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Mississippi QSO Party   2017   Apr 1   Comment Summary

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N1CC   Single Op LP   2,3242017-04-01 18:46:49
Station: EleCraft K3/100 @100W. F12 C3 @64' on 20M. 80/40 Fan Dipole apex 50'
broadside N/S. WriteLog V12.13B (Note" WriteLog with latest updates does
not support this contest well at all. Contest Sponsor needs to get WriteLog to
fix their problems [Does not allow DIG contacts, Does not score correctly, and
does not have the NEW 3-letter abbreviations]. If WriteLog will not fix it,
take it off the list of OK software ... then I will know NOT to take part in
your contest, took two-hours to fix ALL of the WriteLog screw-ups.)(No I don't
want to change to another logging program.)

SFI 96, SN 65, A-Index 28, K-Index 4 does not make ANY location have good
conditions for this event. Although my final points are 14 TIMES last year's
score, I am once again TOO close to do anything significant above 7 MHz. I did
manage to make 3 BS contacts on 20M. Ran out of people on 40 and then had hard
time finding any that would go down on 80M.

NO5W/M was the mobile star with 10 contacts, W5MMM/M and KK4TE/M were the only
two others worked, coming to 14 QSO total for all three! If there were other
mobiles I never found them. (According to APRS NO5W was in 22
the conditions prevented contacts with him during the middle of the day).

This is a challenging contest due to proximity, however, it is a lot of fun so
I may be back... Sure glad Cycle 25 is coming!
WH6YH   Single Op HP   842017-04-01 21:17:07
Thanks for the QSO. 73, Mike
TI8/AA8HH   Single Op LP   5742017-04-02 04:11:05
First effort in MS QSO party from Costa Rica. Difficult conditions on 20 and
K9GDF   Single Op LP   1,5872017-04-02 07:44:56
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
KC4TEO   Single Op LP   7362017-04-02 08:32:34
On and off effort as time allowed.
NA5NN(K2FF)   Single Op LP   13,2602017-04-02 09:32:31
Handed out a few Q's across all modes.
WX was just too nice to stay inside :-)

73 - Glenn, NA5NN (K2FF)
KD2BGM   Single Op HP   322017-04-02 12:18:58
Just a few contacts remotely
WØM(WØMB)   Single Op HP   902017-04-02 14:22:54
NTS:TS590, Alpha 76A, PRO67@60, 40 meter vertical with above ground radials.
NO5W   Mobile LP   69,4652017-04-02 14:41:26
K3/100, HI-Q 4/80, 2002 Pathfinder, CQ/X

It's always fun to go traveling in these state QSO parties and having someone
to share the driving and operating certainly increases the fun factor. After
several years of doing the MS QP solo I was fortunate this year to have
Skip-W5GAI join me. Skip did a great job coming up to speed using the software
and the radio and antenna setup.

Due to a couple of breaks for gas and heading for supper with about 30 minutes
left in the party our total operating time was about 620 minutes. The party was
slow at times as indicated by the fact that only 400 of those 620 operating
minutes resulted in at least one addition to the log. Those additions to the
log came from 215 unique call signs and we appreciate each and every one of
those Qs but special appreciation goes to the following stations who
contributed more than half of the QSOs: N5NA(28), WB8WKQ(24), K0HNC(17),
WB5JID(17), W5TM(15), K5OT/2(14), N4CD(13), K9WA(13), KN4Y(12), VE3WG(12),
N2CQ(10), N1CC(10), W1END(10),K7ZYV(10), K9GDF(9), N8II(9), OM2VL(9), AD1C(8),
W4NZ(8), K4AMC(8), W8WVU(8), W0MU(7), W4IHI(7), K3WJV(7), TI8/AA8HH(6),
N4UP(6), NA2X(6),
KJ4IWZ(6), W5XX(5), KC3X(5), K5WK(5).

County-wise we covered every one of the 22 that were planned with some giving
much better results than others. Here's how that went.

Column Legend
1. County name
2. Number of QSOs from county
3. Initial ten-minute rate
4. First station in log

Column [1] [2] [3] [4]
PearlRiver 73 126 N5NA
Hancock 59 150 N5NA
JeffDavis 41 102 WA2LTH
Jackson 38 114 N1CC
Franklin 34 60 OM2VL
Covington 32 102 WQ6X
Forrest 32 36 W4NZ
Stone 29 90 K5OT/2
Lamar 29 60 WB8WKQ
Marion 29 126 K0HNC
Lincoln 27 60 DL3DXX
George 27 126 K0HNC
Greene 26 132 KA3QLF
Wilkinson 25 96 W0MU
Perry 25 60 W4NZ
Amite 24 66 N1KW
Adams 23 36 N5NA
Harrison 17 66 WH6YH
Lawrence 17 78 N4CD
Pike 15 72 W0BH
Walthall 10 42 K4AMC
Jones 9 48 N5NA

It looks like N5NA must have been following us on APRS as he was the leader in
the "first-responder" category.

