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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2017   Dec 30   Comment Summary

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MM3AWD   Single Op QRP   6632017-12-30 23:26:27
Had planned to be at the contest QTH with phased verticals and beverages, but
the ground is too solid with ice and phasing lines need repair.
so operated from home with a ridiculous antenna, it was a doublet phased with
the copper piping in the house! it worked unbelievably.
Not much of a score and could hear a lot more than could hear me, its tough on
160 with a terrible antenna and QRP. but good fun all the same.

Thanks to all who picked me out. You guys must have great ears.
Best wishes and a very happy new year, see you in 2018

73, Scott
WA2CP(KC2GOW)   Single Op HP   4862017-12-31 02:27:03
A little noisy here in NYC, but not terrible. Decent conditions towards EU and
west coast also noted. Just played around for a few hours, didn't put a full
effort in this year as I was rapidly running out of steam from work during the

Icom IC-7600
Expert 1.5K-FA @ 1500W
1/4wave vertical w/ 38radials
NE/SW 1000ft Beverages
K3PP   Single Op HP   4162017-12-31 04:00:09
Extreme fun! What a way to put a wrapper on 2017! Thank you all and HNY!!
W3DQ   Single Op LP   2652017-12-31 04:20:36
Worked lots of locals and not quite a handful of other. Oh well.

The inv-L was more of a cloud warmer this year. RX antenna was not working.

Onward an upward!

Eric W3DQ
Orion 565 / inverted-L
K9OM   Single Op LP   1502017-12-31 04:50:27
47 Q's. 150 points.

K3 @ 100 watts. Antenna was an 80 meter Inverted Vee with apex @ 75' with about
a 10 to 1 SWR! Handing out some points.

Hope to install 160m. Inv. L for for the CQ-160 WW Test and then will turn on
the Amp and make some serious RF. Hope to work you then.

Dick- K9OM
K1LT   Single Op HP   2382017-12-31 05:54:51
Jeff, K8ND, loaned me his NCC-2 antenna phasing box. I planned to see
if the NCC-2 could out-perform the circuit hack that I previously used
to tune a 2-element end-fire array to null out my transmitted signal.
Wednesday before the contest I set up the NCC-2 and observed that it
could achieve a deep null, although the tuning was a bit touchy.
Thursday I intended to check to see if the NCC-2 could provide this
null while transmitting 1500 watts. However, when I turned on the
receiver, the bandscope was wall-to-wall with power-line impulse

I think I have seen this noise before intermittently. It appears when
the temperature goes below about 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit, and hangs
around until the temperature goes over 35 or thereabouts. The noise
is sporadic, and the duty cycle increases as the temperature
decreases. Thursday, the temperature was in the single digits.

The weather forecast called for the temperature to remain quite low
through the contest period, so I was officially worried. Friday it
warmed up to the mid 20s and the noise became somewhat sparse and
sporadic and it seemed like the Beverages were impacted less than the
phased arrays. However, Saturday morning the temperature was again
low and the noise was mostly full-time and much stronger.

I gathered my noise tracking gear and made about 3 attempts to locate
the noise. On Friday, a trip around the 'block' in the car showed the
noise to be loudest on 1700 kHz when on my street, just east of the
house. With the large loop and the KX3, walking east showed the noise
peaking in the direction of the electric pole in front of the east
neighbor's house when I was west of the pole on the east-west road.
But when east of the pole, the loop nulled best when pointed directly
at the power line. When I was east of the next pole, then the loop
pointed back towards the first pole. Though not definitive, the
implication was that the noise came from that single electric pole.

Saturday I repeated the process with the MFJ-852 'noise receiver'.
This time there appeared to be 2 noise sources, one coming from
possibly that same electric pole and another coming from somewhere
else. I walked a longer stretch of the road in front of my house and
saw no other intensity peaks. Meanwhile, the noise seemed to affect
reception on all receiving antennas by raising the noise floor about
25 db.

Around 2200Z, I started operating in S&P mode to see how many contacts
I could make and to see how badly the noise affected operating. I
worked TM6M and OK7K and several east coast stations. I took several
breaks because the noise was very frustrating. I had the noise
blankers enabled on all of the receivers, but as signals got stronger
and more numerous, the noise blankers became less and less effective.
By about 0000Z, the blankers were decreasing the noise level by only a
few db. Any strong signal splattered across the entire band.

Suddenly, the transmit SWR went to infinity. Not just super-high, but
99.9:1 on the K3 meter. The amplifier wasn't happy, either. So,
after 2 non-stop 20 db noise sources and a failed transmitting
antenna, I decided to quit.

After a while I figured I might try walking out to the splice in the
transmit feedline and see if a jiggle would restore operation.
However, previous splice disruptions did not cause an 'infinite' SWR
(just very high) and the last 'jiggle' was actually a 're-tightening'
of the connector. Nevertheless, I took a walk in the fresh 3 inches
of snow under the almost full moon in 10-degree air. I roamed around
in the woods where the feedline was suppose to be, but I could not
find it. When I got back to the house, it occurred to me that I could
use the VNA to 'TDR' the feedline to see if the break was at the
splice. The TDR said that the break was a complete open circuit about
25 feet from the shack, which means it must be where coax transitions
to hardline under the deck.

I tuned up the 80 meter vertical for 160 with the antenna tuner. The
match was not quite perfect (about 2.5:1) and the tuning was a bit
critical, which means high Q which means loss and potential
overheating or arcing. Nevertheless with the amplifier at about 500
watts, I was able to make another 25 QSOs to get my total over 100,
including PJ7/UT6UD after numerous calls.

I took another break. Then I went outside and shoveled the snow off
the deck and peered underneath at the coax to hardline junction.
Everything looked the same as always. I got a stick and tried rapping
the connector, but it was hard to impart much impulse in the
constrained space. So I wedged the stick between the connector and
some other stuff to see if a little strain might make a difference.
But there was no change.

I took another break. Then I went outside to start taking out deck
screws to lift a few boards to gain access to the connector in
question, but my knees got cold. Also it was hard to find all of the
screws in the dark. I abandonded that idea.

I took another break. Now I am typing this report. This is the first
time ever I have abandoned a 160 meter contest effort from this
location, and it feels terrible. Hopefully the noise will hang around
long enough to track it down for certain. I'll probably have to haul
a laptop and the VNC to the basement to get a better fix on the
location of the feedline fault. Once I discover the failure, then I
can learn the appropriate lesson about reliable engineering.

Conditions sounded decent the best I could tell through the noise.
Besides working the 2 Europeans, I could hear some of OK7K's Eu
callers. By 0130Z, the west coast was coming through and the noise
was reduced on the phased array pointed west. Oh well.

Hopefully back to a fully operational battle station by CQ WW 160.
N1RR   Single Op HP   1,9002017-12-31 06:12:09
My wire 160 4-Square is starting to work better. Band was great. Worked UA9FAR
and R9GM and RL4A!
Blew an amp - Cold in the shack, so QRT.
KØVBU   Single Op LP   2282017-12-31 07:46:11
K3-100 P3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trap dipole @ 30\'; 160 INV L @ 30\'(winter

1st timer...Sorry to those I couldn't pull out. Tnx and HNY to all!

Bill K0VBU
KA6WKE   Single Op LP   3032017-12-31 08:04:19
First time in Stew Perry. Icom 7600 at 100 watts, 36' vertical w/40M capacity
hat, many radials all over the place. W6LPV RX loop. My best was PJ2T, KH6LC
and K1RZ.
TM6M(F1AKK)   Single Op HP   4,1932017-12-31 08:27:17
1715-1800Z 70 QSOS

NA didn't came so strong before 02Z

04..06Z were best hours for dx toward W6/7


RIG TS850 27M Top Loaded Vertical 1 beverage to US , one reverse bev NE/SW

Never heard JA,AF .

Missed XE2S , only 1 LU,PJ2,FY in SA.

Congrats to DL6FBL for nice score !

Let's see how UK endeed.

Tks all for qso

HNY , cu in 2018
DL3TU   Single Op QRP   1,2422017-12-31 09:01:04
There was lots of activity. I easily topped last year's number of QSOs. On the
other hand less QSOs with NA this time. So all in all about the same claimed

Nevertheless surprising what QRP can do! Worked 13 NAs. Some stations had
excellent ears and came right back to my call. Of course, many others couldn't
even hear me...
Many thanks to those who didn't spare the effort of pulling my signal out of the

Condx seemed to be good with kp = 0 after midnight. NA was already loud when I
got up at 04:30 UTC. There was a significant enhancement during our sunrise
(06:00 UTC) and many stations could be heard well after 07:30 UTC (KM7W being
the loudest)

It was lots of fun. Hope to see you in the CQ WW 160.
Tnx for the QSOs, HNY,
Roman - DL3TU

K3 @ 5w
Half Sloper (TX/RX) @ 15m
Mini Whip(RX)
LY9Y   Single Op HP   1,7812017-12-31 09:04:30
FTDX5000 + ACOM2000A
Ant Vertical, Delta loop
S52ZW   Single Op LP   4592017-12-31 09:28:43
+ TS850S
HNY 2018 Fredi
AB3CX   Single Op HP   3,8082017-12-31 09:42:40
I cannot recall better propagation to EU since this contest station has been
running, admittedly only since 2011. Of the 634 QSOs, 194 were to EU, and for a
good period of time, most of the calls were from EU. Although there were a
number of Caribbean and Central Americans 6Y5, TI7, XE2, PJ7, PJ2, NP2, I never
heard any SA proper. Average points per QSO was 6.0 The outside temperature at
3:45 AMlocal time was -3 Farenheit, perhaps that had something to do with the
conditions here. There was 6" snow covering the ground under the EU
Beverage, probably almost as much on the other directions in the woods as well.
UA9BA   Single Op HP   1,3012017-12-31 10:01:43
Great contesting event! Wasted some 30 minutes on KM7W. NP2J had a great signal
and ears(I don't have RX ant)! I wish everybody a happy and prosperous 2018!
BCNU in 2018.

73! Willy UA9BA
LZ7A   Multi-Op HP   1,6242017-12-31 10:07:01
A nice pre-New Year team meeting with the best support of LZ1RF's hot red wine
with honey.
Better result than last year Stew.
KL7SB(@KL7RA)   Single Op HP   1,0042017-12-31 10:18:41
A good reminder that Alaska is an ancient Native word that means "Frozen
place far away from everywhere else." Only 118 Qs, but average distance
was 4,038 KM with 9 Point average per Q. Furthest was NP2J at 8106 KM. Happy
New Year all!
S57K   Single Op QRP   3512017-12-31 10:49:26
73's & HNY 2018!

NP2J(K8RF)   Single Op HP   5,6412017-12-31 11:21:20
We finally had power restored a few days ago after losing commercial power when
Hurricane Irma hit us on September 6th. We went 103 days using gas generator
power, not fun at all!

Anyway, Conditions were very good for the Stew! We even had low noise levels
here in the Tropics!

Best DX was JA3YBK, first JA I have worked from here on St. Croix!
Also worked some Asiatic Russians and KL7 and KH6

This was a contest to remember, good cndx and all the equipment ant antennas
worked FB.

Thanks to all the called and gave me a QSO,


I2WIJ   Single Op HP   6322017-12-31 12:04:39
Went to bed when thing where getting better!! :) HNY!
K2ZR/4   Single Op LP   1002017-12-31 12:15:23
Rig: K2 @ 90W Ant: EF Wire/Gutter Combo approx 120' Log: N1MM Logger+
73,Dick K2ZR/4
NA4K   Single Op LP   3422017-12-31 12:19:35
Still have t6he 160 "L" down for tree removal.

Used the 80 meter dipole that is 25 feet high now with the TenTec tuner,
seemed to work -- even ran a couple of times with good results.

Band was quite and good signals.

Steve NA4K

W2GD   Multi-Op HP   4,8692017-12-31 12:24:51
K3 X 3
OM2000 (@ 1200W)
Win-Test Software
Three EL Vertical Array @ 240 feet
Beverage RX Antennas NE, E, S. SW, W, NW
Hi-Z Four

Another great contest. Activity was up from the last BIG STEW but conditions
were only about average. White winter weather and cold temperatures were a
perfect backdrop. EU signals were never loud but the flow was consistent and
250 rode the QSB waves into our log.

