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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2012   Jul 21   Comment Summary

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K8MFO   SOSB/6 HP   5,4002012-07-22 07:50:27
As always, ran this VHF Contest as ALL CW. Without a lot of openings, it's a
great training exercise. Training for what? Well, to train yourself as a
battering ram, ready to take on concrete walls, or maybe as a motorcycle
daredevil. All kidding aside, its always great to have quick exchanges with
people you've known for your whole life, and to see that you are not the only
one to punish yourself when there were limited openings.

There are always surprises like the big signal from N6GP/R, the loudest 6 land
station in a short openings, or one minute openings to MN or WI.

I quit at 100 QSOs so that I wouldn't have too much fun at one time.

This effort was on behalf of the East Lansing DX Club, but the submision form
wouldn't allow me that option. There was no PROMPT.



Elecraft K3 T E Systems brick 300 watts 5 elements at 26 feet and 7
elements at 54 feet on separate towers. It's nice to have 2 antennas,
immediately switchable in different directions.
VK6DXI   SOAB LP   152012-07-22 08:39:31
CQWW VHF contest is unknown in VK.
It will take some time before this contest will become popular.
Having a winter season does not encourage portable operation.
N3WD   SOAB LP   2,2082012-07-22 09:56:20
Because of operators like K1DQV I pulled the plug. What a 1st class LID
K7JQ   SOSB/6 HP   502012-07-22 11:58:10
Oh well...No contest for compromised antennas (loop @ 15 feet, and screwdriver),
and poor propagation. At my QTH, no signal strength or stability on anything
received, outside of a few locals. Gotta stick with HF contests :>)
MØFW(JK3GAD)   SOSB/6 LP   162012-07-22 12:22:06
First time I participated this contest as I am not VHF person. I just started it
After DMC RTTY contest, simply changed the band on K3 to 6m then I heard E7 and
OE station for a while.
Then worked 9A and HA later hours but missed S5. My 5m LW did not catch many
signals on magic band.

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
AA8IA   SOSB/6 LP   2,9112012-07-22 12:50:47
Thanks to everyone who worked me. N1MM says 6 hours, but I spent significantly
more time CQing and searching for others. Despite the lousy conditions it was
an enjoyable time. I had hopes of working more of the E / NE stations Sunday
morning as usual, but I didn't hear any.
WØRIC   SOSB/6 HP   36,3442012-07-22 13:48:25
6 meters has been disappointing this season to say the least.

Nice opening Saturday. Thanks for all the FB contacts.

Tried propagation dance Sunday morning but that didn't work as well as
Saturdays! *hi

FOR SALE: SB-220 for 6 meters. Please email me for details/pics.

Also have a very nice 6 element Cushcraft Boomer (34' boom) available on top of

73 & Good DX to ALL!~
WØPAN   SOSB/6 LP   772012-07-22 13:52:50
Tough going out here in the west. A couple of real short spurts and then
KCØW   SOSB/6 HP   12012-07-22 13:56:28
Could six meter conditions have been much worse? I doubt it.

Divided my time in between this contest & the RTTY 'test. Truth be told I
received a lot more enjoyment operating in the RTTY contest.

What the heck is with some of you guys and dupes? Don't most of you use
computer logging? Had a number of guys trying to make a THIRD or FORTH QSO with

Nice to hear the olde contingent of the usual suspects. Please consider using
CW in VHF contests, we are sorely lacking guys on that mode.........Good luck
from the Upper Midwest and see ya next time.

Alpha 8406 at 1.5kW

The usual KC0W contesting disclaimer:

************ I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to
collect any awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program to
track the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ************

Tom KC0W

KT8TD   SOSB/6 LP   2,3562012-07-22 14:00:22
Had a fine time reconnecting with old friends N8ZM, WD8DPA, N8SBE and K8CC.
N4PN   SOSB/6 LP   1,5982012-07-22 14:08:16
Great idea for a contest....but condx prevented that from
happening....really sad conditions...
73, N4PN
W5DQ   SOAB HP   7,1982012-07-22 14:11:28
6M started off with a big multihop opening to the East Coast from out here in
the Mojave Desert of SoCAL. But as all good things, it didn't last all that
long. Had a few short openings to here and there but nothing major again on
Saturday to my area. Had to bail out of the contest at 0100Z to drive to LA to
pickup my wife from the airport (2+ hours each way). Sunday had a couple of
nice short openings to PacNW and Vancouver Island area and some short hop stuff
in NV and SoCAL but nothing great. 2M just never materialized for me. Made 2 Qs
on 2M.

But as usual for VHF contest, it was fun and a battle against Mother Nature and
other participants. See you all in the next ARRL VHF contest in September. I'm
putting up a set of loops for 6M local stuff.
N3QE   SOSB/6 LP   1262012-07-22 14:12:23
Spent all of Saturday on NAQP RTTY. This was just a little poking around on
Sunday. After noon took the J-pole out of the garage and mounted in on the
fence pole, ran some coax, and worked some stations (CW only!)
K2QO   Multi-Op LP   4,2122012-07-22 14:14:52
Not too bad for a very part time effort. Saturday was mostly taken up with
integrating the 100W deck into K2ZR's K2 while Sunday was 20 minutes here and
20 minutes there.

The Good News?
Loads of VE3 stations to work. Congrats guys! CCO is going to have a super

The Bad News?
My Yaesu G-800DXA does not turn well. Goes a bit and stops, only runs at high
speed, control box gets very warm when I try to point and shoot and the rotor
hangs up.

See everyone in September for the ARRL contest. K2ZR and I will be roving.
N4GG   SOSB/6 HP   4182012-07-22 14:17:42
Missed the only opening in these parts on Sat afternoon. The rest was rather

FTDX5000, KW amp, Squalo at 40 feet.
W5SXD   SOSB/6 HP   43,5602012-07-22 14:20:36
Saturday saw several 150 Q/hr bursts. Sunday was very sparse but nice Central
America stuff. No new DXCC though.
N8HM   SOSB/2 QRP   322012-07-22 14:28:39
After spending most of yesterday working the NAQP RTTY contest, I decided to put
my Arrow 3-el satellite beam out on my south facing balcony (about 40 feet up)
and see what I could work with 5 watts SSB from my Yaesu FT-817. Listened for a
few minutes around noon today, but didn't hear anything. Checked the band again
just about a half-hour before the contest ended and heard activity. First QSO
was with KN4SM about 144 miles S of me, which was quite a thrill. Then I worked
N4HB, about 81 miles SSE, and W4RX, about 48 miles WNW. My final QSO was with
W3SO, about 137 miles NNW. Yet I never moved the beam from pointing directly
south! Thanks for the QSOs!

