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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2007   Jul 21   Comment Summary

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N1ESE/R   Rover LP   42007-07-22 07:23:18
I really didn't participate in this contest with my station. I was driving home
from sitting in the chair for 8 hours at K1WHS and wanted to give them a couple
more QSO's. I may head back up there today for a couple more hours. This log
is probably not worth sending in but I always believe in sending logs no matter
the size.

See you in September. I will either be a full-time rover in Sept. or you'll
hear me again at K1WHS.
KA1DWX   SOSB/6 LP   2,1462007-07-22 12:46:15
Was surprised to QSO W7CE in Washington state from DE QTH w/100 w & 3 el @ 40
feet! Don
N9FC   SOSB/6 LP   1,4312007-07-22 13:13:46
First time on 6m Very interesting band
john em69
NG7Z   SOAB LP   2522007-07-22 14:08:28
Well, for my first VHF contest, I was sorely disappointed. However, the one
bright spot was a 6M contact to OR. That was the best I could do. Part of the
equation was a conflict in contests. I also operated in the RTTY contest on HF.
So it was back and forth between rigs. Most of the time, I had the VHF radio on
in the background listening to the 6M calling freq.
Chatting with the other operators on VHF, I guess there wasn't much going on
I just put up a new tower and beams for HF and VHF. I was hoping to give the
VHF beams a good workout to see how they played. Will have to wait and see.
73 Paul NG7Z
WA1Z   SOAB LP   17,9762007-07-22 14:12:12
Enjoyed the opening during 2300z hour on Saturday. Had a 113/hr, which is rare
from home QTH!
N1SXL   SOAB LP   7,3002007-07-22 14:21:38
I enjoy the 6m opening on Saturday afternoon. Thought I was working 20m it was
so busy. However Sunday was a complete waste of time no opening no operators.
Weather to nice to be having a contest in the middle of the summer.

Dean, N1SXL
VO1KVT   SOSB/6 LP   6,1202007-07-22 14:25:17
For most of the contest the band was very quiet, however we did get an opening
in the late afternoon and just before midnight. Made a few Qs, worked some new
grids and had fun. Looking forward to next years contest.
73 Ken VO1KVT
K3TD   SOAB LP   1,1482007-07-22 14:29:25
100 watts on both bands to Par Omniangle loops at 20' for 6 and 15' for 2. Nice
to hear the E-skip on 6, but missed much of it and did not get started until
several hours after the contest began. Heard K5QE in EM31 for much of the
contest on 2 meters, but only a couple of other local stations. Rigs are an
IC-756ProII and an IC-275H. I guess you could say this was my first feeble
attempt at SO2R! 73, Tad
N7NT   SOAB LP   4772007-07-22 14:29:36
Radio: Yaesu FT-897D, 100 watts 6 meters, 50 watts 2 meters
Antenna: 6 meters: KU4AB SQ-50 Square Halo at 25 feet
2 meters: stacked KU4AB SQ-144 Square Halos at 32 feet

Propagation was limited here but new antennas played well.
Thanks to the sponsors and see you next time.
KC5R   SOAB LP   2342007-07-22 14:31:42
Outside of beginning of contest, only sporadic E-skip. Listened to dead air most
of the time (listened ever other hour or so). Kudos to those who stuck it out
and were around when the band was better.
WJJ9B(WJ9B)   SOAB HP   4,8502007-07-22 14:39:37
73, will, wj9b, dit dit
NØUNL   Multi-Op LP   22,0322007-07-22 14:40:43
This was our best score in this contest from the University Club station.
VE3HG   SOSB/6 LP   6212007-07-22 14:43:41
Tnx to Harry, VA3EC, we got two stacked KU4AB SQ-50 6 meter square loops up a
20-foot mast on top of a 30-foot tower. Never been on six before so didn't know
what to expect. Worked Florida, Texas, Louisana, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and
Colorado with ease. Heard Mexico. Nice not to have to rotate anything. Great
antennas. Wonderful for monitoring band openings and great for working the
contest without the expense of a beam and rotor. Antennas were flat at 50.125
right out of the box. Never knew 6 was such an open band :) Had a great time.
WB8JUI   SOSB/6 LP   722007-07-22 14:44:36
Arrived home from vacation (12 hour drive) in time to catch the very end of the
contest. I'm not having too much luck convincing my wife of the importance of
purchasing an IC7000 for the family truckster.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
EA3AKY   SOSB/6 HP   8,5802007-07-22 14:49:12
Poor Es conditions during the contest, managed more qsos on Saturday before the
contest, so quite disapointing.

