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ARRL 10-Meter Contest   2017   Dec 9   Comment Summary

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N7AT(@K8IA/N7RQ)   M/S HP   33,4642017-12-09 14:02:15
A few hours, Friday night only, for AOCC points.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
WA2CP   M/S HP   13,3982017-12-09 18:45:26
After fighting conditions, we packed it in early...very disappointing year for
WX3B   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   2,5282017-12-09 20:00:22
The good news: My noise floor is perfectly quiet on 10 meters...IN ALL


Jim WX3B
K3TD(@K4QPL)   M/S HP   1,1002017-12-09 21:25:04
Many thanks to Jim, K4QPL, for the use of his very nice station, and for
contributing the first 19 CW Qs! It was slow going the entire way with just
one PY DX station. Thanks to all who worked us! 73, Tad, K3TD
KX1G   M/S HP   3,7802017-12-10 00:03:51
What a frustrating contest. Never heard a single station from Europe. Worked
only 10 states...ugh. If we could hear them we could work them. Just not
hearing them. Nothing from areas 2, 5, 6,7,8, or 9. Station here is fine.
Conditions sucked. Unfortunately am not going to be able to participate on
Sunday so it is what it is. For the record, SFI is 70 and band is quiet. 73,
WA7BNM   SO Mixed LP   3122017-12-10 01:16:55
Seemed like the Southern California QSO Party
AE7VA   SO SSB Unlimited HP   962017-12-10 01:58:06
I missed the mythical Friday night opening. Operated Saturday all day into the is just dead, dead silent.
WA7NWL   SO Mixed LP   1202017-12-10 01:59:46
Very short time to play.

First 3 Q's were Friday night right at local midnight. Nice pipeline
propagation into Oregon at that time. Saturday morning was not as nice - band
had more noise, signals were generally weaker with more QSB than Friday night
and only local stations were heard/contacted.

Tnx es 73,

John, WA7NWL
W6DPT(W5DPT)   SO CW Unlimited HP   1602017-12-10 02:54:31
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6903.0
N8OO   SO Mixed HP   60,5202017-12-10 04:04:19
Propagation zero(0) minus 10..........all qso first night....Saturday morning
cqing 45 min....looking another 45 min ,have no result and say ENOUGH....lets
go do
something more efficient.
73! Vic N8OO
VK2PN   SO CW HP   3,1682017-12-10 08:07:31
It was hard going. The opening to North America was very short. JA windows were
also short. Good fun after all.
VK4SN   SO CW HP   1,0082017-12-10 10:07:41
Well that was the worst conditions I've ever experienced. Just lucky to work
out of VK a few times. Can only get better. Thanks for the contacts.
VK4FJ   SO CW LP   9522017-12-10 10:41:17
Thanks to those who managed to make a contact,
It was hard going with little good openings,
Still had fun trying to improve my cw op skills,
Warren VK4FJ
VK5GR   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   6,3842017-12-10 11:30:57
First time entering the contest. 10m was very hard going. Saturday saw some good
domestic Es which extended into ZL and some workable runs into JA and Hawaii but
no mainland NA. Saturday night was the standout with a couple of contacts to
Netherlands (one SSB one CW) and three Middle Eastern contacts which boosted
multipliers significantly. Sunday was almost a writeoff with one contact to
mainland USA (AZ), a very weak JA opening, a brief opening to ZL and some
domestic VK2 and 7 (many of whom I had worked the day before). Nothing at all
heard after ~3pm so gave up. Good to see a little activity around on Saturday
but just a hard slog on Sunday. Will I be back? Yes! Would I like to see them
add digital to the MIXED category - hell yes!
HG7T(HA7TM)   SO CW HP   24,5762017-12-10 13:36:28
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
UA9BA   SO CW HP   1,3762017-12-10 15:18:19
I only worked 43 stations. I heard at least 40+ on top of that, but didn't
work'em. There were some SA mults that were loud and never got their
attraction. This was all happening on Sat. Sunday was a complete blackout. Not
one pip heard!
IC-756 pro III with 400W amplifier and 6 ele yagi along with other 14 elements
of a 5-bander on a 31 mh tower.

TNX fr QSOs! CU on Top Band this winter.

73! Willy UA9BA
EA5VK   SO CW LP   1202017-12-10 15:41:47
[log removed from comments]


NAME: Jose Luis Marti Fabra
ADDRESS: San Francisco, 89,1?
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4457.0
WØPAN   SO Mixed LP   962017-12-10 15:48:38
Missed the Friday evening opening so lousy score.
N4KS   SO CW LP   1,6402017-12-10 16:19:17
Dismal conditions to say the least.
W4KW   SO SSB Unlimited HP   422017-12-10 16:35:18
When Transceiver DIED(Probable scared to Death due to Band conditions)first day
and Back Up Rig already dead, time to Enjoy the Holidays and put Radios in the
background for a while.
Happy Holidays to ALL and thanks to ALL for the contacts this year. Hopefully
2018 will bring better conditions.
IC8FBU   SO CW LP   1,9802017-12-10 17:44:54
Saturday was rather boring with 7 qso but as a miracle at 17 the band has opened
for Europe so 'I had fun, Sunday same phenomenon but very low intensity by
logging only 5 qso I find this interesting contest because it is difficult
especially in these years of dark propagation, a greeting to everyone next
year. IC8FBU Tony.
MM3AWD   SO Mixed Unlimited QRP   1,4842017-12-10 18:06:28
Didnt have much time over the weekend.
Christmas shopping and other XYL duties took priority.

Band openings were very sporadic as to be expected. Found one of the 10m Traps
on the Hy-Gain TH6DXX has went bad causing some difficulties on 10. Will
rectify this in due course. So the bulk of the Q's were on the Vertical.

73 Thanks for the Q's

Scott MM3AWD
K3AJ   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   7,3922017-12-10 18:33:21
Radio - K3/P3
Amplifier - Acom 1500
Antenna - 3-el SteppIR at 50 ft.
N1MM+/Win10 PC
ZM4T(ZL3IO)   SO CW Unlimited HP   56,8082017-12-10 18:42:27
I had only a few hours available during day one. One EU worked (CT7ACG) early
morning long path before NA opened. There were a few more EA's but they did not
copy me. SA was good copy here but they never beam to OC. Only CW5W worked from
Thanks for the QSO's

73 Holger

K3 + KPA500
3 x 4L yagis
9H6A(@9H1XT)   M/S HP   22,6802017-12-10 18:47:21
Poor propagation. Just half an hour to central Europe on Sunday and some TEP
late both days.
DJ1YFK   SO CW Unlimited LP   1,2882017-12-10 18:59:37
K2, 10W, Vertical

Fabian, DJ1YFK
KB9DKR   SO Mixed LP   542017-12-10 19:03:27
It was fun to catch some propagation to SA around 18:20 Sat.
N4YDU   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   13,0902017-12-10 19:05:03
Was hoping for a little more propagation than that! Just a few light E openings
that lasted a few minutes and a sluggish opening to S. America Saturday
afternoon. Other than that, pretty much a ground wave and scatter event.

Thanks for the Qs!



ACOM 2000A
FT5000 MP
2 element quad at 60 feet
2 element yagi at 35 feet fixed west
3 element yagi at 32 feet fixed south
DXLOG software
F5BSB   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   3,8882017-12-10 19:58:45
Only for give some points and for the fun ! 73's 88's Ann F5BSB
K1ESE   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,1282017-12-10 20:07:24
Seems like no one points their antennas to Maine...
K8AJS   SO CW Unlimited LP   2,3042017-12-10 20:07:26
I've always liked 10 meters and have had a lot of fun there. Unfortunately, this
year propagation on 10 has really gone down the tubes, and this contest was a
representation of what is happening. This year so far I've made over 14K
contacts, and only 56 of them have been on 10 meters, 32 of those in this

I spent a few hours in the contest, but finally decided it was silly to
maintain BIC listening to a band that was producing bupkis. I just can't stick
with it if I'm not having fun, and unfortunately this one was no fun.

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3
Antenna: 4 ele quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6927.0
W5DPT   SO CW Unlimited HP   1802017-12-10 20:10:35
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6903.0
G4FKA   SO Mixed HP   39,2642017-12-10 20:23:58
Normally I use a wet string antenna but on Sunday it was a snowy string as the
first snowfalls of winter came to the west of England. Saturday conditions were
generally dire up to 16:00. Only 20 QSOs from the point the band opened around
08:00. Then at 16:01 it was like a gate was opened and Europe were finally
there. I worked 4 times as many in the next two hours as the whole period up to
16:00. So it was much more fun until the last of the day's 110 QSOs at 19:23.

On Sunday the band opened later with the first QSO at 09:25 but then it was a
more distributed run of 123 QSOs through the day with just a couple of hours
with no contacts. Last QSO later at 19:51.

The propagation was very Europe oriented and there were only three QSOs outside
Europe, namely Uruguay, Brazil and Namibia. I guess this is par for the course
at this stage of the sunspots.

ICOM IC-756ProIII, Expert 1K-FA and a snow covered fixed wire dipole at 4m.

Thanks for all the QSOs and see you all in the next one.
K6LRN   SO SSB HP   1202017-12-10 20:53:46
Best DX was Corning CA...up the valley a bit.
Thanks for the Qs...Happy Holidays.
K3SEN   SO CW Unlimited LP   882017-12-10 21:00:18
Very strange! Ground wave only and even some of that was touchy! Thanks for
the Qs. 73 Dale K3SEN FTdx-1200 / Diamond BB7V.
KE4KY   SO CW Unlimited HP   16,5202017-12-10 21:05:32
Lots of a$$ in seat on this one!

Stopped at 2100z. Only finding folks I have already worked...when they could be


K3S / P3
10 element log @60ft
Acom 1500
W4EE   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   5322017-12-10 21:08:06
Ouch! that was tough
TS-590S es OCFD
N1MM+ logger
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
I2WIJ   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   9,9602017-12-10 21:25:58
Just few hours of struggle....almost europe backscatter and a sort
of opening to south america on sunday.
Very good signal form P4/DL6RAI late on sunday afternoon with a long steady
but he was the only station heard from caribe! Aaahhhgg.....
KG4USN   SO Mixed LP   3722017-12-10 21:37:16
Mostly heard the same few stations. I would go through the band every few hrs
over the course of the weekend. I heard a Chilean station on Sat very easily
but no qso. Hats off to the folks who called CQ. Tough contest

Happy holidays to all
W2EG   SO CW HP   4,8962017-12-10 21:42:55
500W and a dipole @ 13M. Pretty noisy (needed both preamps on) the first day and
even noisier the second. Worked three PYs, a CX, an LU, and several
Caribbean stations. Furthest land QSO was IL. A few meteor
bursts, but none long enough for a full QSO. Thanks for the Qs.
73, Rich, W2EG
K3PA   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   34,2002017-12-10 21:53:11
Wow...that was painful! S8 line noise didn't help.
K1SM   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   14,5202017-12-10 21:59:59
Painful condx.
NN2NN   SO CW LP   3202017-12-10 22:03:43
That, was painful.

TNX for the few Q's.
Steve NN2NN
GW9J(GWØGEI)   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   7,7222017-12-10 22:04:27
Band Mode QSOs Pts S-P Cty Pt/Q
28 CW 59 236 0 17 4.0
28 USB 25 50 0 10 2.0
Total Both 84 286 0 27 3.4
Score: 7,722
1 Mult = 3.1 Q's
K4SXT   SO CW LP   2082017-12-10 22:10:00
I tried my best but 10 meters has just shut down for the sunspot minimum. I
don't think the rig had much to do with the score - just no signals. This is
my 6th cycle minimum and I think the worst yet. On the bright side, things can
only improve.
KM4SII   SO SSB Unlimited LP   22017-12-10 22:10:58
Wow. Just wow. I though last year was bad, but the bands were DEAD whenever I
was on here in NC.

