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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2008   Jul 19   Comment Summary

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ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOSB/6 HP   21,5342008-07-20 07:16:26

Antenna: Vine 4 ele @ 50ft
Rig: Ic-756 pro3
Amp: Acom-1000
Software: Wintest

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.

Cu in the IOTA 73 Steve.
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SOAB LP   18,3892008-07-20 12:16:29
Good contest for a very hot weekend. Nice to stay in and play in the AC.
Some E's, 6m opened nice for a while to the west coast on Saturday night.

Rick K3OO
KU8E   SOSB/6 LP   2,0462008-07-20 13:55:23
Band was dead most of the contest period. Made most of my QSO's during a 45 min
E's opening to east coast on Saturday evening.

Jeff KU8E
KD5J   SOSB/6 LP   1,3772008-07-20 14:01:53
2008 CQ World-Wide VHF Contest KD5J Section = AR


50 MHz.
EM56 EM48 EM46 EM45 FM29 FM18 FM26 EM57 FN44 FN42 FN15 FN45
FN53 FN46 FN33 FN65 FN12 FN41 FN54 FN43 FN35 FN10 FN22 DM67
DM33 DM43 DM54

Total: 27
W4PM   SOSB/6 LP   9902008-07-20 14:06:08
Rig:Ten Tec Omni VII - 100W
Antenna: 176' CF at 60'

All QSO's on CW. It's tough enough to work CW only in a VHF contest but add to
that little or no propagation and no antenna for the band. Watching grass grow
is more fun. Best DX was to EM10 and EN18. Thanks to those few stations who
could hear me. Maybe next time I'll get a little yagi up in the air.

Puck, W4PM
VE9CEH   SOSB/6 LP   5,8242008-07-20 14:15:11
Thanks to all and 73.
K7BG   SOSB/6 LP   9,5762008-07-20 14:15:45
Very spotty conditions throughout, but the wierdness of propagation and the
varying surprises of in and out openings is why we do this, right?

Have an intermittent noise problem that I tried to sluth out during the
contest, but the jury is still out. It seems to be to the northwest of here.

Thanks all for the Qs.

W4MYA   Multi-Op HP   20,0802008-07-20 14:45:49
Kinda slow while I was awake!
K3TD   SOAB LP   3,9002008-07-20 14:56:19
IC-756ProII and Par Omniangle @ 20'
IC-275H and Par Omniangle @ 15'

Six was open, but not many folks on - 1.5 Qs/grid.
Special thanks to KB8U/R, K9ZF/R and W0ETT/R who gave me 4 grids I would not
otherwise have worked.

Tad, K3TD
VE2TZT   SOSB/6 HP   8,0642008-07-20 14:58:39
With the new K3, I have now access to the 6 m.
This contest was the opportunity for my first ever qso's on 6m, except the 4
qso done last week for testing the system.
Good openings up to CA, Saturday, during all the gray line period.
The antenna was the 3 el steppIR at 24m with the 6m passive element. The
VL-1000 gave during all the contest its KW on 6m for the first time without
any hesitation.
It is obvious, that as for the ARRL 10m contest, a set of fixed antenna had
been more easy to use than permanently rotating the SteppIr+ Force12 30/40m 2+2
Sorry for the qrp's I was not able to extract from the noise.

73's, Gilles
N4PN   SOAB LP   7,5032008-07-20 15:04:02
Enjoyed this as my first ever VHF Contest. It has been 55 years since
my last 6m contact. In 1953, my Dad bought me an Allied Radio 6m-AM
10w rig. At that time we here in middle GA received TV from Atlanta.
Three stations were available - CH 2,5, & 11. CH2 (WSB) was the best
and fairly reliable on a good outside antenna. Until, I got on the
air - our TV and several of the neighbors TV's got up and walked off.
My Dad made a corporate decision that maybe I should operate on some
other band with my National SW-54 and homemade 10w rig (6L6)...

On a business trip several weeks ago, I tried loading up my Hustler
mast (only found out since then that IS Hustler's 6m mobile antenna).
First station I worked was XE2WWW - so, was off to the races. Put up
a simple dipole between two trees and worked 36 states and 19 countries
in a few days. This week put up a 6el Cushcraft about 20' for the contest.
Lots of fun...Now for more height and more power..
73, Paul, N4PN
KR1ST   SOAB LP   8642008-07-20 15:18:13
Rigs: IC-756ProIII (6m), FT-897(2m)
Ant: 2 elements on 6m at 30ft
5 elements modified Cushcraft A270-102 at 15ft
Pwr: 100W on 6m and 50W on 2m

Conditions were not very good. Caught only a small meaningful opening in the
early morning on Sunday. I also expected a lot more activity on 2 meters even
though there is very little in my area.

Many thanks to the N4BX crew for activating FM13!

Thanks for the Qs. See you next time!

--Alex KR1ST
WB9Z   SOAB HP   51,0512008-07-20 15:48:55
Conditions poor....

that was painful...

guess I should have done the RTTY contest.

