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Solar Eclipse QSO Party   2017   Aug 21   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsDig QsGridsOp TimeScoreClub
AA3B(AA3B.BUD@GMAIL.COM)x 680002948399,840FRC
W1SJ  31616302358186,825Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
W6RW  422001848155,296AOCC
W9XY  1303150206118,450
K5AX  30600159597,308DFWCG
W6SX  2750012367,650NCCC
K2LE/1 x221001504.:3066,300YCCC
W6YX(N7MH)  217001435:0062,162NCCC
W5FMH(MMØLID)  20000138355,200TDXS
AE1T  15312312142,713YCCC
KG5LRP  52771512236,234TDXS
KT4Q  01177197525,123FCG
K7XC  50653195221,565NCCC
K3PP  71004936,958FRC
KU4V  0069456,210PVRC
AA1K  58004925,488FRC
KU8E  4600411:303,772SECC
WU1ITU/7  2309281,892
K8BZ  3100260:261,612
NØKQ  2102921840NCCC
ND4G  0414153495The Villages Amateur Radio Club
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsDig QsGridsOp TimeScoreClub
WB9HFK  155007422,940SMC
N5EE  12200902:1521,960DpDxCC
N7S(NØAC)  115008720,010IaDXCC
AB5J(AF5Q)  1115929617,952
N1DC  1020074416,116YCCC
AD5XD  008460510,080DFWCG
KØIO  67005888,023Newton ARA
W9RE  9700817,867SMC
KM4HI  0103107847,092FCG
W6JTI  64005336,784NCCC
KB8GAE  6500486,240
AA4LR  52905546,215
WN4AFP  8430366,156SFCG
NG9M  0900665,940SMC
K1LT  118006635,874MRRC
K2PS  50003923,900The Villages Amateur Radio Club
N5RP  48104023,880
KP3LH(NP3RE)  0543383,458
WW4SF(KG4IGC)  101026376:503,145SFCG
N4NM  4200363,042ACG
VE3UTT  400136.752,952CCO
W6K(WQ6X)  41003352,706
VE3CV  42003292,688CCO
WA5LXS  35103262,272
KØAV(@KØAV/7)  2810273.51,989Grand Mesa
VE3CWU  30002421,440CCO
W1END  270025~41,350YCCC
N3TWM  241019931FRC
AB1J  27001400:28756YCCC
W9FFA  002117714SMC
K6GHA  776200:40660NCCC
NC6Q  1900187608SCCC
KØGUZ  150015590Grand Mesa
WØJTC  0260206520
K1VSJ  141015:46435YCCC
N8HM  001712408PVRC
N8SK  011097339
K7Y(KD6WKY)  32110362339MLDXCC
XE2B  706110.9286
W9WE  100002200SMC
N8RW  60060.560The Villages Amateur Radio Club
NP4LW  0250251225
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsDig QsGridsOp TimeScoreClub
KEØTT  960059411,328
KI4MZC  40003442,720
KEØLCS  00292471,392
W7TR(KH2TJ)  21002051,144NCCC
N4TMM  2900295841
K5QR/Ø  1500121360
WBØIWG  017016272MWA
N6AN/7  8008.658