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Croatian CW Contest   2017   Dec 16   Comment Summary

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MM3AWD   SOAB QRP   8,3992017-12-16 17:10:32
Unfortunately i had very little time to contest this weekend. So put in a very
little effort.
Too much things going on here in the build up to Christmas.

Thanks to those who made the QSO.

Good luck to all for the rest of the contest.
See you in the next one.

9A3AG   SOSB/40 LP   55,6162017-12-17 12:03:15
IC-7600 + OB4-40
N5AW   SOAB HP   2,7832017-12-17 14:05:20
Sorry could not spend more time - nice contest.
VE9AA   SOAB HP   90,4722017-12-17 14:10:11
Extremely light participation from the Americas. Worked the same 7 or 8 guys on
several bands (thanks)

Suggestion: If there were more prizes for over here, participation would go way
up !

As it was, it was like playing as an outsider in the Central EU QSO Party, hi

Thanks all. Merry Xmas / HNY
Antennas for Radio 1:
10m = A3S (not used)
15m = Wire 5el K1WA/K3LR SVDA 100% parasitic + homebrew
20m = Wire + Aluminum 4-square (Comtek)
40m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
80m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
160m = Inverted L in the trees

Antenna for Radio 2 (not used - went SO1R this time)
ZS6BKW avg height 40FT with added 15m inverted vee...only does
80m/40m/20m/15m/10m & 6m (no WARC or 160m)
No RX antennas
Rigs: 2 x IC-7410s, YCCC SO2R+ box, N3ZN ZN-9 paddle, Yamaha CM500
headset, N1MM+ logger
CU (all of sudden) in the next one!

dit dit

-Mike VE9AA in NB
GMØEUL   SOAB LP   6,0902017-12-17 14:26:46
Good fun, dipped in and out aiming for 50 Qs, got 60 so happy. Equipment:
Icom IC718 (running between 80 and 90 watts)
Ants: Wire dipoles for 20m and 40m. Long wire for 80m but didn't use it.
Logging: N1MM+
Thanks for the QSOs, sorry for any mistakes. All contacts will be uploaded to
eQSL, Clublog and LOTW.

Have a good Christmas. 73 Peter GM0EUL
K1ZZ   SOAB HP   858,6362017-12-17 14:46:27
I was worried about K1LZ -- very relieved to see they were M/S!
HG7T(HA7TM)   SOAB HP   257,0402017-12-17 15:08:24
Vy 74! Tibi HA7TM
AA3B   SOAB HP   321,5402017-12-17 15:08:48
Band QSOs Pts Cty Pt/Q
1.8 7 30 5 4.3
3.5 113 554 28 4.9
7 209 1178 47 5.6
14 167 457 42 2.7
21 39 111 16 2.8
Total 535 2330 138 4.4
Score: 321,540
1 Mult = 3.9 Q's
N6KI(@NX6T)   SOSB/40 HP   3,5202017-12-17 15:15:07
I needed to test an amplifier that had recently been repaired
and also how my Remote station at NX6T was working, so
took the opportunity to put a couple hours in this contest.
40 meters was the only band I could hear an 9A signals on at
the time I operated. 9A signals were not too strong and mostly just above
my S3 to S4 noise level. Nice signal from Brian 9J2BO in Zambia who called me.
2 EL 40 mtr yagi at 45 ft, K3, Expert SPE 2 kW amplifier. 73 de Dennis N6KI
NB1N   SOAB HP   81,9362017-12-17 15:44:49
ZS6BKW for 20 and 40m
80m Dipole
K2KQ for 160m
HB K9AY used very little
IZ8FWN   SOSB/40 HP   90,8282017-12-17 16:06:33
little time available and a strong storm throughout the contest brought me a
strong qrm in many hours.
tnx all fer qso
73 Pet IZ8FWN
HA3NU   SOSB/80 HP   92,2002017-12-17 16:27:55
My second antenna was 350m away soas to work inband but in the and I found only
22 9A station in the log, where were you boys??? Congrats to RT9S.

73 Lacy HA3NU
OZ8AE   SOAB LP   39,4402017-12-17 16:44:43
90 Watts info G5RV (ZS6BKW design) Inverted dipole for 40 meters. TH3MK4 - 3 ele
Yagi at 10 meters. Only part time operation. Was not home. 73 to all and Merry
Christmas de OZ8AE Joergen
KØOO(@W3RFC)   SOAB HP   18,4242017-12-17 17:15:11



K4BAI   SOAB HP   26,2352017-12-17 17:27:29
Very limited time to operate this weekend, but thanks for all QSOs. Very good
ops with very high numbers. 80, 40, and 20 meter bands seemed OK. No signals
heard on 15M. Activity dropped way down during the middle of the night in
Europe, but that is a good time for low bands from the US. 73, John, K4BAI.
SQ6ABC(LZ1ABC)   SOAB LP   21,9022017-12-17 17:41:00
QTH Jelenia Gora - 70w plus g5rv(zs6bkw)antenna 12m from the ground. This was
new antenna for me which I was able to tune on 3.5, 7, 14 and 28MHz. On 3.5MHz
it worked quite decent were I was able to work 2 NA's stations (I think?).
Conditions were not nice. JA's were stronger on 3.5 than on 7mhz.
73's de lz1abv/chav
ZL4YL   SOAB HP   46,8512017-12-17 18:26:24
Very little participation from NA and JA. The 15 m short path opening to EU went
by almost unnoticed.
73 Xenia
ZM4T(ZL3IO)   SOAB LP   9,0002017-12-17 18:33:36
terrible conds, tough going with LP
73 Holger
S57KM   SOSB/80 LP   40,5602017-12-17 19:11:43
TS-590SG(100W), 160-10m Windom @20m, 80m dipole @10m