NDØC   SOSB/6 QRP   9622008-07-20 15:56:04
My first VHF contest and unfortunately had very limited time. - Running 5 watts
to an HF tribander (it seems to load well) and had a blast during the openings
when I was on. I just started playing around on 6 in late June and now I'm
hopelessly addicted! I hope to put up a real 6 meter beam for the next Es

Randy, ND0C

Yaesu FT-897D at 5 watts to a Wilson 3 el 10-20 meter tribander at 15 meters
NT9E   SOAB LP   1,5502008-07-20 16:06:56
Conditions were less than favorable. A few short openings to Central and SE
Texas, LA, Mexico. No VE or New England/Fla as expected.
W3LL   SOAB LP   2,4962008-07-20 16:13:18
Operated on Sunday afternoon only, after completing the NAQP RTTY contest.
N1SV   SOAB HP   3,0362008-07-20 18:40:54
I had hoped to operate more but family responsibilities limited me to about an
hour on Sat afternoon and an hour on Sunday morning. No Es Saturday but did
have some luck Sunday morning.
W5PR   SOSB/6 HP   63,7722008-07-20 19:26:55
If you called and I had trouble hearing you, Sunday afternoon I discovered the
relay in the amp was not working right and was leaving the input connected to
the antennas and receiver causing about 20db of attenuation plus a huge amount
of noise! Oh well, maybe next year...

Highlights were the two HK stations
NØKE   SOAB HP   27,6102008-07-20 19:35:53
Strong openings in limited areas but low activity. Only one double hop QSO and
to FN41 (N1DK). I heard one other FN41 (KB1DFB). Very little activity on 2m,
even worse than 6m. 2m activity continues to decline in Colorado even though
more people have all mode rigs. I consider myself very fortunate to work 8
grids on 2m from western Colorado.
W1BYH   Hilltopper LP   2102008-07-20 20:12:51
Was hoping 6 meters would be open as it has been over the past few weeks, but
that was not to be. My first effort and thought Hilltopper QRP would be
interesting. Thunderstorms all around and little activity sent me back to the
home QTH to work the NAQP Rtty Contest. Back to the hill on Sunday afternoon
to make a few Q's. Hope for better conditions next time !

Norm W1BYH
K9JK/R   Rover LP   4,0052008-07-20 20:14:39
Decided to take a "long cut" to the Central States VHF Society Conference with a
'sightseeing rover tour' of SE Missouri, NE Arkansas, SW Tennessee, Western
Mississippi and NE Louisana. Crossed the Mighty Mississippi River on three
different bridges (between three different pairs of states).

Grids visited were: EM46xa, EM56aa, EM45vn/xa, EM55aa, EM54-several subgrids,
EM44xx, EM53bs/cg, EM52ax/aw, EM42-several subgrids and EM32xl/xn.

Thanks to the sponsors, all who participated and ESPECIALLY to those who dug my
signal out of the noise.

73, JK
NØHF   SOSB/6 LP   4,7002008-07-20 21:43:57
CW: 17
SSB: 77

I didn't realize until Saturday morning this was happening, the band was in
great shape prior to the start, made a bunch of qso's with "hope to work you in
the contest" comments, what contest? How silly of me. Checked the rules quickly
and I was off and running. Until other obligations dragged me away...

Best contact was Saturday afternoon with K1TOL in FN44 who came out of nowhere
to s9+, other than that, a couple of XE's. Mostly single hope to TX and CA,
brief Midwest and Southeast.

This contest in particular quick fading really struck in the middle of the
contact, unable to copy a few grids and had to nil the QSO.
At times the band had signals wall to wall then "poof" all but the strong
signals vanished. Then came back again 2 minutes later. Love this band!

'73 Dan N0HF
VA2SG/P   Hilltopper QRP   12008-07-21 04:12:42
No prop sunday here. I don't care, I'll try it again.

NØJK   Hilltopper QRP   352008-07-21 04:39:06
Operated in the "Hilltopper QRP class" from the Hospital parking garage during
some breaks from work Sunday. Used a MFJ-9406, MFJ Battery pack and a 1/4 wave
whip. Very loud signals from New Mexico and Texas on 6M around 1730 UTC. W5WVO
DM65 and K5TR EM00 had huge signals. Later picked up 3 Arizona Qs at 1930 UTC.
Activity seemed sparse despite strong Es. No double hop or foreign DX heard.
NE1B   Multi-Op LP   11,4002008-07-21 05:41:50
Limited operation due to T-Storms. Six meters was just local on Saturday until
9 PM, then Es to EN and DN and DM grids from FN42. Sunday had EL, EM and FM
grids, sporadically. Two meters had good tropo on Sunday AM into Maryland most
of the day.
EA3AKY   SOSB/6 HP   17,3042008-07-21 07:58:24
Had a good opening on Saturday evening and worked 1 qso per minute in first 2
hours. It looked like i would have a good contest after last year poor

Well, Sunday was terrible, with very bad condx, managed to work some 40 qsos in
14 hours.... so ended a little better than last year but far from the 400-500
qsos figures i'm working in the June IARU R1 50 Mhz contest.

