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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2016   Mar 26   Comment Summary

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DO6SR   SOSB15 QRP   5,3242016-03-26 08:54:25
KX3 & Vertical
NJ9T   SOAB HP   2,7842016-03-26 12:11:48
not much time or effort, Easter weekend and have a birthday party for our twins.
S55O(@S53APR)   SO(A)AB HP   2,555,9202016-03-26 17:53:48
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3,5 340 788 220
7 213 839 138
14 537 1109 258
21 257 701 127
28 1 3 0
Total 1348 3440 743
Score: 2.555.920
1 Mult = 1,8 Q's

Fun :)
NP3A   M/S LP   175,1682016-03-27 03:53:28
Exposing my friend Mariliz, WP4MTS, to DX Contesting.

Thanks all QSOs.

73 Eric G., NP3A
N3HEE   SO(A)SB160 HP   11,6072016-03-27 08:05:19
I had very limited time to play in WPX SSB so I decided on a single band
operation on 160 meters. I started at around 0130Z and stopped around 0700Z.
Started off pretty slow but picked up nicely after getting spotted several
times. Worked some DX and west coast stations. Thanks to all who spotted me.
K3/1500 & Inv. L with K2AV FCP. No receive antennas. 73 - Joe N3HEE
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)AB HP   656,0102016-03-27 09:30:14
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K3OQ(@W3RFC)   SO(A)AB HP   12,4162016-03-27 09:56:38
Very limited time between the opening of trout season and Easter activities.
Had fun.
UA6LCN   SOSB15 HP   702,8082016-03-27 10:50:15
tnx for all
ON3DI   SO(A)AB LP   158,3262016-03-27 11:44:45
Hi guys,

The expectations for this contest were low, I knew that the sunspots aren't
that numerous. Normally I should have done SOAB low or 80m QRP but with the low
propagation in mind and the fact that I have changed my job, my participation
would be low. The plan was to play a bit on 20m, 15m and may be for a last time
on 10m.

I was qrv on Saturday around 5 utc on 80m, rates were really low. The only nice
qso was WC5T who was really strong (stronger on 80m then on 20m). After that I
went to 20m, had some small pile-ups. I worked D41CV, some JA's, BA, ..., but
not that many UA and UT's as I hoped. 10m was completely death. Due to this 20m
was really crowded in the afternoon, impossible to find a clear spot. I was
getting frustrated and around 16 utc I quit, it was enough.
On Sunday I was qrv around 6 utc, 80m was already death, not a good sign. I had
no pile-ups, despite some spots, on 20m and 15m. No special qso's... I made 4
qso's on 10m, 3 9K2 stations in a few minutes and D41CV, so we lost indeed 10m,
so pitty! The fun was gone, had no interest to wait for the openings to the US,
I wasn't sure that there would be one so I quit totaly around 13 utc!

350 qso's is very poor, less then during my qrp period some years ago. I'm a
bit affraid for the next years...

Anyway tnx for all the qso's!


Pieter ON3DI
WØPAN   SO(A)AB LP   34,9282016-03-27 11:52:22
KE4KY   SO(A)AB LP   24,7422016-03-27 12:18:42
First SSB contest with K3S. Thought I would try 100 Q's while waiting for Heard
Is. :-(

15m and 10m seemed in very good condition.
K1KNQ/M   SOAB LP   21,9312016-03-27 12:50:09
Testing out the new mobile setup, due to new auto
Rig: FT900CAT
Ant: Monoband Sierra Slims mounted on the roof
Logging: N3FJP

Surprised how well it performed. 41 different countries worked.

OQ4Q(ON4PO)   SOSB15 HP   309,3922016-03-27 12:52:17
Lots off fun on 15m conditions where quite good , me happy !! see You in the
next contest OQ4Q Martin.
S52W   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   252,4722016-03-27 13:32:26
FT2000 + dipole

All QSOs S&P.

73 Damjan S52W
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SOAB(TS) LP   5,1032016-03-27 15:16:46
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test 4.16

Part time participation after Easter lunch.

Thanks for QSO!

73 Kazu
WR1ST(KC1CWF)   SO(A)AB(R) HP   603,6482016-03-27 15:19:37
This was an awesome contest!
I wan't planning on doing much more than 250 Q's, but was having a lot of fun.
Thanks to Gerry, W1VE for motivation, and the A-W-E-S-O-M-E call sign (WR1ST).
I think I did pretty dang well for a part time effort with all low wires. All
dipoles and verticals. Didn't really have a real 10m antenna, so only made 3
Q's there. it was my Mom's birthday today, so we were out of the house Sat and
(Soon) Sunday night. Out of house all morning both days. I had a ton of fun.
This was the first effort at this station using high power. Now with voice
keying, rig control, automatic antenna switching, etc, station works much
Thanks everyone!
WB8JUI   SOSB10 QRP   1,5602016-03-27 15:23:38
73 - Rick WB8JUI
K3NDM   SOAB LP   203,3762016-03-27 15:29:52
Band QSOs Pts WPX
1.8 3 6 1
3.5 29 79 15
7 79 271 56
14 102 266 77
21 89 218 51
28 26 72 23
Total 328 912 223
Score: 203,376
1 Mult = 1.5 Q's
PU8YPL   SO(A)SB10 LP   29,1162016-03-27 15:39:32
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Araucaria DX Group
NAME: Paulo Lima
ADDRESS: Av. Presidente Vargas, 4686
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5555.0
ON9CC   SOSB160 QRP   6,1712016-03-27 15:41:03
Had no time for serious operating so tried some 160m QRP tonight after coming
home from the Easter family visits. Stations even did answer my CQ's and from
time to time I went up and down the band. QRP is difficult and frustrating
though, hearing stations 59+ who can't hear you.

TX: IC-7800
Ant: 160m dipole, K9AY
W1MD   SO(A)AB LP   227,7002016-03-27 15:48:22
K3, DX88, Florida Thunderstorms...

OT6M(ON9CC)   SOSB15 QRP   75,8312016-03-27 15:51:21
Due to Easter and home renovation I had little time for serious operating. So I
wanted to spend the little time I had to get some experience in QRP operating.
I noticed that sometimes stations who where 59++ couldn't hear me where DX
stations that were just an S3 or so, could hear me.
I have been calling CQ from time to time but not much (I think about 5 stations
or so) returned my call so it was S&P most of the time (not used to turn the
VFO knob anymore). Although my QRP I was able to work JA, CE and California (the

Having 2 tribanders is a joy I must admit. This really helped getting my teeny
weeny signal hear without having to turn the antennas too much (with the
SteppIR in bi-directional mode, I could cover 3 directions).

TRX: IC-7800
Ant: Optibeam OB11-3 and 3 el. SteppIR

I recorded all QSO's so if you want the recording of our QSO, drop me a note.


NB: on Sunday night I did 160m QRP just to get some QRP experience there too.
S54O   SO(A)AB HP   342,3842016-03-27 15:54:13
Ts590 IC2KL
Dipole 160m
dipole 80m
vertical 40m
3el ECO 20 - 10m
ACØMN(W6NF)   SOAB(TS) LP   23,0672016-03-27 15:56:55
10 was dead...15 was often open, especially to EU, but nobody was home...20 was
a zoo and no fun at all. Just a casual effort biding our time for the next CW
or RTTY contest.
WB5EIN   SO(A)AB LP   172,2202016-03-27 15:57:17
Thanks for loads of fun.

It was especially fun to work so many of my friends from the CWOps
organization. I am a 99% CW man, so this SSB stuff isn't as comfy for me.
Please pardon my many errors...and thanks to all who gave me a Q!

73 from the birthplace of Elvis,

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, WB5EIN CWOps#1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Kenwood TS-480SAT ~100w into 400' horizontal loop up 40'
NØKQ   SO(A)AB HP   15,6752016-03-27 15:59:08
I wasn't trying to compete in this one. I mostly just worked DX and then handed
out a few Qs to US stations. The bands seemed to be open particularly into
Europe on 20 mtrs on Saturday afternoon. 15 and 10 mtrs were open here but
mostly to South America.
I spent some time fixing the Butternut vertical. I seem to have to replace the
HV capacitors in that thing whenever I turn on the amplifier.
thanks for the Qs and countries.
TO972M(FM5BH)   SOAB HP   3,298,0322016-03-27 16:04:36
I spent a good time.
You must to have fun if not
the beach is not too far from here.
I will upload the recording of TO972M on

Thank to all those who had the patience to understand and copy
my terrific callsign: TO972M.

Martinique is a French department since 1946.
FM5 is the 97th dpt of France with FG5 FY5 FR5 AND FH5.
Each dpt have a number and FM5 is 972.
This is the main reason that I choose this callsign.

Best 73


AE1T   SO(A)AB HP   234,7522016-03-27 16:05:13
Happy Easter to one and all.
NA2U   SO(A)SB15(TS) HP   7,9202016-03-27 16:06:39
Was going for same number Qs/mults but heard N3AD and shot that goal in the
AA4NP   SOSB15 LP   148,0502016-03-27 16:29:11
Nice contest. Conditions on 15 m were good. It was busy all the way to 21.450

TS50 @ 100 watts

Inverted L @ 35 feet
KN5A(K5WA)   SOAB LP   3,255,4142016-03-27 16:35:28
Thanks again to K5NA and K5DU for letting me borrow this Super Station!!

Bob K5WA
W4UT   SOAB HP   77,5502016-03-27 16:40:42
I didn't have a lot of time to spend on this one.

Best 73
NW3DC(W3DQ)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   138,1642016-03-27 16:44:33
First try in the WPX SSB. The strategy is very different than what I am used to,
which took a bit of time to figure out. That plus learning a new (manual tuned)
amp that showed up mid-week and remembering the callsign I was using made for
an interesting time. Most of was fun.

Signals were all over the place for me, and it id hard to say whether the new
amp -- higher power -- made a significant difference. It sure was nice to see
it run, and the room temp was more comfortable than it usually is with the
solid state amp running!

It was just about all S&P, as I couldn't get any traction running. Spots
seemed the now typically few in number for phone contests, which demands a
closer listen as one trolls up and down the bands. Not a bad thing, actually.

While my overall numbers were low, this 'test gave me a good look at my
station's layout and capabilities. Looks like it will be a busy summer.

73 and thanks for the Q's,
Eric W3DQ

Orion 565 & ACOM 1000
F12 C3-SS, Inv-L on a small city lot
N3JNX   SOAB LP   14,1902016-03-27 16:47:26
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.6
NAME: Joseph Yakoski
ADDRESS: 7 RoseMary Drive
ADDRESS: Tunkhannock,Pa 18657-9582
N4LZ   SOSB15 HP   37,5572016-03-27 16:49:40
All S & P!
W6SX   SO(A)AB HP   20,1602016-03-27 16:55:51
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
N8BJQ   SOSB15 HP   1,061,8402016-03-27 17:01:02
Pretty good conditions except to Asia. Only worked a couple of JA's and a VU.
Some super strong signals on 15, especially on Sunday. Decided to stick with
15 Sunday AM when the band opened pretty early.
AF4RK   SOAB HP   197,0252016-03-27 17:01:42
10 Meters open to SA Sunday Afternoon. Got the N1MM+ Logger Audio working with
CQ and Call. 211 in the ARRL DX SSB so there was much improvement for this
W7HJ   SOAB HP   43,8852016-03-27 17:03:26
Got a kick out of the Euros telling me my signal was strong (from the flagpole
in a no-antenna neighborhood !)
WZ4F(K4AB)   SOAB HP   8,885,2642016-03-27 17:04:24
You can't really expect any better conditions for a WPX contest
at this point in the solar cycle.

Very enjoyable contest!

Larry K4AB (WZ4F)
AC1U(N1UR)   SOAB HP   14,011,7402016-03-27 17:06:50
That was great fun.

The first contest using AC1U. I decided to drop NV1N
since its terrible on CW with so much confusion as
N41N or just ??. So I switched the radio club call
to AC1U and was very happy on phone. Hopefully the
CW contest will be the same.

I didn't expect 10M to open to EU and
it didn't. Based on that, I was hoping to equal last
year's score of 11.7 Million. That was the goal going in.
3 and 6 pointers being the focus. Not being afraid to
fast S & P a few times for mults but otherwise running
and going to the 2nd radio when the rate slowed down.

Well I passed my last year score with 4.5 hours of
operating time left. I decided to go for my goal of last
year which I missed - 14 Million. I hit is with 5 mins
of time left. What a great run that was.

I had more Qs, a higher average Q value, and more mults.
It adds up quick in this contest.

SFI was low so no 10M EU and no 15M JA. Then the K started
to climb mid contest. So I decided to go pretty much
non-stop for the first 24 hours. The rate just kept
steady over 100 - 120 an hour. Highest hour was 186
which was the opening hour on 40M. Fantastic!
20 hours over 100 with 7 hours over 140.

Because of only having 90 mins off in the first half, I ended
3 hours before the end of the contest. The rate was at
140 and the last contact was a long path VK (on 20M). Very
cool stuff.

80M was in much better shape this year. Twice as many
Qs as last year. Its a shame more Europeans don't use
80M for this contest Its often easier than 40M for phone
contests to EU.

I didn't even check 160M.

The US participation is definately much lower in this contest
vs EU. The mults are great. But its very apparent when
splitting beams to EU and US how many fewer calls there
are from the US. 65% of the Qs were EU and that was
with many hours splitting the beams to pick up US

I really like the strategy of this contest. Its a nice
compliment to the other DX contests.

See you in WPX CW.


AA9A   SOSB40 HP   2,8562016-03-27 17:07:28
Managed to operate final 15 minutes to give out a multiplier. Was the first
time in the shack since open heart surgery last week.
NF4A   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   1,189,5732016-03-27 17:07:50
I had planned to do a serious effort but lightning and rain static for 30 out of
the 48 hours of the contest kept me from doing so. Thanks to all who called and
I apologize for the requests for repeats as I was fighting a very high noise
leverl from rain static.
NN2DX(W4FS)   SO(A)AB(R) HP   2,195,5052016-03-27 17:08:52
This operation was 100% remote. My thanks goes out to the folks at for letting me use one of their stations for the

Had an audio issue for the first half of the contest...switched mics for the
second half and all was good.

Not having a voice keyer for this contest really made me appreciate voice
keyers...we'll see if I still have my voice tomorrow.

Thanks for all the Q's

Cheers & 73,
N9DFD   SOAB HP   799,2602016-03-27 17:09:03
Better score then last year but a lot more work. Condition were poor on 10 and
not that good al the way around. I Struggled to get many runs going so mostly
search and pounce

Still good fun


Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 248 33
Canada 46 6
Brazil 36 5
Italy 26 3
Federal Republic of Germany 22 3
Slovenia 20 3
Argentina 15 2
Venezuela 15 2
France 13 2
Spain 12 2
Puerto Rico 11 1
Aruba 10 1
Chile 10 1
Hungary 10 1
Croatia 9 1
Cuba 9 1
Mexico 9 1
Morocco 9 1
Ukraine 9 1
US Virgin Is. 9 1
Dominican Republic 8 1
European Russia 8 1
Netherlands 8 1
Colombia 7 1
Czech Republic 7 1
Ecuador 7 1
Portugal 7 1
Austria 6 1
Bulgaria 6 1
Serbia 6 1
Australia 5 1
Barbados 5 1
Belgium 5 1
Cape Verde 5 1
Poland 5 1
Romania 5 1
Canary Is. 4 1
Costa Rica 4 1
Cyprus 4 1
England 4 1
Estonia 4 1
Finland 4 1
French Guiana 4 1
Ireland 4 1
Lithuania 4 1
Scotland 4 1
Slovak Republic 4 1
Uruguay 4 1
Alaska 3 0
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3 0
Guadeloupe 3 0
Hawaii 3 0
Martinique 3 0
Peru 3 0
St. Kitts & Nevis 3 0
Sweden 3 0
Wales 3 0
Asiatic Russia 2 0
Belarus 2 0
Bonaire 2 0
Crete 2 0
Kazakhstan 2 0
Montenegro 2 0
New Zealand 2 0
Saba & St. Eustatius 2 0
Aland Is. 1 0
Ceuta & Melilla 1 0
Curacao 1 0
Denmark 1 0
Guatemala 1 0
Honduras 1 0
Kaliningrad 1 0
Kuwait 1 0
Latvia 1 0
Paraguay 1 0
St. Pierre & Miquelon 1 0
Suriname 1 0
Trinidad & Tobago 1 0
WK6KW(@N6DQ)   M/2 HP   757,3682016-03-27 17:10:30
First effort with new club station call, our main purpose to get into Super
Check Partial for future contests. Ops had fun saying "whiskey" and
"kilowatt" a zillion times! Band conditions pretty grim but a couple
of productive runs. Thanks to all for a great time!
N9GUN   SO(A)AB HP   12,7402016-03-27 17:10:42
Just played around a bit on this one.

73 de Tom, N9GUN
KD9MS   SOSB15 HP   250,4782016-03-27 17:10:44
Solar storms equals no AS for me on Friday night or Saturday. Finally got some
AS on Sunday but since it was Easter, no time to work the contest with family
over. Still I'm pleased that I did have a few good 15m runs, one run for 2
hours at 123 Q's and a rate of 56.8 per hour! That was fun!

All in all, I'm pleased for just playing around in the test!

73, Craig KD9MS

Rigs: Yaesu FT-2000D, FTdx-1200 and FT-450D
Station 1 - TH7DXX at 55\'. Discoverer 7-1 rotating dipole at 70\', D3W at 62\'
and inverted vee at 52 feet for 80m. Inverted U 170\' long at 43\' up, 85\'
horizontal and 40\' down with 119 80-100\' radials for 160-40.

Station 2 - Explorer 14 with the 40m kit at 60\' 10-40. 80M inverted L up 50\'
then horizontal. 6M 4 ele at 66\'

DX Doubler with MFJ sound card interfaces, various tuners and Antenna switches
(not automatic) Heil HC-4 and Goldline GM-5 mics
PX2B(PY2LED)   SOSB20 HP   5,976,5202016-03-27 17:12:13
Thanks for being on my log and hope to listen you again soon.

73s de PY2LED - Fernando
SJ2W(SM2WMV)   SOSB20 HP   10,807,8862016-03-27 17:13:45
Goal for the contest was to see if I could get close to the EU record. It seems
like I have passed it and if I have not been a too big lid I should pass log
check. The contest was fun, Saturday was amazing and it felt like very high
activity from US, maybe because of the Easter holidays? However Sunday was
horrible, barely got any propagations towards US, just sporadic ones where the
aurora let through the signals. All east coast worked on Sunday was via skew
path near South America. Kind of wish I had read the prognosis and maybe
wouldn't have taken half of the off-time on Saturday and instead more on

Thanks for the QSOs!

Antennas: 6/6/6el + 5/5el + 4el @EU + dipole 470m away @30m
Rigs: K3 + TS590SG (inband)
Amp: ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB)

Check the website, it contains a lot of fun stuff on the progress of the
station build etc.
K3MD   M/S HP   3,754,2962016-03-27 17:14:33
Excellent condx
K6GHA   SO(A)SB20 LP   432,9002016-03-27 17:14:51
It was a limited effort, with limited expectations. However, after Saturday, I
got energized at the open band. Sunday proved just the opposite. Disappointing
and slow. Gave in a few time to do other things, and came back for the final
Some great folks, who stuck to the call and pulled out my lp west coast
really appreciate RV1CC, 5V7D, and others who stayed the course.
A lot of fun Friday and most of Saturday made up for a slow Easter Sunday... I
guess I found that egg.
4A1DX(XE2AU)   SOAB LP   678,6102016-03-27 17:15:05
Lots of fun, bands nooisy but with great openings
VE9CB   SOAB(TS) HP   14,371,1702016-03-27 17:15:08
Well, that was fun!

SO1R: FTdx-5000 + TL-922
X7 Tribander at 22m (70ft)
40m vertical dipole
80m delta loop

This is narrowly ahead of Yuri VE3DZ's 2013 VE record in this sub-category, so
it's all down to the log-checkers whether I have the new Canadian record.

My last serial number was 4007. Some fun!
NF1L   SOAB HP   44,0202016-03-27 17:15:12
First time using an amplifier, I like it!
K8GL   SOAB HP   71,2802016-03-27 17:16:07
Lots of activity and pretty good conditions. Didn't have a lot of time and,
unfortunately, didn't have a lot of ambition to operate. I'm suspecting a lack
of a tower had much to do with it!
NØSMX   SOSB20 LP   9,6362016-03-27 17:16:50
100w Attic Dipole
KØTT   SOSB15 LP   4,4072016-03-27 17:16:51
Busy Easter weekend. Made a few QSO's on 15m in the final hour of the contest.
WN6K   SOAB LP   850,7702016-03-27 17:18:09
Nothing like last year's effort - wow need spots. And then just to rub salt in
the wounds, Sunday afternoon the A popped up to the teens and all bands were
noisy. I could not hear EU on 15m and the ones on 20m were weak and tough to
copy those 4 digit numbers they were passing out.

Only uplift in all this work was the run on 40m I had on Saturday night. Love
it when you are 'new meat' + your prefix has not been worked yet.

Sunday afternoon I worked WN6W (in OR) so I got myself in a mirror.

N6KI Book Report: Finished my Sandford Book but did not take time to find a new
one on Sunday afternoon in the hopes that the bands would correct themselves
from their malaise - they did not.

SH5 Program calculated best rates on the 40m run...\ 1/2 hour = 132/hr.
1 hour = 114/hr.
Thanks for the Qs - till the next one or I see some of you at Visalia DX

WN6K, Paul
OU2V(OZ1FJB)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   612,8922016-03-27 17:18:23
ups what a go. good cndx and many prefixes, fun to run. had a burned off atu so
did not work 100 pct. better luck nxt yr.
W7WHY   SOAB HP   167,0762016-03-27 17:18:44
Well now - for a SSb contest that was a lot of fun. Conditions seemed really
good here Saturday but not so much on Sunday.

Was hopong to pick up a few more Q's after church and lunch on Sunday but
pickins seemed pretty slim.

hanks for te Q's and 73

TS-450SAT + AL-811H ~500 watts

10 meter HB 2-el monobander at 15 feet
15 meter Delta loop
20 meter HB 2-el monobander at 25 feet
40 meter Delta loop
80 meter dipole
NR7ON(KK7YC)   SOSB20 HP   384,4802016-03-27 17:20:01
Only able to operate 11 hours but had some fun! Hope I was able to give a few of
you a multiplier

73 de KK7YC op of NR7ON
CB1H   M/2 HP   10,845,6732016-03-27 17:20:25
Varios espacios sin propagación. La Banda de 10 metros no rindió lo que el
equipo esperaba. La banda salvadora, 15M.
Mucho disfrute, camaradería.
La estación se porto excelente, ninguna baja técnica.
N8SBE   SOAB LP   513,6852016-03-27 17:21:07
Far and away a personal best for this particular contest. 10 was sketchy, but
opened some both afternoons, USA time. Done all via S&P, and I took more
breaks than I figured, so ended up operating a little under 20 hours total,
instead of my planned 24 hours.

All in all, I had a blast. Still operating barefoot with my K3, 2 el. quad up
40 feet, and a ZS6BKW dipole up 35 feet for 80 and 40, fed with ladder line, 75
feet of RG/8x and using the tuner in the K3 (I know, there is some loss in the
coax, but it makes the match a bit easier from the transmitter end, and the
dipole is so efficient that it really doesn't matter much on those two bands,

Many thanks to the state-side operators that put up with me using them to run
up my prefix score. Sorry that my "N8" prefix doesn't generate any
excitement on the bands.


-- Dave, N8SBE
FP/KV1J   SO(A)AB HP   1,080,6422016-03-27 17:21:10
Just a low dipole and about 100 - 400 watts. First day and a half was very
slow. I was calling CQ for hours but I was lost under all the big stations and
rarely got spotted. Good runs on Sunday.