Lots of fun. I wish there were more contests and/or activity days on VHF. Due
to my QTH situation, I can't keep an antenna up and monitor all the time.

Rig - Yaesu FT-817ND
Antenna - Arrow 146/437-10BP (with only 2m elements attached, mounted on a
camera tripod beaming south from my apartment balcony at 40 feet)
KCØDEB   SOSB/6 LP   5,8902012-07-22 14:29:56
Conditions were not the best, but still had a good time.
If you happened to work me in CW, thank you ! It was a great way to practice
my newly acquired CW "skills".
73 John KC0DEB EM29

*** Icom IC-746PRO, Cushcraft A50-3S 3 el @ 20ft. ***
WØETT   SOAB HP   17,0102012-07-22 14:32:27
Condx were pretty good on Sat but poor on Sunday. Special thanks to the rovers:
W3DHJ/R, W7QQ/R, KR5J/R, AB0YM/R, W0BL/R for activating so many grids.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker, CO Dm79
W4PK   SOAB HP   2,9602012-07-22 14:41:27
Lots of Texan signals 10-plus over 9 for a couple of hours each day. Otherwise
6M opened late and closed early. Two-thirds of my contacts was on cw, and I
did manage to have one leisurely run of a 37 qso-per-hour rate on this mode.

I was surprised to work a couple of stations from Georgia on 2M on what turned
out to be a mostly dead band.

Thanks to all for the contacts!

73, Sam W4PK
N5RZ   SOAB HP   9,5852012-07-22 14:43:26
Condx were great at the beginning & fizzled out by early evening. 6M never
opened Sunday except for a QSO with TG9AJR early afternoon. Sacrificed part of
the Saturday afternoon opening to put up a 13B2 on a 20' pushup pole with a TV
rotator. Wanted to try out my new 2M amp. 2M condx stunk until sunrise
Sunday with some enhancement to South Central TX.

K5RZA was doing the NAQP RTTY contest on Saturday, and the 6M yagi is on the
same rotator as the TH6DXX she was using on 20M & 10M, so I was at the mercy of
where she needed to point.

Thanks to all for the QSO's! Logs have been loaded to LOTW.

6M: Elecraft K3 + TokyoHP HL-1.5KFX @ 600W 5 el M2 6M5X @ 55'
2M: Kenwood TS2000X + M2 2M-1K2 @ 1,000W Cushcraft 13B2 @ 20'
N1MM Logger

73, Gator
K3TD   SOAB LP   3,7962012-07-22 14:47:07
IC-7700 @ 100 watts
TR-751A @ 25 watts
Par OA-50 @ 20'
Par OA-144 @ 15'
N1MM logger

It was fun for a few hours but propagation on 6 was a disappointment and I
missed may 'regulars'. I did work 3 new grids though, DN62, DN86 and EN31.

Thanks everyone for the Qs, see you next time.

Tad, K3TD
W9SZ   Hilltopper QRP   3,5202012-07-22 14:50:02
There was some 2 meter tropo just before the contest started. It died
immediately when the contest started. Wouldn't you know it?

But 6 meters was open to the southwest and west for almost the entire time I
operated. It was great fun. I only wish there had been more activity on 2
meters. I guess everyone was on 6.

Operating in the Hilltopper category is always a challenge and a gamble about
band conditions. Realistically there are about 18 or 20 hours of useful time to
choose from, but if you pick the wrong time period you might not have any
propagation. I think I chose a good time period this year starting at contest
start. This was my highest score ever as a Hilltopper in this contest.
KBØEO   SOSB/6 LP   19,0952012-07-22 14:50:37
Pretty tough going from the black hole of EN34. The areas of the USA that have
been consistently open on 6 meters for the last month were not there this
weekend - very little coming from FM and FN grid areas. Saturday was better
than Sunday. Regardless of the poor conditions, this was a fun contest. I hit
my objective of 200 QSOs but missed the goal of 100 grids.

73 and good luck!

Dan - KB0EO
Northfield, MN
KJ6MBW(VK2IMM)   SOSB/6 LP   1052012-07-22 14:51:05
FT-857D power level was just above QRP - 20w. A 1/4 vertical on the roof or
rather a 6m stub for my HF Vertical antenna to be more correct.

Used a built in keyer in FT-857D and that was not that good as I could not send
decent CW with a dual lever paddle with it, will have to revert to my regular
PIC keyer for more than couple of contacts.

Conditions were not too band. Was really pleased with a 3000km QSO to W9 with
this setup. Failed to get several more long distance QSO's due to my low power
level. Great to hear several VE6, VE7 from the north.

Will submit a checklog.

W6ZQ   SOSB/6 LP   982012-07-22 14:53:50
K3 to 5/8 wave vertical
K7ULS   SOAB HP   44,6712012-07-22 14:55:25
Powder Mtn. 9000' DN41
Superb contest with double hop to East coast Saturday night and 13 EME
qso's on Sunday makes up for last year's 25 qso's
73 de K7ULS
VA3GKO   SOSB/6 LP   1682012-07-22 14:56:30
Just bad bad ?????
K1TR   SOAB HP   14,7842012-07-22 14:56:34
Managed a few QSOs around the various family events on a gorgeous summer weekend
in this area. Had some fun with some tropo enhancement on 2m, working N8ZM
(EN80) in central Ohio!
N2QT   SOSB/6 HP   1,2602012-07-22 15:00:26
Well the intent was to use this weekend to try out the new shack layout in the
NAQP Rtty contest. Unfortunately things aren't done so figured I'd play on 6M
some. The opennings were spotty and just not that exciting so spent more time
making up cables and the like than operating.

Mark n2qt
AB1OD   SOSB/6 LP   662012-07-22 15:01:29
One contact made while taking a break from the NAQP yesterday; a few more while
moving in and out of the shack doing other work.

Normally, I would wave attribute my disappointing score to the fact that I
don't have a beam for 6 meters (all contacts above were made on my 160m
antenna) and how I live in a relative hole in the ground, but I suspect that
elevation and a better antenna would still have yielded disappointing results.