One local up on a nearby mountain was all I worked....

Well, I guess that's to be expected at this point in the sunspot cycle. 10m was
halfway decent during CQWW SSB to South America so I though there might still be
a chance. However, I heard no DX stations at all this year.

Well, I guess one QSO is better then none :-)

73 de KM4SII
K2SSS   SO CW HP   35,3762017-12-10 22:11:19
tnx for q's
CU on 10m in couple years....

ant: 3x6L
LU7DID   SO CW Unlimited QRP   12,5442017-12-10 22:11:43
Very horrid condx this year, vy short openings with NA, almost nil to EU,
inexistent to AS/AF/OC. Many SA makes for the day. Nothing to worry about,
We're deep into the low cycle and this is it for the incoming years.
HK3C   SO SSB HP   8642017-12-10 22:13:08
Tough and bizarre conditions - propagation mostly south to PY, LU and CX.

Worked only 4 US stations - all in Texas. Also short opening to 6W1.

Antenna - HexBeam at 50'
WA7NB   SO CW LP   16,6322017-12-10 22:13:35
Contest conditions horrible. Friday evening there was an e-skip opening which
opened to the east coast in 4th call district and in the central U.S.A.
Saturday and Sunday there was typical Trans equatorial propagation and a small
opening to New Zealand.
W6LP(NC6R)   SO SSB HP   9122017-12-10 22:15:01
Very poor 10 meter conditions, way down from last year. The best part was to put
a new ham (KM6IKB) on the rig, park it in the Tech portion and let him hammer
away! Made 22 contacts in just under 2 hours. Not to shabby for his first
contest, given the band conditions.
K7ABV   SO Mixed LP   3,1802017-12-10 22:16:54
well that was short...nothing at all during all of the test, except at 0300 both
nights I had a short window...however, I admit Friday I was QRL until that time,
so I could have missed a lot from the starting gun...this has to be one of the
smallest scores I have done in some time..but is a sign of the times I
guess...thanks for q's and glad I made at least 2 q's on ssb, wow...I see a lot
of folks threw in the key before the final bell...guess I am next year
KE4S   SO Mixed HP   8,6422017-12-10 22:18:07
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
Ant- 4el SteppIR @ 17m for 40m thru 6m
Lots of MD, DC, VA ops. Condx not very good for out of region. Thanks for the
K2QO   SO CW LP   3802017-12-10 22:19:17
This contest may have had the WORST conditions I've ever experienced in my 24
years of contesting. YIKES! I could do better running 6M in the January VHF
with a busted dipole. Just awful.

K3/100W, Force 12C4E plus a 220' CF Dipole, Skookum Logger on a MacMini.

Mark K2QO
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   9,1702017-12-10 22:19:40
K3 / Hexbeam @ 8m

Very poor conditions led to a boring contest. V51 & ZL were highlights.
Didn't have high expectations. Hope others had fun.
N1LN   SO CW Unlimited HP   21,6842017-12-10 22:23:59
Guess I was overly optimistic about possible band conditions. Best DX was V51YJ
as well as several South America stations.

Thanks for the Qs and the MANY repeats.

Bruce N1LN
WØZP   SO Mixed HP   3,4862017-12-10 22:26:20
scatter, rapid qsb, flutter, echoe, and then an opening sat to caribbean and sa
for 12 qso's ! cool ! Amazed to hear any of You guys ! 73 Wayne
N6ZFO   SO Mixed HP   13,8622017-12-10 22:30:36
Concept of blending meteor scatter, Es, ground wave and F propagation made this
contest challenging and actually rather enjoyable.

QSO with VK4SN Friday night was a surprise; at the same time, KH6CJJ was S-9.
We just needed more stations on.

Several very weak 0's and 7's later Fri expanded into a full-tilt Es opening,
which really saved the contest. Much later the Es path bended to the south,
and I worked a very strong K7JA NX6T (Chip and Dennis) before the band shut

Missed all day Saturday but Sunday morning gave a surprise Es opening to the

If I made one mistake, it was the failure to move more mults to SSB.

73 Bill n6zfo
AB9YC   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   5,2502017-12-10 22:35:14
N1MM shows 8 hours, but that is not what it felt like. I know I was in the
chair a lot longer as it was so long between contacts.
HP3SS   SO CW LP   3802017-12-10 22:37:32
SA only.
N6DW   SO CW Unlimited HP   602017-12-10 22:45:00
N4CF   SO CW LP   1,2402017-12-10 22:45:21
Well, that was just awful! With the K3's preamp #2 turned on, I could hear
stations, but they didn't hear me. The sagging ice-coated Carolina Windom
antenna didn't help on Saturday.
N4RV   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   59,3002017-12-10 22:46:28
What a difference a few sunspots make ! Not sure if going to the dentist is
more fun than this contest in poor conditions.
Actually quite a bit of activity, but hardly anything to the West.
K7SV   SO CW LP   12,8402017-12-10 22:50:20
Let's see, 107 Qs in 9 hours is a rate of approximately 10 per hour! Ugh. K3 at
100W and A3S at 30ft.
AC2RL   SO Mixed LP   5222017-12-10 23:02:48
Wretched band conditions, but I managed to make a few contacts. Best was the
Saturday opening to South America between 1800 and 1930.
N4CU   SO CW HP   1202017-12-10 23:04:17
Whack A Mole. Signals in and out fast there was not need to tuns. Just sit
and listen. Heard a ZL in and our so fast I just got my call our and he was
gone. Guys in Brazil and SA seemed to be working a different testvthat needed
a number exchange. I had fun and a good time with sporadic E. Bob
N9CO   SO CW LP   1,8722017-12-10 23:10:58
Goofing around - used my 4el 20m monoband yagi @ 85' as an antenna. My IC-7300
autotuner didn't complain. Surprised to work anybody.
KC4TEO   SO CW LP   1442017-12-10 23:12:16
Propagation seemed especially horrific for those of us in the southeast USA.
Only heard short bursts of activity Saturday morning and Sunday was even worse.
Why couldn't the NCAA football conference championship games been played THIS
AC4G   SO CW HP   3,9602017-12-10 23:16:52
Band Condx terrible w/ much QSB, but to be expected with low solar condx.
KØZR   SO CW Unlimited HP   4,8602017-12-10 23:20:33
One tough contest with very poor conditions, but everyone expected that! I left
the radio on a lot, stopping by now and then to see if I could hear anything or
anyone was able to hear me. 1,500 W, 7 elements at 73 ft: Nada! Looking
forward to a day when 10 is in better shape.
NØAC   SO CW LP   4682017-12-10 23:24:21
The VEs were pounding in Friday night. That's all folks.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
K4LM   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,1202017-12-10 23:31:01
For some reason I could hear a lot better than the other end of the QSO. Could
not hear that many stateside stations. Hope the 1120 helps out.
Vant K4LM
K2ZR/4   SO CW LP   162017-12-10 23:31:58
No Conditions In Key West - Heard both contacts late in the afternoon on Sunday
about at about 2115Z.
95W to 40M Windom N1MM Logger+
W6SZN   SO CW HP   4,0882017-12-10 23:32:01
I think I qualified for WAWA--the Worked All Washington Award, not the East
Coast convenience store. I've missed NE in many contests and somehow worked 2
in this modest effort. I thought I might miss CA until fellow NCCCer Bob,
K3EST heard my weak signal. Thank for the QSOs.
N1RR   SO Mixed Unlimited QRP   1,2782017-12-10 23:32:06
2L40 @ 105ft - 500 feet away.
KE8M   SO CW Unlimited HP   9,4722017-12-10 23:32:08
Band QSOs Pts S-P Cty Pt/Q
28 74 296 24 8 4.0
Total 74 296 24 8 4.0

Score : 9,472
Rig : Elecraft K3s + Ameritron ALS 1300 @ 500w

Antenna : 10M - Hy Gain LJ 105CA @ 45 ft

Soapbox : skewed paths, backscatter, ground wave, and flutter yeah!
VE6TL   SO Mixed HP   2,6862017-12-10 23:34:07
Had Es openings one hour each night which allowed me to work the following
exotic DX: CA, AZ, NV, NM, MN, WI, IL, SD, ND, IA, NE, and AB. Listened off
and on the rest over the contest period and could not hear a single signal (or
see one on the panadapter). Saturday night, I worked about 25 MN stations in a
row - like a pipeline. Should be a special category for Es only.

Jerry VE6TL
Rig: FTDX-5000MP
Amp: FL-7000 - about 400W
Ant: TH6DXX at 40'
NA6O   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   1,8902017-12-10 23:35:45
TS-590s, KPA500, vertical, N1MM+

Not a great event with a noisy vertical... Sunday the RBN finally spotted me.
Worked a few odd states here and there. Otherwise, this was basically Worked
All NCCC Members. W6TCP was the only station I heard on SSB. At least I
provided a spotting service for the locals.
K1GQ   SO Mixed HP   42,3122017-12-10 23:37:35
SkookumLogger K3 2000A 2XA-3B-12L
N4FP   SO Mixed HP   7,4862017-12-10 23:39:17
Flex 6300, AL-80B, Classic 33 at 45 ft. Very poor conditions. Had other
activities going on, so limited time. Brief openings to Texas, Illinois,
Northeast, and South America.
NG7M   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   31,0962017-12-10 23:42:13
I'm sure I'm repeating what others have said... if you didn't start the contest,
you missed all the fun in the first 4+ hours. Maybe I should have stayed on
longer Friday evening local time here in Utah. I worked my only DX Saturday
afternoon, all south America.

To be honest, I was shocked at the start with the opening. It could have been
more of a bust. Thanks for all the Q's. Max NG7M
AG4W   SO Mixed HP   7,6562017-12-10 23:43:20
FTDX-5000D,AL-1200, 4 element quad at 40 feet. The conditions were about the
worst I can remember for this contest. Many of the contacts were difficult due
to fading and flutter. Most of the signals were also weak. I sure appreciate
all those that had to repeat.
K2RD   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   13,9682017-12-10 23:43:30
Weak but good openings Friday evening as far east as FL and MI. Not much Sat
and Sun. Thanks for the QSOS. SUNSPOTS, COME BACK!
KY7M(@NA7TB)   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   81,0302017-12-10 23:45:34
I was very pleased to catch the sporadic E openings on Friday night. It
resulted in 27 states from Florida and the Carolinas on the east coast all the
way to the west coast states later in the evening along with the four western
VE provinces. It was good to hear a number of the XE states active over the
weekend. This was our first chance to try out a new Force 12 C-19XR tribander
at our remote site. Its 5 elements on 10m performed to expectations. Needless
to say, after Friday night, the contest was not a lot of fun in this part of the
world and the QSO total did not increase much. I appreciated all of the
activity from South America. Most of the QSOs on Saturday and Sunday were
either from SA or ground wave and backscatter to neighboring states.
NY1AA(JJ5GMJ)   SO CW Unlimited LP   242017-12-10 23:50:06
50w into tuned wire antenna beside window.
Thank you for picking me up from the noise.

73 Hiro/NY1AA, JJ5GMJ
W8ASA   SO CW LP   3362017-12-10 23:52:33
Poor conditions when I was able to operate, but Namibia came through out of the
K6GHA   SO Mixed LP   2,0162017-12-10 23:55:00
Could hear, but couldn't be heard. LP needs a bit more help from the West Coast.

Highlight was the DX locations. Small openings, have to be Quick Draw McGraw to
complete the contact. More often than not got a Ka-bong (cartoon references)with
fade or complete loss of band. Someday 10m will be back. Hope others had it
WA4JUK   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   12,1522017-12-10 23:56:55
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6927.0
N9GUN   SO CW LP   242017-12-10 23:58:16
VE9AA   SO CW HP   1,4042017-12-11 00:00:10
Rate = 1 Q/ hour. That probably says it all and more.