73, Eric FP/KV1J
KI4EEY   SOAB LP   2,3702016-03-27 17:21:35
Got a few points and a listened a lot, trying to copy the callsigns etc. It
help me some.
KCØDEB   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   462,2802016-03-27 17:22:01
Too many small interruptions due to the Easter holiday, but still managed to get
some time in the chair. Again like earlier this month, QSB was pretty bad at
times. Lot's of repeats !
Thanks for picking me out of the crowd and/or noise!
73, John KC0DEB
K7ABV   SOAB HP   258,1872016-03-27 17:22:46
basically bad planning to have this Easter Weekend, but, what is a guy to
do...well I got in the chair when I could, which wasn't often..10 was dead, 15
was not much better, and with company in the next room no shouting in the mike
after I made the best of it, had a couple of hours with some nice runs
and all in all enjoyed it, knowing I would not be very high on the chart with
this score, but that's was good to get on and play...however I prefer cw
to ssb, I can play late and never bother the xyl or anyone else...thanks for all
the q's,
N2BJ   SO(A)AB HP   1,728,0002016-03-27 17:23:09
Family, friends , Easter
Hard to put full time effort or focus on contest
KQ1F(K1XM)   SOAB LP   186,7562016-03-27 17:23:42
Got on a bit while doing other things in order to hand out the "rare"
KQ1 multiplier.
WJ4X(N4XL)   SO(A)AB LP   646,8042016-03-27 17:24:53
Great hopes, poor weekend. Son went into hospital unexpectedly Saturday morning.
Coyote, or maybe a fox, got one of our cats Saturday night. Computer kept acting
up. Most of the time when I was operating my head wasn't in it. Would find
myself just sitting there without turning the dial. A couple runs and some good
S&P time distracted me a little bit though.

Good to work John, W4IX, and John, K4BAI, and others.

Thank you Adam, WJ4X, for letting me use his call and everyone in the log for
the q's.

KØUK   SO(A)AB LP   450,5492016-03-27 17:26:30
Started on out 10mtrs/15mtrs picking up mults.CQ'ing didnot produce much at
all.I think my K0 call wasn't in much demand Hi.
Did this until the NCAA game came on. That stopped my radio with such a good
game with Oregon and Oklahoma.
Wasn't feeling to well so slept Friday night.
Saturday bands were sluggish till about 1600Z and then same S&P with some
few decent runs.
Sunday was very limited with Easter Service early and family over for dinner.

Had fun. That is what matters. Got to work the NR6O guys and they were
sounding great. Only heard W0ETT and N7MZW but I was too weak for them to hear
me. Worked KV0Q my friend Bill doing a FB job on 20mtrs.
God Bless all who got on for a fun contest.
bill UK
NU5DE(N5KF)   SOSB20 LP   16,7702016-03-27 17:26:31
Very part time, as usual.
NE5LL   M/S LP   1,112,2002016-03-27 17:26:41
Station: Elecraft K3/100 100W to Force 12 C-3 @64', 80/40 Fan Dipoles at 50',
one broadside N/S the other E/W, Inverted L (160) 50' vertical 78' horizontal
with 8 elevated shortened radials. No RX antennas used. Software: WriteLog
version V12.03G. All operation audio was recorded and is available to the CQ
WPX committee if requested.

This was a "MULTI-ONE-LP" operation. Linda NE5LL and Jim N1CC had
invited other NTCC members to come out and take part, however, no volunteers.
We'll invite operators again ... we are about 100 miles from most other club

Radio Conditions: Challenging. 10 Meters was down as expected, however, the
unusual propagation combined with the low-band antennas made both DX and
stateside contacts very difficult on 80 and 40, and no signals were copyable on
160 Meters. Friday night had to use the Inverted L to work any stations at all
on 40 Meters, and on Saturday did work some stations on the EW Fan dipole.

While multi-ops have not been required to provide audio recordings, it seems
that my offer to the committee may be in support of Rule XIII.1, A., 5.
"Signals with excessive bandwidth (e.g., splatter, clicks) or harmonics on
other bands." I have two candidates that fit this rule, both multi-op
stations. One in particular, a stalwart of many contests created a 12 kHz
disrutption around his run frequency. I was "in that region" in that
I was already running on 21.355.00 when the violating behavior started on
21.351.30. As the recording showed, the splatter and distortion products were
stronger than the offending stations actual voice when tuned in. I should note
that I am using the K3 steps to prevent most excessive BW issues, including no
NB/NR, reduced RF Gain, Attenuator on and no preamp. I challenged the
operator, who said "we are having an exciter problem". In my book,
if you do, you take that station down and fix it or just lose that band during
the contest. I await hearing from the committee as to the utility of the tape,
and will identify the stations to them on their request.

As those of us who have worked in a lot of multi-ops we all know the host
typically does not catch all operator "misbehavior" during the heat
of battle. It is up to all of us to learn to be good operators instead.

This was a fun event, and except for the much better conditions in 2014 this is
our best score from this location. 73, Jim and Linda.
KP4RV(RAFAEL)   SOSB15 HP   4,254,0702016-03-27 17:27:18
Great Contest and super propagation as well.
KU3K(N3KS)   SOAB HP   15,306,1762016-03-27 17:28:31
Thanks to everyone who participated. This is my favorite contest, and as always
it was a blast. Special thanks to Troy for the use of his callsign. Two of my
three high band antennas are damaged, so I tried to emphasize the low bands and
fortunately had the best results I can remember from here on 40m and 80m. I am
always gladly surprised at how this contest stays up-tempo until the very end,
with so many ways to get your score up and so many participants that can have a
role in it. Fun stuff.
Kam N3KS
W2DLT   SO(A)AB HP   18,1462016-03-27 17:29:34
Frankford Radio Club.
N1MM+ worked flawlessly.
With family/holiday - only had 6 hours, but bettering my rate every time.
Lots of familiar calls this time. Great contest.
KT8K   SOAB QRP   85,5362016-03-27 17:29:37
Phew - tough going on Saturday got marginally better on Sunday, but I am packing
and cleaning to put the house on the market (anyone want a beautiful home on the
2nd highest spot in Ann Arbor, MI?), and under the gun to get that done. That
made for spotty operating which N1MM inflated substantially via the 60 minute
off-time rule. Sometimes it was amazing how easily I was being heard,
especially on 15 and 20m, and just a few minutes later I couldn't be heard by
anyone for ten or twenty minutes, and then it would open up again. 40m was
great but too crowded for a QRP-er to be heard often, but 80m might have been
as good as I've ever heard at times. I had fun as always in the few minutes

So ... I haven't found the new house yet, but maybe it will permit a Big Tower?
I've been singing about it long enough
... I get a big grin when someone
says "I want a big tower, too" or similar during our QSO.

Unfortunately my wife wants to stay in the city, so I am looking for a ranch
house on a high spot or good sized plateau with big trees to support my
antennas - probably won't have a big tower in town. :-(

I haven't taken down the antennas quite yet - I was saving them for this
contest and hope to have them (or a reasonable substitute) up again before WPX
- Tentec Orion turned down to _4_ Watts (challenging myself)
- WGA TR-2000 headset with sewing machine foot pedal

- W-shaped 3-wire dipole for 20/40/80m, feed point ~50 feet up, RG8x fed
- vertical trap dipole for 10/15/20m (not good on 20, fair on 15, great on 10m
(must be ants and spiders in one of the 15m traps) fed with RG8x 60 feet up
- 500 foot horizontal(?) loop in a crescent moon shape, wire ranging from 12 to
65+ feet up, fed with 100 feet of 300 Phm TV twin lead and an LDG Z-11

Thanks to all who listened hard for my small signal. See you in the log next
72/73 de kt8k - Tim
KJ5Y   SO(A)AB LP   24,7352016-03-27 17:33:08
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Pat Cameron
ADDRESS: 3908 Travis Lake Ct
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5555.0
NØMA   M/S HP   3,562,7412016-03-27 17:33:11
Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 257 514 61
7 344 885 194
14 583 1085 239
21 565 1567 291
28 78 226 48
Total 1827 4277 833
VY2LI   SOSB15(TS) HP   90,3842016-03-27 17:33:47
Only a few hours to run up the VY2 flag.Usually in FLA this time of year.73,Bill
KC1ACN   SO(A)AB LP   123,1952016-03-27 17:35:20
Kenwood TS-450SAT, OCF Windom, SOAB Low, Assisted.

No chair time Friday, I left that to the Big Guns. Saturday I started at 6AM on
40M and was pleasantly surprised,
especially at the points accumulation! 20M, 15M and several hours during an
opening on 10M were fun but the money
band was 20M. Worked it until 6PM when I took a break for dinner with friends.
Sunday was no joy. Nothing like Saturday but that's to be anticipated I guess.
Eventually 15M opened, 20M started slow too
but then the South Americans showed up on 10M! Fun after 1PM or so. After
switching from 15M to 20M,
I found a 'Lone Aussie' on the low side of 20M in all of his +20db glory and no
Worked several ATNO's this weekend too (Georgia and a few Islands I can't bring
to mind). Finished on 40M going after NA Op's.
NC8C(K8MR)   SOAB(TS) LP   54,1362016-03-27 17:41:42
Here in the States this could be called the Witness Prote Xion program contest.
It's fun hiding out under a different callsign, and guessing who it it is on
the other end of all those calls you never hear in other contests.

I hid using NC8C, the club call of the North Coast Contesters, operating from
the west coast of Florida which is also the south coast of the USA, and from
the perspective of many, located on the east coast. So I have all the coasts

I assume in the "Tribander" category a tribander is the maximum
allowed, not a requirement to have one. I would have qualified for a
"hidden antenna" category if there was one, using a 20 meter dipole
in the condo attic and a well hidden 52 foot vertical wire outside. Operating
time would not have been huge with the station, but it was also my wife's
birthday on Sunday, and my daughter and family are visiting. Most operating was
done in chunks of 10 or so QSOs.

As always, good to hand out some QSOs to the deserving, and in this one a
multiplier as well.

I may be back for CW, but that will be from back in Ohio with a real tribander
and a KW.

73 - Jim K8MR
WP4PGY   SOAB(R) HP   5,009,9852016-03-27 17:41:54
Great contest, I had a blast.. Thanks to all who worked me....

The Rookie


K4BAI   SOAB(TS) HP   4,834,7902016-03-27 17:45:45
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee, tee vertical.
Category Overlay: Tribander/wires. Must get a voice keyer that works and
sounds good before the next phone contest. Wore my own voice down to a hoarse
croak. Bands were fairly good considering the sunspot reports. 10M was open
almost only to South America and D4. I did hear some southern European
stations working South America when I had my beam east to south. Never heard
an European running and none answered my CQs. 15M was pretty good to most
areas except central and eastern Asia. 20M was fair to most of the world, but
poor to JA. Did work B1W late in the contest. 40M was pretty good to Europe,
Africa, the Americas and the Pacific. Missed the JA times for openings on 80
and 40. 80M was poor the first night mainly because of heavy QRN from
electrical storms in the area, but was quiet the second nihgt and was amazed at
the DX that called in answer to my CQs. The low bands were so noisy at the end
that I stayed on 20M until the end after trying to change to 40 for the last
hour and the QRN was fierce on 40. As usual not much activity on 160, but was
able to work everyone I heard on that band. Thanks for all QSOs. Look for the
GA QSO Party on April 9 and 10. 73, John, K4BAI.
AD8J   SO(A)AB HP   265,1122016-03-27 17:48:59
Played around the first day and gave out S&P Q's to the deserving. The
quality of some of the SSB signals turns me off as far as phone contest go.
KT8TD   SO(A)AB LP   108,2972016-03-27 17:49:02
Had to work harder for fewer contacts this year compared to previous years. It
seemed like there were many more multiple repeats. Saying the numbers in
French, Spanish, and Italian helped.
KC9EOQ   SOAB HP   72,8642016-03-27 17:55:13
Operated around the Easter holiday commitments. Still a good effort I thought.
Thanks to the SMC members who answered my call. My last Q was to NV9L, who I
think was Jerry at the mike. Thanks everyone for the fun!
AC3U(W3UL)   SO(A)AB HP   83,0062016-03-27 17:56:54
Band QSOs Pts WPX
1.8 1 1 1
3.5 7 30 3
7 42 148 30
14 69 126 56
21 54 153 43
28 29 81 21
Total 202 539 154
Score: 83,006
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's
N2GZ   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   621,3312016-03-27 17:57:11
Partial effort Saturday afternoon that turned into almost a full night of
S&P in hopes of catching the elusive KL7 on 160. I believe I heard KL7RA
Sunday morning... after seeing the spot. It was ESP level, and only caught the
callsign once during 15mins of listening. Not this time.

Spent a few hours Sunday afternoon treating it more like contest instead of
just "DX activity weekend", but then got distracted around sunset and
put VK0EK in the log on a few more bands. Took many breaks to do chores and let
WE2W hand out her multiplier.

10m seemed to last longer on Sunday than it has the past few weeks. I was still
hearing western Europe around the beginning of my sunset.
NQ2F(@KD2RD)   M/S HP   4,685,4002016-03-27 17:59:29
Just 29 hours due to Easter obligations, and one radio, but tons of fun. Great
job by Scott running about 80% of the q's. Glad to have Glenn, KD2HDZ over for
a bit for his first Multi-Op experience. Great job Glenn! Also, thanks to Sarah
for keeping things tidy, and for the moral support, not to mention Belina the

Thanks to all for the contacts!

John and the crew.
VE9AA   SOAB LP   4,654,4802016-03-27 18:01:19
Still recovering somewhat from pneumonia so a phone contest is not what I was
looking forward to this weekend as I just don't have the breath for it and
cough a lot and can't quite spit everything out in one breath like before.

Worked on putting up a new antenna on the day of the contest (that's what your
are supposed to do, right?). To insure it worked correctly I waited until it
was literally freezing rain and ice pellets. Only 8 trips in and out of the
house and I had the full size quad loop for 20m working well .

Much better than my normal 20m antenna (HF9V) (and quieter to boot).
is that all antennas had a high SWR the first part of the weekend due to ice
here on the 'Ridge.

I tweaked the 40m & 80m wire antennas to the phone bands (note to self,
them back to CW for WPX-CW !)

My first real SSB contest as some help from the N1MM+ team and
support staff to figure out what I was doing. W/O you guys, I am back to
pencil and paper. My greatest thanks as always.

Now just some random thoughts from this weekend:
(with a stn description. at the end)

-It is not acceptable to plunk down a mere 200Hz from me and CQ even though I
am LP ! You are S9, so I know you hear me !

-My name is not Andy (but I'll take it as a compliment)

-I thought only fart and grunting noises were allowed on 80m at night (not
EU during the day on 20m ! Had 1 or 2 guys follow me around for an hour.

-I miss 10m ! Oh, do I miss it. That was my go-to band with low antennas here

-I miss CW.........I'll take clicks over splatter any day.

-Every time I worked AD4Z, VE4VT and NR3X they were pulling ahead of me. ;-)
WTG guys ! Just wasn't my weekend.

-Darn that work phone.....I was on call this w/e and got interrupted a lot

-Exciting to work China on phone.

-Lots of weird calls, but familiar voices - Figured out a few of them. (Hey
Jay!-N4OX &Bob, K5WA, Paul, N4PN, Nate,N4YDU & a few others)

-DH8BQA worked on more bands this weekend than last. Hey Olli.

-Same as last year, I had s9+ stations I did not call as I could not
them enough to make a QSO. Do special radios have gain and compression levels
that go to '11' ?

-Only one real freq fight. Came within 100-150Hz of my freq and just CQ'd.
Hard to protest running LP, but you're S9, you hear me. Bully !

-Dual band contest anyone? (though 15m showed signs of life near the end)

-Lost some BIC time chasing VK0EK and spending meals, etc. with the family.
Shy of the 36hr limit.....It's only a hobby!

-My IC-746 (radio#2) puts out anywhere from 10w to 90w depending on it's mood.

Fairly stable (usually_)on CW, but funky on SSB. All over the place. Power
output just rocks all over the place like waves on the ocean. Tuner has a mind
of its own. Can't wait to get my new IC-7300 !

-Condx not super bad, but certainly not vy enhanced at all. (IMO)

-KT8K's song comes to mind. ' I want a big tower' - check youtube for Tim's
music....I did work Tim later on after writing this.

-What WRTC points? Got trampled this w/e... UGH..... ;-)

-It's hard to drink coffee and work phone at the same time

-I dream about the next paddle I might buy (a N3ZN no doubt), but surprisingly
I never dream about my next headset. (I do like my CM-500 however)

-Am I on the right antenna?

-15m came alive a little on Sunday, very late. Yeeha!

-10m lives......mostly all SA and one lonely ZL

-A nice 40m run right at the end. Musta got spotted.

Thanks All !

73 de Mike VE9AA - dit dit
SO2R...IC7410 & IC746, Yamaha CM-500 headest, YCCC SO2R+ box, N1MM+

IC-746 + ZS6BKW for radio 2

Radio one's (IC-7410) antennas are:
10m. A3S or HF9V
15m A3S or HF9V
20m. A3S or HF9V or 99% of the time used my new full wave Quad loop @ 35'
40m. Delta Loop @ 35'
80m. Elevated 80m Inverted L GP and raised radials
160m Inverted L, Gnd mounted and a mile of on/in ground radials.
WS7L   SO(A)AB HP   128,7402016-03-27 18:04:34
Better than I expected considering the solar #s. Even worked a bunch of middle
east on 20 and a few EU on 15. Was amazed that 10 meters showed a tiny bit of
life on Sunday. Not even a whisper there on Saturday.

73 and thanks for the Q's
Carl WS7L
AA7CR(@W7VO)   M/S HP   1,700,2072016-03-27 18:04:57
Much better band oonditions than it appeared, but not much 10M activity.

Used this as an opportunity to mentor three novice guest operators and made
this a M/S effort. I just may have found a couple of contesters to use for
future contest efforts! Just have to get them over the fear of running, and I
don't mean away....... ;-)

Thanks to all the operators we worked!


Mike, W7VO
P33W   M/S HP   40,884,5152016-03-27 18:09:41
A bit unhappy due to a loos of 1500 QSOs / 8M pts to our last year's score
KI7Y(@K7ZS)   M/2 HP   7,701,8202016-03-27 18:12:54
We decided to let Jim KI7Y do the QSL chores for this contest! Thanks Jim!

So THIS is what the lower half of a solar cycle is like! Really evident this
year that we're on the downhill side of a solar maximum, with only a brief
appearance of 10m on Sunday, and never realizing much EU on 15m. Such is life
on the Left Coast.

I kept busier than usual smoking out a few Murphy visits during the weekend,
mostly peripherals like microphones, radios, computers, routers etc. providing
for some mid flight adjustments.

Thanks to Mark W7ZB for his many hours in the chair creating RATE, and Andy
KE7AUB for his all nighters on 40m, and still spending many hours in the chair
through the weekend. Thanks also for support from Steve N7BEF and Joe KT7E and
of course Jim KI7Y for both his chair time and bringing a K3 line to serve as
the 2nd station.

Best 73

Kevin K7ZS for the PDXRCC
Portland Radio Contester Club
A Sub Club of the Willamette Valley DX Club

A fun weekend, thanks for all the QSO's
NY4I   M/S HP   28,0842016-03-27 18:16:48
Had 5 hams over that were new to contesting--one even grabbed the mic and made
some Qs. Good intro to contesting. Managed a decent run for a little while
Sunday morning. Fun with the limited antenna at home (43 foot vertical).
WQ6SL(N4PN)   SOAB(TS) HP   6,278,4482016-03-27 18:22:35
Thanks Hal, K6RF, for the use of your club was a lot of fun..
Condx little different this year....only 163 Q's on 10m compared to almost
800 last year....which equaled less Q's and Mults...
Thanks to all who made it out on Easter off times were not
planned as family and church commitments took priority....
Lots of fun....thanks to CQ for another great show...
73, Paul, N4PN (WQ6SL)

TH-5 @ 70'
Alpha-Delta 80/40 dipole
Inverted Vee for 160
EWE's and Short Bevs for RXing
Logging w/Win-Test
K6CSL   SOAB LP   10,1502016-03-27 18:22:58
This is the lowest score I've had in WPX SSB at this location. My best has been
2014 when I did 143 Q's in 113 Mults for 40,228pts and the 1st Place in SJV.
This year is a real disappointment. Last year was 115 x 102=26,112. It looks
like the whole picture is in the deterioration of band conditions. In 2014 I
had 69 Q's on 10m, In 2015 I had 42 Q's on 10m. This time only 3 Q's on 10m.
15m has shown essentially the same. 2014-44 Q's on 15m, 2015-36 Q's on 15. This
time only 22 Q's on 15m. This year 20m was the big band. The big indicator seems
to be the number of JA's. In 2014 I worked 25 JA's. In 2015=only 9 JA's, and
this time only 1 JA station. I had hoped they would show up Sunday afternoon on
15m, but none showed up. My onlt JA contact was on 20m. I sure hope CW might be
a bit better. 73's to all, Bert, K6CSL
AD5A   SOSB15 HP   57,9962016-03-27 18:30:17
Casual operation, basically in two run session, one on Friday and the other
Sunday afternoon. I don't do too many SSB contests, but was able to find a
relatively open frequency on Sunday afternoon and had a nice run before the
Easter Egg Hunt.
K6SCA   SOAB HP   475,3382016-03-27 18:32:05
Easter weekend with the family limited operating time. Thank you to everyone who
answered my call. Logged more contacts than in previous years but couldn't find
the multipliers needed to break a 1/2 million points as in the past.
Steve / K6SCA
W9PA   SO(A)AB LP   40,7622016-03-27 18:32:38
K3, P3, Bencher Skyhawk, Moxon modified XM-240, Dipole
Software: DXLog by 9A5K v2.3.2
WUØB   SO(A)SB80 LP   81,8792016-03-27 18:33:14
In spite of some heavy thunderstorm static, had a great time! Looking forward to
the next one.
NG9M/Ø   SOAB LP   8,5402016-03-27 18:34:02
Worked portable from my vacation home in Colorado. S9 noise on all bands.
KJ6MBW   SOSB15 HP   258,6622016-03-27 18:34:10
Rig: FT-857D + AL811 at 500w
Ant: 2 ele yagi

Conditions on 21MHz were ok but nothing similar to what we had in past 3 to 4

Very marginal opening to EU from here with my modest antenna. Worked only 25
stations over both days, most were from west and south EU.

Good and reliable openings to Japan with 100+ QSOs in total and even a much
longer lasting opening to VK with 18 stations worked from Australia.

I was under impression that propagation over NA was rather spotty. There were
some big signals all the time and then I would be getting called by some very
faint stations from the east coast or would have no calls from the east coming
on my CQ at all. I don't think I worked many W4 calls but had quite a few W8
and W9s.

Many thanks for all the QSOs.

N4CF   SOAB LP   208,0052016-03-27 18:40:27
I put in a casual effort this time, due to family obligations. 15M was nice to
me, with 20M running a close second. With 76% of all Qs yielding a new
multiplier, I call WPX the "score-inflation contest." :-)
WA6KHK   SO(A)AB HP   1,905,0002016-03-27 18:46:32
Lot of fun this year...we almost hit two million points for a single operator
station. Band conditions were pretty good. I had to figure operating times so
that I finished two hours before the end of the contest because Sunday was
Easter and we were having a family gathering!
VE7GL   M/2 HP   11,599,4502016-03-27 18:47:23
So-so condx and relatively few JA's but we had some good runs on 20M to EU.
Just missed the overall M/2 record for VE7 but we should take 2nd. Blew an amp
over the winter and had to make good with our trusty old Drake L4 amp spare. It
did yeoman's duty as always. See you next year.
NR3X(N4YDU)   SOAB HP   7,333,0562016-03-27 18:51:44
Another great WPX! Enjoyed it a great deal. Congrats to K4AB for the awesome
score from Alabama to more than likely notch the top spot in 4 land.

Lots of fun throughout the event.

160 - not a big WPX band but had fun with a mini EU run the second night.
80M - lots of EU both nights and a little form the Middle East.
40M - Good conditions but really hard to find a spot below 7200 to run EU.
Great runs above 7200. I found a spot below 7200 during the last 10 minutes and
that was a great way to finish the great event.

20M - Great time as usual - big rates on Sunday.

15M - Hard to figure out - I got crushed on this band but had fun with decent
rate on Sunday and at times on Saturday. The band seemed fairly spotty.

10M - Scratched out a few Qs but tough sledding.

Spiderbeam at 55 feet fixed NE
Spiderbeam at 28 feet (rotates)
2 Element, 3 band Wire yagi at 60 feet fixed NW
4 element 15M yagi at 40 feet fixed NE

40M: 4 Square, 2 element wire yagi fixed NE up 70 feet
80M: Dipole
160M: L

Rigs: Pair of Kenwood 590s
AMPS: Ameritron AL80A and AL80B

Thanks for the fun!