Apparently contesters are only able to create propagation on HF; the same trick
certainly didn't work here. In fact, I picked up a new grid right after the
end of the contest.
KUØG   SOSB/6 LP   1,5812012-07-22 15:03:54
Very disappointing band conditions. Started out good Saturday, but didn't last
long. Most of my Q's took place on Saturday... There's always NEXT year and,
hopefully, an improved situation with the solar max!
VE1SKY   SOAB LP   1,0532012-07-22 15:15:32
This year was slow going in the Canadian Maritime provinces. Half my low power
Qs were meteor scatter. Es opened a bit in the last 30 minutes. Summer
solstice works better for Es in this locale.

It was fun being ready with MS, CW and Phone and various software. As it
turned out, this contest was more like the annual Geminids MS contest in
December. A random with K9NS at over 1100 miles on 6m was an FSK441 highlight.
I almost worked him for a 2nd band, but the qso fell apart with waning meteors.

Aside from the MS, it was fun chasing N1HC/R around various grids in Northern
Maine. Thanks to KT1R too. Good to be part of this contest - always... Nice
crowd in this one and some excellent operators.

Roger, VE1SKY
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia FN74
K4FTO   SOAB LP   1,7942012-07-22 15:15:39
6m - K3 100w, 3el or Moxon fixed NE & SW
2m FT-736R + Mirage brick 100w, 6 el fixed NE
N3FJP logger, PC-XT
W3LL   SOAB LP   3,2202012-07-22 15:17:47
Nice opening to the SW at the start of the contest.
Out of town guests nixed operating on Sunday.

K3 with 2M internal transverter, 6 EL on 6M (SteppIR MonstIR) and 12 EL on 2M.

Bud, W3LL
K6CSL   SOSB/6 LP   1622012-07-22 15:21:25
The conditions were not very good. I did work one station in OH, and one in IN
on Saturday, along with a couple of CO stations. Sunday however was nothing but
locals, other than a couple of station in WA. In 2011 my total was 24x15=360.
Very discouraging. Bert, K6CSL
VE3NZ   SOAB HP   5,5592012-07-22 15:26:42
I have to cope with a lots of TV signals here in Toronto.
Nice Contest, thanks for the mults.

VE3NZ, George
WQ5L   SOSB/6 LP   18,1052012-07-22 15:31:48
100W, 6m loop NE/SW @40' and HF wires to cover the nulls

From here, better condx than the ARRL test last month. At the starting bell, we
had an small opening to the Great Lakes which shifted west through the Plains to
the Rockies over the next two hours or so. Nothing in the evening. Sunday
morning, some western Caribbean to start, then a mid-morning opening shifting
from New England to the eastern Great Lakes then to the mid-Atlantic, which
abruptly shut down just in time for lunch. After that, nothing but locals and a
couple of XE1s at the end. I don't think I even heard a double-hopper. 73,

-- Ray WQ5L
W5GAI   SOSB/6 LP   8,5122012-07-22 15:49:25
Band was open Saturday from the starting bell 18z to fade out about 22z, with
113 QSO's. Open again off and on Sunday 1330z to 2100z contest end with very
sparse propagation and only 23 QSO's. Saturday propagation was mostly NE, N and
slight NW with EM,EN, FM grids and very few in DN, DN, FN. Not one EL Florida
grid in the log and only 1 DM California QSO, no VE's no Caribbean, and today
19-20z XE3, TG9, YS1. Happiness in the log is one new DXCC (YS), and 4 new
grids (EN05 (KA0ZFE), EN07 (ND0B), EK37 (XE3TT), EK53 (YS1AG).
KX7L   SOAB LP   2,6972012-07-22 16:16:42
Saturday was pretty devoid of Es, Had two one-contact openings all day. Sunday
morning was another story, with a nice long opening into CA. One of the high
points was working W7/HG1DUL who was atop Mt Adams at 12,000 ft, and over 100
miles away. And me with only a vertical & 35 Watts on 2m!
VE3NE   SOSB/6 LP   1902012-07-22 16:33:13
About 50W with a piece of wire vertical taped on the top of my mini van with 4
I heard lot better than others heard me...


Lali, VE3NE
W1AN   SOAB HP   13,9322012-07-22 17:05:07
This was my first chance in checking out my modified 5 element 6M beam at 75
feet put up on Wednesday. I was hoping for great conditions on 6M but only had
a couple of hours of only a fair opening to Grid EM Sunday. There were also
some brief scatter bursts that amounted to little. On 2M several of the usually
worked grids came up empty on the map. The only enhancement seen on 2M was short
tropo down the coast to FM17. Not the greatest conditions but you never can tell
which keeps us going.

John, W1AN
K3WA   SOSB/6 HP   5,6552012-07-22 17:11:35
Some openings to close a fairly poor 6 meter season.
TG9AJR   SOSB/6 LP   1502012-07-22 17:20:11
Nice weekend, was able to share family with NAQP RTTY and CQ WW VHF Contest,
SOAPBOX: on 6m only had some opening until Sunday noon but still had fun,
thanks for those QSOs.

Elecraft K3 100w / P3.
W2GPS   SOAB HP   4,2552012-07-22 17:27:34
I operated an hour here and an hour there just for fun. I had 500 watts on 6
meters but only 75 watts on 2 meters due to a misbehaving amplifier. This was
the first VHF contest that used only the K3. I left the IC-910 turned off. I
missed the 6 meter opening at the start of the contest but there were a few
modest openings to the south and southwest Sunday. There were periods of good
activity on 2 meters, mostly when 6 meters was quiet.
N7IR   SOAB QRP   1,0662012-07-22 17:34:19
26 CW and 15 SSB Qs on 6 meters in about 5 hours on Saturday. Best DX was FN21.
Quit around 0000Z. Listened for a while early Sunday morning but only heard
K0HA again and some locals. Had family stuff to do for the rest of the day
Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
NØJK/KH6   Hilltopper QRP   12012-07-22 17:38:47
Operated from the summit of Haleakala Volcano in Maui. Just over 10,000 feet
asl. Worked Fred, KH7Y, on the "Big Island." Despite the elevation, not an easy
contact as Fred's path to me was blocked by Mona Loa. He noted my signal was
strongest beaming due north rather than direct path. Another strong station
called me on SSB, but never caught the call.
WA2FGK(K2LNS)   SOAB HP   43,7092012-07-22 18:02:55
I had planned on working this contest but wound up needing to baby sit my
daughters little dog Bella. I did find some six meter openings in my limited
hours. Two was pretty dead except for EME which surely helped
I started working on the busted tower that holds 222 and 1296 tonight. It will
be a daily choir until completed and ready for the UHF contest in August
Thanks for the Q's
If you saw little Bella, you would be glad to miss a few hours of contesting
Man's best friend
73's Herb at FGK
K5GN   SOSB/6 LP   2,7472012-07-22 18:31:22
A sprinkling of magic...

