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RAC Canada Day Contest   2010   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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W6SX   SOAB HP   35,5602010-07-01 16:49:37
K3, ACOM 2000A, single ladder-line feeder to 46 foot high parallel 80-meter
dipole and 40- and 20-meter inverted-V's, Matchbox, N1MM
N3ZL   SOAB/CW LP   46,7602010-07-01 17:06:18
100W + Wires

I've been fairly active lately, from NQ4I for WPX, with the local club W4ULH
for Field Day, and somewhat active on the higher bands lately from home in the
last month but this is my first contest of more than 20 or 30 QSOs with my own
call in a while. I always enjoy this contest and this year was no different. I
received some very large numbers so there should be some big scores posted.
Didn't quite match my score from last year thanks to 4 less mults. Never heard
a peep from VE4. Happy birthday Canada.

73 de Greg N3ZL
W4NBS   SOAB HP   55,8402010-07-01 17:07:30
Happy Canada Day!!
VA7FC   SOSB/20 LP   5,5082010-07-01 17:08:35
nice way to enjoy a Canada Day afternoon !!! hope everyone had a Happy Canada
Day! 73's Perry
VE6TL   SOSB/20 HP   17,2802010-07-01 17:10:18
Just caught the last 2 hours as out of town guests left, following daughter's
high school graduation. Condx seemed ok but lots of QRN. Also some very fast
QSB as I probably lost 10 stations between giving me their call and their


Rig: FTDX-5000MP
Amp: FL-7000
W4BQF   SOAB/CW HP   15,4882010-07-01 17:12:56
Very good showing from the VE gang! Lots of activity makes this a very fun

Thanks to all.

Tom - W4BQF
NK6A   SOAB HP   41,6082010-07-01 17:15:23
Nice contest . Had fun. Great to be retired and be able to work a contest
during the week. A few European opening in the morning.
K6MM   SOAB LP   15,1562010-07-01 17:18:02
Had just a few hours for this one, but wishing Happy Canada Day to our VE
cousins! 73, John K6MM
VE9ZX   SOAB/Ph LP   73,0002010-07-01 17:38:01
Thanks and 73!
VA2SG   SOAB QRP   33,1982010-07-01 17:38:03
K1 in a Butternutt
TenTec Argonaut V in a Carolina windom
Great conditions first evening, today bit slow.
Thanks for copying my 5 watts. Happy Canada day.
VA7AM   SOAB LP   4,6422010-07-01 17:43:59
Short effort between chores!
N6RO   M/M HP   803,1602010-07-01 17:46:40
Another fun RAC, but the low bands were sure noisy! Still managed 1206 x 92.

K6AW and N6RO put in about 20 hours each, N6WM four hours on Wed. nite.

We used one station full time on 20m (K6AW), one station on 40/80m (N6WM)Wed.
night for a few hours when we had three ops, and one SO2R station (N6RO) which
handled all the bands at various times. Thanks to the DVRs in the two K3s at
the SO2R station, I could CQ on two bands simultaneously, but logging contacts
on the proper band/mode was challenging!

Thanks to all the cordial VEs for sharing their holiday with the rest of us.

Four K3s, two AL1200s, two Alpha 76s, stacked yagis on 40-10m, 2L quad on 80, 4
Square on 160m. Win-Test logger.
VE7WEB   SOAB LP   82,0762010-07-01 17:48:29
Thabks for all the Q's. Nice rainy day here to play radio without feeling guilty
about not being outdoors. Highlight was getting a call from Corsica with serial
number 11...kinda neat. CU in RAC Winter!!
VE1RAC(VE1RGB)   SOAB/CW LP   105,3442010-07-01 17:52:52
I would have called conditions poor although my score doesn't reflect that since
it is 17K higher than last year. Much to my great pleasure I had numerous short
runs gusting well over 200/hr and one full hour at 90.

My fellow hams at MCC supplied a significant numer of mults but as is usual for
me, the rare places up north in Canada were silent.