N7RQ   SOSB15 HP   1,972,9982016-03-27 18:51:53
Enjoyed seeing old friends and a lot of new contester call signs (yay!) in this
contest. Favorite moments were those working a couple of YLs - 9 years and 11
years old - then their father afterward. Fairly decent conditions into EU and
Asia the first day, with some skewed path and spotlight openings to EU
countries, followed by an ionosphere that seemed like someone poured molasses
on it Sunday afternoon. Thanks very much for the patience and good cheer shown
during downturns in conditions, as both sides struggled to copy call signs and
serial numbers. Those are the times I most appreciate the amateur radio
spirit of cooperation and friendliness. Go Outlaws!
KCØMO(KØOU)   SOAB HP   1,743,5882016-03-27 18:56:30
Score about the same as last year. Had abt 3 hours less op time because had to
follow the college basketball games- score reduced appropriately. Had a lot of
fun. Looking forward to CW WPX but it is a long way off. Tnx all for the Q's
and working the QTH specific callsign- Kansas City 0 MO.
YV1KK   M/S LP   15,279,3032016-03-27 18:57:38
The same TEAM and the same equimapent configuration used in the past ARRL DX SSB
2016 contest in the category multi single low power but the big difference was
the poor propagation,had special care to try to work as many multiplier as
possible so we had to stop the pile ups some time to work just a single
multiplier in other bands we believe that the strategy worked we have 1203

Thanks to the team! my wife YY1YLY Grecia, YV1CTE Tom, YV1JGT Jose, YY1ALE
Alejandro excellent work guys! without you this would not be possible thanks
for being part of this NEWBORN Contest Station just have much work to do and a
lot of things to learn

thanks to all the stations that responded to our call!

73 from Julio YV1KK
K3IE   SO(A)AB HP   1,134,8862016-03-27 18:57:59
Flex 6300
Alpha 87A
HexBeam @ 7 mtrs
40 Mtr Moxon @ 20 ft
80 Mtr Dipole
160 Inv L

Good to see some nice band openings over the weekend. Asia on 15 meters
Saturday night was fun. 10 even had a nice opening Sunday afternoon to S.A.

Thanks for the Q's - Hunter K3IE
XE2N   M/S LP   70,2262016-03-27 19:02:14
Currently using R8 vertical antenna with my HF transceiver FT-450D, some times
for some specific contest and research projects use my 610 Vertical Crushcraft
This contest was great and a funny times was lived with my wife in this

ZV2C(PY2CX)   SOSB15 LP   1,877,7422016-03-27 19:05:32


WB4OMM   SO(A)SB20(TS) QRP   107,3992016-03-27 19:09:36
Yaesu FT-2000 @ 5W; and Elecraft KX-3 @5W; Heil ProSetPlus,AT-1000Pro, WinKeyer
USB, HP Compaq dc7800 MiniTower dual core; A3S Beam with 10M/15M/20M at 38',
Yaesu G-450A Rotator; N1MM contest software.
Band conditions were pretty good, even with the Saturday static crashes from
the thunderstorms in the adjunct parts of the state. Minor rain here, but no
"lightning shows" like the rest of Central Florida!
I never can figure how a contest will go, especially QRP. Some stations I call
once, some a few, some I call many - and then others that are pegging my meter
I call repeatedly but no joy! I got quite a few "surprises" in this
I easily made European Russian QSOs on a one or two calls over the pole; lots
of flutter on their signal, but they cam right back. Also heard several BG
and HS stations, but my puny 5W just didn't make the trip - ditto the JA
stations early Saturday evening. I also made several (at least 6 or 8) South
American QSOs Saturday night over the North Pole (long path)on one or two calls
with the 5W!!! Wow! Talk about skip.....yet I had to call numerous times to
Germany, Italy, and France, areas that I would normally have thought would have
been much easier to work. I only worked a few of them (and the Germans were
booming in). Lots of patience, and after the Saturday session, I started
getting hoarse....only worked an hour and a half Sunday (but thank goodness for
the voice memory keyer - I would have lost my voice mid-Saturday without it!
To all of those stations that stuck with me on what seemed like endless
""Again?" and "the WB4?" for me to get the exchange
through, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation!
I also got a chance to try out my KX-3 on a few at my home station - no VOX
headset, but it seemed to work as well as my FT-2000. Since the KX-3 is
designed to do QRP I will most likely operate in the next QRP level contest
with it. Just need to work up an adapter for my Heil Headset for the VOX
control. N1MM worked FB with it.
No to bag the Heard Island fellas!
73 to all! Hope you enjoyed the contest as much as I did!
NR6O(@N6RO)   M/M HP   18,216,3602016-03-27 19:10:24
Another fine team effort at Radio Oakley. We welcomed three new ops to the team,
all did a great job.

Band condx were drastically different from our last MM effort in 2014;
10m: 215 Qs vs. 2311 and 15m: 1538 vs.2171
A net decline of over 2700 Qs!
N6NU DG1CMZ and WX5S got everything possible on a sick 10m band.

Activity on 80 and 160m was disappointing, power line noise on 160
made us an 'alligator', but Matt and Michael persevered on topband
for almost 100 Qs. 80m opened late, but Andreas N6NU drained the band
for all possible Qs.

K3EST opened up 20m with hourly rates of 211/185/154! Bob went on to IRONMAN
20m to the second highest band score at N6RO. Bob's 2230 Qs in 1999 is still

Driving his FLEX 6700 on 40m, Chris N6WM had over 900 Qs on the first night,
continuing on to a near record 40m station record. His six pointers into EU
and JA was our best band point generator. Gary NA6O, an avowed CW op, did the
daytime 40m trolling on Sat.

Michael DG1CMZ did the heavy lifting on 15m, aided by N6BV on Saturday.
also put in time on 10, 160 and 20m. He's a great addition to the team.

N6RO had to cope with family medical issues most of the weekend, but kept a
close eye on the fine proceedings in the shack.

Thanks to all for the Qs, especially the 950 JAs in the log.
CU guys in the JIDX CW, next month.

Equip: five K3s,FLEX 6700, yagi stacks, 4 SQs, N1MM+

We hope you all had a happy Easter!
P45A(P43A)   SOSB15 HP   11,564,2982016-03-27 19:15:27
Requested P44A for this contest, but got P45A assigned instead, witch was never
issued before, so dedicated the call to S.K's AI6V (P49V) and P43JB as they
tried many times to get this prefix in the past....
Poor conditions on 15m, band closed early in the evening here. Had some good
runs into Europe and some decent JA's on Saturday evening, so i am not
complaining to much, hi hi!
15m beam was recently rebuild and has been back on the tower only a few weeks
now, looks it is working OK again!
Had to take the cobwebs out of the old Alpha 86 before the contest, as the Acom
is temporary QRT, it also behaved quite nicely over the week-end!
All by all everything worked out good, curious to see what others did on 15m,
witch is still my favorite band!!

TNX for all the QSO's and cheers to Carl & Joop!!

73's to all, de P43A, Jean-Pierre
CE4KCA   SO(A)AB QRP   11,0602016-03-27 19:17:42
VQ5E   M/S LP   1,515,8882016-03-27 19:20:08
Operation was from the VP5JM Hamlet in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.
Poor propagation conditions and problems with one antenna hindered operations.
Good runs on 40 meters during the night on Saturday and on 10 meters Sunday
afternoon, but slow at other times.
W6KC   SO(A)AB HP   27,6802016-03-27 19:21:45
K3, 400W, TA33jr & 40M Inverted V both at 30ft
VC7G(VE7JH)   SOAB LP   1,003,3742016-03-27 19:24:49
I operated our local club's emergency trailer (Stepp-IR and Windom at 30' with a
Kenwood TS2000 from VE7JHE's (no realation, HI) farm.
I took the nights off because the propane heater just doesn't quite do it in
Canada in March so 80m and 40m suffered.
20m was real good, though I wasn't heard by a lot of Europeans (I suppose their
QRM related noise level was high). Had a few short runs to the USA to improve
the score.
15m did OK for the US and South America and there were quite a few Asian out
10m was limited to KH6 and ZL.
Sure felt good when with 6 minutes to go I broke 1 million points.
Thanks for all the contacts!
Gabor, VE7JH
N8BI   SO(A)AB HP   3,014,7682016-03-27 19:25:11
Conditions not very good on Saturday but better on Sunday.(except 10) Shorted
myself 5.6 hours due to poor clock management? First time for a 36 hour
contest. Noticed a number of Packet Clusters down for part of Sunday? Overall
had a good time!
ACØW   SOAB LP   481,2082016-03-27 19:35:05
Good to work all my friends and to make friends with many more. Thanks for the
QSO. Happy Easter.
K1HG   M/S LP   15,0382016-03-27 19:40:48
TS-570SG (100W) / G5RV @ 35 feet
W4LT   SO(A)SB15(TS) HP   17,7842016-03-27 19:41:01
Elecraft K-Line at 500w
Cushcraft A3s at 40 feet

Easter Weekend is not a good time to make myself available for a contest. Got
up early Easter morning, showered and donned Easter clothing. While wife and
kids getting ready, I had an hour and a half to myself. Well, what a better way
to spend it than chasing mults on the radio? Band with the most spotted mults?
15 meters! So that's where I went. Much too early, from the house the call
comes: "We are ready to go!". Time to QRT and do my family Holiday
duty. Off to Gramdma's house, leaving you all the band.

Gotta get your fun while its available!


Lu - W4LT
NR7DX(N9RV)   SOAB HP   4,150,4762016-03-27 19:42:37
No chance to go full time. Too bad. Conditions were very interesting. Great
EU on 40 the first night -- but I didn't work it much. 15 was very slow to
open here, but open very, very late in the afternoon to EU. Same with the JA
opening -- late arriving and late closing. No 40m JA at all the first morning,
but at least I caught an hour or two the second morning. At one point I was
running more YB's on 40 than JA's! Great activity from that country.

Had more fun in this than in the Russian contest, thanks to much more
interesting conditions. Quite a lot of activity too.
KN5TX(@WA5FWC)   M/2 HP   5,843,8162016-03-27 19:44:06
this was a rare experience as the bands were totally un explainable. signals
came from all directions. The long path from asia was awsome over the south
pole. we worked many hundreds of Qs pointing south to pickup SA and worked asia
instead most of the time. we also worked SA pointed north and worked Sa more
than any other direction. 10 meters was sporatic and gave us a good countin
TransEsqsuatorial propagation to SA. Most of are qs came from other areas than
where we were pointing our antennas. We just worked what we heard and did not
try to figure it out. 15 m was open late on Saturday evening up until about 2
1/2 hours after dark came. 40meters was just open to all points of the globe
beginning before sunset by over an hour or more. It was a crazy contest and a
lot of fun as the operators were telling stories of their experiences. We had a
great time and look forward to next year. We missed 6 mil by a skosh. Maybe next
year we will be better prepaired. thanks to the guys that made it happen they
did a terrific job. Gary W5FWC
W2JC   SO(A)AB LP   54,5382016-03-27 19:51:11
First real dx contest in many years ... bands were quite decent for the weekend.
WA6URY   SOAB HP   23,5802016-03-27 19:53:55
Operated remote from Northern CA. Mostly casual operation (almost all S & P)
between Easter weekend activities. Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan
CX2DK   SOSB10 HP   3,207,1702016-03-27 19:58:37

Terrible weather conditions during the weekend, heavy rain and winds.
Poor condx on 10.


Marcelo CX2DK/CW4MAX
KM7N   SOAB LP   1,0082016-03-27 20:10:51
Worked a little Friday night as I was packing for an Easter Weekend trip, and a
few minutes Saturday morning before leaving. This was fun, but would have been
more so for me if it had not been on Easter weekend. I did pick up an ATNO with
a UP0 and a UP2! Good times! Thanks for the Qs....
VA7ST   SOAB HP   2,521,9742016-03-27 20:16:21
Went to bed Saturday evening with 1201 Qs in the log. Was in and out for long
stretches all day Sunday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. and added just 200 Qs. What a
washout the second half was.

Gear ran just fine, and the voice held out for the most part. Just could not
get the attention of Europe over the pole for more than than few brief hours
all weekend (though when it was working, it was great fun).

US stations aren't very run-able at a decent rate until later in the afternoon
when everyone aims at JA (and I guess VE7). Then it's quite a rocket ride. Love

Missed any real 10M opening on Sunday (there was none on Saturday), though did
get 5 Qs and 3 deep SA mults around 2100z Sunday to avoid a shutout.

Closed it down at 2300z Sunday for Easter dinner with the inlaws, and ended on
an even 1400 Qs (1410 with dupes) with rate sitting at about 25/hour as things
wrapped up. Probably could have pushed the score to a second-best ever had I
stayed on 20M for the final hour, as lots of new prefixes seem to show up at
the end.

Personal best QSO total, just. Third-best-ever score. But quite a
disappointment after bolting out of the gate on Day One only to hit a
propagation wall on Day Two that shut things down to a crawl.

About 27 clock hours, but took a few 45-minute breaks along the way that count
as op-time.
WO9S   SOSB15 QRP   15,4002016-03-27 20:24:13
Remarkable range of listening capabilities on the other end of these QRP QSOs.
KC3R(LZ4AX)   SOAB LP   7,100,8422016-03-27 20:26:02
After the clicking contest last weekend even a phone contest in the S&M
category can be some fun. Lost my nerves on a couple occasions but in general
it was fun. The only negative was the lack of a JA opening. Had high hopes to
show off my fluent Japanese ...

Thanks to Jim, WA3FET letting me use the station and all the help while getting
ready for the contest.

73, Alex LZ4AX
W8MJ   SO(A)AB HP   5,165,2082016-03-27 20:26:06
I always enjoy operating the WPX contest, however, operating a contest on a
Special Holiday as Easter, and spending quality time with the family can be
very challenging. However, I manage my operating time to make it all happen.
Although I was not able to operate a good chunk of time on Sunday, being able
to be in church with the family, at dinner and spending the afternoon together
was unquestionably tremendous. All in all, I feel I pretty much maximized my
efforts. Thanks for all the Q's. Log has been uploaded to LOTW, and CQ WPX.
WT2P   SO(A)SB40 HP   173,4842016-03-27 20:35:41
This was a fun contest with HP.. Picked up the Alpha 76PA from KB9UWU on Friday
and had a Tangler burger at Perkins (my favorite!!). Got back to the QTH and
hooked her up. Was shaking the whole time tuning it up on 40. Loafing around
1500W until I went outside to open the garage. Stuff is blinking all over the
place. Apparently, I overloaded the garage controller. Moved the 40M end of
antenna away, and the problem went away. Cut back to 700W for the first night,
but on Saturday I had to bump it up to 1500. I hope my neighbor(s) didn't mind
not opening their garages for Easter Sunday services... LOL

Thanks to all who worked me, nice to get some SMC'ers in the log Sunday night.
Loving running 1500W now.

Beat my goal by 73,484 points and got some new DX for ATNO's on 40 (SSB
nonetheless!). And I think I beat the WI/IL/IN record this weekend for the
category. Log checking will see about that one!

AD7JP(K2PO)   SOAB LP   1,755,2802016-03-27 20:36:17
My head wasn't really into this one. I got to the station on Friday and found:
noise. Lots of it. On all bands. The ambient noise floor was up between
10-30 dB. (I suspect it has something to do with Oregon's legalization of
marijuana, and our young farmer neighbors...) In any event, the noise took
lots of the joy out of the contest, and limited the QSOs that made it into the
log. I Am The Alligator; Goo goo g' job.

(And just a few weeks ago, in my 3830 post for ARRL DX CW, I noted how quiet 15
and 10m were: -140 dBm on the P3.)

My QSO count was down 30% from a year ago, and the score was down similarly.

So, another task for the task list - this one to get done before the CW

(While trying to find stations that weren't masked by the noise, I got some
reading done on grow light ballasts, and RFI filters for same. The ARRL, and
W0IVJ, have good materials on-point.)

'See some of you in Visalia!


/Bill, K2PO
Portland, OR
NDØC   SOAB QRP   288,0192016-03-27 20:39:23
This was very much a part-time operation with Easter and family activities being
the priority. I thought conditions were OK, but not great.

I didn't find any openings on 10M on Saturday. I never did hear any JAs.
Fortunately the openings to EU on 20 and 15 were OK, and 10 even opened up here
on Sunday to SA. 40 was pretty decent Saturday night (local) enabling me to
work EU which can be a challenge from here with QRP.

QSB and QRM resulted in a lot of requests for repeats on my serial number. As
always, I appreciate everybody's patience and persistence in pulling my signal
out. Special thanks to CN2AA for the good ears on 80 meters.

Yaesu FTDX3000 running 5 watts out
Cycle 24 TX38 tribander Yagi at 40 feet (2 el on 15 and 20, 4 el on 20);
rotatable dipole for 40 at 42 feet; inverted vee with apex at 38 feet

Randy, ND0C
WR9D   SO(A)SB20 HP   30,2082016-03-27 20:48:19
Bored during the day
NH7AA   SOSB15(TS) HP   2,434,6602016-03-27 21:02:22
Really mixed effort in years and I'm now 74-yo. Nice surprise
being called by 5D5D and CN2AA. Antenna was a Spiderbeam at 30'. Rig: FT3000,
AL1200X plus Heil Pro-7 headset. ...and I didn't use any voice recorder. The
'secret' was speaking in an almost-whisper with the mic gain up...and lots of
liquid! Cheers and Aloha from Volcano Hawaii (we had a 3.2 magnitude tremor
yesterday...hope it wasn't caused by all the RF being spat out! (smile) de
Eddie NH7AA (VK4AN-3D2A)
KØVXU   SOAB HP   277,4582016-03-27 21:12:19
K3, TL-922A, TH6DXX, Slopping Vee for 40 Meters, N1MM+

Going in I knew it would be short time for me, so I scatched out a few 40 meter
Qs Friday night and worked 20 meters on Saturday during the day and some 50
meters that night. Sunday presented a wide open 15 meter band so I spent most
of my meager time there. All S&P.

It was good to run into so many contesting friends over the weekend. From the
serial numbers given me there should be some pretty big scores. It was
especially good to hear the KCCC's newest member, KD0DSU, slugging it out on 40

For the short time I was able to spend in the test it was very enjoyable.
Thanks to all who responded to my calls and provided QSOs. Great fun every
year. See you next year.

Russ - K0VXU
XE2B   SOAB(TS) LP   1,469,2762016-03-27 21:15:53
This time I decided to go LP in order to re-test and enhance my skills.
It was worthwhile, and -after years of HP, a humbling experience.

Despite challenging conditions and noisy bands, the motivation kept
high -mainly, due to the "virtual" competition hosted by ; I over slept both days, and sunday morning I found myself
surpassed by four of my closest EU competitors, the last 8 hours of the
were tremendously fun and it was a real blast!!

Adittional notes:
-Saturday 1819z: While working SA stations on 10M ,
I heard several stateside stations on 10M backscatter.
I called them but they were too faint
- Sunday 1315z: Excellent opening of 20M allowed a great string of EU mults
- Sunday 1409z: deep QSB on 15M
- Sunday 2004z: 10m open stateside (skewed by 45 degrees to the weest!), but
very few NA stations

Rig: FT-1000MP
Antennas: Log periodic @ 27M height and wires for 40M and 80M
Logger: N1MM+
Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 76 20 0 96 96 8.1
0100 0 0 0 45 15 12 72 168 14.2
0200 0 1 0 24 0 0 25 193 16.3
0300 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 194 16.4
0400 0 0 0 6 0 0 6 200 16.9
0500 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 202 17.1
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 202 17.1
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 202 17.1
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 202 17.1
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 202 17.1
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 202 17.1
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 202 17.1
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 202 17.1
1300 0 0 3 13 16 0 32 234 19.8
1400 0 0 0 1 29 0 30 264 22.3
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 264 22.3
1600 0 0 0 0 15 8 23 287 24.2
1700 0 0 0 0 39 9 48 335 28.3
1800 0 0 0 2 38 10 50 385 32.5
1900 0 0 0 1 9 15 25 410 34.6
2000 0 0 0 0 74 6 80 490 41.4
2100 0 0 0 0 23 6 29 519 43.8
2200 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 522 44.1
2300 0 0 0 14 22 0 36 558 47.1
0000 0 0 0 0 77 0 77 635 53.6
0100 0 0 0 0 42 0 42 677 57.2
0200 0 0 6 2 16 0 24 701 59.2
0300 0 3 4 3 0 0 10 711 60.1
0400 0 2 1 2 0 0 5 716 60.5
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 60.5
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 60.5
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 60.5
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 60.5
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 60.5
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 60.5
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 716 60.5
1200 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 719 60.7
1300 0 0 0 22 3 0 25 744 62.8
1400 0 0 0 0 34 0 34 778 65.7
1500 0 0 0 0 89 0 89 867 73.2
1600 0 0 0 0 48 0 48 915 77.3
1700 0 0 0 0 6 0 6 921 77.8
1800 0 0 0 0 33 9 42 963 81.3
1900 0 0 0 0 44 1 45 1008 85.1
2000 0 0 0 8 0 24 32 1040 87.8
2100 0 0 0 17 9 1 27 1067 90.1
2200 0 0 0 35 3 10 48 1115 94.2
2300 0 0 0 69 0 0 69 1184 100.0
Total 0 8 16 342 704 114 1184

Gross QSOs=1191 Dupes=7 Net QSOs=1184

Unique callsigns worked = 1035

The best 60 minute rate was 96/hour from 0000 to 0059
The best 30 minute rate was 138/hour from 0000 to 0029
The best 10 minute rate was 210/hour from 0000 to 0009

The best 1 minute rates were:
7 QSOs/minute 1 times.
6 QSOs/minute 0 times.
5 QSOs/minute 2 times.
4 QSOs/minute 12 times.
3 QSOs/minute 39 times.
2 QSOs/minute 200 times.
1 QSOs/minute 602 times.

There were 49 bandchanges

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 4
4 427
5 465
6 282
7 1
8 5

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 911
2 bands 99
3 bands 25
4 bands 0
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 2 3 240 585 81

Thanks for the Qs!

PS2T   M/2 HP   30,227,9342016-03-27 21:16:42
Rather poor propagation. Anyway, we enjoyed the pileups and had good time within
the team members. No Murphy visits this time.
Tnx to Atilano PY5EG for the opportunity to use his fine station.

Stn 1:
Yaesu FT-2000 & ACOM amp

Yaesu FT-1000MP & OM-Power amp.

80: Inv-V, apex at 35m
40: Steppir Monstir at 42m
20: 5-el monobander at 24m
15: 5-el at 27m and 6-el at 20m
10: 6-el at 30m and 7-el at 18m

Looking forward to WPX CW in May

73, the PS2T team
W6QU(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   183,0652016-03-27 21:22:11

Radio: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts.

10-15-20 Meters: 3 el Stepp-IR up 32 feet
40 Meters: DX-LB trap dipole up 30 feet
40-80 Meters: Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials

I can never remember this contest being on Easter weekend, but I suppose it has
happened before. I was able to do Friday evening and Saturday like a regular
contest and logged 17 hrs of op time in the first 24. But after that, family
activities took over and I was only able to log 7 more hours of op time. I'm
sure I won't regret this on my death bed.....!!

Conditions out here in San Diego: I never heard a European station on 10
Meters. In fact, I couldn't hear any signals on 10 M until about 18:00 Z both

There was a large, slow QSB on many DX stations on 15 and 10 Meters. On many
stations I desperately hoped to complete my number before the deep fade set in.
A number of times, that "fade" made me lose a multiplier!

On Saturday night, I heard the best opening on 20 M that I have ever heard in
25 years. Two different A6's, two A7's an A9, two 9K's, and two 4L's, and a
number of zone 16-17-18, all with S-9+ signals. All within an hour or so. Of
course, it takes power to work that stuff, but I was delighted to end up with
4L0A and a few UA9's.

My best Q of the contest was 4L0A on 20 SSB in that opening, giving me the very
difficult zone 21 for the year.

10 M: I found and easily worked A31MM calling CQ.

15 M: BD7BM, 4O3A, and SX9C.

20 M: UP2L and 4L0A.

40 M: Nothing special. I did get a number of USA mults thanks to the patience
of a bunch of ops in copying my sig.

80 M: KH6J gave me my only 5 band station!

DXCC was 61 and WAZ was 28 in those 24.7 hours. I did not CQ, though I often do
when I operate the full 32 hours since I can pick up some USA mults that way.
Only 13% of my Qs were in Europe this year compared to 21% last year, so the
cycle is taking its toll.

Murphy passed by me this year, as he usually does. He doesn't seem to bother
QRP stations very much!

See you in WPX CW! 73, ....Bill W8QZA - W6QU
AI1W(@W3HAC)   M/S LP   667,0702016-03-27 21:32:13













WDØT   SOAB QRP   20,9702016-03-27 21:34:05
Thanks for the Q's and for digging me out of the noise with my weak signal.
Thought i would give QRP Phone a shot, turns out its a lot of work with a small
station!! Put in chunks of time , nothing focused, but when I could.

Great to put voices with the usual CW suspects!

Thanks, and have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday, Jesus Lives!