Nice opening during the first few hours for my itty-bitty wire and 100w. Some
of you guys have great ears.

Heard quite a few grids I couldn't get before they went back in the noise,
including partial QSOs like the particularly frustrating one in DN41 who never
signed his call but took the time to tell me the band was fading...

Also missed the opening to Carib/Central America...sigh
K4BAI   SOSB/6 LP   1,5042012-07-22 18:53:41
IC736, 100W, 5 element yagi at 60'. Invested quite a bit of time listening to a
very dead band. Don't think my receiver is up to par and want to apologize to
those who may not have received an answer. Saturday at the beginning saw some
good signals from the north and west. About 11 AM Sunday, there was a very
weak opening to W1-W8 areas. Saw a lot of spots, but not one led to a QSO.
Couldn't even hear stations spotted by other GA stations. 73, Thanks for all
QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
CE4EAR   SOSB/6 LP   162012-07-22 19:05:20
Couldn't get on until 2100z so not sure if I missed anything. A small opening
into Texas netted the 4 contacts late Saturday afternoon. Kept checking for a
band opening wjhile focussing on the NAQP RTTY contest. Sunday morning heard
K0SIX call CQ once on what sounded like tropo and then he was gone.

Kept checking the band all day Sunday and I could hear signals in the noise but
far from workable. It sounded like in the past, just before the band pops open
but this time it never did.

Better luck next year hopefully.

KN4Y   SOSB/6 LP   9,3802012-07-22 19:14:09
Had a few openings on 6-meters, spent lot of time listening to noise. Shack was
cooler than the outside.
NP3CW   SOAB LP   1192012-07-22 19:14:19

VA7ST   SOSB/6 LP   1172012-07-22 19:20:05
* Steppir 3-element plus passive (27' AGL)
* 100W FT-2000

Spent less than an hour on Sunday morning, but got lucky with a little opening
to south Cal. Even had a mini run!

Fun, but not very long-lasting. Called CQ for long minutes during the final two
hours, in and out, with no more callers.

-- Bud VA7ST
K1HTV   SOAB HP   22,9622012-07-22 19:32:07
Rig : 6M - K3 & SS amp (KW)
2M - IC706MK-IIG & 4X150A amp (200W)

Antennas : 6M - 7el 32' boom LFA at 77 ft.
2M - 12el FO12 at 82 ft

Soapbox :
Spent most of my time on 6M. This was the first test of the new solid state
(CH2 TV) high power amplifier. It performed very well at the KW output level.
The contest started with about 1-1/2 hours of Es, then just locals until I quit
at 0120Z. Got back on at 1330Z Sunday, working a few New England stations on
tropo. The Es started around 1430Z and lasted until around 1800Z. Worked a few
VE & W9 stations via Es but most of the big signals came from stations in
southern W4 & W5 land. Two Cuban stations called as did PVRC member Kyle,
VP9/WA4PGM who was on his honeymoon in Bermuda. When the Es died down I took a
45 minute break and missed an opening to 6V7SIX. As far as I can tell, that was
the only DX station on the other side of the Atlantic that worked into the
States (by K1TOL & N3DB) during the contest.

The skip was no where as good as it was in the ARRL June VHF Contest where we
worked 249 grids on 6 Meters at K8GP, but Es conditions are expected to be
better in June than July.

Rich - K1HTV
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   10,0982012-07-22 19:40:04
Good first three hours on 6, virtually all S&P, which we QRPers have to resort
to most of the time. Nothing meaningful on 6 Sunday. Two was disappointing.
Nearby big-guns did pretty well given the flat conditions; but a QRP station
operating from almost Iowa just couldn't find enough stations to work. Lowest
activity level I have seen on 2 in this contest. Only bright spot on 2 was K9JK
rover, who was able to hear me from several grids. Thanks JK.
K2SX   SOSB/6 HP   9,3132012-07-22 20:06:10
Talk about selective openings - on Sunday morning about a quarter of all my QSOs
were with EM48. Just wish there had been even more guys on from there.
Overall, condx were pretty poor except for Sunday morning. Where is EU?
N5XZ   SOSB/6 LP   3,0242012-07-22 20:17:58
Not much time to operate (3 hrs) but had some fun. Called alot of stations who
couldn't hear me. Guess I need to get that amp.
Rig: K3/P3
Ant: 6 el SteppIR @ 75 ft
K2DRH   SOAB HP   138,1062012-07-22 20:25:02
During the June VHF the stationary W1/W2/W3 6M antenna was useless when the band
opened that way, so it had to come down to be fixed. Unfortunately
circumstances kept me on the road almost constantly in the interim and the
initial attempt at an easy fix proved futile. It had to be rebuilt with a new
DE and all new coax and there was no time to do it except the day before the
CQWW VHF. Luckily the 100 degree temps eased off a little and it was almost
balmy at 90 degrees. Still a lot of hot nasty work right before a contest, but
if the band opened to W1/W2 when it was still open in anther direction then it
would be worth it. Of course, not a single opening to W1/W2/W3 ever happen all
weekend and if I made a half dozen QSOs on that antenna it was a lot. Oh well,
at least its fixed.

Saturday dawned with the promise of really excellent tropo like the huge
opening the night before (which I missed due to the antenna work) that lasted
through the morning of the contest. But by contest time the heat of the day
all but killed it, and it never came back. While conditions became somewhat
enhanced at times, tropo conditions were nothing like previous years. The
contest started great with 6M open to FL and the SW at the same time. It
shifted from FL to TX but the W and NW stayed in all afternoon with a few short
double hop periods. In other words pretty much nobody was on 2M at all.

After an uneven three hours Es really slowed way down and kept up with
scattered small footprint openings until evening. Rates were only fair due to
the relative density in the open areas and it dried up a lot, so a lot of
stations out 200-300 miles were calling in the pileup. I took advantage of
QSYing them to 2M, making it difficult to keep a run frequency on a quickly
changing band. Evening tropo was decent but there did not seem to be a lot of
stations to work

Even after it slowed down most of the tropo Qs started out on 6m since mostly
everyone continued to listen there. It harder to find and work the long haul
tropo stuff when you start on 6M since its much quieter on 2M and most folks
have much better antennas. It’s even harder when you have to pick them out
between the 40 over Es giants. If you have a large tropo array then stations
at 400 miles plus can be worked relatively easily on 6M after 2M since you
already know where they are. But it’s all but impossible to find them when
6m is even moderately open and the QRN, splatter and intermod whine is
assaulting your ears.

