA. But then
again, it is the only SOAB HP WPX PH event I can ever remember entering over
the last few decades. For those who are rate junkies this was the place to

Editiorial: Far too many stations with overdriven amplifiers, excessive
compression, and otherwise dirty signals to make this a totally enjoyable
experience. Come on guys, turn down those gain controls (including the drive -
those running excessive power stuck out like very sore thumbs). With a clean
signal you will make more friends....and more contacts. And if the bands were
made just a little bit cleaner overall, those of us who think twice about
participating in phone contests, even casually, might be much more inclined to
provide those additional contacts. Think about it.

Operating Tip: For those of you with the K3/P3 combo, the waterfall display
can be useful tool in finding 'windows' of opportunity. This proved again and
again to be an almost foolproof way to successfully identify frequencies where
CQing could be fruitful on 20 and 15 during the height of activity. Or maybe
everyone is already using this technique and I'm late to the party?

Enjoyed comparing the virtues of the FT-9000 and the K3 this weekend. The K3's
multiple options for varying bandwidth sittings and IF shift were winners. It
was impossible to totally eliminate the crude of course, but with the right
combination of filter and shift settings, signals seemed to just jump out at me
when using the K3. Too bad the radio isn't more intuitive, but thats the
tradeoff I suppose for size which forces the use of multi-function controls.
Then again, the FT-9000, which is loaded with individual controls, many with
man-sized knobs, isn't all that intuitive either. The number of options takes
time to master.

Bottom line, had some fun playing radio and saying hello to so many friends
this weekend. Expect to read many records have fallen with some of the best
band conditions heard in years. Now if 10M would only stop playing hide and
seek that would really be something to write about.


John W2GD/P40W
OG5B(OH5BM)   SO(A)SB15 HP   3,500,0002011-03-27 23:37:16
Finally CNDX getting up with some SFI 115 during the contest.
Still missing real openings to West Coast .
FT5000 tested and was pleasant to use and listen on crowded band.
I think than on single band assisted do not add very much of multipliers,
best practice was to scan the band time to time.
Unfortunately someone spotted me as HG5B on saturday around 15z and that
resulted later with many dupes. (confirm the station U are working - don't rely
on cluster.)
I lost only 1 hour of stateside qsos prime time for technical problems on
Condolences to JA - delighted to see so many JA friends on the band anyway.

IC-7700 and FT-5000dx base model + 1.3 kw
Single OP Single Radio
Old 6 over 6 stack of monobanders

Thanks for Qsos CU in contests!

KI7Y(@W7DG)   M/S HP   3,440,9732011-03-27 23:53:37
Well now, wasn't that special? Our team of four vintage ops operated an equally
vintage IC-765/NCL-2000 combo, tribander, vertical dipole and inverted vee
(geezers operating retro rigs)to a M/S single score about 50% improved over
last years M/2 score as W7DG. Driving that improvement was of course the
vastly improved band conditions including (gasp!)a productive stint on 10
meters including a glorious 20 minute stretch yielding 59 10 meter Q's and
leaving us dreaming of days gone by. Thanks as always to the Lower Columbia
Amateur Radio Association for allowing us the use of their facilities and also
thanks to all of you for the Q's and a great weekend.
H2E(DAVE)   SOAB LP   956,8802011-03-27 23:55:37
Not a very serious effort as I had RFI plaguing me and as usual, working low
power causes problems getting through the others. Condx were OK with a nice
opening on 10m but the high bands were very difficult. Still, it's all good fun
(so they say). All credit to those who had the patience to wait and decipher my
call through the noise. C U in the next one, 73's Dave
TF3CW   SOSB20 HP   8,035,5602011-03-28 00:11:34
What a great contest this was. 20 was really in a great shape. Did manage to run
on 14.154 for 10 hours on saturday. Lots of VK/ZL/JA that I have not heard in

My US/EU split has never been this good, US 45%, EU 43%. The number of WPX
worked, 1170, really shows how great the band was to every direction.

At times, the QRM was just horrible, and I had to ask for many repeats, thanks
for your patience.

Lots of records will be broken this year for sure.

Thanks for all the Qs - Siggi TF3CW
LZ1GL   SOSB40(TS) HP   414,6562011-03-28 00:13:00
Nice contest as usual - could't miss it :)
Took part on 40m the first night and shared the station with my 12 years old
daughter - she has operated on 20m for a couple of hours with LZ1KPP callsign.

See you in the CW part !

73 LZ1GL Krasimir
SO8N(SQ8GHY)   SO(A)SB40 HP   2,659,0142011-03-28 00:16:13
CU SP DX Contest!
W6NOW   SOAB LP   30,1602011-03-28 00:55:46
Had some good dx on 40m the first day. Time was limited due to other priorities,
but worked lots of new countries on ssb.
Great moment was on 20m on Saturday, when i finally worked a UP4, which only
took me ~9 minutes. I'm surprised of how many W6N?? are out there ;-).

I had 10 minutes of fame when I sat on a frequency and called CQ - nice opening
to Europe on 15m (i did most S&P).

I had a helper here in the shack, my son. He had a world globe and his job was
to add pins to every new country worked. At one point he asked me: "are there
people on every place in this globe with a radio?. I think this may be good

Mark V
6BTV ground mounted vertical

73 de w6now.
OK1CLD   SOSB15(TS) LP   68,2522011-03-28 00:58:39
Great contest, I wish I had had a little more time for it...

I managed to contact 4 new DXCC entities {4J, BV, HR, KL7) and 3 new U.S.
states (AK, CA, UT), so I'm quite happy with my results.

See you next year,

73! Ondra OK1CLD
SN8R(SP8ONZ)   SOSB20 HP   4,714,0802011-03-28 01:25:24
good propagation band wide open many Hawaiian and KL station
thank you all who called me.
rig. FT1000D PA GU43-B ant. 6 el. mono yagi 30 m up
vy 73 Richard
YQ5Q(YO5OHO)   SO(A)AB LP   1,700,5982011-03-28 01:27:30
Antennas:160,80m -27m LW
40m - Inv.Vee & GP
20,15,10m - 2 ele tribander Yagi (FB-23)&GP
ZL2GQ   SO(A)SB15(R) HP   1,109,8252011-03-28 01:33:18
Only limited effort due to other commitments on local (NZ) Sunday.
Also Monday is school day here and the contest goes till Monday 1pm local
Station is fieldday style with 500W & 5 ele yagi standing on a cliff 300m asl,
3 kW Honda generator.
Fortunately we are not sitting in tent anymore since we bought a caravan 2
weeks ago. This a great comfort improvement.

73 Saskia, ZL2GQ
LY21A(@LY9Y)   M/S HP   12,244,2842011-03-28 01:35:58
After the Rules change Multi op Single TX categoty is very fine for Father&Son
team. Each hour after 4 - 5 multipliers worked on other band I had a plenty of
time to lay on the sofa and watch how Andy LY7Z is running on the main band. 4
multiplieres gives 8 band changes of 10 allowed during the hour. It takes 5 or
10 minutes. Sometimes I gave Andy chance to take some food or rest and enjoyed
the pile-up.
I have no idea what are doing 10 or 15 operators in big M/S teams. Perhaps they
have a lot of beer or play chess.
Thanks everybody for contacts. 73 Jurgis LY9Y
DR1A   M/M HP   65,735,8322011-03-28 02:36:54
The existing World Record is 62.4M (EB8AH 2010).
Now waiting for other M/M scores rolling in...

TNX for all contacts and see you in CQ WPX CW.

73 Ben
EC2DX   SO(A)AB HP   9,887,7102011-03-28 02:37:23
OH4A(OH6KZP)   SOSB20 HP   7,057,8722011-03-28 02:50:32
A few single bands from the OH4A station this time, with OH6LI doing efforts on
160m and 15m.

I picked 20m, although I entered the competition a bit handicapped: The EU
antenna was known to be non-usable because of being buried in the snow, and on
Friday evening it turned out that the second 20m stack could not be used
either. So I hoped that my frequencies would remain somewhat clean and made do
with beaming in one direction at a time. Beaming east and west simultaneously
would have given a clear further boost to the score.

Fortunately the conditions on 20m compensated by being wonderful, probably the
best I've experienced since becoming a ham in 1994 (not active during the
previous solar maximum). They were in fact so good that at one point I suffered
big-time QRM from a nearby KL7, something I thought would never happen! :) Then
again, I'm sure I produced unintended QRM for many others with my presence,
that's how it goes in these "splatterfests."

Eastward propagation was quite normal, but the US direction was fabulous; I
think that my DX percentage ended up a bit over 60. Started the contest with a
four-hour break, then broke for a few hours from Sat evening to Sun morning UTC
(with one hour of operating in the middle), and left a final one-hour break to
the end of the contest. I think the choices were quite successful, and the band
began closing in time for the final break just before 23 UTC.

Thanks to OH6LI for another radio weekend at their family's summer cottage. And
many thanks to all who were on the air, it was great to work you. We'll be back!
ZL3IO   SO(A)AB HP   3,290,6652011-03-28 03:03:16
KL7RA   M/S HP   14,992,7402011-03-28 03:08:32
As others mentioned this was really fun with great second day conditions for
15 had excellent signals from Europe and was too much of a good thing trying
to unwind a pile with 50? calling. Once again 10 didn't produce big rates and
we need the 10 meter band to open for us as 20 and 40 is now too crowded for a

contest as popular as the WPX phone.

Using a multi-multi for multi-single gave us a lot of resources with an
excellent crew but we just didn't find any real solution to improve the score
by multiplier hunting, sweeping, etc. Rate is king and we mostly dumped points
trying anything fancy. Second op in partner mode was useful with these
excellent condition even if only to catch a busted call or number. We will be
back to M/M for the WPX in the coming years not that M/S and M2 were not fun
but the band conditions are improving and we look forward to the excitement of
all bands running rate in the WPX 2012.

No real equipment failures or problems. Food was excellent. Thanks to Kris,
Jeff and Wigi for coming up/down/over.

End of the contest season for KL7RA with 23 full time serious effort contests
mostly multi-op since Aug. Next up "Dayton". 73 Rich KL7RA
4L4CC   SOSB80 HP   2,298,6582011-03-28 03:21:56
icom756 pro3
transmit antenna GP
receive antenna k9ay
amp 1kw homemade

Thanks to everyone for the qsos 4L4CC Leo
UT2UU   SO(A)AB HP   3,295,0722011-03-28 03:24:58
EC1KR   SOAB HP   8,714,4792011-03-28 03:27:52
Very Sadly for not organice the Contest who M/S or M/2 as ED1R, I decided to
make my first Contest seriously as SOAB-HP.

I think I've lost many QSO but had a lot of noise and fatigue ... thanks for
the support of all friends who have been outstanding for my participation.

I promise to improve and do better on another Contest.

73 de EC1KR Jesus (aka ED1R)
NV4B   SOAB LP   535,7882011-03-28 03:44:27
Several rounds of severe weather (including a tornado warning) kept me from
operating more, but this is still my best effort ever in WPX. Many thanks to
the DX stations who stuck it out with my weak signal. Conditions were just
decent here until Sunday afternoon when 15 & 20 really came alive. 80 was
useless Saturday and Sunday, though a few contacts were made Friday night.
KP2/NE1RD   SOSB10 QRP   135,5402011-03-28 03:57:59
I returned to the same villa I used last year for my 15m effort (SOSB15QRP).
This year I was SOSB 10m QRP and conditions were reasonable. I did not
hear much from Europe (a disappointment) and my location has a big hill
between me and South America so North America and points West had to be
my bread-and-butter.

I built a 10m 3-element Yagi on an 8-foot boom and fed it with a length
of 9913. This is a very quiet location so most everyone was an easy copy.

I sat and called CQ most of the contest pausing only occasionally to run
up-and-down the band for S&P. My rate was about half that of last year's
15m effort (and the band closed earlier). Plus, for whatever reason, things
didn't heat up on 10m here until about mid-day. Well, I am on vacation so
that just meant extra sack time!

Near the end of the contest I worked a VK. I hope I never get so old or
jaded that I stop feeling the wonder of working somebody halfway around
the world with the power equivalent of a night light!
NV1N(N1UR)   SOAB LP   4,596,8172011-03-28 04:01:33
Fantastic to see the bands in better form. Interestingly, from here, I saw some
of the mentioned conditions but not all. 40M was in excellent shape to EU from
here although the band is really insane trying to stuff as much as we are into
75khz (we really should try and move USA phone down to 7050). 80M was
surprisingly good for EU conditions although the activity is not huge there for
USA to EU contacts.

20M conditions to EU were excellent and lasted longer than any contest since
2004 from here. The surprise was JA. I did not even hear a JA all weekend on
20 from this QTH and tried numerous time CQing in that direction. Heard a
couple of weaker BY stations but could not work. Did work a few loud UA0s.

15M was fantastic into EU all weekend and really was close to "great
conditions" from here. I did actually work 5 JAs on 15M with 3 calling me and I
swept the band after while CQing on 20M and heard exactly 4 more and worked 2.
There could have been more in the morning but none called in and I wasn't
looking for JA although probably should have. I really enjoy the 15M late
afternoon running (EU evening) when that is open. This is the first contest
since 2004 that I can remember being able to do that.

10M just would not open to EU except for a handful of EA and CT. The African
Islands and Africa were loud but EU never opened. South America and parts of
the Caribean were booming in for many hours a day.

The score is a new Personal Best for me (by almost 1 Million). I was hoping to
set a new USA LP record as I sat down and conditions seemed favorable. But
without 10M to EU, it just didn't happen. Unlike HP, where once the rate is
high it doesn't matter as much whether 10M opens, on LP, we need the space to
get the rate up as high. 15M was open but very crowded and the rate was often
difficult with LP. And we don't work as many stateside off the back of the
beam running 100W...although it is surprising that we do work some.

Wee you all in WPX CW!

S52ØSLO(@S5ØXX)   M/S HP   8,602,9442011-03-28 04:12:57
Hard to S&P. Easier to run, but lots of dupes from busted cluster spots.

Great race between S520SLO and S520SCC teams.
N3BM   SO(A)AB HP   34,1252011-03-28 04:16:15
Force12 C-3SS
PY4ZO   SOAB QRP   29,8592011-03-28 04:17:22
QRP 5w and Rotary Dipole for 20/15/10m.
OR2F(ON8LDS)   SO(A)SB20 LP   25,1922011-03-28 04:26:10
73 !
G3TXF   SO(A)SB160 HP   200,5642011-03-28 04:33:51
Topband - Sideband - not the greatest of combinations, perhaps!

Conditions were not too good on 160m. One of the few highlights of this contest
was working just two W0s, one of whom was in SD and the other was in ND.

In reality, Topband is probably somewhat of a back-water in this prefix-driven
contest (apart from the multi-multis who have their CQ machines permanently
running in over-drive).

One or two WPX-SSB stations on 160m were CQing unnecessarily low in the band
(i.e on 1825). This is not helpful for fostering friendly relations with the
CW-DXers trying to work something during the WPX-SSB Contest!

73 - Nigel G3TXF
PY2HL   SO(A)AB HP   3,634,0802011-03-28 04:43:47
5 ELEM 15M
3 ELEM 20M
YT9X   M/S HP   9,693,2712011-03-28 04:44:05
Milan YU1ZZ
N9NA   SOAB LP   4102011-03-28 04:52:58
Casual operation. Great prop. conditions.
SM3C(SM5CCT)   SOSB40 LP   675,5312011-03-28 05:04:37
Rig: FT-1000, 100 w
Antennas: 3 el. yagi.
3 + 3 el. yagi.

RV9UP   SO(A)AB LP   3,065,1832011-03-28 05:24:17
HF bands conditions are rising up. Not outstanding like late 197xx, but got
something on 21.
UP4L(UN7LZ)   SOAB HP   11,080,4012011-03-28 05:26:37
Booming signals from NA on Sunday morning after few years waiting condx.
My personal new records: more 1000 pfx, more 10 mln. points.

73's! Valery UN7LZ, UP4L
USØHZ   SOAB LP   2,001,2162011-03-28 05:28:33
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m hign

73 Stan US0HZ
WG5J   SO(A)SB160 HP   3,1202011-03-28 05:28:59
I was hoping to put a full effort in, but that didn't happen. Oh well, it is
still good to get on and work some. I wasn't on enough to have an opinion on
conditions, 15 was packed edge to edge.

ZV2V(PY2LED)   SOSB10(TS) HP   3,703,0722011-03-28 05:33:19

Was a nice contest, with some good openings to EU and NA.
On my opinion, at ARRLDX I experienced better openings with strong signals than
this weekend to US.

Thanks to everyone that contacted me and I hope to meet with you on the next


FErnando / PY2LED / ZV2V
K8BL   SO(A)AB LP   323,0002011-03-28 05:40:11
I didn't realize the Contest was on until I just happened to check the Bands
on Saturday afternoon. Since I was out of town for both ARRL Contests, I was
having withdrawal twitchings from lack of Contesting!!

My objective became to work as many different prefixes as I could without
duplicating any at all. So, all my effort was put into S & P as assisted
and using the Bandmap in CTWin. It worked great!

In a little over 8 hours on the air, I worked 340 Q's and 340 Pfx's. It was a
lot of fun, especially with 15 and 10 being open the way they were. Very nice
to hear so much from JA, BY, BV, JT, 9M, HS, XU, HL, KH2,Z19, Z18, etc.!!!
HK1X   SOSB20 HP   14,364,6962011-03-28 05:44:13
Beautiful contest, again my 20 meters band in Jumanjis station with my friends.
rarest conditions different than the other latest contest.
Nice propagation and the strategy change this year, in the lastest contest at
0400 propagation close and then go to sleep, this new propagation during on 20
meters thrue 0800 European stations comes with stong signeals by direct path.
So was my oportunity to make many QSOs.
I try brake the last world record CN2R 2008 15,778,840 with 4,429 QSOs
and 1,199 Prefixes but no time and to much QRM in band, lost to many lowest
contacts, so the next strategy is made a reception antenna hope it for CW.
Be nice in Jumanjis with our stack 6/6/6,Icom 7700 and alpha 8110 all
equipments works perfect.
Many thanks again to HK1R Jumanjis owner for give me change again works in his
prestigious station.
Also thanks for all amateur works me on 20 meters.
See in CW.
VE3JAQ   SOAB LP   3,050,8002011-03-28 05:45:41
Personal best for WPX SOAB catagory. Could have done better though if it wasn't
for the fact that my vertical for low bands packet it in so I have to use my
sloper which is much poorer. Also I couldn't spend as much time as I would
have like to due to other issues. On the plus my new remote antenna switch
worked perfectly.
VP2EH(N5AU)   SOSB15 HP   15,093,8202011-03-28 05:55:19
After ARRL SSB, we got the rest of the 15 meter stack operational and decided to
give it a good test in a world-wide contest. Conditions were very good into
Europe with many of the deeper Asian areas coming through as well. HS, 9V,
BY, EX, and YB, VK and others all calling with the EU pile-ups, but there
didn't seem to be very many Africans on this year. Maybe I just missed them.

Conditions to JA were good both afternoons with the strongest signals peaking
at 10 to 15 db over S9, but as usual it's very difficult to sort out the
massive pile-up calling. Many of big gun stations made it through easily, but
others were harder to pull out. Add in the USA pile-up and it's extremely
difficult. I called for JA only below the USA phone band as long as I could,
but didn't have much luck there.

Conditions to the USA were not as good, especially the first day. During ARRL
SSB with the flux at 155 there were sustained runs all day on both 10 and 15
with an endless supply of callers. The average USA signals during WPX were
clearly down and QRM was way up. I guess you can't have everything in any
given contest.

I had the usual dupes call in, some for "insurance" contacts, others calling
due to a busted call in their log, etc. I don't recall any instant pile-up of
dupes from a busted packet spot this year. Everyone can do without that and I
certainly appreciate missing out this time. I will echo the comments from
other DX stations: Listen to the call FIRST...don't just call blind from a
packet spot. Even if you feel lucky, just don't do it!

Thanks to all the callers and hope to work you in the CQ WW contests this


Gordon N5AU

Rig: FT1000MP/5
Amp: Alpha 77DX
Ant: 5 over 5 Telrex yagis 100/50

Logger: WinTest 4.7.0
K4BP   M/2 HP   10,752,0502011-03-28 05:57:00
Very high QRN on 80 meters from storms in the area.

Very good opening into Asia on 15 meters Saturday night.

The number one goal was met -- everyone had fun.

Thanks to all who came to operate.
SK3W(SM3SGP)   SOSB15 HP   5,507,9342011-03-28 05:59:38
Lots of fun!

My plan was to play around with SO2R, but 15 meters was wide open on Friday
night so I decided to give it a try for a couple of hours.

Already on Saturday evening the old SM-record from 1983 (SM2EKM) was history,
so I decided to stay single band.

It seams like I have more motivation to operate now, what has happened?

Tentec Orion
5/5/5 + 5el USA

73 de Gus, SG3P

Contest : CQ World Wide WPX Contest
Callsign : SK3W
Mode : PHONE
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 15 m
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... :
Locator : JP80JH
Operating time : 30h26

160 0 0 0 0 0.00
80 0 0 0 0 0.00
40 0 0 0 0 0.00
20 0 0 0 0 0.00
15 2285 58 894 6161 2.70
10 0 0 0 0 0.00
TOTAL 2285 58 894 6161 2.70
TOTAL SCORE : 5 507 934
N2BJ   SO(A)AB HP   2,573,2502011-03-28 06:06:02
Nice conditions. Maybe we are now finally on upswing. Almost impossible to find
a clear frequency on 20 or 15M! Now we just need 10 to get better!
PU1KVA   SOSB10 LP   3,0362011-03-28 06:19:54
FT-950 + Moxon quad
MW5A(GW4BLE)   SOSB40 HP   9,904,5182011-03-28 06:31:58
First serious SSB operation with the Three As Contest Group call - got a bit
tongue-tied using the 'MW' prefix, doesn't seem (to me) to flow quite as easily
as 'GW', but got used to it after a while!

Audio from the contest is available here:

Thanks to Andy Taylor, MW0MWZ for the web services.

QSL cards will be available via Nigel, G3TXF.


TI7/NØSXX   SOAB LP   637,5802011-03-28 06:46:43
Mini DXpedition to Costa Rica. Antenna was 50' inv vee doublet, hanging on a
33' telescoping pole, fed with 60' of 300 ohm (cheap) tv ribbon. Legs of the
antenna were partially draped over and under tree branches. Rig was Elecraft
K3 and the tuner loaded the antenna nicely on 10 thru 40. QTH was on the side
of a hill with a pretty clear path north. Had very nice runs both mornings on
10 meters and a short run on 15 meters just before the contest closed. Antenna
just wasn't enuff to do much on bands lower then 15 meters but it was great fun
and simple to set up with all equipment in a carry on pelican case plus a
8x8x48 inch checked bag.
NZ4O   SO(A)AB HP   111,8642011-03-28 06:52:56
Rig Icom- IC-756 Pro III
Antenna- 300 foot long horizontal loop up at 35 feet
Power- 500 watts
Software- N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 2.6

Radiowave propagation conditions were fantastic on 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters.
10 meters was especially good. 160 meter propagation was fair at best.
N4DTF   SOAB LP   79,5992011-03-28 07:02:29
Really enjoyed all the activity. Had to deal with two rounds of
thunderstorms during the weekend, really impacted my ability to spend time on
the low bands, but 20 and 15 were wide open. Having 20 open well into the
evening was also great! A couple of new DXCC for me, and several new band
countries, even a couple of states. Quite a bit more focused operating time
than last year, and my score shows it. So many patient, courteous operators,
really a pleasure to see that.
LT5X(@LU8XW)   M/S HP   999,8112011-03-28 07:11:49
TS 870S
Tri-band 3 element 18 meters up
VA2WA(VA2WDQ)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   4,287,8602011-03-28 07:19:45
Kenwood TS-590S + Ameritron AL-80B (700 watts).
Ant: 20-15-10: 2 el. yagi Cushcraft MA-5B - 10 m up, 160-80-40: Inverted L 27 m
- 9 m up.
Logger: N1MM

Part time effort since I'm almost CW operator. Propagation was awesome! That
was nice to meet old friends and many known CW operators during the test. Can't
wait when the CQ WW WPX CW to go on! ))))

Thank you for all the QSO's!