This will be an interesting log to analyze with SH5, especially if that program
will count my number of QSYs which were, like, every five minutes. That turned
out to be good policy since both 10M and 15M could, when they decided to
function, be quite fruitful (if you remembered to go looking).

The results I'm most anxious to see are those of Bill, K4LTA. He has been
scouping the top CW prize in this contest regularly and that burns a little
because my club dues pay for that trophy and I'd like to own one myself. Once
was OK but it has become habitual on Bill's part. I always watch throughout
the contests to see how he is doing. In this case, I found myself going
neck-and-neck with Bill in total number of Qs until the point where I lost
track of him at about 550 Qs. Please God, let it be mine. I can't look.

Rig: K3 #95 plus panadapter (waiting on the P3)
Antennas: 160M delta loop at 90 ft and 80M dipole at 75 ft plus 40-6M

TNX for the Qs and the mults
Gary, VE1RGB
KD2MX   SOAB/CW QRP   1,6742010-07-01 18:27:02
Having to go to work really interfered with my Canada Day celebration. I always
enjoy this one. Working QRP was tough though. A lot of stations didn't hear me
but it was fun to work the ones that did.
K6CSL   SOAB LP   5102010-07-01 18:27:35
Well, all I can say is that this 2.8 times last years Canada Day score. It sure
would have been nice if conditions had been a little better. The last 10
minutes VE1RAC answered my CQ and the band immediately dropped into deep QSB
and couldn't copy my number. Hope things are better next year. N6RO, TNX for
the 2 pts on 160, and 2 pts on 80. Bert, K6CSL
N8UM   SOAB/CW HP   83,4562010-07-01 18:28:02
First contest after retirement! Quiet bands. 10 was open double hop to east
and west coast at the same time, just no single hop to Ontario or Quebec.
Antennas 40 meter 4 square and single 80 meter vertical with K3 and KW.
KN4Y   SOAB/CW LP   15,2402010-07-01 19:17:53
A fun contest, good signals all around. Only heard one RAC station on CW,
WB8JUI   SOAB/CW LP   21,6202010-07-01 19:19:13
Happy Canada Day!

Sure wish I had the day off work to join in the festivities, but I had to make
due with a few hours Wednesday evening.

It was nice running into a lot of friends from north and south of the border.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
CF3NAVY(VE3RCN)   SOAB LP   225,7202010-07-01 19:44:14
I am fudging this just to get it in. 496 qsos. 66 mults. 225,720 is the score. I
got mixed up a few times with NA4C AND NA4K. I should not second guess myself.
Nice to be called by Corsica twice...once in ssb and once in cw. Nice also to
get a call from Kenya. Thats a first. Weirdest momemt was working
old BC call sign prior to my posting to the Royal Military College where I was
able to snag VE3RCN as a call. CF3NAVY is a killer in CW...even in voice it was
CF3NA/VY. I found in the pile-ups the VY made it I got the
go-ahead. My apologies to some stations near the end of the contest. I was
using my RIT to tune in some signals and forgot to turn it off on 80m. I
thought some people were off error. Nice to talk about the special
event call sign. Too bad that more than enough contacts did not know Canada had
a Navy. Anyway, check QRZ.COM and pick the Naval QSL card you want when you
QSL...otherwise, you get the next one in the pile. Well, CF3NAVY retires at
0400z on 4 July. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs from the shore station and
from the warship. That makes 2714 qsos in my 27 days on the air. Dont worry
taxpayers...this was all on my time...not while on duty. I may try another
special event in December if the pocket book will allow it to close out the
Centennial for the Royal Canadian Navy. 73 all.
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   22,5762010-07-01 20:11:57
SFI = 74 A = 17 K = 4

That was not good at all. By far my worst Canada Day outing since 2005. A very
weak Wednesday evening start extended through Thursday here. Qs were down on
all bands, and off by more than 180 total. Got about 8 hours in the chair but
mostly in short sessions. Had many, many 10-minute CQs before getting any
callers, and only occasionally put together two back-to-back Qs.