Came back to radio every hour or two all weekend long. Radio only off when
asleep. Had more fun snowblowing the driveway on Sunday.

Even if this were a 6m contest, condx were less than deplorable.

Worked 2 in Maine on groundwave.
3 PY's
1 CX
Remainder all on MS....

...sigh !
W4PK   SO CW Unlimited HP   14,9762017-12-11 00:00:34
Well,what can I say? Conditions certainly were way down from 2011 where I had
871 CW QSOs for a score of 581,828, my personal best for this contest.

This year I only managed to get 6 DX contacts, all trans-equatorial. One was
with C51 in Africa and the other was with New Zealand. The rest was with South
America: CE, CX, LU and PY. At times on Saturday the South American stations
were booming in with S9 signals!

Sunday was not nearly as good with several stations not hearing me at all. And
I am running a KW to a 7-element 10M beam!

I was picked up by skimmers a only a couple of times during the contest. Many
times when I did try running I could tell that someone was calling me but I
just could not copy! And I had the same problem with several of the PVRC
members not being able to hear me when I tried to answer their CQs.

The furthest West I was able to work was Kansas, and again that was on

73, Sam W4PK
WE9V   SO CW LP   7,3842017-12-11 00:01:37
That was tough. Quite a few ops CQ in my face with my low power.
Oh well. Just worked a few people while doing other stuff on the

Chad WE9V
N3RD   SO CW Unlimited HP   42,8002017-12-11 00:02:21
Band QSOs Pts S-P Cty Pt/Q
28 268 1072 33 7 4.0
Total 268 1072 33 7 4.0
Score: 42,880
1 Mult = 6.7 Q's
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO CW Unlimited HP   16,8722017-12-11 00:02:42
Not many openings but maybe I caught the ones that occurred.

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K2TTT   SO CW HP   9,4522017-12-11 00:02:43
WJ9B   SO CW HP   58,4082017-12-11 00:02:59
...Friday evening E-skip but not much else!
73, wj9b
K7MY   SO Mixed LP   442017-12-11 00:03:02
Missed the fun Friday night and had little joy Saturday or Sunday.
KØNM   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   1,8002017-12-11 00:04:10
Just a part time effort. Learnt the real meaning of Sporadic E propagation. Call
CQ on a dead band for about 15 minutes and out pops a W1 call. A minute after I
work him, he is gone.

So, a better term is Sporadic Contacts.

Nizar K0NM
W6TCP   M/S HP   30,5302017-12-11 00:05:33
Happy we got on Friday night! The rest was like a VHF contest.
N2CU   SO CW Unlimited HP   12,2762017-12-11 00:07:05
Doesn't do any good to complain about conditions; won't change a thing.

Thankful for some Caribbean and South American stations for the only DX worked.
Did hear V51YJ both days for a short time but he couldn't hear me. Got home from
a Christmas party at 23:30 Sunday and started CQ'n. Sounded like the Minnesota
QSO Party as I worked 12 of them in 20 minutes with IA and NE (new mults)
thrown in for good measure. Nice job MWA!

K3, L7 @ 1kW, TH6DXX @ 48', N1MM Classic.

73 es Merry Christmas,
Tom N2CU
K4FCG(K1KNQ)   SO SSB LP   1,2402017-12-11 00:09:31
Rig: Yaesu FTDX5000MPL (150 watts)
Ant: 4 element cubical quad at 55'
logging N1MM+

Ugly Ugly.
7 states and 3 countries (CX, PY, LU)

Jack K1KNQ
K5LH   SO CW LP   1,0122017-12-11 00:09:47
The pits!
KD6WKY   SO CW Unlimited LP   2,0482017-12-11 00:09:51
Had one brief run going Sunday during half-time of the Chiefs vs. Raiders game.
WA and BC were pretty steady for a while. Worked CO Friday night at 10pm,
sounded like meteor scatter; had quite a bit of distortion. The rest of the
log consisted of electronic line-of-sight contact for the most part. My goal
was 10 Q's for the 10 meter contest, I exceeded my goal! Thanks for all the
spots, I appreciated it!
K1TO   SO CW HP   29,3562017-12-11 00:11:23
This was K4OJ(SK)'s favorite contest and he somehow rallied the FCG troops to
activate for this one year after year.

This weekend was by far the worst condx I've experienced here in FL for 20+
events. I did miss most of the opening to the Northeast on Saturday morning.
Had nothing approaching a run, or even a walk. Top clock hour was 36 QSOs.

Did work WA, AZ and NV Friday evening, and a ZL this afternoon FWIW.

Heard Texans K5NA, W5KFT and NX5M virtually all the time.

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all! CU in 2018.

OJ & vy 73, Dan
W3FA   SO CW Unlimited LP   3922017-12-11 00:12:08
Ten Tec Delta ll & Elecraft K3s, G5RV, 160 Inverted V, HyGain TH3mk3@50 ft
WDØT   SO CW LP   4,6202017-12-11 00:12:16
Decent activity Es Friday evening later, Saturday was much slower, and Sunday
even slower yet..

Thanks for the Q's and mults!

73 God Bless, Todd WD0T
3G1D(XQ1FM)   SO Mixed LP   23,4962017-12-11 00:12:41


NØBUI   SO CW HP   2,6522017-12-11 00:13:55
Thanks for the Qso's.

73, Mike N0BUI
K7HKR   SO SSB Unlimited LP   902017-12-11 00:14:08
100 watts with a 3el bent Yagi and a 3-foot diameter magnetic loop, both at

The homebrew 10-meter Yagi is brand new, a "normal" Yagi with
elements bent down at the halfway points to fit my small space. It modeled
okay, but no chance to test it on the air until the contest. Last year, I made
a single QRP QSO in this contest, my first on the band. Was certainly hoping
for better this year.

Missed the first hour, with my first QSO right at 0100UT. I stuck around for a
couple hours to work a few stations each in MN/SD and TX/LA via E-skip. It was
immediately clear that the Yagi was considerably outperforming the 3-foot

Then Saturday happened. Listened the entire day, heard three South American
stations, two too weak to work and one couldn't hear me through the QSB, and
that was it.

Then Sunday happened, one in-state QSO and that was it. Not much fun to be had
with non-ionospheric contacts on HF. I guess that's what a solar flux of 70
will do for you.
K8MR   SO Mixed LP   2522017-12-11 00:15:55
Wow, that was fun! With the great rates, N1MM+ shows me with 15 minutes of on
time. Two NE QSOs on Saturday, two South Americans on Sunday, the rest locals.

73 - Jim K8MR
N7NM   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   42,9302017-12-11 00:16:48
Except for a nice opening on Friday evening and a couple short openings to SA
and CA, not much excitement this year. Thanks to everyone for the contacts!
73, Doug - N7NM
TenTec Titan Amp - 1500w
2 ele Steppir
VA3DF   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   9,0242017-12-11 00:18:55
Caught an opening to SA on Saturday afternoon which helped the mult count. Also
managed to snag V51. Otherwise, a great study in how propagation can and can
not work!

As usual, it's a jungle out there....


K6LE   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   1082017-12-11 00:19:24
K3 - 100W
Cushcraft R7 and ZS6BK Dipole

Tough sledding with conditions, LP and low antennas.
WØETT   SO Mixed HP   45,5802017-12-11 00:21:23
Good Sporadic Es opening on Friday evening from west coast to a few 4s, 5,
8,9,0, and VE 3,4, 5, 6, and 7. DX midday on Sat to SA: PY, LU, CX, ZF, XE,
CE, and ZM4. New "used" Alpha 87A worked great!

73 Ken, W0ETT

IC756Pro3 & Alpha 87A to TH7DX at 72'
N6GP   SO CW LP   2162017-12-11 00:21:35
I listened in the Phone section of the band, and never even heard an SSB
station. Ground wave propagation was VERY weak, or do a I have a problem with
my beam? Santa Ana winds and low humidity raised the noise floor.

This is the worst 10m Contest ever for me in my 39 years participating. Only
worked CO and OR mults Friday night. Maybe missed some more Es action Friday
due to my local club's banquet.

Tim N6GP

P.S. 10 years ago I posted this, and it is even more true this year.

With apologies to Dr. Seuss's "Grinch Who Stole Christmas"...

You're a mean one, 10 Meters.
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel.
10 Meters.

You're a bad banana
With a greasy black peel.

You're a monster, 10 Meters.
Your freqs an empty hole.
Your band is full of static,
You've got garlic in your soul.
10 Meters.

I wouldn't touch you, with a
sixteen and a half foot dipole.

You're a foul one, 10 Meters.
You're a nasty, wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks
Your soul is full of gunk.
10 Meters.

The three words that best describe you,
are, and I quote: "Stink. Stank. Stunk."
PY2LED(@PX2A)   SO SSB Unlimited HP   4,7322017-12-11 00:21:47
Small period, last RF from 2017. BAD prop.
Merry Xtmas and HNY to all.
N6ZE   SO SSB LP   142017-12-11 00:21:56
High noise level all weekend; little activity noted!
However, I did get to do substantial long overdue clean-up and organization in
the garage-shack!
KØUK   SO Mixed LP   16,7042017-12-11 00:22:03
It was what it was. Friday night open to Midwest, South, Northwest and
Southwest. Basically after that small opening Saturday to SA and ZL. Lots of
unanswered CQ's and quick bursts of partial calls. Or would get full call and
then its gone.
Had planned on doing cw only but was asked to move up for ssb contact.
Slow but fun.
PTL God Bless
bill K0UK
KØTT   SO Mixed HP   84,5302017-12-11 00:22:14
Friday night big opening to W, eventually all the way to the coast. Never
experienced this before in the evening; always open E, then S. Ended first
night with approx 170 QSO's. Rest of contest was a slow slog of trying to work
Es but signals were mostly very weak. I was away Sunday afternoon, but
pleasantly surprised at the nice opening to New England the last hour of the
contest. Picked up a lot of needed multipliers in the final hour. My rural
power lines were buzzing the entire weekend, but lack of strong signals and
good IC-765 noise blanker allowed me to copy weak signals.

IC-765, TL-922A, 5ele monobander @110'

KD7H   SO Mixed HP   1,3082017-12-11 00:22:53
After using my Buddipole in the CQWW-CW contest, because of storm damage to my
antennas, for the 10 meter 'test, I ground-mounted my old Hustler 6BTV vertical
and, because of the marginal conditions, I decided to use my amplifier (400
Watts). Since the band was so challenging and I, mainly, worked stations in
Western Washington, I was so happy to get a string of Californians. I missed
most of Saturday since my wife and I went to see a play at the Seattle
Repertory Theater. Culture--other than ham radio--is important, at times.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's ten meter contest!
K3WJV   SO CW Unlimited HP   7,3002017-12-11 00:23:20
Rural wooded location 1255ft ASL

FT1000MP & Alpha 89
K3/P3 & Acom 2000A

2el K4KIO 5 band Hexbeam @30ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 40m-80m-trapped 160 @ 55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle
Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2
SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs
(not full blown so2r yet - need 2nd beam)

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
KØPV   SO CW LP   7002017-12-11 00:23:36
E opening late Fri eve. My thanks to the CO locals for 90% of my dismal score!
N6WM   SO CW Unlimited HP   2,1602017-12-11 00:23:44

Just playing around with the dipole in Fremont, following E clouds and
providing spotting support to those with the iron you-know-whats to put in a
full time effort in this. Thanks to K9YC who was also a prolific spotter.. A
secondary thanks to KA6BIM for calling and spotting me from Oregon via the
E-cloud express. Heard a very loud Pat N9RV this am.. he was really banging
in, and a bit later VE7XF was really hanging in there for quite a while. 1
Mexican state worked. adding our neighbor down south will require a bit more
effort on their part to make it work.. or allow expeditioneers to get licenses
so we can light that country up.