ER4A(UT5UDX)   SO(A)AB HP   17,768,9952011-03-28 07:21:14
Nice to hear a lots of good friends with a good score: p33w,4o3a,e7dx,rl3a,uz2m
Very good late opening to west call on 15,never heard that before!
N2RJ   SO(A)AB LP   1,281,4322011-03-28 07:25:56
I never really intended to do this contest low power all band, assisted, but I
did for several reasons. I was flat out burned out tired from work the week
before and had a prior commitment on Sunday that took up the morning and part
of the afternoon. As a result I also missed the EU run in the morning on both
Saturday and Sunday that I usually do, so my score suffered, I estimate by
about 20-30%. I did 26ish out of 36 hours because I could not devote the full
weekend to the contest.

Condx were pretty good. Not as good as ARRL SSB but pretty good nonetheless. I
spent about 80% of my time S&P, 20% running. 20 and 15 dominated QSO wise, but
40 meters dominated points wise. Worked lots and lots of Europe, Caribbean and
SA, but also quite a few KH6/7, JA, JT, BV, BY and lots of Asiatic Russia. I
worked a few SA and NA on 10 meters but I think I also worked Hawaii there too.
I haven't run over my log for DX yet but I am sure I picked up a few new band
fills and an all time new one for me (Taiwan).

Some things were not so great, such as the guys who go on for 10 minutes and
more without IDing, the overdriven splatter mess, distorted audio and bogus
cluster spots.

798 QSOs, just TWO shy of 800. Darn. I made 499 WPX, just ONE shy of 500.
Double darn! Missed it by >>THAT<<< much.I was really trying hard in the last
few moments before the clock struck and signaled the end of the contest and the
beginning of quiet bands.

I had a good time and while I think I could have done better I think I like my
score somewhat.

Next test for me will probably be IARU.

Thanks for all of the QSOs and 73

WPX SSB - 2011-03-26 0000Z to 2011-03-28 0000Z - 798 QSOs
N2RJ Max Rates:

2011-03-26 0033Z - 3.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 180 per hour by N2RJ
2011-03-26 1519Z - 1.6 per minute (10 minute(s)), 96 per hour by N2RJ
2011-03-26 1600Z - 1.2 per minute (60 minute(s)), 72 per hour by N2RJ
VO1DJT   SOAB LP   455,9552011-03-28 07:42:25
Thanks for all the contacts, lots of fun.
73 Daisy, VO1DJT
LZ9W   M/M HP   33,127,4642011-03-28 07:53:33
Congrats to DR1A about great score.

Surely SSB is not the favourite mode for our CW dedicated team of ops and we
are eagerly looking forward to WPX CW in May :-)

73 , Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W Contest Team
HI3FVA(@HI3CC)   SOSB40 LP   1,078,1452011-03-28 07:58:16
It was a pleasure work again in Loma del Toro Dx Club with HI3K (Edwin)
15m, HI3CC (Tino) 20m, HI3EPR (Prado) 10m. Great Job Team.

Rig:...... Elecraft K3, 100 w
Antenna:.. 2 el. yagi.
Op Time (hrs) 21:00 no worked the last Nigh

Thanks to everyone for being to my log and CU in the WPX CW working HI3TT
my new call.

TM2B(F4EGZ)   SO(A)SB15 HP   5,729,3602011-03-28 08:01:58
Nice prop to USA second evening.
6ele mono yagi
OG4T(OH4MFA)   SOAB(TS) HP   366,7352011-03-28 08:06:17
Nice propagation on higher bands especially 15 meters. Band was very full. Ten
meters showed some nice long haul DX conditions. Hopefully CW part will have
same or even better conditions. Mostly do s&p, no place to call CQ, only on
ten, and got some OH's in the log :) Thank you for QSOs and see you later!

73 de Jukka OG4T, OH4MFA
9A1P   M/2 HP   34,038,8762011-03-28 08:27:36
Finnaly good condx are back, 20m stayed open till 01z and 15m till 23z.
Bands were so crowded and it was hard to find and keep a good qrg.
Congrats to OL4A for great head to head battle until the end, they got
some margin last few hours. Special congrats to Braco E7DX for the
amazing score.
Thanks to all and:

We love this game!

73 Dave 9A1UN
IQ1RY   M/2 HP   17,236,6352011-03-28 08:28:16
Happy days, we went through the whole WPX enjoying each single contacts and the
whole mess we work together. The prop was really strange and changing on every
hour much more than before.

Thanks to all contacted us, some more thanks to who have had the patience to
come through some heavy walls that we experienced time to time. Sometime it was
really hard to listen from this side, but all went in a friendly way.

Another thing we recognized is a lot of dupe, may be in the statistical view
are those are well numbered, but the view is that not only from ours site it
was hard to listen.

All went almost flawlessly since the first time through the whole contest, some
episodes, Q’s are quite remarkable, HH in the last five minutes was the candy
over a great and sweet cake.

We were honored by two guest operators, Maurizio IV3ZXQ and Alberto IV3BSY.
The tradition of IQ1RY, to have guest operators for ant phone or RTTY multiop
contest was continued with such a good guys. Theirs efforts for the whole
contest duration was invaluable.

The 20m band open until early local night and a somewhat open 10m bands may
seeded a change in tactics and strategy for the next times. We hope that ours
move in and out the bands during the WPX time went done accordingly to those
changes we are facing. Stations more South than us really appreciated much
better the 10m band.

A fast points and log examination has given us a big pleasure, as we went
working all together and the results compared to ours oldest targets are better
than before. It’s nice and well done from ours standpoint.

Chapeau for the big stations we listened and recognized as some of our best
friends worked the WPX from there. We never forget to practice learning from

It was a nice WPX 2011, see you all with IQ1RY in the next contests.

Flavio IK1SPR
CE4CT   SOAB HP   11,212,3962011-03-28 08:30:02
dedicated to CE1YI, SK last Sunday

K7LY   SOAB HP   1,225,0082011-03-28 08:45:54
Getting to old for these long contest weekends. 15M was great. Best QSO was
ST2AR for an all-time new one. The sloping 40M dipole worked okay, but still
new to put up a beam. Decided to try this unassisted and that worked out fine.
Had lots of fun.
KR7C   SOAB LP   58,5202011-03-28 08:51:05
My very first SSB contest after 34 years of being licensed! Old dogs can learn
new tricks. Taught me a lot about things my K3 can do besides CW.
WA5RML   SOAB QRP   10,6922011-03-28 08:51:42
FT-817ND @ 5 wts to Cushcraft MA5V vertical. Should have skipped 20M and done a
Single Band 15M effort. Signals were much stronger on 15M - maybe an antenna
problem at my end.

Thanks to all who had the courage and patience to copy my QRP signal. Rest
assured that, if you had a QSO with me, your signal was very strong into North
OH1ØX(OH6UM)   SOAB HP   14,815,3462011-03-28 09:05:52
What a great and surprising contest weekend!

My original thoughts of LP operation were eventually evolved into a SOAB HP
SO2R operation just a couple of days before the contest. After that I bravely
set the newly improved OH record (2010) as my target, hoping for some luck with

The first half of the contest did not produce quite as many qsos and prefixes
that I had predicted, but thanks to 40m and 15m DX condx my score kept
improving as scheduled anyway. The 2nd night on 40m was even better for me
than the 1st one. I can't even recall when I'd have had such a nice NA run
from OH on 40m SSB as I now had on the 2nd night. Suddenly I found myself
reaching my target already on Sunday morning! Being used to that "the good
condx can't last long" I had decided to leave most of my rest hours to Sunday,
but still had quite a few operating hours to make the best out of it.

I probably even got a bit carried away with the unexpected 40m condx - but hey
- it's my favourite band! :) I should have spent some more time on 20m and
15m, and just forget about 160m and 10m, except maybe some 10 minutes on 10m on
Sunday morning with some nice Asian, Australian, and African mults in a row (+ a
few very weak Europeans), and another 10 minutes on Sunday afternoon with some
more African mults and half a dozen of PY's & LU's . Next time I’m
(hopefully) wiser.

Under the "last minute" circumstances the radio setup was left kind of
"wrong-handed" for me (left = right and vice versa), which made operating a bit
"funny". Ever tried this for 48 (36) hours? :) All in all I feel pretty
satisfied for my result. Ranko, beware! ;)

BIG TNX to Martti OH2BH for giving me this opportunity to operate his superb
station with this special callsign, and Pertti OH2PM for kindly borrowing the
Acom amplifier for SO2R HP.

Looking forward to all the future contests (CW, SSB, RTTY),

73 de Pasi OH6UM
VA7BEC   SO(A)AB LP   1,188,5002011-03-28 09:08:59
Exhausting. Was it worth the nearly sleepless first night. Maybe, maybe not. I
haven't quite decided yet.

Higher score than last year -- yeah! -- but fewer Qs. The importance of mults
is ever so clear, and I really appreciate the mult-providing stations who
answered my CQs during minimized running time. I say minimized because I had
planned to CQ for a good chunk of time on the second day but it was very tough
to find a frequency on 15m and 20m that wasn't engulfed in QRN or severely
QRM'd. I've never really experienced QRM to the degree I did this past weekend.
Just as I'd get settled into a nice rhythm, I'd have to move because callers,
despite good audio and strong signals, or me, or both, were getting drowned
out by mega-splatter from nearby (and no-so-nearby) CQers as well as stations
calling that CQer off-frequency ('cause obviously no one really knew what
frequency that guy was on since he took up so much space). : (

Since the contest bug only bit me a few years ago, each weekend marathon still
brings new firsts, mostly new entities and higher scores (or components
thereof), and delivers some nice surprises. I guess I underestimate the power
of a YL voice. ; )

10m was much better than I expected. The band stayed open long enough for me to
run for short periods several times when 15m and 20m became too crowded.

On 80m, after snapping up all the stations I heard and who obviously heard me
easily, I decided to run a bit. But I got very few replies. Conditions seemed
OK, so maybe I just picked a time when possible responders weren't listening
northwest? Or maybe there was a glut of CQers and a dearth of S&Pers?
(Rhetorical questions. There probably isn't a definitive answer.)

It also seemed to me that there weren't as many people playing radio on the
weekend. I heard stations from areas of the world that I usually don't hear, so
conditions were obviously better. But I didn't hear the great abundance of
stations that past contests have brought out and certainly my log doesn't show
the running results I was expecting.

But I'm happy with all the Qs that ARE in the log. Thanks to everyone who
answered my CQs and to everyone who picked my call out of the QRN/QRM mud. And
I would be remiss if I didn't give a big thank you for all the encouragement
and compliments I received this time. More than usual and very much
appreciated. Reenergized me when I was feeling tired.

Rebecca VA7BEC
N1QEH   SOAB HP   35,2922011-03-28 09:11:17
NAME: Allison Williams
ADDRESS: 147 Washington ST
ADDRESS: Peabody, MA 01960
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V11.3.3
QSO: 21307 PH 2011-03-26 1501 N1QEH 59 0001 TM6M 59 1983

QSO: 21282 PH 2011-03-26 1513 N1QEH 59 0002 G2W 59 0820

QSO: 21278 PH 2011-03-26 1529 N1QEH 59 0003 IT9YVO 59 0389

QSO: 21290 PH 2011-03-26 1536 N1QEH 59 0004 UZ2M 59 11129

QSO: 21302 PH 2011-03-26 1539 N1QEH 59 0005 4O3A 59 1309

QSO: 21312 PH 2011-03-26 1603 N1QEH 59 0006 ES5TV 59 1639

QSO: 21354 PH 2011-03-26 1605 N1QEH 59 0007 TM7F 59 0852

QSO: 21361 PH 2011-03-26 1607 N1QEH 59 0008 OH8X 59 0106

QSO: 21365 PH 2011-03-26 1608 N1QEH 59 0009 SJ2W 59 1376

QSO: 21375 PH 2011-03-26 1614 N1QEH 59 0010 YQ9W 59 1059

QSO: 21433 PH 2011-03-26 1637 N1QEH 59 0011 OQ4U 59 0694

QSO: 21448 PH 2011-03-26 1644 N1QEH 59 0012 UN5R 59 0387

QSO: 21449 PH 2011-03-26 1646 N1QEH 59 0013 ED3X 59 0242

QSO: 21444 PH 2011-03-26 1648 N1QEH 59 0014 MM0TAI 59 0441

QSO: 21441 PH 2011-03-26 1650 N1QEH 59 0015 M6T 59 1086

QSO: 21436 PH 2011-03-26 1652 N1QEH 59 0016 SN3R 59 1458

QSO: 21436 PH 2011-03-26 1653 N1QEH 59 0016 SN3R 59 1458

QSO: 21407 PH 2011-03-26 1657 N1QEH 59 0017 OK4U 59 0706

QSO: 21405 PH 2011-03-26 1659 N1QEH 59 0018 OE8Q 59 0409

QSO: 21403 PH 2011-03-26 1704 N1QEH 59 0019 DF9ZP 59 1982

QSO: 21392 PH 2011-03-26 1706 N1QEH 59 0020 S53EA 59 1188

QSO: 21392 PH 2011-03-26 1748 N1QEH 59 0021 MD2C 59 0320

QSO: 21388 PH 2011-03-26 1750 N1QEH 59 0022 IR4M 59 1088

QSO: 21304 PH 2011-03-26 1753 N1QEH 59 0023 GW9T 59 1093

QSO: 21300 PH 2011-03-26 1755 N1QEH 59 0024 LZ9W 59 0876

QSO: 21295 PH 2011-03-26 1757 N1QEH 59 0025 TM2C 59 0705

QSO: 14227 PH 2011-03-26 1815 N1QEH 59 0026 ED1T 59 0870

QSO: 14236 PH 2011-03-26 1819 N1QEH 59 0027 YQ9W 59 1288

QSO: 14241 PH 2011-03-26 1821 N1QEH 59 0028 9A1A 59 1089

QSO: 14244 PH 2011-03-26 1822 N1QEH 59 0029 S50K 59 1317

QSO: 14247 PH 2011-03-26 1825 N1QEH 59 0030 9A7A 59 0925

QSO: 14253 PH 2011-03-26 1829 N1QEH 59 0031 EA3RR 59 0809

QSO: 14258 PH 2011-03-26 1832 N1QEH 59 0032 DQ8N 59 1246

QSO: 14270 PH 2011-03-26 1833 N1QEH 59 0033 RL3A 59 2580

QSO: 14276 PH 2011-03-26 1835 N1QEH 59 0034 DR1A 59 1333

QSO: 14279 PH 2011-03-26 1836 N1QEH 59 0035 9A1P 59 1004

QSO: 14282 PH 2011-03-26 1841 N1QEH 59 0036 IR9Y 59 1589

QSO: 14293 PH 2011-03-26 1846 N1QEH 59 0037 SN2B 59 1161

QSO: 14296 PH 2011-03-26 1847 N1QEH 59 0038 S55T 59 1397

QSO: 14302 PH 2011-03-26 1851 N1QEH 59 0039 OL3R 59 0832

QSO: 14307 PH 2011-03-26 1854 N1QEH 59 0040 PA0AGA 59 0187

QSO: 14312 PH 2011-03-26 1858 N1QEH 59 0041 SN3R 59 1623

QSO: 14315 PH 2011-03-26 1900 N1QEH 59 0042 IR9W 59 0651

QSO: 14336 PH 2011-03-26 1902 N1QEH 59 0043 OK1W 59 0801

QSO: 14340 PH 2011-03-26 1904 N1QEH 59 0044 OH4A 59 1424

QSO: 14343 PH 2011-03-26 1906 N1QEH 59 0045 YU5R 59 0908

QSO: 14347 PH 2011-03-26 1908 N1QEH 59 0046 OL1X 59 0630

QSO: 21282 PH 2011-03-26 1915 N1QEH 59 0047 CR6P 59 0316

QSO: 21299 PH 2011-03-26 1917 N1QEH 59 0048 OZ1ADL 59 0439

QSO: 21356 PH 2011-03-26 1922 N1QEH 59 0049 CS2C 59 1845

QSO: 21365 PH 2011-03-26 1923 N1QEH 59 0050 G5O 59 0399

QSO: 21374 PH 2011-03-26 1925 N1QEH 59 0051 VA5AA 59 0337

QSO: 21380 PH 2011-03-26 1927 N1QEH 59 0052 EI9E 59 1778

QSO: 21417 PH 2011-03-26 1934 N1QEH 59 0053 OE3K 59 2149

QSO: 21357 PH 2011-03-26 2138 N1QEH 59 0054 8P5A 59 3384

QSO: 21258 PH 2011-03-26 2145 N1QEH 59 0055 TM2B 59 1249

QSO: 14243 PH 2011-03-26 2208 N1QEH 59 0056 OH10X 59 2365

QSO: 14239 PH 2011-03-26 2213 N1QEH 59 0057 DR5N 59 0826

QSO: 14236 PH 2011-03-26 2215 N1QEH 59 0058 OH6CT 59 0072

QSO: 14229 PH 2011-03-26 2216 N1QEH 59 0059 OL9Z 59 1407

QSO: 14232 PH 2011-03-26 2221 N1QEH 59 0060 S52ZW 59 0352

QSO: 14238 PH 2011-03-26 2223 N1QEH 59 0061 PR5D 59 0221

QSO: 14246 PH 2011-03-26 2225 N1QEH 59 0062 VC6X 59 1185

QSO: 14251 PH 2011-03-26 2228 N1QEH 59 0063 HI3TEJ 59 1549

QSO: 14260 PH 2011-03-26 2235 N1QEH 59 0064 IR2C 59 0472

QSO: 14265 PH 2011-03-26 2237 N1QEH 59 0065 OT5A 59 1321

QSO: 14267 PH 2011-03-26 2239 N1QEH 59 0066 HG2011N 59 1233

QSO: 14279 PH 2011-03-27 0123 N1QEH 59 0067 LT1D 59 2336

QSO: 14340 PH 2011-03-27 0151 N1QEH 59 0068 LP1H 59 1564

QSO: 14238 PH 2011-03-27 0206 N1QEH 59 0069 PY7ZY 59 0950

QSO: 14240 PH 2011-03-27 0211 N1QEH 59 0070 RW0A 59 1583

QSO: 14264 PH 2011-03-27 0223 N1QEH 59 0071 6V7D 59 2734

QSO: 21309 PH 2011-03-27 1423 N1QEH 59 0072 OH8L 59 2514

QSO: 21410 PH 2011-03-27 1431 N1QEH 59 0073 9Y4W 59 1806

QSO: 21285 PH 2011-03-27 1455 N1QEH 59 0074 DK2OY 59 1477

QSO: 21296 PH 2011-03-27 1500 N1QEH 59 0075 EI6DX 59 2388

QSO: 21307 PH 2011-03-27 1502 N1QEH 59 0076 YP3A 59 0838

QSO: 21309 PH 2011-03-27 1508 N1QEH 59 0077 DR1A 59 1746

QSO: 21311 PH 2011-03-27 1510 N1QEH 59 0078 YU5A 59 1627

QSO: 21353 PH 2011-03-27 1522 N1QEH 59 0079 YL2SM 59 2582

QSO: 21353 PH 2011-03-27 1523 N1QEH 59 0079 YL2SM 59 2582

QSO: 21419 PH 2011-03-27 1529 N1QEH 59 0080 OG6N 59 1530

QSO: 21437 PH 2011-03-27 1537 N1QEH 59 0081 II9T 59 1601

QSO: 21383 PH 2011-03-27 1543 N1QEH 59 0082 S52ZW 59 9861

QSO: 21380 PH 2011-03-27 1545 N1QEH 59 0083 DQ8N 59 1645

QSO: 21360 PH 2011-03-27 1547 N1QEH 59 0084 CR3A 59 2567

QSO: 21350 PH 2011-03-27 1548 N1QEH 59 0085 9A7A 59 1627

QSO: 21348 PH 2011-03-27 1550 N1QEH 59 0086 DL3TD 59 2813

QSO: 21345 PH 2011-03-27 1552 N1QEH 59 0087 F4FLQ 59 1751

QSO: 21342 PH 2011-03-27 1553 N1QEH 59 0088 SP9LJD 59 2372

QSO: 21340 PH 2011-03-27 1601 N1QEH 59 0089 UU7J 59 2860

QSO: 21336 PH 2011-03-27 1603 N1QEH 59 0090 OH6OS 59 0524

QSO: 21332 PH 2011-03-27 1611 N1QEH 59 0091 DP4W 59 1707

QSO: 21327 PH 2011-03-27 1613 N1QEH 59 0092 EA1KP 59 1374

QSO: 21320 PH 2011-03-27 1615 N1QEH 59 0093 MW0LF 59 1251

QSO: 21306 PH 2011-03-27 1618 N1QEH 59 0094 EC1KR 59 2553

QSO: 21304 PH 2011-03-27 1619 N1QEH 59 0095 HG2011N 59 1548

QSO: 21286 PH 2011-03-27 1628 N1QEH 59 0096 EB3CW 59 1560

QSO: 21280 PH 2011-03-27 1629 N1QEH 59 0097 9A1A 59 1804

QSO: 14234 PH 2011-03-27 1643 N1QEH 59 0098 LY3X 59 1035

QSO: 14229 PH 2011-03-27 1644 N1QEH 59 0099 LY7A 59 1741

QSO: 14318 PH 2011-03-27 1708 N1QEH 59 0100 LY8O 59 2762

QSO: 14274 PH 2011-03-27 1715 N1QEH 59 0101 IQ4RN 59 1691

QSO: 14252 PH 2011-03-27 2026 N1QEH 59 0102 PI4DX 59 1717

QSO: 14265 PH 2011-03-27 2029 N1QEH 59 0103 GM5X 59 2991

QSO: 14248 PH 2011-03-27 2034 N1QEH 59 0104 G5FZ 59 2255

QSO: 14229 PH 2011-03-27 2037 N1QEH 59 0105 OM7M 59 3938

QSO: 14260 PH 2011-03-27 2041 N1QEH 59 0106 ON4UN 59 0802

QSO: 14279 PH 2011-03-27 2043 N1QEH 59 0107 LX7I 59 3435

QSO: 21334 PH 2011-03-27 2051 N1QEH 59 0108 DM1A 59 2758

QSO: 21316 PH 2011-03-27 2054 N1QEH 59 0109 4M5IR 59 1662

QSO: 21311 PH 2011-03-27 2057 N1QEH 59 0110 5D5A 59 3855

QSO: 21349 PH 2011-03-27 2108 N1QEH 59 0111 LS1D 59 3758

QSO: 21403 PH 2011-03-27 2133 N1QEH 59 0112 NH6P 59 2493

QSO: 21406 PH 2011-03-27 2137 N1QEH 59 0113 JA0JHA 59 3837

QSO: 21358 PH 2011-03-27 2145 N1QEH 59 0114 KH7X 59 4602

QSO: 21303 PH 2011-03-27 2207 N1QEH 59 0115 HK1R 59 3536

QSO: 21382 PH 2011-03-27 2218 N1QEH 59 0116 AL9A 59 1261

QSO: 14243 PH 2011-03-27 2248 N1QEH 59 0117 TF3CW 59 3218

YO9HP   SO(A)SB15 HP   1,503,6862011-03-28 09:14:49
Part time effort due to some family commitments. Enjoyed the good propagation on
Sunday to both East and West. See you in WPX-CW, in 2 months! 73, Alex.
N5DO   SOSB15 LP   776,6322011-03-28 09:18:37
Wow! Great conditions on 15M. On Saturday I was the lead instructor for our
local radio club's Technician license class, so I was unable to operate most of
the day. I ended up operating 8 hours less than last year, but had a
substantially better score due to the better conditions.

As an aside, I discovered in preparing for the Technician license class that
the new question pool for this license has two questions that relate directly
to contesting:


What popular operting activity involves contacting as many stations as possible
during a secified period of time?
a. Contesting
b. Net operations
c. Pubic service events
d. Simulated emergency exercises


Which of the following is good procedure when contacting another station in a
radio contest?
a. Be sure to sign only the last two letters of your call if there is a pileup
calling the station
b. Work the station twice to be sure that you are in his log
c. Send only the minimum information needed for proper identification and the
contest exchange
d. All of these choices are correct

Someone did a good job in getting some contest related questions in this
question pool for beginning amateurs!
PS2T(@PY2OMS)   M/S HP   28,630,5842011-03-28 09:24:17
Sorry, I sent our score with wrong callsign, its happened because i was so tired
.... sorry for mistake.