Some good conditions to the East, with low activity, no conditions at all to
North and to NA (with the usual s7-s9 qrm nothing to do), good conditions to CN
and EA8 (just 4 stations wkd) and nothing to caribe.

No Es at all to where more stations are: G, PA, DL.

Best dxs been in UX, TA and LY.

Hope to get some Es to NA next year.

Best 73s Josep EA3AKY
N4GG   SOSB/6 LP   3232007-07-22 14:49:34
50W to an 80M inverted vee - just foolin around.....
K8MR   SOAB LP   4,0182007-07-22 14:54:08
A few hours here and there.

The most interesting propagation was W7CE in CN87 with a very good signal
around 1730z Sunday, but no other signals on the band (other than a few
N8BI   SOAB HP   8,9702007-07-22 15:08:37
Activity very low on 2 meters at my location. Limited openings on 6. NOTE: score
is based on QSO Points. (1/Q on 6 mtrs & 2/Q on 2 mtrs) Otherwise had a good
time. Does anyone know the difference between HP & LP? Did not see it in the
CQ-VHF rules, just QRP. Going with high power?
Best 73 & thanks to everyone for the points..Jack N8BI
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   44,6492007-07-22 15:15:08
FT650 + AMP 700W
6M7jhv at 50'
KU8E   SOSB/6 LP   4,9472007-07-22 15:32:34
Made most of my contacts on Saturday. No E skip openings on Sunday.
KR4F   SOAB QRP   6602007-07-22 15:36:44
Rig : Orion II with Ten Tec Transverter (5 Watts)

Antennas : TH-3

Soapbox : Band dead on Sunday -- No QSOs. The little opening on

Saturday was a blast!
K4UVA   SOAB LP   7,5522007-07-22 15:56:17
After missing this contest for the last two years for various reasons, I was
able to operate for a good part of this contest. Saturday afternoon/evening
produced some nice E's on 6 and 2 meters seemed neglected since there was so
much activity on 6 meters. I did get some openings to the NE and double-hop in
DM land. Sunday was painfully slow, with little to no enhancements. Stations
were there one second, gone the next!

I was able to end with a flurry and pick up some stations on two meters that
I'd worked Saturday on 6. All in all, it was a great contest and I'm looking
forward to September!

Thanks for the Q's!

N3HBX   SOAB HP   44,4602007-07-22 15:58:30
Horrible S9+ power-line noise over an 180 degree arc - courtesy of Allegheny
Power! Made life miserable! The only good opening was on Saturday evening to
the west. Eceedingly slow all Sunday.......
K7BG   SOSB/6 LP   2,1462007-07-22 16:17:12
Hardly any conditiononeys up here. Worked over 300 more Qs and over 100 more
mults last year. Highlight was hearing some CW on .125 Saturday night and
hearing NL7Z calling CQ. Turned the monster 5 element Cushcraft around and
fired a staggering 50 watts of RF up to AK to bag a new mult.

Short Es openings had very small footprints otherwise.

TS690S @ 50 watts
5 ele CC at 20 feet
5 ele 20 meter yagi at 83 feet

Anothyer almost magically delicious experience even if condx not the best,

W6OAL   SOAB HP   29,0702007-07-22 17:28:21
About 11% of what i did last year. We jusdidn't have the propagation this year
and a lack of interest here on 2M.
N4JF   SOAB QRP   1,0322007-07-22 17:33:17

K4BAI   SOSB/6 LP   152007-07-22 17:58:01
IC736, 100 watts, quad loop at 35 feet. Missed most of the openings. Sorry for
lack of time to operate during the contest period. 73, John, K4BAI.
N2WN   SOSB/6 QRP   202007-07-22 18:34:44
First time ever on 6M, heard a few signals, worked about 2/3 of what I heard.
Used my 12m quad. I suspect conditions left something to be desired ;o) Will
give it another try this winter.
W9SZ   SOAB QRP   2,6182007-07-22 18:36:57
Slow going at first, then 50 MHz opened up to the East Coast. Opening lasted 3+
hours. Worked many stations there, and after sunset we had another smaller
opening to Colorado.