The band and power line noise from all the heat was terrible all day and
didn’t let up during the WSJT sked time. I only made 2 skeds figuring I
could pick up a lot of randoms like previous years, especially since the rules
now allow CQ announcements. But there were relatively few stations besides the
multis announcing and it was really hard to hear anything to west. I tried to
concentrate on 2M hoping I could pick up the W1/2/3 grids on 6M the next day,
but that was not to be. CQing to the east on 2M didn’t yield much at all
even with high power so I went to bed frustrated for about 3 hours sleep.

Sunday dawned much quieter and I had a little better luck with WSJT, but there
was no tropo enhancement to speak of. That made for a very slow morning. I
was able to take advantage of the high power and the high 6M antenna to work
some weak small area openings to the FM, EM grids and FL, but Es was mostly a

I was finally able to get stations to call back on 2M but during a 4 corner
grid run with K9JK/R my 2M intermediate brick gave up the ghost and killed my
output almost completely. I bought my TE Systems 2M brick roughly 25 years ago
used, and after 48 states on tropo and well over 10,000 QSOs it really has
served me well, as have the ones on 6M, 222 and 432. Using the transverter
tweaked to full bore I was still able to drive the 8877 to about 300W so at
least I could still function, but low power and relatively poor conditions did
not make it as much fun as it is to run high power in the CQWW VHF once a year.
Luckily I’m used to running 200W in the ARRL contests, but the higher power
definitely draws in stations a lot further away, so I’m sure my 2M grid total
suffered a tad.

By noon a slow morning got even slower as 6M Es never materialized. 2M was
also a vast wasteland and CQs went unanswered for long periods. It was a very
long and tiring day that started out unexciting and tapered off from there.
Definitely not my favorite kind of conditions for a contest.

73 de Bob2 K2DRH
KD2JA   SOSB/6 LP   9,3842012-07-22 21:33:34
Had a nice time in the contest! I had to take time for my wife's birthday
celebration on Saturday. Sunday I had to get off the air due to thunder storms!
But I had some good runs on Sat. and Sun..

My equipment includes: Icom IC-7700, M2 5 element Yagi up 35 ft. An IBM
ThinkPad T43 running Windows XP and N1MM contest software.
WN6K   SOAB HP   6632012-07-22 21:42:19
Ran ft5000 @200w so that is 'high power' but it did not help create any openings
of any import...1st Q with a station in VA but most of the rest were on the west
coast...about 2/3rds or more were result of calling CQ and wagging SteppIR back
and forth.

WN6K, Paul
N6SS   SOSB/6 HP   1,3502012-07-22 21:58:02
Rig: K3, SB220
Ant: 8EL LFA by G0KSC up 95'
LY7Z(LY2TA)   SOAB QRP   2722012-07-22 23:50:58
FT 897 + 3 ele YAGI for 6m and 5 ele YAGi for 2m

Bad cndx.


73! Andy
KC2QZF   SOAB LP   2,6972012-07-23 03:20:18
I think I had more off time than on-time during this contest. My first QSO from
Western NY was to a gulf coast station on 6M so I knew it would be a fun
contest. I'm happy with my results for a low power station with a single loop
for each band. Thanks to the big group of Canadian station that made for a
bunch of great contacts.
W4JAM   SOSB/6 HP   1,0752012-07-23 03:37:54
Just can not get use to how 6 opens and closes.
N2BJ   SOAB HP   3,8882012-07-23 04:41:15
VHF antennas finally had cables going up tower repaired last week. 2M open with
Trop open in Morning before contest and dead inlcuding minimal activity on 2m
throughout contest. Only P/T effort at best. 6M open but to the same spots. FL
TX and some E, SE and W/SW typical CO. That was it nothing exotic. Having the
contest on 6 and 2M only is an interesting concept and may help out but VHF
activity appears to be down here? Is it me?
KY5R   SOSB/6 HP   17,4242012-07-23 04:59:59
Part time effort ....I was able to catch a few of the openings though
I spent some time working scatter in the AM and PM hours. Missed a few
local grids and only worked XE for DX. Glad to se some Es still left in the
band. Tim, Ky5R (5el WVO @ 40ft Flex-1500 to 100W brick to Acom 1000)
KB8U   SOAB HP   58,2402012-07-23 05:34:10
Good conditions on 6m, but E-skip signals were generally not really strong. I
had a nice string of QSOs into southern California so no complaints here.
There was some tropo enhancement on 6 and 2, but nothing like what proceeded
the contest. I did have a couple ~500 mile contacts on 2m so that's always
fun. This contest is still not as popular as the June ARRL contest so I missed
a lot of the guys I always contact then.

I replaced the feedline on my 9 element 6m yagi and replaced my 2 meter preamp
so it was nice to have those working normally again. I did that on Thursday
before the contest, and had gone on a 100 mile bicycle ride last weekend so I
was really tired and slept a lot. I did not bother to try any WSJT, I decided
to sleep instead.
K8MR/R   Rover LP   2,5802012-07-23 06:29:09
My mother lives about 35 miles from the FN00/01/EN90/91 grid corner, so I used
the contest as an opportunity to visit her on Saturday for lunch and then
activate a few grid squares in the afternoon. Six was open when I started in
EN90, but was downhill from there, a few Es qsos from FN00 and none at all from
FN01. Two meters had occasional moments in FN00 and FN01, but not much

I did find a couple of good locations in FN01 (which is often difficult from
home in EN91 90 miles away), one from where I operated in a state game land,
and one I just visited to check out on the way home, the parking lot at the
airport in Franklin.
WZ1V   SOAB HP   13,5522012-07-23 06:40:58
Didn't have a lot of air time but had a lot of fun. Kind of relaxing having only
2 bands to switch between, compared to other contests. Mostly operated Sunday.
2M was slightly enhanced in the morning but it burned off quickly. 6M opened
for short periods then would go dead. I managed to fill in most of the local
grids from FN44 - FM17 north-south, and FN51 to FN00 east-west. Most of the 6M
Es filled grids between EM23-EM74, another area between EM31-EM60, and was
spotty to Florida, mostly EL96/EL97 and EM80 (N2CEI). I heard N3LL EL86 but he
was in a long QSO talking about his Pittsburg days. Only Es heard to the west
was K2DRH EN41, who seemed to be making his own opening. Mid-afternoon was dead
until 1 minute before the end of the contest when Florida opened up again,
figures! TNX to all who operated and to CQ for sponsoring this great contest!
-73, Ron WZ1V
VE7JH   Multi-Op LP   24,8572012-07-23 06:54:58
6m had short limited openings on Saturday, but Sunday morning it was wide open
for about 2 hours to CA-AZ-NV-NM-CO.
Kudos to WW7D/R, K7BWH/R, W7/HG1DUL and W7AMI for going the extra mile.
6m: FT-736, 5el, 100W
2m: FT-736R, 18el, 150W
K1LT   SOSB/6 HP   2,2782012-07-23 08:02:47
I got on to try to work new states and grid squares. However, none of
the openings I encountered went anywhere that I haven't worked before.