The weather could not have been better and almost all of the Mississippi roads
we traveled were top notch. However, one stands out as being more of a cow-path
than an actual road but it led to one of our more memorable stories. I prefer
not to leave any donut holes in the counties activated and to keep Marion from
falling into that category we decided to take a little detour into Marion's far
northeast corner. We navigated the path for a few miles finally arriving at a
location that CQ/X said was in Marion and had been parked for about 30 minutes
on that path outside a home proudly decked out in a flag that looked like it
may have been used in that little disagreement between north and south back in
the 1860s, when along came a couple up the path towing a trailer loaded down
with a vehicle in serious need of rehabilitation. Pulling into their driveway
they gave us a little stare as not many vehicles with a big antenna have been
seen on the path, much less parked with strange beeps coming out. At that point
we decided that Marion had been worked out and headed on down the path to the
next county which featured paved roads. After about 10-15 minutes we made our
way into Sumrall to stop for gas. As we were about to pull away from the
station the couple pulled up beside us to express concern about our safety and
whether we had experienced trouble back there in their little corner of Marion.
We assured them we were just hobbyists out doing our crazy thing and after
explaining it to them they seemed satisfied and from the nodding of their heads
were in agreement that those boys didn't have any ulterior reason for being
parked on the road outside their little piece of Marion. We drove to our next
stopping point in Covington and assume they headed back to take a look at their
new vehicle rehabilitation project.

While the roads were excellent the noise from power lines was just outrageous,
so outrageous that you could not even tell whether someone was calling much
less make out their callsign. Apologies if you were calling and calling in
those periods and we did not answer. The good news in that area was Hancock
county were the noise was virtually non-existent. We decided that if we were
king, or even just governor, we would pass a decree that all counties in the
state must reduce their level of power line noise to that of Hancock county,
our final county.

So thanks again to Skip for going along and for all the Qs including several
from the MO QP operators who were having their own party. Next up for us will
be the Florida QSO Party with Ted-KN5O helping out with the driving and
operating. The FQP is without a doubt the most fun you can have in 20 hours of
mobile operating. Hope to see you in the log for that one on April 29-30.


WQ6X(@NX6T)   Single Op HP   842017-04-02 14:53:31
SOAPBOX: This is another remote operation from NX6T - "NashVille" in
SOAPBOX: While looking for band openings in the EA RTTY and SP-DX contests
SOAPBOX: I played around in the MOQP and the MSQP.
SOAPBOX: Unfortunately,there we not many QP stations in EITHER GiG
SOAPBOX: that I could hear, much less work.
SOAPBOX: QSO party operations need to recruit more participants in their own
SOAPBOX: I'll be back next year.
SOAPBOX: Look for my WQ6X Contest blog write up about this weekend:
KØOO(@W3RFC)   Multi-Op HP   632017-04-02 15:39:38



W5TM   Single Op LP   1,5642017-04-02 16:14:09
K3s dipoles
K4VBM   Single Op LP   92017-04-02 19:15:36
Limited time and poor band conditions, but still great fun!
VE3WG   Single Op LP   2,8712017-04-03 08:46:24
Lots of MS and MO counties with same names...
KN4Y   Single Op LP   7202017-04-03 09:26:04
Only heard two mobiles on CW, not like the good old days of visiting mobiles
stomping the roads sending Crawdads into the potholes. My copy of Writelog
logger did not have the newer 3 letter county abbreviations, so log will
probably will get rejected. Mostly a 40-meter activity. But fun.
K9NW   Single Op LP   1052017-04-04 10:28:44
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op HP   1,5342017-04-04 13:07:43
Unfortunatelly extremly bad condx on Saturday. Very weak stations, sometimes I
can't break the USA wall, so I missed some counties which I heard.
Thanks for mobiles and resident stations for QSOs.
K5WK - the only 3bander : 80m, 40m, 20m

Most QSOs with:
NO5W/M 8/8 (QSO/CTY)
K4ZGB/M 6/6
KK4TE/M 6/6

73, Laci OM2VL
W5UE   Single Op LP   19,3442017-04-05 09:50:18
Limited hours this year due to home emergencies.... but had fun while I could
NN4K   Single Op HP   842017-04-07 15:33:31
Limited time to operate. Thanks for the Qs.
N4UL   Single Op LP   7142017-04-08 07:50:29
Start Date : 2017-04-01

CallSign Used : N4UL
Operator(s) : N4UL

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : KY
Gridsquare : EM78DF

Name : Vernon Nunn
Address : PO Box 4804
City/State/Zip : Louisville KY 40204-0804

ARRL Section : KY
Club/Team : KCG
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6154.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
7 CW 21 42 17 2.0
Total Both 21 42 17 2.0

Score : 714
Rig : TS-940S

Antennas : 80M Windom, 40m Vertical Loop