144 MHz was fairly flat here during the time I was active.

All in all great fun!
NE1RD   Hilltopper QRP   1,4602007-07-22 19:00:44
A better performance than my 2005 effort, again from the top of Mount Wachusett
with its beautiful view! An opening to the south and midwest appeared as I
needed to pack and get off the mountain. I spent a good amount of time talking
to spectators explaining ham radio and contesting, another reason why I really
enjoy this contest and doing it from a public venue.
W7CE   SOAB HP   11,0582007-07-22 20:42:57
Conditions were nothing like last year when I worked four triple-hop stations in
the Carribean. Saturday was totally dead. Not a single Es opening on 6M.
There were a couple of meteor scatter contacts made, including KL8DX (BP53),
but other that it was just locals. I got up early Sunday morning and worked
two more scatter contacts into Northern CA. The band was quiet again until
1630Z when we finally got some Es, including a few double-hop contacts. The
opening lasted just under two hours and accounts for half of my 6M contacts.
Two meter activity was pretty much as expected with the usual locals showing

Saturday was boring. Sunday was fun. Overall a good contest.

Clay W7CE
W8RU   SOAB LP   1,4002007-07-22 20:46:48
It was hard to stay in the shack with the weather being so nice this weekend.
Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and 73,

Ron (W8RU).
K9MU   SOAB LP   5,4542007-07-22 22:05:56
Very part-time effort here. There was great tropo to south on Saturday night and
Sunday morning, just not enough time to work it. I logged with Win-test and it
was fabulous! All the functions and key mapping of CT log plus much more. See
ya'll in September.

Justin, K9MU
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOSB/6 HP   2,2402007-07-22 23:59:23

Ant:- Vine 4 Ele @ 50Ft
Amp:- Acom 1000
Rig:- Ic756 Pro3

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's

Not too many openings on 6 this year.

73 Steve.
HS8KFW   Multi-Op LP   5,6002007-07-23 03:34:42
This is The 11st CQ WW VHF Contest in Thailand and my first time to opearted
Multi-OP from Southern Thailand. I am very happy to make more New VHF
Contesters in Southern Thailand.

I think this year is very good condition on 2Meters. We worked many stations
from Bangkok and Central Thailand (over 700Km.)

Don't forget VHF band in Thailand is limitted. We can operate 2Meters VHF and
10 Watts only !!

Please visit CQ VHF webstie support tools for Thai VHF Contester (Thai Version)

I would like to say Thank you to HS8KFW and VR Tapee Club for support CQ VHF.

73, Champ, E21EIC
CQ WW VHF Contest Coordinator.
VE9DX   SOSB/6 LP   20,0002007-07-23 06:46:44
Just on to give out a few point. Actually was going between 6 CW and low band
RTTY (NAQP) Hopefully I gave some a few extra points.
All contacts this year were made on CW. Heard a few on WSJT also but no
Saturday was the best with 224 contacts. Sunday listened most of the day and
only managed 3 contacts(K1WHS, VE9AA and WD0T.
The software I used did not score properly.
Thanks to all that called 73 Andy (VE9DX)

No idea what the actualy score might be...!
N6MU   SOAB LP   1,1882007-07-23 08:18:34
Only SoCal locals except for one CW Q with WD0T Saturday night.

John, N6MU
VE3AP(LU7DW-VE3AP-VE2DWA)   SOSB/6 LP   12,1912007-07-23 08:20:43
Equipment Description: Icom IC-575H (100 watts) , 6 elements yagi @ 24 meter.

Comments: I never enter before in this contest, but as I was visiting VE3RM
(FN25pn), I try to make some QSOs and see what is the CQWW on 6 meter. Very
interesting E on Saturday, best DXs: K0HA (EN10), VO1MCE (GN36) and N4NDR
(EL98). I've returned to my QTH with a 6 meter beam (borrowed from VE3RM) tied
on the roof on my car. I hope to be active soon from my home (FN25bk).