73 Todd WD0T

Rig: TS940s/at, 5w, Dentron MT-3000A tuner, 130ft open wire fed dipole at 28ft,
and T vertical for 40/80/160.
WD5K   SOAB(TS) HP   2,346,7922016-03-27 21:42:51
Elecraft K3 -> Amp
TH7DX @ 50'
40m dipole
80m Inv V
VA7BEC   SO(A)AB LP   1,049,2302016-03-27 21:51:45
The great thing about a WPX contest is that it's anyone/anywhere, so if I miss
the lucrative but typically fleeting opening to EU or auroral activity hinders
over-the-pole Qs, I can offset the lackluster EU component with a couple of
good JA runs, which may also attract the notice of stations in other parts of
Asia, and then enjoy steady responses to my CQs from stations across the US and
Canada. Lately, however, the JA component of my log is rather thin, so I was
counting on interest from within North America. And I got it. Thank you!!
Conditions were definitely challenging. I know I'm stating the obvious, but
even when statistics indicate a band is closed, I figure there's bound to be
someone somewhere calling CQ and/or listening and hoping to hear CQ. With that
in mind, I checked 10m every so often. I heard nothing, not even any one-sided
QSOs. I called CQ, just in case I might get lucky. Not. And then, on Sunday
afternoon, as if the DX wizard waved a magic wand, CE3CT boomed out of the
noise. This Q was followed by eight more. Only South America though. Still, it
was amazing because I had expected no Qs on 10m at all.

QRM was terrible, maybe because band conditions prevented some particularly
eager operators from realizing that they were totally trampling on frequencies
in use. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to feel that run rates were impacted by
the QRM, made worse by CONDX as operators, myself included, struggled to
confirm callsigns and numbers. But it seems most CQing operators were willing
to spare those precious extra seconds to make sure exchange data was correct.
It does take extra time and effort, and so I'd like to thank everyone who
pulled my callsign out of the noise and then stuck with me to get the number,
and I'd also like to thank everyone who answered my CQs and either had to give
the details a couple of times or wait while I went through the process with
another station. Your patience really was appreciated.
I didn't reach my self-inflicted target of 1,000 and my score is lower than
last year, but I'm satisfied with the results given the challenges. Very happy
for each and every Q in the log.
It's always nice to hear familiar callsigns and exchange a friendly 'hello'
along with callsign + number, too. Definitely lifts my spirits when I'm getting
33 (to the YLs) and 73/88 (to the OMs),
Rebecca VA7BEC
KD7PCE   SOAB HP   870,9542016-03-27 21:54:51
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Willamette Valley DX Club
NAME: Stephen Davis
ADDRESS: 18 Almond Way
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5555.0
Z33C   SOSB40 HP   1,834,4792016-03-27 22:27:43
Wire vertical antenna and 600w
SP4LVK   SOSB15 QRP   26,2082016-03-27 22:57:07
RIG:FT-950 PWR:5 ANT:2el DeltaLoop
F4DSK   SO(A)AB HP   408,2042016-03-27 23:24:27
Only few hours to opearte but always the same pleasure to take part to this
8N1F(JQ1BVI)   SO(A)AB LP   956,8192016-03-27 23:40:44
Good Contest!
But,Bad conditrion.
A93JA(KE5JA)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   5,011,5682016-03-27 23:42:42
Generally satisfied with my score given the overall band conditions and my
station set-up (Optibeam OB9-5 @45 feet + roof mounted vertical for 80/40). It
is tough to obtain a really competitive score from Bahrain without a good 40m
antenna, especially on SSB. There are few stations close by and it is tough to
penetrate the "European Wall". I was only able to call CQ on 40m and
work stations once.

Wish conditions were better on 10m. Only worked a few stations the first day.
On the second day after operating about six hours continuous on 20/15, I was
ready for a lunch break. Decided to check ten real quick before getting a bite
to eat. Called CQ and was surprised to get an immediate huge European pile-up.
Ended up operating for two more ours before I could get something to eat and
drink. Didn't want to leave ten before it dropped out.

For every SSB contest, there are always a couple of stations with fairly good
signals that I just can't copy their call sign because of the other station's
accent & lack of English skills, and my less than perfect hearing. I wish
they could understand to switch phonetics. I feel bad, but at least I tried to
make the QSO. Much rather be on CW.

Glad to give everyone a multiplier in this contest and I hope maybe a new DXCC
country for some.
KL7RA   M/M HP   18,389,1982016-03-28 00:07:37
It is with a heavy heart that I post the final 3830 summary for KL7RA.

I want to thank Jyl, Rich's XYL, and Missy, Rich's daughter, for suggesting and
encouraging our effort. We thought that perhaps the best way for the contesting
community to express their feelings for Rich might be to work the station in a
contest. I think it was the right thing to do, and a great success.

I want to thank everyone that contacted us. Many of you took a moment to
express your consolences, to thank us for putting the station on the air, and
helping us celebrate Rich's life, and his passion for radio and for contesting.
If there was ever any doubt how much Rich meant to so many of us, it was clear
from the hundreds of comments that we received on the air that he made a
difference in the lives of hams all over the world. It was an honor to share
the experience with all of you.

We had our traditional post-contest dinner, and we toasted Rich with a 591. We
told lots of Rich stories, and there were a lot of tears, and a lot of smiles
and laughs, too.

We took a lot of pictures and videos from the contest, and we will be posting
them over the next few weeks on the website, We would love to
have your stories, photos and rememberances for the site, and if you have
something to share with us, you can email them to me at al7if (at)
borealconsulting (dot) com

In order to make this happen, the North Pole Contest Group took on Rich's call
as a club callsign, and it is our intent (and Rich's wish) that the call be
retired. There was a lot of discussion among the team members to find ways to
make Rich's passion and dedication to contesting and radio live on... so while
the call may not be on the air, the spirit will live on.

We will be making special memorial QSL cards for this contest. My suggestion is
that if you want one, check with the website in the next few weeks to see when
we have them back from the printers, and submit your request then. Tree, N6TR
is handling our QSL cards. The address on our page has the correct

Now... about the contest. Conditions were... terrible. And strange. We worked
Europe at high noon on 40 meters on Saturday. In fact, OH0X said, "Isn't
it the middle of the day there?"

Yes. Yes, it was.

Again, thank you everyone for your support and your kind words. It meant a lot
to us, and it meant a lot to Rich's family.

Wigi, AL7IF
DJ8OG   SO(A)SB160 LP   21,8972016-03-28 00:10:17
Thanks for the QSOs. To bad I couldn't really enter this one, so only some QSOs
this year on top band.

Had some nice DX QSOs to UA9, 5B, D4 und W always amazing with the small setup

Vy73 Matt - DJ8OG
S53EA(@S52DK)   M/S HP   7,433,2902016-03-28 01:04:23
Compared to 2015 SSB WPX we made almost the same result. Poor 10m propagation,
much better on lower bands.

FT-2000, 1,5kW by S52V, TH6DXX, 2 el. delta loop for 40m, INV V for 80 m and
INV L for 160m.

CU next year.

S53EA & S52DK.
XW1IC(E21EIC)   SOAB HP   6,465,1522016-03-28 01:05:42
Poor propagation this year and can't hear NA on Sunday.

73, Champ, XW1IC
EC5CR   SOAB QRP   292,4682016-03-28 01:10:40
Back to basic operation: No assisted and QRP. Lot of fun.
Nice opening on 10m to SA and on 15m where I have the best antenna conditions.

10-15-20m: 2 elements yagi
40m: 1 ele rotatable
80m: wire dipole full size
And a nice environment free of rf noise outside the city !!.

Thanks to all those with big ears and patient enough to pick up my signal from
noise and decode the serial number after repeat it lot of times :-)
G2F   M/S HP   12,910,9202016-03-28 01:16:48
WPX is great fun, 10m had short openings to SA both days, 15m never really got
going for any length of time, 80m and 160m were very noisy.

Station improvements were mostly sucessful, more to complete as a few areas
were troublesome or didnt work as required

Thanks to our guest op and the team

Jim M0CKE .. Station Manager and Cook @ G2F
NA8V   SOAB HP   6,068,0592016-03-28 01:17:44
Decided after the Russian contest and with the condx we've had this spring to
fire up the Raytrack that's been on display in the living room for the past
year. First time running high power in a long, long time. Ran a 240v line
down the hall to the shack, uncabled most of the station and thru it in. It's
not a flamethrower (900-1000w) but an eyeopening difference. Lost all my
flexibility in the re-cabling but that's not so much a factor in this contest.

Strategy was to mine 80 and 20, get what i could on 40 and run on 15 if it was
open. Started out slowly the first night, then started realizing how good
condx were and tried to up the pace a bit.

Saturday morning 20 was good, went to 15 and it was better. Was able to
sustain a run for a few hours. It slowed down fairly early so dropped back to
20 late morning and ran until late afternoon. Can't do that on LP fone, it was
great fun. Had a brain malfunction Sat eve between pushing the wrong buttons on
the 590 and fatigue, thought i blew something up on 40 so ignored it for 80 -
which was quite good. Also picked up some Asians prefixes over the pole on 20.
Maybe not as fast as 40 stateside, but probably more points as I can't run EU
on 40 fone. I did have 3 EU to come back to me on 7201 right before i quit for
the night. :)

Sunday morning wasn't nearly as good as Sat. 20 was crowede and slow and 15
was quite poor, only a few stations - although some long haul around - so I
went back to 20 to grind it out. Lost an hour late morning trouble shooting an
RFI issue. When i did go back to 15 it was strange - but fun. Very late EU+
opening, some very loud signals, contacts came in bunches and jumped around in
spotlight fashion. Seemed like Es? Also couldn't find a beam direction that
peaked signals, best seemed toward the north and that yielded the US, EU and
SA. a fun opening although i maight have been an hour or two late. Finished
up with a 125 hour on 40 with a nice sprinkling of VE's and a few SA for some
good points along with quite a few mults.

A fun experiment and a good end to a stretch of 5 cotests in 6 weeks, did
better than I thought I would and about as well as I hoped I might. Now to
recable back to LP......

Thanks for all the contacts & 73,

EA8DED(OH2BP)   SOAB(TS) HP   46,4522016-03-28 01:23:53
IC-7800, JRL-2000FH, 3 el SteppIR, HF2-V
N4MM   SOAB HP   32,3402016-03-28 01:58:09
paper log
bad weekend for contest. Easter
S53GO   M/S HP   1,598,8502016-03-28 02:01:40
First, thanks to all for qso's and a lot of fun during wpx ssb 2016.
Normally for big contest events we all gather at 9A1P and we are enjoying nice
But, because of the current qualifying rules for wrtc 2018, Dave 9A1UN was
doing a SOAB run at 9A1P.
Guys (WRTC 2018 organizers), with this rules you killed team spirit for several
years, not to mention the LP-HP mess. WRTC means world radio TEAM championship.
Now it is like having football (soccer) championship but Messi has to qualify
by his own without other 10 team mates :( .
Anyway, Sonja (my best half) and I, had a nice WPX run from our home location.
The goal was to make at least 1000 Q's and that one was reached. 80% of that
sum was made in S&P mode. Because we weren't running after score it was
plenty of time to eat, rest, watch TV and sleep. Even for a coffee break with
Patrik 9A5CW who was visiting Koper.
About the propagation we have not much to say. 10m was practically dead with
some SA, middle east and AF exceptions.
Thanks to all who published their scores on livescores.
The number is increasing and that is a good sign. Congrats to E7DX and 9A1UN
for nice scores in SOAB branch.
And of course, CU in WPX CW!

Sonja-S53GO & Adi-S55M

Equipment used:

PA: ZEKO-1.5 1kW
ANT: INV V for 80m and Mosley TA63N with 40m kit at 10m AGL
YU5A(YU1EW)   SO(A)AB HP   3,983,6822016-03-28 02:04:15
Part time, part band operation. It was fun playing with SO2R Sunday afternoon.

Zoran, YU1EW
TM5A(F5VHJ)   SOAB HP   1,444,1352016-03-28 02:04:20
Loud signals from South America on 10, but otherwise it was not open.
Spent time chasing VK0EK on 15 CW with no luck during the contest. Other
matters prevented a full effort this year.
Amazing that 60.5% of QSOs are mults.
Thanks to all who gave me a call.
HB2T(@HB9EE)   M/S LP   3,114,6502016-03-28 02:22:45
First time in low power category. Good fun but difficult :/ Mostly S/P. Tested
lot of new computer stuff that actually didn't work well :p Lots of room for

Good competition on live score with DQ5M. Congratulations to SE0X!

73 HB2T Team
WA7PRC   SOAB LP   166,0502016-03-28 02:43:07
As always, WPX was LOTSA fun!
4X7R(@4X6OM)   M/S HP   16,770,2602016-03-28 02:43:33
TS-590 1KW
FORCE 12 C-19
INV - V FOR 80/40
Sure miss better ant for 40m.
lots of fun, thanks all for calling.
cu all next contest
DK8ZZ   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   3,238,4222016-03-28 03:26:35
It was a nice Contest weekend. Actually, WPX SSB was not in my schedule, because
here in Germany we have some holiday, kids are off from the school, but our trip
to 9A/E7/YU was casncelled due to some problems.
I've decided 2 days prior to the Contest to be QRV from my home.

FB33 @10m high
40 and 80m GP antennas
no 160m antenna (well, WPX and 160m... only to be there if yre you M/M or SO2R
to catch all 40 STNs in both night).
Condx was on Saturday very good, excpet 15m morning opening to the East; we had
even a small South America opening on 10m at saturday evening. Sunday - no 10m
QSO here expect one DL STN. 15 and 20m was not so good on Sunday. Livescore
battle was nice, but on sunday evening DF2F was much better than me on 15/20m.
repect for over 4M score.
A big thank to DJ4MH, Marco. Well, Marco and I decided to use rthe same
Category just prior to the contest. Mate, next year will be even better for
both of us :)

And, at the end I've missed last 90m minutes to be QRV.

73s, Zik DK8ZZ (VE3ZIK, YT3ZZ)
IZ5JLF   SOAB QRP   215,6262016-03-28 03:30:43
MP-1 and KX3.....heavy job...i am without voice...
DK8EY   SOAB HP   206,5652016-03-28 03:57:22
ICOM IC-7400, Ameritron AL-80B
Fritzel FB-53, 2x 23m dipole
S55T(S57AL)   SO(A)AB HP   10,942,8452016-03-28 04:08:07
Mr. Murphy was present all the time. There's nothing more to add.
Before next one, I must check all the relays in the system :).

CU in CW part.

73, Ivo S57AL
VO1HZ   M/S HP   3,413,4302016-03-28 04:27:15
Conditions were up and down for the most part, 20 meters was the best band
overall. Due to it being the Easter weekend we did not get much time on the air
on Sunday.
Thanks for the contacts
73 VO1HZ
CN2AA   M/2 HP   88,456,6102016-03-28 04:33:26
Very bad prop on high bands.
As result - low activity and number of QSOs.

Thanks for all for QSOs.
See you in CW part.

73, CN2AA
DH8BQA   SO(A)AB HP   2,105,2922016-03-28 04:47:30
Just handing out a few QSOs every now and then, was not really up for it.

QSO audio files are available at

73, Olli - DH8BQA
HI3TT   SOAB(TS) LP   2,063,8922016-03-28 04:48:53
Una pena no haber podido operar las 36 Horas dado compromisos de la familia,
pero gracias a todos fue un buen momento!

CU Next, 73 & Tnx
WC5T(W1UE)   SOAB LP   4,504,7002016-03-28 05:05:08
I keep forgetting how much I don't like pure phone contests. Oh well, just one
more pure SSB contest left in this WRTC qualifying year!

Great opening on 160M to Europe at their sunrise on Sunday morn. I've operated
a lot of 160M over the years, and the signals from Europe on Sunday morn were as
loud as I've ever heard them. DJ8OG said he just had a simple antenna and 100
watts, and he was S9+20! I literally couldn't tell the difference between
locals and the Europeans. 30 went into the log in 30 minutes- it doesn't get
any better than that!

Congrats to Andy N2NT and Alex KC3R for great scores. Looks like we have some
new players in the LP sandbox!

Thanks to Greg W1KM for the use of his great station, and to Chris N1XS for the
use of the WC5T call. See you all in the WPX CW test.

Dennis W1UE
W1CEK   SOAB QRP   4,5242016-03-28 05:05:38
Rig: FT991
Ant: 160 5/8 inv. L, 20,15,10m dipole.
Managed to QSO on all bands.
W2VM   SO(A)AB LP   30,1602016-03-28 05:08:55
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 19 50 16
14 53 129 52
21 40 111 36
Total 112 290 104
Score: 30,160
1 Mult = 1.1 Q's
NA4W(K4WI)   SO(A)SB10 LP   65,4362016-03-28 05:09:40
Combination of low prop and bad storms put a big damper on this one. Saturday
was TEP only to South America... no euro or africa at all. Did work a W5 who
was working euros; said it was on the crooked path but must have been going
over me as i never heard a peep. Sunday around 1900 worked a few euros and
africans but not many. Rain and storms all day. Pretty much a S+P plus cluster
spots. Sure was a lot of bad spots... one S.A. spotted everyone he worked on
his run freq... didn't make much sense! Thanks everyone for the Q's,
DQ5M(@DK3EE)   M/S LP   2,571,1702016-03-28 05:43:20
Thanks for all the QSOs!
It has been a great contest ...

Vy 73
Philipp, DK6SP (for the team of DQ5M)
4Z7T(4X6TT)   SO(A)SB15 HP   8,313,6952016-03-28 05:46:05
Band was just ok , not the greatest opening, very little activity from USA.
Nice to see all of the great operators from around the globe as always
see you all on the bands

Amir 4X6TT
73 and Shalom
KA8SMA   SOAB QRP   173,0382016-03-28 05:55:31
I had a great time in this year's contest. Conditions were a bit sluggish at
first but improved on Sunday. I heard several South American stations Sunday
afternoon on 10 meters and worked those that could hear me. Best
"surprise" contact of the contest was KH2KY (Guam) Sunday afternoon
on 15 meters...S&P sometimes has its benefits! Most memorable contact was
working CN2AA (Morocco) on 75 meters Saturday night - I've worked them several
times on 40 meters in the past but never (until now) on 75.

See ya in the next contest!
KP2XX   SOSB10(TS) LP   694,3052016-03-28 06:01:06
WPX is one great contest. Minutes before the contest started I was still trying
to decide what single band to operate on 10 or 40, finally went with 10 and was
shocked to see 10 only open for a few hours late in the afternoon on Saturday
and then with very few stations in Europe. It did improve on Sunday with a 6
hour opening. During the morning I would hear LU’s, CX’s and PY’s with
very strong signals working some Europeans and US stations but I could not
hear the Northern stations (EU,US) they were working. I did work a good amount
of the South American stations and some South African Ops during this time. I
would say 10 meters was definitely down this year. Still had fun, next year
will give 40 meters a try.
HG7T   M/2 HP   28,592,4522016-03-28 06:05:05
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
AE5XQ(HK1A)   SO(A)AB LP   127,4002016-03-28 06:06:12
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 94 359 77
14 52 113 39
21 86 211 63
28 6 17 3
Total 238 700 182
Score: 127,400
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's
SE3E(SA3AZK)   SOAB(TS) LP   279,5152016-03-28 06:10:02
Just 4 fun :)
W4KW   SOAB HP   813,1442016-03-28 06:10:54
Minor surgery(earlier in the week)and Easter family obligations limited
operating times.
One Highlight was Working WP2Z on several bands. I met him @ K4ISV's years ago
during MM operations.
Looking forward this fall to operating in a new shack with additional
Thanks to all for the cointacts and remarks.
VY2ZM(K1ZM)   SOAB HP   18,244,4992016-03-28 06:12:00
LOTS OF FUN! But a bit down from last year due to no 10M this time.....

K A R A M B A!!!!!!!!

BA4TB   M/S HP   1,609,5682016-03-28 06:26:21
This was to test a newly built club station,the antenna was installed just prior
of the contest.

When we arrived the station,we found that the SWR of the antenna is pretty
high,especiall on 40m,which is more than 10!
We had no time to fix that,so the result was not really good.

On the morning of Monday,we decided to hire a crane to check out the beam,which
finally found that the screws on the phase line were loose?

Thanks to lots of local hams(BG4TVT,BH4TGQ,BG4TDF,BI4UUL,BI4VFH and BI4TII etc.
for the help!

rig: FTDX-3000
amp: TL922
Ant: OB12-4
WC3W   SOAB HP   84,3152016-03-28 06:36:54
With all due respects, I am very disappointed that this contest was not moved
away from the Easter weekend----bad planning!
LB3RE   SOSB20(TS) LP   20,4962016-03-28 06:38:30
TS950SDX and Fishing pole with 1/4 wl vertical with 2 radials at balcony
AKØBC   SOAB LP   105,4622016-03-28 06:43:09
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
CREATED-BY: WriteLog V12.03G
NAME: Brad Chesnut
ADDRESS: po box 23028
VR2XAN   SOAB LP   3,323,7422016-03-28 06:50:43
The only way to be competitive in LP category from South Asia is to improve the
antenna farm. But when you have just a very restricted space available the only
solution is... to install additional antennas in the garden of your neighbour
Than first of all: thank you Mike!!! (my neighbour!!).

Due the bad propagation on 10 meters in the last contests (ARRL CW, SSB and
Russian DX) I decided to bet everything on 15 meters and I installed an old
chinese military shaky pole (15 mt/h) with a 3 over 3 el yagi (153 BA by Hy
Gain) fixed to Europe (again, thank you Mike). What a "monster"
improvement if compared with my usual 2 elements Delta Loop. Of course I've
used the rotary 2 el. Delta loop to JA/USA direction and also on 10 and 20

What else... I'm really happy that everything worked fine (and without wind
during the week end).
First night the condition on 40 meters were unbelievable!! No noise (usually
I've at least S5!) and great path with Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Thanks to everybody called me.
See you in the next contest.

73 de VR2XAN Alberto (IV3TAN)

RTX: ICOM 7600
10-15-20 meters 2 El. Delta Loop
15 meters: 3 over 3 el. 153 BA (HY Gain) fixed to EU
40 meters: Fixed Delta Loop
CR6K(CT1CJJ)   SOAB HP   9,343,8032016-03-28 06:51:40
Happy Easter.

73's Jose Lopes
AB4B   SOAB HP   587,8882016-03-28 06:55:48
Part time effort with WX FB on Sat to continue working on new 80mtr 4 sqr
project then Sun Easter domestic obligations. Activity seemed fair with 15mtrs
coming alive and 20mtrs fairly active. 40mtrs has become a slug fest band like
20mtrs can be at times. Especially with EU stations in USA band listening up
above 7200...just my observation. 80mtrs had less activity but good sigs from
Sat nite here. Wish I had more time but prepping for the Fall season is
ONE hr nw. TNX fer the Q's es CQ WPX team for keeping things going.

Tim , AB4B in NA(North Alabama)
S57C   SOSB160(TS) QRP   2,8002016-03-28 07:01:43
After Easter family meeting I just made a short QRP activity on 160m with FT817
and Lazy Quad antena for 160m which is very low 4-8m AGL.
It's a hard and frustrating job calling stations who are 59++ and don't even
ask QRZ, just continuing CQing...
73! BCNU de Branko
HB2ØAA(@HB9ARF)   M/S LP   1,098,1922016-03-28 07:19:36
First try in the Multi Single Low Power.
We used my small station because The St-Cergue Radio Club ( HB9AA ) dont have
his own station.
Not so easy on SSB but a lot of fun.
We will do the same in the CW part and i think we will made more QSO for sure.
Thanks to all for QSO

HB20AA will be used in 2016 for the 20th anniversary of our club.

HB9ARF for HB20AA team
CE3CT   M/S HP   10,597,6442016-03-28 07:21:25
in honors our friend and part of our team Fernando LU2BPM (SK)
For ever part of our team.
KD4YDD   SOAB LP   21,7162016-03-28 07:24:24
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.7
CLUB: Georgia Contest Group
NAME: Scott Brown
ADDRESS: 2350 Park Valley Way
ADDRESS: Park Valley Way
AB8M(@KB8O)   M/2 HP   380,8002016-03-28 07:29:50
Part time effort due to Easter weekend. Mostly a trial run to "kick the
tires" on the new OM Power 2000+'s that arrived last week and make sure we
didn't have any issues running multi-transmitter. Not sure if it was tough band
conditions or just fewer stations on the air due to the holiday weekend (or
both!), but didn't hear a lot of Europe. However we were working in to the
Middle East and Africa and busting pile-ups for those stations. Just that kind
of weekend, I guess. As always, appreciate the contacts in the log and had a
good time getting them in there.