Writelog says I was on for 2 hours and 20 minutes, but I spent much
more time than that CQing and tuning.

I called XE2X several times, especially when his signal was reasonably
strong, but he did not hear me. Maybe I need an amplifier. Or maybe
I need a bigger antenna.

There is a strong "white noise" source to my north-east, which is the
direction of the house from the tower. Sometime I'll have to power
down everything in the house to see if the noise goes away.

Equipment: K3, 3 element Yagi up 65 feet.
W8RU/R   Rover LP   12012-07-23 08:08:58
Had to drive to Muskegon, MI to retreive my daughter from camp, so I threw a 6m
radio and a KB6KQ loop antenna into the van. Disappointing conditions. I
caught VE9MY late in the day on Saturday, but that was as good as it got.

73, Ron (W8RU).
VA7FC   Multi-Op HP   8,5542012-07-23 08:36:34
was joined in this contest with my good friend Darrin VE7GFC was nice to be
together contesting again ... We started late saturday and we enjoyed some
really nice north-south openings ..thanks to all that worked us in CN79 and
especially the rovers who went the extra mile for this test ..
CU Agn Next Year !!

73s Perry
K1TEO   SOAB HP   111,8362012-07-23 08:52:25
I was looking forward to the contest and like everyone else, hoping that 6
Meters would be open. It was a real struggle with only 4 E-skip QSO's on
Saturday. Sunday was better as the band opened up around 1400z and stayed open
for a couple of hours to the Gulf Coast between Texas and Alabama. It was open
to the same area weakly on and off for the early part of the afternoon but not
much more was worked on E-skip.

2M activity as usual was so-so though there was some enhancment late at night
and into the morning. The APRS map was really lit up to my west throughout the
evening and I could hear stations 200 miles to my west doing very well. I was
hoping that it would reach CT at some point. Around 0200z N8ZM in EN80 was
worked at around 550 miles 59+. Not much else was heard until 0300z when EM89
and EM79 were worked. Based on 'ZM's signal (still over s9 at 1530z) there was
ongoing enhancement until late Sunday morning to my west but very little was
worked. I did add EM77, EN71 and EN51 on Sunday morning, all of which are
beyond my normal range. The band was also enhanced down the coast Sunday
morning with the K4MHZ/b in Cape Hatteras over s9, but nothing was worked
beyond the usual range.

I didn't work many rovers this time but did enjoy working VE3CRU, N3XUD and
N2SLN. Tnx for heading out guys!

I like that you can use Ping Jockey to work scatter even though I never used
it. I opted for sleep this time around and only ended up with 4 wsjt qso's. I
also had a chance to go out to dinner with my family Saturday evening (I am
amazed the band didn't open then, hi!) which was nice.

Tnx for the QSO's.

73, Jeff
N4OX   SOSB/6 LP   32,3002012-07-23 09:19:54
6 meters showed signs of the "BIG" opening I keep hoping for on a contest
weekend, but just didn't quite get there. All in all, 3 elements at 30 feet and
100 watts can do well if the band cooperates even a little. Lots of VE3 and VA3
stations active.
WD5COV   SOSB/6 HP   15,4852012-07-23 09:36:01
Condx both days were very poor.
VE3KZ   SOAB LP   14,7682012-07-23 10:28:14
Spotty conditions but interesting. Power output on 6 was down between 50 and
75W. Nasty VSWR as I went up the band. Good at 50.000! Gotta find that

73 Bob
NR5M   SOAB HP   113,6282012-07-23 12:04:19
Nice opening on 6m to start the contest. First hour 126, second was 121, third
dropped to 53. That was when I made my first big mistake. Went to 2m eme in
4th hour and made only 13 Q's during that hour(2 on eme). I figure this lost
me around 30 Q's as well as some western grids. Spent another 35 minutes on 2
eme in the next hour and netted only one Q. When I got back on 6 meters I
netted 11 Q's in 25 minutes. I figure this cost me another 15-20 Q's(plus
several grids).

Next time I promise to stay on 6 meters as long as the band is open. I KNOW
this, but in my haste to see if the work I'd done to the eme station paid off,
I went there too early and at the wrong time. Lesson learned.

The next day I caught just a little bit of sporatic E to the northeast and
southeast but NOTHING like Saturday.

My eme efforts, however, paid off when I worked 40 (for 39 grids). I kept
checking back on 6 but was really just wasting valuable moon-time on Sunday
doing so.

The net result was that I learned some valuable lessons in VHF contesting and
figured out ways to reconfigure the station for better results next year.

Thanks to all for the Q's,

George NR5M
W8KNO   SOAB LP   1,4282012-07-23 12:36:28
Did not give a real effort. Sunday was beautiful to work outside and I took
advantage of it. Good to hear everyone I could.
K9NW   SOSB/6 LP   2642012-07-23 12:51:42
Only had a chance to pop in for a few minutes here and there Saturday PM.
Worked some Colorado guys and some Ohio guys. Nothing else.

73, Mike K9NW
N1PRW   Hilltopper QRP   7022012-07-23 13:13:42
Portable QRP operation from the summit of Mount Wachusett in Central
Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon. Weather was clear, dry and warm.

Station Equipment:
- Yaesu FT-817ND
- Cushcraft A148-3S 2m Yagi antenna
- 1/2 wavelength 6m dipole, homemade
- Aluminum tripod that extends to 8' height
- 12V gel-cell battery

Power: 5 Watts

Equipment worked well. Different antennas were used in this contest than in the
June VHF.