Tnx all for the QSOs

73, Claudio VE3AP/LU7DW/VE2DWA
K4JSI   Hilltopper QRP   1,7292007-07-23 11:25:28
Was portable in Shenandoah National Park. Used barefoot FT-817, 3el Yagi on
6M, 4el Yagi on 2M. Sporadic E wasn't qs good as last year, but worked my
first GN field QSOs. Think I heard an F5 station at about 2155 hrs on 6M CW.
Heard K1WHS on 2M, but no dice even when I called on CW. Thanks to all who
copied my "peanut whistle" 5W!
WØBH   SOSB/6 LP   1102007-07-23 12:28:51
Listened on and off both Saturday and Sunday but very little activity heard from
Kansas. Used an IC706MkIIG and a 160/80/40 dipole with a tuner.

73, Bob, w0bh
OK1KIM(@OK1KIM/OL4A)   Multi-Op HP   132,8402007-07-23 13:25:35
The expectations were not very high this year since CQWW VHF is 3rd weekend and
OK/OM activity contest is 3rd Sunday (already more than 40 years) and this year
it was not the same weekend and since in the last years it gave us over 40% of
2m QSOs.....

Everything was slow, on the beginning there was huge thunderstorm just 100-50km
southwest of us which finaly got to us and we had to switch off in the evening
earlier.....This also caused much smaller activity on the bands overall in Eu.
Since the thunderstorm was moving very slowly north East, it was somewhere in
JN59 on the beggining and in JO81 in the end. We could hear it "nicely" all the

2m: much less QSOs due to "3rd weekend/sunday issue", thunderstorm, absolutely
no special propagation; no Es, no elevated tropo nothing. Only 327 QSOs and
below our standard 90 LOC. We tried Meteors in the evening and easily achived 1
QSO and than we started with RX3AGD, he written on the chat that he is getting
hefty bursts from us we got only one tiny in the beggining and later nothing
anly after over an hour another 2 tiny ones to conclude the QSO. On the end we
found out that he had only 5W and small Yagi - FOR METEOR scatter operation !.
So together only 3 QSOs this way made.

6m: Again below average propagation, ODX is this year only ZC4LI by 2384km,
some obligatory EA8 did not made it this year. The ESs vere very short and
weak. All the Gs and Scandinavians vere reached by Meteor operation - over 25
QSOs that mode made. Together 156 QSOs + 74 LOCs made in between our multi MW
TV jam.

Good news for 6m operators all around Europe. this TV TX is going to switch off
- it was oficially anounced for 2009/2010 ! Hopefully next year is the last time
to fight it (OK maybe still one more).

Sum of km pts.: 148 655 (compare to 240 831 from 2006, 270374 from 2005,197716
from 2004 and 152468 from 2003)
average 454.6 km/QSO

ODX RX3AGD in KO85IR at 1644 km - MS
and LA1NNA in JO38MA at 927 km - tropo

Our score this year is only 50% of previous years - so we will see. I doubt in
Eu is someone close, somewhere else ????

Antennas on 2m
6 x 22 Y (9.2 m boom)
4 x 19 Y (8.2 m boom)
6 x 8 Y (3 m boom)
8 x 6 Y (2 m boom)
4 x 14 Y (7.5m boom)
3 x 10 Y (5.5m boom)
1 x 16 Y (10 m boom)
If you sum it up you get "only" 406 elements - 32 booms of total length 179m .

2xIC756PROIII into 2pcs of DB6NT TR144H 14MHz version transverters + 7 x preamp
with GaAs trans. +
PPA with GS35b.

on 6m only a single 9Y-13m long @ 16m + IC7400(IC746PRO) + PPA 2xGI7B

Thanks to all for QSO + 73 !