Station 1: Icom-7600, Array Solutions FilterMAX4, HF Auto, OM Power 2000+,
N1MM, SteppIR DB-11, Dipoles.

Station 2: Icom-7600, Array Solutions FileterMAX4, AT5K, OM Power 2000+, N1MM,
1100' loop @ 80ft.

Doug AB8M
Jay KB8O
VA2EW   SOAB LP   5,611,5012016-03-28 07:30:51
Surely because of bad propagation then a too weak signal at the other end I had
a very difficult first night, impossible to consistently run, my LP signal
being quickly buried by HP crocodile invaders on low bands. How often I was
tempted to switch HP and eject them out! . The same on Saturday morning with a
15m refusing to frankly open.
Happily starting Saturday afternoon the things have changed and the real
contest had began for me...

Thanks for the calls and for your patience sorting out my serial numbers from
the noise.

Gilles VA2EW
IN3EOM   SOAB LP   18,0252016-03-28 07:31:08
Beautiful WPX, but this time I had little time, I'm sorry
ZV2K(PY2SHF)   SO(A)SB40 HP   882,5182016-03-28 07:39:49
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 445 2366 373
Total 445 2366 373
Score: 882.518
1 Mult = 1,2 Q's
VC2A(VA2WA)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   10,974,7682016-03-28 07:43:10
SO1R: TS-590S + Alpha 89
160-80: 16.5m top loaded Vertical
40: 10m GP
20-15-10: SteppIr DB-11 (2/3 el.yagi)

That was my first "full time" WPX SSB. The contest started very bad
for me since all the antennas were under ice cover after a freezing rain. Got
my SteppIrr yagi working properly only on Saturday noon. The propagation was
very good on all bands (except 10m to EU) on other side as a compensation.

CU in WPX CW on May!

Thanks for the QSO's ))


WR8AA(K3ZJ)   SOSB20 HP   1,176,3282016-03-28 07:47:19
Enjoyed Easter & cherry blossom peak in Washington, D.C. with family Friday
& Saturday. Arrived at station Sunday early morning. Checked antenna
& found VK/ZL + LP to Europe open on 20 at 0430z for some interesting QSOs
before bed. Antenna: C31XR @ 15m high. Rotator got a work out. Thanks for the
QSOs and for spotting me!
73, Dave K3ZJ
8P2K(8P6SH)   SO(A)AB HP   3,499,3352016-03-28 07:55:18
This is one of my favourite contests so I enjoyed having a great week-end of
radio. I just wish conditions were better but then again it'll probably be
worse next year as we descend into the valley of the sunspot cycle.

This was the first outing with a new (to me) FT 2000 - without AC0C filter and
everything performed flawlessly except for some new noise sources that I'll
hsve to figure out in the direction to USA that made working USA on 20m all but
impossible. Still on the rig's learning curve but I like the receiver and
hopefully will have that AC0C filter installed in the next few days to improve
its contest performance.

I actually started out with a plan to do a SOSB20 entry but after the first 12
hours had yielded very few Q's, I decided to switch strategy. 15 and 40m turned
out to be pretty good and on Sunday 20m seemed to pick up as well.

It was pretty amazing the number of stations on the bands - I usually work
below 14.150 to work EU but this time there were stations wall to wall down to
14.100. I do a lot of RTTY so it was pretty weird working phone that far down
the band.

I diidn't expect anything on 10m but there were a couple good openings and I
think many stations missed these openings - at one point EU stations were
really strong but only a few seemed to realise the band was open.

D41CV was the only station I worked on all bands - they were simply loud on
every band.

Congrats to 8P5A who seemed to have just about the highest QSO count I can
remember. Congrats too to all the great ops with amazing scores.

Thanks to all who took the time to work me during the contest and good luck to


Dean - 8P6SH / 8P2K
SE3X(SA3BYC)   SO(A)AB LP   375,3602016-03-28 07:56:38
Just for fun betwen work and family comitments in Easter Holliday.
Waiting for new tubes for PA, so decided to go back to basic and work LP. What
a difference! had forgotten how hard it is to get through.

Radio: Kenwood TS-590S
Amp: Linear AMP, Ranger 811H (waiting for new tubes)
Antennas: 3-el 10/15/20, L-Vert 40/15m, Inv-V 80/40m, Horz Loop 10-80m RX/TX

Reasonably good propagation, except 10m that was never open, and loads of
activity! Tnx everyone for a very nice competition!

S5ØG   M/S HP   18,828,4672016-03-28 07:59:05
Back in simple M/S category after a while. Only two operators, it was meant to
have a simple 2-radio setup but one of the K3 TRX was freid before contest
start and it was more or less two men/one radio operation.. To much induction /
RFI energy from low 160m dipole damaged front end, still need to see what the
final outcome / damage is. Anyway, if we put aside a damage report, we had a
great fun. 10m was closed, only some SA stations were loud.

73 & CUL Robert, S57AW
KT4ZB   SO(A)AB LP   1,524,0962016-03-28 07:59:51
LZ9W   M/M HP   38,053,7552016-03-28 08:03:38
This contest was a tribute to our beloved friends and contest team members who
passed away less than 2 months ago - OGY - LZ2PO and Krastyo - LZ2UZ.

Looks like the Cycle started going down ? Conditions were worse than in 2015
and this reflected in our final score.

2000 QSOs less on higher bands (800 less on 10m, 200 less on 15 m and 850 less
on 20m ) vs 2015.

Significant improvement was seen on 80m with 300 QSOs more than in 2015. 3 el.
yagi was a killer this weekend ;-)

Almost same scores on 40 and 160 m as in 2015. ( 34 more on top band and 97
more on 40m )

Nice short opening on Sunday evening between 19.00- 21.00 GMT on 15 m helped to
keep the score on that band a bit vs 2015.

Thanks to ALL for QSOs and see you in WPX CW in May 2016.

73, Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W M/M team
NM5O(@N5YA)   M/S HP   3,955,7182016-03-28 08:04:07
Thanks to Bill for letting us use the station. The station took a lightning hit
right after ARRL SSB so we're still discovering what got fried and what didn't.

Only did 31.5 hours due to not being completely prepared. I have a big week at
work this next week so slept 8 full hours Saturday night. Wonder what was
possible with a full effort...

Marshall K5QE logged a number of good quality hours and was indispensible in
the effort. I get fed up with all of the QRM & needing fills too easily.
Baleigh KE5VKZ (N5YA's granddaughter) worked 30-40 stations on 40m Saturday
night while I logged. Her operation in prior FDs has obviously paid off and
she is a quick learner.

I THINK this score is correct. We logged the entire contest on my MacBook
laptop because all of the computers were fried. The logging program logged all
U.S. stations as 2-points so had a to figure out the 'actual' score...

160m - New vertical is loud but band was very noisy the first night. Good to
work CN2AA & YV1KK.

80m - Dipole at 30ft cut for CW. Worked the local guys and a couple of the
loudest EU with 100w. Didn't spend much time there.

40m - 2 ele yagis fixed NE & NW. Didn't hear a lot of EU or JA but worked
a ton of stateside. Was pretty easy to find a spot and signals were decent.

20m - Complete madhouse as expected. Antennas are OB-16 and a 5 ele
monobander. Hard to hear DX through all of the QRM.

15m - Good openings both days. Worked EU until 22:00z on Sunday. Didn't work
a lot of JA; under 100. Nice to work 3 VU stations, all with good signals.

10m - Worked 1 EU (EB5BBM) via skew path who was fairly loud. Heard 3-4 others
but they were S&P. Bands of course good to SA. Not much stateside except
for backscatter.

73 to all & see you in the next one.
OHØX(OH6KZP)   SOAB HP   12,283,1162016-03-28 08:09:10
Checked the base of the main tower in daylight before the contest, since the
direction indicator briefly went crazy in last weekend's RDXC. It turned out
that the rain protection of the related potentiometer had flown away in some
winds, so fortunately it was easy to fix and everything looked and worked OK

Propagation was OK in my opinion. 20m was in good shape, but on 15m and 40m,
OH0 was too far north this time for tapping into decent W/VE runs. This shows
in my low p/Q of 2.92 on 40m, but I'm happy with 2.70 on 15m (just would have
needed more QSOs!). The prefix-rich 15m JA path was marginal and on Sunday also
the US path closed quite early, but there were still nice signals from South

The most interesting QSO of the weekend was working KL7RA on 40m in the middle
of the Alaskan day. Not sure how that one happened, but there certainly was a
solid signal coming in from due North...! :)

There was minor technical trouble with the logging program and DVK integration.
All of a sudden nothing would come out of the DVK memories, which then required
multiple program/router restarts on both Saturday and Sunday. Not quite sure
what's going on; I stopped recording the audio as a precaution, but it still
happened again. Also had a rare but brief electrical outage on Sunday morning,
just after starting my break (what a nice contest feature, especially after
going mad from listening to SSB splatter..!). Fortunately it lasted only some
minutes, and everything started back up OK after the cold shutdown.

Once again, thanks to the Brändö Island Group and Radio Arcala teams for all
support. Congrats to Tonno ES5TV for taking the Baltic Sea honors this time!
Thanks to all for the QSOs, lets hope for less splatter next time. :)

LY26A(@LY4A)   M/2 HP   23,466,6302016-03-28 08:19:29
Hello for all...

For first say tnx for the QSO's for all ho called us in this weekend.

After 6 month position building marathon with renew all the antenas, makeing
new building i try to make colect multi national team for this WPX SSB.
Mnay TNX for helpers ho make posible to build this position within just 3 month
hard works time.
Thanks for:
Juris YL7A for finding 3 more towers and 80m 3el yagi what almost helped in
this test.
Jonas LY5A for make posible to build 2 complect of 5el 40m Yagis what one
destroi just 2 weeks before the WPX SSB and have to make new 5 and 2 el yagis
at short time. So thanks for Jonas for give us the aliuminum tubes for this
Tnx for all our team guys what maked to many hard works with position setup, so
thanks for Alius LY2BKT, Grazvydas LY2TS, Raimis LY2RJ, Andrius LY3AB and his
son, and my local guys Ramunas and Robertas ho maked realy hard works.

So first Multi - National team operation from Lithuania is finished without
problems. Just only one problem is happy Easter weekend with what we lost 2 our
team members LY2TS and LY2RJ what don't get posibility to join. We geted good
weekend with working in contest and make some posibility
to talk with our guests in the team.

Thanks for our guests Don G3XTT, Kaspars YL1ZF, Sergiei UR9QQ for answer to my
letter at cq contest for invitation to this test. We maked nice time with you
Don, Kaspars and Sergeij so this time is will be remember for longtime after
this test. First steps is added, contest position almost done and worked
without the some errors or problems at this contest.

Equipment used:

RUN Setup:
2 x ICOM 775DSP
2 x 1kw amplifyers

160m - Dipole
80m - 3el Yagi, Dipole
40m - 5el Long boom yagi, 2el fixed to Europe
20m - 6el Long boom yagi, 3el fixed to Europe
15m - 6el Yagi, 5el ong boom yagi fixed to Europe
10m - 6el Long boom yagi, 5el yagi fixed to Europe

Setup for mult position:

ICOM 756
Ampliyaer Ameritron AL80A

Used same antenas what used for RUN position

Used two Inband positions:

2 x ICOM 775 DSP
2 x Multi band dipoles (6 bandS)200-250 from positions
Hygain TH6DXX tribander with 4O3A triplexer and home made band pass filters
made by LY2BDZ.

So finaly TNX again for the qso's and will be waiting for CW part with next
step of Multi National team at it.

Look for some photos at my Facebook page...


Rolandas LY4A
skype: rolkaxx
K5ZO   SO(A)SB15 HP   1,842,9812016-03-28 08:44:24
Condx to eu on Saturday ok, good runs to JA though. Sunday eu runs were much
better with some Afrika.the ja runs were late getting started. Begain ja's just
15 mins before the end of the test. All the equipment worked perfectly except my
wireless router had a few fits sunday morning but fixed itself by the end. Need
to fix that.

5 el
Single 8877
Ft 5000
Was fun. CU Lloyd
W1DYJ   SO(A)AB LP   313,3202016-03-28 08:48:41
Rig: TS-2000
80/40 modified Alpha Delta DX-CC at 7M
20 HB Moxon @ 12m
15 Rotatable Dipole @ 11m
10 HB 5el yagi @ 10m

Time in chair: 13 hours
100% S&P
Logger: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log Ver 3.7.1

10M was not there very much, and was noisy. Mostly South American,
and much worse than last year. 15M and 20M were OK, a bit worse
than last year. 40M and 80M were better than last year, but didn't
make up for 10 being so bad.

Goal was 400K: as usual, the best way for me to meet my goal was
to have spent more time in the chair. Friday night was lost to
family stuff, so I got a late start.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
KZ5MM(W5PR)   SOSB80 HP   419,2282016-03-28 08:50:35
Conditions were down from the last time I did SB 80 in 2010. Not as much EU (41
vs 99) and only 2 JAs (vs 11). Tried out my new SAL-30 receiving array. I think
it is a good replacement for 400 foot or less Beverages, but not for longer
ones. I'm sure I received on it more than half the time. Transmit antenna was
a full size, vertical 1/2 wave dipole. I put a little angle to it for WPX to
help out on US contacts.

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

NA 0 563 0 0 0 0 563 88.2
AF 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 0.6
SA 0 19 0 0 0 0 19 3.0
EU 0 41 0 0 0 0 41 6.4
OC 0 9 0 0 0 0 9 1.4
AS 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 0.3

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

4O 1 1
5B 1 1
8P 1 1
CE 1 1
CM 4 4
CN 2 2
CT 2 2
CU 1 1
D4 1 1
DL 7 7
E7 1 1
EA 3 3
EA8 1 1
EI 1 1
F 3 3
FG 1 1
FY 1 1
G 1 1
GM 1 1
GW 2 2
HA 2 2
HB 1 1
HC 2 2
HI 1 1
HK 1 1
I 4 4
JA 1 1
K 486 486
KH6 3 3
KL 4 4
KP2 1 1
KP4 3 3
LU 1 1
LZ 1 1
OK 3 3
OM 2 2
P4 2 2
PA 2 2
PY 6 6
S5 1 1
SP 1 1
T32 1 1
TI 2 2
V3 1 1
V4 1 1
VE 52 52
VK 3 3
VP5 1 1
XE 5 5
YU 1 1
YV 5 5
ZL 2 2

QSO/Pref by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- 14/14 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 14/14 14/14
D1-0100Z - 38/37 - - - - 38/37 52/51
D1-0200Z - 40/27 - - - - 40/27 92/78
D1-0300Z - 40/25 - - - - 40/25 132/103
D1-0400Z - 54/30 - - - - 54/30 186/133
D1-0500Z - 56/39 - - - - 56/39 242/172
D1-0600Z - 40/27 - - - - 40/27 282/199
D1-0700Z - 43/24 - - - - 43/24 325/223
D1-0800Z --+-- 31/15 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 31/15 356/238
D1-0900Z - 14/4 - - - - 14/4 370/242
D1-1000Z - 23/9 - - - - 23/9 393/251
D1-1100Z - 9/2 - - - - 9/2 402/253
D1-1200Z - 11/5 - - - - 11/5 413/258
D1-1300Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-1400Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-1500Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 413/258
D1-1700Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-1800Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-1900Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-2000Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-2100Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-2200Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D1-2300Z - - - - - - 0/0 413/258
D2-0000Z --+-- 4/1 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 4/1 417/259
D2-0100Z - 25/8 - - - - 25/8 442/267
D2-0200Z - 39/14 - - - - 39/14 481/281
D2-0300Z - 18/9 - - - - 18/9 499/290
D2-0400Z - 36/20 - - - - 36/20 535/310
D2-0500Z - 19/5 - - - - 19/5 554/315
D2-0600Z - 19/9 - - - - 19/9 573/324
D2-0700Z - 16/2 - - - - 16/2 589/326
D2-0800Z --+-- 5/1 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 5/1 594/327
D2-0900Z - 6/1 - - - - 6/1 600/328
D2-1000Z - 14/2 - - - - 14/2 614/330
D2-1100Z - 8/0 - - - - 8/0 622/330
D2-1200Z - 9/4 - - - - 9/4 631/334
D2-1300Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-1400Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-1500Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 631/334
D2-1700Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-1800Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-1900Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-2000Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-2100Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-2200Z - - - - - - 0/0 631/334
D2-2300Z - 7/3 - - - - 7/3 638/337

Total: 0/0 638/337 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
W9QL   SOSB40 LP   145,8242016-03-28 09:10:32
Too many family commitments on the holiday weekend to attempt anything close to
a full-time effort. Had some time in the evening, so decided to make this a
single band 40 meter showing. Mostly stateside contacts, although I was able to
work most of the Big Gun DX usual suspects. This is a fun contest, because you
always seem to pick up a new multiplier prefix every few Q's. Had some good
runs, especially during the last hour on Sunday.

FTdx5000 with a G5RV @ 35 ft.
WN4AFP   SOAB(TS) LP   272,4122016-03-28 09:11:05
wow! This was my first All Band Low Power effort in the WPX and I had a blast! I
started in the QRP category until it took me too long ot make 15 QRP contacts on
40m, so cranked up the power to 80w! I did have a couple of small 'runs' on 40m
and 15m, but all else was "S&P" for multipliers. My best hourly
rate was 66. I did have limited time due to Easter activities, family etc. From
SC, 15m was fantastic. It opened early and I closed before it did. Using an
IC-751 (80w) to a pinwheel multi-band dipole antenna at 10 feet. I also don't
have a computer in the shack, so used the true and trusted pen & paper
logging mode. I can't wait to make some noise in the CW WPX. I did work many
CWOps members over the weekend... I won't tell if you don't... Couple of
surprises.. worked W4IX running KH6J, TF2LL Iceland and I thought that I worked
San Marino (M1), but now that's England. Thanks to all for the Q's and let's do
it again in May. 73s Dave WN4AFP
C4A(@5B4AKR)   M/2 HP   36,060,5582016-03-28 09:31:12
It was obvious from the very beginning of the contest that conditions were under
par this year but we were lucky that Murphy kept away from the station and the
team had a great weekend at the contest station. Many thanks to everyone that
called us.

73, Stavros 5B4AFM

FT-1000MPs, 2x ACOM 1000, C-31XR(10/15/20m), TA-33-JR(10/15/20m), 40-2CD(40m),
GP for 80m, inverted-Vs for 80m/160m, 180m Beverage in one direction (320deg)
W5GAI   SOSB10 QRP   18,6482016-03-28 09:33:56
Had limited time to operate, only on Sunday afternoon. Band not crowded. Most
sigs workable were South America.
K3ORC   SOAB(TS) LP   206,1402016-03-28 09:35:41
Tough going in central Florida with low power and a wire antenna. Lots of weak
OH5TS   SOSB20 LP   720,8002016-03-28 09:44:12
K3 100w
Hygain 204BA @ 24m
W7YAQ   SOAB HP   750,4602016-03-28 09:44:34
Was going to operate QRP, but after 5 minutes of futile calling decided to turn
on the KPA500. Nice 20M opening to Middle East on Saturday night. Amazing 80M
signals from CN2AA, D41CV and 5E5E.

YT6W   SOSB40 LP   1,602,7002016-03-28 09:54:37
TS-930SAT + Wire Yagis (3L NW,3L NE,2L SW)

TU all for Qs!

QSL via LoTW,eQSL!
PY2SBY   SOAB HP   187,3322016-03-28 10:05:49
Dear all.

BAd propagation in all bands and was very dificult to do some qsos.
If have a category of who get more cq I win wit no doubt, a lot of cq less
Thanks for all other 340 that can receive me.

icom 7600
fl7000 300wats
dipole 80 meters and balum.

Thanks for all PY2SBY
EA3QP   SOAB(TS) LP   784,7922016-03-28 10:13:19
K3+Ultrabeam 6m-40m (2 el) + Shorted Bazooka for 80m.
Nice contest as a "little pistol". Almost no runs, most of the time
VE4VT   SOAB LP   5,759,5682016-03-28 10:15:42
My strategy for this contest is maximize rate. Knowing that running low power
from the center of the continent means that holding a frequency is going to be
a challenge. Sustained runs to Europe or Asia are rare events. That means good
runs to our US neighbors makes up for the lower point totals.

After the initial 6 hours passed, I was pretty happy with the results. Some
decent runs on 20 and 40 working stateside resulted in an average rate of 110
Q/hr. I was shocked when my numbers were higher than some of the big guns like
VE9AA, VE3CX, VY2ZM, and even the multi superstation at VE6SV.

The wheels fell off on Saturday morning. The 20m band opened to Europe OK but
finding a run frequency was near impossible. When I did, I lost it within
minutes it seemed. Even working below 14.150 was a challenge. Plenty of
non-audible eastern stations using the band meant that you had stations coming
back to your call that weren't talking to you. Spent a good deal of time
turning the dial.

Love the big guns that open up cq'ing 200 Hz off frequency when you are trying
to pull a weak signal out of the noise. They are 20/9 so I know they can hear
me. When challenged their stock answer "I have been here for 2
hours". No you haven't and you know it. Won some battles, lost some.

15m opened only very briefly to Europe on Saturday. 15m did not open at all to
the US apart from extreme south Florida. Absolutely nothing on 10m. Not even
the usual Zone 11,12,13 stations.

Saturday night I enejoyed a good run into the US. Worked a few DX stations but
the 4-pointers a agood rate were better than a few 6 pointers at a slow pace.
Tried running below 7.125 and only had one answer from a Canadian. No Europe.

On Sunday things were even worse. 15m never opened initially. 20m was packed
and all the big guns had been worked. Had about 4 hours where the rate meater
never passed 25 Q/hr.

Around 1700z, all of a sudden 15m opened and I was hearing some Europe and even
some stateside. Even 10m showed some faint signals.

By 19:30z, 10m was wall to wall with zone 6-13 signals. I was even hearing a
few stateside signals on backscatter. I was able to build some rate by running
on 15m and S&P on 10m on the second radio. Even the ground mounted vertical
on 10m was yielding big signals.

It is interesting to note that the signals on Sunday from Europe on 15m were
skewed path, coming from the SE instead of the NE. This can only mean that 15m
is the new 10m as we dive into the sunspot cycle minimum.

The last 90m was a thrill ride running on 20m. The QRM was horrific but the
signals were strong.

I guess I will have to tweak my strategy for next year when even less openings
on 10/15 are likely.

73 Ed - VE4VT

Radios: Icom IC7700, IC746Pro
Antennas: Optibeam OB11-5 @ 17m
Force 12 Delta 240 @ 20m
Sloper for 80m at 17m
Steppir vertical for 40-10m
Software: N1MM+
YO9HP   SO(A)SB20 HP   1,802,6882016-03-28 10:17:40
PA9M   SOSB80 HP   1,802,3992016-03-28 10:20:46
Nice activity with good run to states side, tnx
G3R(@GØDCK)   SOAB LP   65,8262016-03-28 10:24:55
Just a few hours , Didnt feel well ,cheers guys 73 g3r
UA5C   SO(A)AB HP   1,549,9082016-03-28 10:32:12
Thanks for contact!
PY3KN   SO(A)AB LP   16,9852016-03-28 10:38:26
I entered just for fun without the intention to competition. Log is Checklog
P49Y(AE6Y)   SOAB HP   21,807,8802016-03-28 11:02:24
What a change from the last few years of excellent high band conditions. My
claimed score is actually just about the same as in 2014 (but well down from
W6LD's outstanding P40L score of last year from our station), but compare the
band totals: 2014, 10m:2357, 40m:267, 80m:0 versus 2016, 10m:744 (and almost no
EU), 40m:723, 80m:222.

But the station worked well, and my programing changes to CQPWIN to allow using
the K3's internal messages for both radios were successful. This was fortunate,
as I was losing my voice (due to the after-effects of a lingering cold) on
Sunday. The beverages worked great, and even helped out Saturday evening on 20
when a local noise source started up. They are very directional on 20, which
required constant switching among them to pick out answering stations.

Congratulations to Jean-Pierre, P43A, for a terrific 15m single-band score
using his brand new prefix, P45A. And congratulations to him and Cris (P43C)
for convincing the enormously bureaucratic licensing authorities on the island
to issue it for the first time. And Emily, P43A, Martin, P49MR, and Lisandro,
P40AUA, also handed out Aruban prefixes. Although Art, N3DXX, was operating
from Ben's QTH (formerly P49V), I never ran across him in the contest, though
we had a nice visit beforehand.

Thanks to everyone for participating. And special thanks to the many US hams
on 10m during our limited hours of propagation who weren't really in the
contest, but stopped by to hand out a number one. And, as usual, thanks to
John, W6LD, and Ed, W0YK, for keeping everything shipshape with the station
(and to Cris and JP for ditto with the house itself).