A new 12V gel-cell battery delivered constantly good power while transmitting.

I constructed a new portable 6m dipole from 3/16" aluminum stock, Delrin, and
PVC. It worked flawlessly and appeared to have a nearly 1:1 SWR. It is rugged,
and easy to transport and assemble. What a difference compared to my lousy old

The Cushcraft 2m Yagi is the same one I've had for almost 20 years and is
reliable. It's a classic.

The Mount Wachusett summit was busy with hikers and visitors, so my portable
station drew visitors with questions which was fun. However, it was distracting
getting interrupted during QSOs and having to ask for repeated calls and grids.

I enjoyed this contest and had good QSOs. I wish the band conditions had been
better and that I had allowed more time for participation. The station
equipment is now nearly perfect for portable QRP, especially when using the Elk
2m/440 instead of the Yagi. I have design improvements in mind for the dipole to
make it more compact to transport.

73, Alex N1PRW

Photos of the station, antennas, and of the Mount Wachusett summit and recent
W5PR   SOSB/6 HP   69,1602012-07-23 13:27:31
We had good propagation on Saturday, but not much on Sunday. My rotor went out,
so I was only able to work NE from here. (EL29) No EU, a little Caribbean.
Several XEs.

Rig: IC 756 ProIII, King Conversions SB-220 conversion.
Ant: 7 over 6 over 6

Looking for a Yaesu G-2700/2800 or other stout rotor!

Chuck W5PR
TA1CR   SOSB/2 LP   1682012-07-23 13:46:50
Very Poor Propagation!!!
W1RM   SOSB/6 HP   2,6042012-07-23 13:48:27
Nice surprise to have CO8DM call.
N9LB   SOAB HP   14,4572012-07-23 13:58:20
From my Wisconsin QTH...

Good e-skip to ELxx and EMxx grids on Saturday afternoon, and to DMxx and a few
southerly DNxx grids early Saturday evening. More e-skip to Florida on Sunday

Heard no Pacific NW at all.
Heard no VE at all.
Only one NE-US QSO with K1TOL
Only non-USA DX was with XE2NBW in DL95 and XE2X in EL06.

Conditions not near as good as ARRL June VHF contest, but stll enjoyed the
event. 73 de Lloyd - N9LB

Heard no 144 MHz enhancement either day.
VE9AA   SOSB/6 HP   12012-07-23 16:31:29
Sick all weekend, so ended up just working a single guy; my "neighbour" Robby,
VY2SS.......TU Robby ;-)

Mike VE9AA FN66
IC-746, SB-226, 6-El @ 30', N1MM
N8BJQ   SOSB/6 HP   11,5442012-07-23 18:13:42
Nice opening to the west to start the contest - not much else until Sunday late
morning when the band opened to the south.
W3EP   SOAB HP   14,9762012-07-23 18:41:40
Sporadic-E openings were sparse, selective, and generally short duration. Only
double hop was an XE2, who answered my CQ. Tropo seemed above average, activity
below average, especially when the band was open! Lots of QRN sources made it
difficult at times.
K9JK/R   Rover LP   28,1822012-07-23 19:11:46
Similar to last year's CQ WW VHF, 2012 had one day as the 50 MHz
contest and the other day as the VHF contest. This year the 50 MHz
contest was on Saturday and Sunday was the VHF contest (reversed
from 2011).

My 2012 rove covered 11 different Grids in West Central Illinois,
East Central/Northeastern Missouri and Southeastern Iowa.

While 50 MHz was similar, it was also different - my 50 MHz contacts
on Sunday in 2011 were largely into New England and the Mid-Atlantic
but Saturday of 2012 produced only TWO contacts into New England
(Massachusetts, & New Hampshire); other than that, my 50 MHz grid
map for Saturday 2012 was blank from EM61 to the north and east.
Contacts to Colorado and Florida were plentiful, 18 and 11,
respectively (some repeated as I worked the same station after
moving to a different grid). Thanks to K6MYC for his 'heavy lifting'
to copy my rover signal from Illinois in California, the one double
hop (over 1600 miles) QSO I was able to complete. Other contacts
via E-skip on Saturday were to the states of Georgia, Louisiana,
Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah and a station
in Mexico. North and South Carolina were added during a brief
opening on Sunday morning.

My first two grid stops on Saturday (EN50ga/fa and EM59fx&mobile)
were the most productive - 30 Qs on 6 (mostly E-skip and a few
tropo) plus 5 on 144 (all tropo) from EN50 and 25 Qs on 6 (mostly
E-skip and a few tropo) plus 9 on 144 (all tropo) from EM59.
EM58ax/bu/bt yielded 8 E-skip Qs on 6 (none on 2) and I found one
last E-skip Q on 6 from EM48mt followed by 1 each on 6 and 2
local/tropo from EM48wa before stopping for the night.

Early Sunday morning yielded a decent run of local/tropo contacts,
20 on 6 and 37 on 2, as I moved among EM38xx (6 on 6, 9 on 2),
EM39xa (3 on 6, 7 on 2), EM48aw (4 on 6, 9 on 2) and
EM49aa (7 on 6, 12 on 2) since I was near that grid corner.

Departing that grid corner, I caught my only three E-skip
contacts of Sunday, 2 from EM48bx and 1 from EM49ba.

As I continued north, all remaining Qs were local/tropo. I
caught K9NS on 2 from EM49 while mobile and K2DRH on 6 and 2
from EM39. With conditions having gone flat, it was really
helpful that K2DRH, K9AKS and K9NS followed me mobile through
EN30 and found me during brief stops at EN40aq, EN31xc and,
with 20 minutes to go in the contest, EN41ad.

The CoROVERolla's odometer clicked off 942 miles door-to-door which
works out to just under 6 miles driven for each of my 166 QSOs.

Of the 74 multipliers worked on 6, 40 of them were unique. Of the
47 multipliers worked on 2, 14 of those were unique.

Thanks to all who were on and to CQ Magazine for their continued
sponsorship of this contest.