W1XX   SOAB HP   67,6782007-07-23 14:47:36
Six meter conditions for the first several hours Saturday were as good as it
gets, rivaling last year's phenomenal to the Midwest and
Southeast with near 100 Q rates. But nothing west of double hop.
Saturday morning before the contest, there was a fair opening to EU, but
nothing during the contest. Sunday was pretty subdued with only short bursts
of opening all day. Two meters was pretty flat the whole contest, but during
the last few hours [with nothing doing on 6] W3SO, K8GP, and K3EAR were banging
in...but not much else. It continues to be a struggle to make Qs on 2 meters
although I ran only a brick at 150 watts [blew up my tube amp last September!].
Since my "high" antennas were temporarily fixed to the north, I put up my old
faithful "portable" antennas -- a pair of FO12s for 2 and a pair of 5-el C3i
Yagis for 6 which were rotate-able but usually set to the Southwest....which
allowed instant switching of antenna direction....worked pretty good. Hope
evryone had fun! 73!

-- John, W1XX
VO1TA   SOSB/6 LP   1322007-07-23 15:14:31
Never heard a thing, except a little opening Saturday night for about an
hour...73 Wayne...GN19am
W3DHJ/R   Rover LP   2,3762007-07-23 15:52:31
CONDX compared to last year? Stink'o!
Absolutely NONE of my contacts on 6M were S1 or better! None!
There were some great ops on the other end of those contacts -- ops
that weren't blessed with the zero noise floor that I had.

| QSOs by Activated Grid:
| Grid QSOs Grid QSOs Grid QSOs Grid QSOs
| DM78 9 DM87 16 DM88 12 DM77 10

+---------Valid QSOs-----QSO Points-Multipliers+
| 50 | 28 |x1| 28 | 23 |
| 144 | 19 |x2| 38 | 13 |
| Grids Activated - Rovers Only | 4 | Claimed Score
| Total | 47 | 66 | 36 | 2376 |
N8UM   SOAB LP   14,4212007-07-23 16:58:26
I only operate portable out of the Chevy Astro van. It was sad to note that I
had line noise in two different remote locations that I tried during the test.
I also forgot to gas up the generator! So after setting up completely and
experiencing S8 line noise on 6, I broke down the setup and drove down the
mountain for gas at 11:30am. Second site was not much better, but I was able
to find a deep null with the 6m Moxon toward the northeast. Great weather and
great conditions on Saturday afternoon and evening. The FT-1000 and FTV-1000
are a great combo for fighting noise and tight filtering.
K4LY   SOAB LP   16,5302007-07-23 19:30:32
When you are a senior citizen and retire to a new location, you must find a
doctor. Right? Well, my Friday afternoon appointment with this apparently 20
year old (how do such young ones get their MD?) ended like this, "Also
Mr.Allen, you need to get a pneumonia vaccination, and I'll send the nurse
right in." "Which arm, Mr. Allen?" the nurse asked with a serious expression.
"It doesn't matter," I said nonchalantly, oblivious to the gravity and
foreshadowing of her question and demeanor.
Well, the vaccination didn't hurt at all. By bed time I had a headache, a
fever, and could not move my swollen right arm. All day Saturday- same symptoms
except now my swollen and immobile right arm was turning pick in places. I
googled for the vaccination side effects, and hit the jackpot- every one.
Still I operated several hours Saturday and caught the main 6M openings, I
think. Sunday morning I felt a little better, but watched the Tour de France
on TV for 3+ hours. Tropo was as poor as I've seen it from this location, and
there was little more 6M Es Sunday. The Tour de France (like last year's VHF
CQWW tour de force) was fantastique.
Doug Allen Inman SC
W2AJM   SOSB/6 LP   4,9002007-07-23 19:41:48
Fun contest, though it would've been great if it opened up more on Sunday!
Didn't work any Florida or Caribbean stations this time around. OX3LX was a
nice surprise on 50.088 at 0110Z.

Hope to do it again next year!

IC-706MKIIG at 100w
Homebrew 3 element beam at 13'
VE4EAR   SOSB/6 LP   2,8562007-07-24 05:23:11
Part time effor! Only so much radio time allowed on a hot summer wekend.
Bouncing betweeen this and the NAQP RTTY event.

Only decent opening was to the Midwest on Sunday morning and one lone contact
to San Diego area on Saturday night. Certainly was not a reepeat of 2006!
VO1MCE(VO1AU)   SOAB LP   5,7122007-07-24 15:43:46
This was my first full-time effort in the CQ WW VHF. Knowing that
GN36 was a very rare grid, I got the agreement of Dave VO1FU to take
over the Irish Loop ARC station, VO1MCE, at Cape Race on Newfoundland's
south-eastern tip. I hoped that if conditions were favourable, I
would get a lot of additional interest for activating GN36.