PS2T - Team
WA7PRC   SOAB HP   175,7802011-03-28 09:29:08
Wotta lotta fun... almost EVERYONE was a multiplier! I'm not complaining but, I
think I should get the WAS (Worked All Spain) award. At least, it seemed I
worked 'em all!
AE4EC   SOAB HP   100,5362011-03-28 09:30:32
Everything was fine till I lost my AMP and had to operate barefoot
VE7SV   M/S HP   12,928,4452011-03-28 09:33:34
A fun weekend even though 10 meters did not open well enough for
us to run ....maybe next year. We enjoyed the excellent over the
pole openings to europe, especially on 15 meters.

I return to Chile next weekend but will be back for WPX CW.

Thanks to the sponsors and to all those that called in to say hello
and give us a few points.

73 Dale
S5ØK   SOSB20 HP   6,917,8202011-03-28 09:39:23
Hmm, mixed feelings this time.

The band was more or less closed at start, 00.00 GMT, the real start was in the
morning. Run through the day was in general moderate, afternoon with marginal
signals from NA covered by constant QRM. A number of people just appear on the
frequency or nearby and start cq-ing. After several year period of no jamming,
in recent ctest experienced again various sorts of intrusion.

It was a bit surprising to me that band remained well opened after midnight in
Saturday evening. This would require change of operation plans, which was not
done in order to have some use of Monday. Thus, was in the air the second day
in one slot from the morning and until the 36h expiration in the evening. The
band was still opened with good signals at the shutdown in the evening.

Only three elements of the upper antenna were functional this time - could not
speculate on influence to the signal pattern and strength. It was definitely
not degraded in VK, ZL and KL7. As a nice surprise and record margin for me
from S5, a 74 VK's, 19 ZL's, and 16 KL7 with good signals were logged. For
obvious reasons there were in total only 41 JA's, one JA7 from Tohoku region
and a number of JA1.

My tributes to those stations that managed to achieve higher score.

Thanks for all calls and best 73s de
Marko, S50K
LY3X(@LY2W)   SOAB HP   2,918,5112011-03-28 09:43:10
Tnx for good contest, 73!
LP1H(@LU5HM)   M/M HP   47,995,4372011-03-28 09:54:48
Thanks to Ramon LU5HM, Ramuco LU7HE and Monica LU8HFO for hosting this
It was a test drive for future plans at LP1H.
New crew member LU4DX.

The goal was 45 Megs. 9000 Qs and 1700 PXs. So we are happy with the results.
We broke the existing LU record for Multi Multi at 12 UTC on Sunday. We broke
the total PXs worked SA record (1,558) at 00 UTC on Sunday and ended with


10 was really nice.
15 was tough during the morning. It only provided decent rates after 19 UTC. On
Sunday it never closed and we were able to enjoy long runs of JA and other Asian
stations. It was hard to find a place to call CQ and the running freqs were hard
to hold longer than a few mins.
20 was okay. Also tough at times.
40 was really hard.
80 even tougher.
160 non existant.

Congrats to DR1A and CR3A for their sky rocket scores!!!!

Thanks everyone for the Qs!!!!!

C'yall soon.

The LP1H Team
2011 CQ WPX SSB Contest - Ops: LU5HM, LU2NI, LU3HY, LU4DX, LU4FPZ, LU5DX
NN3RP   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   169,6002011-03-28 09:55:36
Force 12 & Carolina Windom 80M
S&P majority
K1LZ   SOAB HP   17,168,3012011-03-28 10:00:35
This was one beautiful contest. It is not like the RDX when all my 3 -40 M
Yagi antennas where broken and I had to use the 40M/SQ during the contest.
Between the RDX and WPX
a crane had to be used to fix broken rotors, elements etc. to make it ready for
It is amazing to see the level of competition today. It is so nice to see
friends all over the world who are good people to do a good job, Great job from
Jeff VY2ZM. Congratulation OM. CARAMBA you are the man!! In Europe today the
competition level is incredible. Congrats to my friend E7DX for the amazing
score. Looks like the business man knows how to do the business right! In SA my
best buddy Oms PY5EG is fantastic - organizing the different locations,
compete and win. You are the best my friend I wish everybody is like you. The
competition in the US is getting weaker. Looks people who can compete in the S/O
category some of them are giving up. This is too bad. Where are you guys???
Congrats to K8PO and my Bulgarian friend KC3R (LZ4AX). He is one of the
most consistent in S/O category . Also there are a lot of jammers who do not
sleep. Is this good ethics ?…….why are you guys doing that? Is this makes
you happy?

I am so happy when friends calling me and say hey Krassy good luck. This is
what the competition is all about!
TNX all! See you in the CW.

73, Krassy
KS9K(N4TZ)   SOAB LP   2,049,5682011-03-28 10:05:32
A great time was had by all!

Conditions ok, but not nearly as nice as 3 weeks ago during the
ARRL DX phone. Of course, in that one the DX is eager to work
USA. Sure miss the good old days when the DX listened up on 40 -
when that happened Saturday night a low-powered station could
work them a lot faster than on simplex, and a lot more, too!

I had a lot of fun using the TR4W DVP feature to send the callsigns
and serial numbers - surely a big help to the vocally-challenged.
I usually need two or three tries to get a 6 character callsign
spoken correctly, so the DVP is faster, too. Had one fellow
(unidentified) who declared on 15 that he wouldn't work a robot,
but 27 JAs didn't object... I had recorded the callsigns of all the
USA and VE ops who had submitted SSB logs last year, and it certainly
sounded better than the pieced-together calls of the other fellows.
Still, I was pleased with the quality of the product, and will use
the MISSINGCALLSIGNS file that TR4W generated to record some more
for next time.
K1ZZ   SO(A)SB10 HP   283,7982011-03-28 10:06:08
I was hoping 10 would open to Europe, but only a few of my 30 or so European
QSOs were direct path -- the rest were skew path and some were a real struggle.
LN5O(@LA5O)   M/2 HP   4,553,8202011-03-28 10:11:40
WOW! nice sunspots give bands a new life!

Nice to see lot of JA on 15 meter, condelenses to them after the big

Actually a single op operation! but this stupid 60 minute rules I choose to
operate in M2 class to avoid this stupid forced breakes...

It only shows that people which not have expensive facilities in shack are
fitted or welcomed for this contest !
Dear contest comitee !! think about those which have handicap etc? They must
be QRT for 60 minutte if they need to go to toilet...

Tried to suggest this for the WPX comitee, but the answer was this WAS only
because of propagation it was 60 minutte off.

Else never heard the band so crowded and WIDE open, and first time I ever
worked 40m SSB in good split at sunday morning, it was a pleasure to work all
which came into the log.

Something must be done for 15m antenna, need to have a rotor.. had to go out to
turn the yagi :( which

Had to solve first nigth with why 2nd radio would PTT in Writelog.. so had to
swap the TS930 to IC706..

Due problem with infection in sinus I couldn't operate fully, so little laid
back and relax contest :p

Thanks for LA7RRA which visit for a few hundred QSO on sunday.
OG6A(OH6LI)   SOSB160 HP   301,5002011-03-28 10:14:02
High band conditions were rumored to be outstanding for the contest.
I chose 15 SOHP as OH6LI.
But in some hours, it became clear the conditions were not good for us here up
North, on Anchorage latitude .. some 60 North.
I changed the category to 160 single as Tapani OH5BM suggested me to do Friday
before the contest.
OH5BM holds the 160m Finnish record. I ended marginally above his record score.
Log checking will tell how I performed.

Downside this time was, I got just a handful of Finnish QSOs, missing many
domestic multipliers.

Thank You All for the another meditative experience on 160 SSB !

Jukka OH6LI aka OG6A for WPX 2011 SSB
LT1F(LU1FAM)   SOAB HP   13,418,3702011-03-28 10:19:15
ND6S   SOSB10 LP   66,4952011-03-28 10:19:28
Sure missed our JA buddies until 90 minutes to go...then very sparse. It was
nice to have the band open on Sunday and marginally on Saturday. I went out to
dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings and slept in until 7 on Saturday. This
10 Meter contesting isn't so BAD! Thanks to all who dug out my low power

Ray ND6S
LN3Z(LA3BO)   SO(A)AB HP   8,096,4502011-03-28 10:19:46
My original plan for the contest was to improve my own national record with LP,
but when I was given the opportunity to operate SO from one of the best stations
in Norway, I did not spend long time to accept the challenge. SSB contests with
LP is an endless S&P experience, so I looked forward to do some real RUNs.

And my wildest expectations were fully met! Not only did the equipment operate
flawlessly, but also mr. Murphy and ms. Aurora did not show up. Maybe they had
a rendezvous somewhere else?

I picked the assisted class, since that was were I realisticly could improve
the national record. It also gives valuable experience with cluster for later
MO operations.

The conditions on day 1 were very good, but I could not establish any runs from
JA. I was afraid that the second day would be destroyed by aurora, but the
condtions turned out to be even better. So I got my JA run also. Very seldom
have I seen so flat magnetic fields in this part of the solar cycle.

15m produced the best runs, with a mojority of NA. There seemed to be no end of
all the stations calling, although there were many weak signals. Amazingly many
of the received serial numbers were below 20.

My only big mistake was to spread out off time in many 1-hour breaks. This
works fine with LP, but is probably sub-optimal with HP.

Many thanks to LA6YEA for letting me use his fine station, and for his
hospitality during the week-end. The log will be uploaded to LOTW.

KM4JA   SO(A)AB LP   157,8962011-03-28 10:46:29
Had a great time except thunderstorms stopped operation Sat. and Sun.
Propagation: 10 was hot, 15 was hotter!

Equipment Icom IC-728 with Cushcraft "A2S" at 70 feet. (that's an A3S that
a sweet gum tree had torn off the reflector. It still worked pretty good.
KDØS   M/S HP   1,047,9602011-03-28 10:57:18
It seems we are always too busy lately with family and work to spend full time
working contests. Bands were quite good and had a great time with this part
time operation.
AB5K   M/M HP   803,8502011-03-28 11:00:45
Casual operation
KY5R   SOSB15 HP   2,325,2152011-03-28 11:01:54
Hot prop , new amp yeah baby!!! All seemed right for an assualt on 15mtrs this
weekend but.....Mother Nature seemed to be the spoiler. Saturday was a washout
due to a line of severe T-storms that lasted from daybreak through the late
nite with a few brief beaks for those who dared to plug things up. When I did
plug things up the rain static was over the top most of the time. By Sunday
morning it had calmed down alot and off I went chasing the Q's and pfx's.
Conditions good everywhere. Just couldn't put the "genie back in the bottle" as
far as getting the competitive juices going realizing that I was to far down the
slope. So I went for fair showing. Actually my score was a bit better than last
year due to better 3pt propagation. TNX for the Q's and see all for the CW
weekend in a multi-op capacity. 73 Tim, KY5R
WI5ID(K5IID)   SOAB(TS) LP   336,8282011-03-28 11:09:03
When your mother in law's 90th birthday happens to be on WPX
weekend... well you better show up! If I hadn't my 91 year old father
in law would probably kick my you know what!
All in all a fun time, but 40 and 80 desparately need antenna improvement!
Hopefully I will get it done before the CW weekend. Tom K5IID... aka WI5ID
NR5M   SOAB HP   10,817,0632011-03-28 11:22:57
Worked very hard this year on 3 and 6 point QSOs, so Q count was down but score
was up. I was a zombie by the time I ran out of time with about 6 hours left
to go in the contest. At one point I was in the chait for 17+ hours with only
ONE 2 minute bio break! I slept the second night only and only for one and
one-half hours. This definitely degraded my performance by the end of the

But despite all the grousing THIS is my FAVORITE contest! So many stations to
run and so little time! What a blast!!

George NR5M
KU6W(@K9YC)   M/S HP   2,238,2882011-03-28 11:29:45
This was a fun effort. As near as we can tell, no one got hurt. My own operating
time was limited due to my recovering from minor foot surgery, so Barry and
Byron stepped up to do most of the operating. 15 and 20 were in pretty good
shape to EU. It was tribute to the resilience of our friends in Japan that in
their time of great trouble, so many still managed to get on the air for this
event. Our thoughts are with them.

Really awful audio (and splatter) continues to make SSB contests a painful
event. At least a third of the most active stations were badly distorted,
making it much more difficult to copy their call and/or their exchange. What
these LIDS fail to understand is that the louder they turn up their mic (and
the voice playback), the WORSE it sounds, and the HARDER it is to COPY them.
Once you hit full modulation and 10dB or so of compression, anything more makes
it WORSE, not better. At least 20 stations lost Qs from me because I couldn't
copy their call, even though they were booming in.

All of this is made worse, of course, by operators who try to talk too fast,
and don't articulate their call clearly. The worst of these operators seem to
be the ones who are the most macho.

I'd love to ban the use of QRZ? in contests -- if you say "thanks, K9YC"
instead of "thanks, QRZ" at the end of the QSO, you're advertising -- it's like
a free CQ that builds rate. And one of these days in a contest I don't care
about, I'm going to respond "no, I won't copy" to every LID who says "please
copy" and delete their Q from my log.

73, Jim K9YC
OK4U(OK1DIG)   SO(A)SB15 HP   4,083,7262011-03-28 11:36:20
I was fighting with flu b4 the event so I choose SB15(A)
in hope to get some rest... I was wrong, the propagation
kept me in chair longer then I expected on both days.
Broke the current OK record and lost my voice.

K3+PA, 6/6

73's Daniel OK4U ( OK1DIG )
K9MWM   SOAB HP   849,0002011-03-28 11:48:14
Lots of activity from the occasional contesters!
5P5K(DL7AOS)   SO(A)AB HP   1,481,9922011-03-28 11:53:57
Mini-Dxpedition to Roemoe Island, EU-125. Operated only 27 hours using this
brand new call sign due to family obligations. Nice to see the sun spots back!

Station: FT-857, ALS-500 running 500 W
Antennas: Triband vertical for 10/15/20m and dipole for 40/80m

WE4M(N2QT)   SO(A)AB HP   131,2962011-03-28 11:56:37
Looks like I missed a good one. Only operated Friday night and took off 30
minutes of that to listen for VK0KEV on 15M (didn't hear him). Other
obligations took over after that.
3V8SS(KF5EYY)   SOAB LP   7,400,5582011-03-28 12:15:33
Excellent propagation on high bands! However, I struggled and spent a hard time
on 40 and 80!
I hope you enjoyed this fantastic contest as I did!
CU in WPX CW inshallah!

73 de Ash KF5EYY
Tunisian Op of 3V8SS Radio Club
3V1A(@3V8BB)   M/S HP   34,576,9812011-03-28 12:21:10
After complete antenna system reparation we are
very satisfied with our score.

See you in the next contest. Tnx all for QSOs.

POZ Acim, YT3W
ES5TF(@ES5EC)   SO(A)AB LP   614,0522011-03-28 12:22:55
The contest was again very nice. Because of the very good propagation I couldn't
insist to participate in all band category, altough I first planned to stay on
15m or 20m. Several reasons limited my operation this year to 25 hours and 1
minutes, my last Rookie-year would have deserved for sure much better
performing :-)

Kind of culture shock was strange propagation in Sunday when for NA and also SA
my 80 m delta loop worked on 15m as well as tribander if not better! I found
that by accident when forgot to switch antennas after working a station located
way off from my main direction. After some QSOs with Brazil and USA I looked at
SWR meter and noticed that I used the delta loop! Switching back to tribander -
some other very strong US and SA stations were not that easy to get at all. I
don't know what it was - superb long path propagation or a very strange

In the end I was pretty pleased with 103 worked DXCC countries and 33 CQ zones
out of 40 - not bad for a simple low power station in the middle of a town!

Hear you next year in "grown-up" category :-)

Tonis, ES5TF
S55T(S55OO)   SOSB20 HP   7,314,1162011-03-28 12:23:39
I had fun! Many stations duped, some could be easily worked 4times in this SOSB
effort. 111 stations logged twice&+.

There was Mr. Murphy around for 30minutes (voice keyer failure) but gone after
some smart IT moves with just few lost QSO's while concentrated 70% to the
operation. Had to switch PCs/logs and made few reboots with log online.

Thanks to my hosts Ivo, S57AL and his XYL Andreja, S50Y for having me at their
all inclusive super station! Delicious meals served both days just in time.
(before rates started :) Drinks served all the time...


Also found nice corespondents made some movies from ZL and EA!


Goran Andric, S55OO
9A1A   M/2 HP   35,989,4992011-03-28 12:27:19
With 5 OPs available MM category was impossible mission. So we decided to
participate as M2. Equipment on our new contest location worked perfect
including contest SW. Excellent CONDX were on 20 and 15 meters with huge pile
ups from W/VE . 80 and 40 meters bands were crowded as usual.

Claimed score is bigger then existing OL4A EU record.

Congrats to DR1A M/M team for excellent score!

See you in WPX CW

9A1A team
WW2DX(@W2RE)   M/S HP   21,539,3852011-03-28 12:41:22

Going into this we had one goal and that was to work as many EU as possible. We
figured US would just call us anyway and we would work them off the back of the
beams. Preparation started a week ago, I took my K3 and all the cables needed
and hooked the shack up, got the software all working, things looked good
before we left and it felt good knowing we could show up an hour before the
contest on Friday and start operating. Its a 2 hour drive from home to the
Catskill QTH so just after work we headed up. We went over the game plan just
before the contest and it was to work non-stop, make 4K q's, have the highest
qso total on 40m and hit the 2nd radio as much as possible. Lori KB2HZI would
not only keep us well fed but also hit the 2nd radio maximizing the mults while
we tried to rest our eyes for 15-20min clips.


We took off running on 40 and yes it was a complete mad house and as soon as
the rate would start falling from the QRM we switched to split to the bottom of
the band and sure enough that was successful, rate back up, I think sometimes we
forget to do this since the BC's have been kicked out of the band but it's still
very effective during the contests. Ran through the first evening and headed to
80 ran there for a bit, strong EU and that 1000' bev is just incredible.

By 0700z we were being called by VK/JA and we ended up running endless
VK/ZL/JA/BY/HL! Lots of VK#AAAA calls, I think the 4 letter suffix is Low
power? Wow!

20m opened up early about 4:30-5:00am but we didn't want to move with the great
rate on 40 into AS/PAC so we stayed racking up the 6 pointers well into daylight
then moved on to 20m. We were not there long and 15 opened and did it open! 15m
was our money band by far this weekend. By late afternoon on Saturday we had
the top 5ele of the triple stack to AS and the bottom 2 at EU and we had q's
from every continent all at the same time! A SV would call followed by a VK
then a JA then a BY it was nuts! The Asian opening was like nothing I have ever
experienced before. We actually "ran" BY's, ?? I remember working a JA that was
30 over and asking him if he was LP or SP because we were getting the same sig
strengths in both directions and he replied and said "Both, I am on a dipole"
ha ha, yea conditions were good! As matter of fact looking over the SH5 log we
worked twice as many AS stations as SA stations!

One downer was late morning on Saturday when I was on the 2nd radio (K3) and
got too close to the run run radio and POP! 30db of attenuation. Overloaded the
front end, going to have to debug that this week :( I scrambled, grabbed the
spare 1000MP, hooked it up got the N1MM to do all the right stuff and back to
operating again! Rule #1 in contesting, have backup equipment!!!

I forget what time it was but Ray posted our score to, well I
don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing because then AK1W posted and
I knew we were in trouble. New goal, STAY AHEAD OF AK1W! Congrats to K5ZD and
W1UJ for really keeping us on our game, it was really a thrill! Comparing the
band breakdowns were were neck and neck!

I had the WPX website up looking over the records (great website BTW) and at
the 36 hour mark we had 16mil. We could not believe it! It was a real honor to
pass K1LZ's incredible score! No way would that have ever been possible without
these incredible condx.

Once we reached over 3000 q's it was a real struggle keeping the rate over
100/hr we had a LOT of repeats on the exchange and it was even worse when we
were giving out 4000+ serial numbers. That really slammed our rate but I
suppose that is bittersweet :)


19% of our log was US and 81% was outside US. I think this is were the magic
happened. The times when we should have been on 40m with 6 pointers we were on
15/20 and working AS at a rate 2-3 times higher then what we could do on 40m
with the QRM so that made up for it. We shared the run radio 50/50 between ops
and really pushed each other during the whole test.

Also, like Krassy mentioned in his post, the LID patrol was really out this
weekend, I am not sure what is going on but we had some LID record our CQ and
play over and over, I think actually I want that to happen more often because I
was able to stop TXing and work all the guys responding to his CQ! Also, whats
the deal with guys showing right on top of you and calling CQ? I mean really
guys, seriously, we know you can hear us! Luckily that is short lived since we
just keep running over the top of you.

Additionally, thanks to all the EU/JA contesters, I think without you guys this
hobby would just about be dead. WRTC is a fantastic idea. I'm with K1LZ on
this, we need to do something here in US to increase contesting here in the
states, ideas?

8pm rolled around we were so hopped up on adrenaline we were bouncing off the
walls. Being up for 60+ hours with about 1 hour of total rest you would think
otherwise but that was not the case. We packed the truck, locked up the house
and Lori drove the 2 hours home. As soon as we sat in the truck we were out! I
never even remember being on the Taconic Parkway! Also there is nothing like
the sleep you get when the contest is over! Wow!

There are some really BIG scores being posted and looks like lots of new
records being set. There are big plans for the contest station at W2RE this
summer and we are really looking forward to the Fall contest season!

Thanks to Ray W2RE and Lori KB2HZI for a great memorable weekend. Always a
pleasure operating with you.

See you guys in WPX CW in 2 months!

73 de Lee

SH5 Breakdown:
S53MM   SOAB HP   9,402,6662011-03-28 13:00:47
7 MHz QRM made me think of quit first night. Later 15m and 20m made me stay with
great condx, but the QRM problem remainded. Should stick to CW only.

I made good average of 3.2 pts/QSO, but that costed me in low number of
prefixes. No way to compete with 1st league stations in EU.

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 0 197 336 63 77 6 679 23.4
NA 0 12 378 632 846 4 1872 64.6
AS 0 6 44 7 125 1 183 6.3
SA 0 0 24 3 6 60 93 3.2
AF 0 3 5 2 11 12 33 1.1
OC 0 0 5 19 12 0 36 1.2

KR4F   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   355,6402011-03-28 13:03:06
I only intended this as a part-time multiplier hunt, but severe thunderstorms
limited even that modest ambition. The low bands were impossible, and I was
forced to disconnect my ears from the lightning rod very frequently until

But, 15m was incredible!

Johnny, KR4F
OL3R(OK1VWK+DXCLUSTER)   SO(A)SB20 HP   3,556,8522011-03-28 13:16:16
I am still operating from the car. Respect to all who are mobile. Some
improvements on the antenna farm and station setup several days before contest.
No time for setup test, but completely enjoyed nightly opened "twenty" and
satisfied that everything worked fine without outages.

4el TH5MK2 (6m boom at 17m)
5el OWA (11m boom at 18m, hand rotated)
modified FT1kMP
OM-Power + 0.25wl splitter/combiner (single PA - two ANT)
Wintest + Mikrokeyer MKII

Thanks to all who called and CU in next time.
PW7T(@PT7CB)   M/2 HP   40,869,8502011-03-28 13:19:33
"Hey, 10m is open!" someone shouted at 9z.

Finally we have experienced good conditions in the higher bands since we began
to assembling the station contest.

Did you turned your antenna to South America? We worked 137 PYs!

Thanks for all the QSOs, I hope to meet them again in CQMM DX Contest on 16-17
April (

Statistics on the contest at:

Best 73,
PW7T Team
DK9LB   SO(A)AB LP   105,8202011-03-28 13:23:41
FT-1000 MPMarkVField + G5RV
9A7P(9A3BIM)   SO(A)AB LP   399,5952011-03-28 13:35:47
Kenwood TS-2000X, l/4 slopper 160, inv.V 80/40, 2el quad 20/15/10
with lot of QRM

73 Mirko 9a3bim
AH7NA(N6EE)   SO(A)SB10 HP   2,362,7082011-03-28 13:44:14
Operated from the FB station of Max KH6ZM on the Big Island of Hawaii.
The objective was to have FUN and that was surely the case!
The band was in pretty good shape, but not great.
I decided at the last minute to switch from 15M single band to 10M single band
when conditions on Friday seemed quite good on 10M and the SFI was 115. The
decision was also based on the reality that my body just can't handle the long
hours with Butt-in-Chair anymore :(
I also (unwisely) chose to go Assisted, just for Grins. I made exactly one QSO
(5N7M) as a result of the Packet Spots. Otherwise, it was useless.
Japan was pretty much a No Show. The 120 or so JAs I worked were VERY loud
(59+), but the JA pileups never happened.