Flex 6700, KPA500
SteppIR Dipole at 33ft

73 and seeya next time
CE1CA(@CD1FRQ)   M/S LP   3,7382017-12-11 00:25:59
Entretenido el concurso para un asado, pero con alegría y optimismo gracias a
los colegas del Radio Club Cavancha.
NN3W   SO Mixed HP   3,6902017-12-11 00:26:12
OK. Conditions weren't bad. They sucked. Wow. Usually in winter we have the
benefit of some nice E-skip openings. Nope. Not this time.


States/provinces worked on SSB: DC, MD, VA

States/provinces worked on CW: DC, MD, VA, PA, NJ, NC, WV, ME, MA, FL, MI

Oh, one PY.

Thank god 160 is good right now.
K7XC   SO CW Unlimited HP   4,3202017-12-11 00:26:20
Started out as a Mixed Mode entry but so few SSB contacts ended up entering as
CW Only. Missed the first 2 hours of the contest and normally not a big deal
when sunspots are non existent but in this case I missed a rather productive Es
session that extended all the way to MN, MO, FL, and TX. Missing those first two
hours in this case was a huge mistake. Rest of the weekend was long haul Tropo
mixed with MS and the occasional weak Es. Still better than anticipated but
lots of work beating a dead band to death! Station here a very old IC-746
driving a AL-80B to 600W into a home-brew DK7ZB 4ele 10M Mono-bander at 25 ft.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
W4VIC   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,3522017-12-11 00:27:43
UUUUUUUUUGH! Ugly! Thanks for the efforts to give me a Q. 73, Vic, W4VIC
AA4LR   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   1,5082017-12-11 00:29:11
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m high (10m)

Elecraft K3/100 running 50 watts
AL-80A Amplifier running 300-500 watts


In all my life, I have never heard conditions this bad on 10m. It was like a
VHF contest weekend. A VHF contest weekend where the band never opened.

I didn't have a lot of time to operate this contest. Got on for a little more
than the first hour, but the band had nearly close, so I didn't work much
beyond a few local GA stations, a NV, KS and a couple of TX.

Got on the next morning just before 1400z, but the band wasn't really open.
Another TX, CT, MD and some GA stations. Was busy until the afternoon around
2030z. A few local GA and TN stations. Then, out of the blue, ZL2AZ answered my
CQ. He was the loudest station I heard all weekend. Half way around the world,
and he was louder than the fluttery local backscatter signals I worked.

Busy Sunday morning, so got on around 1845z, but nothing was happening. The
band just would not open. Every once in a while, I'd hear a temporary
enhancement that would last for a few seconds -- like a meteor trail. Worked
TX, ME on one of these bursts. The rest were AL, TN and local GA stations.

I never remember a 10m contest where the band didn't open to south america.
Never heard a peep.

Awful. Just awful.

And we have a couple more years of this before the sunspots start to come back.
KA1J   SO CW HP   4,7202017-12-11 00:31:29
Only entered this go give Q's, wasn't able to compete this time.

Had to use the 160M sloper; rotor on the tribander must have died, no way to
get to it in Snowy December.

Amazed so many could not hear me at 1500W, The K3s really has an incredible
receiver in it. I was able to hear 3 times what could hear me. And I have a
high RFI area to deal with.

Always lots of fun and nice to hear so many familiar calls.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays! My best to you and your family.


NØJK   SO CW QRP   242017-12-11 00:31:50
What a difference from last year. I saw some Es Friday eve but had to work. Nil
on Saturday or Sunday. Some weak CX and PY stations Sunday afternoon. Managed
Qs with CX4SS and CW5W - tnx!
AI6O   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   1,8482017-12-11 00:32:31
An adventure into near-futility. Honey-do’s, parties and church took up time,
but not sure how much difference it would have made. Thanks for the Q’s.


Ed, AI6O
W6QU(W8QZA)   SO SSB QRP   322017-12-11 00:33:10
Station W8QZA:

Radio: Elecraft K-2 (5 Watts)

Antenna: SteppIR 3 element up 32 feet

I never thought that in my life I would ever submit a contest score or report
like this. I struggled to work 4 stations the first night (Friday) ....and
only heard one more station the entire weekend, but I had already worked him!

I should note that I never tuned the CW band. I used the K-2 scanning feature
to tune 28300 to 28515 while I watched TV or did other things in my station. I
called CQ for 10 minute segments a number of times over the weekend. I checked
my SWR a number of times to be sure my antenna was OK. I don't know how many
hours I spent but guessed maybe 10 hours.

This now supersedes the Dec 2007 10 Meter contest which I previously called the
worst contest of my life. ...I had 33 Qs in that contest!

73, Bill W8QZA - W6QU
NX5M   M/S HP   84,9522017-12-11 00:33:29
HORRIBLE! Flew a drone for a while. Shot some boring video. Ate well.
VA3RKM   SO Mixed LP   762017-12-11 00:34:49
Only the lonely... only made local Qs.
K7VIT   SO SSB LP   4502017-12-11 00:35:55
What a weekend. It started with visit from Murphy, taking out our furnace on
Friday during a cold snap before the starting bell. That led to a late start in
the contest. Fortunately I did not miss all of the Friday evening (local time)
E-skip. That skip was a thrill for us in the Pacific Northwest after recent
silent contest weekends on 10m.

Thanks to all who answered my calls.

73, Jerry
WA2QAU   SO CW LP   722017-12-11 00:36:03
Worked everyone I could hear. Dead band on Sunday
KN4Y   SO CW LP   1,7282017-12-11 00:36:38
I called and called and occasionally I made a QSO.I got so excited I would have
to go to the bathroom. But I did get a few shelves re-arranged, a few drawers
straightened and the floor vacuumed. The outside temperature was in the 30's,
so this was a good choice of activity.
NR4M   SO CW HP   15,9042017-12-11 00:38:05
Could not stand the excitement!

KS2G   SO SSB LP   1602017-12-11 00:38:28
Worst conditions since the bottom of the last cycle.
KØOO(@W3RFC)   M/S HP   3,1682017-12-11 00:39:13




K2AL   SO CW Unlimited LP   3402017-12-11 00:42:17
Abysmal condx in NE.
ACØW   SO Mixed LP   12,1802017-12-11 00:43:13
long weekend of listening to background noise.
KT4Q   M/S HP   42,6762017-12-11 00:44:13
For all except 1n hour and a half, contacts were a struggle. Fairly dismal
conditions here in Central Florida. Neverless it was a good time and great to
have Chris-WF3C run the contrals for a majority of the CW contacts. Good thing
because I only ended up with 30 phone contacts which would have made for an
embarassing log. I guess these type of conditions are what we have in store
for us over the next few years.

Rig: Yaesu FTdx5000MPL
Amp: Alpha 9500 (1500W)
Ant: Cushcraft X7 Tribander @ 60'
S/W: Writelog
KI5LR   SO Mixed LP   1,9082017-12-11 00:44:25
Oh this was a sad contest. Someone forgot to order propagation for Texas. Note
that around 1900 UTC 10 Dec 2017 I looked at the temperature map for current
conditions on I also looked at a propagation map for 10
meters at Funny thing was the locations showing propagation
were the same areas on the WX map showing the temps to be in the 40's and
lower. No propagation was showing for the area on the WX map that had temps in
the upper 50's and above. Just saying...
N9TF   SO CW Unlimited LP   13,2002017-12-11 00:44:50
Definitely seemed like a VHF contest! If not for prop to SW/W/NW Friday night
and opening to SA Saturday, Then for sure a VHF contest!
Wasn't sure I was going to have this much time to operate. My XYL decided to go
Christmas shopping Sunday afternoon instead of finishing house decorations (I
was supposed to help :)), so I hung in there to make 100 Qs. Didn't think it
was going to happen. Worked K1KI with 30 minutes left in contest. I know I have
one busted call in log, so maybe only 99 good ones.
Heard many east coast Sunday morning on MS but only worked 2 of them. Worked
more throughout the afternoon as they would pop up ouut of the noise floor.
Except for Friday night, kept the beam east the rest of the time. Worked K0KB
IA, and KT0K NE on back scatter.
N1MM says 8 hours on, but it was 10 with long.....periods in between contacts!
Lots of SMers in log. Thanks for all the spots. I spotted whenever I S&Pd
and heard SMC calls.

73 Gene, N9TF

Rig K3S 100 watts to 2 element triband at 37'
N9VPV   SO SSB Unlimited LP   2882017-12-11 00:45:14
There's nothing like the FUN and Challenge of SSB Only, using Low Power, and a
Low Dipole (25ft), as we head toward Solar minimum.
All Q's were stateside. I heard NO DX at all, which is very unusual for me to
NOT hear SA. But at least I made a few.
K4IU   SO CW Unlimited LP   442017-12-11 00:45:27
Lots of shack stuff was completed even if big score on 10 is lacking.
AD4ES   M/S HP   12,9722017-12-11 00:45:56
Sunday was a very painful day. To say propagation was poor is a great
K2DRH   SO SSB Unlimited LP   7,8402017-12-11 00:45:57
What a difference a year makes! No F2, No Es (well maybe a FEW quick spotlight
footprint bubbles), a little TEP .. think more than half my Qs were meteor
scatter ... too bad we were 4-5 days off peak on the Geminids. I thought
Saturday was bad but that turned out to be the good day with one half decent
rate hour to SA! CW looked like it was a little better .. a lot more spots and
DX .. but ssb was slower than a January VHF contest!

73 de Bob2 K2DRH
W6UE(N6AN)   SO CW Unlimited QRP   162017-12-11 00:46:05
My hope is that many experienced better conditions than were presented here this
NA6MG was the only signal on the band had and a bit of trouble hearing me.
Careful tuning then located a weak CW5W. It took a few overs but he got my call
and exchange. Mil gracias! None of the spots I checked from DX Summit were
73, David N6AN

KX3 5W/R7 VERTICAL @ 60'
K5XU   SO CW LP   1,0802017-12-11 00:56:39
The band was awful!
K4BAI   SO CW HP   16,6402017-12-11 00:58:22
Conditions were poor Friday night and Saturday and almost Nil on Sunday. Only 5
QSOs on Sunday, all in northern USA. After lunch Sunday, heard only two GA
stations calling CQ. On Saturday worked a good number of weak SA stations plus
several ZLs. Thanks for all QSOs. Hope this is as bad as it will get for this
contest. 73, John, K4BAI.
K7JQ   SO Mixed HP   11,4562017-12-11 00:58:30
70% of my QSO's's were made during a couple of hours operation on Friday night's
openings to the Northwest, Midwest, and a little Pacific/Oceania. Only
in-and-out operating on Saturday and Sunday, yielding very little outside AZ,
just some South America. But, that's 10 Meters in a down-cycle. Contests like
this really show the benefits of a panadapter. Worked a bunch of
Outlaws...thanks for the Q's!
Icom IC-7300; Acom 1500; ground-mounted screwdriver antenna.

73 and Happy Holidays!
Bob K7JQ
NN7ZZ(N5LZ)   SO CW HP   21,7602017-12-11 00:59:02
Good sporadic E opening Friday night ... but a tough slog Saturday and Sunday
W9RE   SO CW LP   12,8002017-12-11 00:59:11
As others have said these were the worst conditions I've ever experienced in
many years in this contest. No real good openings at all. Friday night I had a
minor pipeline to TX and CO and WJ9B was heard most of Friday evening. Running
LP I had to multiple call most stations and some (KI6RRN for one) could never
copy me.

It seemed like most contacts were made during a short duration of enhanced
strength then after the Q was made signals went back to noise level.

It can only get better-hopefully.

Hope all have a good Christmas and New Years.
NS3T   SO Mixed LP   3,7802017-12-11 01:00:23
Well, that was an unfortunate weekend. A number of times I popped into the
shack, and didn't hear one signal on the band - on either mode. All of Sunday,
the SSB part of the band was almost silent here in the DC area.