I arrived a couple of hours before the contest began, with a 3el 6m
yagi borrowed from my cousin Dan VO1MX, and a long-boom 12el 2m yagi
borrowed from the Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA).

Dave VO1FU helped me take down the existing HF tribander and replace
it with the two VHF antennas. That took a bit longer than I had hoped,
and I started the contest almost two hours late. As things turned out,
those two hours were the best two of the entire contest, with excellent
Es to the USA. By the time I got on, the opening was waning, and for
the remaining 25 hours of the contest, there was only very spotty Es,
some scatter and no evidence of tropo at all.

CT3 and EA8 were my only Africans, and from Europe only IS0, EA, CT,
CU and F made it into my log. I did hear the I0JX beacon, and I heard
a UR5 working western and central European stations that I could not
hear. Beacons OX3VHF and VE8BY provided frustratingly strong signals,
but no real live hams with which to make contacts.

Two metres was a disappointment: only one local QSO. I did hear K1WHS
by meteor scatter, but the operator at the time was not paying
attention. As Cape Race was shrouded in thick fog during the whole
contest, there was no likelihood of a tropo opening. I had fantasies
of making a 2m contact with Europe, but the Es was never good enough.
I nonetheless CQed on 144.300 a lot whenever I was working Europe on

Thanks to Dave VO1FU of ILARC (VO1MCE), Doug VO1DTM of SONRA and
Dan VO1MX for all your help and encouragement. You all went to a lot
of effort so I could make 100 QSOs.
VO1MX   SOSB/6 LP   1402007-07-24 18:01:28
My first time ever working a VHF contest such as it was...worked several guys
that commented that this was the most activity they've ever seen by VO1's in a
vhf test. I think there were 7 of us on.

Look for us this weekend in IOTA from NA-198 Fogo Island as VO1J. op's will be


KB1ILY   Hilltopper QRP   7042007-07-24 18:21:09
First Hilltopper and first contest -- not bad for the first time out!
W1QK   Hilltopper QRP   3,2762007-07-24 18:24:58
Excellent conditions on 6M during the time on the air.
KØPK   SOSB/6 LP   2,7752007-07-25 11:40:50
Not much magic in the magic band this weekend from this QTH. Only a few spotty
openings to the east and Gulf coasts. Phone was tough so most QSOs were CW. Had
to shut down most of Sunday due to heavy thunderstorms and precip static on the
beam. Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Paul - K0PK
K2DRH   SOAB HP   219,4322007-07-25 16:29:21
While I knew that a repeat of last year’s phenomenal conditions was not very
likely, I was hopeful that the 2007 VHF contest conditions would at least be
good. They weren’t just good, they were actually quite excellent. While the
2M tropo conditions still didn’t quite measure up to 2003, it more than made
up for it with several hours of excellent 6M Es on Saturday and more stations
on both bands to work. The contest started with a 6M opening to the Caribbean
and Florida that didn’t seem really strong, but was fairly steady. Over the
next few hours the band shifted to other areas and eventually to the NE as QSOs
went into the log easily. One hour saw over 160 QSOs with FN, EM, EL and DM/DN
grids all interlaced and the three 6M antennas pointed in different directions
sure came in handy again. I had a lot of line noise to the NE and was having
trouble with the weak ones there but still managed to keep up decent rates.
But unlike last year the Es quit long before sunset.

Two meter was definitely up to the north and south, but I didn’t hear a lot
of stations to the east like I usually do. K8GP came in on Es from FM07 on 6M
and the tropo was good enough to work them again on CW on 2M. There were a lot
of stations out 500-600 miles that had quite excellent signals on 2M. The
contest seemed to wind down fairly early despite the good conditions, and after
0500Z there were not a lot of stations left to work. I listened on 50260 for
random WSJT CQs and heard none. After my 6M and 2M WSJT sked with K3EAR at
0530 (the ONLY one I made) I listened again and called CQ for about a half hour
to no avail. Too bad, K3EAR was in SOLID every sequence on 6M and I had several
decodable pings every sequence on 2M. I pulled the plug at 1AM and went to bed,
but left the WSJT on 50260 to monitor. When I got up gain around 6M, the only
print I saw was from K3EAR, mostly calling CQ with only a couple of takers!
This was very disappointing!