Elecraft K3 with Yamaha CM500
Alpha 99
4L SteppIR at 64 feet
5L 10M HyGain at 55 feet
3L 10M Fixed East at 85 feet
Writelog (flawless)

My sincere Thanks to Max for the use of his great station and to his lovely
wife Kathy for the gracious hospitality and wonderful meals.

73, Ron N6EE
OU5A(YT2T)   SO(A)SB20 HP   1,648,3502011-03-28 13:50:39
Good score for 5-band antenna and city location ,
many thanks to Alex oz7am and RC - Oz7amg for hospitality .
Possible new OZ 20m record ...

73 Marko YT2T , OU5A
IN3FHE   SO(A)AB LP   193,6642011-03-28 13:52:33
73 de IN3FHE, Helga
S52ØSCC(@S53APR)   M/S HP   8,248,1492011-03-28 13:59:07

The call is a special call for 20 years of independence of Slovenia.

What a run. It was totaly fun to compete with the guys at s520slo, who did a
better job, congrats! But we suggest a rematch :))

A call that made lots of problems for everybody, well it was hard to get trough
on S&P, but it was worth the time, we did the best score so far in WPX. I am
waiting too see the UBN, should be fun.

I would like to thank all the people who gave us some points!

QSL via S57U, who we thank!


SP9LJD   SOAB HP   9,111,7282011-03-28 14:26:47
TNX for every QSO I have made, new SP record.
WX3B   M/M HP   21,218,8802011-03-28 14:32:21
M6T(G4BUO)   SOAB HP   11,278,4742011-03-28 14:34:29
First time I have made a serious single-op entry in this contest, and I think it
showed. Conditions on LF overnight were so-so, but it was great to hear 15m
open to the States so late, particularly on Sunday. I made full use of this but
couldn't catch the good 20m conditions at the end of the contest as I had
clocked up my full 36 hours. Thanks for all the Qs

Dave G4BUO

Elecraft K3
Acom 2000
160m dipole up 90ft
80m four square, dipole up 70ft
40m 402CD up 90ft
20m 4el up 90ft
15m 5el up 90ft
10m 5el up 60ft
Bencher Skyhawk up 90ft
VE3UTT   SO(A)AB HP   8,658,4142011-03-28 14:56:17
Best conditions in years!
K3 to OB 17-4 / 160m "L", No 80m antenna
E74HH(S56M)   SOAB(TS) HP   7,083,5702011-03-28 15:12:14
RIG: FT-1000MP + AL-1500;
- spider beam at 12m,
- 40 m horizontal loop at 5m,
- 80 m horizontal loop at 7m,
- dipol for 160 at 6m,
OPE: 1.86m and 110kg.

After last days dril because of my father's cardiac surgery, customs
formalities because of all radio equipment in my vehicle, I have arrived to
Bosnia only thursday evening. Friday was almost too short to put antennnas for
all bands on my wife's parents house. Normal portable-operation problems
extended this experiment untill begining of the contest, and then tired
operator maybe wrongly decided about changing bands, pauses etc.

But, enjoy it. Before, in and after contest activities, in fact: 2+2 days

Thanks for calls and patience.

73 de Vito, S56M
NY6DX/2(@W2WHP)   SO(A)AB HP   7,673,3762011-03-28 15:28:49
Great weekend good conditions. This is a new w2 record and I think a US record.
A well balanced attack, I pushed hard and had fun however the lids were all
over the band. Why would someone call cq 500 hrz away is beyond me. And spot
someone on my freq and bust the call too boot. Cant wait too get the new
antennas in place.
KE4KMG   SOAB LP   25,6322011-03-28 15:55:24
Great to see 10m and 15m open. Great Time. Got a late start and couldn't work
late that night.
W7CAR   SOAB HP   58,5152011-03-28 16:13:37
Lots of Fun & worked lots of DX on 40 meters that were NEW DX Countries for me.
The WPX is my Favorite Contest each year
W7PP   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   1,060,9202011-03-28 16:16:42
Had to look around for a mic... this was a SSB event [;.) Tried a delta loop on
40, still need more antenna ! (Who doesn't!) Looking forward to the CW weekend,
I hope conditions continue to improve... more spots! Found very loud stations
from China but they don't hear as well? Worked Maacaw(sp) for the first time,
hope he uses LoTW. Looking for states on Sunday on 10M. The ones I found were
10 to 20 over nine.... it's prefixes, right, could have worked many more if
they would have been on 10. The entire east coast was booming in... Now if I
can get the robot to take the log... alls well! CU N the CW...
KU1CW(@NØNI)   SOAB HP   9,166,7402011-03-28 16:17:19
New W0 record.
W4GDG   SOAB LP   262,8802011-03-28 16:27:57
K3/100 with P3. The P3 really helped with finding weak signals between the
VE3TU   SOAB(TS) LP   1,127,8402011-03-28 16:38:16
Best score ever! Thanks for the QSO's, and hope to see you all in the next

Manuel - VE3TU
KX9DX   SOSB40 HP   341,5622011-03-28 16:44:49
CQWPXSSB Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2011-03-09

CallSign Used : KX9DX
Operator(s) : KX9DX

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : 40M
Power : HIGH
Mode : SSB
Overlay Category : TB-WIRES
Default Exchange : 001
Gridsquare : EM59DU

Address : 620 Tecumseh Trail
City/State/Zip : Springfield IL 62711
Country : USA

ARRL Section : IL
Club/Team : Society Of Midwest Contesters
Software : N1MM Logger V11.2.6

Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 720 1131 302
Total 720 1131 302

21.3 Hrs

Score : 341,562

Rig : FT 950 Alpha 374

Antennas : 25 ft pine tree and a wire
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOSB15(TS) LP   2,455,6802011-03-28 16:56:52
Much of the enjoyment was spoiled for me by the splatter and wide signals making
a large proportion of the band unusable for much of the daylight hours.

15 mtrs has improved but it ain't there yet. We still get the fading,
especially on mid range, 2/3k km like someone switching the lights on and off,
contacts were coming in clutges.

Some remarkeable single band scores being reported, in excess of 5M pts,
congrats certainly due to them for their stamina. I could not expect a lot more
q's on this noisey band but the USA is a harvest field for prefixes and I just
could not break through nor indeed hear very many USA guys other than the top
guns because of the noise. All par for the course for LP stn's but what is
frustrating is hearing distant stn's early morning and late evening when the
skip is long and no eu qrm but they just don't hear you.

Propagation was a bit strange at times; didn't work nearly as many JA as usual
but could hear eu's working JA's I couldn't hear, normally it is the oher way
around. Unlike Beru a couple of weeks ago VK's were weak and I couldn't raise
any ZL. Where were the African stn's and also W3LPL, KC1XX and the other
regular stalwarts of the east coast? Some impressive signals from some of the
new brigade but where were the old guard?

Looking forward to the cw leg, it's easier on the ears even though the Lids
with the bad signals will still be around.

Rig - TS570 - 100W. 3 Ele Yagi up 15 mtrs. Logging with 'SD'

73 Brian 5B4AIZ.
PV7M(PT7ZT)   SO(A)AB LP   954,5482011-03-28 17:02:57
Only 24h operated, and no good antena from 40 and 80 Meter.
Good propagation on 10 M.
73 MOReira, PT7ZT
PV2P(@PY2OE)   M/S HP   14,159,3282011-03-28 17:19:22
First participation as MS / AB.
Thanks to PY2OE and his family for the invitation and welcome that I received
at home, also by the PY2EB repair the generator at the time we were without
power due to heavy rain with lightning, which had to operate for over three
hours with 100 WATTS.
Thanks to God for everything and my family for supporting me and allowing my
absence so he could participate in contests.


TX RX: FT 707, IC 7200.


ANTENNAS: 5 ELEM. Monobanda 10 AND 15 MTS.
4 ELEM. Monobanda 20 MTS.
2 ELEM. Monobanda 40 MTS.
1 ELEM. Cubic 80 MTS.
73's to all!
See you in a next contest.

Antonio Nikola
K3IE   SO(A)AB HP   668,3052011-03-28 18:00:45
This is the tale of 2 contests in one.

Rather than use the obligatory list of excuses/blame of why the weekend was a
bust (Wife with the Honey-Do's, equipment woes, local QRM), I am taking the
"high road" and blaming no-one but myself - it was self induced.

Just before "gametime" Friday afternoon, in a moment that can only be described
as insanity, I decided I would try the SOAB LP category with my modest station -
on SSB no less. After beating my brains out Friday night running 100 watts to
my HexBeam (25 feet) and wires on 160/80/40, having few q's and no fun, I
consulted my therapist (Tim - KY5R) who prescribed a heavy dose of "mo power".

That was the cure - I fired up the AL-811 (backup amp since primary KW amp is
in the shop)and starting having some fun (as much as a CW op can on phone). I
"ran" from the LP category to that old friend (HP) and enjoyed providing my
contesting brethren with that rare K3 prefix.

Thanks Tim - I needed that.

- Hunter K3IE
KH7X(KH6ND)   SOAB HP   21,458,4482011-03-28 18:09:21
No more waiting for real sun spots.

No more waiting for real polar openings to EU.

No more sleazy packet monitoring radio shoulder hoppers.

Contesting from Hawaii is good once again.


ZX2B(PY2MNL)   SO(A)AB HP   11,449,4312011-03-28 18:21:59
Thanks to everyone for the contacts. See all you on the bands.
PU2LEP(PU2LEP-VAZ)   SOSB10 LP   3,287,8782011-03-28 18:39:07
Excellent conditions with EU and USA, a few stations in Africa, Middle East and

Thanks to all the contacts

Until the next contest


K8GL   SOAB HP   170,6302011-03-28 18:54:14
Wish I had more time. Conditions incredible. Saturday evening on 20 into Asia
was great!

Thanks for all the contacts. Sign every QSO or at least every other QSO if you
would. The worst offender heard waited for 11 QSO's before signing. Sad.

KX5A(K5XA)   SOAB LP   168,9002011-03-28 18:56:13
Rig : Elecraft K3

Antennas : F12 C31-XR@128'; F12 C31-XR@81' Fixed 44°; F12 Mag 240N@ 137'; 1/2
Wave 80M Sloper > 45°

Soapbox : Sure was great to finally have a decent 80M antenna to use!
KZ5MM(W5PR)   SOSB10 HP   767,5142011-03-28 18:56:29
I had high hopes that the 10 meter band would be open a little more than it was.
Don't get me wrong, I am happy that it was a lot better than it has been foe
several years, but ARRL DX SSB got my hopes up for more than we had. There
were loud EUs but they were not deep. There were loud VK/ZLs, but they were
not deep either. What I mean is I would be grinding along with a slow QSO per
hour rate and loud VKs or loud EUs that I had already worked would come by and
tell me I was still loud there, but few others were calling. No sporadic E
propagation within the US. Usually, our rate in this contest is high because
of Es. All of the stateside QSOs were on scatter. Even the locals! I had no
Es propagation and, unlike ARRL DX SSB, I had no long path QSOs. However, it
was still way better than last year. Last year I did single band 80 and I was
glad I did. This year I’m glad I came back to 10.
Best rate was first hour with only 87 Qs. But it tapered off to 3 Qs in the
0200 hour and 118 Qs on the books. Highlights were a few JAs on skew path.
The next morning, forgetting the time change, I jumped into action at 5:30 a.m.
local time. Trouble was, I didn’t consult the propagation gods and the band
did not jump into action until 1344 GMT or 8:44 local time (Thank you LU1UM!)
It was mostly SA with a sprinkle of US on scatter and an occasional ZS. First
EU, EA3EVL finally came at 1610. Way later than usual. However, the EU path
would stay in until 2150, way later than usual and well after the VK/ZL/KH6s
started at 2030. Last EU was CR2T at 2150. Band closed second night at 0315
with VK2YY. Better than the first night and 604 Qs on the books less about 25
SA opened at 1315 on Sunday morning. It was earlier, so maybe this would be
the day. However, it was not to be. Only about 270 Qs, including dupes on
Sunday. Last EU G0AYM at 2041.
See the stats below:
160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %
OC 0 0 0 0 0 150 150 18.0
SA 0 0 0 0 0 200 200 24.0
NA 0 0 0 0 0 321 321 38.4
AS 0 0 0 0 0 9 9 1.1
AF 0 0 0 0 0 43 43 5.1
EU 0 0 0 0 0 110 110 13.2
160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total
3D2 1 1
5N 1 1
6W 1 1
8P 1 1
9A 4 4
9Q 1 1
BY 1 1
CE 15 15
CE9 1 1
CM 1 1
CN 2 2
CT 8 8
CT3 2 2
CU 1 1
CX 6 6
D2 1 1
D4 2 2
DL 12 12
E5/s 2 2
EA 36 36
EA6 1 1
EA8 9 9
EI 1 1
F 5 5
FK 1 1
FM 1 1
G 6 6
HA 2 2
HC 2 2
HH 1 1
HI 4 4
HK 4 4
HP 1 1
HZ 1 1
I 11 11
IT9 8 8
J3 1 1
JA 7 7
K 266 266
KH6 19 19
KL 1 1
KP2 6 6
KP4 7 7
LU 63 63
LX 1 1
OE 1 1
OK 1 1
OM 1 1
ON 2 2
P4 2 2
PA 4 4
PJ2 2 2
PJ7 1 1
PY 99 99
PZ 1 1
S5 4 4
SP 1 1
TZ 1 1
V4 1 1
V5 2 2
VE 22 22
VK 86 86
XE 5 5
YN 1 1
YV 4 4
ZF 1 1
ZL 41 41
ZP 1 1
ZS 21 21
QSO/Pref by hour and band
Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm
D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 81/41 81/41 81/41
D1-0100Z - - - - - 34/13 34/13 115/54
D1-0200Z - - - - - 3/1 3/1 118/55
D1-0300Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 118/55
D1-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-1200Z - - - - - - 0/0 118/55
D1-1300Z - - - - - 12/12 12/12 130/67
D1-1400Z - - - - - 41/24 41/24 171/91
D1-1500Z - - - - - 37/19 37/19 208/110
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 49/36 49/36 257/146
D1-1700Z - - - - - 28/17 28/17 285/163
D1-1800Z - - - - - 43/27 43/27 328/190
D1-1900Z - - - - - 54/32 54/32 382/222
D1-2000Z - - - - - 30/12 30/12 412/234
D1-2100Z - - - - - 47/20 47/20 459/254
D1-2200Z - - - - - 32/12 32/12 491/266
D1-2300Z - - - - - 28/7 28/7 519/273
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 13/3 13/3 532/276
D2-0100Z - - - - - 24/9 24/9 556/285
D2-0200Z - - - - - 25/7 25/7 581/292
D2-0300Z - - - - - 4/1 4/1 585/293
D2-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 585/293
D2-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-1200Z - - - - - - 0/0 585/293
D2-1300Z - - - - - 7/1 7/1 592/294
D2-1400Z - - - - - 9/2 9/2 601/296
D2-1500Z - - - - - 12/6 12/6 613/302
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 44/24 44/24 657/326
D2-1700Z - - - - - 37/28 37/28 694/354
D2-1800Z - - - - - 36/19 36/19 730/373
D2-1900Z - - - - - 17/8 17/8 747/381
D2-2000Z - - - - - 27/8 27/8 774/389
D2-2100Z - - - - - 23/4 23/4 797/393
D2-2200Z - - - - - 18/4 18/4 815/397
D2-2300Z - - - - - 20/4 20/4 835/401

Total: 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 835/401
VE3CX   SO(A)SB40 HP   3,730,9482011-03-28 19:08:07
Conditions were interesting. QSO total is down from last year, and it seemed
like working Europe was easier.

Thanks for the QSO's, and hope to see you again in the next one.

Tom - VE3CX
AB7R   SOSB15 HP   384,6752011-03-28 19:18:40
What fantastic conditions on 15M! Too bad they were wasted on a phone contest.
:) Dusted of the mic and worked for some club points but also took advantage
of the nice WX as well. :)

RA4LW   SO(A)SB160 HP   262,7732011-03-28 19:27:07
Only two DX stations , VE1ZZ and YB1C
CU next contest
PY2DEZ   Selecione LP   18,2252011-03-28 19:57:28
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3,5 2 2 2
7 15 58 11
21 16 34 12
28 59 131 56
Total 92 225 81
Score: 18.225
KY7L(W7WLL)   SOSB20 HP   168,7012011-03-28 20:39:26
Limited time. Good night contacts into A6 & 7 area. Miss working this at W7GG's.
Did all logging and scoring by hand, gotta get a computer log going. Due to time
available, picked a frequency and sat, averaged 100+/hr. Fun, fun, fun.
N6BY   SOAB HP   7,2522011-03-28 20:40:53
Busy weekend had a few hours.. Nice conditions...

NS6T   SO(A)AB LP   3,2932011-03-28 20:52:35
I got 10 new entities in this contest, and 15m was a total blast.
VA5AA(@VE5WI)   M/M HP   10,524,8672011-03-28 21:05:42
Tons of fun with good group. Only a few snags; biggest ten meter antenna
unusable because of wireless Internet rx on same tower (wish we'd done
something about that), feedline to 40 meter beam failed just at start (under 3
feet of snow so no fix) however had some wire antennas on 40 so we got by.
Nice to see some decent condx again at latitude 53.
K7MO(@W7IJ)   M/S HP   3,317,7422011-03-28 21:08:41
Great propagation. Terrible sounding stations. Great adrenalin rushes. Boring Ho
Hum S&P. Great run's. Lack of sleep. Great food. Contesting has it all !
Station, K3, Alpha, SteppIR Monster at 104' (no 40 meter right now) 160, 80, 40
meter Inverted Vee at 98'
Thanks to Bill, W7IJ and XYL Peggy for all the fun.
F4FLQ(@F6FYD)   M/S HP   6,198,9402011-03-28 22:00:27
Tnx to all for qso's verry good propaguation on 15 & 20 m.

5 band's qso :AK1W DR1A EB8AH IR2M OL4A PW7T S520SCC

Tnx to F6FYD and F8AOF for very good contest.

CU next

Manu F4FLQ
KG1E   SO(A)SB15(TS) LP   356,1182011-03-28 23:37:34
After having our amplifier die at the beginning of CQ WW SSB, wondered what else
could possibly go wrong. Well, got the answer as the T2X would not move in any
direction, so climbed the tower and manually rotated the Force 12 C3 to the
Northeast.Decided to operate SOSB15 LP (A) Trib/Wires Overlay. Not being a
serious contender, thought it would be fun for every contact to be a new
multiplier. Band conditions were superb to all areas of the world, in
particular the polar paths. Lots of UA0's, Northern Europeans and even a dozen
JA's were worked on a very crowded band. Happy to make many contacts off the
back of the beam with stateside and Caribbean stations!

Only on the air from 1300z to 1700z on Saturday and 1100z to close on Sunday.

Just out of curiosity, checked the CQ WPX Contest Searchable Score Database to
see how bad we did and was amazed to see that we had actually beaten the
previous World Record for the category...

All in all had a great time meeting old friends and participating in a fabulous
contest with outstanding propagation on 15 meters.

Thanks to all who pulled out our weak signal and exchanged serial numbers and
special thanks go to the sponsor CQ Magazine and to the CQ WPX Contest director

Randy K5ZD who has done a great job supporting and expanding the WPX contest
in the past several years and helped to create one of the most complete up to
date, well designed contest related websites (
in the world. Hope to see everyone in next year's CQ WPX SSB test!
VE6FI   M/2 HP   8,152,4502011-03-28 23:42:54
Operators were Evan ve6fi, Denis ve6aq and Dave ve6kd

Good conditions. 10m still coming. Could use more operators for M2 type

Probably our last contest before we move all the towers, seacans and station.

KH6LC(NH6V)   SOSB15 QRP   603,0602011-03-29 00:14:06
Wow... That was a lot of fun! It was slow and very challenging, but never

Needless to say, it was difficult to find a clear spot on the band. Only once,
Saturday afternoon, I was able to hold on to a frequency for more than 10
minutes and logged 125 QSOs in 2.5 hours. About 60 percent of my QSOs were

I was amazed at how, sometimes, it was so easy to work stations nearly half way
around the world with just 5 watts. At times, it felt like 5 watts was too much
power and that I should lower the power down to 1 watt or less. I must have
been starting to go crazy.

Worked 80 countries and 33 zones.

Best DX:

17: EY7BJ
20: H22H YM7KA
21: 4J0LH A71BX EK3SA
26: E20YLM
33: 3V1A 5D5A CQ3L CR3A EB8AH
34: ST2AR
35: 6V7D D4C
38: ZS6BRZ

Rig: FT-1000
Antennas: M² 6 ele @ 90' and Force 12 C-31XR @ 90'.

Rob, NH6V
ES2MC   SOSB80 LP   406,2662011-03-29 00:18:03
Thank you for hearing my 100W on 80m, hi!

Rig: TS-850
Ant: inv. L wire-4SQ hanging from my 18m high tower, 2 beverages

73! Arvo
9A7A   M/2 HP   26,831,4422011-03-29 00:46:26
Nice weekend, good conditions, great contest.

Congrats to 9A1A & 9A1P teams for icredible scores.

Thanks to all and see you again.

73 Eugen 9A7V
LA1TPA   SOAB QRP   19,7952011-03-29 01:23:11
Rig: ELecraft K3/10@5w
Ant: Vertical and trap dipole
G3Y(G3YBY)   SOAB(TS) LP   1,519,6652011-03-29 03:35:01
Great condx on 15m. Never heard NA so strong in the late evening.
Fantastic fun. Wish I didn't need so much sleep!
UU7J(UU4JMG)   SO(A)AB HP   11,745,8462011-03-29 04:16:12
Third operation in all bands category from new qth. Steel do not have serious
antenna systems here. So it was rather difficult to compete with European
monsters :) Used 4 elements quad antenna for 10m and 15m, 6 elements yagi on
20m, 2 elements quad for 40m, 2 elements delta loop antenna to USA direction on
80m and 2 elements delta loop antenna to Europe on 160m. Now it's spring time
and we have opportunity to move all antenna systems here. Congrats to E7DX,
ER4A, ES5TV, 4O3A with their outstanding results !!! See you in cw part.
KI1G   SO(A)AB HP   13,539,8402011-03-29 05:09:57
It's great to finally start having some openings on the higher bands, but it
makes the tradeoff choices with the 6 pointers on the low bands more complex.

Nice to hear all of the JA activity as well as a variety of good DX. I dont
know that I have ever worked 3 different KH2's in the same weekend before and
the long path openings to YB and HS on 15 meters are back with a vengence.

CQ should consider swapping the dates for the SSB and CW weekends, it is a
shame to waste such good conditions on an SSB contest. I am not sure if SSB
contests bring out the worst in operators or if it just brings out the worst

How much room is adequate to give an adjacent station? Some stations have the
expectation that they are going to get 5 Khz, my answer to that is that it is
probably time to get a radio with better selectivity. Other stations move in
just about on top of you and when you ask them to move they tell you NO and
suggest that you move. However when the deed is returned at a later time, the
whining is remarkable.

I finally got used to the callsigns with extra numbers in them such as
HG2011XXX and now the VK's are throwing # X 4 calls into the mix, the first few
were a bit challanging to copy correctly.

This was my first serious SSB effort since the restructuring of the 40 and 80
meters SSB bands, it was nice to run Europe on the same frequency below 3700,
but the lack of split operations on 40 really made for a mess between 7125 and

Congrats to all on some really great scores this weekend.

Rick KI1G
IO4C(IZ4DPV)   SOSB10 HP   748,6012011-03-29 05:28:39
finally the band of 10 meters and back after years of absence with signal strong
enough with South America, Oceania and prawns long path (south). backstattering
better with Europe to morning signals consistent with africa, KH6 / 7
long path to the 11z. the first day of contest unfortunately little spread with
the U.S. than the second evening. thanks to all the stations. cu in the next
73' MAX
ZW5B(PY5KD)   SOSB10 HP   9,389,8502011-03-29 05:52:33
Great conditions on 10M this year. Lost one our last day due to a power outage
on sunday night, and finished the contest with diesel power generators. Many
Thanks to Mr. OMS PY5EG for let me use his station.
OP4A/P(ON6LY)   SOAB LP   353,4572011-03-29 06:11:02
Just worked (S&P) /p on sunday with a FD4 antenna on 12meter apex in Inv V,
Trx IC7200 90 watts Antenna Tuner LDG IT, worked nice DX on a marginal antenna
system, on 15m and 160m a could tune the antenna and also worked some
I was in WFF ref ONFF-135.
Best 73 Francis
LY8O   SOAB HP   10,317,0442011-03-29 06:43:28
My ever best result in the WPX SSB contest and that was hard to expect before
the contest. Thanks to everyone for QSOs.
I'd like to thank Petras LY1PM and Oleg for the wonderful contest position and
for all hospitality.
Just for statistic if someone is interested in.