Two things: first , end of July its not the best dates, conditions are far from
the best days at end of Juny, and second, many EU stations don't know the
contest is done, i'm not talking abour newcomers, i'm talking of many well
known ops on 6m that were asking "what contest?" in kst chat. If we want a WW
contest we need all 6m EU community knows the contest and wants it. If not,
this contest will continue being a USA contest.

Best 73s to all, Josep EA3AKY
VE6CPP   SOAB LP   1192008-07-21 08:09:36
I have been working 'Pile Ups' on 6M giving out my Rare DN39 Grid for weeks..
even the occasional chat with stations I had worked before.. Right up until
Contest Time.. Then 'Zip", "Zero", "Nothing".. on 6M other than N0KE on SSB and
WB2FKO on JT6M, right at the start.. then VE5UF on JT65A Sunday AM..then Band
was Dead for the remainder of the Contest! I had more fun on 2M SSB with other
VE6 Stations up to 300+ miles from me at 5/9+.. Hey, thats VHF, eh! XYL keeps
asking 'How Much Bigger, How Much Higher', etc.. Well.. Now 'Much More Bigger,
Much More Higher'! Still had a Blast.. Hear You Next One.. I Hope! Hope All the
Rovers had a Safe Return Home! 73 Jerry VE6CPP DN39or
WZ8T   SOAB LP   3,0022008-07-21 08:21:09
Some very short 6m openings and otherwise slow contest. Despite the heat there
were limited tropo openings.
NI7T   SOAB LP   4682008-07-21 08:37:38
Like most others I had poor propagation here in the mountains of Northern Cal..I
heard one double hop station W4TAA/VE3 and just a few single hop

I used a 4 ele beam at 40 feet and 100 watts. Nothing on 2M since my beam is
not up yet.
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   62,0102008-07-21 08:57:36
FT650+Amp 700w
6M7jnv at 55'
6M5 at 40' fixed on W6
KR4F   SOAB QRP   5882008-07-21 09:49:35
Cndx vy bad here -- even worse than last year. Curiously, with only a couple of
exceptions, if I could hear them, I could work them with my 5 watts and shabby

Ant: TH-3 and 40m dipole at 60 ft.
K1TR   SOAB HP   62,7302008-07-21 10:57:03
Was a fun little contest near the end of the E-skip season. You never know what
you are going to get. In this case, some decent 6m E propagation for 2-3 hours
Saturday evening followed by some tropo enhancement into the mid-Atlantic
region Sunday morning (tnx Cristobal). Would have leveraged the tropo better
had there been more activity.
W7CE   SOAB HP   17,6002008-07-21 12:26:47
Conditions were better than last year and not as good as the year before. I
didn't intend to put in a serious effort this year, and was on the phone with
Paul, K7CW for the first 20 minutes of the contest. The band was showing signs
of opening up and we had good West Coast Es propagation for the next 2-1/2
hours. After that it was in and out. I took a break Saturday afternoon and
took my wife and in-laws out to dinner to celebrate my Father-in-Law's
birthday. After that, there were no more Es openings the rest of the weekend.

Tropo conditions from British Columbia down to Southern Oregon were fantastic
most of the weekend. Stations that would normally be S1-2 were coming in S5 to
S9 for most of the contest. Mike, KB7ME, operated portable from DN02 (580
km/360 miles away) and could be copied on both 6 and 2M most of the time. At
times he was S9 on 2M. Also had good tropo into DN17 and worked W7MEM on both
6 and 2 with excellent signals.

I've added WSJT capability since last year and worked five 6M meteor scatter
contacts on Sunday morning, as well as a 2M EME contact with K5QE, resulting in
3 multipliers that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

My station consists of an IC-756ProIII/Command VHF-2000 (1500W) and M2 6M7JHV
antenna at 45' on 6M, and an IC-746/Commander II (800W) and M2 2M18XXX at 41'
on 2M.

All in all, an enjoyable contest. I had a lot more fun than in the contests
where I push myself to make every last Q.

Clay W7CE
K5TR(WM5R)   SOSB/6 HP   69,4542008-07-21 12:50:18
The station:

50 MHz - Kenwood TS-690 - 3CX800 amp (800 watts)
7 element yagi at 75'
7 element yagi at 30'
6 element yagi at 25' fixed west
2 phased vertical dipoles at 35' / 15'

I had to miss the ARRL June VHF QSO Party this year due to
out-of-town family commitments, so I was looking forward
to operating some rate on six meters in this contest.
George was kind enough to let me use his station to operate.
This is my first entry in the CQ World Wide VHF Contest in
a few years.

The Eskip covered a surprisingly broad range over the country
this weekend. I worked at least one station in every grid
field covering the Lower 48 except DL. Unfortunately, the
propagation was not very deep. I only had one hour with
over 20 QSOs all day Saturday. Sunday was a little better,
but I still couldn't break 100 QSOs in a clock hour. I suspect
a lot of stations were bummed out by conditions on Saturday
and didn't get on the radio on Sunday.