Sunday was slow all day, and I’m not sure why. Tropo to the south was so
good that I compared notes with K5QE in EM31 over 750 miles away several times
throughout the day. I worked WD0T in DN94 and VE3AX in FN02 on 2M. 6M
wasn’t going crazy, but there were enough short openings in all different
directions to make things interesting. It opened double hop out to CN87 and I
worked a half dozen stations in a row in that gird before I got CN97 and then it
quit again. During one of the openings out to the west I got a complaint about
my signal being wide. I dismissed this at first, but got the chance to
apologize to the same station later when he called again to say I sounded
better now. It was true. In the interim my TS-850S IF rig died and I had to
yank it out and put in another one. I hope it wasn’t being nasty for anyone
else! Lost about a half hour doing this but it definitely could have been
worse since things were pretty slow by then. Towards the end of the contest 6M
began to get squirrelly and I found I had intermittent high SWR to the antennas.
I later learned the rotor loop had kinked and was in self-destruct mode, along
with 2M and all the rest of the 8 band rotor loop coax bundle! Looks like I
have my work cut out for me if I’m going to compete in the UHF contest!

73 de Bob
W5WVO   SOSB/6 HP   8,5682007-07-25 18:54:48
No propagation from Albuquerque to ANY points west of here, including the PNW --
which is a real bummer, because I would have loved to have worked for one of
those KL7s coming in to WA to finish my 6M WAS! Sporadic-E was weak and very
spotty Saturday until 00:55Z, when things suddenly blew wide open with strong
double-hop into the east coast, especially 1-land. This opening ran gangbusters
for about 90 very hectic minutes, during which I managed about 120 Q's. Sunday
was a bust with no sporadic-E at all until Doug, VE5UF suddenly came booming in
from Saskatoon just a few minutes before the contest ended. He was the closest
thing to "West" that we got -- exactly dead North!

So for all intents and purposes, this was a 90-minute contest from Albuquerque
-- but it was a fun 90 minutes! And it was 90 more minutes than we got during
the entire ARRL and SMIRK contests in June, so I have nothing to complain
about. Ended up with 136 Q's, 63 multipliers, 6M only.
N5KDA   SOSB/2 HP   7,3802007-07-27 07:08:50
This was a great contest. Good propagation and ops not working the contest
giving out QSO to those that were. A VHF contest with tropo and good meteors,
what else could you ask for? Well, maybe less power line QRN. Thanks to
everyone that worked me it was a lot of fun. This was an all time high score
for me on 2 meters only!
K1WHS   Multi-Op HP   237,5862007-07-27 07:36:13
Art K1BX operated 50 MHz for about 99% of the time. K1WHS = 1%. We seem to have
lost our voice keyer, so Art went "a capella". 144 was very slow. Ops there
included N1ESE on Saturday, K1WHS on Sunday until about 2 PM when WW1M finished
up. There was no propagation on 144. Humidity was exceedingly low with an
unstable air mass. Darn! On 50 MHz we thought Saturday was great, especially
2200 to 2400. There was some EU and some multi hop to CA, AZ, NM, CO, and TX.
The Southeast was well covered. Sunday was like pulling teeth. It was a
struggle and we never got anything going that day. Our best rate then was 14!!
Contacts on Sun, were quick Es, some scatter, and the locals. The six meter
score was FB using the newly refurbished array. The 144 score was forgettable.
The low activity really hurt us. N1ESE had fun running 144, though, for his
second ever contest venture. I hope he gets hooked.
WN8R   SOAB LP   6,8502007-07-27 16:40:55
A late start with a new tower and antenna worked well for average conditions.
VA3KA   SOAB LP   1,1502007-07-29 06:21:56
Was only able to operate a few hours. Missed most of the 6M openings.
K5QE   Multi-Op HP   234,5282007-07-30 15:33:47
Great conditions on 2 meters Sunday morning. Worked all over W9, W8, and North
W4 land. We worked 66 grids on 2 meters, a new all time high for us. 6M was
only fair this year with spotty openings to the NE and NW. We did not hear much
from FL or CA. Thanks to all the rovers that worked us.
N8II   SOSB/6 LP   8,1272007-07-31 10:21:39
A tale of 2 contests, Sunday was dead except for a few brief openings to
stations worked the day before. Saturday from the start until 2200, Es was
in and out to different areas. At 23Z, there was a good opening to New
England and I was able to work stations less than 400 miles away and as
close as FN32. 3 grids were worked in Newfoundland, a first for any
contest and FN74 thru 76 were worked in Eastern Canada. At one time or
another Saturday stations were worked from near the Gulf Coast in LA
up to northern MN EN37. The only double hop worked was a call from
W6OAL in DM79. Condx were again much better than one would expect for
so late in the Es season. For my meager station, the results were
pretty good. I didn't miss hardly any grids I heards while S&P, and
did get quite a few answers to CQ's. GN08 and EM01 were all time new
grids. Local activity was poor, thank goodness for the openings.
K8GP   Multi-Op HP   231,4342007-07-31 18:55:10
Reasonable conditions on 6 meters on Saturday followed by mediocre conditions on
Sunday. Two meters was poor throughout. Congratulations to the other three
multiops for a job well done!
WDØT   SOAB HP   34,5632007-07-31 20:42:49
Fun contest. Lots of short to moderate openings into many different areas and
thus really helped the grid totals. More CW contacts in this one than I can
remember in a while, which is really fun for me. I operated again from a very
temporary setup in my garage, in 100 degree heat both days, so gotta get that
shack done in the basement. Best Q was on 2m with K2DRH, EN41, which is approx
500 miles from here, not bad, and he had a very good signal.