160 52 0 47 100 1.92
80 210 0 122 463 2.20
40 881 7 323 3032 3.44
20 1093 7 330 2579 2.36
15 959 7 311 2679 2.79
10 33 0 20 95 2.88
TOTAL 3228 21 1153 8948 2.77
TOTAL SCORE : 10 317 044

73, Remi LY8O
KI7M   SO(A)SB20 HP   1,637,8612011-03-29 06:52:55
Saturday night on 20 meters was great! Europe,Asia and Pacific. But calling and
calling with little or no responses gets frustrating.
CR3L(DL9OLI)   SOAB HP   1,744,1442011-03-29 07:27:11
Just a bit S&P for fun on the Band NOT used by CQ3L
C4W(5B4WN)   SOSB10 HP   782,4302011-03-29 07:52:50
I was stationless till 09:00 GMT on Saturday when I found out that no-one was
using 5B4ES. As 10m was about to open, I decided on an SB effort.

Propagation was weird to say the least. I had some openings to VK and SE Asia,
West Europe with signals 59+50 in the UK, F and EA and SA with two openings.
One at midday and one at 8pm local time! I managed a handful of Eastern
Europeans through backscatter but that was it.

S51CK   SOSB40(TS) HP   2,624,7652011-03-29 08:04:50
73 de S51CK -Ivo
N4ZZ   SO(A)AB HP   1,526,4152011-03-29 08:47:08
Enjoyed the improved SFI nrs! Looking forward to 10 meters opening up like 15.
Thanks for the Qso's.

73 Don-n4zz
KG4IGC   SOAB LP   24,0242011-03-29 09:01:04
I only made a few contacts here and there, but had fun just the same. It,s not
much, but every little bit counts! Heard lots of good band openings, my best DX
was Iceland on 20 meters Friday night.

Rig: Yaesu 1K MP Field
Power: 50-100 watts
Antennas: Half Square (20 meters), Gap Challenger (40 & 15 meters), Maco V5/8
(10 meters)

Frank KG4IGC
HG9X(HA9PP)   SO(A)SB40 LP   1,348,2042011-03-29 09:28:18
It was great fun to work with 100 watts (IC-7400 barefoot)
and learned that the 3 element full size monoband yagi
has not 200 kHz band-wide.
73 de Steve, HA9PP
HK1T   SOSB40 HP   12,716,2162011-03-29 09:30:13
Tku all Station ..! very strange conditions... but too many people thats nice,
not to many Dupes likes other contest, again BIG tks to JUMANJI CONTEST
See you on the next SSB....

HK3O   SOSB10 HP   2,712,7242011-03-29 09:40:33
Tks everyone, very weak cond for EU, NA not to god but workeable, many thans for
JUMANJI contest Station and the Team, see you on CW

SZ1A   M/S HP   4,032,4502011-03-29 09:53:16
This was our first contest from our new QTH. Murphy visited us many times and
lost the rythm but we did it and the most important: we liked it. The station
needs improvement for sure ut we are ready to be on the air the most weekends.
73 and tnx for calling
for Radio Amateurs Association of West Greece SZ1A
Kostas SV1DPI

the station
10-20:CUSHCRAFT X7 @ 17m high (55ft)
DJ7WW   SOSB40 HP   4,226,6162011-03-29 10:49:22
Very difficult to get and hold a frequency for a run, so motivation and active
calling suffered a lot .

VK4NM   M/S HP   6,589,3102011-03-29 11:40:20
Still one of my favourite contests. Operated portable form Outback Queensland.
Murphy struck in the usual way you would imagine being portable and resulted in
approx 4 hours of no operating time during the contest.....oh well still had

Been a licesnsed ham for 5 years and this is the best conditions I have ever
come across, 10m was absolutely fabulous even working a few African stations
long path in the final hours of the contest.
NW2K   SOAB(TS) LP   712,0122011-03-29 12:07:20
Hand mic needs to get replaced or need more hands....Multiband wire antennas
have nulls....Kids like video games, why don't they like contesting?
LS1D   M/S HP   14,813,7582011-03-29 12:12:55
Thanks for all the QSOs. The flux continues to increase and improve the higher
bands but complicates even come to U.S. or EU. 15 and 20m was very noticeable
the great opening of both and it was very difficult put our signal there.

In addition, it is becoming more difficult to make SSB contests, many stations
crowding the audio and splatter from getting anywhere, some of them can not be
understood absolutely nothing and worse still the serial numbers, bad audio and
try to speak faster that it can.

Murphy visited us, problems with equipment, lost 40 minutes to change and
implementation of backup rig.

The start of the competition we had a storm, very noisy bands with lots of
static, we start at 20m and a noise floor in S9, we estimate that lost 250 to
300 stations, we went to 15m and 10m with less noise but the floor was in S6 S7
trying to achieve good running, but condx was 20m, the noise was about at 03

The second night was much better.

See you in May in the WPX CW and will continue with plans to improve LS1D in
all bands.

73 Team LS1D "Six Stars Contest Station"
Visit us at:
KC5WA   SOAB QRP   100,1002011-03-29 12:17:17
had a blast my personal best results
KGØF(WØUA)   SOAB HP   5,558,1402011-03-29 12:30:38
A very strange weekend. A week before the contest Chuck's superb 3 element 40
came down in one big piece resulting from bolt-failure in the boom-to-mast
hardware. He was outside at the time, looking at the one-half of his 80 Meter
reflector that the same windstorm had detached from his 3 element 80. He was
fortunate not to become collateral damage as the wind flipped that monster over
and chucked it (no pun intended)off the mast in his direction.

Anyway, sans the low bands I thought I'd try another 20 Meter-thing as 20 has
been good to me the last couple of years. Bad choice! It was stultifying,
like watching paint dry. But I kept at it for the first 24 hours. Several
times I actually worked stations east of Omaha--but they were weak. Around 0Z
on Saturday I took a "quick listen" on 15. The first thing I heard was S9+
BA6T calling unanswered CQ's. That did it, that was more than I could resist.
20 Meters? What 20 Meters? The hell with it, let's have some fun!
So I pretty-much spent Sunday on 15 with occasional forays to 10 and back to
20. In retrospect I think it was the right decision as 15 provided some
excitement that 20 just couldn't muster. Wonder what 40 was like?

So, I was able to take a 3rd-rate single band score and make of it a 2nd-rate
all band thing. In the words of that great philosopher Mick Jagger: "You can't
always get what you want...but if you try might get
what you need..."

The rebuilt 40 is almost ready to resume its rightful place on Chuck's
ridgetop, hence proving another old saying: "What comes down must go up..."
GI5K(MIØLLL)   SO(A)AB HP   1,444,3962011-03-29 12:50:23
Only able to work the first night on the low bands before having to go QRT, some
excellent final scores right across Europe, maybe it was just as well.

Chris MI0LLL / GI5K
5D5A(@CN3A)   M/2 HP   67,492,2002011-03-29 12:58:29
Another amazing contest from CN3A contest location, this time we have the
pleasure to host the BIG N6KT! thanks Rich to share your long experience with

17Mils points more than the previous World Record, we guess this is just enough
to reach the third place world.

We miss 10Mt. First day way to have a decent running of EU
stations. During first day we have small black out managed by 3 hours without
electricity but with generators. This year wpx ssb has no way for the Italians
to win.

Congratulations to EB8AH, great job guys! and also to D4C for the competition.

Special thanks to our friends: Ahmed CN8WK, Said CN8WW, Mau IV3ZXQ, Flavio
IK1RQT, Flavio IK1SPR.

Thank's to all fellows to reach us during the weekend, it's always a pleasure
to have you in our log.

Stay rgds and 73's from 5D5A, CN3A team.
TO5A(F5VHJ)   SOAB HP   11,924,3602011-03-29 13:21:34
I was stunned by the number, at least 50, of USA stations calling out of their
band plan. They would just call and call until I told them to QSY. Very bad
operating.It is one thing to get over excited in a pileup, but operating out of
your license band is just bad form.
First couple of hours of the contest are usually the best. In my case, I had a
power outage and the score reflects a slow start.
AD8W   SOAB HP   605,8642011-03-29 13:33:56
Nice to see 10 Meters coming back to life.
S53F(@S52AW)   SO(A)AB LP   3,886,2302011-03-29 13:47:26
I had to QRT at 2100Z because 36h operating time passed. My best hour rate was
86 QSO on 15m at my last operating hour. I have a feeling that I didn't plan
pauses at the right time.

MNI TNX goes to S52AW and his wife for hospitality.

73 de Vinko s53f
DKØMM   M/S HP   3,581,6102011-03-29 13:58:36
Our first WPX contest with a new team.
GM5X(GM4YXI)   SOAB HP   14,676,3032011-03-29 13:59:34
So good to have some decent conditions again - it has been so long!
It was a bit of a last minute decision to do this one properly - Thursday night
to be exact.
Working up until Friday late evening so I was thinking 'sleep or you won't
survive, even if it is only 36 hours'. I think in retrospect that I made some
tactical errors in choice when to be off. Being off 00-04 both days meant my 80
and especially 40m score suffered, missing those 6 pointers.

No hassles with the weather - calm and a little rain only.
No antenna or shack failures, except the operator decisions and a PC that kept
locking up - still not sure why.

For me Sunday was not as good on 15 or 20, compared to Saturday. Did not really
spend a lot of time on 10m listening but I don't think there was any significant
opening for me on that band. Usual 5B4 opening am and PY/LU in the afternoon.
Strange sudden rise in band noise for few minutes on 15m Sunday afternoon
around 1700 - really do not think it was 'local' - ?Solar noise. Wonder if
anyone else heard it.

SSB contesting - as some have observed on the reflectors already - is really
getting tough. QRM and splatter are becoming quite 'poisonous' IMHO. Trouble
is, those who have such signals benefit - I do not believe it is accidental.
Given all the difficulties we have policing some of the unwelcome aspects of
this game, it strikes me that, with the ease of signal recording these days,
this at least has the potential for attention by contest sponsors. There were
clearly times over here in EU when 40m was a wall of noise and none of the CQ
machines were working anybody.

Thanks to all who called. CU in the next one, and hopefully as ZK2V in

Keith GM4YXI / GM5X
WA3AER   SO(A)AB LP   32,7182011-03-29 14:14:34
All Qs S&P.
I succeeded in surpassing the Qs count for ARRL DX SSB; but total score NOT.
Why did this contest feel like more work than the prior? Was it the QRM was
worse? I am thanking my lucky stars for the DSP / filtering in my Flex3000. I
also thank the far-flung operators who were patient digging out my 100W station
from the ether.
One thing this op learned is that a comfortable chair is absolutely necessary
for an all-day stint at the operating position.
N2MM   SOSB15 HP   2,622,6992011-03-29 14:19:25
I hadn't planned to operate SSB WPX, but the weather was unfit for anything
outdoors. Things were going fine Saturday morning, but S/O got very sick. This
necessitated my running out for 3 hours right during a big eu run. The rest of
the weekend was interrupted with household chores. Just as well since the
splatter from many EU stations was just plain horrendous. As has been said
repeatedly, WOW !!!!great condx.
S5ØA   SOAB LP   3,968,6792011-03-29 14:48:10
Bands were so crowded that QRP and LOW POWER stations had to stick with S/P.
Anybody claimed cqing was probably not low power..Good conditions will bring
new problems with overcrowded bands
73, Tine Brajnik, S50A
IZ5MOQ   SO(A)SB80(TS) HP   1,210,5502011-03-29 15:15:01
Very funny and interesting. See you, all, next year!
K6ND(N8BO)   SOSB15(TS) HP   6,967,9222011-03-29 15:21:32
What a super contest.
Mike, N8BO wanted to do a single 15 and I wanted single 80 as
KN6DV..........but than Miki started to run 15 and that was the end of 80 for
me. Not too bad for a C31XR in the Little Town of Mendon. Great
location......(ask my neighbor K5ZD).
DJ5AN   SO(A)AB HP   2,014,8002011-03-29 15:28:10
My first SOA contest over 2 mil points, found the 36 hours just to short
It was so nice to work S&P with lots of multi's and the simple antennas worked
quit good, espacialy the verticals worked supperb.
It was nice to see how some weak DX were able to copy me, while some krokodiles
in splatter mode, just could not hear me.
OL4A(@OK1RF/OK1RI)   M/2 HP   36,101,3762011-03-29 15:58:14
What a competition in M/2 in Europe this year ! There are "EU grade" 3 Big Guns
in 9A -9A1A,9A1P,9A7A - all decided to go M/2. We knew about 9A1P and 9A7A but
we thought that 9A1A is M/M as always, so we have not observed how are they

We were frustrated after the first night with our poor doing on 80m (compared
to last year and 9A1P). Last year we had loop into NA, this year only
The propagation on HF was superb, better than last year - but still far away
from what was real maximum 11 years ago - check the old results on 10 + 15m.
LF was quite poor - as expected - far from last year.

Murphy was nice to us in last few contests - he decided it is time for serious
visit - I believe he was with us whole contest. It was probably not much
audible from outside (OK we had a couple of pauses...) but my car is full to
the roof of the junk to FIX.

NA was 45% compared to 39% last year. It says it all.
We expected there is going to be much less JAs but surprisingly there was about
the same 313 to 321 QSOs from last year.
China is still on the rise 98 QSOs compared to 64 from last year. The rise is
steady 50% per year !

Overall we all had fun, we are most happy that we finished neck-neck with 9A1A
"bandwagon" - considering our average and multipliers - the difference is 12

Thanks for a QSO and hope to meet you in the next contest.

73 !
Jiri - OK1RI
K6KR   SOAB(TS) LP   41,8602011-03-29 17:35:19
Dipole at 50 feet. It was great to have 10, 15 and 20 open up! Can hardly wait
to get some real antennas up.
NR3X(@N1LN)   M/S HP   11,738,7552011-03-29 18:12:22
LU1UM   M/S LP   3,832,2802011-03-29 18:13:05
Another WPX SSB for LU1UM, but this year different than the year above. Last
year was only able to excite a 2 casual operators, not contesters, and an
influenza make me made only 2 hours in the air and failing to make a
multisingle. Also did not have the infrastructure than this year.
Then came the amateur course 2011, the new guys and girls with ages between 13
to 17 years, and we renewal the enthusiasm of those who were already working in
the Radio Club Santa Rosa. And my soul was able to enthuse contester new and
those already.

I already said in previous contests involving, of all the "Young Boys" (THANK
YOU Clo LU7DW and Raul, EA2SS that watered the seeds). I can see the operative
growth of the guys, I've had less intervention and more time to enjoy and see
them resolve situations that previously required help from someone more
experienced, now meet them and between them (if more than one listening, and
one of those, at the mic and other ine at the keyboard, sure that one in the DX
Summit and / or, accompanied jointly, getting experience.) You can hear
their whisper, going back and forth between laughter, out of the shack, with
cards, guitars, books, homework, knitting, computer games, internet, facebook,
friends visiting ... I never imagined anything like this in a contest!

Another important aspect that causes this movement in weekend contests, is the
involvement of partners who come to do maintenance and logistics so that we can
be outside the best way possible, and in the most comfortable, improving
infrastructure is due in part to all operators or not, committed to the
realization of these events (2 items come to 40, hot water supply and air
conditioning for the summer contest.)

In this debut WPX SSB 4 new operators, Soledad 13 years, his father Charles,
LU6UOL (the president of the RC), Gabi LU5USR, and Rodolfo LU4UBL received last
year, who were encouraged to taste some contesting QSO's, and then back to
listen and learn.

The competition started very well in the early hours with a very good rate,
especially for low power, but quickly we began to get used to what would be a
weekend full of "obstacles" that prevented having a consistent performance.
A strong thunderstorm struck the city during the early hours of Saturday. When
we resumed the activity after 2 hours, start with a "small" little problem with
the Yaesu FT 920 that, among intermittently QRT stay in TX. So to continue with
the good of Kenwood TS450V.
Then take it to the club my Icom 751 with its source PS15 which is also "dead"
on Saturday night when it blown away the diode bridge. We take the wrong time
to make a good one, and went to eat the excellent roast made by Oscar LU5UOA
all together (no ill wind that blows no good.) Kenwood finally finished using
the broker with 60w (Japanese version with reduced power) and looking to the
3rd team of RC, a Yaesu FT 840.
In all this we add a network failure which prevented us from logging QSO's from
the other PC, so the boys wrestled to operate in that situation until the end of
the contest and they did good shape.
The most important were the lot of funny situations that we spend and stay in
the anecdotes of what was an excellent weekend, with a shack full of happy
Thanks to: Paul LU2UPD, Oscar LU5UOA, who gave crucial logistical support.

Thanks to all of you who contacted us and gave encouragement, congratulations,
and the occasional joke.

Greetings from all LU1UM

P.S. Obviously, points to our dearest LU Contest Group
I will upload photos in the facebook page of RADIO CLUB SANTA ROSA.
NU6S   SOSB15 HP   114,0572011-03-29 19:47:30
Just played around in test. Nice to hear europe in 6-land so loud with just a
dipole up 25 feet.
PR5B(PY2LSM)   SOSB20 HP   5,294,4642011-03-29 21:05:55
More a GREAT contest with good friends, PP5JR, PP5WG, PU5DIG.
Sergio 5JR, thanks for host me again in your excellent station.
See you on the next contest.

4W3A(VK2CZ)   SOAB LP   360,2112011-03-30 00:10:21
WPX SSB Contest activation 26 / 27 March 2011. ... another long weekend away
from Sydney for me... fully story shortly with Bernie W3UR

25MAR2011 Arrived in Dili on 25 March, and secured an neat HF location pretty
quickly. that said, the AC Power reliability will generate some qrt moments for
sure. Minor dilemma with re-validatiing the licence here, not that my 4W3A
licence/certificate has never been cancelled or withdrawn, and sadly will only
be able verify my licence as 100% on the monday after the event. Just want to
be 100% open here with everyone, there is a small chance this operation may not
get off the ground. paperwerk . ughh. Will be meeting the Minister of
Communications on Monday as I understand, as other ARCOM staff could not help

26MAR2011. Got antenna up OK, then received written confirmation from ARCOM
Spectrum Mgt to confirm callsign and licence are 100% OK, but must renew it
before I leave the island. With just 100w, made pile-ups on 40m and oddly on 6m
with 6m busier than 10m ! had a equipment flame out with a spike from the
occasional (daily) AC power blackouts here. Will send ARRL a full copy of my
paperwork, as I'd hate for others to suffer a lost prefix/country because of
any gap in my paperwork.

27MAR2011. Decided to elevate the vertical, and now able to run on 40m, 10m and
6m. Never had one antenna that allows me to switch from decent 6m qso's thru to
80m.and just low power antenna, cables and power supplybeing scrapped tomorrow
morning (at end of event), maybe turned into something enterprising by the
locals. My Tetum and Portugeses opened some doors with CT and EA stations
surprised I did not learn this earlier.

Will get the logs to my UK based QSL mgr about 10 minutes after the event. I
know some will use express post ;-}

Rig is IC-7600, 30m of RG8X and 'big' homemade vertical and broadband 80m thru
6m matching. Antenna, ground radials and matching alll weighed in at just
2.7kg !!

David Burger VK2CZ

PS.. the heat I received and self combustable 6m community went nuts over the
50 odd qso's on 6m.. and after so many asked me to push that "50" button on my
radio for the first time.. now will probably will be the last time I put that
%^%$ "50" button on my radio when I go to these islands.
JA1XMS   SOSB40 LP   329,6392011-03-30 03:03:48
Last year, I've broken the record for SOSB/40 LP of JA's. This year
target was to make another record for the same category.

QSO's Pts WPX Score
2010 289 1459 221 322,439
2011 267 1427 231 329,639

Final after checking
2010 275 1363 210 286,230 (-11.2%)

The year, Japan had unbelievable disaster. JA7 was the area
hit. JA1 area are also having Rolling blackout due to the
failure of nuclear plant as well as some power plants were

Some stations were voluntarily not joined the contest due to
our disastrous situation. But I decided to join the contest.
Fortunately, this weekend is out of plan for the blackout.

The first day, I intended to have a nap before the contest,
but it lasted too long. Usually Caribbean comes early at 05Z
and 07Z-08Z may be a good with U.S. West coast.

Rather I woke up at 09Z, and started late. I made less 40
QSO (than last year) on the first day. The condx was really
good and West coast station was lined up 2kHz separation or
less in 40m band. It was difficult for Low Power station to
find a frequency to run.

But European window (17Z-21Z), I was able to awake on both days
and to recover to some extent.

95% was S&P. Running lasted only 20 mins to get 15 Q's.
Finally I made slight above score than of my last year.

Thank you for picking up my weak signals in QRM's, especially
European stations.

Rig and Antenna:
TS-590 100W, Nagara NA-440(3EL with wide band driven element) at 110ft,
and Inverted Vee at 30ft.

See you at next with CW.

I will attach the UTC-continent break down of QSO count.
Right most numbers are diff's from the last year.
Sorry if it doesn't fit your screen.

( 7) 26 | 27 |

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 | 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 | 17
18 19 20 TOT
--------------------------------------- |---------------------------
AF | |
1 1 +1 AF
AS 2 5 2 9 2 1 3 1 | 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 | 1
1 35 +5 AS
EU 4 1 1 2 14 17 21 | 3 1 | 8
11 8 6 97 +41 EU
JA 1 1 | 1 1 1 1 1 |
7 -24 JA
NA 18 8 6 4 6 5 | 1 10 4 1 4 4 2 16 |
89 -47 NA
OC 4 2 3 4 | 1 1 4 3 2 |
24 +4 OC
SA 1 1 | 6 3 1 2 |
14 -2 SA
total 24 14 14 10 6 18 1 3 2 15 20 21 1 | 3 17 10 5 11 5 5 24 2 | 9
11 8 8 267 -22 Total
| |

acuml 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 | 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 | 2
2 2 2
2 3 5 6 6 8 8 9 9 0 2 4 4 | 5 6 7 8 9 0 0 2 3 | 4
5 5 6
4 8 2 2 8 6 7 0 2 7 7 8 9 | 2 9 9 4 5 0 5 9 1 | 0
1 9 7
LZ2SX   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   1,305,9482011-03-30 03:28:38
Great activity from around the Globe ,propagation is improving and 15 m filled
my bag with very interesting prefixes .

Thanks everybody who copied my signals on crowded bands .

TRCV. 80 W

73! Boyan
TM72C(F4FIP)   SOAB LP   2,314,1802011-03-30 04:23:51
This is my 1st participation in the WPX contest and very happy of my result!!!
CU next time.
73 de Bert F4FIP
WØYR   SOAB HP   144,6752011-03-30 05:41:59
What a great contest. Bands were hot. I had the flu, big time. Sounded like a
frog croaking. Thank heavens for voice macros. Biggest thrill, being called by
YT8WW   SOSB80 LP   408,1142011-03-30 07:17:32
Pedja YT8WW
WN2O(N2GC)   SOSB80(TS) HP   46,3252011-03-30 08:38:43
I had too much work to do that I could not spend much time in this one, only a
few hours on 80 meters. I was more of an SWL and that was torture listening to
the great conditions. While I was working in the shack doing my taxes I was
listening to KQ2M on 21,200.6. He was there for hours on end working all kinds
of juicy stuff. So in the last half hour of the contest I decided to have some
fun as fresh meat with a rare prefix. I got on 20 and had an instant pileup
that lasted until SSTV took over. With 3 minutes left I figured I would go to
21,200.6 and give KQ2M his WN2 mult. He was not there anymore. I found him
S&Ping up the band and finally got his attention with 1 minute left. Hopefully
we will have these conditions for CW in two months.