We noted there were about a dozen stations using two frequencies to alternate
CQs. If this isn't prohibited by the rules it should be. Topband is simply too

Thanks to the Boring ARC for continuing to sponsor and manage this contesting
gem and to the owners of WYRS-FM for allowing us to use and enjoy their
wonderful transmitter site.


John, W2GD for the TEAM.
K4WW   Single Op HP   3002017-12-31 12:36:44
Thanks for the contacts. Happy, and prosperous New Year to all
KM7W(KL9A)   Single Op HP   5,2842017-12-31 12:50:19
A very last minute decision to operate this one.

HUGE thanks to Ray, W2RE, for allowing me to use the Eastport, ME station on
such short notice. Operating from Maine on 160 is something special. The
remote worked almost perfectly, with just a few minor dropouts at times. Some
more work to be done at home to fix some upload bandwidth issues. A new router
is on the list to purchase.

286 EU stations worked.

This was my first serious TBDC entry. I should have started a little later and
operated more past sunrise.
No real exciting Q's, though I really wanted a UA9. Sorry to UA9BA for not
hearing well enough for a QSO. Longest DX was a handful of 17 pointers. Tried
hard for VK, ZL, and JA, but nada.

The 14 hour operating format is fantastic.

Congrats to the big scorers and thanks to everyone for the Q's!

NAQP CW is just around the corner.
-Chris KL9A

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
2000 30 0 0 0 0 0 30 30 3.9
2100 51 0 0 0 0 0 51 81 10.5
2200 80 0 0 0 0 0 80 161 21.0
2300 62 0 0 0 0 0 62 223 29.0
0000 77 0 0 0 0 0 77 300 39.1
0100 81 0 0 0 0 0 81 381 49.6
0200 57 0 0 0 0 0 57 438 57.0
0300 53 0 0 0 0 0 53 491 63.9
0400 50 0 0 0 0 0 50 541 70.4
0500 58 0 0 0 0 0 58 599 78.0
0600 56 0 0 0 0 0 56 655 85.3
0700 45 0 0 0 0 0 45 700 91.1
0800 16 0 0 0 0 0 16 716 93.2
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 93.2
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 93.2
1100 45 0 0 0 0 0 45 761 99.1
1200 7 0 0 0 0 0 7 768 100.0
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
1400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
1700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
2100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
2200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 768 100.0
Total 768 0 0 0 0 0 768

Gross QSOs=783 Dupes=15 Net QSOs=768

Unique callsigns worked = 768

The best 60 minute rate was 88/hour from 0040 to 0139
The best 30 minute rate was 98/hour from 0112 to 0141
The best 10 minute rate was 120/hour from 2220 to 2229

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSOs/minute 1 times.
3 QSOs/minute 29 times.
2 QSOs/minute 155 times.
1 QSOs/minute 367 times.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 2
4 368
5 276
6 118
7 3
8 1

KM7W - Continents
All bands - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

| EU | NA | SA | AS | AF | OC |
| 37.3% | 62.3% | 0.3% | 0.0% | 0.0% | 0.1% |

Created by * version 2.3.14 by 9A5K *
N4RJ   Single Op HP   1,3262017-12-31 12:56:00
No JA heard. Was excited to hear KH6 near Sunrise. Lots of Strong Europeans
around 0200Z. Did not stay for European Sunrise.
PJ2T(K8ND)   Single Op LP   4,9982017-12-31 12:56:10
Topband contesting with low power is a new experience for me, and not one I'm
likely to repeat. Ugh.

Conditions were good, and the station performed well. Unfortunately, I was
unable to use the 1000-foot Europe Beverage, so the several Europeans worked
were "leaking" in on the 880-foot long USA/JA Beverage. Only the
strong survived that trip!

The rate crashed at around 0600Z, and it was a grind after that.

No JAs, and a single lonely KH6. Several Europeans, some South and Central
America, and just a few Caribbean stations were worked.
N3HEE   Single Op HP   9052017-12-31 12:59:50
Fighting severe local noise all night. It's a wonder I worked what I did ! Only
worked a handful of the stronger EU stations. Worked a bunch of west coast
stations which helped with my score. Worked DL, F, K, KP2, OK, OM, PJ2, PJ7, V3,
VE, XE. Need to find and fix this noise next year !! K3 @ 1.5KW, Inverted L
over K2AV FCP, K9AY 4 way RX loop. 73 es HNY to ALL -Joe
W2FU   Single Op HP   1,5462017-12-31 13:01:02
Always fun to get in this even for just a few hours. Operating remote from FL
as usual for the Stew. The EU signals were terrific in the late evening.

N4YDU(@W2RE)   Single Op HP   4,3802017-12-31 13:06:11
Special thanks to and W2RE for use of the Summit, NY station
- it worked really well!

This was a fantastic night of radio. Fun to say hello to everyone.

Finished with 234 EU in the log.

HNY and 73!


Station: Full Size 4 Square, 1500W and an Elecraft K3.
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   Single Op HP   3332017-12-31 13:07:11
K3 / 160m "L" no RX antennas

Just for some club points.

HNY all!
VE3CV   Single Op LP   3022017-12-31 13:11:47
Absolutely no energy this year after fighting snow squalls all week. Missed EU
sunrise and nothing heard in the Pacific at my sunrise. All S&P. Only two 8
pointers TI7W and EU! Couldn't raise VE7ST but K7RAT had big signal.
Happy new year to all Top Banders!
Jeff VE3CV
N2AN   Single Op LP   2792017-12-31 13:13:19
Condx seemed: Meh, Plenty 2 pointers but any farther, they couldn't hear me.
HNY everyone!
N2CU   Single Op QRP   1,4732017-12-31 13:14:17
100% S&P. Great conditions and quiet band. DX worked: 9A, DL, F, G, HA, KP2,
LZ, OK, ON, PJ2, S5.

K3 @ 5W, 46' Inverted L, K9AY, N1MM Classic.

73 es HNY, Tom N2CU
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   5002017-12-31 13:22:05
Pretty good conditions. Worked several 6 and 7 point stations but nothing heard
from EU in the time I was on.

Happy New Year to all!
KK4XX   Multi-Op LP   9162017-12-31 13:24:14
First Stew. 100W, local skimmer and low dipole, so we had mostly regional Q's.
Thanks, all!
VO1HP   Single Op HP   2,1942017-12-31 13:25:09
Missed prime time from 22Z to 04z. Too many things happening at this time of
year needing an HD28. For the time I did spend on the air conditions were very
good for me. First Eu G6M at 19:33 -- 50 in the log up to 22z. One 15 pointer
RT9S - tnx!

K3 remote in GN37
Invl L 56ft to the bend - 141ft total length + FCP
60m BOG unterminated NE-SW
K2QO   Single Op LP   3712017-12-31 13:28:43
This is one of my favorite contests and this year as luck would have it a nasty
cold kept me from a full effort. Regardless, conditions were good. Oddly, I
heard many EU station working other guys all over the east coast but no EU's
answered my CQs nor did I find any while on the pounce. Very odd. There is
always next year as the current solar cycle heads into the abyss.

Mark K2QO
K3/100W, NE0U configured L, Skookum Logger on a MacMini
N1LN   Single Op HP   1,5772017-12-31 13:30:56
Conditions were quite good. Thanks for the Qs.

Happy New Year!!

Bruce N1LN
KN5O   Multi-Op HP   2,4632017-12-31 13:34:39
Chuck, NO5W and I decided to try the Stew Perry TB Challenge for the first time.
We had a good time, although it was very slow in the wee hours of the morning.
This is a fun contest and surprised not more take advantage of it. Guess a lot
like us, discovering it for the first time.

Overall, I think we did respectable. We worked 37 "DX" stations,
those whose point value was greater than 10 (or double digits. Most DX was in
EU, a few JAs and a couple of Caribbean/Central America stations. No South
America or Africa. Conditions to our area were "so-so."

Anyway, thanks to all who answered our CQs and worked us. If we missed you, we
aim to do better next time.

Best 73 and HNY to all.

Ted (KN5O) and Chuck (NO5W)

XCVR: FT1000MkV Field with Alpha 8410 Amp
ANT: 105 ft vertical with top loading
Rcv ant: Hi-Z 3el and Hi-Z 8el
KE4S   Single Op HP   3892017-12-31 13:35:45
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
Ant- 4el SteppIR @ 17m for 40m thru 6m
W7KF Skyhook II inverted L for 160m/80m
BevFlex-4 BOG, 76.2m (250 ft) ENE
K3WW   Single Op HP   1,9792017-12-31 13:36:32
Spent more time than planned but not enough to fully enjoy the good conditions.
N5PHT   Single Op LP   722017-12-31 13:46:51
Thanks for the fun. I am camping and thought - why try make a few? Using 80m
version G5RV up only 25 feet so very limited and 100w. So happy with 17 Qs.
HNY everyone.
VE9AA   Single Op LP   302017-12-31 13:56:46
A sad sad story. One of my favorite contests and yet I had no (working) 160m
A Cpl weeks or so ago one of my 2 Inverted L's in my 2-el 160m array bit the
dust, so I hauled broken wires out of the and hooked up a single L and bypassed
the switching network.

Then, on day 2 (a couple weeks ago), the remaining L went open. GRRR
I frigged with it and *THOUGHT* I had fixed a loose connection at a switchbox as
it worked perfectly many times until (of course) Murphy visited.

Finished up the RAC CWC and had supper, watched TV with family, and then at
o-dark-thirty began the Stew. Hmmmm, everyone is S1 (or less) can that
be? Go to call one guy who is 519 and SWR is a bazillion to one. WTFrig?

So, I am stumped. It's dark as the inside of a cow here, a foot or so of crusty
snow on the ground, the outside temp is probably close to -20*C, the windo is
blowing and I have no motivation to go mess with frozen connections.

I put the tuner in line, shut OFF the amp and tune up my 80m 4-Sq array.

Many signals are now 529-559, but none of those guys hear me. I decide to NOT
CQ (or I'll likely roast something like a relay or my dump resistor on the 80m
array), so I S&P'd the loudest 10 stations on the band, bid the contest
farewell and that was that.

Sad but true !


HNY all !

CU (all of sudden) in the next one!

dit dit

-Mike VE9AA in NB
NO3M   Single Op HP   4,5172017-12-31 13:58:19
Fun way to end the year. HNY and GL DX 2018!

DX: 196 EU, PJ2, PJ7, HI, KL7, KH6(2), XE(2). No VK/ZL, JA, AF, or SA heard.
Broke last year's QSO record. Indication activity is slowly increasing?

Some nice rates, but slows to a crawl after EU SR as usual.

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV

The best 60 minute rate was 132/hour from 2144 to 2243
The best 30 minute rate was 144/hour from 2144 to 2213
The best 10 minute rate was 156/hour from 2206 to 2215

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSOs/minute 10 times.
3 QSOs/minute 69 times.
2 QSOs/minute 157 times.
1 QSOs/minute 281 times.

73 Eric NO3M
W2EG   Single Op LP   7362017-12-31 13:58:44
Roughly the same showing as last year. I worked a bit longer, but
fewer 8 and 10 point Qs. I did manage to work 2 EUs this time.
Frustrating to hear the DX well and be unable to get them
to hear me! I enjoyed my second Stew and thank all for the Qs.
K5AF   Single Op LP   2002017-12-31 14:04:43
I am the happy recipient of some great "spotlight" propagation!
beginning around 0440Z I started hearing some strong Europeans. I worked S59A,
SN7Q, F5IN, and DL6FBL in short order. All were relatively easy QSOs, all were
peaking S-7/8. Remarkably, I am running 100w and my antenna is a 35'vertical
X100' horizontal inverted L, with a folded counterpoise. All were calling CQ
and had relatively few takers. All were worked on the first call, great ops!
PJ2 and XE were the only other DX worked.
KG9X   Single Op LP   2,0482017-12-31 14:04:48
210 Q's in the first 2 hours then ...... slower , slower, slower.
Still fun contest. Probably my best.
HNY to all,
73, Fred KG9X

FT1KMP 100' tower N1MM+
NJ4F   Single Op HP   4092017-12-31 14:05:00
ICOM 7800, Alpha 9500, Palstar AT1500DT, 160/80M dipoles, Shared Apex Loop array
for RX, N1MM+
S&P only
NF8M   Single Op LP   7902017-12-31 14:07:35
Great condx tonite. Had some good runs going. Retuned inverted L worked great.
K8MR   Single Op LP   4502017-12-31 14:08:38
My first winter Stew Perry from Florida. I was reasonably pleased with my
result, considering that I am in the crummy station category, using a 65 ft wire
vertical with base loading coil, hidden in a nearby tree with a minimal ground
system, at our condo QTH. I had given some thought of trying to do some
operating from the Sarasota Bay salt water location, but with the (for Florida)
cold weather I just stayed at home.