Thanks and Lord bless all!
73 Todd WD0T
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   108,8002007-08-02 12:22:36
Overall feeling was that Saturday has better conditions than Sunday, and
conditions weren't as good as last year. Enjoyed the 6M opening throughout
W5/W0 and quick burst to WWA but was surprised to not work into Florida. Could
not hear EU at all. Looking forward to new sunspots and better conditions next

Congrats to K8GP, K5QE and K3EAR on their fine multi scores. See you all in
September ARRL from Wopsononock Mountain.

Barry WR3Z
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   34,3642007-08-02 17:53:21
The above score is the result of using Roverlog in after-contest mode. Much to
my surprise, no dupes in this contest and Roverlog caught several multi's I had

Saturday overall went well, with an opening on 6 that was far from last year.
Sunday was a test of endurance, with large gaps with one to three already
worked stations being the only ones heard. Best DX east was GN29, GN36 and
GN08 with FN74 and FN75 close behind. To the west was DN94, DM79 but no deep
Carribean contacts or EU worked. Did hear an east coaster working a CT1 who
qsyed after as not his frequency. Had great success working K8GP from several
grids both bands as well as K1WHS, K1TEO and surprised to get K1TOL too. Also
the more central biggies such as W3SO and south to K5QE.

Quit 1.5 hours before the contest ended as I had only 4 hours sleep and just
couldn't go any longer. I was very happy with my results, no failures of gear
too, and look forward to the overall results being tabulated as I am in the
WORLD Rover category.

Thanks to John Lindholm W1XX and the CQ contesting staff for another great
event. Also to all who toughed it out to make it worthwhile staying in the
contest. Enjoyed every qso. Contesting integrity maintained!


K9DMW   SOAB HP   1,4002007-08-02 19:50:50
Operated SO2R but both radios had different bands on them(756PROII and an
IC-910H). Not SO2R in the traditional sense but the switching (mic, phones, CW)
would be the same.
K2OAK   Multi-Op LP   6,9302007-08-07 15:45:14
Terrible conditions, nothing like last year's incredible 6 meter opening, but
you can't count on that every time! Had some awful interference to the north
but kept pushing anyway. Always more to learn for next time. 73 WO2U & WV2ZOW.
OK1DC   SOAB HP   20,0072007-08-12 05:37:35
Thank´s all for nice contest QSO. For 6m band I had only 20W out power - this
is maximum for this band for OK ham´s by Law. Ant 2el HB9CV. For 2m band I
was run 500W to M-2 Yagi ant.
73! Dusan OK1DC