73, Mike N2GC
II9T(@IT9GSF)   M/2 HP   21,939,6302011-03-30 09:02:50
Nice (and first) Multi-two effort from my QTH. Special guest, for the third
time, was Rytis LY4U. A lot of improvements in the schedule now. First: it is
not possible to compete on 40 meters with these wire antennas, so a tower and
rotary beam must be built. Amazing propagation on 15 meters. Needed some other
sunspots to widely open 10 meters. Few direct signals from USA on 10, most were
coming from south America reflections. Thanks to Antonello, IT9EQO, for special
equipment (as the Beverage antennas switch that was used to share Bevs on 160,
80 and 40 mts bands). Thanks to Eugenio, IT9NJE, for psicologic help (HI!)...
he is a super doctor! Without their help it was not possible to beat the
previous IR9Y Multi/2 record in Sicily with over 9 million difference!
Personally, I had a problem after the contest: everybody was tired and
sleeping, I wasn't able to sleep at the end of the contest after two days with
two hours of sleeping between saturday and sunday. It was the excitement and
adrenaline effect. This is the first time a sicilian station goes over 20
millions points. I think we could be record men in Europe with good station.
Operators are improving their skill and I think you will ear our signals in the
best openings/rates trough the world. Special operators are invited to join us
for the WPX CW Contest next May. It will be an other good eating time with
Castrato, Sausages, Pasta, and Fish in the barbecue.
It will be swimming and beach time already even if the beaches are far about
one hour from IU9T/II9T's QTH... but, as always, I think we will have to work
on the equipments until friday night.... so operators are planning to come and
to remain some days after the contest.
Best regards and 73,
Fabio, IT9GSF (One of IU9T/II9T team).

P.S.: Station description
10 mts: Interlaced 5 elements Yagi (with 15 mts Yagi)
15 mts: Interlaced 4 elements Yagi (With 10 mts) + Interlaced 4 Elements Yagi
(with 20 mts Yagi)
20 mts: Interlaced 4 elements Yagi (with 15 mts Yagi)
40 mts: wire Yagi @15 mts
80 mts: phased verticals
160 mts: Inverted L
RX Antennas: 300 and 180 mts Beverages (W - NW - NE - E).
Station 1: Elecraft K3 + Home made amplifier
Station 2: IC775 + Home made amplifier
Software: WIN TEST (Implemented with personal datas and it was SUPER !!!!).
HI3EPR(@HI3CC)   SOSB10 LP   432,6802011-03-30 10:01:02
This contest was great!

10 Meter propagations was specials in this contest, We work prefixes that
never been catched.

Thanks Loma Del Toro DX Club team Tino (HI3CC), Franky (HI3FVA) a.k.a. HI3TT
and Edwin (HI3K the most jodon lol)....

Rig: Elecraft K3
Antenna: Cushcraft 7 ELE 10 M and Cushcraft LP7
Power Supply: MEANWELL 13.8 Volts 36 Amps

Thanks to everyone...

73s de HI3EPR
AA6K   SOAB LP   565,0202011-03-30 11:01:36
Working conditions: IC 756PII, 3el SteppIR with 30/40 add on, inverted Vee for
HK6P(@HK6NUU)   SOAB(TS) LP   2,948,0802011-03-30 11:18:35
ICOM 765


TM6M(@F6KHM)   M/S HP   29,097,1202011-03-30 11:49:58
Nice conditions on 15M who was opening very late (23z +/-).

Thanks all for calling!

160m: 1/4wl shortened Vertical with 68 burried radials
80m: full sloper, dipole
40m: 2 elements DXBEAM @30m (
20m: 6 elements DXBEAM @26m (
15m: 6 elements DXBEAM @18m (
10m: 6 elements @13m
Win-Test powered of course!

Cu in next one , F6KHM/TM6M crew
IZ3QCH(ALBERTO)   SOAB LP   6,6782011-03-30 11:55:10
This is my first international contest but I didn't have many hours to spend to
the radio.
I hope it will be better next time.

SN3R(@SP3KEY)   M/S HP   15,600,1002011-03-30 13:18:31
SQ3JPM first time at Run Station !
SQ6ODD second time at Run Station

XE3N   SOAB LP   1,595,7762011-03-30 13:40:22
Excellent Propagation this weekend Really I enjoyed the WPX SSB Contest, 73
N8II   SOSB10 HP   333,5312011-03-30 13:40:33
Congratulations to Chuck, KZ5MM (W5PR) for a great effort on 10! I worked him
early on and was way behind, so sort of backed off pushing for every QSO after
that. My main goal was to enjoy the contest which I did. More EU would have
been nicer, but following the changes from hour to hour in propagation was
interesting. I was at work when the contest started and the band was dead here
by 0130Z, so worked a few on 20, condx there seemed near normal, but not much
volume from Asia.
My first 10M QSO was LU1UM at 1315Z, and it was intertesting to note that was
Chuck's too. Southern LU apparently has a MUF edge. Not until around 1405 when a
PY2 was worked did the band really open to Brazil. At 1439Z, IO4 was worked on a
skew path around 130 deg and was heard many times thereafter. My first ZS was
1537, follwed by EA8 at 1542. First Caribbean was Tom, 8P5A at 1542Z.
The whole contest, I worked no more than 15 Europeans the whole contest about
1/3 on skewed path. At 1729 Sat, I worked AC6, but couldn't run anyone until a
W7 at 1748Z. A good west coast run with generally strong signals followed until
a N6 at 1843. FO5 called in. The rest of Saturday was endless S&P with little
runs to the south only. At 2310 after a 45 minute break, the band was wide open
to VK/ZL and CA/AZ/NV. Sunday the band opened to the Mediterranean area and west
coast simultaneously at 1735Z. I ran the west coast including OR, WA, and BC
until they slowed down to a crawl, then tried EU with only about 2-3 answers to
CQ's, but continued S&P'ing northern AF (5D and 5C were 20 db over S9) and EU. I
made my last EU QSO with CT4 at 2041Z, very late!
Thanks for all of the Q's, lot's of casual ops from out west and hope to hear
from my EU friends on 10M next year.

73, Jeff
DH8BQA   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   5,101,4882011-03-30 14:31:15
Elecraft K3, PA + Cushcraft X7 for 10/15/20 m and simple wires for 40/80/160 m.
Not a very competetive station but nevertheless had a lot of fun. ;-))

73, Olli
GØAEV   SOSB10 HP   170,6402011-03-30 16:03:42
Better 10m conditions than last year of course but not really as good as
hoped/expected. No direct paths north of an east-west line (except briefly to
UA2F) and fairly long F2 skip, which from this QTH means virtually no
inter-Europe except via scatter. Stations north of me said they found it tough
going. However, paths to the south were excellent with some big signals from
Africa, S America (50% of all QSOs), a smattering of unusual DX, strong
backscatter to near-Europe and side-scatter (strongly skewed paths) to USA,
Surprisingly little scatter to Russia and the east, though. USA was worked
between 200 and 250 degrees but only a small number of QSOs, best USA DX
probably K0HA in Nebraska, most consistent US signal from KZ5MM (DR1A in
Europe...). I also worked PY when beaming to the Indian Ocean before the
direct path opened which I don't recall doing before. Only problem with this
stuff is that relatively few stations are prepared to work the weak and
sometimes probably difficult signals - its mainly the multi and fellow monoband
stations who can afford working the low rate! Not quite a full time effort -
family duties - but generally pleased with the score.
LV6D(LW3DC)   SOAB LP   1,920,4142011-03-30 16:34:58
Couldn't devote the whole weekend to the test but it was fun anyway! Ten meters
was THE band and I could have nice runs there. Tnx to all for the qsos and to
Nico, LW3DN, for his neat stations. 73 and see u soon.
LU3HFA   SOSB10 QRP   78,2102011-03-30 16:55:26
73 to all.
P4ØM(@P49V)   M/S HP   23,902,4892011-03-30 17:28:04
A fundamental maxim of war planning is that the first casualty of contact with
the enemy is the plan. Thus, we decided to dodge that bullet by not making a
plan before we got there.

The crew of P40M mustered Wednesday evening at P49V’s QTH after a delicious
dinner at Wacky Wahoo and a few pina coladas to sharpen our strategic planning
skills. After installing new software (Win-Test) and determining that the
computers could actually talk to the radios and each other, we addressed the
key strategic question: Are we going to (1) have fun and not kill ourselves,
or (2) be competitive. After deciding the answer was "yes," we formed two
watch teams and decided on port and starboard watches. Finding ourselves one
crewman short, we sent the press gang to the next room to hijack Carl, the
Archduke of Aruba contesting, to fill out the watch bill.

It was a motley crew indeed. Ed, N4OC, was working on the last step to
officially shed his Rip Van Winkle Contester moniker by completing the phone
trilogy of ARRL DX, CQ WW, and WPX after being out of contesting for 32 years.
Brian, W3BW, an accomplished DXer who’s worked all but one (nope, he’s got
P5) was looking to enter the world of high rate contesting with his first-ever
contest from the DX side. Carl, P49V, had the privilege of learning Win-Test
on the fly, as well as indoctrinating the newbies into the manifold
capabilities of the station. The fourth member, in his third multi-op in 45
years, was Scott, K0DQ, a recovering amnesiac who was pondering desertion after
realizing he’d signed on for a PHONE contest.

With K1AR as our first contact, the first four hours went fast with spirits
building as 20 stayed open late and we put 800 contacts in the log. However,
Mr. Murphy was not foxed by our (lack of a) plan and showed up with a
vengeance, taking down the 40 meter beam after 3 QSO’s (likely the result of
unseasonable horizontal rain in the past few weeks). 20 closed about 0400 and
so did our rate. In the next six hours we had a total of roughly 150 low band
contacts, only 15 of which were on 40 meters. The only saving grace was a
brief middle-of-the-night 20 meter opening to Europe. Later on, Brian figured
out we could use the 160 meter dipole on 40 with a tuner and the second night we
added about 160 Q’s on 40, but the nights were slow and we remained far behind
our competition.

Following the SEAL maxim that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, we
committed to fight through and, indeed, life looked better with the appearance
of the sun. As others have noted, high band conditions were superb, with
Sunday seeming marginally but noticeably better than Saturday. 10 opened to
Europe, although sporadically with spotlighting and without the depth of 15 and
20. 15 was pristine. . . the polar route to Southeast and East Asia were simply
awesome, rekindling fond memories of the last cycle. We tried to compensate for
the lack of low band Q’s by running the states early and often. We ended up
with the third highest QSO number but they were virtually all high band and we
simply couldn’t make up the difference. We never really figured out how to
use the second radio effectively for multipliers but did make some in-band
multiplier QSO’s using the second receiver-- old stuff for multi-multi
operators but a first for several of us. Lots of room for improvement on that

In the end, we met both of our objectives. We went ashore happy and were the
hands down winner of the coveted One Happy Island engraved conch shell for #1
M/S in Aruba. As a bonus, Brian earned his high-rate merit badge and Ed’s
contesting union card is now stamped “current!”

We all enjoyed plumbing the depths of the FTdx-5000MP’s seemingly endless
capabilities, including the excellent DSP noise reduction features, roofing
filter with IF DSP contour and width controls, all of which made operating much
less fatiguing. Our sincere thanks to Yaesu and Dennis, K7BV, for graciously
allowing us to put this impressive contest system through its paces.

As always, the hospitality of Chez Cook was superb. Thanks to Sue and Carl for
another great contest experience.

Congrats to the 3V1A crew and thanks to all for the QSO’s and fun. A special
well done to PS2T for a superb performance in an all band category from a
location far from Europe.

The P40M crew

Software: Win-Test 4.7.0.

Software consultants: N6TV & W0YK

FTDX-5000MP with Alpha 86
FT-1000D with Alpha 86

Three 60’ towers. . . two with stacked TH7DXX (Top antennas rotatable, bottom
antenna fixed Europe/US), one with SteppIR and Shorty 40.
P43A   SOSB15 HP   8,030,8802011-03-30 17:29:31
Only decided to participate in the contest about a 1/2 hour before it started,
and then planned to just do it "casual", taking out time even to watch the
Amazingly, 49.2% of my Q's were with Europe versus 40.7% into N.A., i thank
that on an exceptionaly clean frequency (no one even near my frequency for
several hours in a row!!) on Sunday morning / afternoon that allowed me to work
even the weakest Europeans without problems
Being called by B1Z and 9M2 during a NA / JA pile-up is even for us "DX" still
a thrill!!
15m was absolutly wonderfull over the week-end!!

73's all de P43A, Jean-Pierre
SQ8J(@SN8R)   SOSB10 LP   31,0862011-03-30 18:03:24
RIG: IC-765
ANT: 6el YAGI at only 8mH
PWR: 100W

Holiday Activity,

73, sq8j
KC4HW   SO(A)SB20 HP   45,5522011-03-30 18:21:41
Just a part time effort with a 204BA running 200 watts most of the time and some
of the time using the amp at 1k.
N7WA   SOAB LP   13,8042011-03-30 21:03:04
Just got on and played a bit Friday night and Saturday. I don't even remember
making the 10M Q's. Was a chance to start hooking up the radio's in the new
shack. Can only hope the sunspots are similarly configured for the CW edition.
WA7LNW   SOSB15(TS) QRP   1,7162011-03-30 21:20:29
Knowing I would have limited operating time, I decided to operate simgle band
QRP on 15 meters. I was surprised at how easy it was to work the strong
stations from EU. Their antennas did all the work for me. I was only running 5
watts to a homebrew 23 ft. fiberglass wire vertical off my back fence. increase in sunspot activity deserves some of the credit.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
9A6B   M/S HP   2,675,6522011-03-30 23:36:29
Wow! What a contest, 15 meters was really cooking, it stayed opened almost
around midnight local time, west coast signals like in the old days and Hawaii
coming LP in the morning and SP in the evening and NH7O coming LP on Sunday
morning on 10 meters! Lots of great DX. We had modest setup: FT2000 + SB200
(abt 500 W). Some problems with linear on 10 & 80 meters, so those bands were
LP (100 W). Antennas 2 el. quad on 20/15/10 and inverted V on 80/40 meters.
Zlatko, 9A2EU
N3CHX   SOAB LP   43,4242011-03-31 00:12:21
Station Description: ICOM IC-746 @ 100W to Kenwood AT-200 Tuner
Antenna(s): Inverted Vee G5RV @ 50Ft > 20Ft
Nice to hear activity on 10 mtrs!
SP6A   SOSB15 LP   280,0002011-03-31 03:25:41
Partial time effort. Testing cq but without success , all Q,s s@p, seems that
100W is to small pistol for 21 Mhz , even with 5 el hy-gain,hi. Used rig:
IC756pro and 5el Hy-gain beam at 21 m. Cu in may on cw with much more power.
Thanks all for QSO-s and gl. Zibi sp6a
PY2MTS   SOSB10 LP   2,879,6112011-03-31 07:34:23
Nice propagation and contest on ten meters band at this time.

Every contest is a good opportunity to have fun but at this time conditions
were better than ever. I could not believe to contact 9Q station during the
first night and turn on the radio at seven in the morning Brazilian time and
could heard a lot of EU stations with big signals. Really fantastic!

The negative point is that I continue to have interference when turn the
antenna to EU which not occurs when beam to NA and for sure a lot of
European stations unfortunately I could not heard.

Very happy with the new DXCC ones Mali, Sudan and Vietnam on the band.

Thanks for every contact in the contest, nice to contact a lot of Brazilian
stations and the PY1ZV call from HH2.

LOTW already updated with WPX contacts.

Now waiting for CQMM (CWJF) on April 16&17 and WPX CW part in sequence. Hope
find the same conditions there.

See you there and 73.

EB8AH   M/2 HP   73,128,2562011-03-31 07:34:54
Many thanks to all competitors for QSOs. It was an exciting contest with a very
nice fight with 5D5A and D4C with very close QSO numbers on every band.

Very good conditions on 10m, amazing !!!!

Congrats to all competitors for really nice scores !!!

OMØA   M/2 HP   6,630,1382011-03-31 09:48:02
Our contest result is going up every year. Due the mountains and QRP (comparing
to other stations) we are unable to make a lot W/VE stations... But there is a
lot of fun on bands!

Thanks to all, CU soon in other contest!
CS2C(OK1RF)   SOSB15 HP   9,780,2152011-03-31 12:29:52
Propagation conditions at 15 meter band were out of dreams. In latter night, LP
signals from ZL and VK arrived to CT. Pity that we had a power dropout during
the second afternoon; I was close to drive over the magical 10 M limit.
QSO counted by continents : NA 1604, SA 75, EU 1624, AS 329, AF 18, OC 32

Thanks to all for calling!
73 Jiri, CS2C/OK1RF
D4C   M/2 HP   70,773,9672011-03-31 13:20:25
WOW That Amazing Contest !

Planned a relaxed MS, but why not M2 ? Condition on higher bands were
unbelievable the days before the contest, so we go head in the M2 category ,
and the competition was tight !

Thank's for all the QSOs, and in particularly to the head to head with the
EB8AH guys, and to 5D5A boys for be in the same category.

The new world record was done, but really it will not be the last time ! See u
in the CW Leg !

73 de Fabio one of D4C
I2WIJ   SOAB LP   2,273,4882011-03-31 14:11:31
It has been a very hard weekend, nevertheless I've had fun!
Thanks to my wife that helped me to raise the spiderbeam in the wind!
73. Bob, I2WIJ
E71A   SO(A)SB15 HP   6,606,2002011-03-31 14:17:07
Setup: TS 850 + AMP
Ant: X7 rotary 12m UP + 3 el mox. fix JA, 15m UP.


CU next contest,s
G3ZQH   SOAB LP   1,500,3542011-03-31 14:22:39
First time to reach 1000+ QSOs from my home QTH in a contest. Low bands were
tough going with my 100W to a sloper but HF bands were excellent.
FT1000MP vertical/sloper + hexbeam
KP2TM   M/S HP   18,335,1632011-03-31 18:41:12
The 40m beam was broken beyond repair for this trip, so we ended up with a high
band only weekend. Saturday night 20m blessed us with an open and run-able
band all night. We may be point challenged being in NA and further point
challenged by giving up the double low band points during this trip but we
still had a good time with rate and being somewhere with such great wx.

1 - FT1000MP and Alpha 76CA
Cubex 2el quad for 10/15/20

73, Tim K9TM
EB3CW   SO(A)SB15 HP   4,401,1522011-04-01 02:43:21
This my second WPX contest participation. I tried to do my best but I will need
more experience and ears.
N2WN   SOAB LP   23,8482011-04-01 05:10:56
Had little time outside of the K4BP operation, sorry I missed all the Asian
openings. Bands were packed... CU in WPX CW!
LU1MA   M/S HP   12,706,5002011-04-01 07:36:37
NT1E(K3BU)   SOSB160 HP   370,8402011-04-01 10:17:45
Power line noise, QRN from storms, everyone on high bands.
Thanks for all QSOs and points! Time to move up with sunspots.

73 Yuri, K3BU
JA6WFM   SOSB10 LP   104,3082011-04-01 15:01:36
I feel that starting the open 10m at cycle 24, however 15meters condicion was
great so many station ware intensively QRV on 15m, I waiting a large number of
QRV on next contest. 73 Thank for US-CQ.
20mh 5ele yagi sub antena DP, TS-940S N1MM.
OR7R(ON4LG)   SO(A)SB40 HP   1,702,2902011-04-01 15:29:54
First entry in WPX SSB... Really loved it. Great propagation during
the all weekend.

Read my story on :

73,S Fred ON4LG
8P5A(W2SC)   SOAB HP   24,019,3802011-04-01 16:31:54
Great rates and great conditions

The weekend was still confounding as the greatly improved conditions yielded a
lower score than last year. Despite enormously loud signals on 20 before the
contest, the band went long and I did not come anywhere close to the 330 hour I
had at 0Z last year. The lowbands were notably down and the number of 4 and 6
point QSOs was well below last year. I expected to make it up on the high
bands but it never seemed to happen. A strong JA opening allowed me to beat
last year's multiplier total, but I did not work as many EU prefixes. Clearly,
some new analysis needs to be done around reformulating the strategy as
conditions improve. In the mean time, I just ran a hard as I could and hoped
to accumulate multiplers.

Twenty was open, but not necessarily runnable, nearly all night long. It was
great to hear UP0L on 15 just past midnight local time. I tried many times get
an EU run going on 10. It seemed about to break wide open several times, but it
was never really productive.

After the hurricane during CQWW SSB, the station has performed flawlessly for
the three subsequent contests.

Thanks for the contacts and for one of my favorite contests

QSL via LoTW or NN1N

73, Tom W2SC



10 5L10. TH7, C4E
15 5L15, TH7, C4E
20 4L20, TH7, C4E
40 3L40, Rotatable Dipole
80 Inverted V
4M5IR(YV5KG)   SOAB LP   4,258,7372011-04-01 17:49:41
My antena de 80m out of service and 40 meter only one dipole to 7 meter of
ground antena moslesy triband tranceiver.

YAESU FT450 100 watt.
kENWOOD TS 440 watt.
KE7DX   SOSB10(TS) LP   1,6562011-04-01 20:32:15
Working on rig configuration Sun afternoon, made a few Qs on 10m. Good to see
'ol Sol acting up a bit.
P4ØL(W6LD)   SOAB HP   21,001,1752011-04-01 21:48:04
DQ8N   M/2 HP   32,670,6302011-04-02 03:07:23
STN : 2 x FT1000 MPMKV + OM Power


160m dipole
80m dipole + vertical
40m dipole + 2ele vertical
20m 5ele + 3ele
15m JP2000 + FB33
10m JP2000 + FB33

All antennas + stn installed on friday and degraded on monday.
Stn was ready 10min before contest starts.
So it was more fieldday style. Need better ant. on 40m but no place/tower
for a yagi.

Cu next year !
EU1AZ   SOAB(TS) HP   3,704,1852011-04-02 03:15:37
EH3O(EA3GEG)   SOAB(TS) HP   5,096,9402011-04-02 04:21:50
Good festival, any problems with rotator and rain but the big problem is the
QRM, I don't know what PWR are using any station, but the splatter is
I enjoyed with contest, see you in the next...........

OM5M   M/S HP   7,561,6212011-04-02 05:11:16
For this contest we wanted to be a little professional. We prepared and tested
some beverages for lower bands, so we can hear more in the city mess. It wasn't
a piece of cake, though. Our radioclub is located in a house of flats. Boys had
to drag the coaxial cable across the street to a nearby meadow. The beverages
luckily stayed unharmed until the end of the contest. HI
An unlucky thing was our HB9CV. About an hour before the contest we discovered
that our 7MHz antenna was useless. The SWR was too high. So we couldn't
transmit on 7MHz the first night. On Saturday we fixed it though and the
contest could go on. :))
In general, the contest was very good. We had a lot of fun, we even slept
during the contest!
P.S.: Our operator age average was 23 in this contest! HI
Miska, OM4CX
W4MYA   SO(A)SB15 HP   3,004,1622011-04-02 07:57:48
Fun weekend!
K7ABC(K6LL)   SOSB15(TS) HP   2,8862011-04-02 10:55:26
I immediately got the feeling that Japanese participation was down due to the
terrible situation over there. I felt silly beaming to Japan and calling CQ
Contest, so I packed it in.
K7ZD   SO(A)SB10(TS) HP   1,3602011-04-02 11:54:22
Viral Bronchitis = No Joy ;-)
XP1A(OX3KQ)   SO(A)SB20 HP   8,583,6002011-04-02 19:20:55
Nice propagation but EU QRM is 9++. Could have worked many more if it not was so
many nasty transmitters. lowpower and simple antenna do not have chance.
But hear you next time.
Vy 73
NØOST   SOAB HP   208,6042011-04-03 00:24:37
Band conditions were better this year, but wouldn't you know it, the rotor
locked up about noon on Saturday...pointed straight north.
IZ3NVR   SOSB10(TS) LP   3,6052011-04-03 05:21:54
Yes I know...with this year propagation I could have done better but if the time
to take part is not so much the only thing to do is to enjoy what you can do.

My conditions: FT-450AT (100W) - Vertical

The 4elements for this band is not ready yet :( maybe for the CW part it will
be working.

Worked mainly S&P with the ecception of some time spent calling CQ (the only
station replied my call was EA8/DL3KVR, Dietrik, which I really thanks)
EI2CN   SO(A)SB10 HP   62,0402011-04-03 08:27:11
Ten was interesting but not the band for a whole weekend. No North America,
JA, ZL, VK and only one UA. North south propagation was the only show on
offer. Maybe next year things will be better. No doubt ten provided good
multipliers for multiband entrants but it was slow enough for a single band

4el SteppIR @ 80'
micro Keyer 2
OG7X(OH4XX)   SOAB HP   1,073,8962011-04-03 09:15:34
Nice propagation! Had a limited operating time between other home activities and
local hockey club semi final match. Early in Sunday morning had my best run on
15 m of JA station in years. Had to stop pile up couple of times due logging SW
/ PC got frozen. Finally had to pull the plug on Sunday evening in middle of
good NA pile up since logging got impossible and my lap top would not
cooperate. Thanks for qsos and cu in next one! Congrats for superb scores and
new records!