One mistake I made this weekend was sleeping in until 6AM on
Sunday. When I woke up, the band was already open to W3.

I didn't hear or work any non-W/VE stations. My best DX was a
VE6 station in DO33.

---- ------ ------ ----- -----
18 0 34 34 34
19 0 4 4 38
20 0 14 14 52
21 0 4 4 56
22 0 3 3 59
23 0 4 4 63
0 0 13 13 76
1 0 13 13 89
2 0 15 15 104
3 0 11 11 115
4 0 3 3 118
5 0 0 0 118
6 0 0 0 118
7 0 0 0 118
8 0 0 0 118
9 0 0 0 118
10 0 0 0 118
11 0 34 34 152
12 0 30 30 182
13 0 36 36 218
14 1 20 21 239
15 0 85 85 324
16 0 56 56 380
17 0 25 25 405
18 1 31 32 437
19 0 9 9 446
20 0 5 5 451
---- ------ ------ ----- -----
TOTAL 2 449

Top 25 grids worked

Rank Grid QSOs
1. dm79 19
2. em10 18
3. en61 13
4. fm18 12
5. en52 11
6. fm19 11
7. em00 10
8. en91 10
9. em79 9
10. em96 9
11. el96 8
12. dm04 8
13. em89 8
14. en90 7
15. en35 7
16. en80 6
17. en60 6
18. en82 6
19. em48 6
20. em69 5
21. en51 5
22. dm13 5
23. fn00 5
24. en40 5
25. dn70 5

Grids worked:
cm87 dm32 dn27 el09 em32 em86 en23 en45 en80 fm29
cm97 dm34 dn30 el19 em48 em89 en25 en50 en81 fn00
cm98 dm37 dn31 el29 em57 em94 en26 en51 en82 fn01
cn84 dm43 dn32 el86 em58 em95 en30 en52 en83 fn02
dm03 dm59 dn40 el96 em64 em96 en31 en53 en90 fn10
dm04 dm65 dn44 el97 em66 em97 en32 en54 en91 fn11
dm05 dm67 dn47 em00 em68 em99 en33 en60 fm05 fn12
dm06 dm68 dn51 em01 em69 en04 en34 en61 fm06 fn20
dm07 dm69 dn60 em10 em75 en10 en35 en62 fm07 fn21
dm08 dm77 dn70 em12 em76 en11 en36 en63 fm08 fn31
dm12 dm78 dn71 em18 em77 en13 en37 en64 fm09
dm13 dm79 dn74 em20 em78 en14 en40 en67 fm15
dm14 dm88 dn81 em21 em79 en16 en41 en70 fm17
dm16 dm89 dn91 em22 em82 en18 en42 en72 fm18
dm17 dn02 dn92 em28 em84 en21 en43 en73 fm19
dm26 dn22 do33 em31 em85 en22 en44 en74 fm26
K4FTO   SOAB LP   1,6802008-07-21 14:37:48
Fixed attic antennas to NE and SW so couldn't raise the Minnesota stations on 6m
Saturday evening. They were plenty loud on my attic 2 el 10m wire yagi. Art
K8MR   SOAB LP   5,0602008-07-21 16:23:22
As noted by others, brief, spotty openings and low activity. I did have some
good luck when the band opened to northern Minnesota while there was reasonable
tropo to the east - with the east coast guys pointing their antennas my way I
was able to point my beam east on six meters and work a decent number that way.
N6WG   SOSB/6 QRP   4482008-07-21 16:50:52
This was my first try at this VHF contest. I had to limit myself
to 6m, as that's all my new K3 covers. No 2m gear.
I was pretty disappointed in the apparent turnout. Worked very
few stations, almost all local. A brief opening to CO,
AZ and NM and that was it. No WA, OR or BC, which were easy
earlier in the week.

I had built two 6m antennas, a bisquare and an EDZ, just for the
contest. However, it appears height is more important than
antenna gain, so I wound up using my 40m dipole which is up
higher than I could get the new 6m wire antennas.

My K3 needs a good preamp on 6m in order to hear reasonably
well. I pressed my old Ameco PT-2 into service, and it made
a noticeable improvement, but nothing like a true low-noise
6m preamp would do. I'm waiting to see what Elecraft comes up
with, as they have one in development.
In the meantime, I have to rethink my 6m antenna plans, as the
first ideas haven't panned out. Of course, there is nothing wrong
with them that a good opening wouldn't fix :-)
I must be the littlest alligator on the band. I'm pretty sure
there were people answering my CQs, but I just couldn't hear them.
My thanks to those who did get on, and helped me to work them
for a few contacts in the log.