My DX included CX, PY, VE1 and CT - as in, Connecticut.

I heard the V5 but couldn't work him. I heard LU, but no dice. And I heard a
Florida station doing S&P, but that was it. Never could get N2MM in NJ.
It was that kind of weekend.

One interesting note - when the conditions on 10 are really bad, my 160 meter
inverted L works the best of any of my antennas - even the two for 10 meters.

73 Jamie NS3T
N4ZI   SO CW LP   12,2882017-12-11 01:04:13
Rig : Icom IC 7300 100 watts

Antennas : Optibeam 16-3 @ 102 ft

Soapbox : Very Poor conditions, no real I openings, most signals at noise
floor. Ran old TS-850S on 40 meters running 10 watts to a Dipole on FT8, made
114 FT8 contacts as I was working 10 meters. Thanks for the Q's

73, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
N5UL   SO CW LP   1,4082017-12-11 01:04:57
73, CHAS - N5UL
WA7AN(K9DR)   SO Mixed HP   1,2002017-12-11 01:06:59
Had it in my head that this was one of those 30 hour contest starting around
noon on Saturday, so missed the big opening Friday evening. Watched a couple
of movies on Netflix. Got around to checking the rules Saturday morning while
setting up N1MM+ and realized my big mistake. My fault, but to help us
"calendar-challenged" folks, please, in the future, include starting
dates and times in those contest reminders. Thank goodness for all of the
Outlaw participation. Otherwise, I'd have made only about 10 QSOs. ZM4T, a
few SA, one TX and a couple of CA. Dan - K9DR
WT2P   SO CW Unlimited HP   242017-12-11 01:08:19
KI6RRN   SO Mixed LP   10,7882017-12-11 01:08:35
Extremely dry weather caused terrible power line noise all weekend - often
S9+15. Sorry to those I couldn't hear.

Merry Christmas!
W8FJ   SO CW Unlimited HP   18,6002017-12-11 01:11:05
W1TJL   SO Mixed HP   48,3602017-12-11 01:11:23
Well, I heard a lot of complaining about the conditions during the 160 last
weekend. But that was a WALK IN THE PARK compared to this week... :-)

Noise, no propagation and when there was, huge QSB and noise. Not fun. But
butt in chair time and catching those little openings helped. Not one Europe
and little other DX. Just a couple of Canadian stations.

I fully intended to put in even more time but with some software / operator
(more likely the operator than the software) I had a few hours Friday night
where I was more worried about fixing the issues than in making contacts. But
by later that evening it got resolved and then I was far behind. But after
heading to the sack after the band shut down about 9:30 PM I started Saturday
morning and did fairly well...

It was fun chasing and catching the stations on CQContest that were ahead of
me. A small sample surely but it does drive me onward.

So what is the next contest?? :-)

73, Tom
PP1CZ   SO CW LP   69,5802017-12-11 01:11:43
Thak you for all who had the patience to contact me.
The propagation conditions were very poor.

Best 73 rom PP1CZ - Leo.
K3PP   SO CW HP   7,9202017-12-11 01:15:46
Well, that is 132 QSOs more than I had anticipated this weekend! I had a very
busy weekend dealing with a big work backlog so I didn't plan to play radio.
Well, the siren song was calling too strongly! I played hookey form my work
commitments and ran down to the shack to work the locals. I milked many of the
locals and enjoyed a brief opening to FL. Alas, I did have to return to work. I
put in a few small chunks of time, worked a few SA mults, and despite condx, I
was generally happy with the results.
KØOU   SO Mixed LP   2,8142017-12-11 01:16:02
Worst contest I've ever been in. N1MM said I was on 1.5 hours but it doesn't
count the time CQing into a dead band or the time looking for any non-existant
signals. Best DX was KG0US who lives a block and a half from me
KB8UUZ   SO SSB LP   362017-12-11 01:16:07
Probably THE worst HF contest ever. No propagation. Did manage to get my
Christmas Cards all written and ready to go to the post office, so all was not
VE4GV   SO Mixed HP   3,1082017-12-11 01:16:23
Well THAT was a complete waste of time. I've been contesting for almost 45
years and that has to be some of the worst conditions I have ever experienced.
Couldn't even work SA.

Wow. It can't POSSIBLY get any worse than this next year...can it?

VE9CB   M/S HP   1102017-12-11 01:17:43
I invited some soon-to-be hams to operate from my station. Ten metres was in
bad shape, but they had more fun on the other bands.
KD5J   SO Mixed LP   2,2042017-12-11 01:18:00
Propagation reminded me of the 2008 contest. The only "good"
propagation I had was out to the west Friday evening (barely). Saturday and
Sunday were a bust.

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 9.4
0100 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 7 21.9
0200 0 0 0 0 0 9 9 16 50.0
0300 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 24 75.0
0400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 75.0
1400 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 26 81.3
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 26 81.3
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 26 81.3
1700 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 27 84.4
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 27 84.4
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 27 84.4
2000 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 28 87.5
2100 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 29 90.6
2200 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 30 93.8
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1400 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 93.8
1700 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 32 100.0
1800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 100.0
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 100.0
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 100.0
2100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 100.0
2200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 100.0
Total 0 0 0 0 0 32 32

Gross QSOs=32 Dupes=0 Net QSOs=32

Unique callsigns worked = 29

The best 60 minute rate was 17/hour from 0233 to 0332
The best 30 minute rate was 18/hour from 0229 to 0258
The best 10 minute rate was 36/hour from 0318 to 0327

The best 1 minute rates were:
1 QSOs/minute 32 times.

----------------- C o n t i n e n t S u m m a r y -----------------
160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
North America 0 0 0 0 0 32 32 100.0
South America 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Europe 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Asia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Africa 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Oceania 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
Total 0 0 0 0 0 32 32

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
4 21
5 10
6 1

------------------ C o u n t r y S u m m a r y ------------------
Country 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
K 0 0 0 0 0 31 31 96.9
VE 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
Total 0 0 0 0 0 32 32

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
AZ 0 0 0 0 0 10 10 31.3
WA 0 0 0 0 0 4 4 12.5
TX 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 9.4
CO 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 6.3
OH 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 6.3
MO 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
SK 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
UT 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
AR 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
OR 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
NM 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
PA 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
NJ 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
MD 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
NY 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
TN 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 3.1
Total 0 0 0 0 0 32 32

U.S. Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 5 15.6
1 1 3.1
2 2 6.3
3 2 6.3
4 1 3.1
5 5 15.6
6 2 6.3
7 11 34.4
8 2 6.3
9 0 0.0
Total 31 96.9
W1VEM   SO SSB Unlimited HP   11,4402017-12-11 01:18:06
Despite knowing better, I had hoped the condx would have been a lot better as
this is my favorite contest. Well, if wishes were horses. I'm going to have
to look at one of the Yagis or search the neighborhood to locate the source of
strong noise/RFI that's causing troubles. Can't imagine having so few mults.
But one of them was a ZL.Hope those that took part had some fun this weekend!

Dave, W1VEM
WQ5L   SO CW LP   282017-12-11 01:23:57
Worked a few stations in the southwest Friday evening. Every time I walked into
the shack and spun the dial on Sat or Sun, there was no one moving the S-meter
and no one who could hear me. 73 de WQ5L
W3GVX   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,4962017-12-11 01:25:58
Rig: K3/P3/KPA500/KAT500
Ant: OB11-3
N6EE(@W4/ATLANTA)   SO CW Unlimited HP   22,0002017-12-11 01:28:37
Used Remote Ham Radio station in Georgia while physically sitting in our condo
in northern New Jersey where antennas of any kind are strictly verboten.
Station performed flawlessly and no Internet issues.

Boy the rotator sure got a workout! Quite a few rapid MS Q's and, as usual on
10M, some skewed paths made for interesting propagation. Thanks for the Q's.
This was slow going but still a lot of fun.

Ron N6EE
K5IX   SO CW LP   642017-12-11 01:31:37
Wow. Eerie quiet in my neck of STX. Heard of couple of South America stations
but not well enough to attempt a contest exchange.
K5KG   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   23,8282017-12-11 01:35:00
A big thanks to all for the QSOs, mults and OJ's.

Spent 10 grueling hours with many breaks along the way. Only one halfway
decent run was into the Northeast during the 1400z hour on Saturday. Otherwise
it was bouts of endless CQ'ing and lots of S&P. Cluster had lots of juicy
spots, both DX and domestic, but most were not to be heard.

There was a fair amount of strange band noise that seemed to repeat up and down
the band. Also, there was a steady carrier on 28006.5 that peaked to the east
of my QTH. Not sure if it was local, or perhaps coming from some distant
galaxy! Had a number of callers who were buried in the noise, making repeated
attempts necessary to get the call sign or exchange, or just chalking it up as
a NIL.

Jim, K8MR spent a couple of days on my tower taking down a 6el yagi, and an old
ring rotor. The yagi had been damaged in Irma, so I rebuilt it during the week
with some new rivets and a new balun. Had to order a new boom/mast plate from
DXE, but it did not arrive in time to get the yagi back on the tower for the
contest. It will be fixed on SA when it goes up.

WinTest + VE7CC cluster
K3/P3 + Acom 2000A
2X triband yagi at 65 ft.

73, George, K5KG
W6KC   SO CW Unlimited HP   1442017-12-11 01:35:08
Just listened and called CQ a few times over the weekend. Could not even get
the RBN to respond.
KØVXU   SO Mixed HP   22,9362017-12-11 01:36:54
K3, TL-922A, TH6DXX, N1MM+

I wasn't going to participate in this one but the urge to check 10 Meters
Friday night at 0300z got me hooked. The opening to the west was great but my
noise level was at S9. I finally learned how to blank the noise to S6 using
the audio from the external sound card and the LP-PAN2 panadapter. Still, it
was a challenge to copy the very weak signals. Ended the night with about 45
Q's and 29 mults. I worked every state in 7-land except for WY (and AK).

Saturday was a bust. Hardly any signals to copy. Mostly locals who felt sorry
for me.

Sunday morning at daybreak I spent about 45 minutes before church and worked
several Q's as well as mults.

Sunday after church found another several Q's and mults but had to knock off to
help N9GB erect a 7 element 40-30 beam on top of a 80 foot tower. I couldn't
stay to watch the 11 element JK tribander go up on top as my wife was singing
in the chruch's Christmas cantada and that took preference.

So, I don't feel so bad about 133 Q's. From the reports I've heard there must
have been openings that I missed. K3PA said he worked a KH6 and a ZL Friday
evening around 0100z. Oh well, there is always next solar cycle....uhhh maybe.
At my age the next one almost has to be next year.

Thanks to ALL of you who were patient with me as I struggleed to copy
callsigns. Sorry that there were many I just coulnd't copy through my noise.

Very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Russ - K0VXU
WA2FZB   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   4,5222017-12-11 01:37:04
Dreadful propagation! My 3 element tri-bander was only slightly more effective
than a dummy load. I did much better last week on 160 using a 19 foot piece of
wire tied to the top of my Hustler 5BTV vertical! RIP 10 meters, we really miss
KF6I   SO CW Unlimited HP   2242017-12-11 01:38:16
Wow... Band was dead (understatement). Worked CW5W near the end and heard
Brazil trying to reach the west coast.