QSOs become a challenge with the distance to activity centers, but the extra
points at least does not lead to score embarrassment. Only 3 two-point QSOs, vs.
32 four point and 30 six pointers. Best DX was N9RV - thanks to Pat for hanging
in there.

Down here it is also interesting to see who spends their time on their east-west
beverages. Several big guns up north were S9+ but not even a "?" for
my calls.

73 & Happy New Year to all!

Jim K8MR
N3KN   Single Op HP   1012017-12-31 14:10:07
Happy new year!
KB9DKR   Single Op LP   662017-12-31 14:13:16
First time TBDC. Indoor antenna with 15-100W depending on how far I stretched
the bandwidth. Mostly S&P and a really fun, albeit brief, run. I could
definitely tell which stations had the big ears. Congrats to all, 73 and HNY!
KB9DKR - Carl
S59A   Single Op HP   3,5002017-12-31 14:14:59
Much QRM/QRN on NA bev ,other directions pretty calm.CONDX poor this time.
Only 5 JAs and 140 NAs,best a few 20 pointers.
Tested contest location,FB experiance.
Station: TS590+OM2500,42m vert,quite some beverages
Tnx all for contacts,
73 Drago,S59A
K5AX   Single Op HP   1,5032017-12-31 14:15:17
Thanks for the Q's. Happy New Year! CU Next one.
NØAX   Single Op HP   1,6352017-12-31 14:15:21
Conditions were pretty good - quite cold and dry. I think that may have helped
keep the noise level low. Lots of NA signals - some EU made it in the log and
one JH2 called in just after sunrise for a nice surprise and the best DX of the
contest. Glad to make an appearance in the Stew after missing it for a few
years. Antenna (rx and tx) is a base-fed tower, driven by 850-900 watts from an

73, Ward N0AX
N4QS   Single Op HP   6502017-12-31 14:19:08
K3/0 Mini connected to remote site running K3 and KW to inverted L. Best DX was
N5AW   Single Op HP   1,1142017-12-31 14:25:57
Conditions really picked up to EU around 11Z. Nice activity all around.
N4UA   Single Op LP   1,4212017-12-31 14:27:22
First Stew. Fun!
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   2,1552017-12-31 14:28:45
No broken bones,
no spilled blood.
and nothing to crow about.

If anyone interested in purchasing
a pair of 900ft wide spaced wires
pointed toward ZL/VK,
Marlene has a setup, brand-new, never been used,
briers and bushes have been removed.

Doug, n5ect
Hired Hand at wd5r
AA1K   Single Op QRP   2,1392017-12-31 14:30:26
Nice to work LZ with 5 watts, our best distance this weekend.
N9TF   Single Op LP   8342017-12-31 14:35:46
100% S&P. Was plagued by a noise generator somewhere in the neighborhood.
Every 60-90 seconds I'd get a 20Db over S9 buzz saw across the entire band that
would last for 10 seconds. I think we have a bad street light starter in the
neighborhood. Sorry for all the repeat requests. Many exchanges were hit by the
buzz saw! If not for that interference, the band was quiet. Averaged 3.9 points
per Q. Was great to work W7EW and K7RAT. Furthest contact was KH6LC for 44
Prop to west coast seemed very good. Prop to EU must have been good. I heard a
lot of U.S. working EU. Only got a partial call of an OK3 late Saturday night. I
seemed to be hearing best to the west and NW. Was hoping for 1k points. Did make
my goal of at least 100 grids (106), and minimum of 200 Qs.

Always a lot of fun to play in this contest. Quite a few new calls in the log
this time around.

73 and Happy New Year to all.
Gene N9TF

Rig: K3S 100 watts to a 67' Shortened half sloper (W8AMZ) at 35' apex sloping to
2' above ground. Aimed at 60 Degrees for what it's worth!
NA7TB   Multi-Op HP   3,6292017-12-31 14:37:11
We beat last year's QSO total, but had fewer points. Conditions were poor for
Asia and marginal for Europe. Thanks for all the Qs.
KØEJ   Single Op HP   4752017-12-31 14:39:09
Happy New Year!!

73 Mark K0EJ
K5GO(@N2QV)   Single Op HP   4,1652017-12-31 14:41:25
Big thanks to Tariq (N2QV) and Scott (WU2X) for letting me operate and helping
me get set up. I worked 230 Europeans; over 1/3 of my total contacts. Only
worked KH6LC to the West. Hoped to work a VK or JA but never heard one.

Congratulations to KL9A for a great score.

Took W1BB QSL card off the wall and proud it up against the corner of the
monitor for inspiration.

Returning to ZF9CW in three weeks and hope to work everyone again in the CQ 160

73... Stan, K5GO/ZF9CW
W9AV   Single Op LP   6742017-12-31 14:41:36
I always forget that skimmers are not allowed in this contest, and I don't have
the patience to do S&P the old-fashioned way, and so this is a check log.
Conditions seemed pretty good, and the Badgers won the Orange Bowl. Someday, I
must repair my amplifier.
W8CUB(K2CUB)   Single Op QRP   1,4342017-12-31 14:46:03
Worked one EU from MI with 5 watts! France. Always fun.
NW2K   Single Op LP   5702017-12-31 14:47:50
Globe Scout 65 on 1.812 and Lysco Transmaster 600 with internal VFO, for most of
the rest. 20w output. The rock-bound Scout sounded nice...the Lysco has some
flair and I tried to stay high in the band and out of the way. HNY, 73, Dean
KIØI   Single Op HP   1,2722017-12-31 14:50:01
Of course these totals change , but looks good to begin with !
Band was wishy washy with QSB but at least no storm QRN. Made a few EU and could
hear the right coast pickin em off but still troubles hearing well enough. No JA
copy Sun mornin and only one left coast station hrd working a JA.
Thanks all for the qso's ,it was a lot of fun as always being in the greatest
contest in radio. Where else do u get points for Distance and Power level of far
end of QSO?
Happy New Year and 73 , Mark KI0I
ICOM PRO3/PW-1 ,bazooka fed coax Inv L , K9AY loop NE, 200' wire on ground NW,
N1MM logging.
WJ9B   Single Op LP   1,7762017-12-31 15:06:02
73, wj9b
K8AJS   Single Op LP   8322017-12-31 15:16:31
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3 100 watts
Antenna: Extended inverted L
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6963.0
NE7D   Single Op HP   8602017-12-31 15:20:06
K3/P3, KPA500/KTA500, N1MM+
TX: Shunt-fed tower loaded with DB-18E on 30M for top hat
RX: NW/SE & NE/SW Reversible Beverages.

First contest with 2nd Beverage system; definitely an added advantage.
Tnx for the contacts,
Rock NE7D
N7US   Single Op LP   4862017-12-31 15:20:24
K3S/P3, inverted vee @ 50'. Best DX was TM6M.
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   3,7782017-12-31 15:21:23
Conditions were pretty good here. QSO count was better than the previous couple
of years.

HNY to all.
AA5VU   Single Op LP   662017-12-31 15:21:54
66 QSOs - not scored Confirmation #: 1706430.stew-perry
9A5W(@9A1A)   Single Op HP   3,5002017-12-31 15:25:27
After two hours of my contest participation PC stopped to work. I spent 90
minutes trying to refresh it, and finaly I was able to copy existing QSOs to
another PC.

Worked a few JA big guns, USA was a little opened about 0130Z and nicely from 04
to 06 Z. A lot USA stations called me but QRM caused by splatters of some EU
stations was terrible.

Congrats to DL6FBL,TM6M and S59A for a nice score.

Thanks to all who called me. HNY to all.

73,Nikola 9A5W
N1UR   Single Op HP   2,1782017-12-31 15:25:55
Was only on from 2200 - 0100Z and from 0500 - 0700Z. The 0500 - 0700Z EU
pre-sunrise openings was one of the top 10 best 160 EU runs I have had from
this station. 200Qs in 2 hours with 124 EU stations calling in. Signal
strengths all over the map - from noise floor (1000 ft terminated EU bev)
to true S9 on the meter. The G, F, DL stations were especially loud as real
sunrise was within 30 - 60 mins. Best DX was KH6LC at 8041km (the only
PAC/Asia station heard) and RW7K at 7876km - a true S7 at his sunrise as he
called in at 0519Z.

It was really fun for those 2 hours. Using a 2 el T top phased array to EU.

Not sure how many people have read the rules in this contest regarding the use
of a remote receiver. Its allowed if within 100km of the TX site. There is
someone writing the rules that has no idea about the use of such an advantage
with SO2R. The rule needs to be clarified. Of course just receiving from one
antenna 100km away makes in band SO2R easy. There is no need to use the local
site receiver to implement SO2R. You could literally listen to your own
transmitted signal on channel one and have a QRM free receiver to tune with on
channel two - all from the remote receiver.

I think this whole idea of allowing remote receivers in 160M contest is a bad
idea. If you can set up a great receiving location with remote access, then you
can build a small hut and operate the contest from there. That's my opinion

73 & HNY

W7RH   Single Op LP   2,7012017-12-31 15:28:07

Someone missed that our Asian, VK, ZL and Pacific Friends were all partying.
Worked just a fraction of normal JA. All last week tons of activity from China,
Russia, Korea,South Pacific and elsewhere. Please don't have the contest on
party night. No wonder hams get divorced.

A good opening to Europe was had. Interesting to note when that occurred the
East coast became extremely weak.

Only a few South Americans heard, a few Puerto Rican's, a TI, PJ, XE and that
was about it. Opening to Europe from my QTH was to zone 14,15 and 16. They were
strong at times but buried in CQ QRM.

I had lot's of fun and look forward to TBDXC 2018!
Happy New Year, 73 Bob W7RH
KG4IGC   Single Op QRP   3992017-12-31 15:29:25
I jumped into this years Stew Perry spur of the moment, and had a great time for
a couple of hours.Had to give Dave NJ4F someone to compete against,as Ted K7OM
was absent from the fray. Band was in great condition, plenty of stations to
work.Had the pleasure of working K4BAI. I really like this contest as most of
the players are sending code at a reasonable speed. For the most part, I could
work anyone that I could hear, with the exception of DX. I only heard about
three or for DX, mostly Caribbean and a couple from EU. I think my QRP status
played a roll in not being able to work DX stations because the pileups were
huge.I went to bed around 11PM and there were still tons of stations to work.
Kind of wish that I was not so tired as I feel that I could have made a lot more
Q's if I could have managed to stay awake! Many thanks goes out to everyone who
strained their ears to hear my tiny signal.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
Pwr: 5 watts
Ant: Inverted L
VA3EC   Single Op LP   7222017-12-31 15:30:29
First real test of the K9AY, WOW, I can hear! Before I never heard Europe on
160, I worked 6 countries across the pond.

My All American Station:
TX Antenna W8AMZ Sloper
RX Antenna K9AY with Far Circuits boards and K7FSN RTerm implementation
RX PreAmp KD9SV Dxpedition
Rig Flex 3000 with KE9NS mods
Rx/Tx switch Motorola
Logger N1MM+

Now if only I could stay up.

Happy New Year, Thanks for the Q's

Harry VA3EC
WD8DSB   Single Op LP   1,1812017-12-31 15:44:51
Did not operate the entire contest and had higher than normal noise floor, but
still managed to make 306 QSOs including one European contact. Used my old
Kenwood TS-180s running 100 watts into my 68 foot base loaded vertical. Decent
conditions to West Coast. First time operating in a contest as a member of
Society of Midwest Contesters which added a little fun to the equation. Also
first time posting to the 3830 reflector (and hopefully I did not mess it up too
KØEU   Single Op QRP   1,2302017-12-31 15:45:36
All S&P. Surprised to be able to work PJ2T with only a few repeats. There
are some great ears out there.
K6NR   Single Op HP   1,3202017-12-31 15:46:15
This was a semi-serious effort for me, but I mostly ran out of
stations to work long before the contest was over. Conditions didn't
seem that great, only 6 or JA stations, not much DX. Heard a LU8 who
wasn't hearing me or others. Also, F6IRA was very strong; the
only EU I heard. He didn't hear me.