Maybe next contest condx will be better.
73, Bob N6WG
The Littlest Alligator
WA1Z   SOAB LP   6,6742008-07-21 18:09:48
6 Meters:
Elecraft K3
Fixed 4 elements @ 45' to SW
Rotatable 5 elements @ 25'

2 Meters:
Icom IC-746PRO
13 elements @ 20'

I got on mostly to play with the K3 on 6 Meters. I didn't receive the radio in
time for what appears to have been the Summer Sporadic E peak here in New
England in late June. While certainly not terrible, the receiver could benefit
from additional pre-amplification on 6 Meters, so I'm looking forward to seeing
the new Elecraft 6 Meter preamp hit the market at some point.

Unfortunately, conditions didn't allow me to really give the radio a good
workout. So far, though, my first general impressions of it are very, very
positive! I'm really looking forward to playing with it on the low bands later
this year.

After 4 hours of working mostly local stations on Saturday, I acquiesced to my
lovely XYL to go out to dinner. Sitting in the restaurant, I mused that a
multi-hop opening would be guaranteed while we were out. Sure enough, one of
the first signals I heard when we got back was from a DM grid in CA!

The lesson: I need to purchase iron pants before the pre-amp. :-)

Bob WA1Z
K9MMS   SOSB/6 LP   2302008-07-21 20:14:42
Busy most of Saturday and missed the "openings." Operated about 15 minutes on
Saturday evening and then a little over an hour near the end on Sunday. Just
dabbling a bit with the K3 and a loop antenna at 22 ft.
W9SZ   Hilltopper QRP   1,9712008-07-21 21:57:39
The weather was perfect and I only had to contend with a myriad of June bugs
which got into everything. Six was mostly dead and tough going for local QSO's
but had a brief opening to the northeast. Two was moderate with some decent
enhancement now and then. Heard but missed stations in EN32, EN67 and EM66.

Overall a blast. I really enjoy the Hilltopper category.
K2DRH   SOAB HP   161,6042008-07-21 22:01:36
Being out of town almost continually since the June VHF contest, it was a race
to put the station back together for this one after the failures of both of my
primary 6M and 2M transverters and my 2M preamp. After literally thousands of
QSOs over the past several years they had just plain worn out! Once again
Steve and Sandy at DEMI made sure I had my repaired transverters well in time
for the contest and they are working better than ever. Gerry at SSB
Electronics sent me a repaired 2M preamp by Thursday, the day I returned to the
home QTH, and on Friday morning I installed it on the tower just ahead of a huge
thunderstorm. This was not to be the only thunderstorm of the weekend.

6M was open a little right at the start to FL, but quickly closed up and most
of Saturday afternoon was brute force tropo QSOs with an occasional short burst
on 6M to TX or to somewhere out west with low density. Most QSOs were tropo out
to about 300 miles or so. That still accounted for a couple of good hours until
the interest died down when 6 didn’t open. It was pretty dull until about
0100 when the band finally opened to 1, 2 and 3 land for a couple of hours,
with the occasional 4 and 5 thrown in for good measure. It kept moving around
a lot and the QSB was deep, but manageable with a pair of antennas. 2M was
actually in pretty good shape in the evening but there weren’t a lot of
stations on. It was getting really noisy to the west with static crashes as a
huge thunderstorm moved in. By about 0345Z I had to shut down as we got
pounded for the next three hours. I was able to make one 6M WSJT QSO on a low
antenna, but the high ones were useless with rain static so I got some extra
sleep. N0URW suffered a severe lighting strike from this storm and lost most
of his station when the coax fused to the towers.

Sunday morning 2M was in good shape and I was able to make several 400-500 mile
plus QSOs to the south and SE. It stayed good all morning and I was able to
take good advantage of that to the NW too. 6M never really opened well
although I did have some FL in very early, a few bursts to AZ and NM, and kept
hearing TX off and on all day. Unfortunately it was pretty much the same
stations calling and there were fewer and fewer responses to my CQs. Guess the
single band 6M Texans don’t hunt and pounce much since they were planted
pretty much in the same places every time the band opened to there. Had a
decent burst to the SW and NW at around 1600Z - 1700Z with several XE and VE5/6
stations. The last few hours were very slow.
VE3AAQ/W1/R(VO1AU)   Rover LP   8332008-07-21 22:02:56
For me, the contest began in Windsor CT USA, where I was taking in the ARRL
Board meeting as a guest. Between sessions, I did get in a little operating,
and caught a brief Es openings to W4SO and W4MAY in Florida and K2DRH/9. Once
the meetings were over, I hit the road for my current residence in Ottawa ON

The eight-hour drive took me through 9 grids (FN31, FN32, FN22, FN23, FN13,
FN12, FN14, FN24 and FN25 in that order). The contest ended while I was
driving through FN13, but I was only able to make QSOs in the first two grids.
While driving through FN22, FN23 and FN13, I heard stations, but could not
attract their attention, and once the contest was over I never heard a signal
apart from the WA2UMX 2m beacon in FN23.