28 contacts x 2 mults x 4 pts/CW contact = 224 total score woo hoo!
N6AR   SO CW Unlimited HP   6,8882017-12-11 01:38:25
WQorst conditions I've ever heard on 10 for a contest. Line noise to the SE
didn't help either!
N2BJ   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   2,5922017-12-11 01:43:48
Good thing I had other things to do this weekend with the grand kids. School of
Rock Performance Band and video taping on Saturday and Basketball games Sunday.
I guess I didn't miss anything. This has to be the worst 10M contest I have
experienced for this contest..A little over 2 hours of pure torture!
KEØTT   SO CW QRP   202017-12-11 01:47:20
K3/10 at 5 watts. From mn, all 5 Q's were also, MN. 73, Dan ke0tt
K3TN   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,6642017-12-11 01:49:13
OK, it is official now: 10M is a VHF band.
K7QA   SO CW Unlimited LP   3362017-12-11 01:53:29
Trusting VOACAP, I did not think 10 meters would open after sundown. So I only
checked the band around noon both days. It appears I was wrong and missed a
significant Es opening east and west Friday night. 10 (like 6) can play lots of
prop tricks. Did work VE5 on backscatter plus CA and OR on a small Es opening
Sunday noon. Looks like we have about 2 more years before the current cycle
hits bottom.
N4DW   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,3442017-12-11 01:53:33
Amazed to work ZM4T & ZZ4X !
N5XZ   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   70,4322017-12-11 01:59:44
Terrible conditions! Ugh! Some of the worst ever! It was hard to even stay in
the seat for this one! Seems like the best conditions were on Friday night, and
Sunday was just awful. Anyway, no score like last year! I just hope we get
luckier next year.

Rig: K3/P3
Amp: Alpha 78
Ant: 4-el SteppIR @ 75 ft.
S/W: N1MM+ (what else?)
N1DC   SO CW LP   1,0002017-12-11 02:00:04
No serious effort this year. Only had a short time Sunday afteroon to jump in.
It's incredible how much 10M has changed since I was first licensed in 1968.

Most of my QSO's were with weak signals. I had my beam NE, N, NW, SW and S
looking for activity. Never heard anything from the Caribbean. Furthest QSO's
were MI, OH and SC. I got most contacts by calling CQ.

Thanks for the QSO's.

73 Rick N1DC
K9MA   SO CW HP   1,4562017-12-11 02:01:50

K3, AL-82
TH7 at 21 M
A3 at 15 M, fixed SE

(18 by 36 meter city lot)
KM4HI   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   3,2482017-12-11 02:03:14
Ugh! What a grind. Not gonna be pretty the next few years.
Thanks for the Florida ground wave Qs, the most Qs from 1,2
and 3 land on Saturday and the half dozen from PY and CX.
73 - Jim KM4HI
W1DYJ   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   1,9582017-12-11 02:05:54
Rig: TS-2000

Antenna: 5 el HB at 10M above grade on a roof tower.
I live on a hill sloping to the north.
HFTA shows how this hurts me to the south.
Naturally, the only countries heard were in SA.

Log: N3FJP's ARRL 10 Meter Contest Log Version 5.6

This is the 24th year I have entered the 10M contest.
The good news: I beat my scores from the last two sunspot
minimums, thanks to CW.

Knowing how bad the conditions would be, I decided to use this
contest as a CW practice vehicle. It made it fun, even though it
was VERY laid-back due to the few stations on at any one time.
The big knob and rotator got a lot of use! Basically, every hour
I listened to what was either spotted or I heard on the band and
called the new ones. Total actual BIC time ~ 7 hours.

It's amazing how my score over the past 24 years correlates
with the sunspot number.

73 - Larry -- W1DYJ
KM6JD   SO CW HP   26,0522017-12-11 02:06:05
Conditions were fair to poor on Friday which was the day (time period) where I
made most of my contacts. Surprisingly, on Friday night, the band was open
past 10:00 PM PST (0600 UTC). Saturday morning the South Americans started
coming in and I worked a bunch of them. The band closed around mid afternoon
on Saturday. Saturday night was abysmal. Nothing but a few backscatter
stations in neighboring states (N6SS, WJ9B and others). Sunday was even worse.
Sunday morning I pointed the Yagi towards the North to work a number of
stations in and around Washington state and VE7 land. This seemed to be the
only viable propagation path available from Nevada. I did hear several of the
South Americans I worked on Friday and Saturday but they were much weaker.
Wish the band was open on Saturday and Sunday.

Rig: ICOM IC-7300
Ant: Force-12 C31-XR (7 elements on 10m)
K5VIP   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,5002017-12-11 02:06:43
Conditions were horrible in SE VA. A most of my time was spent listening for Qs
and monitoring the P3 spectrum display for activity. But, I did manage to work
Delaware for my last state for 10 Meter WAS.
KBØEO   SO Mixed HP   38,1642017-12-11 02:09:52
This is always a fun contest, although not as entertaining as it is at the peak
of solar cycle. A lot of sporadic E to the west - I worked a couple of VE6
stations that were almost pegging the S meter. Also heard a great deal of
meteor scatter, which made copying QSO information extremely challenging. A few
DX areas popped up including ZL, PY, CX, LU, CE, and KP2. Many MWA operators
were worked.

Have a blessed Christmas and happy 2018.

Dan - KB0EO
Northfield, MN
K4XL   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   5,7202017-12-11 02:10:12
No comment. 8^(
N4IJ   SO CW LP   9,3162017-12-11 02:10:41


NK6A   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   1,3142017-12-11 02:12:39
UGLY! My worst showing in over 35 years for this contest. I kept checking my
antenna and coax. The P3 on my Elecraft K3 was hardly moving. AZ and TX were my
big mults.
NDØC   SO Mixed QRP   2,2102017-12-11 02:18:25
I missed all day Saturday as well as Sunday morning to other commitments, but I
don't think I missed much! Operating time was limited to checking the band
Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon, hearing just hiss most of
the time. It was pretty dead here as expected although I had hopes that things
might open to SA and the Caribbean. Silly me.

I was able to work some Es to the south and west on Friday night, AB and SK
Saturday night, and New England in the last hour of the contest. Only DX heard
was CE3DNP - he didn't hear me. I only heard and worked one SSB station. I'm
too far from anybody to work any ground wave stuff.

I miss the sunspots.

Randy, ND0C
K6LL   SO CW HP   11,6002017-12-11 02:21:41
I missed most of Friday evening, and that turned out to be the only decent
opening from out here.

This contest is a lot more fun with SUNSPOTS!

Happy holidays, and I hope to see you all for many QSO's in 2018!

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, Arizona

W7TVC(@WS7L)   M/S LP   17,5702017-12-11 02:23:15
Welcome to 10 meters at solar minimum. Just as it did last year, on Friday
evening the band opened for us all over the US west, midwest, and part of the
south. Almost 100 QSOs went in the log, the last one at 0720z, which is 7 hours
after our sunset! Saturday was not as beautiful, about 30 Q's and we added
several South American multipliers. Sunday netted 8, count 'em, 8 QSOs. The day
was occupied by lots of conversation and work on the Sunday crossword as we sat
and listened to the automatic CQs roll and kept an eye on the panadapter. The 7
hour op time is what the software reported, but there were many zero-Q hours
spent at the radio.

We had a couple visits from Murphy at the beginning. The "Windows 10"
creators update was pending to install on the shack computer. Not realizing that
it would take over an hour to install, I let it run. Oops. When I realized the
mistake I scrambled up a laptop that I keep N1MM up to date on, swapped a few
plugs, and was only a few minutes late getting started. Then after a while the
"ERR 12V" message started showing up on my K3. It's an old one, #486,
so I think it's due for the gold pin mod next week. So the K3 ran at low power
with the amp in line to bring us up to 100 W.

K3 + DB-18 up 65 feet.
73 from the Tualatin Valley Contesters.
KH6CJJ   SO CW LP   3,7522017-12-11 02:23:25
There was some propagation Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was a bust for me
with only one contact made. It was discouraging to hear KH6ZM, who is only 125
miles from me, working so many stations I could not hear. I'm sure he was using
a better antenna up higher than my hexx beam at 40', but I was surprised at the
K5AUP   SO CW Unlimited HP   11,4342017-12-11 02:23:58
In and out of shack. Lots of OJ's
W4MYA   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   55,3302017-12-11 02:25:23
N4PN   SO Mixed HP   10,0322017-12-11 02:27:00
No need to comment on the condx...only two stations on phone, a local down
the street and moved to SSB for NX5M....
Can only get better??
73, Paul, N4PN
WA8WZG   SO Mixed HP   14,1442017-12-11 02:41:16
Had to work late Friday, got started at 7:30pm local, Band was great shape,shut
down at 10 pm, figured band was folding,,MY MISTAKE!
Saturday ad Sunday was a pretty slim ..did catch a couple ZL's Saturday and a
few SA,and Caribbean, As always, I appreciate the outlaws who worked me!!
W7WHY   SO Mixed LP   122017-12-11 02:51:33
Worked the only station I heard-KA6BIM - on both modes. Thanks Dave. 73
W6VMW(KM6I)   SO CW LP   2722017-12-11 02:58:59
K3S, JK Antennas Navassa 5, remote via RemoteHams software.
W9PA   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   3,8402017-12-11 03:00:26
K3, P3, K-Pod, Acom 1000, Skyhawk
Software: DXLog by 9A5K

Operating a few minutes here and there -Pathetic Propagation
W7TR(KH2TJ)   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   6822017-12-11 03:11:54
Heard lots of stations but NO ONE heard me...And, you know it's really bad when
the RBN doesn't even hear you. Threw in the towel and went out with the kids
and cut some nice Christmas trees...

73, Todd KH2TJ
KD9MS   SO Mixed LP   1,3442017-12-11 03:17:05
Wow, that was bad. The time off that I use to show how long I was on during most
contests from N1MM+ only showed 1 hour of op time, but I spent about 4 hours
tuning the band and looking a the bandscope for any little blip that might be a
signal. Friday night was best for signal strength. My first contact was with a
station from SK and he was about 559 actual signal strength. But after that,
Saturday and Sunday were busts. I could hear some stations working, but being
in the Midwest and I guess living on top of some iron plateau that eats signals
at 28 MHz, I now totally understand why our club newsletter is called the Black

I hears a ZL and a ZR6 but to no avail. I couldn't work them. Thanks to K9BGL
for the IL multiplier and the nice QSO during the contest, he's the only person
I could hear after Friday night!

Maybe it'll be better next year!

73, Craig KD9MS
XE2B   SO CW Unlimited LP   3,0402017-12-11 03:19:36
The first two hours were the most productive. Thanks for the Qs!
WQ6X(@W7AYT)   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   2,9522017-12-11 03:25:49
This is another portable operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord.
I ran the FT-1000mp (with dual QF-1a audio filters) into a Hy-Gain
3-element yagi 12mh using the WQ6X phased cobra sloper as a backup antenna.

I don't have to tell you how BAD the band condx were for this contest.
Other than working CW5W and PT3T and a couple of VE7's the rest of the
contest was about working stations west of Colorado. It almost seemed
like the California QSO party. Amazingly, AZ was on of the last QSOs
to hit the log. While I could work virtually everyone I heard, it was
the hearing that was lacking.

Surprisingly, there was an opening from California to Colorado Friday
evening from 06:00z to 06:40z. I put out many calls on SSB but found
an extreme shortage of SSB operators. What's THAT all about?

Look for a writeup about this contest in the WQ6X contest BLOG:
WB8WKQ   SO Mixed LP   15,3002017-12-11 03:33:45
Well, definitely a tough contest. Should have stayed up on Friday night,
whereas I got most of my west coast multipliers in the first hour. Saturday
was tough, except for an hour plus of SA and Caribbean. Sunday was just plain
tough all together. Thanks for all the Q's. 73 Jeff WB8WKQ
K1VSJ   SO Mixed LP   7922017-12-11 03:44:42
N4WW(N4KM)   SO CW LP   24,1802017-12-11 03:46:15
In 30 Plus years of operating this contest, I am sure the conditions this year
were worse than I have ever seen. Wow! I guess it was probably a bad idea to go
low power this year. I had more people CQ in my face than I have ever had. I
knew it would be bad, but I wasn’t disappointed. I know I missed a few Mults
and a few more contacts. Lots of Sporatic E pings, maybe just long enough to
get a call, but not long enough to make the contacts most of the time. I did
not work 1 W0. I worked N2NS in CA and Wil WJ9B in ID. That was the only
station West of the Mississippi and North of TX, NM and AZ. Now having said all
that, there were some fun times, mostly figuring out timing so you could
complete a contact with the up and down condx. TNX for the contacts and the
Kevin N4KM
KF6NCX   SO CW LP   42017-12-11 04:04:21
Participating in the ARRL 10 Meter contest was a good learning experience.