Fun contest nonetheless, thanks to all for the QSOs. I was running
about 500W to 48' inverted L over 68 radials with a K9AY loop and
other modest RX antennas. Lots of noise here.

Dana, K6NR
KZ5D   Single Op HP   8422017-12-31 15:52:42
Band sounded pretty decent down South. I wasn't feeling well and didn't have the
stamina to hang in for too long. Tough because around 05z the European were
starting to come in with good signals. Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year
filled with logs overflowing with contest Qs.
N3IQ(ND3F)   Single Op HP   1,8962017-12-31 15:56:06
NP2X(K9VV)   Single Op LP   2,7292017-12-31 15:58:12
Amp decided to take this contest off so went LP.

I couldn’t handle the blazing rate of 10 QSOs / hr around 4am and bagged it.
Ended up with around 230 QSOs and something like 2,700 points. Sucks not having
an amp.

Always a fun contest. Glad to have power back after 105 days! See everyone in
CQ WW 160m rest!

73 / HNY,
N7IR   Single Op LP   2,2362017-12-31 15:58:46
Good prop in the evening and not so good in the morning.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience. Happy new year!

Gary, N7IR
K5LH   Single Op LP   6202017-12-31 15:58:59
Decent condx. All S&P. Worked F, S5, HA in EU, plus PJ2, PJ7, KP2, KH6.
Rig: Omni Eagle, inverted L. HNY & 73, Chris
AD8J   Single Op HP   1682017-12-31 16:04:52
Inverted L with raised radials
VE3VN   Single Op QRP   1,4612017-12-31 16:08:02
Well, that was interesting. I've never operated the Stew Perry contest before
and the rules intrigued me. I saw an opportunity to see what my new antenna
could do while giving a few "lucky" people a QRP bonus. So I blew the
off my KX3 and hooked it up a little before the start of the RAC contest.
When 00Z rolled around I moved a few cables and was up and running on 160m
with 5 watts.

QRP on 160 is tough. Both for me & those trying to copy me. There are only
so many ways one can try to make copy easier for those making the effort.
Some never did hear me despite being very strong here. Yet I worked many
with quite weak signals. I made every attempt to work the furthest stations
to earn distance points, for me and for them. Sometimes it worked, though
most often it did not.

The toughest area to work was the west coast. I worked no CN or CM grids.
There seemed to be a brick wall running from west border of Arizona up
through Idaho. Working south and east was at least possible although
still difficult. I would keep returning to stations that couldn't copy
me hoping I'd eventually get lucky.

Going south I had only a little difficulty working NP2X and NP2J. It took
four tries until PJ2T could pull me through. I then turned my attention
to Europe. All evening the band was full of good strong signals from
Europe tempting me, though to no avail. I was patient. By around midnight
signals seems to rise an S-unit and I had my chance.

First in the log was TM6M. From there I worked across the continent. By
the points my furthest contact was SN7Q, with S59A and HG8DX almost as
far. I even got a partial copy by a Russian station. That I consider
an accomplishment despite not logging a QSO.

Then I'd had enough of the struggle and shut down for the night. Perhaps
I missed out on more DX. I got up a little before dawn to see if I could
have more luck to W6/7. But the same stations I'd called the previous
evening still couldn't copy me.

After working another QRPer who was running I decided to try that, too.
My one attempt in the evening netted nothing. This time I had quite a
nice run, drawing in stations from as far as DN (Colorado).

Overall it was a lot of fun. Better to be indoors contesting than
dealing with the frigid outdoors. See you in CQ 160. But not with QRP!
K4XL   Single Op HP   9442017-12-31 16:08:31
This is always a fun contest. Dealing with a cold, I wan't able to put as much
time into the contest as I would have liked. I ran out of steam just as the
west coast was beginning to come in. Europe was in and out, but I did manage to
work 21 countries, most of which were European. Thanks for all the Qs and the
Ant: Folded unipole
Rig: IC-7800
Amp: Alpha 78
RXAnt: 3 Reversible beverages
AB5OR   Single Op LP   1,0922017-12-31 16:09:16
Great time! Didn't get the distance nor the op time I would have preferred but
still had a blast in one of my favorites. Good score given my constraints....
loved working you guys all over again!


N5XZ   Single Op HP   1,7432017-12-31 16:14:21
Great contest! I had a lot of fun! I wasn't able to work the full 14 hours, but
did manage to work 10 new countries(!), since I only recently got a 160 meter
antenna in the air.

Rig: K3/P3
Amp: Alpha 78
Ant: Inverted-Slanted-L
S/W: N1MM (what else?)
W1IE   Single Op QRP   1832017-12-31 16:28:49
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6927.0
K4FT   Single Op LP   1,0322017-12-31 16:30:01
Great fun! Nice to run into several friends. HNY! 73 John K4FT
N3SD   Single Op LP   2302017-12-31 16:34:11
73, HNY
LY7Z(@LY2TA/P)   Single Op QRP   4782017-12-31 16:34:25



73! Andy
NQ6N   Single Op HP   7262017-12-31 16:41:59
Built a receiving loop antenna before the contest but did not have a variable
capacitor adequate to tune it to resonance, so all RX was done using the
inverted U.

Conditions were very noisy, with many stations who are usually easy copy ending
up right in the noise.

Woke up a few hours before sunrise on Sunday morning and the noise was much

73 and thanks for the Qs.


Elecraft K3, SPE-2K-FA
N1MM+ Logger

Antenna: Inverted "U" over FCP
K6WSC   Single Op LP   5732017-12-31 16:43:40
Rig: TS-590SG
Antenna: K6MM "No-Excuses" 160 Meter Vertical

Best DX: NP2J, PJ2T, KH6LC

Happy New Year!

73, Bill K6WSC
W8CAR   Single Op HP   9322017-12-31 16:46:38
fun time in between watching bowl games. condx seemed good from snowy Ohio.

HNY to all and gud DX this year!

N9CO   Single Op LP   1,1602017-12-31 16:46:57
Icom IC-7300 @ 100 watts. Shunt fed 84' Rohn 45G tower with not enough radials.
Homebrew 4 direction reduced size terminated loop RX antenna.
K8BKM   Single Op HP   8592017-12-31 16:48:59
My first comment is: 313 Q's and my score is only 859? Seems very anti-climactic
- not much to show for hours of effort.

My best TBC score in three years, undoubtedly due to running high power. In
previous years almost no DX except for a Caribbean island. No Europe until
things quieted down domestically and everyone spread out, then I could hear and
work a handful of EU DX. Went to bed only to get up a few hours later around EU
sunrise and worked some more and then turned my attention to the west coast,
Hawaii (KH6LC, my only 15 point Q), and I thought I might have heard KL7SB but
never worked him. I could work anything I heard in the CONUS. Noticeable lack of
VE's, maybe due to being tired from the RAC contest.

I started 2017 with 44 countries on Top Band. With the addition of my new (used)
Alpha 78, I was able to add 38 countries on 160 this year, with the majority
(27) coming from Europe and in the month of December (18). No new entities
during the contest, but only because I worked PJ7/UT6UD the day before the
contest. I'm sitting at 83 countries now on 160 and wonder if I can wrap up top
band DXCC in 2018?

Elecraft K3/S
Alpha 78
204' G5RV at 15m
525' beverage

Thanks everyone for the Q's. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

73, Tom
W3IP   Single Op HP   5042017-12-31 16:53:07
At a distinct disadvantage here with no rx antennas. DX included XE, VE
(several), NP2(2), ON, PJ2, PJ7.
250 watts, inverted L (bend at 52 feet)
K2PO   Single Op LP   1,7512017-12-31 16:53:44
Good condx (e.g., heard 3 Europeans), but JA activity down. Worked only 4 (3 of
them 26 pointers), and heard but couldn't raise a fifth. One called me, which
is a kick with low power. Fun to use a directional array (Shared Apex Loop) for
the first time.

I logged some sleep when things got slow.

HNY to all!

/Bill, K2PO
W1EQ   Single Op HP   1,1472017-12-31 16:53:47
K3, P3, KAT 500, KPA 500.
Inverted L with 35radials on a small lot.
126' x 100'. Hope to qualify for "master of the small lot" plaque.
KM4HI   Single Op HP   4792017-12-31 16:55:02
Quiet condx with deep QSB. Thanks for the Q's.
See you next time. HNY & 73 - Jim KM4HI
WBØSND   Single Op HP   1,5612017-12-31 17:02:43
This was the maiden voyage for my new inverted L at my new QTH. So nice to be
back on 160 again. It is 170 feet long and tuned at the base with a series
capacitor. I have 4 elevated radials at about 8 feet. I chose elevated radials
because the antenna is in the woods and ground radials would be difficult. It's
kind of weird in that the radials and the antenna go up hill in a couple of
directions. It really performed very well. I had many EU calling and they all
seemed to hear me better than I heard them. I threw out a quick BOG antenna for
RX that did not work at all, so all RX was with the L. Next year I will have at
least 2 beverages. I'm sure most of my handicap was in the RX department (and
operating skill department). Had a ball and always enjoy it. 73 es HNY to all.
Hope to work some of you tonight on SKN.

K3, Alpha 87A, Inverted L w/4 elevated radials.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   1,3022017-12-31 17:03:02
FT1000MP,Alpha 78, 1 KW, tee vertical. Conditions to North America seemed pretty
good, especially to the west coast. Europe was very disappointing. Only a few
European DX heard and fewer worked. OK7K had an outstanding signal. Didn't
hear a sunrise bump in signals at all. Glad to work Lloyd KH6LC. No JAs heard.
Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
KØVXU   Single Op HP   512017-12-31 17:04:58
Just got on briefly Sunday morning to provide the deserving a QSO. A noise has
appeared that wipes out 160 (S9+20dB), so it is very difficult to contest under
those conditions. Working on locating and eliminating the noise which is not on
my property. Hopefully, the problem will be solved before the winter season is

Russ - K0VXU
N8EA   Multi-Op HP   1,7812017-12-31 17:06:47
soapbox: thanks for the fun - good condx and participation
soapbox: this is a check log - it is about time you had some
soapbox: category for users of spotting - it is 2018. I noticed there were
soapbox: a huge number of stations spotted ?!!?
soapbox: 700W to 1/4 vertical, 3 RX ants, TS590S. HNY joe n8ea
K1SX   Single Op QRP   8162017-12-31 17:08:44
Tnx all for your patience!
Genesis G11 SDR, Inv L 65'+65' over 16 radials
VA7ST   Single Op HP   5222017-12-31 17:20:35
Just a shade over 6 hours. Not as much activity as expected. Things were slow
but pretty steady during the evening hours. Wee hours were empty expanses of

First time with an amp for the Stew, and I still ended up with only my 6th best
score. As the band sounded in pretty good shape all the way across North America
I have to assume past iterations of the antenna (more horizontal top wire, more
wire in the radial systems) have been better, even with 100W.

Have plenty of inverted-L work ahead this spring. Running high power showed me
that watts in the coax don't mean much if they don't get out. The wire
configuration here needs reworking, and after five years in its current rather
lazy setup the time has come -- as soon as warm wether returns in April. Santa
brought a drone with him, so shold be able to get lines where I need them over
the 100-foot Ponderosa pines on a calm day.

Thanks to all I worked and those who tried to make it work. All the best in

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Pwr Qs Pts PB rank
==== ==== ==== ==== =======
2017 SOHP 127 522 6
2016 SOLP 65 323
2016 SOLP 24 113
2015 SOLP 50 175
2014 SOLP 43 142
2013 SOLP 123 775 3
2012 SOLP 92 628 4
2011 SOLP 67 273
2010 SOLP 52 238
2009 SOLP 108 615 5
2008 SOLP 93 420
2007 SOLP 155 1032 1
2006 SOLP 51 133
2005 SOLP 124 858 2
2004 SOLP 43 238
K2SI   Single Op LP   2332017-12-31 17:22:54
First time using my 43 ft Zero-Five vertical with an MFJ-2910 matching network.
It still needs a little more fine tuning but did work on 160M.
KC9EE   Single Op HP   2262017-12-31 17:23:38
Made a couple quick runs. Thanks to all those who called. Unfortunately, other
obligations interfered this time. For some reason this QTH has turned into a
sort of vacation resort for family and friends this Holiday Season, lol. Also
took a little time to play with a new little RSP1A SDR receiver. Kind of cute.