"VE3AAQ mobile W1 rover" is the longest and most confusing call sign I have
ever used.
K1TEO   SOAB HP   77,0852008-07-22 08:41:51
Was able to operate a good deal on Saturday, though 3 sets of t-storms moving
through required several shutdowns. As 6M was not open at the time, I opted for
taking the family out for dinner. Sunday was very limited as it was visiting day
at my daughter's camp and was only able to operate a short while in the morning
and a few minutes in the last half hour of the contest.

At 2315z I had not worked a single e-skip contact and was starting to think the
contest might be a bust. Shortly after that I was pleasantly surprised to have
VO1NO in GN19 come back to a CQ. About 15 minutes later a few Gulf Coast
stations started popping in. For the next 3 hours or so the band was open,
first to the Gulf States and then swinging around to MN and then to various
spots in the Midwest, with some double hop to CA and the DN grids. Great to
work KB7ME in DN02 and KB8U in DN93 for all time new grids on 6. It was never a
very strong or widespread opening, and there was a lot of QSB and weak signals,
but still was a fun evening on 6M. The opening died down around 0245z and I
pulled the plug before midnight to get some sleep for the next day's drive to

Tnx for the QSO's and to CQ for sponsoring the contest.

73, Jeff K1TEO
N3HBX   SOAB HP   22,0522008-07-22 08:51:19
Some sporadic E late Saturday evening and first thing Sunday morning provided
the only excitement. Was plagued by a very strong local source of intrference
on 6-meters that came and went. It was S9 almost regardless of where he antenna
was pointed!
K4LY   SOAB LP   17,6302008-07-22 09:45:22
Definitely not a repeat of the very good June VHF test conditions. Six meter
openings were, well, sporadic. Two meters was flat with very little heard
beyond 400 miles. Spent quite a few hours watching the tour de France. On
Sunday, I could often surf the internet for 10-15 minutes with my CW or voice
keyer going before any one answered. Still, it was more fun than fishing or
playing golf in the 90 degree+ heat we had. Thanks for the Q's and see you in
the August UHF test and September VHF test.
Doug K4LY Inman SC EM85wb
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   111,8992008-07-22 12:46:33
A horrible rain storm came thru and forced up to shut down 40 minutes before the
end of the contest. Thanks to the rovers for the QSOs.
WB3BEL   Rover LP   58,4292008-07-22 16:54:44
This is always a super-fun contest. I like the format and welcoming

It seemed like participation was down a bit from other years, but it was really
good to hear familiar voices once again.

I roved through 4 grids (FM08, FM09, FM18, FM19)to try to keep gasoline
expenses under control. But in an effort to be on high ground, I travelled
almost 500 miles including a bit of backtracking to get 4 hours in my own bed.
I made improvements to the antennas over the previous year and it seemed like it
helped out especially on 6 meters. I also set a strategy to stay in each grid
for a longer period of time and try to work as many stations as possible. I
did not want to be on the road during an major Es opening. But as it turned
out that was not really an issue. Although as luck would have it I was blocked
by a mountain ridge to the west during the Saturday evening opening to the upper
midwest. Likewise, I had some tall buildings and noise issues masking the
southwest opening on Sunday morning.

I want to thank everyone who gave me a call and I apologize if I could not pull
you out of the fizz or splatter. Thanks especially to those who made an extra
effort to find me in multiple grids. You may not know how much we rovers
appreciate every QSO! It can be hours on the road between grids, and having a
lot of callers when you get the antennas up makes it all worthwhile. Now I
just need to get some more RF power on 2 meters to get more of those 2
pointers. If you are one of those ops who has a two meter radio but no
antenna, give your six meter antenna a try on two. It usually works better
than you might think even if you have to turn the TX power down a smidge.

Thanks also to all the great ops who gave me some good advice on rove sites. I
am still looking for that spot that has a unlimited radio horizon, no radio
towers, trees or tourists asking what kind of wildlife, escaped convict or
spies you are tracking.

73, Harry WB3BEL
VE1SKY   SOAB LP   3152008-07-22 19:47:28
Little propagation here. Good contest that depends alot on Es.
N9TF   SOAB QRP   4,8642008-07-22 20:31:04
Station conditions: TS-2000 set to 10 watts, 13B2 at 43 feet, A50-3S at 40feet.

Best layed plans fizzled. Missed prime operating time on Saturday from about
1945utc to about 0030utc for family gathering, and then again Sunday morning
from 1145utc to 1430utc to run a 5K race. Both times I left 6m was open, darn!

By the time I had some perminent chair time to spend Sunday just after 1700utc,
the propagation gods decided to flip the big switch off on both bands.

Local 2m activity was horrible, especially Sunday afternoon.

Wish more ops would venture down to CW portion of 6m with marginal E's prop. It
was disapointing to hear many ops to my W and SW stick it out on ssb, asking for
many repeats, and not getting the contact.

Dissapointed in what seemed to be poor turn out in numbers of activity.

