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All Asian DX Contest, SSB   2017   Sep 2   Comment Summary

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SP1JQJ   SOSB/20 HP   4802017-09-02 11:45:37
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
14 24 24 20 1,0
Total 24 24 20 1,0
Score: 480
1 Mult = 1,2 Q's
W6RW   SOSB/40 HP   6,4772017-09-03 06:11:26
Struggled both nights with an S9 noise level. Could hear a lot of stations
calling me but could not dig them out of the noise. Overall I had a great time.
Can't wait until next year with a horizontal polarized antenna for 40 goes up.
Should reduce the noise level vs the vertical that I am presently using. Thanks
for all the Qs and GO ARIZONA OUTLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LY5W   SOSB/20 HP   7,6002017-09-03 09:12:44
Before and after work, just for fun, but condiotions were same bad as last year
73, Sam LY5W
8SØC(SMØMPV)   SOSB/20 HP   16,9952017-09-03 14:23:18
Very poor cndx and not many Asian stations active made it difficult to get high
K6GHA   SOSB/20 LP   1102017-09-03 14:24:03
Token effort, my timing was off to maximize the band.
W5FMH   M/S HP   5282017-09-03 16:44:35
This was just a very casual and limited operation via the W5FMH remote club
station (multi-single). We only operated over the first 24 hours of the contest
and then the remote crashed and was out for a while. When it finally came back
on, we decided just to call it quits for the contest.

20m was open the first night, but not many signals were on the band. We were
able to work 7Z1SJ on 40m, but could not copy the other two or three
middle-eastern stations spotted. 40/80m was okay, but not great in the early
morning here. There were lots of signals, but most were not very strong. The
morning of the second day, we were not able to copy any of the US spots --
propagation seemed to be favoring the East coast at the time. On Saturday
evening, we worked a few loud Russians on 20m and then the band began to come
alive with JAs. We worked one and then the remote proceeded to crash and stay
down for hours. That is when we decided to call it quits.

For some reason, none of the BY stations could copy us. I guess they were
suffering from city noise of something.

Overall, a fun operation even though we did not operate very seriously and we
had remote failure!

73 de KM4SII, Mason
E28AD(@HSØZIA)   M/S HP   823,8602017-09-03 17:26:16
Thanks to the guest ops who did most of the operating as usual.

FLEX 6700/Maestro, SPE 1.3K
N6RO   SOSB/20 HP   1,0732017-09-03 17:27:32
Expected band conditions did not warrant a M/M, so K3EST and I went single
My priority was the first and third sessions of CW OPS OPEN.

In AA test, had a nice but short run Saturday night in the 06Z hour, and the
last five minutes of the contest.

CU in NA Sprint next weekend.
W7RN(K5RC)   M/S HP   22,4642017-09-03 18:06:51
Very poor conditions on high bands. Very little activity on 75
K7XC   SOSB/20 HP   4082017-09-03 20:25:06
Busy with other projects all weekend and almost forgot to get on the air for
this one. Managed to hunt and pounce 20 SSB & worked 23 JAs and a single
Chinese station. Heard several other Asian countries but they must have had
their antennas glued on JA as no one from NA managed to get their attention
with the exception of super-stations like K5RC who worked them in one call.
Condition were noisy and perturbed and add to that its a phone contest... it
wasn't an easy road.
73s and GL!
WQ6X(@W7AYT)   SOSB/40 LP   12017-09-03 20:36:35
This is another portable operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord.

This All Asian Contest was a bust from the beginning.
I was originally planning to operate from NX6T in Fallbrook.
A misplaced cellphone sidelined any travel. Next up was an
internet outage in Fallbrook which was resolved at the last minute.
Unfortunately, we never worked out what the problem was in playing
my WQ6X .Wav files during a contest with that particular setup.
Later, a failing A.C. system @ "NashVille", sidelined the rest of the

That prompted me to make a last minute operation @W7AYT.
I ran the usual FT-1000mp with a new external audio filter combination,
running the MFJ-752c in the left ear and an Autek QF-1a filter for the right.
Running SO2V, I effectively had DSP in stereo for CW & SSB.

I did the best I could with the limited antenna system here.
However I am beginning to think W7AYT's QTH has an energy vortex
enroute to Asia; Oceania is not bad, just Asia.

As usual my main beef with the All Asian contest is that not enough Asian
stations participate in their own event and are hearable with my combo CH-250
Vertical and a Horizontal VEE @W7AYT.

You can read my write up of this contest in the WQ6X Contest BLOG:

K7HKR   SOAB LP   642017-09-04 03:52:16
100 watts, homebrew magnetic loop from AZ

This is a tough row to hoe with my station, but decided to give it a shot.
Didn't hear anything at the beginning of the contest, so went to bed early and
then up before 4am local time (11UT) and that paid off with good conditions on
40. I couldn't work all the JA stations I heard, but the ones I worked were
easy. Also heard Indonesia. Tried 80, but my loop needs perfect conditions to
reach Asia down there. Worked JA stations on 20 from 05-06UT on Sunday. Tried
to work the early morning enhancement on 40 again, but didn't get any new
stations despite also hearing S. Korea and Thailand.
K3EST(@N6RO)   SOSB/40 HP   40,7002017-09-04 09:23:14
Condx were so so with a solar storm. There was a time around 1000z when JA was
very poor but condx returned about 1100. The band never opened too far into
mainland Asia. Heard R9PA but no luck. No other Russians heard except far east
stations. Worked 6 9M2/9W2 and 5 BYs! Unfortunately, I had to stop after one
night. A lot of fun. Thanks to all the Asians who called me.
Thanks to Ken, N6RO for the use of his station.
73 Bob
VU2DED   SOAB LP   8,8582017-09-04 17:47:19
Working conditions: Icom IC-707, barefoot with homebrew Carolina Windom antenna,
40M through 10M and Yaesu antenna Tuner FC-700.

New Delhi ML88on