Gary KC9EE
WQ5L   Single Op LP   1,0192017-12-31 17:30:42
100 W, Inv-L TX, ~480' Bev NE & NW

Both atmospheric and power line noise pretty much nonexistent for once, so I
feel like I heard pretty well. First few hours were fun, then the rate really
slowed to a crawl after 0300 or so -- soldiered on to a little past midnight
then hung it up. Heard many EU stations early but too light to work with LP, as
is typical here. Sometimes they'll peak up around 0300-0400, but not this time,
except R7NW who did manage to hear me for my only non-NA DX. Solid copy on KH6LC
soon after his sunset but couldn't raise him. Several Carib/CAm calls in the
log, all worked easily. HNY all -- Ray WQ5L
N5XE   Single Op LP   4152017-12-31 17:31:04
50 watts and Inverted L antenna.

I believe conditions were as good as I've heard them here at my QTH in Oklahoma.
Low noise and good band conditions. I worked 5 DX countries, including my
first Slovenia on 160 meters.

I am still trying to figure propagation out on this band...very interesting
WK5T   Multi-Op HP   2,5842017-12-31 17:32:50
Great to have Mark, N5OT, join us on his way back to Oklahoma from California !

Good conditions during the evening hours to the USA east coast, but very
disappointing to Europe from here in DM52. The JA opening was even worse, with
only 11 JA's worked. Nothing else in Asia heard.
EI2CN   Single Op HP   3,1432017-12-31 17:35:18
Wow, I stayed up the night. At times I felt pretty seedy and am probably
going to be spaced out for at least another day but am pleased to have managed
to stay in the seat.

The number of QSOs is up 33% on last year and well the points are not really
known till processing based on the other station's power level.

Conditions were improved a bit on last year. It seems I may have at least one
QSO in W7 land and some Arizona QSOs. The real surprise was ZP5DBC in
Paraguay for 21 points and a new DXCC entity. This QSO was made at 04:02 UTC so
late night still has magic. How sweet it is; thank you, thank you!

A QSO with Jim, K5RX helped wake me from a stupor. This was at 05:33 UTC and our
local time. Jim was pretty strong so I doubt he was operating QRP this time
around. I always enjoy Jim's retelling of the contest efforts at K5RX as Jim
is a story teller.

It was hard going at night as there just is not enough activity. The QSO rate
could drop down to less than 20 per actual hour and I am not use to this in a TB
contest. There is just not the activity for the Stew as for CQWW 160M the
last weekend in January. However this contest is different from any other.
No one cares if you are rare DX or living in a populous state like New York.
The only criteria is how far away you are. The Stew is a contest for the
ordinary man. I like the fourteen hour limit for single operators - well at
73 years maybe you can understand.

The operating was a mixture of Run and "Search and Pounce" throughout
the contest though in the early hours running seemed best by far. I like to be
able to use clusters but the Stew is also good. It would just be easier late
at night if there was more activity to keep one fully occupied. Then it was
not so much a problem to find an operating spot. A contest with many
differences is what the Stew is.

Once North America started to come in I concentrated on this as the QSOs were of
much greater weight. The Hi-Z eight circle for 160M only is a wonderful for
this as it can knock Europe down by 20 to 30 plus dB. One can use diversity on
the K3 to keep an ear in other directions. The band is a pleasure to listen to
. There is little noise though some signals are just riding above the
background noise. They can be copied without hurting the ears though you do
need to use the processing inside your head. No CW reader commercially
available is yet doing this. So well done to Lee. I believe at times it is
like listening with a five element Yagi on 160M. The directivity is amazing.

Next it is the CQWW with EI0R on the last weekend of January.

K3 with second RX and P3
Acom 2000A amplifier at 1500 Watts as allowed for contesting only in EI

Hi-Z 8 Circle 200 foot diameter 160M only RX antenna

Inverted L which is temporarily at 28M max rather than 30M. Radial system is
over the top with miles of wire.

Micro-Keyer II and WinTest

A new office chair with great lumbar support which is a delight
KØPK   Single Op LP   1,6042017-12-31 17:42:06
Raw score from N1MM.

Fairly good conditions with some QSB. Nice surprise was having G3BJ call in. Had
a DL call also but lost him in the noise. West coast came in well most of the

As always, a fun contest!

73 & HNY! K0PK
GM4AFF   Single Op HP   1,3262017-12-31 17:43:57
Less activity than previous years I felt. Conditions awful. Dipole SWR went to
infinity after 2 hours. Inverted L resonance went moved 30kHz up the band. Baaah
PS - thanks for all the QSOs and I hope 2018 is good for everyone!
N4XD   Single Op HP   1,4852017-12-31 17:44:06
Something failed in the phasing of the two towers. Unfortunately everything
appeared fine in the shack. I finally decided to go out and check the antennas
(was still warm here and full moon) at 0244. Found a cable I had left
disconnected during earlier work. Still didn't seem right. Stations I should be
able to work would not hear me, at all!

Back out at 0530Z to switch back to just the single vertical. Now, everything
back to how it should be! But basically lost the first 7 hours.

Band seemed in pretty good shape. A fair amount of DX and solid prop to the west
coast. Band was pretty quiet too which is always nice.

Thanks, as usual, to the Boaring ARC for their continued work creating and
supporting the contest.

shunt fed tower (eventually!)
HiZ receive 4 square
WO4O   Single Op HP   5712017-12-31 17:45:33
Just goofin' 'round while trying to troubleshoot issues during reconstruction of
ARS (after Labor Day lightning strike and hurricane Irma in the same week). Tnx
Qs. 73 es HNY, de ric, wo4o
CT1BOH   Single Op LP   242017-12-31 17:45:59
I was playing around with my Skimmer set-up at CT1BOH-# and was
surprised to see so many stations from USA being decoded on 160. The skimmer
antenna is just a 20 meter long end-fed wire.

I called four station KM7W, N4YDU, W2GD and K5GO.

W2GD was the loudest but could not copy my micro signal.
KM7W and N4YDY were about some signal strengh and could pull me trough with
K5GO was the weakest from the four and could not copy me.

73 José CT1BOH
K5KC   Multi-Op HP   1,9762017-12-31 17:46:30
The station worked well just couldn't hear very well due to power line noise.
Still a lot of fun!
WT2P   Single Op HP   5102017-12-31 17:46:44
Much improved from last year's 5 qso's... Got NP2J Sunday for a new band
country. Still missed Hawaii for my last state on 160.

This was a fun contest to turn off the cluster and just roam the band. Got to
test the signal detection feature in N1MM which is pretty nice.

Ant: W8AMZ sloper center 40', end about 5' off ground with 25 radials of varying
length (most over 70')

IC-7300 and Expert 1k-FA.

Need a RX antenna!

73 and HNY
N4IQ   Single Op HP   3392017-12-31 17:51:59
Band QSOs Pts Pt/Q
1.8 134 339 2.5
Total 134 339 2.5
Score: 339 3 Hours Op Time

TS590SG, THP 1KW, 160M C. Windom up 45 FT, K9AY RX Loops
SDR Pan, N1MM+
VA2WA   Multi-Op HP   4,8502017-12-31 17:56:16
That was a single op operation with DX-cluster/RBN support. I know that's not
allowed by the SP rules. So most likely they will process my log as a CHECK LOG.
Anyway I'd like to suggest to SP contest owners to have one category with a DX
cluster support. I think that would bring more guys with a modest set up like

That was nice to see many good operators using real time score boards. That
makes any contest to be much more attractive and thrilling! Join the Real Score
Cluster! Try it now!

Details about the project here:

TX ANT: Inverted L 20m high.
RX ANT: short BEV to EU, K9AY for the rest of the world
SO1R: TS590S + 1.5 kW.

73 es Happy New Year!!


The team
HG8DX(@HA8DZ)   Multi-Op HP   3,4482017-12-31 17:57:25
This is our very first entry to the Stew Perry. Worked 133 US/VE, including some
west coast stations, only 7 JA. ODX were ZP5BDC. The contest was a good
opportunity to say good-by to the old year with good friends.

HNY to all!
HG8DX team
W7RN(W6UQZ)   Single Op HP   2,1522017-12-31 18:02:14
Finally, Top Band has come alive on the West Coast! Furthest Distance = VK6
DX = 5W, F, FY, HA, JA(13), NP2, OK, PJ2, PJ7 S5, SM, TI, TM, VK6, XE
K3PA   Single Op HP   1382017-12-31 18:08:26
Just a token effort, as a new S9 +20 line noise has killed all operation here.
Was very pleased to be able to hear KH6LC through that (with a noise blanker)!

Hope for more next contest after some serious noise DF efforts.
K9MA   Single Op HP   1,6092017-12-31 18:10:19
Best 160 conditions I've seen in quite a while, despite lack of openings to Asia
or the Pacific. Europe was weak, but at least there WAS an opening. I ended up
with 12 EU countries, and 5 other DX ones. Still, things get pretty slow after
the first 300 or so QSO's.

K3, AL-82, SB-220
Shunt fed tower
RX Loops
(18 by 36 meter city lot)
K7CW   Single Op HP   1,1822017-12-31 18:21:13
At 08:48 I could not continue, so I don't know what I missed during the final
hours. Good thing I worked a few JAs at sunrise at the start of the contest. Got
one new one, PJ7/UT6UD for number 94 (they're hard coming out here). I attached
a "low noise" preamp before the contest - thinking it would help. On
the contrary, it made things worse. I also attached an ANC-4 which did help,
K9NR   Single Op LP   2,2732017-12-31 18:21:44
EU signals were strong but activity overall seemed a little DX was
LU8DPM for 28 points.
Thanks for all the Q's
73, Don Kerouac K9NR
KU8E   Single Op HP   1,2532017-12-31 18:31:29
K3-100 and KPA500 Inverted L with 8 elevated radials.

Band was very quiet. Conditions to west coast of US were very good with many
loud W6/W7's worked. Not so good to EU. Just a handful in my log. Nothing
remotely close to the EU conditions described by those on the east coast. KH6LC
was best DX. Worked NP2,PJ2,PJ7,DL,F,KH6,EI,XE,6Y and V3. Heard a loud LU8DPM
but he just CQ'ed in my face when I called him. I guess running 600 watts
doesn't cut it in many cases compared to those running the legal limit.

HNY to all my contesting friends...

Jeff KU8E
KT3Y   Single Op HP   2,1802017-12-31 18:52:49
HNY and 73,

Phil KT3Y
KS4X   Single Op HP   662017-12-31 19:00:21
had a bad night with stomach bug missed out on most of contest.
did work KH6LC this morning .
LA5LJA(@LA7TTT)   Single Op LP   4942017-12-31 19:04:18
Same Equipment as 2016,100 w and a W8AMZ sloper.
Feeded 15 mtr up in the Tower,11 NA worked (in 2016..6 NA)
So almost 100% more sucsess to have a qso to North America...
KM7W had a big signal,he was the first NA I heard and the last.
He was well over s9 and other was in the s5-s6 area, he was
hearing well also. Hope to take part in Big Stew NeXT year also...

W9RE   Single Op LP   3,4302017-12-31 19:07:05
By a handful, the most Q's LP ever for me. Only 13 Europeans, no SA, and I never
heard PJ2T (can't explain that one). Best DX RW7 19 points.

Conditions domestically seemed very good especially to the west coast.

Thanks to all that get on the air on the Holiday weekend with all the
distractions and thanks to the sponsors and all the plaque donors.
W6SX   Single Op HP   2002017-12-31 19:27:31
Best DX PJ2T. No other DX heard although I was on at all the wrong times.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   1,8802017-12-31 19:31:33
Reasonable DX condx to EU but not so many stations to work. A few 18 pointers
for best DX. Orange Bowl (Wisconsin!!) took me away from the radio from time to

Tnx QSOs!