73 Gene N9TF
VE3CVG   SOAB LP   1,2502008-07-23 05:40:06
Only had a short time to operate but was fortunate to catch a piece of the 6M
opening Saturday night. I did not hear many locals. 2M was very flat for the
time that I was on.
N1PRW   Hilltopper QRP   362008-07-23 11:52:22
A first stab at contesting. I've assembled an affordable, portable QRP station
with a bare FT-817 and my old Cushcraft 3-ele 2m Yagi on a PVC pole.

I didn't give myself enough time to operate, having other work obligations and
activities for the weekend. I reached the summit and set up my station at 1945
UTC Sunday, not so good for a contest ending at 2100 UTC!

Weather was humid with high temps in the mid-80s and overcast skies. While the
summit had been spared from a line of severe storms that continued to Boston, a
second line was approaching from the distant west. I had hopes that I'd finish
before they arrived.

I set up and operated one band, 2m, and worked 6 stations fairly quickly, all
Cape Cod, R.I. and Conn. within 100 miles of Mount Wachusett. 50 minutes into
operating, a thunderstorm threatened the summit so the station got tossed into
the trunk and I left the summit to wait out the bad weather. The weather
cleared but the contest was over.

Not bad for such a short period, though I wished I had given myself 3 or 4
hours on the summit to work more squares. Next time I'll add a 6m dipole to
work everyone who asked for a 6m QSO that I wasn't equipped to give.
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   13,3212008-07-23 16:31:56
Saturday evening and parts of Sunday morning six meters was interesting. I was
short on QSOs on six because we had no sustained openings to highly populated
areas. However, I managed to work quite a few grids because of openings to a
number of scattered areas. Two meters was nothing special, and with no
enhancement, my 10 watts just was not able to reach out very far. As always, I
appreciate the diligence displayed by quite a few operators working to pull in
my weak signals.
WB8BZK/R   Rover LP   42,4082008-07-23 19:12:30
W3DHJ/R   Rover HP   8,6802008-07-23 19:24:41
Score Summary, Using CQ WW VHF rover rules:
Band QSOs Value QSOPts Mults
50 82 1 82 53
144 21 2 42 17

Totals: 103 124 70

Claimed Score: 8680

SOAPBOX: Always in the running for
SOAPBOX: The Bone-Headed OP Of The Contest.
SOAPBOX: Saturday was so bad that I almost blew off Sunday.
SOAPBOX: I'm glad I didn't....
SOAPBOX: Gas was $4 and temps 105+.

The prop on 6M -- when it would open to somewhere -- wobbled around the
compass enough that I seemed to have been richly rewarded with multipliers.
Achieved DXIIIC again. HI!HI!
Rover KK6MC/r, Duffey dropped by when I was in DM87. Nice visit!

My rover web page:

KA3ZLS   SOAB HP   14,0912008-07-23 21:58:50
Not to much to get excited over. The contest started out slow. Was
disappointed with 6 meters. There was a good E opening on six late in the
evening on saturday to the midwest and upper midwest and then again early
sunday morning down along the gulf coast region which helped out with the multi
count. There was also some good tropo to New England on 2 meters early sunday.
Then after about 11am sunday things just died. There were times when I tune
thru both 2 and 6 meters and not here nobody on. I believe I made 2 contacts
during the last 2 hours of the contest. Another factor that I know played a
big role in the low Q's was the fact I had an S9 noise problem on 6 meters all
afternoon on sunday in all directions and on 2 meters to the northeast and
southwest. Anyway I still had fun and look forward to september. 73, Chris,
K5QE(@K5MQ)   Multi-Op HP   222,7502008-07-24 18:58:54
Terrible band condition Saturday. A little better Sunday, 6m open for a bit.
Thanks to all who worked us.
W1XX   SOAB HP   58,8002008-07-26 08:06:12
Double hop to California on 6 Saturday night was pretty exciting.
KB7Q   SOSB/6 LP   4002008-07-26 10:34:10
Short, choppy openings, then nothing here in Yellowstone.
WØETT/R   Rover LP   1,4392008-07-26 21:08:03
Thought it might be a bust of a contest after only a handful of contacts as I
roved from Denver up to Silverthorne in DM69. Did catch K0FX for a couple Q's
in DM79. Where were all the other locals? ARRL June vhf test or Field Day must
have tired them all out...

After driving to the top of Loveland Pass at 11,000 ft, I worked a couple of CO
stations: K0GU and W0EEA - thanks guys!; unfortunately, no Es openings on 6m at
the top of the pass. Later, I set up in Silverthorne at my condo parking lot in
DM69 at 9,000 ft overlooking Lake Dillon and was able to work back into the
front range on 2m with W0EEA DM79, K0GU DN70 (also 6m), K0RS DM78, W3DHJ/R in
DM77 and DM88, K0CS/R DM89, and to the west N0KE DM69 on both bands. On
Sunday, as I drove to the north still in DM69 I worked N0HF in DM79 and N0KE in
DN60 both bnds. After putting up a 6m ground plane on Gore Pass about 9,500 ft,
I had a nice 6m opening to 5 land. Breaking down after lunch, I headed home and
worked several stations while in motion with my 6m whip, catching XE2WWW from
three grids DN60, DN70, and DM79! (Isn't 6m a great band!) Later, I worked
N2IC DM52 from two grids, one of those while I was going into a canyon
approaching Hot Sulpher Springs - how the signals bounced around for that one I
don't know! - but, condx were great to NM at the time and Steve has good ears!