First I learned that the sit and pounce method (parking on one frequency and
waiting for something to happen) has it’s pluses and minuses. On the up side,
it frees you up to roam the house, tending to normal chores and activities
(other than radio), keeping an ear on the hum of static from the radio. On the
down side, it doesn’t seem to be very productive.

The last half hour of the contest, I tried the search and pounce method,
searching up and down the band. I heard two stations calling CQ. One was WU6X,
an NCCC member in Auburn. The other was in Loomis. Both had weak signals at my
station. WU6X didn’t seem able to hear me at all. The Loomis station
responded once with a “QRZ?” That was it.

Next year, I’ll put in more effort with the search and pounce method. If
I’d spent more time doing that, I’m sure I would have heard some stations
strong enough to work. I’d imagined that since I couldn’t hear anything at
the frequency I was sitting on, and nothing during an occasional foray up and
down the band, there was nothing I could hear most of the time. That was
probably wrong.

Also, I’m guessing that my dipole cut for 40 meters, tuned up for 10 meters
with my electronic antenna tuner, isn’t the best antenna for 10 meters.
K6TOP   SO Mixed HP   3,1202017-12-11 04:44:22
Slow going for sure! Didn't operate Friday night and missed that opening. Sat
and Sun were mostly local station within line of sight or ground wave. Worked a
few SA stations in the late afternoon on both days. Finally heard the first
non-CA state (Washington)on Sunday afternoon. I was totally excited to work WA!
This led into a 2-hour opening into WA and BC.

The 2017 10m contest from the home QTH was quite a difference from working the
contest as VP2VGG for the last 5 years!
K2LE(@K2LE/1)   SO Mixed HP   7,7442017-12-11 04:51:44
K7SS   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   4,5602017-12-11 05:44:17
10 meters... please come back... we all miss you !

de K7SS
WD5K   SO CW HP   10,3002017-12-11 05:46:20
Elecraft K3 -> Amp
TH7DX @ 50'
VA7ST   SO CW HP   642017-12-11 05:51:57
One WA, a PY, CX and CE were I all heard, and all on Saturday. Nothing heard or
seen on the spectrum display Sunday.
N5JJ   SO Mixed LP   8,0502017-12-11 06:26:36
Friday night started out pretty good and I thought it might be a fun weekend but
was I wrong. No contacts at all on Saturday and with only locals on Sunday.
Too bad because this is my favorite contest. At least we can remember the good
ol days. If conditions remain this poor, which they probably will, I'll pass
on this one next year. But still had fun and more practice with logger and
rig. Antenna worked great.
K6MI   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   1,7942017-12-11 07:21:50
A few short openings.
EA5DFV   SO SSB HP   1,7642017-12-11 07:22:15
No bad for 2 hours :-O

73 de Jose
K1TN   SO CW LP   42017-12-11 08:42:58
K1TN Annual Report: 2017 contest QSOs: 2127, all CW.

K1TN QSOS 2017

FLQP 263
7QP 97
SSCW 264
CQ WW CW 188
ARRL 10 M 1

TOTAL 2127

2017 K1TN Florida 2127
2016 K1TN Florida 3124
2015 K1TN Florida 2874
2014 K1TN WI + FL 4876
2013 K1TN Wisconsin 9510
2012 K1TN Wisconsin 7592
2011 K1TN Wisconsin 7689
2010 K1TN NJ + WI 7268
2009 K1TN New Jersey 4590
2008 K1TN New Jersey 3122
2007 K1TN New Jersey 1707
2006 K1TN Indiana 6442
2005 K1TN Indiana 4489
2004 K1TN Indiana 2732
6W1SU   SO SSB HP   2,9162017-12-11 08:57:18
First day conditions were fairly poor with a total of 34 QSOs. Second day
started off similarly with sporadic contacts, mostly Spain, Canaries, and
Brazil. At around 18:00 UTC I still only had 47 QSOs and had the beam pointed
to South America. Suddenly, the band became quieter and then I started to hear
a number of Brazilian and a couple of Argentinian stations. Between 18:16 and
19:45 (a mere 90 mins), I made the rest of my QSOs (34) to bump me up to 81.
Realized I could have spent the day sitting on the balcony sipping a cold beer
and just got on the radio for 90 mins! :)

When I got on the radio the start of the 2nd day, I wasn't too pleased with
only 34 QSOs from the day before. But when I started to hear even lower numbers
from other stations, I realized I hadn't done so poorly. Wrapping up with 81,
with the conditions we had, I think turned out to be a decent effort.


N3HEE   SO CW Unlimited LP   2282017-12-11 09:35:58
Just handing out a few extra points to the locals.
EA4ZK   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,6242017-12-11 10:29:55
What to say about propagation..... only 29 qso in 47 minutes but nothing heard
on saturday and sunday morning.....
OZ7BQ   SO CW LP   5,0602017-12-11 10:31:52
Difficult conditions here and only limited time to participate due to family
A few nice Es openings to Europa sunday afternoon and a few hours after local
The contest shows that 10 M may be open more than expected. We need to call CQ
to test the conditions.
Rig: KX3/KXPA @ 100 Watts and a 7 M vertical antenna.

73 and Merry Christmas.
OZ7BQ Hans Jørgen (Joe).
PA/PY2SEX   SO CW LP   17,8802017-12-11 11:08:52
I could find some spare time to be on the air on ARRL 10m, unfortunately I could
not raise the mast as the snow storm didn't allow me. I basically was
configuring some stuff in computer and sometimes calling CQ and S&P as
well. No American station, beside 3 or 4 in South America found, only EU, like
low bands but worse. hhihi.. But as always, was fun! Again, painful call sign,
need to repeat 1000 times but ok. I'll resolve this soon, I hope!
See you all on next one.

N6KI   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   1,6122017-12-11 11:09:33
Had plans to do a MS HP effort from NX6T Contest Station but fires that started
mid day Thursday the day before the contest changed those plans and I could not
even go to station to rescue all the ham gear. Luckily the fire that was heading
directly for the station was stopped about 1 mile from the NX6T station leaving
the owner of property and all the San Diego Contest Club OPs with very tense
moments all through Friday night as the fires literally burned out of control!
So I fired up my hone station that sports a crippled SteppIR MonstIR Yagi that
has 2 elements removed for motor repair leaving me with a 2 Element 10 meter
yagi. Of course condx were very poor and my local neighborhood noise took out
some of the weaker stations calling me. With the fire in the back of my mind
all weekend my heart and mind were not really into the contest. Luckily
"Nash-Ville" (our contest station nickname),... survived!)- IC-7800 -
Expert 2 KW amp. @ El Yagi @ 50 ft
73, Dennis N6KI
K1DJ   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   7,8302017-12-11 11:17:42
By comparison, last year (by some fluke) I won this category in EMA with 32,760
points. This year, virtually no one responded to my 100W CQs, and there were
often big spaces between S and P QSOs. Still, I was lucky enough to catch one
European (Spain), one African (Namibia), and several South American stations
during the 30 seconds or so when I could hear them!
NX6T   M/S HP   1922017-12-11 11:35:20
After the power was restored to NX6T Contest Site on Sunday, 3 days after the
Lilac fire came within 1 mile of destroying the station, John K6AM and I fired
up all the contest station equipment remotely and just wanted to have a mini
celebration that NX6T station was back on the air the last few hours of the
The poor condx yielded few Qs but that didn't matter ! NX6T will see you in
future contests barring any future fire events, which will unfortunately
continue to be a threat in CA for years to come ! K3, ACOM 2000A, C31XR 7 El on
10 Yagi @ 30 ft.
73 de Dennis N6KI
N3QE   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   2,4202017-12-11 11:48:37
Video commentary:
K1RM   SO CW HP   30,0802017-12-11 11:48:40
Missed the late Sunday openings after 1900z due to family commitments. This
contest is so much more fun with higher sunspots. Is that an understatement?
K4MM   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   2,0102017-12-11 12:02:58
Wow! Conditions really sucked down here. We did get a fair S.A. shot on Sunday
afternoon with PY, CX LU and PJ2T.

RIG: FT-950 90W to antenna.
ANT: A4S Still with no reflector.

Seasone Greetings to all. And hopefully a Happy DX New Year.

73 Tom K4MM
CW5W(@CX6VM)   M/S HP   457,8842017-12-11 12:09:42
wow!, what a weekend. Plenty of time to talk, eat, drink, repair antennas,
fishing, horses, "asado"

Worst ARRL10 ever!.

thanks Fabiano PY3VK, Alan CX5UA, Wilder CX6DRA, Marcelo CX2DK to came for

Thanks all for QSOs

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
GM5X(GM4YXI)   SO Mixed HP   14,4462017-12-11 12:11:40
Very limited time at this one but QSOs were possible. ESP, Sporadic E, meteor
scatter etc. Entertaining!
CB3R(XQ3SK)   SO CW LP   19,9682017-12-11 12:14:20
Unlike last year there was no opening. 400 qso that I achieved last year this
year only 128 contacts. I did not perceive a schedule where the greatest number
of contacts could be made, but at times and very infrequently. The station
worked very well. I imagine that the additional meter of height of the TH3Mk4
has made a difference. 3 hours before the end of the competition turn off the
NØWRK   SO SSB HP   1,2902017-12-11 12:37:17
Very limited propagation. Tough band to work this year. Band started slow and
then died...I thought someone cut my coax. There is always next year.
W1END   SO CW LP   8122017-12-11 12:44:52
Missed Vermont for a clean sweep - of New England that is. And that's about
it. Thanks for the fun?

Eldon - W1END
AD4TJ   SO CW HP   6,6002017-12-11 12:54:11
Luckily caught New Zealand while working Brazil! Brief openings to Florida and
Louisiana; otherwise, very tough! 400+ watts to a TA-33 at 20 feet doesn't make
for a big-gun station. 7 hours on time. 19 S-P, 3 DX. 73, David
N2SO   SO CW LP   1,5202017-12-11 13:07:13
K3/P3 to OCF Dipole @ 35\' Logging by N1MM. Nice sporadic E Saturday between NY
and Florida for a short time. Worked Namibia and Brazil on Sunday.
VE3RCN   SO Mixed LP   2502017-12-11 13:11:10
Called CQ for a bit. Did a bit more S&P...and a lot more off time for this
W5PR   SO SSB LP   3,5042017-12-11 13:34:59
Perfect storm of beyond terrible conditions combined with almost everything in
the shack broken after lightning strike. Spent much of Friday evening trying to
fix things which turned out to be a huge mistake as that was the only period of
good conditions. I also had many hours of being wiped out due to a huge 9+20
electrical noise which seems to emit from a model home about 1/2 mile north of
me. I can't imagine what kind of system would cause that amount of noise.The
other houses in the model home park are ok. It is easy to pinpoint the
offending house just by driving by. I had hoped the noisy part would fail and
be replaced, but have been fighting this off and on for over a year now.
Highlight of the contest was finding FR4QT CQing on an otherwise dead band at
1611 on the second day for my first contact of the day. Other highlight was
debating with myself as to whether I should turn on the 4 el fixed on XE. (It
was a little noisey and I thought that might cover up calls from other
directions.) I figured "why not, I'm not working anything else."
First contact, immediately after (1936) was XE1MEX! (Which was my only XE.)The
noise started after that so it was the end of the contest for me.