73, Mike K9NW
W2VJN(@N6LF)   Single Op HP   2,6672017-12-31 19:36:04
Thanks again to Rudy, N6LF for the use of his fine antenna.

Condx out west were not as good as the east. Worked 18 JAs, 3 Euros, 3 LUs and
VK6. Maybe next time.

I was happy to do some radio operating while I wait for my new house to be

K3S, AL 1200, 3 Element array switchable east/west, beverage

Hny to all and thanks for the Qs.
RW7K   Multi-Op HP   3,7032017-12-31 19:37:12
Great fun ! Nice to meet so many friends on the air last weekend of the year
!Low activity from Asia. Around 10 ja's only. Happy New Year to all !!! All the
best in 2018 !!!
K2AV   Single Op HP   8262017-12-31 19:40:38
Started weeks run-up to contest with torn muscle in lower right side. (Long
story) That first messed up getting new SAL-30 up for TBDC. Then it made sitting
for any period at operating position literally painful. But did get on for some
few scattered hours, and never faced saturation. Very high run rates.

Very interesting was 45/hr run after sun was up 8 to 9 AM local Sunday. Watched
stations on P3 mostly fade out just a little after 8, but come back in waves
including a hard opening out to west coast I looked up later on RBN.

I am sure SAL-30 would have made copiable several dozen too weak to copy calls.
Apologies to those I couldn't dig out. I think the March Stew is going to be
very interesting this year.

Rig: K3 + Alpha 8410
Antenna: Inverted L over FCP

73 & HNY all, Guy
N3BB   Single Op HP   1,4132017-12-31 19:43:23
Never heard a JA. Farthest distance was to OK, S5, and 9A. Europe signals were
very weak and lots of repeats on both ends.

My first semi-serious Stew with a shunt-fed tower and two elevated radials over
nearly pure limestone on a hilltop and a SAL30 receiving array down the hill
near a creek bottom with real dirt. The equipment seemed to work fine, but the
opening to EU seemed really difficult and poor to me. I went back to bed an hour
before sunrise, but not sure it would have made much difference to JA/Asia.

Thanks to all for the contacts and activity.

Jim N3BB

Continent List Continents

USA calls = 277
VE calls = 11
N.A. calls = 7
S.A. calls = 1
Euro calls = 11
Afrc calls = 0
Asia calls = 0
JA calls = 0
Ocen calls = 1

Total calls = 308
KX7L   Single Op QRP   2642017-12-31 19:51:11
Was it me, or were conditions much worse than last year? Barely managed half
the score of 2016, even though I put about the same time in. I just wasn't
hearing anything east of the Mississippi. Even west coast activity seemed down.
Thanks to those who pulled my 5W through the static!
NA8V   Single Op LP   3,8162017-12-31 20:18:51
raw points 2544 x 1.5

What a great way to spend a cold winter night. Tuned the band in the afternoon
and copied G3BJ weak but q5 at 2030z, 1.5hrs before sunset. Didn't know if that
was a good sign or a bad sign. Started at 2130z hoping to catch a big sunset
opening. Didn't happen. Got a couple CA stns, first Eu was EI2CN an hour after
dark. Had called him earlier, not even a ?. Worked a 17pt LZ at 0013, thought
that might be the opening but nope. The west coast had started dribbling thru
around 0030z, quite early, to provide some excitement. Had a really nice freq
low in the band but things were getting slow and there wasn't any DX to speak of
so started S&Ping up the band at 0330z with 8 Eu in the log. Stumbled across
a couple Eu stations that were relatively easy to work but difficult to copy
with the qrm on top of them. Things were looking up. I picked up 10 Eu stns in
the s&p, finally found an open freq up in the 40's and settled in.

Stayed on that freq for 3 hours and 135 qso's, 67 Europeans and a dozen west
coast stations mixed in. They were all loud, even the west coast off the back
of the beverage. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! By 07z the show was
mostly over. S&p'd a few more western Eu - it was remarkable how much
louder and easier to work the eastern/central Eu had been than the more western
(G/F/PA/ON) stations. Never heard an EA. Not many Scandinavian/Baltic stations
either. Ended up with 94 Eu including 9 17/18 pointers. Farthest was probably
RL4A. Last year I never worked any z16, this year 11 and was up 37 in Eu.

By 08z conditions had pretty much crashed. No one was loud and there weren't
many new west coast station for the rest of the contest. Kudos to XE2S and
KH6LC who both spent extra time to dig me out in sub-par conditions. Worked
only KH6, 2xKP2, PJ2, PJ4, PJ7, TI, V31 and XE outside of Eu. Heard but
couldn't work two LU stations. Finished down 10 US and up 25 qso's from last

It was an awesome night in one of the best contests of the year.

KK7A   Single Op LP   932017-12-31 20:20:02
From W1/Chaplin
KØOO(@W3RFC)   Multi-Op HP   3622017-12-31 20:24:44
WB8RFB   Single Op LP   1562017-12-31 20:45:14
Thought I would be unable to participate as I was unable to get a 160 antenna
up. Made a compromise antenna by feeding only the center conductor of 30 meter
dipole through my Palstar Auto-Tuner. Worked well enough to have fun on a very
cold winter's eve and spend a few enjoyable hours working CW.
W6JTI   Single Op LP   2,0222017-12-31 21:03:30
I have multiplied my points by 1.5, for LP.

There was no rain and very little wind, so I was able to fly a He balloon with
130' of wire.
WTØO(KØTI)   Single Op QRP   3,2762017-12-31 21:13:07
Took the KX3 out the W0AIH.
W4GE   Single Op HP   4532017-12-31 21:21:09
Fun contest. Unfortunately family and social events intervened, yielding a
short time on the air. This included airtime with a snoring son and his 3 dogs
all in the hamshack with me during the Stew. Ah well. Family comes first!

As always: wait till next time!

Antennas: Xmit: base loaded 80m 1/4 wave vertical. RX: 2 RBOGS, Pixel Loop, and
a Pennant.

Rig: K3(S) with Acom 1500 amp.

Thanks to all for your grace and for hearing me!
Happy New Year Everyone!

Rick W4GE
K7SV   Single Op LP   1,0192017-12-31 21:26:43
K3 100W Inv L 70X70 w,4 elevated radials. No rx ants. Huge QSB on Europeans
W4PK   Single Op HP   2082017-12-31 21:39:48
First time I ever participated in this contest. New year's weekends have always
been filled with conflicts and this year was no exception as my wife and I
hosted a dinner party Saturday evening.

I listened Saturday morning at the start of the contest and heard a few stations
but I only managed to work one in EN71. I called several others but they just
kept on CQing. The band went completely quiet after that.

The rest of my contacts were made Sunday morning before I had to leave for
church. All search & pounce, and I could hear better than I was being heard
as several out-west stations had difficulty copying me. But I was using a 1000'
Beverage to the west!

I fat-fingered a few of the grids and I do apologize to those stations who had
experienced my "AGN" requests. Otherwise I had fun for the short time
that I was able to participate. Next year I will try to at least keep Saturday
evening free!

73, Sam W4PK
WF7T   Single Op LP   9762017-12-31 21:43:08
Appreciating (and was a little jealous) listening to NO3M running EU. Of course,
I wasn't hearing the things he was. In fact, no EU heard or worked here at all.
Nice to hear and work the West Coast with little effort; thanks for hearing my
crappy lil signal! Very pleased to hear/work a beautiful armchair-copy signal
from KH6LC. Made me forget my bronchitis misery for a few hours. I COULD NOT
wake up from my "nap" for pre-dawn Pacific, so I don't know what else
I missed after about 2AM when I passed out. I am sure my sending was pretty
incoherent well before that, but it was nice to pass out a few 73s and HNYs to
my radio pals. Tip of the brim to the organizers, and thanks all for the Qs.

HNY, 73 Brad WF7T
Confirmation #: 1706662.stew-perry
Marconi-fed doublet ~11m tall (30m top hat)
IC-7600 @ 80W
K4AFE   Single Op HP   4502017-12-31 21:45:17
Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee.

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
N9NA   Single Op HP   9772017-12-31 22:12:08
Flex 6500, Alpha 87a, 160 Meter Inverted L.
W9NXM   Single Op LP   3892017-12-31 22:15:05
Thanks to all who worked me. Not a super station 80M Inv-Vee, fed w/ both sides
of the ladder line. K3 @ 50W [due to RF interaction w/ computer?]. Oh yes, noise
floor was S4.5 most of the time. Still had fun with the time I could op. Looking
forward to next SP.
WO9S(@WO9J)   Single Op LP   8522017-12-31 22:29:54
Band seemed in poorer condition than four weeks ago. No European
stations and fewer west coast stations heard. WO9J's fine vertical
allowed me to work everything I could hear; thanks to Mike for the
use of his IC 7300, operated remotely from the University of Chicago
radio club room.
K1KI   Single Op HP   4,2122017-12-31 22:37:20
Looks like 306 grids worked. Only 45 west coast stations (CM CN DM DN DO) plus
KH6. 220 Eu in the log. Heard LU8DPM but no QSO. 4-square was fixed this
fall, now it doesn't have much directivity so something is wrong. Worse problem
was that the remote switch for beverages is toast, so almost all receiving was
on the 4-square. Suspect I missed quite a few. Even so, nothing beats a night
of CW on 160m. 73 Tom
KØACP   Single Op LP   5752017-12-31 22:46:14
Well after a late start due to antenna tuner problems, it was off to the races.
As always, I had a lot of fun and connected with some regulars, and new ops.
Seemed to not see as many from NE as I recall in past years. But did see
openings into KP2, TI, and S0. Could be condx, but also the first SP with my
K3s! It was a pleasure to operate. Also first time using the online
scoreboard, didn't really even think to follow, but did not seem to deter from
my operation.

Thanks again to all whom participated and shared Q's, and to all who organized
one of my favorite contests each year.

73 es God Bless & HNY!

Art / K0ACP
K1RZ   Single Op HP   1,6822017-12-31 22:53:32
Another Stew Perry contest in the log. A high-light during the test was to work
the W1BB Stew Perry Memorial Station. Took a little maintenance time to get
the K9AY receive antenna to work again, as I roll up the lower wires to prevent
damage by the deer running through the field through the summer, but then it
worked flawlessly again. It is such a kick to work this CW contest on this MF
band. So quiet compared to when I listened as a teenager in the 1960's when the
Loran signals were so dominant. Perfect weekend to hold the event. Thanks to
the organizers for these 160m tests. 73, Dave K1RZ FM19

K3 with 1 KW Alpha amp, Inverted L and K9AY Loops.
WS7L   Single Op HP   4972017-12-31 23:17:47
Seemed like once I'd alternated S&Ping through the band and CQing for an
hour or two there wasn't really much business left. Band was quiet and
propagation was good. I was planning to go the distance any way but then at
about 1100Z (3 am local) my antenna system started arcing. Last time that
happened it was caused by rodent damage but I didn't want to creep around in the
mud, dark, and cold looking for the problem. So I went to bed for the last 4

Biggest disappointment was not logging PJ7/UT6UD. He was loud but I never got
more than a partial call back from him. PJ7 will be a new one on the band for
me, and I'm glad to note that he'll be there for a while yet.

73 and thanks for the QSOs, Carl WS7L
K-Line, 500 W to 45 foot tall top-loaded vertical. Loop on ground for diversity.
K4XU   Single Op HP   1,4272017-12-31 23:24:33
First time I've heard any Europeans in years. Conditions were good but the
participation was marginal. Worked everything I could hear.
HNY and see you next year.
KN4Y   Single Op LP   7002017-12-31 23:30:17
Did some S&P then fund a quiet spot on the band and called for awhile. Shack
warmed up and I could not stay awake so quit at 75 QSO's.
OK7K(OK1NS)   Single Op HP   3,3172017-12-31 23:36:20
First time in Stew Perry from our OK7K QTH.

Not so bad opening to States, I worked 150 K, 11 VE but only 3 JA....