73, JK
KØAV   SOSB/6 LP   2,0742012-07-23 19:55:40
First VHF contest.
Got out better than I could hear.
Used 40 meter beam for transmit & receive.
73, Alan K0AV
KØBBC/R   Rover LP   2,7732012-07-24 05:52:48
Five grids in North and South Dakota activated.
N2WN   SOSB/6 LP   3152012-07-24 07:10:34
Too bad conditions weren't like earlier in the week...
VP9/WA4PGM(@VP9GE)   SOSB/6 LP   3002012-07-24 10:40:12
One word for the propagation during this contest is "DEAD". Although I did
manage to almost double my score from a previous trip. Thanks everyone for the
contacts during our trip to Bermuda. Also a HUGE THANKS to Ed VP9GE!!
K1BV   SOSB/6 LP   8452012-07-24 15:40:35
First time ever entered this contest. There were interesting moments when skip
produced DX (FL, NC), but most contacts, of course, were within 150 miles.
N5TIT   SOAB LP   92012-07-24 18:23:25
Just giving out a few Q's.
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SOAB HP   5,1802012-07-24 19:31:23
Part time effort. 2 hours Saturday night .. and 15 minutes Sunday morning..
missed any real eskip openings... 1kw 6m 80w 2m.

Rick K3OO
K5QE   Multi-Op HP   209,7372012-07-24 20:41:55
Murphy came and stayed. We had breakdowns on every station. Bill-N5YA was able
to patch them together so that we could keep running. The DUBUS 2M digital EME
contest was also held this weekend. There were a ton of EU stations available
on 2M EME that are normally not there. Working all the EU ops on 2M was really

As usual, this is a great contest. The new rules are just wonderful. They
allow stations using digital EME or MS to maximize the number of contacts made.
Very nice to operate.

Thanks to those that put this contest on and do the scoring work.

73 Marshall K5QE
Jason N5NU
Archie W5AG
Dave K5MQ
Bill N5YA
K2OAK(@K1TTT)   Multi-Op LP   14,1362012-07-25 06:48:10
Activity low on 2 meters (as usual for this contest). 6 meter openings were
short and spotty. Did manage to work Mexico. I did hear a California on CW but
just couldn't make a QSO out of it. We did make more QSOs than last year even
though conditions were not as good.
KL7KY   SOSB/6 HP   5322012-07-25 19:09:52
Only had one short opening to JA - and never heard any stateside. Had fun
XE3N   SOSB/6 LP   5,2642012-07-26 05:03:26
" Saturday the 6m band was closed, Sunday poor conditions but catch any grids,
It wasn't the best contest, 73's to all "
VE3CRU/R   Rover HP   33,1852012-07-26 08:49:14
Prop played games with me all weekend. At times, both bands were flat. In the
end, the score surprised me, and to my satisfaction.

Openings were small, with none to the east coast, and nothing anywhere near the
west coast or to the southwest. No Caribbean this time. Still waiting to work
EU in the contest. Gave a Clean Sweep to a few.

Saturday was the usual EN93wf in the afternoon and a new site at EN94wb, no
permission in advance and a few encounters with a nasty renter, and later the
land owner who told me I am welcome anytime. Stopped at FN04aa on the way home
for 5 qso's as next time in the grid will be FN04xa opposite end of the grid.

Sunday started at FN14cb as the 4 elmt beam would not get down long laneway to
FN14ba without snagging in the trees lining the roadway (tuning tips still
installed)and was the best grid for qsos this contest, 67 Q's and good
elevation. FN13bx followed, on the north shoreline of Lake Ontario, is not
good to the west. Then came FN04xa, best elevation and horizon. Last hour was
spent at FN03ww as there was no prop.

Only worked one rover, K8MR/R once only. We need more rovers south of the

Many thanks to CQ for sponsoring the contest, and to all who participated to
make for a fun event. Thanks to those who stuck it out to work me, especially
in poor conditions. VE3SMA portable at the cottage in FN05 provided the only
qso's to the north, got them in 4 grids, will do better next time.

73 de Bill VE3CRU/R
N6ML(@K6LRG)   SOSB/6 HP   5,4502012-07-26 08:49:57
K3, KPA500, Cushcraft 6L

VE3SMA   Multi-Op HP   5,3102012-07-27 16:29:09
Propagation was pretty flat, traffic delayed Murray's arrival at the portable
QTH and I ended up with a fever all weekend, so the score is well down from our
previous best. But some interesting QSOs were had and some fish were caught (by
Murray), making for an interesting outing.

On 6m, the only usable sporadic E was a couple of hours worth to Florida and
the Gulf Coast. Morning scatter was weaker than previous years and not enough
for CW QSOs. One of these times we'll get organized enough for digital modes.
No enhancement on 2m, but a few reasonably distant QSOs were made on
troposcatter, out to about 700 km.

Steve VE3SMA
N4WW   SOSB/6 HP   28,6082012-07-28 01:12:56
First contest I know of that has all single ops in one category (everyone is
assisted) except for power divisions!!!! About time, with modern internet
connections for nearly everyone the assisted category needs to disappear
hopefully for big daddy CQWW also.

The biggest difference for single op stations and probably why winning cqww is
only a dream for most is SO2R. The best ops have to master this skill to the
ultimate and few can compete against this extraordinary skill. CQWW wants to
level the playing ground, start a minimum 10 minute rule on any band change.

73 doc n4ww
KFØUR   SOSB/6 LP   34,2262012-07-29 20:34:09
Great condx Saturday, and really enjoyed it. It's always like a party when 6M
is open. Not much to talk about Sunday as the condx were generally poor. Good
condx two days would sure be nice.

Got a few new grids in the log. Looking forward to the next one...
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   120,0802012-07-31 04:29:51
This was a really good contest. Every one had a good time. There were band
opening on 6 meters on both days. 2 meters was really good also. We only had
one equipment failure - the 2 meter voice keyer worked fine all day Saturday
but would not even turn on Sunday morning. I, W3YOZ, did a 5 hour shift so this
is one multi-op contest where I really did participate.
W3DHJ/R   Rover LP   17,8342012-08-04 11:27:49
RoverLog QSOs by Activated Grid:
Grid QSOs
DM77 34
DM78 27
DM87 66
DM88 73

RoverLog Score Summary:
Band QSOs Value QSOPts Mults
50 159 1 159 63
144 41 2 82 7

Grids activated: 4

Totals: 200 241 74
Claimed Score: 17834

My score closing out on Saturday was 12,010.
Sunday's contesting only grew that that another 5,824.

Saturday was a pretty good day for 6M propagation.
Es east and west -- some 2xEs to the east.
Sunday -- not so. Sunday was pretty much a 2M
contest, and VHF contest activity in Colorado seems
to have gotten pretty soft in the last couple of years.

Did get to meet two other Rovers out there: AB0YM/R dropped
by on Saturday, and KR5J/R dropped by on Sunday.

Jonesy W3DHJ --