73, Andy, AE6Y, P49Y
Rig: K3x2, Alpha 91B, 86
Ant: 2 el 10, 5 el 15, 4 el 20, 2 el 40, 1 el 80, C31, beverages
Software: CQPWIN ver. 12.9
W4GE   SO(A)AB HP   921,5522016-03-28 11:16:44
Bands geomagnetically quiet, but not a lot of solar flux. Nice Sunrise opening
on Sunday into the Pacific on 40m. Thanks to all for their politeness and
helpful demeanor. Station: Elecraft K3, P3, KPA500, KAT500, Acom 1500, XMatch
tuner, OCF Dipole up 35 ft, 43 ft DXE Vertical on 1600 ft of wire for a gound
plane, K4KIO Hex beam up 35 ft, and Pixel loop.

Charleston, SC
VE3MXJ   SO(A)AB LP   56,6422016-03-28 11:28:46
This is my first contest, and had lots of fun, can't wait for the next one.
A31MM(JA6WFM)   SOSB10 LP   118,2612016-03-28 11:35:41
It was my 1st experience participating in WPX SSB from Tonga South Pacific.
It was difficult to make SSB QSO because a lot of station were looking for
other direction of south pacific.
little by little I'm understanding a situation of south pacific in Contest.
Thanks for QSO at WPX SSB. See you on next contest.
W7ZCU   SO(A)SB40 HP   26,9672016-03-28 11:35:52
500w 1/2 wave 40m dipole @ 25 ft
9A5BWW   SO(A)SB80 QRP   3,7382016-03-28 11:46:31
Since the QRP was a failure in the ARRL DX for me (turned LP after ~30 minutes),
I have decided to try it again in the WPX c'test. Worked only on the Sunday
evening, mainly on 80 meters. All in all, I'm satisfied with the result. Many
stations didn't copy me, especially those who were 1000+ km. The highlight was
when the RU1A picked my full call sign from the first call! Great ears guys! No
other station answered my first call with the full call sign during the contest.
The only DX I have worked was HZ1BW, but the main goal was to test the IC-7410
during the contest and to get used to the rig.

Rig: Icom IC-7410
Ant: something between the dipole and inverted V (one side sloped)

73's, Dave
WB6CZG   SO(A)AB LP   2,9752016-03-28 12:00:02
Only operated a short time on Sunday. Conditions were poor in the morning but
improved in the afternoon
SK3W(SM5AJV)   SOAB LP   2,382,7442016-03-28 12:11:41
Eastern holiday and family dinners made it hard to both get enough sleep and be
on air at the "right" time. I think I missed prime time on Saturday
and Sunday's propagation was not as good.
LY5I   SOSB80 LP   362,2082016-03-28 12:17:08
K3UA(@K3LR)   SOSB15 HP   2,236,4492016-03-28 12:41:43
Lotsa fun!

Thanks to Tim K3LR for a brief operation mostly just to push F1!

Had a blast! Especially with the amazing VU, HS, and YB path during the Europe

Phil K3UA
NØKE   SO(A)AB HP   1,306,7682016-03-28 12:45:07
I heard so many stations saying PLEASE COPY I thought it was Field Day!
N6ZE   SOSB15 LP   37,9422016-03-28 12:45:42
Nice to see 15 meters open!
VC6R(@VE6SV)   M/S HP   11,321,8562016-03-28 13:01:37
This was the 18th running of the WPX SSB contest for VE6SV and team from the
current QTH. Over the years we have used VC6R, VC66S, VC6T and VC6K with a
focus on the CQWW events

This year we had a real slow start to get into the operating rhyme that cost us
probably about 200 Qs in the first 2 hours of the contest. As of this morning, I
still do not fully understand why this happened.

This year’s team of VE4GV, VE6RST and VE6SV tried to keep operating for the
full 48 hours. But it was the local propagation that did not deliver. The early
morning hours from 0900Z to sunrise (local being 1300Z) rates dropped to less
than 20 a hour, if that.

From sunrise to about 10:00AM local (1400Z) all we could work were only the big
gun stations. We could not establish running stations until after that 10:00AM
local mark. In fact, this seems to be the normal from here year after year, but
this year it was worse than in previous years.

The 40M band continues not to produce for us regardless of how much hardware I
get in the air at this station. Once the grayline is done to the various parts
of the world from here we are done. Multi chasing and any type of running rate
is exhausted once we work down the larger stations. Our QTH does not a loud us
to reach into the 3rd and 4th tier of stations. As it takes 2 to 3 prop hops to
get out of country from here via the aurora zone to the target QSO wells.

Of course 10M was a no show here or we just did pay enough attention to catch
an opening. The 15M band did treat us to a 3 hour JA and Southeast Asia window
of operating late Saturday afternoon into early evening, Rob VE4GV had a ball
running the opening.

The 20M band was absolutely packed here and keeping a clear run frequency to
enable us to work the many S4 and less strength signals was tough this hear. As
we continue to slide down the sunspot cycle signal strengths fall by 50% to 60%
at our QTH. Mix in some active aurora and we struggle for any type of rate.

But, this year we had a good opening over the pole on 20M from midnight to
about 2:00AM local. Years ago we experienced many of these types of openings
but this year it was better. It was nice to work many Eastern European

Max VE6RST was the low band specialist this year (actually every year) and kept
us on track to catch the short grayline openings to the various parts of the
world. I mean short, from here grayline is no more than 30 minutes in

What we didn’t get going this year was the second station to truly max the 10
band changes that M/S allows. Not sure why. Sure miss operating M/S with the old
10 minute rule. Maybe is just a head space problem that needs re-wiring.

Including operating SO2R in our main operating position as it is fully equipped
to do so. Why we did not use is another mystery.

Thank you for all the Qs from VC6R

73, VE4GV, VE6RST and VE6SV
NV9L(@NV9L/WB9Z)   M/2 HP   9,809,5602016-03-28 13:06:22
We all enjoyed hunting for prefixes instead of Easter eggs this weekend. Even
though it was a holiday weekend, it was impressive at how many stations were on
the air. 20 and 15 meters was jam packed since 10 meters was only open to South
America. At times it felt like a 160 SSB contest trying to pull out call signs
and exchanges.
WA2JQK   SOAB LP   591,9482016-03-28 13:09:23
I hope that CQ please schedules next years Contest on any weekend , but Easter

This was an imposition for all Hams that give Family first priority over
OK5D(OK1DTP)   SOSB80 HP   1,599,0522016-03-28 13:10:15
Again nice contest. I had a great weekend at the contest station OK1KPU/OL4N.
Many thanks to everyone that called me. Only 90 QSO with W/VE. Surprise was QSO
with VK4KW.
73's David OK1DTP

RIG: IC7400
PA 1 KW home made

ANT: iverted V, delta loop to JA
4 beverages length 180m (45,180,240,300 deg)
S54ZZ   SO(A)SB80 HP   2,329,3612016-03-28 13:12:38
Inv.Vee @ 31m
Beverage 580ft direction NA
K6KNS   SOAB HP   200,9742016-03-28 13:20:42
Did S&P off and on throughout the contest. Had a tough time doing an
exchange with one weak JA station. He gave me 59, 59. Took several tries for me
to hear that 59 was the serial number. We both laughed. On Saturday night,I
powered down to 200w and had many exchanges with European stations on 20M with
no repeated dialog.

Kenwood TS-990s / Hex beam / 40m inverted V
N4RJ   SO(A)AB HP   230,6402016-03-28 13:28:41
Played S&P w/wire at 30'
10 Loud N/S
HA3OU   SO(A)AB HP   868,2242016-03-28 13:31:32
Thanks for the QSOs Guys!

ANTs, H/M 5B. HF6V VERTICAL (single feed line from the transmitter),
H/M 80/160m DIPOLE (single feed line from the transmitter),

73/DX, Joco, Ha3oU
TIØDX   M/S LP   6,765,1022016-03-28 13:37:49
This was our first contest effort as a group. Many thanks to TI2SW for use of
his very capable facility for hosting the WPX. Propagation was very good on
all bands especially 15m meters. TI2CDA worked the evening shift on the low
bands while TI2CC and KM4HI mostly concentrated on the upper bands. Very nice
opening to JA Sunday afternoon on 15m. No antenna or station issues required
repairs, so we had a great time and lots of fun in the competition. We left
nothing on the table. Improvements will be made and we will be at it again in
future contests. Thanks to all for the many fine reports and QSO's.
From beautiful Costa Rica, 73 .... TI2SW, TI2CC, TI2CDA and KM4HI
N5DO   SO(A)AB LP   1,784,7682016-03-28 14:09:55
10 and 15 were way down this year compared to last year (495 vs 1141). 20 was
lots of fun at night working Russian stations over the pole.
SN7D(SQ7D)   SO(A)AB HP   5,593,0002016-03-28 14:14:31
No 10m at all! It was not easy to spent 36 hours in the shack at Easter time
far away from family. I lost good run frequency one time due to cough attack
half minute long :-) See how it was
here at 20m, sunday.
Matt SQ7D/SN7D
WQ6X(@NX6T)   M/2 HP   6,226,7522016-03-28 14:24:42
Some computer networking issues kept us off the air the first hour.
We had some nice JA Runs on 40 and 15 mtrs but unlike 2014 where we did over
1100 10 Mtr QSOs we could only pull out 156 QSOs on 10 mtrs this time!
Lots of power line QRN etc with dry air on Saturday. 3 K3s, 2 ACOM 2000A amps,
C31XR & 3 El SteppIR @45ft, 2 EL 40 Yagi @ 70 ft, 80 and 160 Mtr Inv V
dipoles @ 70ft. 73 de Dennis N6KI
WP3R   SOAB HP   1,518,0462016-03-28 14:24:48
Just wanted to get the call back on the air again after about 20 months (new
Had fun for a while. Easter week commitments also had me away from shack! 73
IT9DGG   SO(A)SB20 LP   87,9582016-03-28 14:25:04
Come sempre divertito, Radio Icom IC-756proIII max Pwr 70W - Antenna Vertical
Hi-Gain AV640 73 to all.
EC5AN(@ED7O)   M/S HP   8,158,9962016-03-28 14:52:41
Thanks to EA7EU support and work in ED7O.

Hambuy Station Contest


Thanks D41CV 6 Bands
PV2P(PY2DY)   SO(A)AB HP   170,3252016-03-28 14:59:10
CU2ARA   M/S HP   4,857,9582016-03-28 15:11:46
A special thanks to CU2BP for letting us to use his QTH for this contest.
WZ7ZR(W7ZR)   SOAB HP   2,050,4102016-03-28 15:17:47
Holiday weekend made it tough to put in full effort. First contest for new
antenna setup. A little over 2 hours to sort out some problem in the middle of
the test.
VA2EN(@VE2NGH)   M/S HP   3,038,0282016-03-28 15:43:35
With poor propagation, equipment problems the first night and hydro noise this
was a challenging contest this time around.
Thanks for all the calls and your patience in staying with me to sort out your
calls and serial numbers through my noise.

George VA2EN
KT7I(K7YK)   SO(A)SB20 HP   1,303,2402016-03-28 15:47:13
Good conditions to Europe on Sat but very hard to hold a frequency and run with
a small beam from Washington. One of these days I would like to see what is
like to use a station with the big stacks.
EF2A(EA2OT)   SOAB HP   9,947,5542016-03-28 16:14:09
KE3X(@N3HBX)   M/S HP   17,487,8632016-03-28 16:17:14
Another fun Multi-Op PVRC effort is in the books at Poolesville. As always,
our first Thanks go to John Evans N3HBX for allowing us to invade The Farm and
play radio all weekend, and for all the hours of work it takes to maintain the
station and antenna systems.

Everything worked fine apart from one troublesome Mic cable and the 20-Meter
tower rotator, which happily was able to be re-directed to 60-degrees for the
bulk of the contest, so it did not materially affect our score.

Our team this time was Mark KD4D and Tim N3QE on the night shift, with help
from station-master John N3HBX himself on Saturday night. Excellent job on
those 6-pointers! It seems 80 was better on Saturday night than it was on

I did day shifts with Masa AJ3M on Saturday and Bob W3IDT on Sunday - a
pleasure having both join us! We all worked together easily and did our best
to maximize rate across both radios. As we say, if the S&P guy is not
aggravating the Run op just a little bit, he is not being aggressive enough!

The Multi-Single rule of 10 band changes per hour is quite a challenge,
however. We observed higher QSO numbers from several Single Op stations early
in the event, as they parallel-CQ'ed on two bands or did traditional SO2R
without limitation, while we were stuck on one band. It rarely made sense to
change the Run station from band to band for fear of losing our run frequency.
20 and 15 were all the more packed with stations since 10-meters was a
non-factor ... is this what a downward-trending sunspot cycle feels like?

Anyway, eventually when the Single-Ops HP stations (the Hares) were taking
their mandatory Off-Times, we (the Tortoise) slowly crept back into the QSO
race, until the last two hours when K1LZ re-took the QSO lead for good while
working Europeans on 40 we could not even hear. But it appears we had barely
enough 6-pointers to make up for it. Anyway, good show Krassy and thanks for
the motivation!

Happy Easter to all and see you in the next one. Hourly rates included below.

Ken KE3X

Date Hour Total 3_5 7 14 21 28
Running Total
2016-03-26 0 110 0 105 5 0 0
2016-03-26 1 107 0 105 2 0 0
2016-03-26 2 70 5 65 0 0 0
2016-03-26 3 64 37 27 0 0 0
2016-03-26 4 62 0 62 0 0 0
2016-03-26 5 99 4 94 1 0 0
2016-03-26 6 106 4 102 0 0 0
2016-03-26 7 56 5 51 0 0 0
2016-03-26 8 45 4 41 0 0 0
2016-03-26 9 51 1 50 0 0 0
2016-03-26 10 125 0 7 118 0 0
2016-03-26 11 159 0 0 158 1 0
2016-03-26 12 136 0 0 70 66 0
2016-03-26 13 196 0 0 0 196 0
2016-03-26 14 172 0 0 0 172 0
2016-03-26 15 134 0 0 0 134 0
2016-03-26 16 108 0 0 0 108 0
2016-03-26 17 87 0 0 0 87 0
2016-03-26 18 61 0 0 24 37 0
2016-03-26 19 75 0 0 6 69 0
2016-03-26 20 101 0 0 92 9 0
2016-03-26 21 113 0 0 110 3 0
2016-03-26 22 103 0 2 99 2 0
2016-03-26 23 72 0 10 62 0 0
2016-03-27 0 31 5 26 0 0 0
2016-03-27 1 53 1 49 3 0 0
2016-03-27 2 50 16 29 5 0 0
2016-03-27 3 76 61 1 14 0 0
2016-03-27 4 101 101 0 0 0 0
2016-03-27 5 59 22 37 0 0 0
2016-03-27 6 72 0 72 0 0 0
2016-03-27 7 65 0 65 0 0 0
2016-03-27 8 41 0 41 0 0 0
2016-03-27 9 20 3 17 0 0 0
2016-03-27 10 59 0 3 56 0 0
2016-03-27 11 76 0 0 76 0 0
2016-03-27 12 119 0 0 3 116 0
2016-03-27 13 100 0 0 5 95 0
2016-03-27 14 88 0 0 0 83 5
2016-03-27 15 80 0 0 3 69 8
2016-03-27 16 99 0 0 4 93 2
2016-03-27 17 74 0 0 9 65 0
2016-03-27 18 82 0 0 7 75 0
2016-03-27 19 95 0 0 0 88 7
2016-03-27 20 88 0 0 4 79 5
2016-03-27 21 94 0 0 86 0 8
2016-03-27 22 101 0 10 87 4 0
2016-03-27 23 105 0 86 10 9 0
2016-03-28 0 1 0 1 0 0 0
Total All Hours 4241 269 1158 1119 1660 35 0
KM4JA   SO(A)AB LP   38,6002016-03-28 16:34:00
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 32 153 32
14 9 20 8
21 17 50 11
28 56 163 49
Total 114 386 100
Score: 38,600

Thunderstorms kept me off the air a lot on Saturday.
PW2W(PY2ZA)   SOSB15 HP   17,2202016-03-28 17:16:16
NAME: J A M S Junior
ADDRESS: Av Sao Jorge 1807 Casa 17
ADDRESS: Cidade Salvador
WB9KPT   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   408,0002016-03-28 18:09:41
Hexbeam was permanently pointed at Europe while my Rotor Control Unit is out for
repair. So 40M was my best band with a few nice runs. My WB9 prefix located in
the western part of the country was in demand.
NY6DX   SO(A)AB LP   1,729,1802016-03-28 18:09:48
Do tot the holiday only a part time effort. But glad to give out the mult. Wont
be submitting the score to CQ after the screw job the director gave me last
year. But glad to help you all.
LU2BPM(@LW6DW)   M/S HP   32,7602016-03-28 19:22:50
One month ago, we had a meeting in the group to discuss about our M/S operation
in WPX SSB, suddenly one week later, Fernando LU2BPM, one of the most energetic
& enthusiastic HAM that I ever meet got SK... It was a shock for everybody
that Fernando has meet in life. After some deliberation, we operate the WPX a
couple of hours in his memory using his callsign... Every QSOs was very
emotional for us. He deserved this tribute.

RIP Fernando "Pipo" Asinari

73 de Claudio LU7DW
WX9U   SOAB HP   244,6292016-03-28 19:51:49
Part time all S+P. Nice to see 10m open around 2100z SUN. 5E5E, D41VC, and CN2AA
were all 59 +30db, plus a few weak EU.
ZM4T(ZL3IO)   SOAB HP   4,366,8462016-03-28 20:23:50
Due to Easter weekend and the family being re-united for a few days it was only
a semi-serious effort. The contest was very differt to last year were I made
over 1300 Q's on 10m alone. I had the feeling my reach on 10/15m was limited to
a 10-12 thousand km radius. Japan and west coast NA was all I could get to.
Luckily that already allows for many QSO's. Only a few weak and fading signals
on 10m on day one. About 4-5 hours before the contest ends 10m finally opened
to NA/SA, still with a lot of QSB. I lost a few stations that went down into
the noise again before we confirmed numbers. Sorry guys that I had a to give up
a few times. I could never get a real run going into EU on any band which is
reflected in the bad multiplier count. 15m never really opened to EU and 40/20m
was so crowded that it was impossible for me to hold a frequency with my 500 W.
The best really is when stations answer your CQ first to then start calling on
top of you...

Thank you all for the QSO's

73 Holger, ZL3IO/ZM4T
PJ4DX   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   17,311,1402016-03-28 20:32:24
Everything was "down" this year. My beam was down about 6ft (one
telescopic mast section) due to strong winds, my 40m phased array was down due
to a mystery high SWR condition that I didn't have time to fix before the
contest but every cloud has a silver lining and this allowed me to enter the
Tribander/ Single Element section), my QSO total was down by nearly 1300 QSOs,
my multiplier total by nearly 100 mults, and my claimed score by nearly 6
million points! Last year over 2500 QSOs on 10m alone: this year, only 314. Is
this the beginning of the end of Cycle 24?

Conditions were poor on Day 1, and I was seriously considering calling it a day
before midday on Sunday, but suddenly things improved and Sunday afternoon and
evening were really great.

I'll be back next year.

Rig: Yaesu FT-2000, Acom 1500 amp at 1kW out, to a Spiderbeam for 10-15-20m at
only 30 feet, and single quarter-wave wire verticals on 40m and 80m.
WX4ET   SOAB LP   2,3872016-03-28 20:36:36
Bad time to have a contest during Easter. Friday after work is when I did most
of the contest. A little bit Saturday night and of course none on Easter
Sunday. Band conditions weren't bad at all.

K7VIT   SO(A)AB HP   118,8022016-03-28 21:35:07
I heard that big, new multi-multi outfit on this WPX contest on several of the
bands. I had trouble getting the prefix of their call. The suffix of the call
came through clearly just about every time: "QRZ."

There was a point of irony. When QRZ made calls, he often got an immediate
answer. A couple of times I heard QRZ get more than a little bit frustrated
with the station responding to his call. QRZ yelled, "I need your call,
gimme your call." I just had to smile as QRZ dropped his abbreviated
3-letter call out again. I need to look at the ITU information again. Does
anyone know which entity it is that allows Q-Signals to be issued as ham-call

Thanks to the QRZ-multi-multi effort and all the others who answered my calls.
73, Jerry
N7MZW   SOAB(TS) LP   305,8922016-03-28 21:36:07
A very limited effort due to Fri. evening work and a busy Easter Sunday at
church. Kenwood TS-950SD, Heil BM-10 Headset using vox, and 102 foot G5RV up 55
feet, running N-S at 6,053 feet elevation from my apartment QTH in
Cheyenne,Wyoming.61% of my contacts were made on 40 meters, 19% on 20, 12% on
15, and 3% on 10 meters. A few productive runs, but mostly a "Hunt and
Pounce" effort. Only a few repeats were required.Very little intentional
QRM. I offered to QSY for one "sced", and they were so
surprised,that they opted to QSY and let me keep my frequency. A few DX
stations were not including a signal report as a part of the required
exchange,and the "usual suspects" with over driven audio, especially
from Cuba, Argentina, and Brazil.Screaming into your microphone is not required
for good communication to occur! Almost zero JA's heard, and 10 meters was
marginal at best for me.Always a fun contest for a "small pistol"
like me. I'll try and be available for the whole shebang next year.Thanks to
all who worked me. November 7 Many Zebras Walking
KA6BIM   SO(A)AB HP   3,939,7802016-03-28 22:10:32
Great conditions Friday and Saturday but slowed down Sunday. 10 meters finally
opened up Sunday afternoon, right after I hit my max time. 20 and 40 meters
made up for 10 though. May 10 meters R.I.P.
LZ3ZZ   SO(A)AB HP   1,262,9282016-03-28 22:35:17
Thanks ALL for QSO's!
AT5R   M/2 HP   4,046,8502016-03-28 23:03:41
We planned this operation to test out a field location for probable future
contest use and also to bring in newcomers who haven't been exposed to the
rigours of 48 hr, multi-op contesting.

Antennas were VDAs for 20,15,10m and a 1/4 wave vertical with elevated radials
installed near the high-tide mark. Radios were two K3s with 400w out from
KPA-500 amps powered off a 5KVA diesel generator; switching was via a KK1L
band-decoder. Everything worked well.

Propagation was rather average. The NA opening experienced on 15m at local
evening was absent on Sunday. 20m didn't yield much and was rather noisy most
of the time. We even experienced some crazy one way propagation on 20m with s9
signals who CQed in our face but couldn't hear us. Few hours later they dropped
to near s0 but went in the log with one call! We got some unsolicited remarks
about being loud. Weird.

10m didn't open to NA and not many signals from EU. But we did work some SA
which helped. 40m showed some early promise but i guess WPX SSB isn't
everybody's favourite contest. By Sunday evening, we didn't have many left to

Condx aside, it was a good experience as we operated at will and did not follow
any operating schedule. A more relaxed environment makes operating fun. We
thought we had a remote location but it turned out that the place sees enough
people on a weekend. We had many locals come and inquire about our goings-on
but not everyone seemed to grasp what we conveyed. We all had a good laugh
about it post contest.

Thanks for the calls.

73 de Deepak VU2CDP

PS: QSL only via LOTW and EQSL.
9A8MM(@9A7P)   SOSB15 QRP   6,7202016-03-28 23:38:34
Working QRP after some time was an interesting throwback experience, with
exceptions that much less stations heard me this time. I was using 2 el Quad at
GM5X(GM4YXI)   SOAB HP   13,024,1612016-03-29 00:25:17
I couldn't manage a single contest last year for a whole range of reasons, so it
was great to be able to do this one again. My last outing in CQWPX SSB was 2012,
having been away on DXpeditions with GM3WOJ each year since then, around this
time. And I only managed this year, due to a last minute change in family
Then I remembered that my 40m, 80m and 160m antennas were QRT from autumn
storms last year. Good Friday was spent lashing up new 80m and 40m verticals -
no 160m!.
Rumours of difficult conditions proved correct. Cycle 24 in undoubtedly on the
slide but it seems the deterioration is quite rapid. 10m was virtually empty.
15m was not a patch on what it was during my 3 hours spent there during ARRL
SSB, but it was possible to work JA and NA both days. There was almost no short
skip to Europe on 15m from here. Sunday during the day was very hard on 15m. I
abandoned 15m early, went to the bear pit of 20m late Sunday afternoon, only to
leave it (thankfully) a couple of hours later when 15m opened up again with an
hour or so of reasonable signals to NA. 20m was all QRM and splatter but it was
in decent shape on Saturday to NA and OK to JA on Sunday morning. I struggled on
40m without my 4-square since hearing was a struggle, 80m was a little easier
where, I guess, a single vertical (T) element is slightly more competitive.
I had an enforced extra sleep early Sunday morning when my 80m antenna
developed a high SWR. I suspect something going on related to very high winds
overnight, since the antenna was usable later, once the wind died down a bit by
sunrise Sunday.
Thanks for all the QSOs and a (mostly!) enjoyable weekend.