Used equiment:
FT-1000MP + PA

Vertical @ 39m with about 150 ground radials

RX Antennas:
Beverage 360m to USA (320 deg)
Beverage 360m to Carribien (280 deg)
Beverage 360m to South America (250 deg)
Beverage 360m to Africa (170 deg)
Beverage 360m to VK/ZL (080 deg)
Beverage 360m to Japan (045 deg
Beverage 260m to North (015 deg)
Beverage 180m to near East (135 deg)
K9AY Loop

Thanks for all QSOs. HNY to all and see you during CQ160m CW contest :)

Petr OK1NS / OK7K

You can find some info and pictures on our web pages:
K1WHS   Single Op HP   4,7732017-12-31 23:36:54
I had fun playing in the Stew. I am coming off a bad year healthwise, so it is
great to feel OK enough to actually play radio again. I used my shunt fed Rohn
25 vertical along with a bunch of beverage wires running through the woods. The
beverages caught it this Fall, with the semi hurricane that blew trough here.
Many trees fell and all the wires needed many repairs to get them back in
I still have one system with a huge white pine laying across it that needs some
chain sawing action. My plan for the Stew was to call CQ much more than times
past, and hope that my CW ability might rise to the occasion. I started at 2200
UT and ran until about 08:30 UT, sunrise in Britain. I took a nap and then got
up for my sun rise, but worked little DX in the morning. I did snag V31MA then
and KH6LC. 90% of my time was spent "running" in hopes that stations
would find me. The wx here was brutal with below zero temperatures even at mid
day, so the power line noise was very high and made receiving difficult at
times, but condx to EU seemed very good and I managed to work 250 Europeans
along with 11 DX stations in the Caribbean, South America, and two KH6 stations.
I heard nothing else from the Pacific. I was bundled up in the shack trying to
stay warm. Every few hours I went in the house and threw more oak logs in the
Rig was a K3 with new synthesizers and seven beverages arrayed in the woods,
with lengths from 860 to about 1250 ft long. The 45 degree wire is 1200 ft long
and was used for most of the time for Europe. For the first time ever, it had 10
dB of power line noise. My TX antenna is an 80 ft tower that is shunt fed with a
gamma match. There are about 120 radials more or less, mostly 130 ft long. I
quit early at my sunrise with almost two extra hours unused. That was not a good
move, but sleep seems more important when you are an old fart.
K9CT   Single Op HP   1,6462017-12-31 23:42:13
Part time.

Good condx with EU calling in...very nice.

73, Craig K9CT
WQ4RP   Multi-Op QRP   1,6832018-01-01 00:03:30
The KnightLites QRP Society enjoyed getting together at our Excalibur QRP Site
near Raleigh, NC as a QRP Multi-Op for the 2017 Big Stew, with ops Marty W4MY,
JP AB4PP, Marc W4MPS, and Paul AA4XX. We ran a (new to us) Flex 6300 @5W with a
large vertical loop with raised counterpoise. Band condx were good, although
not as good for DX as last year. Quiet band condx enabled us to work a number
of West Coast stations, although we missed the ususal VE6,VE7, and KH6 log
entries. It was heartening to see such a great turnout again this year.

All our ops had a lot of fun; The Flex 6300 was a big hit, and the guys
instantly recognized the utility of the sensitive bandscope. We are already
looking fwd to the Spring Stew.

Thanks to the Boring ARC for sponsoring the Stews.
VE7XF   Single Op HP   6312018-01-01 00:24:57
Man, I sure like this distance-based scoring! We need more of this.
Nothing new this year. Mostly S&P, worked almost everything I heard.
Only off-continent sigs heard were a KH6, a KP2 and 3 JAs (JH4UYB was best DX).
I squeezed in an hour Sat morning before VA7VF wanted the antenna for the
RACWIN, which produced 2 of the JAs (16 pointers). Got 91 grids in total.
Most consistent signal to the east was Victor, VA2WA, whom I could have worked
almost anytime. Nothing heard from anywhere else :-(

My NY resolution - get off my ass and find the noises, then build an RX
Maybe even before the CQ 160.

Ralph, VE7XF
K3IE   Single Op LP   9402018-01-01 00:49:52
TT Eagle
Inv L

Love "The Stew".

Tnx for the Q's and HNY - Hunter K3IE
N1SZ   Single Op HP   1982018-01-01 01:08:13
One of my favorite contests! Have been looking forward to this contest all
week.... except a nagging shoulder injury has made sleeping miserable for the
last few weeks. (Unfortunately, shoulder surgery is on the horizon) Wanted to
do more.... just couldn't given the lack of sleep in the last week. Seems this
year that I've got the RX situation dialed in. Looking forward to both CQ
160's! See you then!

Jim, N1SZ
N8VW(@K8MK)   Single Op QRP   2,2472018-01-01 01:13:07
Fun time, but had some family stuff, so started late and took a 1.5 hour break
in prime time to pick up a kid from work. I finally RTFM'd the k3 manual and
got the serial port keying working. Still trouble with tx antenna, so it was in
80m mode through the k3 tuner, but at 90 feet tall it doesn't do bad, but I felt
a bit weaker than normal. Is that possible running qrp?

Heard lots of EU that just couldn't pull me through the noise, congrats to those
that did. See you all in the CQ WW 160.
K2RD   Single Op HP   3482018-01-01 01:16:46
Best dx PJ2T and NP2J. Thanks for the QSOs.
K7WP   Single Op HP   4072018-01-01 01:20:34
FT1000MP/ AL811H/ Loaded tower

Happy New Year to all...!

73, John K7WP
HSØZIA   Single Op HP   3662018-01-01 01:36:12
Check log op...This was assisted by DX summit and RBN just looking to see what I
could hear, which was not much...Best DX 22 pts to KH6LC. Heard KH6DX much
louder but he was doing S&P and I did not call CQ. Worst DX 8 pt to JA. Only
3 JA stns heard calling CQ and only a few others doing S&P. Heard no NA
despite spending lots of time tuning the spots... heard 1 VK the rest from EU.
Very poor activity almost no one on the second night...
W1NN   Single Op LP   1,9932018-01-01 01:54:10
1329 QSO points X 1.5 LP multiplier. Final score will no doubt be quite

I operated my station in Ohio remote from Tokyo. The station is pretty modest -
a K3 and a dipole. The dipole is at about 30 feet on one end and 70 feet on the
other and runs over my pond. My only advantage is that operating this contest
remote from Japan makes it a totally daytime operation for me. I started around
8 AM my time and ended at 10 PM (Ohio sunrise) with a couple hours break in
between for meals, etc., so no lost sleep. As the rate declined, I got a lot of
newspaper reading in while Win-test called CQ. Speaking of Win-Test, I really
like the grid square map that fills in each grid as you work it. Lots of fun to
see where you are working.

Conditions were excellent. The band was quiet and I think I must have worked
more west coast stations than in any other 160 contest - almost forty 6 and 7
point contacts. Quite a few called me, which doesn't usually happen. I also
managed to work 16 EU stations, quite a good performance for my little station.
It's been a while since I worked KH6 on this band but this time KH6LC was easy
to find and work. Nice job, Lloyd. I heard a loud KH6DX calling someone but he
was S&P and I didn't hear him calling CQ.

Lots of fun. Thanks Tree, Lew and everyone for all the work in putting on this

HNY from Tokyo.

73, Hal W1NN (also 7J1AAI)
AF6SA   Single Op HP   4282018-01-01 02:15:30
TRX:TS-2000 + PA: 500W
ANT: 160M - 57ft Helical vertical
KEØTT   Single Op QRP   1452018-01-01 02:33:10
K3/10 at 5 watts to three 45 to 50' tee-top verticals tied together in parallel.
Tough going here for this op.... could only hear about half of the stations
that were in QSO's, and then could only be heard by about half of those stations
I could hear. Not much atmospheric noise, but signals were down all around this
time. S-meter readings were down by 20 dB or so from last time. Thanks for your
extra effort to copy this QRP signal out there. There were so many repeats and
broken QSO's that I cut the time short, and quit torturing those that had rough
copy. C U next time, when hopefully the band will be hotter.... 73, Dan ke0tt
WØZP   Single Op LP   8172018-01-01 05:12:45
It was nice to work a couple EU Stations with my 100w, thanks for copying 73
Wayne w0zp
KA6BIM   Single Op HP   1,6142018-01-01 05:49:17
Lots of activity and I like the exchange. Good test for new double bazooka
KU1CW(@W4AAW)   Single Op HP   2,1502018-01-01 07:11:35
Part time remote effort. Was able to stop by at W4AAW week before to set 160M
inverted L and Mike put 500FT+ EU Beverage day of the contest. Beverage helped
with EU quite a bit.
73 and HNY!
Alex, KU1CW
WA6URY   Single Op LP   1882018-01-01 09:46:31
Antenna is a 40m rotary dipole at 63 ft with a SG 230 antenna coupler at the
feedpoint...and this gives me limitations but it is still fun to see who
hears me ! Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
SP4Z   Multi-Op HP   1,3112018-01-01 13:07:41
Gud signals from North America
I was off from 01-05 UTC

Quite interesting abt QRB to East and West from my QTH KO12
PJ2T - 9045 km
JA3YBK - 8433 km
N4WW - 8407 km
JH4UYB - 8218 km

HNY to all

73, Wes SP4Z
OK3C(OK2ZC)   Single Op HP   3,0092018-01-01 14:03:08
commnets in Czech with some photo
AEØEE   Single Op QRP   9602018-01-01 15:42:54
5 W (Elecraft K3), dipole up 8-10 m, keyed with a Vibroplex bug.

After a solid showing with 100 W in the ARRL 160 m contest earlier this month, I
figured it was time to see what my station can do QRP. Conditions seemed pretty
good and my QRP setup evidently still works for W/VE, but has an even harder
time with DX. Notable missed DX includes PJ7/UT6UD, KL7SB, KH6LC, NP2, HA, I,
DL, and F.

For the future I need to design a better TX antenna system. I hear pretty well
(thanks, rural location!) on the dipole, but it's fairly obvious most of my
power is warming the clouds. I guess that's something to stew about over the
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   2,8232018-01-01 15:47:30
Raw score 1882 X 1.5

Got a later than planned start due to family commitments. After chiseling the
ice and snow off the Inverted L base and feed-point in zero degree weather (and
darkness), the band came to life. Overall quiet conditions with quite a few
west coast and European contacts.

Always a pleasure exchanging New Year's greetings with friends.

73 - Rick WB8JUI

Elecraft K3
Inverted L @ 50'
NK8Q(@N3EB)   Single Op LP   2,2682018-01-01 16:06:57
My score reflects the 1.5x bonus for operating at 99W. It should be interesting
to see how it changes with respect to those other low and QRP powered stations
that I worked during this fun event.

I am generally a QRPer and have enjoyed this contest at 5W in the past (and
BRAVO to BARC for having the rule that the stations that QRPers work are worth
4x as they have more work to do receiving than I do when transmitting!). This
time I was using a superior station than any of my own previous stations (thanks
to Eric, N3EB, who hosted me at his mountaintop station). I started running QRP
but after about an hour switched over to 100W. Maybe I got spoiled with the
rates that I get when running full QRO. :)

Anyway, the rig was an Elecraft K3 (with a big amp sitting on the bench,
tempting, but didn't plug it in!). I didn't use SO2V mode as I had a headache
starting out in the contest and didn't need to increase it further! The antenna
for Tx was a 1/4 wavelength elevated ground plane with 8 radials. Rx antennas
were Beverages to the NE, W and SW. With outdoor temperatures at -1F (-18C) the
drafty hamshack was certainly frigid! I was bundled up quite well and without
the couple of heaters (one placed under the operating bench right between my
legs) I might have had to fire up the big amplifier to help keep warm, costing
me about 700 points for going to the QRO power level!

I got on the air about 1700 local time (USA Eastern timezone) and operated until
about 0330 local time (0830Z), took a nap for about 1-1/2 hours, and then
started operation again from 0500 to 0800 local time.