F5IN was loud here on 20M early Saturday morning, even off the side. Not alot
of other EU callers, but with A=17 I didn't expect many. Scott VE1OP was
definitely the loudest heard from the far East when he called in Saturday.

Entirely missed NU, NT and SK.

80M was a wasteland when I was there Friday night. Just 18 for 3 mults (52 for
7 last year, 27 for 7 in 2008, 19 for 4 in 2007, 30 for 5 in 2006).

15M didn't open other than a pipeline to W6 from VE7. Nothing heard from
anywhere else.

Special thanks to the stations calling in with low serial numbers in the final
few hours. Everyone appreciates the contacts.

Wonder where the RAC stations were on CW? Worked just three: VE1, VO2 and VY2.

2-pointers 204
10-pointers 84
20-pointers 4 (3 on 20M, 1 on 40M)

Not as much fun for me as previous years, but this contest is always worth
working, especially for the friendly hellos.

Year CW Ph Mults Score
2010: 292 0 17 22,576 HP
2009: 475 0 30 72,720 HP
2008: 306 0 29 47,908 HP
2007: 612 0 25 61,750 HP
2006: 445 0 23 45,218
2005: 167 0 16 12,800
2004: 160 0 15 13,800
2003: 126 0 23 19,642
W4PM   SOAB/CW HP   34,3202010-07-01 20:34:11
Rig: Tentec Omni VII, AlS-600 500W
Antenna: CF zepp @ 60'

Not much time to play in this one. Thanks for the Qs. See you in the next RAC

Puck, W4PM
VA2WDQ   SOAB/CW HP   189,6962010-07-01 20:36:31

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000D
PA: Al-80B 750 watts
ANT: Cushcraft MA5B 10m up, Inverted L, 9m up
N1MM, RigExpert Plus

Improved my last year result by 99 QSO,s even though the propagation was not
better. So let's wait if that would be the new RAC Canada Day contest record in
the SOAB CW category.

Thanks to all for QSO's and mults.

CU in the IARU contest next weekend.


K9MMS   SOAB LP   18,0602010-07-01 20:43:25
First time in this contest. Just a couple of short times in the action --
Wednesday night and again on Thursday afternoon.
VE1RSM/VY1   SOSB/20 LP   1482010-07-01 21:17:02
Poor cnmditions and not much time to play.

F5I   SOAB/CW HP   50,3362010-07-01 22:46:44
Powered by Win-Test 4.5.1

IC -7400 + SB220

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (
VE7TK   M/S HP   64,8722010-07-01 23:01:18
Great fun! Happy Canada Day!
VA7IR   SOAB HP   64,2842010-07-01 23:08:32
From the west it was a flog most of the time,, not much on 40,, 80, or 160..
at the other end of the scale 10 and 15 got one local on each and then one
in calf on 15 and another with a large sig from calf on 10??? wonder why there
was not any more there.. had a s9 noise in the morning but it slowly worked it
way out??? thanks for one and all that made the effort to do the contacts.
look for the winter RAC and the sun to be working better..
WØBH   SOAB HP   8,4962010-07-01 23:12:07
Started later on Wednesday evening and was surprised to find 20m booming into
VE-land. 40 was also good in Canada. Wish I'd had more time to operate this
year. The last hour, I was /m as I tested out a different mobile installation.
Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!

73, Bob, w0bh
VE3UTT   SOAB/CW HP   43,6282010-07-02 03:54:10
K3 to Optibeam stuck at 0 degrees plus 80m Dipole / 160m "L"

First QSO at 1040 UTC due to travel plus was working most of the day.

Hope all had fun.
VE3GFN   SOAB LP   104,4002010-07-02 05:32:07
This was my second Canada Day Contest. I'm not sure the bands were any better
than last year, but my score sure was! Adding 6M to the repetoire helped just
a little, and adding 5000 feet of ground radials to the backyard helped a lot!