73 Keith GM4YXI

160 0 0 0 0 0.00
80 320 0 174 963 3.01
40 668 10 249 1879 2.81
20 1892 37 475 4354 2.30
15 1191 13 347 3185 2.67
10 10 0 6 30 3.00
TOTAL 4081 60 1251 10411 2.55
TOTAL SCORE : 13 024 161
TMØT(F/TU5KG)   SOAB HP   16,180,5002016-03-29 01:17:09
Fist time on SOAB. Very funy it's a pity that the bad weather of Sunday evening
changa my plans. Beam 20M beaming North with the wind !! But no damage.

See you on next contest

9A7Ø5Y(9A7DX)   SO(A)AB HP   12,552,1422016-03-29 02:19:31

What to say,

WPX SSB 2016. SOABHP 12.5 M

Obviously this year it was not my game :)

Lots of technical issues, with PA, relays, interferences and most importnent
microham u2r. Ofcourse, I discovered a modulation problem wih u2r @ 23:45 UTC
:) Missed 1st hour of competition
but did not manage to fix it, so there was vy vy vy restricted and complicated
so2r possibilities.

Beside that, I lost huge amount of points on on 40m. Our QQ is killing EU but
when it comes to DXs there is a different story.
What ever I try, just can not RUN NA's on 40 (except on my sunrise both days -
when conditions are on the peak).
Now definitly, wont participate seriously in contests before we put a new tower
and get some better ANT for 40m.

9A 7 0 5 Y did not help me at all :( S&P was terrible. Loosing lots of time
to explain my call and even losing some qso because guys just can not copy
"SEVEN ZERO FIVE". During S&P calling BY & YB stn's. with
9A705 pfx ..... no comment :)

I'm sure that all this influenced the score alot !!


15m was not especially good for me, there were vy strange condx on 15m this
year. JA's were loud on both days, and NAs were loud too, especially 2nd
evning, but could not get any decent rate there.

20&80 were ok, worked lots of juicy DXs on 80, and got almost more NAs on
80m then on 40m. 20 was wide open in both

10&160 are not worth of mentioning.

But generally....

It was an exciting weekend, with lots of friends on the AIR. In the moments
when I was thinking about quiting because of all problems there was always some
friend who called me and wish me well so I stay on the bands until the end.

There was nice race on, like always I find my own goals and try
to catch them. But could only watch how local competition E7DX and 9A77A was
running away. Congrats guys !

Now will take some rest from contesting, and enjoy spring on the open air ;)

Thanks to all for one more exciting weekend on the BANDs, worked really lots of
familiar voices and call's !


Vedran, 9A7DX
9A6A   SOSB40 HP   1,871,3502016-03-29 02:23:34
RIG: TS 690S + PA
ON6NL   SO(A)AB HP   3,816,6362016-03-29 04:24:05
The Eastern bells brought us our 5th grandchild! Still could make quite some
hours in the contest. SSB is less and less appealing to me. Still enjoyed the
contest. Special were: the collapsing propagations on Sunday afternoon, a run
on 160, good rates on 20 on Saturday.
Rig: IC756P2, ACOM1000
Ant: KT34a, inv-Vees
Software: N1MM
AD1C   SO(A)AB LP   99,8202016-03-29 06:40:56
Radio: Yaesu FTDX-5000, 100 watts
Antennas: Hy-Gain AV-640 vertical
1/2 size G5RV dipole in attic
Software: WriteLog for Windows
ES5TV   SOAB HP   15,702,9992016-03-29 07:18:39
Propagation is inevitably going down and this was a glimpse into the years
ahead. 10m almost totally closed except for some local guys and brief opening
to VU/VK/9M2/YB direction.

15m was struggling but Saturday saved me by providing a few hours of nice
morning JA and afternoon US runs. 8x5 H frame was much much superior in those
conditions to the 4xJP2000 stack bringing several inaudible stations to arm
chair copy. On Sunday even the H frame did not help. Very few JA and only a
handful of southern US.

40m was hopeless. Only the strongest US stations were barely audible during the
dark hours. When K3ZO sat on my frequency 1 hour into the contest and started
CQing I knew I can cross 40m off. So I took most of my break time in the dark
hours and that proved to be correct decision. On both mornings someone flipped
the switch exactly at sunrise and I could run US for 1 hour. Those were the
most fruitful hours of the contest.

80 and 160 are nothing to talk about. EU only.

So 20M was the only money band providing surpisingly long US propagation both
days, till ca 21z. But no night time.

It was clear it is impossible to match the southern guys in those conditions.
Conrgatulations to Braco and Dave. Exciting race! So I was mostly running
against Kim from OH0X and was actually a bit surprised I could build a solid
lead after he was doing well in the beginning on low bands with dual CQing. 15m
surely helped me here. Also I suspect Kim may have wasted too much of his
operating hours on useless 40m at night when I was sleeping.

It is refreshing indeed to see the explosion of entrants from several Asian
countries. Balance shifting from US to AS is certainly a very good thing for us
here in Eastern EU. Just to compare the QSO figures to some countries from my
operation in 2011:

4X 1 > 22
9M2 1 > 12
BY 40 > 55
DU 4 > 11
HS 9 > 28
SV 19 > 47
TA 4 > 30
VU 3 > 48
YB 20 > 69

Some quite shocking increases here. Especially VU, YB, TA. SV is only one lost
among Asians. YB, VU, HS, DU, BY and 9M yielded about the some QSO total as JA!
Add VKs and some others here and soon this direction is already more important
than JA/HL 50-60 degrees!

Some other very nice and surprising DXes were calling in with small QSO numbers

3DA0NJ x 2
2 4S stations
EP2C and EP2LSD (wow)
KG6JDX from Guam

African stations seem to be especially neglected in this contest. We have the
luck of having to beam south from nothern EU during the day when US has not
opened and thus attracting some attention down there. It is especially nice and
somewhat surreal having those far away ZS guys calling in seemingly lost and not
really following what is going on. Mostly just hending out 001s and wanting to
say hallo.

I also wanted to congratulate Bob, KQ2M, for excellent band opening signals on
15 and 20. Clearly the strongest from US with 59+40 on 15m when the band was
just about to open.

Work Toivo, ES2RR (ES5RR) in the CW leg of WPX in May!


ES5TV - Continents
By band - By mode
QSOs (with dupes)

| Band / Mode | EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 160 SSB | 100.0% | | | | | |
| 80 SSB | 90.0% | 2.3% | 3.2% | 1.8% | 2.7% | |
| 40 SSB | 56.6% | 31.9% | 5.3% | 0.9% | 5.0% | 0.3% |
| 20 SSB | 47.3% | 41.6% | 2.1% | 1.1% | 6.4% | 1.4% |
| 15 SSB | 15.6% | 40.0% | 4.9% | 1.6% | 31.3% | 6.7% |
| 10 SSB | 42.9% | | | | 47.6% | 9.5% |

Powered by Win-Test 4.19.0

By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 |Total|
| 00 | | 20 | 75 | | | | 95 |
| 01 | | 1 | | | | | 1 |
| 02 | | 101 | 10 | | | | 111 |
| 03 | | 82 | 21 | | | | 103 |
| 04 | | | 137 | | | | 137 |
| 05 | | | 72 | | 54 | | 126 |
| 06 | | | | 10 | 125 | | 135 |
| 07 | | | | 19 | 93 | | 112 |
| 08 | | | | 29 | 83 | | 112 |
| 09 | | | | 14 | 96 | 1 | 111 |
| 10 | | | | 4 | 4 | | 8 |
| 11 | | | | 130 | | | 130 |
| 12 | | | | 180 | 1 | | 181 |
| 13 | | | | 9 | 135 | | 144 |
| 14 | | | | 3 | 166 | | 169 |
| 15 | | | | 3 | 166 | | 169 |
| 16 | | | | 22 | 90 | | 112 |
| 17 | | | | 148 | 2 | | 150 |
| 18 | | | | 159 | 4 | | 163 |
| 19 | | | | 159 | | | 159 |
| 20 | | | | 172 | 1 | | 173 |
| 21 | | | | 120 | | | 120 |
| 22 | | | | | | | |
| 23 | | | | | | | |
| 00 | | | | | | | |
| 01 | | | | | | | |
| 02 | | | | | | | |
| 03 | | 1 | 34 | | | | 35 |
| 04 | | | 119 | | | | 119 |
| 05 | | | 114 | 8 | | | 122 |
| 06 | | | | 36 | 37 | | 73 |
| 07 | | | | 10 | 74 | | 84 |
| 08 | | | | 90 | 4 | 20 | 114 |
| 09 | | | | | | | |
| 10 | | | | 118 | 4 | | 122 |
| 11 | | | | 167 | 3 | | 170 |
| 12 | | | | 77 | 32 | | 109 |
| 13 | | | | 15 | 73 | | 88 |
| 14 | | | | 59 | 28 | | 87 |
| 15 | | | | 122 | 8 | | 130 |
| 16 | | | | 87 | 23 | | 110 |
| 17 | | | | 111 | 7 | | 118 |
| 18 | | 8 | | 103 | 5 | | 116 |
| 19 | | 6 | 6 | 107 | | | 119 |
| 20 | | | 18 | 82 | | | 100 |
| 21 | 3 | | 55 | | | | 58 |
| 22 | | | | | | | |
| 23 | | | | | | | |
| | 3 | 219 | 661 |2373 |1318 | 21 |4595 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.19.0

Country 160 80 40 20 15 10 All
3DA 1 1 2
3V 1 2 3
4L 1 1 2 4
4O 1 2 3
4S 1 3 4
4X 1 2 11 8 22
5B 3 5 4 12
5V 1 1
5Z 1 1
7X 2 2
8P 2 2 2 6
9A 5 12 20 2 39
9H 1 1 2
9J 1 1
9K 1 3 2 6
9M2 7 4 11
9M6 1 1 1 3
9Y 2 2
A2 1 1
A6 1 2 1 1 5
A7 1 2 1 2 2 8
A9 2 2
BV 4 4
BY 1 2 52 55
C6 1 1
CE 6 3 7 16
CM 1 3 2 6
CN 2 2 4 2 10
CT 1 3 13 9 26
CT3 1 1 2
CU 1 1 1 3
CX 1 1
D4 1 1 1 1 4
DL 22 40 98 19 179
DU 4 7 11
E4 1 1
E7 3 2 10 2 17
EA 8 10 56 41 115
EA6 1 1
EA8 1 2 8 5 16
EA9 1 1
EI 3 1 11 15
EK 2 2
EP 1 1 2
ER 1 1
ES 1 2 4 5 2 14
EU 8 5 3 1 17
EX 1 1
EY 1 1
F 3 12 42 5 62
FK 1 1
FM 1 1
FP 1 1
G 2 12 169 183
GD 1 2 3
GI 10 10
GJ 1 1
GM 2 20 22
*GM/s 1 1
GU 2 2
GW 13 1 14
H4 1 1
HA 5 5 7 1 1 19
HB 1 4 26 2 33
HB0 1 1
HC 1 1 2
HI 1 2 2 5
HK 2 1 1 4
HL 8 8
HS 10 18 28
HZ 1 2 1 4
I 6 35 141 4 186
IS 1 3 4
*IT9 2 4 13 9 28
JA 3 12 224 239
JY 1 1
K 3 183 858 472 1516
KH2 1 1
KH6 5 1 6
KL 1 9 10
KP2 1 1 2 1 5
KP4 3 3 7 13
LA 1 2 1 4
LU 2 3 7 13 25
LX 1 2 3
LY 1 8 6 5 1 21
LZ 3 12 28 5 1 49
OA 1 1
OD 2 2 4
OE 2 2 16 2 22
OH 1 5 4 19 13 42
OH0 1 1 2
OK 11 15 10 3 39
OM 4 4 6 1 15
ON 4 7 26 37
OZ 2 6 3 1 12
P4 2 1 3
PA 2 12 68 1 83
PJ2 2 2
PJ4 1 1
PJ5 1 1
PY 4 10 30 36 80
S5 7 19 40 5 71
SM 3 2 9 1 15
SP 1 8 12 13 3 37
SV 3 6 23 15 47
SV5 1 1
SV9 1 1 1 2 5
T32 1 1
TA 6 18 6 30
*TA1 4 4
TF 2 5 7
TI 2 1 2 5
UA 26 50 61 20 157
UA2 1 2 3
UA9 1 9 43 38 91
UK 1 1 2
UN 1 2 5 4 1 13
UR 23 38 47 9 2 119
V4 1 1 2
VE 16 101 33 150
VK 5 20 1 26
VP5 1 1 2
VR 3 3
VU 2 17 25 4 48
XE 1 2 4 7
XW 1 1
YB 1 18 50 69
YI 1 1
YL 3 1 6 5 15
YO 2 12 36 2 1 53
YU 3 9 14 3 29
YV 1 11 2 5 19
Z3 1 2 5 3 11
*Z6 1 4 1 6
ZA 1 1
ZL 1 6 7
ZP 1 1 2
ZS 5 7 12
WR7Q   SOAB HP   209,7902016-03-29 07:20:24
Lots of fun. Picked up some new qsos on 80m
VU2DED   SOAB LP   185,4722016-03-29 07:22:46
Unfavourable propagation conditions made contest more challenging. Enjoyed every
bit of the contest.
Working Conditions:
ICOM-IC-707 barefoot
Antenna- Trap dipole for 40,20,15 and 10M.
Manual antenna tuner Yaesu FC-700.

See You all in other contests too.

VO1DJT   SOAB LP   202,5362016-03-29 07:51:10
Just got on to make a few contacts.
73 Daisy, VO1DJT
Yaesu FT2000-100 watts
Alpha Delta DXCC-30ft
W8KNO   SOAB LP   8,0852016-03-29 07:59:24
Lost my voice due to nasal drip, poor timing!
EI1A(ON4EI)   SOAB LP   2,295,6182016-03-29 08:28:48
I have operated only 27:30 hours, And clearly it is a very good result for the
operating time. On Sunday afternoon, I had to fight against the windstorm and
all antennas resisted like myself and my family ... who escaped Brussels
bombing last tuesday ... During the cotest I had to fight several times with
high power stations who took my frequency without any request. This is becoming
a usual business, and low power category is becoming harder and harder,
specially with lower propagation conditions due to solar activity decrease. I
experienced wonderful RUNs to North America on 20 and 15m. Sunday evening, I
enjoyed a nice opening on 10m to South America adding some new prefixes. I
never worked so much YB (Indonesia), JA (Japan), HS (Thailand) and TA (Turkey)
stations. Also the 160 m band was very quite and I enjoyed the operation on
this band.
OL3R(OK1VWK)   SOSB20 HP   138,0242016-03-29 08:46:31
On the air only limited time Sunday afternoon. No DXcluster or similar support.
Just only real SO with limited station setup. Ofcourse I know, that old
portable radio connected to big antenna provides definitely another behavior
than usual equipment. But reality was strange. When greyline passed my
location, there was impossible to read signals due to IM products from AM
stations mainly around 40m band. Tried to pick up stations in pileup on 20 with
BC music IM products at backround. Tried disable preamp and use only 1st mixer.
Still not enough. 1st mixer only and 20dB ATT activation was the final

Despite of my local limitations, my pleasure to read signals like 3G5EC WP4EHK
XE1MEX or YB6HAI. Big sorry to all next who called. See you with full setup in
next time.

5el. OWA 10,8m boom @12m (fixed to NA)
IC706MKII + OM-Power

OL3R - Continents
| EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 56.4% | 33.4% | 3.3% | 2.3% | 4.3% | 0.3% |

QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| 14 | 13 |
| 15 | 12 |
| 16 | 88 |
| 17 | 31 |
| 18 | 34 |
| 19 | 92 |
| 20 | 35 |
| | 305 |
WX3B   M/M HP   24,012,9342016-03-29 09:29:15
EA3CX(@EA3CCN)   SOSB15 HP   3,633,5742016-03-29 09:50:05
Thanks all for Qsos and hope to meet you in the CW leg!!!

Rig: IC7400 + AMP

Antennas: 7 el Yagi at 18m, 4 el Yagi at 35m and 3 ele Delta Loop at 12m
W7CAR   SOAB HP   325,4162016-03-29 10:06:12
Lots of Fun, did better than last year.
F6GOX   SOAB HP   4,4032016-03-29 10:07:43
One hour for this contest, just to given the "F6" prefix on 160 meters
to the serious contesters. Good signals from East coast. The competition between
WPX and VK0EK DX-pedition was not in favour of this contest... I am so happy to
already have 10 qso's on all bands with VK0EK, except the 10 meters because of
waiting propagation. See you later and best 73. Laurent
KU2M   SOSB15 HP   4,408,2642016-03-29 10:34:34
Couldn't operate for the full span of active band time, but conditions were good
overall except for a relatively late band opening start to EU (the first whole
hour on Saturday morning there were two stations heard or worked - an FR4 and
an SV3, and nothing else - go figure)and practically zero JA prop (missed
Saturday evening completely and only worked a few JAs on Sunday before the
opening died completely). On the other hand, the band stayed open to EU fairly
late both days, with occasional "stragglers" calling in until 2100 or
OK1MMN   SOSB20 LP   75,2562016-03-29 10:42:25
FT-1k FLD, 3x3 ECO @ 14m
YV2CAR   SOSB40 LP   958,5452016-03-29 11:04:52
Score Summary Sheet

CREATED-BY: RUMped Ver. 3.2.13 by Tom, DL2RUM
OPERATING TIME: 14,3 hours

Result: 2.685 QSO Pts x 357 Mpl = 958.545 Total

Band Multis QSOs Dupes Total Points
160m: 0 0 0 0
80m: 0 0 0 0
40m: 472 1 473 2685
20m: 0 0 0 0
15m: 0 0 0 0
10m: 0 0 0 0

Sum: 357 472 1 473 2685
ON4APU   SOAB LP   1,262,3412016-03-29 11:28:14
OE1HHB   SOAB LP   663,0402016-03-29 12:59:19
Significant less points compared to last year which was close to a million
points. 10m was almost dead and 15 was also not in a good shape. Additional I
had to use my telescopic antenna extended to just 2 meters for many hours on
sunday due wind conditions. Did more QSO on 20 compared to 2015 and got with
KH6 and KL7 two new DXCCs in my log so happy anyway.

Whole contest was done just with my voice, without any kind of digital
recording. Rig: Kenwood TS570D + Heil Proset Headset. 100W into a Chameleon
Hybrid-Mini Base with a MFJ-1979 telescopic vertical and as second antenna a
helical wound vertical on a 4,5 m glas fiber mast which I used on 160m - 20m
N9VPV   SO(A)AB LP   1,3442016-03-29 13:22:44
SSB contest is not a good time for a tooth ache
PQ5B(@PP5CFS)   M/S HP   13,492,8972016-03-29 13:39:33
OE5T   M/2 HP   3,820,1672016-03-29 14:03:32
Part-time training effort with new member Hari OE5LHM and others that I could
motivate. Condx not great, some minor problems and S9 local QRM for long
periods. Time to cure the "no 80m antenna" problem, maybe this year

73 Oliver OE5OHO
K2SSS   SOSB15 HP   1,978,2152016-03-29 14:56:52
TS590sg + 1kw
5L + 6L fix to EU

Just testing my new 6L on 50ft boom,It was fix to EU. 5L was rotary on the
Next step is to build 3 more 6L. Look very good antenna.
Thanks for all qso's.
TM6M(F4DXW)   SOAB HP   17,700,1202016-03-29 15:19:27
A good contest. Sunday night, I did not turn my 6 elements antenna 20 meters on
the USA because there were high wind (150 Km/Hour), just turn over my KT36XA to
work USA.

Congratulation to E7DX for this great score

Thank you for your calls

TM6M (F4DXW Stéphane)
ES7GM   SO(A)AB HP   7,301,2852016-03-29 15:22:28
I wasn't really sure what the game plan would be and what I really wanted to
achieve. So last minute decision was to reclaim my local ES HP Assisted record.
Now I just have to wait for the log check results. Like every single one of you
have already told, the bands were basically a disaster and my modest antennas
didn't really help. I'll make some changes for CW leg and add some upgrades but
I'm still facing the fact of noisy low bands.

I still consider myself as a youngster and it's kind of fun to experiment how
well my body performs. So to make it more interesting I took a break on both
days from 10z-12:30z (to avoid low cost 1 pointers and pray that there would be
a decent opening to US) to play some competitive basketball in local league. For
my own surprise I survived quite well. I slept something like 3 hours before the
contest and around 2 hours on Sunday morning. But when I went to sleep after
that madness I slept... a lot. ES5TV gave me a call on Monday midday and I
still hadn't come out of the bed.

But overall an enjoyable contest as it always is. Some familiar voices from the
YOTA group, old friends but also some surprises that made me smile. Special
thanks to C91IW who came out of the blue on 40 meters and gave me a that huge
smile. If it would've been WW DX contest I would have QSYd him all over the

For those who fancy a nice Saturday morning 4-hour ES chase (16th of April)
please feel free and be part of our ES-Open contest. Rules are simple and they
can be found here:

Til the next time!
ES7GM, Kris
AI4QQ   SO(A)AB LP   57,7062016-03-29 15:38:58
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 31 141 22
14 54 125 48
21 44 123 33
28 29 84 19
Total 158 473 122
Score: 57,706
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's
K2JMY   SOAB HP   222,2202016-03-29 15:56:35
Please dont schedule this contest on Easter next year !
KD5UVV   SOAB HP   180,9402016-03-29 16:02:25
First time working this contest. Used 168 ft. End-Fed wire with Kenwood TL-922a
at about 800 watts and TS-940SAT. Lots of lightning crashes both nights on 16o
meters. Really enjoyed working 15 and 20 meters. Thanks for the contacts. 73
YY4KCV   SOSB15 LP   229,6762016-03-29 17:20:02
[log removed from comments]

Rig YAESU FT-890 Mic MD-1 100 w Ant Vertical Grid FK60fe
CLUB: Radio Club Venezolano Caracas
NAME: Marcos Corro
ADDRESS: P.o Box 2571 ZP 2117
ADDRESS: Palo Negro Estado Aragua
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5505.0
VA4HZ(VE4HAZ)   SOAB LP   73,9312016-03-29 18:03:02
Not much of an effort this year. Between the flu, family coming over and
Easter, the was not much time to operate. I did find it tough going from my
location this year. It seemed that I had to fight for every contact. No where
but upward from here.
NSØR   SO(A)AB HP   106,5962016-03-29 18:38:46
I'm not much of a side band op. I don't enjoy it enough to be competitive, and
I don't have the station for it. I needed something to do before the summer CW
contests start. Still had fun. Thanks for the Q's.

73, Morgan, NS0R
K3CCR(N3UM)   SOAB(TS) HP   731,0802016-03-29 19:38:26
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. We
planned to do Multi-2 in the 2016 WPX SSB but then W3GB was
busy, and in town only part of the weekend. So I (N3UM)
operated SOHP TB-Wires instead. At the start fast S&P worked
OK on 40 m., then on 20 m. with beam on SA. EUs weak on 40
and 80 m. Quit 0317 Z. Could not get runs going any time
on Sat. But, Sun. was better: starting 0130 on 40 m., got 63
Qs in 41 min. for 92.5/hr. Daytime, starting 1336 on 15 m.
got 87 Qs in 1 hr. Early PM Sun. 20 m. was steady but slow.
At 2045 Z I tried 10 m. and did better than computer prop.
forecasts had promised: 43 Qs and 21 mults in 52 min., mostly
beaming S or SE. Total BIC time was a laid-back 15 hrs.
VE6FI   M/2 HP   1,636,7622016-03-29 20:59:50
Operated till midnight Saturday and then it was Easter.

Station operates OFF GRID from Solar panels backed up by a Generator.