Mikko OH4XX / OG7X
SV9GPV   SOSB10 LP   554,2222011-04-03 14:39:32
Hello from CRETE
Like last year I ran the WPX SO10M LP the propagaτion this year is more
more better .... .the first qso is with ZS5NK and after with many VK with
very strong signal 59++. i work some JA HS 9M 4W ZL BG DU BY YB VU HZ A6 ....
and some europe stations . All time the VK come in Crete 59+10 +20 and the A6
5B 4X 59+40 .... very very loud very strong all day the 5D5A D4C 6V7D
ST2AR WITH 9++++++ The afternoon open with south America PY LU CE and i
work 100-120 qso with Europe and some station for north America The second
day no more new call on the air hi hi ..... the some station on the air for
the first 5-6 h but the afternoon and the last 2 h the band with
very very strong stations 9++and i work 250 qso with NA EU SA. The last
with KI1G .I work 669 QSO 362 WPX 554222 P

My antenna is steppir 4el power 100w my radio Tentec Orion2

EA1JJ   SOSB15 LP   55,5772011-04-03 15:59:03
See you next year.

73 de Jose EA1JJ
WM5R(@K5NA)   SOAB HP   6,000,6242011-04-03 19:28:42
Thanks to Susan and Richard for letting me play radio from their
farm once again. This is the third single operator contest
I've done from the K5NA-K5DU super station.

We thought everything was working great this time except the
microHAM MK2R+, which is still not routing microphone audio consistently
to the left radio. So, on the left radio, Richard set up a desk
microphone, and all of my second radio contacts were made using that
microphone. On Sunday morning, I thought the left radio wasn't
hearing much, but I had good SWR on transmit. After the contest,
Richard did some A/B testing between the two radios and determined
that the left radio receiver was 50 dB to 60 dB down from the right
radio. It was probably like that all contest. Surprisingly (or maybe
not, given the magic soil on that farm) I worked two Europeans on 160
meters with that radio.

The operator wasn't the sharpest this weekend, either. I was tired
from a long work week when the contest started. I wasn't as productive
as I should have been on 40 meters. And among other problems, I
decided to take a 30 minute off time on Saturday night. Oops.

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm
0000 --+-- --+-- --+-- 13/9 117/80 --+-- 130/89 130/89
0100 - - 1/0 171/76 - - 172/76 302/165
0200 - 3/3 25/13 51/21 - - 79/37 381/202
0300 - 4/2 98/30 - - - 102/32 483/234
0400 - - 55/27 8/6 - - 63/33 546/267
0500 3/1 29/11 26/7 - - - 58/19 604/286
0600 1/1 18/4 45/11 1/1 - - 65/17 669/303
0700 1/1 22/3 40/22 1/1 - - 64/27 733/330
0800 --+-- 36/13 23/8 --+-- --+-- --+-- 59/21 792/351
0900 2/1 - 9/2 - - - 11/3 803/354
1000 - - - - - - 0/0 803/354
1100 - - - - - - 0/0 803/354
1200 - - 11/5 8/3 16/12 - 35/20 838/374
1300 - - - 48/15 46/31 - 94/46 932/420
1400 - - - - 105/86 1/0 106/86 1038/506
1500 - - - - 84/43 22/13 106/56 1144/562
1600 --+-- --+-- --+-- 4/0 53/29 4/4 61/33 1205/595
1700 - - - 5/1 45/17 11/4 61/22 1266/617
1800 - - - - 100/36 1/0 101/36 1367/653
1900 - - - - 123/37 3/0 126/37 1493/690
2000 - - - - 73/13 17/7 90/20 1583/710
2100 - - - - 68/21 13/7 81/28 1664/738
2200 - - - 29/7 32/7 6/3 67/17 1731/755
2300 - - - 72/13 16/3 - 88/16 1819/771
0000 --+-- --+-- --+-- 101/13 38/6 2/1 141/20 1960/791
0100 - - - 129/18 - - 129/18 2089/809
0200 - 2/0 14/4 36/12 - - 52/16 2141/825
0300 - - 64/10 - - - 64/10 2205/835
0400 2/0 3/0 21/5 - - - 26/5 2231/840
0500 - 6/0 48/14 - - - 54/14 2285/854
0600 - - 30/8 - - - 30/8 2315/862
0700 - - - - - - 0/0 2315/862
0800 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 2315/862
0900 - - - - - - 0/0 2315/862
1000 - - - - - - 0/0 2315/862
1100 - 1/0 31/7 - - - 32/7 2347/869
1200 - - 14/4 13/2 31/16 - 58/22 2405/891
1300 - - - - 102/29 - 102/29 2507/920
1400 - - - - 81/24 - 81/24 2588/944
1500 - - - - 21/8 - 21/8 2609/952
1600 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 47/10 --+-- 47/10 2656/962
1700 - - - - 50/13 - 50/13 2706/975
1800 - - - 3/0 14/5 - 17/5 2723/980
1900 - - - - 24/4 - 24/4 2747/984
2000 - - - 24/6 3/0 6/2 33/8 2780/992
2100 - - - 1/0 - - 1/0 2781/992
2200 - - - 59/13 - - 59/13 2840/1005
2300 - - - 29/3 - - 29/3 2869/1008
Total: 9/4 124/36 555/177 806/2201289/530 86/41

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %
NA 6 109 428 627 530 12 1712 59.7
AS 0 1 20 44 60 1 126 4.4
OC 1 1 5 16 13 4 40 1.4
SA 0 4 6 27 19 66 122 4.3
EU 2 7 93 90 659 0 851 29.7
AF 0 2 3 2 8 3 18 0.6
SX5P(@SV5FRD)   M/M HP   10,497,5502011-04-04 11:05:04
VE3RZ   SO(A)AB LP   389,4992011-04-04 14:58:09
Was not too motivated for this one, but hearing how good 15m was got me hooked
for a few hours. Then other chores had to kick in, and by that time I was
reaching for the CW key!!

Thanks for all the Qs and some great scores out there.

CU in the next one

WB2R(W2MFT)   SOAB QRP   183,3062011-04-05 14:02:08
Had a GREAT time this year! Tried so hard to work JT5DX...sorry you couldn't
hear me because of QRM
YU5R   M/2 HP   13,454,4962011-04-06 07:55:30
We had so much fun!
We broke Serbian M2 record which was almoust 10 mil pts.
Thanks everyone for qso,15 m was GREAT!
73 members of YU5R
CN2R(W7EJ)   SOSB15 HP   21,281,6502011-04-06 17:14:03
A great contest! No power problems. I worked many JA stations. Band was open at
0600Z until 2230Z.
USA 1705
Germany 542
Japan 316
Italy 226
England 220

Tnx to all for QSOs. Should be new SOSB15 record!

73 Jim
N3UM   SOAB(TS) HP   1,329,7242011-04-06 20:08:26
My second-best claimed score in 9 straight years doing WPX SSB. Only about 5.5%

behind my best score, last year, mostly because I operated 1.4 hours less this

year. More QSOs on 15 and 10 m. this year than in any year since 2005: some
sunspots are back. Found no EU stations on 10 m., but lots of SA stations on
with QSO totals of several thousand. A thrill to easily work one station in
Taiwan and one in mainland China, though of course the mult counted no more
the ordinary ones I missed such as K2 and W8. Also missed W9, K6, K0, N5, and

N8, but I think it was worth it to focus on intercontinental QSOs worth 3 to 6
points instead of 1 point.
OI3V(OH3LB)   SOSB20 LP   200,2602011-04-08 04:29:50
HA8IE   SO(A)AB HP   5,789,6932011-04-08 08:33:24
Rig: FT-1000D + DVS-2
Amp: TL-922
Ant: TH7DX, Vertical (27mH) and Beverage's
IY4FGM   M/S HP   3,215,2362011-04-08 12:59:47
IK4AUY and IZ4FTB are IY4FGM operators since many years, with help
of other young contest operators, we have activated Marconi Memorial
Station at Villa Griffone - Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna), this place was
Marconi family summer house, where G. Marconi made his earliest wireless
experiments. The station is managed by ARI-Bologna, the place by Foundation G.
Marconi. Antennas: TH7DX, 40,80,160m dipoles. TRX Yaesu FT-2000, FT-950,
BLA1000, ACOM1000. We all had a great time. See IY4FGM WPX video on youtube,
73 de Sergio,IK4AUY.
HA4XH   SO(A)SB80 LP   110,9792011-04-08 14:09:36
It was good to be a new prefix in the last four hours of the contest.

Thanks for a temporary pile-up.

73's Charlie
OH6K   M/S HP   649,6402011-04-09 10:37:05
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3,5 134 318 89
7 153 501 113
14 202 306 129
21 123 293 82
28 26 72 23
Total 638 1490 436
Score: 649 640
KD4D(@N3HBX)   M/2 HP   23,648,7992011-04-10 12:06:22
15 is BACK! MORE QSO's than 20! :-)

Thanks to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting us invade the farm while
he drove around in circles on a racetrack in West Virginia! One
of my operators was sick before the contest and we lost another
one halfway through! I was a single-op for the last three hours or

15 was GREAT on Saturday morning and the 20 meter afternoon opening
to Asia was wonderful fun. Sunspots are back!

Used WinTest for the first time. Easy to network and configure, but
the awkward serial number handling for a multi will probably send us
to N1MM...John's new FTdx-5000 defeated CT! :-)

KD4D - Continents
By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

| Band | EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 160 | | 100.0% | | | | |
| 80 | 36.6% | 59.9% | 1.9% | 0.8% | 0.4% | 0.4% |
| 40 | 54.9% | 31.0% | 3.3% | 1.2% | 3.9% | 5.6% |
| 20 | 60.5% | 28.1% | 3.4% | 0.8% | 4.5% | 2.6% |
| 15 | 74.6% | 13.5% | 3.7% | 0.9% | 6.3% | 0.9% |
| 10 | 5.7% | 29.1% | 53.7% | 6.3% | | 5.1% |

Powered by Win-Test 4.7.0

By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 | Total |
| | | | | | | | |
| 00 | | | 63 | 86 | | | 149 |
| 01 | | 35 | 68 | 17 | | | 120 |
| 02 | | 55 | 71 | | | | 126 |
| 03 | | 60 | 64 | | | | 124 |
| 04 | | 52 | 52 | | | | 104 |
| 05 | | 55 | 51 | | | | 106 |
| 06 | | 84 | 85 | | | | 169 |
| 07 | | 54 | 76 | | | | 130 |
| 08 | | 18 | 49 | 6 | | | 73 |
| 09 | | 30 | 28 | 3 | | | 61 |
| 10 | | 2 | 26 | 35 | 3 | | 66 |
| 11 | | | | 75 | 97 | | 172 |
| 12 | | | | 81 | 186 | | 267 |
| 13 | | | | 59 | 101 | | 160 |
| 14 | | | | 50 | 99 | | 149 |
| 15 | | | | 39 | 102 | | 141 |
| 16 | | | | 25 | 68 | | 93 |
| 17 | | | | 8 | 81 | 9 | 98 |
| 18 | | | | 50 | 52 | | 102 |
| 19 | | | | 75 | 75 | | 150 |
| 20 | | | | 60 | 58 | 2 | 120 |
| 21 | | | | 64 | 67 | | 131 |
| 22 | | | | 64 | 66 | | 130 |
| 23 | | | 17 | 61 | 32 | | 110 |
| 00 | | 30 | 93 | 25 | 4 | | 152 |
| 01 | | 36 | 64 | | | | 100 |
| 02 | | 41 | 65 | | | | 106 |
| 03 | | 48 | 57 | | | | 105 |
| 04 | | 49 | 58 | | | | 107 |
| 05 | | 22 | 65 | | | | 87 |
| 06 | | 17 | 55 | | 1 | | 73 |
| 07 | | 21 | 66 | 3 | | | 90 |
| 08 | 2 | 17 | 48 | | | | 67 |
| 09 | | 6 | 29 | | | | 35 |
| 10 | | 2 | 18 | 42 | 3 | | 65 |
| 11 | | | | 50 | 76 | | 126 |
| 12 | | | | 40 | 129 | | 169 |
| 13 | | | | 30 | 77 | | 107 |
| 14 | | | | 28 | 58 | 18 | 104 |
| 15 | | | | 10 | 72 | 19 | 101 |
| 16 | | | | 2 | 64 | | 66 |
| 17 | | | | 12 | 47 | 45 | 104 |
| 18 | | | | 25 | 42 | 23 | 90 |
| 19 | | | | 28 | 44 | | 72 |
| 20 | | | | 11 | 47 | 38 | 96 |
| 21 | | | | | 57 | 22 | 79 |
| 22 | | | | 9 | 36 | | 45 |
| 23 | | | | 16 | 32 | | 48 |
| | 2 | 734 | 1268 | 1189 | 1876 | 176 | 5245 |
W7ZB   SOSB80 HP   18,8162011-04-10 17:45:00
Decided to see what I could do with a few hours each night on 80. Pretty good
conditions, and I did ok with just an inverted vee. Had fun with S&P, as I am
no big gun. Snagged a couple of Europeans, which is always a hoot from the
Left Coast.

73, Mark
A65CA(RV6AJJ)   SO(A)AB LP   675,4162011-04-11 04:27:15
Yuri, A65CA
MMØTAI   M/S HP   1,132,1312011-04-11 08:35:25
HI3TEJ(TED)   SOAB LP   8,264,9952011-04-11 11:54:12
Thanxs God and to all for this great one



God willing CU at Dayton 2011
K4YCR   SOSB40 LP   9,9182011-04-12 06:40:36
First time wpx. Enjoyed the single band operation, low power, with "stealth
antennas". K-3, Butternut Vertical and dipole in the attic.
8P3A(VE3DZ)   SOAB(TS) LP   12,315,4652011-04-13 05:27:04
Greatest conditions since 2003-2004! 15 and 20 were open almost 24 hours from
here. 10 was very hot to all parts of the World from dawn till dusk.
KT5J(K5TR)   SOAB HP   8,093,4472011-04-13 12:46:15
Have you ever had one of those contests where everything just works
great? Propagation is good for you, signals are strong, your long
suffering line noise has vanished, your every move seems to be blessed
with good fortune in short you feel at one with bands. I have too.
But that was some other weekend, during some other contest. Sure
there were moments this weekend when things looked bright, propagation
was sounding very fine, the station was all setup and ready to go and
the operator was rested. Moments like this are often fleeting.

My contest started on 15 meters. Shortly after the contest started I
found a frequency and was settling in to some good rate with a
mixture of USA and Japanese stations. Rate was great and the future
was looking bright. By 00:32z I had 100 contacts in the log. At
00:35z the AL-1500 that I was using blew up in a most impressive
display for POPS, cracks, sizzle and smoke.

It reminded me of the amp exploding in NCCC SS tape #3. If you have
never heard it check it out.

The amp explodes about 9 minutes into tape #3.

The plume of smoke blasting out of the top tube vent was not unlike
the smoke seen when a NASCAR engine blows at Daytona. I quickly
slapped the power switch off and tried to keep calling CQ at 100 watts
but with not many answers while I collected myself and decided what I
should do next. I moved the station that was on 20 meters to my 15
meter frequency and considered many things as my run got going again.
Should I quit, change to low power, change to single band 15 and
several other things. As I thought about these things I kept running
and figured I would either do 15 or just pretty much a single radio
thing. I do not really have a spare amp - I have an amp that has a
fried band switch that I knew worked on a few bands but I was not sure
which bands. I was kicking myself for not having found the time nor
the courage to dig into that Alpha 78 and fix the bad wafer. But I am
sure those of you that have seen the insides of a 78 will identify
with the terror it can inspire. And for those of you have not seen
this horror, cast your eyes on this:


I finally did swap in the Alpha 78 later in the evening and found that
it worked on 40 and 10. It was great to have a 40 meter amp as it
allowed me to use the other station on the other bands at night.

Anyway, back to the contest at hand. I regained my composure and was
running again, well for about 10 minutes and I un-keyed and there was a
BY station less than .5 kHz from my frequency calling CQ. He was
clearly not hearing me even though he was S7 or so here. My JA run
stopped cold and he was making it hard for me to work much of anything
else. I finally gave up and went off to find a new frequency. The
band was packed! Wow. But I finally found a new frequency and was off
and running again way high in the band. Life was OK again. This
frequency was not nearly as good and I was not working as many DX
stations as before but like I said, it was OK. After being there for
about 20 minutes I un-keyed to find, you guessed it, an S7 BY station
calling CQ zero beat with me. He is not hearing me. In fact he is
not hearing anyone as far as I can tell. He is not working anyone.
But he is calling CQ and my JA run disappears again. After about 9
minutes I finally accept that this will not work and I go looking for
a frequency and finally just give up and go to 20 meters.

At this point my love for this contest is waning a bit. But things
are mostly working except that I having having a very hard time
working anyone on 40 meters with 100 watts. In between running guys
on 20 meters I manage to swap out the AL-1500 with the mostly broken
Alpha 78 in hopes that my memory is good and it does indeed work on
some bands that are useful. The only one I can remember for sure is
10 meters. I get it in line and warmed up and yes, indeed it does
work on 40 meters. Things are looking up even if I am still feeling
somewhat defeated by the loss of the other amplifier.

I move to 40 meters and the night is good, I find a good frequency and
make it through the night with some cool things and even a night time
short path opening to EU on 20 meters. Signals are good but I do not
really have any luck calling CQ during that time but it is cool
anyway. Sunrise comes and I get a great frequency on 15 meters and
stay all day. The rates are great. Things are fun. QRM at times is
very painful but I hang on to this frequency because I am sure that
there are no others and surely no others anywhere near my current
frequency of 21203.7.

The only issue I was having at this point (other than the amp and not
much 2nd radio action) was that I was really really tired and was
spacing out (OK, OK) I was falling asleep in the middle of
contacts. So I had decided I would take some offtime and get a nap in
- and come back to run some JAs, get some over the pole stuff on 20
and be rested for the long night on 40 meters. So go to bed. I get
back on in about 1.5 hours and am getting things going when I notice
that I have some noise. Rain static. Static crashes. A thunderstorm!
I take an offtime and look at the radar. I can't believe it, the
thunderstorm is small but is is purple at it's center and it is pretty
much right over me or at least very very close. I get back in bed for
an hour so as not to waste my offtime. I get back up and back on the
radio and things are going again and then I am hearing louder and
louder and louder than the last time static crashes. Sure enough the
sister to the last storm is headed my way and has way more lightening.
How can this be? It is raining almost no where else in Texas but I
have these tiny little thunderstorms on top of me. So I am off again
- to make matters worse they are moving so very slow on the radar. I
am off again and back to sort of sleeping but only in less than
optimum hour or less chunks. When I get up the next time things are
looking clear and it proves to be the last thunderstorm of the weekend
but sadly I have missed all of the JAs on 15 meters and all of the
over the pole stuff on 20 meters and well anything else on 20 meters.
But I am able to settle in on 40 and work stations pretty well and I
keep adding to my QSO and mult totals but not working enough DX. I
still need to work on my 40 meter yagi - yeah, I know I say this every
year. But maybe one year I will get it done - time to build the
fullsized 40 meter yagi.

Sunday is pretty good - but I do not get any really great frequencies
on 15 meters and I have to move several times. I even call some CQs
on 10 meters and get answers from Europe - but no real rate - but it
was fun. I am so looking forward to that band opening up. Nothing
like building your station on the down side of the solar cycle and
only getting a year or so of 10 meters and most before you have real
antennas up - to make you wonder about when you will get to use those
antennas for something other than E-skip.

I finished the contest on 20 meters trying to pull up the my low QSO
total on that band along with hoping to get some mults - having missed
some prime time 20 meters the night before. It all works out except
for wasting time calling CQ with no answers and burning an offtime as
a result of some odd glitch in the radio or the operator that caused me
to be calling CQ with the TX and RX frequencies not in the same place.
I think this happened at least one other time on Sunday. I will need
to play with the radio and see if it is was me or it or some odd
combination of things that was causing it - but then again maybe I was
just tired.

Ok - so I did have fun - and I am not ready to sell my radios and
quit this crazy game. I know that I left a lot on the table (on the
bands?) this weekend but I am already looking forward to the next one
- well I will be in a few days or weeks, maybe not so much right now.

Thanks for all the contacts.

Thanks to K5OT for letting me abuse his radios yet again.
(I bet he is glad the amp is not his)
And also for letting me abuse his KT5J call sign too.

Thanks to K5TSQ for not bugging me to bring his broken Alpha 78 back
to him. I really will get it fixed. I think I even have the correct
part for it. But did you see the insides? Does it not scare you?

No, really, go look:

I need to replace a band switch wafer.

Ok - see you all in the next contest - and for me that is the June VHF

And if you have never listened to the NCCC SS tapes - then stop what
you are doing and listen to them, now.


2x Elecraft K3 radios (tnx k5ot)
2x AL-1500 amps (for 30 mins then alpha 78 on 40 and 10 only)

160 - 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'.
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40 - Force 12 240N at 120'
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20 - 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 80'
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 6 element yagi at 70'
- 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60'
- 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE

Callsign Used : KT5J
Operator : K5TR
Category : SOAB

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes

160SSB 6 6 9 1
80SSB 47 47 116 13
40SSB 848 848 2365 261
20SSB 1098 1098 1745 253
15SSB 1338 1338 3109 531
10SSB 54 54 143 22

Totals 3391 3391 7487 1081

Final Score = 8093447 points.