Much of my time was spent calling CQ, probably too much as I should have likely
spent more time looking for high-point QSOs. Yes, a good lesson learned for
next time! My first QSO with EU was while doing S&P at 0037Z and my first
to the left coast (w/ K7RAT!) was while calling CQ at 0058Z. My best QSO rates
with EU stations was from 0600 to 0800Z (along with a KH6 station thrown in for
some nice pointes as well).
KJØD(@ACØC)   Single Op HP   1,9652018-01-01 17:21:07
Inaugural 160m contest @ AC0C with the new full size (rohn 25G) 160m vertical.
Approx 80 buried radials. I climbed this tower 2x pulling off the crane sling
and adding dacron rope pulleys for Jeff's new 80m elevated wire 4 square. Clear
shots NE for at least 3 miles before obstructions enters the signal path! A
slight hill to the west but didn't seem to slow down the # of 6 land calling.
Also worked KH6 easily on 1st call. Sig reports from the east coast were 20-30
db over S9. Heard EU calling me on several occasions but just couldn't pull
alot of you out. Thanks to all those across the pond who did have the patience
to stay will me. I did not operate the full event and I am sure I missed out on
a huge JA run near sunrise, but will never know! In any event I would call this
antenna a success. Sat on one freq for over 5 hours before the run's dried up!
I hadn't been on the air since Field day 2017' and usually operate internet
remotes. Fun to have an actual rig in front of me for a change instead of a
radio "skin".

Eric KJ0D
VO2RAC(VE3FU)   Single Op LP   62018-01-01 17:33:54

Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday! See:

Called many stations, but only one came back to me. But not surprised
considering the setup :=)


Chris VEFU / VO2AC
F4HQZ   Single Op LP   2052018-01-01 17:41:16
Best dx K1WHS - 5009 Km.

Thanks and Happy new Year 2018.

73 Gildas

W1WEF   Single Op HP   1,5142018-01-01 17:42:30
Best Eu opening I ever caught on Top Band. It sounded like 20M! I'll have to try
a serious effort next year. JACK W1WEF
K1AR   Single Op HP   2,6742018-01-01 21:49:36
Incredible sigs from EU -- sounded like 20M at times from here. Heard LU8DPM but
as usual he couldn't copy any of us. That boy needs a RX antenna.
K3KU   Single Op LP   6242018-01-01 23:45:44
Saturday night I worked the last 40 minutes of the RAC winter Contest, then did
a few household duties, then started TBDC at 0050Z. I think I heard a lot of
band noise under the local buzzing that lasted a few hours.

I might have an antenna problem. The 200-ft dipole was not matching the way it
used to. Time to lower it again, and check continuity.

I did not find condx very good (maybe the antenna problem??). Lots of 2 and 3
point QSOs. Heard one W6 (weak, but not necessarily in CA). Highlights were
getting called by Utah and HI8.
K7QA   Single Op LP   2,2012018-01-01 23:57:57
Mostly S&P but did have one decent run Saturday evening. Pretty good condx
and propagation out here with a number of EU stations heard and a few worked
with lots of repeats. My new 160m fullwave H-loop outperformed the beverage on
rx in all directions. EZNEC models may show low efficiency at low angles, but it
seems to defy the model and hears DX quite well. Worked half a dozen JAs but
heard more doing only S&P and could not snag those by tail-ending up freq.
Only PJ2 and NP2 in the Caribbean worked. Heard an LU5 but no VK or ZL stns
anywhere to be found. Tnx for the Qs and HNY!
K1NZ   Single Op LP   5132018-01-02 00:09:28
100% S&P
N8UM   Single Op HP   1,3522018-01-02 00:43:38
21 countries

K3 9500 68ft vertical SAL-20 rx
W1AN   Single Op HP   1,2682018-01-02 01:53:32
Lots of fun and much activity. EU signals were loud! Only a few hours in this
W3TS   Single Op QRP   1,2782018-01-02 02:16:07
Orion ar 5 watts. 80/40M fan dipole as a 1/8 wave tee for tx. RX antennas are
NE and NW flags and two 300 foot long reversable Beverage antennas NE/SW and
SE/NW. Small active loop.
N1MM Classic logger.
NE9U   Single Op LP   1302018-01-02 06:26:00
was hoping to operate from low noise cabin qth in en55, but too cold and too
much work to get my inverted L and k9ay loop in the air, so operated a token 1
hour effort from my noisy en54 home qth where the inverted L was already in the
ON7EH   Single Op LP   2,3242018-01-02 14:15:47
The desire to participate to the annual TBDC was high, after missing the CQWW CW
The large effort to (yearly) put the topband antennas in place, started with the
farmer granting permission to use his chicory field, just one week prior to SP.

This tight schedule allowed hardly margin for error.
The WX was never cooperative; wet, windy and freezing cold at times.

The 160m station:
-TRX: K3/100 + KAT500
-TX-antenna: quarterwave 15m high inverted L sloping down to 11m + UNUN
-Rx-antennas: 3 non-terminated ~100m long Beverages at190m away from the cellar
shack. (the Bev noise levels were ~3 K3 S-units down compared to the

Wind gusts of 80km/h were frequent on Sunday morning and produced
"natural" QSB on both Tx and Rx signals, making copy difficult at
times, requiring multiple repeats...:-(

Luckily, the 3-level guyed Spiderpole (Tx antenna) withstood the memorial
However, the help of the XYL was required to bring it down during 60km/h gusts.

This event produced several highlights:
-the high participation worldwide
-being called by the W1BB memorial station
-working the other memorial station NA7TB (Tnx for staying with me!)
-the good Sunday morning propagation, helping to get the missing call/grid parts
through the QSB for the patient QSO-partner!
-working my 2m EME elmer Dave, K1WHS (Lionel, VE7BQH is the other one)

Furthest DX worked in the:
-W: NP2J
The # of stations worked was topped by 20% compared to last year.

My "thank you" to all stations worked with this power level and 160m
To everyone: my best 2018 ham-wishes!


Michel, ON7EH
VE1/K7SJ   Single Op LP   7762018-01-02 15:29:03
Had a great run of high value added EU grid squares between 0444 and 0704.
Again, the West coast was elusive. Tnx all for the Q's and copying my signal
from Halifax, NS. 73 es Season's Greetings.
K3UA   Single Op LP   7502018-01-02 15:29:46
Gotta love the Stew TBC! K3 to 160M dipole up 15 feet.

Had some pretty high local power noise all evening. Did entirely search and
pounce up until about my last 30 minutes of operating.

HNY to all!
NR4M   Single Op HP   2,4882018-01-02 15:45:05
Thanks for the contacts.

Steve, NR4M
W1FJ   Single Op HP   4972018-01-02 17:02:49
Unfortunately I had some wicked line noise which disappeared on Sunday nite. Too
bad as EU sigs were very good
N4CW   Single Op HP   5632018-01-02 20:38:58
Great fun!
VE3YT   Single Op HP   5862018-01-02 20:42:05
73 Vic
OM5RW   Single Op HP   1,9262018-01-02 21:40:36
This was 100% S&P operation compeeting in category sponsored by K7FL
Top Score 100% Search & Pounce. No single CQ was sent. It was fun
turning the knob for 14 hours and search for a new stations without
dxcluster and skimmers like during old good days. Nice surprise was
great opening to the west coast one hour prior to local sun rise.
K7XC   Single Op HP   1,0862018-01-03 01:24:07
I began a bit before sunset Saturday with noisy conditions mixed with an opening
to not the normal parts of the country. Seemed like areas W1,2,3,& 4 were
behind a wall of noise. After fighting it an hour I stopped for a dinner break.
Returning an hour later both the band and myself were in much better shape.
Signal were growing in strength till a bit later the earlier wall to the East
coast was gone with plenty of workable stations. Thru the bedlam a TI7 called
me! followed by finding XE, a pair of PJ2s, KH6, KL7, PJ7 (ATNO on 160), VE, and
a JA4 answering my CQ! by 10:00Z the local power line QRM started up drowning
anyone less than S5 effectively ending the contest. An old IC-746, 800W AL-80B,
170' Inv L up 30'.
Happy New Year!
W1UU   Single Op QRP   1352018-01-03 11:46:45
G11 SDR, 2 watts to 43' vertical and Wellbrook receiving loop on rotator.

Wound a new coil set for 160 meters. Biggest thrill was working NP2J! It only
took about ten calls, too!
W8WTS   Single Op LP   1,1372018-01-03 16:09:11
My plan for this year was to mount a competitive effort in TBDC, but a family
medical emergency Saturday afternoon lead me to spend the most productive hours
in the ER waiting for things to happen. Everyone recovered except for my score,
because my first QSO did not happen until 0354Z. With hopes for a competitive
entry dashed, I shook a Martini, sat down and did S&P for a while, working
friends and big signals. When I started running, I was fresh meat and attracted
some nice rate. My plan for next year is for everyone to stay healthy.
K3HW   Single Op QRP   2042018-01-03 16:34:43
My first Stew. It is nice to be able to make some contacts in 160! Looking
forward to many more! 73 de K3HW
W9SE   Single Op QRP   1152018-01-04 01:01:50
ON9CC   Single Op QRP   1,7012018-01-04 20:48:17
After I was so pissed with myself starting the contest with my contest call OT6M
but with the DX cluster on hence not playing by the rules and waisting a lot of
hours, I had some coffee's .... took a deep breath ... and started the contest
all over again but now according to the TBDC rules and with my 'regular' call
ON9CC and WITHOUT DX-cluster.
The week before the contest I erected for the first time a decent antenna: 26m
spiderpole with ~40m of wire as inverted L and I defenitely wanted to try it out
as test before the CQ160. As I didn't have any of the beverages for RX, I
decided to participate in the QRP class as I guessed only then the RX and TX
capabilities would be in balance (if I would run HP, I would only be more
frustrated because I would be a crocodile ... lots a power and no ears).

After working some hours of Europe and near-east in the evening, I decided to
catch some sleep and get up early. I didn't expect to work North-America with
only 5 Watts and trying to work NR4M and W2GD after I got up at 04:00 local,
only confirmed that feeling. 2 stations who normally are loud and easy to work
were weak and didn't hear me. But then at 03:46 NP2J was loud and after calling
him a couple of times, he came back to my call!! I almost fell out of my chair
as even with QRP power on 160m it is possible to get over the pond! In the next
couple of hours I was able to work some more of the stronger North Americans and
ODX was NR5M in TX with 8255 km! Although the rate was low and I needed
sometimes many times of calling, I was able to work 20 North American stations.
I can't be more happy with that result and that inverted L definitely works!

By the way: I didn't hear any of the JA's or something else from the far east...
guess that was the price for not having the beverages.

Antenna used is a 26m Spiderpole that I was able to put up together with my son
in the week before the contest ... in heavy wind! It was the first time that we
put that antenna up and it was quite a challenge to erect it in such strong
winds (and sometimes heavy rain...). But it payed of :)

Thanks to everyone taking the time to dig out the 5 Watt ON9CC signal from the

See you in the CQ160!
K3WJV   Single Op HP   8462018-01-04 23:15:11
Incredible condx to EU. My inferior antenna raised EU answers to CQ's.

Rural wooded location 1255ft ASL

FT1000MP & Alpha 89
K3/P3 & Acom 2000A

2el K4KIO 5 band Hexbeam @30ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 40m-80m-trapped 160 @ 55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle
Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2
SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs
(not full blown so2r yet - need 2nd beam)

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
K7DR   Single Op LP   4042018-01-05 08:25:17
FTdx3000 100w 160m 1/4 wave vert bent over into inv V

Only DX was DL6FBL, didn't hear any Caribbean at all.
W3SO(W3YOZ)   Single Op HP   5752018-01-07 17:34:21
S&P Only Entry
K3CCR   Multi-Op HP   9932018-01-11 03:34:31
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC.

N3UM and W3GB enjoyed doing Multi-1 in the 12/17 Stew Perry.
Pretty good propagation, 19 EU QSOs in 11 EU countries, and a
fair number of W6, W7, and VE7 Qs. Not quite as good as the 31 EU
Qs in 14 EU countries we got in the 2016 Stew; there was QSB
and signals were weak, but no complaints. Some years there are
no EU or US west-coast QSOs on 160.

We started at 2120Z and got 44 Qs in 40 min, then 55 in the next
hour. OK QSO rates, but only 67 and then 88 points, since mostly
1 or 2 pts/Q.

First EU, an F, came at 2345Z, then 18 more EUs at 10-16 points each
till 0637 QRT. In the 02, 03, and 04 hrs. we got 122, 128, and 124
points from only 44, 46, and 14 QSOs. No EUs 05-06Z, but we got
117 points with US west-coast stations at 6-9 points each plus a
KH6 for 16 points! Got the last 4 EUs and 97 points 06-0640 Z.