I continue to use the TR4W logging software, which works very well for me. The
Elecraft K3 is so much fun to use, and so versatile in a contest, that it's a
whole new world!
VY2RAC(VY2SS)   SOAB HP   268,5962010-07-02 05:39:05
I wish I could have stayed up for 80 and 160 on Friday evening but didn't make
it until midnight. Next year get a younger op.

Nice to meet so many old friends. Thanks to the US and DX ops who make this
contest much more interesting. The number of non-Canadians in this contest is
growing year by year and that is nice to see. This year I expect to see many of
them at the top of the results.


W1NN   SOAB LP   186,0002010-07-02 05:46:44
This was a semi-serious effort. I stayed in the chair for 5.5 hours on
Wednesday night and then operated on and off throughout the day on Thursday.
Things got pretty slow at times but checking the bands after a break usually
allowed me to find 10-15 new stations to work. I don't usually operate phone
but I got out the mic for this one since I figured that CW alone would be too
boring. But with no DVK, it got to be pretty tiring to repeat "Canada Day"
while calling CQ.

10 and 15 had good openings at times but there just weren't very many stations
to work.

It's always a pleasure to work my many friends up north in this friendly event.
Happy Canada Day!

73, Hal W1NN
N4HH   SOAB LP   8,9302010-07-02 08:11:04
Poked along using S&P and my 50 watts to a wire which lays in a tree about 20
feet up and is completely engulfed in foliage. Worked most stations with just a
few calls on CW - thanks to those with great ears! Had fun - happy C'day! --
'73 es gud dxing -- Don N4HH
NA4K   SOAB/CW LP   46,8002010-07-02 09:31:15
Steve NA4K
VE3OSZ   SOAB/CW LP   76,0202010-07-02 10:07:56
Small improvement over last year's score thanks to a few more multipliers.


Drake TR7 100 watts

Antennas: all wires, no beams.
160/80 inverted L
40/15 dipole
20 elevated ground plane
10 dipole
W1WBB   SOAB/CW LP   50,4062010-07-02 11:31:13
100W + 88' 10-80m Doublet up 50' + Inv L on 160m

Had some time so played some on first eve and some more on Canada Day...thanks
to all the VE stns who participated and filled 40% of my log...116 total VE Q's
with 12 being with RAC stns.

GREAT participation from NL...a nice surprise. Worked 8 VO1/VO2 stns including
VO2RAC 3 times! Never heard rare VE8, VY1 or VY0 as expected...esp with likely
poor high latitude condx. Only heard VE4YU in S&P mode but missed him.

Lots of band changes to continue to find activity...glad 15m had some
propagation. Missed VE mults on 10m (difficult path from here) short E
skip heard.

Thanks to all for the fun...

73, Bill W1WBB
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   92,7722010-07-02 13:56:28
K2, FT817, VX5R,5w, verticals and wires. Another good time in this event.
VE3KZ   SOAB HP   625,3922010-07-02 15:57:25
Nice to try SOAB again with almost all the antennas working! Good competition
from both sides of the border and excellent activity from overseas. Conditions
were very disturbed but openings on 10 and 15 were a good balance against the
noise and absorption on the low bands. Watching for the other big SOABHP
scores. I know they are out there! Couldn't quite reach VA3RAC's winning score
from last year (VE3CX, op) but maybe conditions were better then. I sat that
one out so I really don't know. Must try not to do that again!

73 Bob
K4BAI   SOSB/80 LP   1,0562010-07-02 17:57:50
FT1000MP, 100W, inverted vee dipole. Station not fullly put back together after
Field Day. Sorry my time was so limited this year. 80M sounded great though.
F5IN was quite loud. Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
VE6SV   M/S HP   463,1122010-07-02 19:06:48
We have not operated the Canada Day contest for many years, it was great to be

Being a week day QSO rates were moderate to slow. With a K index of 4 for 4
hours and average of 3 for the contest period the 15M and 10M bands were not
productive. Local thunderstorms made the low bands hard to listen too.

Local 2M and 6M activity was also not as productive as years past.

Thank you for the Qs and see ya in the next one.