Running two amps. One is home brew - pair of 8877's and other one is new to us
and is a Ameritron AL1200. The AL1200 is the first commercial amplifier in use
at the station in more than 170K QSO's

OK7W(OK1CID)   SOSB15 HP   4,326,2602016-03-29 21:22:45
I was contesting again from Policko QTH of club OL7M, thanks a lot for help from
OK2ZAW and OK1MU. The conditions of first day was not good, but the sunday
evening made all contest better - I was able to make US station until 21:30

Thanks for all QSOs, 73!
Standa OK1CID - OK7W
9A77A(9A1UN)   SOAB HP   17,752,0722016-03-30 00:56:15
Great fun again, still missing 2nd direction yagis for 20 and 40m after stormy
winter, and 15m stuck to south, felt I miss them as the bands were open to
south east asia almost day&night. Worked bunch of YB,VU,HS stations on the
back of the main antennas.
Condx were quite OK at my location. 40/80m were great with nice US numbers 600+
US/VE on 40m. Some remarcable 40m qsos VY1AAA, KL7RA with the sun up in the sky
at their place and in the late morning qsos with VK's, at both 9A and VK sun
was way up.
Missed the night time condx to US on 20m but with sun numbers comparable to the
bottom of the cycle its still good to have the band open late 22Z.
15m was my money band 1st day, felt very well I was loud in US while other more
eastern and northen guys had problems running states.
10m open only to the southern hemisphere, at least it was easy finiding SA
mults on 2nd radio, band clear and only PY,LU,CX... etc coming loud
Had a blast on 80m sunday morning just at sunrise and the next half hour after
sunrise with a great US pile up.

After change of all PC's @9A1P last month I didnt take enough time to set up
and try SO2R configuration, ended up with using 2 mic's and 2 footswich for
each radio with only audio switching working properly. 2nd problem was I
couldnt get
voice keyer working on 1st radio resulting even more complex RXing 2nd radio
while talking :) btw lost my voice almost completly at about 22z sunday
At the end managed very few 2nd radio qsos almost all on 10m.

Nice race against my friend Braco on, even managed to catch him
saturday afternoon but later he kept the million distance till the end.

I love this game,

Until the next one,
73 Dave 9A1UN aka 9A77A in WPX
S56ØC(S55OO)   SOAB HP   11,551,0502016-03-30 03:53:44
Big thanks to my host Matija, S53MM for having me!
CU in CW part.

IO9P(IT9SPB)   SOSB40 LP   259,1182016-03-30 05:51:08
Hi guys
due to bad weather I could not operate from IH9A for bad weather so I decided
to participate in the Contest with as I could from my QTH as done for ARRL Dx.
I must say that certainly tiring, and do it in QRP for ARRL Dx having had the
satisfaction for the way it went and saw the previous experience and as
mentioned earlier because of the bad weather could not have been in operation
for IH9A I tried to do it in Low Power trying to He was able to combine
something better.
the band of 40m and was the Contest even with very QRM open open enough times
but as mentioned fatigue and desire have not been on my side, so I tried to do
what I could to all'ltmo, I thank all those who I have connected and given the
possibility of the QSO.

Tx: Elecraft K3
Antenna: MomoBeam 2el @t 34m.

Cu next Contest Inshallah....!!
gianfranco IT9SPB one of IH9A
KA9BBQ   SOAB LP   8,2882016-03-30 06:58:14
Band QSOs Pts WPX
14 35 79 35
21 24 69 21
Total 59 148 56

Score : 8,288
D41CV(@D4C)   M/M HP   84,170,9052016-03-30 07:13:55
Jaust an amazing weekend ! Even overall condition were not so good, SSN were
only 26, we had a fantastic open to USA Sunday afternoon on 10m, that has boost
our score. Low bands as usual, suffered due larger distance from main activity
areas, and mainly for the double points scoring system. Otherwise this was a
test of the new improvements that are planned for the next low bands antennas
The international team was the other side of the history, even we didn't know
personally , ham spirit and contest has joined us, adding more friendship
blood, and enjoy to the contest.

Thank' to everyone has called us in this particular event to commemorate the
41th anniversary of Cape Verde Indipendence, our first event joined with the
ANAC to introduce the Cape Verde beauties around the world with the Ham Radio

Following out motto, "you call we answer", we hope to work u again
next times !

73 de Fabio one behalf of D4C ( D41CV )
V43Z(NP4Z)   SOAB LP   10,951,3082016-03-30 10:02:00
Great time operating from "the Site" at Baseterre.. I was advised by
Andy N2NT that conditions would be challenging and it was no surprise.. Being
an Island boy that lives in the mountains of PR was easy to understand the
difficulties and deal with them. Certainly Andy goes to a lot of trouble in
order to have the station ready every year for the cqww's.

Now to my excuse list, running usa with the antenna pointing south didn't help,
the winds were super strong and the rotator showed the right direction but the
antenna wasn't. Also my European antena was "fixed" at africa the
rotator would allow it to move more east but no "left" movement. I
knew I was in trouble when early the first morning I was behind over 150 qsos
from Jaime WP3A who was operating from my Puerto rico Station, also low power.

The weekend was made of many visits of running outside and moving the antennas
manually and fixing them with ropes. After all was done, I think the whole
thing accounted for about 500-700 Qsos lost.
The site is in a fantastic location but it requires constant maintenance due to
the high winds in the area and the decision of flying with the whole family for
our easter vacation and playing radio, didn't leave time for pre contest

At the end It was a great time with no regrets, St.Christopher is a beautiful
island with even more beautiful people in it. I had no expectations of winning
scores and even as the conditions weren't ideal, the family and relaxing time
on the island was well worth it.

Many thanks to Joel V44KAI for all his help and guidance, to the Communications
authority of the Island for the operations permit and to Andy N2NT for the

Best 73's

NR4C   M/S HP   177,0172016-03-30 10:02:14
Will, k4mi, is in need of some antenna work, so we joined together for a
Multi/Single event for this contest. I have to give credit to Will as he did
most of the contacts for the contest. The rig (K3S/P3/KPA500/KAT500 worked
well and we cot a few "nice signal" comments. We did mostly S&P
but got in a few short runs and one real nice one on Saturday.
NN4RB   SO(A)AB LP   45,7472016-03-30 10:33:00
Because of the Easter Holiday I did not get to operate until Sunday afternoon.
I managed to get in 5 hours.

(20, 15 and 10) Mosely TA-33jr, Ham IV @ about 40'
80 OCF dipole at about 44' ladder line fed. (KAT-500 at base. This antenna
160 meter as vertical with top cap.)
35' vertical on top of metal storage shed - Remote tuned TMC_ATS-2_Antenna
Tuner at antenna
450' Beverage
WA7YXY   SO(A)AB LP   5,1942016-03-30 11:09:28
It was fun! I really, really need new hearing aids.
W9ILY   SOSB15 HP   41,0642016-03-30 11:13:37
IC-756PRO2 with Optibeam OB9/5 beam and phased verticals.
OH9A(OH1NOA)   SO(A)SB10 LP   2972016-03-30 11:56:43
There other stations were heard briefly. 16 elements was not enough.
KB5R   SO(A)SB40 HP   77,8202016-03-30 13:03:21
First contest, ever.
XE1AY   SOAB LP   338,4792016-03-30 19:39:40
This time very good condition on 15 m, I could work Europe, Asia and South
America station at the same time
8P5A(W2SC)   SOAB HP   28,005,5422016-03-30 20:47:10
Conditions are clearly declining with 1600 fewer Q's on 10, but was able to make
it up on the other bands. Ended up with slightly more QSO's than last year.
Better low band conditions contributed more QSO points, and good rate in the
final few hours enabled a new personal best.

For once, it seemed like I did not make a big mistake with my off time

Thanks to everyone for the contacts and to my wife Kathleen for all of her help
once again

73, Tom W2SC

QSL via LoTW or NN1N
KK9A   SOSB40 HP   4,200,0002016-03-30 21:00:39
KU1CW   SO(A)AB HP   5,719,4952016-03-31 00:49:05
Wow! First full time (almost) remote contest operation for me and first full
time SOP effort from the East coast as well.
I was in Portland OR and station in Virginia >4500km away. Used single
radio and it worked very well - without a glitch for the entire contest.
I had only laptop and internet in my "shack" and FT2000+ACOM2000 at
the Virginia station. All operation was only via user interface - i.e computer
I have forgot that my laptop has a touch screen, which would make it possible
to tune FT2000 very easily by hand. Have tried it after the contest and it
working just fine.
I'm very impressed with the stability of this remote operation - very well
designed station!

Thanks to Mike, W4AAW, for letting me use his fine station and to all people
who helped to build it!
Thanks for all the Q's!
73! Alex, KU1CW/7
OK7K(OK1BN)   SOSB80 HP   3,091,4072016-03-31 03:23:17
Nice contest!

First time when I used full time SO2R/inband in Single category. Hard job but I
was really suprised how many stations you can find on band.

QSOs by continents:
206 - NA
13 - SA
1265 - EU
8 - AF
49 - AS
4 - OC

2x FT-1000MP
ACOM 2000A

TX Antenna:
Wire Dipol @ 18m West/East

RX Antennas:
Beverage 360m to USA (320 deg)
Beverage 360m to Carribien (280 deg)
Beverage 360m to South America (250 deg)
Beverage 360m to Africa (170 deg)
Beverage 360m to VK/ZL (080 deg)
Beverage 360m to Japan (045 deg)
Beverage 260m to North (015 deg)
Beverage 180m to near East (135 deg)
K9AY Loop
Delta Loop @ 11m, 450m away for inband RX

See you in some next contest.

73! Petr OK1BN / OK7K
JR5YCE   M/S HP   4,845,0002016-03-31 03:53:16
Main antennas were damaged during winter, and therefore sub antennas were used
on most of the time except 15m. It was a start up of the station and operators
for this season.

We fully enjoyed the opening to EU on 15m both days.

Thank you for the contact.

See you in the next contest.

73/Hiro JJ5GMJ
VYØERC(VE3KTB)   SOAB LP   533,6002016-03-31 06:51:19
Conditions were surprisingly good for the SFI values. As always, 20m was the
money band. Managed a bit on 40m and unfortunately 15m didn't amount to much.
It's always fun to give out VY0. I can hear the eyes widen.
N1DID   SOAB LP   171,8102016-03-31 09:27:56
Just moved my antennas and shack, so was still checking things out and tweaking
stuff, and didn't really get on the air fully until Saturday. Was also sick
part of the day on Sunday from allergies, otherwise I would have had more chair
HBØ/PC5A   SO(A)AB LP   10,8002016-03-31 10:29:36
What else to do on a resting day (after having hiked in the snow with snowshoes
the day before) than to play radio. Having just 10W out of a battery operated
KX3 and a dipole (thank to Rens-PA3FGA who brought them along) was not helping
in the current conditions to get any run going. S&P was fun too. Knowing
how it is these days when hardly anyone tunes across the bands but instead just
clicks away on the cluster I spotted many stations.

-- Aurelio
HA3DX(HA4XH)   SO(A)AB HP   5,859,4802016-03-31 10:56:01
Rig: YAESU FT2000 PA:HENRY 3K Premier
Antennas : 5 el monobander Long John Yagis for 28-21-14MHz and 4 el/3 band
Trival Quad on 20/15/10 mtrs. Lazy-H antennas for 7 MHZ (NW-SE/SW-NE) / Single
Quads for 3,5MHz (SW-NE)/NW/SE/ Delta loops for 1.8-Mhz (NW-SE/SW-NE) / K9AY

Thanks for nice contest!

Best regards from Hungary

Charlie HA4XH
HG8R(HA8JV)   SOSB40 HP   7,487,4242016-03-31 11:24:56
Thanks for all calers(RUN/SP 2087/113).
Station info:
see you in next one!
73 Pali HA8JV/HG8R
VA7QD(@VE7IO)   SO(A)AB HP   145,7402016-03-31 15:14:32
I had the good fortune to operate from VE7IO's station using an ICOM 756 Pro
with a Tri-band beam at 65 ft. The bands were a bit challenging and I could
not find an opening on 10m.
I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations established
for amateur radio in my country. My report is correct and true to the best of
my knowledge. I agree to be bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.
Jeanne Wilson VA7QD
PT2AW   SOAB LP   160,5802016-03-31 17:16:14
Great contest to take part!
CQ9T   M/S LP   5,521,0682016-03-31 17:27:05
160 0 0 0 0 0.00
80 0 0 0 0 0.00
40 577 8 378 3434 5.95
20 580 0 218 1720 2.97
15 572 4 206 1698 2.97
10 5 0 2 15 3.00
TOTAL 1734 12 804 6867 3.96
TOTAL SCORE : 5 521 068
4U1WB(AJ3M)   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   179,9282016-03-31 18:09:09
Thanks for the QSOs.


Masa, AJ3M
N1RR(@K1VR)   M/S HP   2,104,3622016-03-31 20:19:21
Thanks to Fred K1VR for the use of his station.
Conducted test of repaired antennas on 80M and evaluation of the new antennas
on 40,20,15,10 on the new Rohn 55G tower.
Cushcraft 2L 40 @ 110ft on a Tailtwister - Very good
OB16-3 @ 90ft/60ft/30ft
20M Good
15M Very Very Good
10M Worked everything that was heard.
EI7M(EI3JZ)   SOSB20 HP   9,125,9662016-04-01 13:17:38
Great test, good condition.:Tnx all for Qs', John(EI8IR) and Neil(EI3JE) for
helping getting stn ready and quick fix during contest.
Congrats SJ2W! Great result!
E7DX(E77DX)   SO(A)AB HP   19,217,9652016-04-01 13:28:43
OM7RU   SOAB HP   3,499,4962016-04-01 14:03:27
This contest shows picture of definitive "good bye" from Cycle 24.

I started on 40m, but deep night was time of closing of this band. I early QSY
to 80m, and this was good decision to hold quite high QSO number for 3 hours. I
was able to have good rates also on 40m on early morning. I wanted to stay on
40m as long as it was possible. Due to 2 points EU and due to expectation of
bad conditions on high bands. Moving to 20m and 15m was struggle for every QSO.
10m without any opening, 15m without longer pileup, so-so on 20m. Very early
closing of high bands. Saturday evening quite better rates on 40m. Night again
with miserable 40m, so I spent night on 80m and 160m.
Sunday break I started earlier just on morning, which was good idea. Sunday
afternoon was quite nice on both, 20m and 15m, much more better than day
before. With few pileups and few interesting west and east openings on 15m.
Band looked like just before closing but east gave few piles of valuable mults
from exact directions (YB, YC, 9M, BY...). At least one short 10m opening, but
with only little score addition. Fortunately, 15m and 20m closed much later,
than on Saturday.

Sometimes I have serious problems with bands covered by one splatter spectrum
beside other. No rare +/- 5 kHz... Especially on 20m after closing of 15m -
there wasn't problem to find frequency with no station, but reason was clear -
enormous splatter QRM. Some signals was similar to few kHz wide bulldozer... I
had to playing with filters, attenuator, preamplifier... Situation is getting
worse from year to year.

The main problem for years of Solar activity minimum is 20m and 15m antennas.
My 3 element tribander is just small water pistol toy. Looking to big guns
score shows, that 20m was their main band, not rare together with 15m. My
"home station" resources for building high bands arrays are limited,
so difficult years are comming, hi.

Thanks to all participants, for patience during QSBs.

Used equipments:
Yaesu FT-1000MP MarkV Field
ACOM 2000A (1,5 kW OUT)
MicroHAM microKeyer, MicroHAM StationMaster
UltraBeam UB ONE rotator

160m: Vertical (35m tower + 2 elevated radials)
80m: OptiBeam OB1-80 rotary dipole @34m
40m: InvVee @21m
RX loop (TX3A design)
20, 15, 10m: Cushcraft A4S 3 el. tribander @31m

Riki, OM7RU
WR5O   SOAB HP   2,339,3702016-04-01 17:41:32
TB wires catagory
KT5J(K5TR)   SOAB HP   10,721,1362016-04-01 18:50:39
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes

160SSB 1 1 1 0
80SSB 70 70 144 9
40SSB 1322 1287 4684 420
20SSB 928 918 1381 258
15SSB 1342 1319 3124 390
10SSB 109 108 290 37

Totals 3772 3703 9624 1114

Final Score = 10721136 points.

I got off to a great start but the conditions to EU were just
not very good on the high bands. Conditions to JA seemed good
and 40 meters was good.

2x Elecraft K3 radios (tnx k5ot)
2x AL-1500 amps
trlinux -

160 - 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long
- Shared Apex RX Loop Array

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long
- Shared Apex RX Loop Array

40 - 4 element yagi at 120'
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long
- Shared Apex RX Loop Array

20 - 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 80'
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 6 element yagi at 70'
- 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60'
- 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE
- 6 element yagi at 120'

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 15 172 0 187 187 5.0
0100 0 0 0 221 3 0 224 411 11.1
0200 0 0 0 158 1 0 159 570 15.4
0300 0 0 150 22 0 0 172 742 20.0
0400 0 0 126 2 0 0 128 870 23.5
0500 0 1 78 0 0 0 79 949 25.6
0600 0 5 54 0 0 0 59 1008 27.2
0700 0 16 68 0 0 0 84 1092 29.5
0800 0 35 43 0 0 0 78 1170 31.6
0900 0 0 110 0 0 0 110 1280 34.6
1000 0 0 68 0 0 0 68 1348 36.4
1100 0 0 60 3 0 0 63 1411 38.1
1200 0 0 79 16 0 0 95 1506 40.7
1300 0 0 0 43 46 0 89 1595 43.1
1400 0 0 0 29 87 0 116 1711 46.2
1500 0 0 0 0 111 0 111 1822 49.2
1600 0 0 0 0 66 11 77 1899 51.3
1700 0 0 0 34 36 17 87 1986 53.6
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1986 53.6
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1986 53.6
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1986 53.6
2100 0 0 0 0 86 24 110 2096 56.6
2200 0 0 0 4 83 0 87 2183 59.0
2300 0 0 0 4 69 0 73 2256 60.9
0000 0 0 0 8 117 0 125 2381 64.3
0100 0 0 3 15 53 0 71 2452 66.2
0200 0 0 0 76 27 0 103 2555 69.0
0300 0 0 62 15 16 0 93 2648 71.5
0400 0 0 99 0 0 0 99 2747 74.2
0500 0 0 80 0 0 0 80 2827 76.3
0600 0 9 69 2 0 0 80 2907 78.5
0700 1 4 31 0 0 0 36 2943 79.5
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2943 79.5
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2943 79.5
1000 0 0 59 0 0 0 59 3002 81.1
1100 0 0 34 0 0 0 34 3036 82.0
1200 0 0 14 0 0 0 14 3050 82.4
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3050 82.4
1400 0 0 0 0 32 0 32 3082 83.2
1500 0 0 0 29 76 0 105 3187 86.1
1600 0 0 0 5 115 1 121 3308 89.3
1700 0 0 0 0 35 37 72 3380 91.3
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3380 91.3
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3380 91.3
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3380 91.3
2100 0 0 0 0 23 8 31 3411 92.1
2200 0 0 0 71 57 10 138 3549 95.8
2300 0 0 0 146 8 0 154 3703 100.0
Total 1 70 1287 918 1319 108 3703

Gross QSOs=3772 Dupes=69 Net QSOs=3703

Unique callsigns worked = 2959

The best 60 minute rate was 228/hour from 0056 to 0155
The best 30 minute rate was 236/hour from 0114 to 0143
The best 10 minute rate was 282/hour from 0057 to 0106

The best 1 minute rates were:
7 QSOs/minute 1 times.
6 QSOs/minute 13 times.
5 QSOs/minute 43 times.
4 QSOs/minute 120 times.
3 QSOs/minute 329 times.
2 QSOs/minute 622 times.
1 QSOs/minute 692 times.

There were 335 bandchanges and 154 (4.2%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 1 52 570 629 378 13 1643
VE calls = 0 4 65 92 64 0 225
N.A. calls = 0 4 29 23 13 8 77
S.A. calls = 0 6 32 35 39 81 193
Euro calls = 0 0 252 34 459 0 745
Afrc calls = 0 3 9 4 6 0 22
Asia calls = 0 0 12 55 34 0 101
JA calls = 0 0 223 38 271 0 532
Ocen calls = 0 1 94 8 55 5 163

Total calls = 1 70 1287 918 1319 108 3703

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 13
4 973
5 1355
6 1335
7 13
8 11
9 3

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 2390
2 bands 420
3 bands 127
4 bands 18
5 bands 4
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 15 820 550 936 69
PX5E(PP5JR)   SO(A)AB HP   19,088,9042016-04-02 06:05:35
started assited, finished assisted !
IY1A(IZ1LBG)   SO(A)SB80 HP   2,381,0702016-04-02 06:09:44
For the first time after a while I've operated seriuosly from home in a big
Since it was the Easter weekend it was impossible to organize a serious effort,
so on Friday I tune the 80m vertical to SSB portion of band and decided to do a
single band effort this time.

Anyway, after a good start the contest moves quite slowly, especially towards
NA without really big runnig time. Anyway was a nice try for the new vertical,
that seams to be working quite well. Sorry to any station that I could copy,
noise was quite high sometimes.

It has been niice to be called from some DX station such as H44MS, VK4KW,
YB0AR, YB2DX, BY5CD and some SA station.

Thanks to IK1SPR and all IQ1RY team to let me use this special callsign.
Log for this operation will be updated on Clublog during next week.


See all yoou next!

Filippo IZ1LBG
YT1A   SOSB20 HP   4,114,8032016-04-02 11:40:52
Contest is done from my city location.Only 60 meters from my home there is large
electrical substation 110/35/10,5kV (96MW), and produce huge interference to my
radio!!The same things is with numerous high voltage lines!
I am apologize to all callers, particular USA OM,s which are out of my log
becouse of QRM.
5/5 (31/21) beam,4el.quad 18m.homemade linear ts 930s and handly mic.
73 yt1a
AK8H   SO(A)AB(TS) QRP   273,8312016-04-02 14:07:00
KX3 - Portable Hex beam and 80 meter horizontal Delta loop, 2 hr more of
operating, smaller loop and a portable hex beam,I hoped that I would have a
significant increase in score from last year, it was marginal at best...It was
still a great time
WP3E(@NP4EG)   M/2 LP   923,8562016-04-02 16:59:28
New Contest station in test
Thank contact in wpx
KH6J(@KH6YY)   M/2 HP   25,458,8152016-04-02 17:03:13
Thanks to KH6YY for graciously hosting us once again.

Mahalo for all the Qs!
LY5W   SO(A)AB LP   1,905,1202016-04-03 09:13:37
Band QSOs Pts WPX
1,8 101 203 61
3,5 183 408 100
7 549 1412 241
14 267 497 142
21 140 408 104
28 4 12 0
Total 1244 2940 648
Score: 1.905.120
1 Mult = 1,9 Q's

Fantastic propagation, few JA, few USA, even Canada much more :)
73, Sam
IR4M   M/S HP   21,658,5602016-04-03 11:24:11
With sunspots going down day by day 10m suffered a lot, with only a few
SA in the afternoon.

15m in decent conditions, but not enough to allow working NA with good
runs. On the other hand, Asia answered till late afternoon, specially
from VU and YB.

20m in good shape, 40m was very crowded as usual.

WPX is a fun contest, and serial numbers are making it very challenging.

Nice to see old and new friends come visiting us. This time we had a few
new young entries operators.
That's very good, considering that the average age of Hams is growing
constantly year after year.

Once again, bad WRTC qualification rules forced many big stations that
usually participate as Multi-op to go with a SOAB in order to qualify.
Too bad! We really hope that next WRTC organizers will return to a more
balanced selection criteria.

Thanks to Paolo I4EWH for the excellent organization and to Walter I4KLY
and Claudio IK4DCW for their usual technical assistance in case of need.

Now, let's concentrate in some station maintenance. See you in autumn.
SP4Z   SO(A)AB HP   74,2452016-04-03 12:22:47
Just for playing and say hello
LU3HS   SOSB10 HP   393,0022016-04-03 19:31:50
ED1R(EC1KR)   SOAB HP   10,230,3962016-04-04 13:48:47
No Mult-op CQ WPX SSB 2016 this time as ED1R (also easter holidays), waiting
good weather to repair antennas in station.

Nothing on 160m, use a simple 80m wire dipole, 40m with problems in main
antenna and I cant wkd few 6points qsos second night with high swr :-( great
conditions on 80m with NA, SA and caribbean better than EU. Never found a great
Run time, and many times S&P on all bands to found new qsos, 10m only SA and
S&P all time. No AS in south EU, nothing of great pile ups of JAs as north
european guys, here only few big stations from JA but no run in any band.

Tnx competition on and congrats to winners.

Tnx all qsos and CU at next one.

Jesus EC1KR aka ED1R
Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and
WA2FZB   SOAB(TS) LP   257,4582016-04-04 19:38:47
Back on the air less than 3 months after 25 yrs QRT. This was a real challenge.
Can't wait till next year. 73.
4O3A(9A3A/E73A)   SO(A)AB HP   10,778,0602016-04-11 06:28:23
KQ2M   SOAB HP   16,602,8802016-04-29 04:01:03