HR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ----- ------ -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
0 --- --- --- 2/1 153/98 --- 155/99 155/99 0.03M
1 --- --- --- 79/41 50/21 --- 129/62 284/161 0.08M
2 --- --- --- 126/56 6/4 --- 132/60 416/221 0.17M
3 --- --- 32/26 31/9 1/0 --- 64/35 480/256 0.25M
4 --- --- 107/39 8/7 --- --- 115/46 595/302 0.35M
5 --- --- 95/50 --- --- --- 95/50 690/352 0.49M
6 --- 5/2 95/35 --- --- --- 100/37 790/389 0.63M
7 --- 12/4 60/19 --- --- --- 72/23 862/412 0.76M
8 --- 3/1 45/10 11/5 --- --- 59/16 921/428 0.88M
9 --- --- 39/12 15/10 --- --- 54/22 975/450 1.01M
10 --- 22/5 37/9 4/4 --- --- 63/18 1038/468 1.15M
11 --- 2/0 63/16 --- --- --- 65/16 1103/484 1.27M
12 --- --- 17/4 41/14 --- --- 58/18 1161/502 1.36M
13 --- --- --- 1/0 119/83 --- 120/83 1281/585 1.79M
14 --- --- --- --- 133/75 --- 133/75 1414/660 2.27M
15 --- --- --- --- 91/43 --- 91/43 1505/703 2.57M
16 --- --- --- --- 90/25 2/0 92/25 1597/728 2.83M
17 --- --- --- --- 101/23 1/0 102/23 1699/751 3.09M
18 --- --- --- --- 121/34 --- 121/34 1820/785 3.41M
19 --- --- --- --- 54/12 23/11 77/23 1897/808 3.67M
20 --- --- --- --- --- 4/2 4/2 1901/810 3.68M
21 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 1901/810 3.68M
22 --- --- --- --- 25/8 --- 25/8 1926/818 3.76M
23 --- --- --- --- 33/9 --- 33/9 1959/827 3.85M
0 --- --- --- --- 75/16 --- 75/16 2034/843 4.02M
1 --- --- --- 147/22 --- --- 147/22 2181/865 4.29M
2 --- --- --- 8/2 --- --- 8/2 2189/867 4.31M
3 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 2189/867 4.31M
4 --- --- 13/3 1/0 --- --- 14/3 2203/870 4.39M
5 --- --- 99/14 --- --- --- 99/14 2302/884 4.69M
6 --- 2/0 92/15 --- --- --- 94/15 2396/899 5.01M
7 6/1 --- 4/1 --- --- --- 10/2 2406/901 5.04M
8 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 2406/901 5.04M
9 --- 1/1 42/7 --- --- --- 43/8 2449/909 5.20M
10 --- --- 7/0 --- --- --- 7/0 2456/909 5.21M
11 --- --- --- 10/1 --- --- 10/1 2466/910 5.23M
12 --- --- 1/1 64/10 --- --- 65/11 2531/921 5.40M
13 --- --- --- 75/15 7/2 2/1 84/18 2615/939 5.63M
14 --- --- --- --- 89/27 --- 89/27 2704/966 6.01M
15 --- --- --- --- 83/24 --- 83/24 2787/990 6.37M
16 --- --- --- --- 82/23 --- 82/23 2869/1013 6.73M
17 --- --- --- --- 25/4 10/1 35/5 2904/1018 6.84M
18 --- --- --- 21/3 --- 2/2 23/5 2927/1023 6.91M
19 --- --- --- 15/2 --- 2/1 17/3 2944/1026 6.95M
20 --- --- --- 67/10 --- --- 67/10 3011/1036 7.11M
21 --- --- --- 106/17 --- 1/1 107/18 3118/1054 7.43M
22 --- --- --- 135/15 --- --- 135/15 3253/1069 7.79M
23 --- --- --- 131/9 --- 7/3 138/12 3391/1081 8.09M
D1 0/0 44/12 590/220 318/147 977/435 30/13 1959/827
D2 6/1 3/1 258/41 780/106 361/96 24/9 1432/254
TO 6/1 47/13 848/261 1098/253 1338/531 54/22 3391/1081

Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 5 32 514 724 405 7 1687
VE calls = 1 2 44 69 61 0 177
N.A. calls = 0 1 20 19 11 5 56
S.A. calls = 0 7 20 28 9 32 96
Euro calls = 0 0 140 175 716 6 1037
Afrc calls = 0 2 4 7 8 3 24
Asia calls = 0 1 3 38 14 0 56
JA calls = 0 0 38 20 88 0 146
Ocen calls = 0 2 64 18 26 1 111

Total calls = 6 47 848 1098 1338 54 3391

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 06g) by K5KA

Callsign: KT5J
Contest: CQ-WPX-SSB
Operators: K5TR

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 2 151 0 153 153 4.5
0100 0 0 0 79 49 0 128 281 3.8
0200 0 0 0 126 6 0 132 413 3.9
0300 0 0 32 31 1 0 64 477 1.9
0400 0 0 106 8 0 0 114 591 3.4
0500 0 0 95 0 0 0 95 686 2.8
0600 0 5 93 0 0 0 98 784 2.9
0700 0 12 60 0 0 0 72 856 2.1
0800 0 3 45 11 0 0 59 915 1.7
0900 0 0 39 15 0 0 54 969 1.6
1000 0 22 37 4 0 0 63 1032 1.9
1100 0 2 62 0 0 0 64 1096 1.9
1200 0 0 17 41 0 0 58 1154 1.7
1300 0 0 0 1 119 0 120 1274 3.5
1400 0 0 0 0 133 0 133 1407 3.9
1500 0 0 0 0 90 0 90 1497 2.7
1600 0 0 0 0 90 2 92 1589 2.7
1700 0 0 0 0 100 1 101 1690 3.0
1800 0 0 0 0 119 0 119 1809 3.5
1900 0 0 0 0 54 23 77 1886 2.3
2000 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 1890 0.1
2100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1890 0.0
2200 0 0 0 0 25 0 25 1915 0.7
2300 0 0 0 0 33 0 33 1948 1.0
0000 0 0 0 0 73 0 73 2021 2.2
0100 0 0 0 145 0 0 145 2166 4.3
0200 0 0 0 8 0 0 8 2174 0.2
0300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2174 0.0
0400 0 0 13 1 0 0 14 2188 0.4
0500 0 0 96 0 0 0 96 2284 2.8
0600 0 2 91 0 0 0 93 2377 2.7
0700 6 0 4 0 0 0 10 2387 0.3
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2387 0.0
0900 0 1 41 0 0 0 42 2429 1.2
1000 0 0 6 0 0 0 6 2435 0.2
1100 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 2445 0.3
1200 0 0 1 63 0 0 64 2509 1.9
1300 0 0 0 74 7 2 83 2592 2.4
1400 0 0 0 0 88 0 88 2680 2.6
1500 0 0 0 0 81 0 81 2761 2.4
1600 0 0 0 0 82 0 82 2843 2.4
1700 0 0 0 0 25 10 35 2878 1.0
1800 0 0 0 21 0 2 23 2901 0.7
1900 0 0 0 15 0 2 17 2918 0.5
2000 0 0 0 66 0 0 66 2984 1.9
2100 0 0 0 105 0 1 106 3090 3.1
2200 0 0 0 134 0 0 134 3224 4.0
2300 0 0 0 128 0 7 135 3359 4.0
Total 6 47 838 1088 1326 54 3359

Gross QSO's=3391 Dupes=32 Net QSO's=3359

Unique callsigns worked = 2768

The best 60 minute rate was 160/hour from 0135 to 0234
The best 30 minute rate was 190/hour from 0002 to 0031
The best 10 minute rate was 216/hour from 0010 to 0019

The best 1 minute rates were:
6 QSO's/minute 3 times.
5 QSO's/minute 16 times.
4 QSO's/minute 109 times.
3 QSO's/minute 290 times.
2 QSO's/minute 604 times.
1 QSO's/minute 747 times.

Multi-band QSO's
1 bands 2289
2 bands 377
3 bands 92
4 bands 10
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

----- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O ' s -----
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 2 17 511 714 1008 37
K8GT   SO(A)AB LP   8162011-04-15 19:41:33
No time.
KK9A   SOSB20 HP   6,900,0002011-04-15 20:27:07
KQ2M   SOSB15 HP   10,202,7122011-04-17 12:58:39
NEW US 15 Meter Unassisted Record (Before UBN)

WOW! What a contest!!!

Every so often, every thing comes together "just right" to produce a truly
memorable operating experience!

In my case they were:

1) My health making a significant improvement
2) Mark, K1RX and Webb being able to come down to CT do tower work
3) Good conditions that kept improving throughout the weekend!

This Winter I sustained significant damage to antennas/rotators, etc. as did
many others in the Northeast. Thanks to Mark, K1RX and a brief March thaw that
pushed temps in to the 60's, we were able to stabilize and remount some
antennas, replace damaged rotators and recalibrate them and take down broken
antennas. This gave me a solid 15 meter lineup and, for one morning, working
20 meter antennas. Unfortunately the top 20 coax got caught on the top of the
tower and broke the coax, so an a multi-band operation was curtailed. That
left 15 which had been constantly improving as the daylight increased and the
Solar Flux continued to climb.

Now that I had a solid working Ameritron AL-1500 amp, the idea of single band
15 sounded like fun. I was talking with Jim, W7EJ/CN2R on 15 a few hours
before the contest (he was planning on a Single Band 15 effort as well), and I
told him that I thought 2,500 - 3,000 q's was possible from the US and about
5,000 from his Morocco qth, if things went well.

The real issue was my health which had improved the past few weeks. When I
K1RX was on the tower, I was having great difficulty doing something as simple
as puliing a T2X rotator up to the top with a pull rope. Last Summer I was
pulling up fullsize 5L 20 meter yagis by myself plus a mounted truss (90 lbs),
now I struggled with a simple rotator (20 lbs) and was exhausted after a few
hours as ground crew. Frankly I didn't know what to expect during the contest
or even if I could operate for a full morning-evening shift, but I knew that it
would be fun for as long as I could operate.

15 kept getting better and better throughout March due to seasonal propagation
changes, but then solar flus kept climbing too, keeping the band open for
longer and longer time periods. The week before the contest, the SF got up to
110 and I noticed 15 staying open to Northwestern Europe - G/EI/GM as late as
2130z! The band does not really stay open that long, it actually opens and
closes quite a few times after 17-18z. This "opening and closing" is something
that I have written about for many years and for those that are NOT aware of it,
often causes a premature qsy to 20 with poor rates while the EU stations are
still on 15.

The contest starts and the auroral oval is at 2 with SF=113 and A=3 and K=1,
but the magnetic field BZ = -2. Good "potential" cndx, but with the Earth's
magnetic field pointing South (negative BZ or -BZ), that means that propagation
could deteriorate very rapidly since the magenetic field would not deflect
anything coming from the sun.

Sure enough, I do not hear any JA's, but cndx to VK are pretty good and I run
quite a few at the start along with some ZL/US/SA. My first hour is 102 but it
is a struggle and the 01z hour is short with 40q's before even the SA stations
fade away at 0146z. This is pretty disappointing. The highlight of the
evening was E51SC calling in at 0048z. I did note lots of loud KH6 stations,
so that is a good sign.

I ate a good dinner and went to sleep after setting my alarm clock for 4:30 AM
(0930z). Yuck!

Up at 4:30 AM. I make my meals and coffee for the day and take them
At 10z I turn on the radio and I can barely hear some Eu stations, RK4FF being
the loudest at S5. The auroral oval is at 0! and the Earth's magnetic field is
now positive - a very good sign. I expect some pretty good "action" and at
1009z EA2AEJ calls me. At first I experience a "walk", but by 1016z EU is
calling me for real at at 1029z the run starts, well before sunrise. YL3AGV is
the first "Russian" station to call in and at 1040z, it is VERY early! This is
a GOOD sign! At 1049z stations suddenly jump 2 s-sunits and by 1100z there is
a roaring pileup! Unfortunately it is also an IMPATIENT pileup and when trying
to dig out a callsign, two others frequently call, slowing everything down.

R9DX is the first asiatic Russian to call in at 1114z, at my sunrise, and this
is very early, just anotehr indication of how good things are about to get!

From 1100z-1300z, I work 563 stations with 194, 198 and 180 hours and know that
I probably could have worked at least 100 more if not for the combination of
incredible qrm, line noise and the impatience of the pileup. It was as
frustrating as it was exhiliating! Along with the great EU rates and many
UA9's calling in, at 1222 VK6IR became the first VK6 in the log (polar path
over the North pole), followed by UN8GV at 1226, 9K2HN @ 1244 (S9+20!) and
YB0MWM at 1254z.

UA9, VK6 and YB are the "measuring sticks" of how good an opening is at my qth
- how loud they are, over what beaming they peak and at what time they call in,
tell me so much about the "quality" of the band opening and how long the band
may stay open. So far, it appeared to be a memorable opening!

Nodir, EY8MM called in @ 1322z with YC1BRS @ 1335z, 3V8SS @ 1349z and HS0ZDR @
1358z. HS0ZDR was much louder than the EU stations calling! One note... at
1312z, OH2BR called in and was easily 59+30, about as strong as anyone ever
gets here. I can't even remember the last time I heard an OH station anywhere
near that loud. I knew that that moment that something special was happening
and many new records might be possible!

By 14z, the pileup was thinning out and it was much easier to dig down. Some
of the qrm had moved away and, for the moment, no one was cqing with 500-700hz
of my freq. 1400z-1600z saw rates of 155, 147 amd 124 as the noontime
absorption set in and signal strnegths dropped dramatically. The K stayed at
0! and the auroral oval stayed at 1 (its lowest value) and I knew that I was
going to be able to run EU till at least 21z!

YB0COX called ina t 1513z, with VU2NKS close behind at 1529z. An occasional
Russian station continued to call in right up to 16z, when for some reason, the
band opened even better into Russia, despite being well into darkness for them!
A LOUD 9V1YC called in @ 1646z with 4L6DL @ 1703z. Finally at 17z, I turned one
antenna a bit further South towards Africa, and 9J2BO called in at 1734z. Eu
was dying out so I pointed the top antenna @ W6 and was greeted with a slow but
steady stream of US callers. I half expected a US pileup, but it never
happened. Some of the US stations were loud, but most were very weak! I
wasn't able to figure out why it was so hard to run US stations with such good
cndx, I certainly could use the prefixes and was trying hard to get them.
WK6LA called in at 1735z and said "Glad to see you back in the chair". What a
nice thing to say!

At 1737z Eu COMPLETELY disappeared! No US either. I suspected a flare, but
nothing on the NOAA websites. Hmm.... The 17-19 hours were 92/94/81, but it
was a tough to copy mix of mostly weak EU and weaker West Coast, punctuated by
a very loud West Coast station. It was almost like the "spotlight"
propagatiopn that we often see on 15, but with such good cndx it was baffling.

15 kept opening and closing to EU with a fairly steady stream of West Coast/Mid
West and occasional East Coast station on scatter. With (finally!) a clear
freq., I was now able to dig them out as they called.

At 2000z, EU got stronger on 15 and tthe late Northwestern EU opening got
started with many G stations calling with an occasional PA/EI/GM and OH
station. At 2031z I was very surprised to hear RK4FF call in! It is quite
unusual to hear a Russian station so late on 15 at this point of the cycle.

With the improvement in propagation, the 20-21z hours were 99 and then 110 as I
was getting calls from EU, SA the US and the Pacific with FO5Qb calling in at
2048z. I almost fell out of my chair when Tonno, ES5TV called in @ 2104z!

JA0AXV was the first JA at 2107 and almost immediately I was called by many
others. It was a real JA run that I was experiencing - very exciting on 15
meters for only the 3rd time this cycle. DS5TOs called in 2128z and then Jim
CN2R with a HUGE #2737 @ 2139z. I gave him #1665. JA's continued to call and
at 22z the band opened to China with B1Z calling at 2206z followed by BD4HQ @
2212z. Du1UGZ follwed @ 2230z and BD3OE @ 2259z. While JA faded a bit, YB8EL,
HL5/LA8JKA and BG2AUE all called in the next 10 minutes follwed by several
UA0's, YB1C, DS1PRD and VK6EDX! BV1EK called in @ 2355 and I was practicalyl
jumping up and down with excitement and what might call me next!

BY 2359 I had 1826 q's and 896 mult and things were still getting better!
The K stayed at 0 and the auroral oval stayed at 1 all day and the Sunspot
Number had jumped up to 113! WOW!!!

I constantly had to move my antennas around as up to 2230z I was still getting
calls from Europe as well as from JA/SA/ the Pacific and the US. It was at
least 6 or 7 years since that had happened!

The slow but fun run continued into the 00z hour with BY4DX @ 0006, HL4CCM @
0011 and BG4TYQ @ 0016z. JA slowed down to a crawl, bu then VK6HD called in
follwed by by "China Run" of BA1SN, BD6JJX and BA6IV. I was becoming aware
that the flutter was very different on BA stations as compared to JA stations.
JA stations had slow flutter and deep qsb, while BA stations had rapid flutter
and very little qsb. I saw this difference all throughout the weekend!

At 0130z I was getting almost no callers, but 15 was still open so I tuned up
the band at worked BA1AI, DZ1B, Robin 4H9RG, B7P and 4H1T. I notice several
Chinese stations calling CQ with no takers as well as numerous LOUD HL/DU/UA0
stations. Apparently China has gotten so common now, that many stations pass
them by without calling! Amazing!

With 15 still open @ 0145z, I left 21200 and called cq on 21245 and immediately
called by both BY5CZ and 9M8Z. I couldn't believe this was actually happening!
The run was short and sweet - just those two stations. I S & P's a few JA's
and SA stations and then went upstairs to eat and sleep. I finished the
evening with 1905 x 925 for about 4.75 Meg, and for the first time I began to
thing about the possibility of a US record. It would take at least another
900 q's and 100 mults, but it was possible if the great 15 meter conditions
continued - which was not that likely with a CME (Coronal Mass Event)

Up at 4:30 AM again to make sandwiches and coffee to bring downstairs, stretch
out and plan my medication schedule for the day, I was wide awake and ready to
go at 10z. 15 however, had other plans and was dead. I checked the NOAA Space
Weather sites and saw that the Auroral Oval was at 4 and we had had a brief
flare 00z. Uh oh!

I turned all my antennas East and started cqing. Nothing. Les, KG1E was my
first Sunday qso at 1024z follwed by ZS6P and ZS1XUK at 1030 and 1035z. CT1BWO
was my first EU caller at 1039z, 30 minuted later than Saturday. Finally I
started to be heard at 1041z and C31CT called in @ 1047z. I struggled for the
next 45 minutes until a UA1, who apparemtly been underneath me (and inaudible
to me), decided to move away. At 1121z the UA1 moved and it was "pedal to the
metal!". An instant pileup of EU and Russians ensued with R9WS the first
Sunday UA9 caller @ 1131z. VU3DJQ called in very early @ 1143z ofllwe dby
A71EM at 1146z. A furious run of Russians started at 1147z and the band just
EXPLODED! Rates went to 300+ per hour at times as I started hearing 4th level
EU /Russian stations that I have never heard before. Mixed in were HS0ZBG,
R8TX, UN8PT, UN6G, UN7TO and many others. Cndx were simply INCREDIBLE!

As the clocked turned from 11z with a 121 hour, 12z - 13z brought the most
amazing cndx on 15 that I have heard in several decades! A roaring pileup of
Russian stations made it hard to pick out YC9AOS, YB1AQD, Rt9T, UB8QAA, HS0ZHG,
VU2DK, E20YLM, 4K9W, EY8BJ, UP7P and countless more, with a very loud KG6DX
calling in over the North pole @ 1357z and XV1X calling in @ 1426z!
5D5A also called along with HZ0ZDG and YB1UUN. The memorable 12-14z hours
produced rates of 136, 135, 118, but even more important were all the prefix
rarities as the band opened wide up to all of Central and Western Asia!

after 15z, it was predominately Eu with an occasional US/SA station and rates
in the 90's and 80's per hour. GM0EGI called in at 1638z and hurt me ears
because he was so loud! He said I was S9+40! At 1747z, 3V1A called in and I
realized that I should turn one antenna toward Africa. 5X1NH called in @ 1816z
follwed by ZA1E and, RObert, ST2AR with an incredible signal @ 1835z. I turned
the 3rd antenna to the West so that I could work stateside and more prefixes and
was greeted by a steady but slow stream of US callers with ZL3IO .

I now had my antennas at NE, West and South and was constantly moving them
about to make sure that I was being heard all over. Much to my amazement, the
Auroral oval dropped back to 1 and the K stayed at 0. This was an
exceptionally rare occurrence with a SSN great than 100! Cndx were simply
outstanding. I couldn't believ ehow lucky I was! At 1900z I was still running
EU with rates in the 70's and 80's and I had 2785 q's x 1154 mult for 8.665 meg
and had blown way past the existing 15 meter record of 7.5 meg!

3D2A called in @ 1941z, but then promptly disappeared, so he was NIL (not in
log). Oh well.

At 2000z I was still being called by the occasional LOUD Eu station, along with
a weak US station, mostly on scatter or SA station. A LOUD OY3JE called in at
2032z and told me that once again there would be good JA/Asian run. JA6GCE was
the first JA station to call in at 2100z. All of a sudden the auroral climbed
up to 4 and then up to 7 and JA basically disappeared. I turned two antennas
at EU and constantly rotated the 3rd from West Coast to SA and then back again
to maxmimize coverage. Every so often a JA station would call in and get my
hopes up, so that I would swing the top antenna to JA, and then no one else
would call. Fortuantely the band was open to CHINA!
as B3C called in at 2232z, BA1AI called in @ 2240z and then, in the surprise of
the weekend, a super-weak but thankfully super patient 4W3A called me @ 2244z!

It took me 3 minutes to get his call and number correct. Only twice before in
38 years of being licensed had I ever heard a 4W station, and it was NOT in a
contest! After I worked 4W3A, the contest felt "complete" to me. All that was
left was to see if I could break 3,000 q's and 10,000,000 points Single band,
something that had never been done in the US before!

I kept calling cq and and @ 2251z, BA2EX called in along with a few JA's and
KL7's. VK6HAD called in @ 2258z and DX1DBT @ 2302z follwed by VK6DU @ 2312z.
This afternoon I had worked VK6 short path, long path and skew path by BOTH
North AND South! What a hoot! with the Auroral Oval at 7, I was not hearing
much and I was about swing the antennas South to work the SA/CA stations, until
4W3A called me again, just to make sure I had worked him the first time. Duped
by a 4W station! What a wonderful experience that I would gladly repeat in
every single contest!

At 2322z I worked W0RAA who put me at 10,000,998 points! Shortly after that,
and with no more run, I tuned up the band to work everyone. Cndx were still ok
and I work 25 more q's with 15 prefixes.

I finished an exciting last minute (2359z) with 3's and mults, BX5AA, WN2O and
WH7Z. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Final score before UBN:

3,092 q's x 1,234 prefixes = 10,202,712

Although that score will almost certainly drop below 10,000,000 points, I was
thrilled to break 3,000 q's and 10 Meg points on an Unassisted Single Band
effort from the US!

Here are a few stats from the weekend:

Q's by country:

BY 15 !!
Dl 358 !!
EA 99
G 246 !!
HS 6
I 149
JA 153 (a lot for Northeastern US)
K 467 (much lower than I expected)
PY 45 Muchas Gracias!
UA 167 WOW!
UA9 65
UR 118 !!! Incredible number from Ukraine!
VK 25
YB 11


252 from US (I expected more like 400)
52 from JA
141 from Russia!
109 from DL WOW!

I also worked all 7 UK countries on 15 - I have only done this twice before.

The most amazing thing to me though is that, without trying, I worked 131
countries on 15 in this contest!!!

Normally I will work 100 - 110 countries on a single band effort or 120
overall, but 131 countries on 15 without bothering to look for SA/CA and Africa
just points out how incredible the activity and cndx were all weekend!

Finally, I would like to close on a more somber and "real-world" note. I want
to thank all the Japanese contesters for operating in WPX. Words are
inadequate to express the depth of our sadness at the tragic events that have
occurred in your country. Please accept our strength and friendship and
support as you recover and rebuild.

73 to all and thanks for the q's!

Bob KQ2M
TI5N(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   1,320,9352011-04-25 16:33:23
Rig: Elecraft K-2: 5 Watts

Antennas at TI5KD :

Quad up 25 meters, 4 el 10M, 3 el 15M and 20M

TH6 Tribander up 25 meters

2 el 40M Quad fixed at 20 degrees

80M loop with apex up 27 meters

A3 tribander up 12 meters fixed So America

The nice part about WPX is that you get to sleep some during the contest. The
challenging part is figuring out when to sleep.

This year I changed strategies a bit and decided to take my off times at night.
Even with Keko's fantastic 40 M quad and with the point advantage that WPX
contests give to the low bands, I thought I might do better spending my time on
the high bands. But in the end, I don't think it made much difference.

Conditions on 10 meters were considerably better than last year. I worked 22
Europeans on 10 meters this year compared to only one last year! But the longer
skip seemed to make it harder to work the USA and that is where most of my Qs
and points come from! In the end, it may have hurt my score.

Conditions were better on 15 meters also and I worked almost twice as many
Europeans on 15 this year than last.

On 20 meters the first night, I got one of those openings over the pole into
eastern Europe that added about 20 prefixes to my count.

On 40 I was able to easily work the strong contest stations in Europe,
especially on the second night when the piles were much smaller.

My best QSO by far was on 15 meters when JY5CC stood by for stations outside
Europe. Amazingly, I seemed to be the only station to call. He quickly got a
partial on my 5 watt signal and then struggled mightly to finally get my call
and the exchange. It was certainly the thrill of the contest for me!
...Incidentally, as I was trying to work him I was surprised to hear several US
stations call him on his frequency which was CLEARLY outside the US band!

It was also thrilling to have 5N7M come back to me right at the end of the
contest while I was running a long string of US stations on 10 meters. I was so
used to working US stations that it took me a few go arounds before I could
figure out what call I was hearing!

Once again, I want to thank Keko for the use of his great contest station near
San Jose. That TI5N call and his antennas add many db to my QRP signal! ...And
on Saturday night I also found out that he barbecues a pretty good chicken! It
is always difficult to go back home and operate after doing a contest at his

See you all in WPX CW where I will probably be struggling from home as W6QU
with my 32 foot "tower"!

73, ...Bill W8QZA @ TI5N
W1WBB   SOSB160(TS) LP   2,3682011-04-26 09:28:42
Minimal effort Friday eve on Topband from home as I was part of the NG1G M/S
effort (at W1AN) later in the weekend. Had 5 6-pt Q's and 5 4-pt Q's on 160m.
Very, very high noise levels on Topband Saturday eve so no operating
separate RX ant presently for low bands.

Spent a bit of time Saturday chasing stns on 10m just for fun.

**Submitted to sponsor as Single Band 160m LP (TB/W) entry** No entry was made
in USA W1 for 160m in that category up thru 2010.

Icom 737, 3/8 wv Inv-L on 160m; 88' doublet up @ ~50' for 10m.

Bill W1WBB
N7BEF   SOAB LP   29,6802011-04-29 13:47:00
14 34 86 29
21 83 194 77
TOTAL 117 280 106
Score 29,680