73, Sandi
W3EP   SOAB HP   74,5762017-12-17 20:52:31
Poor propagation, tough going.
KN4Y   SOAB LP   13,6112017-12-17 23:27:30
Started out just to log 9A stations but soon realized conditions were not going
to be optimum, so to keep from getting bored I worked anyone calling in the
contest. I was going to call in the contest but that would screw up my nap
schedule. Had fun.
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOAB HP   33,2342017-12-18 01:53:51
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
S56A   SOAB LP   215,6882017-12-18 09:25:14
Bad Sat start, better condx next day including KL7 and ZL. OK RTTY and FT8 in
between. Sole 9A1A on 10 m.

MX & HNY & 73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
OK2BFN   SOAB LP   163,9442017-12-18 09:40:46
Low bands conditions OK.
Merry X-maa, Tom
4U24OCT(9A3A/E73A)   SOAB HP   81,2702017-12-18 10:05:08
Fine-tuning some SO2R remote issues, part time operation. Amp still only single
band (kept it only on 80m), but coming closer to a fully remote FlexRadio

73 Ivo I7/9A3A, E73A
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   SOAB HP   437,6752017-12-18 12:12:55
Absolutely NOT-A-THING on 28 MHz. I listened and I tried but "it's worse
than that, it's dead Jim"...

Even 21 MHz was poor. And 160 wasn't great.
And I don't even have the ON mult on 10m nor on 160m. Go figure.
9A8CV(S53V)   SOAB LP   358,3922017-12-18 12:19:46
TRX:Yaesu FT897D( Autoradio, as S56A stated - HI ) running between 70 to 80
Ant: 7m(21ft) high, from fishing rods home made multiband vertical
Logging: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5327.0
9A5Y   M/S HP   2,263,6802017-12-18 13:40:15

It was a fun weekend filled with lots of smile & jokes with 2 good

Condix was especially poor on high band's & pretty good on low's.
This was a classic MS with RUN+MULT stn., no inband, switching, filters or
other fancy stuff ;)
I'm very satisfied with score, somehow we menage to compete with others in MS
with our modest setup :)

Wishing to all of you, a very happy and relaxing holidays & cu on the air
next year.

Thanks for participating & Q's in 9A CW

For 9A5Y crew, Vedran 7dx
9A4M   M/S HP   1,738,1522017-12-18 15:33:41
Hi Guys,

first of all thanks for QSOs and for participation in our contest. In opposite
of 9A5Y we had all funny stuff, OM Power, filters, inband, MK etc.. :) Maybe we
had a little worse antennas. As usual wind made his part of the job days before
the contest so we work hard before to start at time.

Congrats Yankee guys! Congrats also to our big guns 9A1A and 9A7V! Congrats
also to small pistols to participate and share this grate time with as!

Anyway we had nice long weekend on the hill with nice Sunday diner at our good
friend in the nearby village.

See you in the CQ160!

Best 73
Sale, 9A3XV
9A7T   M/S HP   953,0402017-12-18 15:47:43
We didn't have a multiplier station. It was only one radio and 3 ops. Our linear
was operating at 400 Watts only and we didn't have chance with the big guns. But
anyway we had fun. We'll see you in the next one!

73 de Zlatko, 9A2EU
NA8V   SOAB HP   171,9492017-12-18 16:04:50
Condx not nearly as good as the couple days prior to the contest - but the bands
were open. Took off some prime time to watch my beloved Lions Sat 22-0030z.

One of my favorite contests.

HG1A(HA1ZN)   SOSB/80 HP   40,5002017-12-18 20:06:25
Vy 73! XMAS Thank'for the contest!

Zsolt ha1zn&hg1a
LZ2FL   SOSB/40 HP   44,4362017-12-19 14:55:38
Band QSOs Pts Cty Pt/Q
7 301 966 46 3,2
Total 301 966 46 3,2
Score: 44 436
1 Mult = 6,5 Q's
YT2AAA   SOAB LP   53,3632017-12-20 18:08:07
ICOM 746 PRO + 86m horizontal delta loop
WN4AFP   SOSB/40 LP   2102017-12-22 17:53:48
My first 9A CW contest! 73s Dave WN4AFP
9A7V(@9A7A)   M/S HP   2,284,4642017-12-23 21:48:05
Thanks again to the help of my friends, team members 9A7A:
9A3TR Vinko-Zvonko
9A3OS Sam-Sinisa
9A5X Martin-Darko

Congrats to 9A1A team, and 9A5Y, and 9A4M crew for the great battle and for the
nice score !

73 !
Eugen 9A7V
9A1A   M/S HP   2,743,6082017-12-26 06:59:03
Nice 9A M/S competition and nice activity from other stations.

Thanks to all who called us.

9A1A team