73, Sierra Victor Team VE6RST VE6LDX VE6SV
VE3CX   SOAB HP   718,1462010-07-02 20:31:57
Thanks for the QSO's.

Its nice that we are able to attract attention from our friends south of the
border and around the world to operate in this contest. The activity is very
much appreciated, and is getting better every year.

Nice for Canadians to get on the air and wave the flag and let our national
pride show. I know - does not happen very often, but it sure feels great.
Thanks for getting on and celebrating Canada's birthday with us!

My apologies that VA3RAC was not active in this contest. Its an oversight that
I hope will not be repeated. I spoke with one of the the Ontario directors, and
arrangements are now being made to make sure that the various RAC stations will
be active in future events. Here's hoping that friends near and far will get
on the air to work us in future contests, and all provinces will activate their
various RAC stations to make this contest even better!


Tom - VE3CX
NS6T   SOAB LP   5202010-07-03 07:53:54
I worked for a few hours and picked up a few contacts. Overall, conditions were
difficult. I did get VA2RAC, a 20 pt station :-).
W9WLX   SOAB HP   37,5102010-07-03 11:01:37
Wish more Canadian stations elected to operate above 7200. More 40M phone Qs
would be great.
K9YC   SOAB LP   57,7282010-07-03 13:46:46
As always a fun contest. Couldn't spend as much time as I would have liked due
to house guests and work.

Question -- Why is there NEVER any activity on 40M SSB during RAC contests?
VE4EAR   SOAB/Ph HP   244,4002010-07-03 21:04:09
Thanks for all the Q's. It was great to touch base with so many familiar calls.

Weather started off hot, humid and scatter thunderstorms. despit this 40 and 80
were reasonable despite the QRN. 160 was impossible with 20-30 over 9 noise.
Only worked local VE4YU late in theontest for the mult.

15m opened to the east only. never did hear anything west except for VE5RAC on
backscatter. 10m also only opened to eastern ON and western QC.

6m did not open until 30 seconds after the contested ended then there was a
widespread opening east west and south.

RAC stations were in short supply this time around.

Highlight of the contest was being called by TY5ZR. Thanks for a new DXCC!

Now 2 weeks of family bonding time before the CQ WW VHF contest.

73 Ed
VA3KAI   SOAB LP   180,7282010-07-03 22:45:28
Great to see so many U.S. and Canadian stations on during a week-day contest.
Missed some band openings - but found lots of casual takers on 80M and 20M. The
recommended frequencies for 40M are very confusing to many hams --- we should
aim for 7.150 to 7.200 only.

Nice friendly contest with many ops taking the time to QSO contacts all the
best for both Canada Day and the July 4th week-end holiday.

Tnx to all ..... Al, VA3KAI
VE1OP   M/S HP   57,6802010-07-04 12:53:05
Single-op + Telnet = Multi-op in this one...

Mark V, Tri-bander and wires, 87A @ 600 w and N1MM...

An hour here and there, and spent a lot of time being moved...Even turned to
SSB for a VE3 move and ended up with 9 QSO's out of it from followers...Didn't
appear to be a whole lot of activity when I was on...

Found a few MCC'ers...

C U in the Fall,

Scott VE1OP
N6AR   SOAB HP   275,2642010-07-04 19:47:58
Great acticity from canada this year!
VE3MIS   M/S LP   328,1162010-07-05 11:39:53
We managed to surpass the target which was a good thing. Lack of Q's on 40
suggests something needs to be done !!
N2WN   SOAB/CW QRP   5,3822010-07-06 06:08:56
Only had a couple hours to play in this one...
VA1CHP   SOSB/20 LP   10,3742010-07-07 07:20:24
Computer died after 3 hrs into contest--maybe next year sigh

VE5CPU   SOAB HP   188,3522010-07-07 14:57:41
Would have been nice to have better solar conditions, but we work with what we
have. Not as strong a result as last year, but better than I expected. Thanks
to all those who exchanged QSO's in celebration of Canada Day.