Overall, I had a good time in the contest passing out the four grids and
driving in the cool mountains with 75 to 78 degrees temps while it was 98
degrees back home in Denver! I might try that rove again next year. My new
Yaesu FT450 worked very well on 6m - RX seemed to hear the weak ones, did not
get overloaded by the strong sigs, and the NB and IF width control functioned
well. The CW keyer and breakin performed FB. Am looking forward to trying it
HF mobile in the September Colorado QSO Party. Too band it doesn't have 2m or
it would be an excellent replacement for my older FT100D.

73 Ken, W0ETT/R
VE3CRU/R   Rover HP   19,1902008-07-27 12:48:55
This contest saw the worst weather ever. Rain, thunderstorms and lots of
lightning Saturday. Arrived near first set of grid corners 90 minutes ahead of
start time, had a quick lunch. At 1700z the rain started and was a downpour by
the time I reached the starting point 5 min. later. The tuning tips needed to
be installed in the 6 beam, too wet to attempt. Got a break near 1800z but saw
lighning hitting nearby so left aluminum ladder on the roof till later, then got
beam tips in and raised on mast by 1830, to land K8GP on 6. Now soaked to the
skin, at least it was hot out. Not another qso till 1905.

Prop was so poor it was not wise to remain in each grid for 2 hours solid, so I
moved around more than usual between grids to give out more while conditions
allowed. Grids were FN02, FN03 west, EN92 and EN93. Was favoured with an
opening to Florida from 2350z to 0100z. Also got K0KP in EN36, best to the
west from FN03. Tired, worked W4SO last at 0108z EN93 then started driving 2
hours home, to charge batteries and sleep.

Arrived at the east grids about 1400z,a 90 minute drive, FN14 to start. Had a
good run of qso's there, including Lefty K1TOL in FN44 and moved to FN13 right
on Lake Ontario. Ran 8 Q's there and moved on. Caught a tree on the way out
and saw lots of leaves falling behind me. Stopped for coffee 7 miles farther,
to see the beam spun 20 degrees cw and the center rt 3/4" tubing of front
director bent back about 20 degrees. Pulled the beam back using a tie-down
strap over the rear of the boom and gave a side-pull. The weather was rain at
times, nothing threatening though. Best odx there was VE2TZT FN35, a new one,
and a few in EN91 to the west. Moved to FN03 at 1940z and finished contesting
at 2040z. At one point, heard a VE9 but gone before I could work him. Only
rover heard and worked was N2SLN/R in FN12.

Worked K8GP FM19 12 out of 14 possible times, a record for me, over 600 km avg

I have learned from much contesting and rovering, that when the going seems
tough or impossible, don't quit, just take a pause and return. Been rewarded
so many times by doing this.

Many thanks to John Lindholm W1XX, CQ and the CQ WW VHF contesting team for
sponsoring this contest, and to all who stuck with me under adverse conditions
to complete the qso's. Also thanks to all who participated globally.


OK1DC   SOAB HP   18,1762008-08-01 14:59:41
TRX IC-251, PWR 20W/50MHz ant HB9CV, 150W/144MHz ant M2,
OK1KIM(@OK1KIM/OL4A)   Multi-Op HP   135,0502008-08-04 14:23:02
We did hope to be over 200000 pts again this year, since the antenna farm was in
reasonably good order and the OK/OM activity contest was on the same weekend.
1.There was very poor propagation. The middle of July is a good date for some
elevated CONDX - first time in last 5 years - NOTHING.
2.There was practically NONEXISTENT any contest activity outside of OK/OM
activity contest which gave us exactly 49.5% of QSOs in just 3 hours !!!
Made a couple of meteor-scatter QSOs - but not a big deal.

Also 6m was a bit worse than usually - nice propagation in Friday and Tuesday -
poor during the weekend.

Sum of km pts.: 158 653 only, average 396.6 km/QSO - worst ever.
RV6YY in LN04AO at 2089km MS
YT3N in KN04LP at 865 km TROPO

Antennas on 2m
6x27el@50m 12m boom
6x22el@21m 9.2m boom
4x19el@25m 8.2m boom
4x14el@11m 7.5m boom
6x8el@11m 3m boom
4x6el@13m 2m boom
Total "only" 498el on 30 booms of total length 216m.
2xIC756PROIII into 2pcs of DB6NT TR144H 14MHz version transverters + 6 x
with GaAs trans. + PPA with GS35b.

On 6m only single 9el.Yagi 12.5m long @ 16m.
IC756PROIII + 2xGI7b.

Thanks to all for QSO + 73 !