10M CW 10M PHO Total %

NA 0 63 63 86.3
SA 0 9 9 12.3
AF 0 1 1 1.4

10M CW 10M PHO Total

CX 1 1
FR 1 1
HC 1 1
HK 1 1
K 61 61
LU 3 3
PY 3 3
V3 1 1
XE 1 1

QSO/Sec+Dx by hour and band

Hour 10M CW 10M PHO Total Cumm OffTime

D1-0000Z --+-- 5/2 5/2 5/2
D1-0100Z - 28/5 28/5 33/7
D1-0200Z - 16/5 16/5 49/12
D1-0300Z - 2/0 2/0 51/12 55
D1-0400Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-0500Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-0600Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-0700Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- 0/0 51/12 60
D1-0900Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-1000Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-1100Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-1200Z - - 0/0 51/12 60
D1-1300Z - 2/1 2/1 53/13 35
D1-1400Z - 4/2 4/2 57/15 3
D1-1500Z - - 0/0 57/15 60
D1-1600Z --+-- 1/0 1/0 58/15 14
D1-1700Z - - 0/0 58/15 60
D1-1800Z - - 0/0 58/15 60
D1-1900Z - - 0/0 58/15 60
D1-2000Z - 3/1 3/1 61/16 21
D1-2100Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D1-2200Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D1-2300Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0100Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0200Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0300Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0400Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0500Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0600Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0700Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- 0/0 61/16 60
D2-0900Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-1000Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-1100Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-1200Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-1300Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-1400Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-1500Z - - 0/0 61/16 60
D2-1600Z --+-- 3/2 3/2 64/18 16
D2-1700Z - - 0/0 64/18 60
D2-1800Z - 4/3 4/3 68/21 43
D2-1900Z - 5/3 5/3 73/24
Total: 0/0 73/24
WA3GM   SO CW HP   1322017-12-11 13:40:19
Band not great here but we work what we hear.

NJ4Q   SO CW LP   3002017-12-11 13:57:23
Awful band condx, but that is to be expected. Couldn't even work or hear N8II.
That's pretty bad. 73 all, de NJ4Q
W3IP   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   34,5042017-12-11 13:59:40
Conditions were much worse than last year. There was a mix of strong locals,
weak extended ground wave, and even weaker e-skip. It was very much like a VHF
contest! Managed to work 23 states, 2 provinces, and 6 countries (CE, CX, LU,
PY, V5, VE, ZL) with 200 watts to a dipole bolted to the side of the tower at
65 feet. There were a lot of stations heard but not worked, a 3 or 4 element
yagi would have made a lot of difference. I am putting a tower for HF on my
Christmas wish list.
K4TMC   SO SSB LP   1082017-12-11 14:09:44
Well, that was embarrassing and humbling…

With a rate less than 1 per hour of operating time, it doesn’t seem worth it.
But with the weather so bad (rain, sleet & snow) it was a good excuse to
spend some time at the radio…and dreaming of bigger antennas and better
propagation. My only excuse for the low QSO’s was (1) a S1-2 sporadic noise
on the band all weekend, which has mysteriously disappeared this Monday
morning, making it impossible to work S 0.5 signals; and (2) orienting the
fixed tree-supported yagis in the wrong directions based on my inaccurate
propagation assumptions. It would have been nice to have had one of those
Zeppelin’s floating above the house suspending a couple of long-boom yagis
versus the ineffective vertical Zepp in the back yard.

Station: Elecraft K3/100, 4 and 6 element OWA yagis, Collinear End-fed Zepp
vertical (N1LO design)
LU2DX   M/S HP   235,5002017-12-11 14:13:45
Just a single radio (no multiplier station), and a tribander.
Our old 4el monobander needs maintenance and reinstallation.
Of course, condx were very poor, as forecasted.
Anyway, all team members enjoyed the contest.
WO4O   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   3,5842017-12-11 14:15:10
That was almost as much fun as waterboarding ... ARS remains under
reconstruction, after lightning strike and Irma in early Sept. Unable to
persuade an ALS-600 to put out more than 300 watts. During bouts with heavy
(S9+) rain static, switched an RCS-4 back and forth between RX (160m inverted
V) and TX (into C3E) to complete multiple Qs. 73, de ric, wo4o
NN7CW   SO CW Unlimited HP   15,8922017-12-11 14:44:33
5/8 vertical @ 25 ft.
Interesting experience, my first 10 m contest from FL during... well, no
non-sporadic propagation whatsoever, HI!

Worked the neighborhood (~20 stations) on Friday night and decided to watch a
movie with the xyl when no new guys showed up anymore. Stumbled across the
Saturday morning opening and worked the majority of contacts within two hours
or so. After that, it was just occasional checking and working a handful of
stations each time. However, I'm glad V51YJ found me, that was kind-a cool.
W8KTQ   SO CW HP   2,4082017-12-11 14:54:53
Rough going! Saw one good opening for an hour to the South. Hopefully next year!
CV7S(CX7SS)   SO SSB HP   30,9882017-12-11 14:55:02
KFØUR   SO Mixed LP   30,8702017-12-11 14:55:46
Boy, it was a good thing there was an opening Friday night, otherwise, it would
have been a very lonely time.
K9CW   SO CW LP   2,1602017-12-11 14:56:34
Heard WB9Z, K9CT and N2NT all weekend long. Also copied W3EP and K2SSS
frequently, but they never heard me.
W4TAA   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   32,1642017-12-11 14:58:28

FLEX 6500
K5NA   SO CW HP   68,7482017-12-11 15:06:41
Friday night was OK. I worked 195 stations that night. But from Saturday morning
on, it was the worse 10M contest EVER!

I worked no one in W1, W2, W3, VE1, VE2, or VE3 call areas. Nine DX countries
worked were CE, CX, FK, LU, OA, PJ2, PY, ZF, and ZL. Five Mexican states were
worked; COL, GTO, BCS, SON, and YUC.

During the contest, I finished a book by John McPhee, read a full short story
by Ben Rehder, before starting a third book.

For some reason the weekend was extremely tiring in spite of my just sitting
around with headphones on and a book in my hand. Apparently brain cells are
fatigued by static and noise.

73, Richard - K5NA
K3HW   SO CW Unlimited QRP   1082017-12-11 15:07:46
Kept checking the band several times over the weekend. I could only work ground
wave contacts. Nothing past NJ, PA or NY. Oh how we miss those sunspots!
Better luck next year! 73 de K3HW ..
K5AX   SO CW LP   5882017-12-11 15:09:58
Only scat local ground wave activity for majority of period. Opening to Mexico
and South America Sunday. K5NA has great ears! Rich was only S1 or S2 but he
heard me. There were a few aligators that were S7 or S8 that could not hear me
at all. HI.

Rig TS-480HX 150W to a TA-33M at 50 feet
K6XT   SO CW HP   10,1002017-12-11 15:15:11
No conditions Saturday or Sunday. SDR flatlined.
W1KM   SO CW Unlimited LP   7,5682017-12-11 15:28:46
It seemed just about every Q was a challenge. I kept checking the band
periodically all weekend, hoping there’d eventually be a real opening to
somewhere. Finally at 2300Z Sunday the pipeline to MN opened up.
(Glad the Vikings played the early game!).

9-MN (all in the last hour)
3-RI, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, IN
2-FL, MI, NC, WI
1-IA, ON, VA, MD, GA, VT

73 Greg W1KM
N4EK   SO CW LP   1,6802017-12-11 15:34:32
Wow, the worst 10 meter test in my years that I can remember. Only nice run was
from 1400Z to about 1500Z Saturday. One DX ZZ4X. good thing the FCG ops were on
the air. N4WW was my next to last qso and it was Super ESP exchange. Maybe we
can still pull of a good finish in the ranks.
K9GEM   SO SSB HP   242017-12-11 15:38:11
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's ARRL 10 Meter Contest Log 5.6
CLUB: Texas DX Society
NAME: Gerald Muller
ADDRESS: 12103 Crystalwood Dr
N4RA   SO SSB LP   3602017-12-11 16:13:12
Amplifier didn't turn-on remotely so I had to revert back to LP from HP. That
made many of the weaker signals unworkable. More like a VHF contest (2
meters?) than the 10 Meters contest. I caught a bit of the TE opening Saturday
to PY, LU and CX, but couldn't work the weaker stations. Glad it's over.
AA5AM   SO Mixed HP   1962017-12-11 16:24:04
Propagation was a no-show....
W3EP   SO CW Unlimited HP   57,6202017-12-11 16:29:41
The contest started out auspiciously enough: logged 49 QSOs, but none out of the
Northeast. It was downhill from there, with a just a few surprises:

The openings to South America and the Caribbean early Saturday and Sunday
afternoons netted 7 multipliers, but I had the uneasy feeling I missed
something, especially as I had to be gone three hours on Saturday.

Had easy QSOs with V51YJ and ZM4T, also quite unexpected surprises.

During the last hour of the contest ran off 21 QSOs, 15 in Minnesota and 1 in
North Dakota for my last multiplier. This run seemed to be all sporadic-E,
though signals ranged from just out of the noise to honest S-9s.

In between, it was mostly a struggle to make contacts via scatter. I am sure I
missed some QSOs due to marginal conditions, but my thanks to those stations
that stuck with it. There may have been short-lived Es mixed in, but there did
not seem to be any sustained openings, save perhaps for that last remarkable
hour. With the exception of that one QSO with ND, I did not hear any stations
west of the Mississippi.

Still, there seemed to be some CW activity most of the time, but most often
stations I had already worked. They were plugging away and keeping the band
from folding altogether. Kudos to you fellows!

Along the way, I gave up on SSB and entering as HP Mixed. There seemed to be
little SSB activity, perhaps because even the marginal conditions evident on CW
were not good enough for SSB activity. This was clearly (at least from the
Northeast) a CW event.

Still an interesting 10-Meter contest, even if among the slowest in many years.
K3OO   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   29,8482017-12-11 16:51:51
If you have never operated a VHF contest on 6m .. you did last weekend if you
were operating the 10m contest.

95% of all qso's were from "running"

I guess the highlight for me was being called by EA1XT as his #001 on Saturday
morning.. there was hope.

N1MM called me on both ssb and cw... IF he only knew i logged him using my
30 year old CTwin software.... HIHI>>

Merry Christmas/73,
Rick K3OO
N6SS   SO CW Unlimited HP   63,3602017-12-11 17:09:00
Rig: K3, Alpha 99
Ant: 8EL OWA @ 27m, 6EL LFA @ 15m
Home built design by G0KSC

2/3 of QSOs in the first few hours on Friday evening due to an E opening. After
that it was a struggle digging weak signals out of the noise from all
directions. Thanks to all for the contacts.

Pres, N6SS
WO9S   SO CW LP   3802017-12-11 17:15:42
About 2 hours total: just checking for openings.
Surprising to work W5KFT, K6XT, and VE5UF when no other
out-of-state stations were heard.
N3BB   SO CW HP   2802017-12-11 17:17:27
Ugh. Tried again and again Sat and Sun. Virtually no skip open at all. Did a lot
of listening to K5NA and other Central TX stations call CQ, along with my
plaintive calls. Nearly all only white noise. Unfortunate.
N2NT   M/S HP   112,8842017-12-11 17:30:17
A VHF contest... without the fun of passing to other bands.
Thanks to Peter WW2Y for doing most of the operating.

73, Andy N2NT
W9XT   SO CW Unlimited LP   15,6882017-12-11 17:33:18
This has been one of my favorite contests and I must have operated at least 35
of them, even at the solar cycle bottoms. This one had the worst conditions
ever. Other than Friday night there was really no Es. I made about 1/3 of my
contacts Friday night and grabbed a number of west coast mults.

Looking at my notes from last year, the bad DX conditions were surprising. The
solar numbers at the start this year were 70-5-1 and improved to 72-3-1 at the
end. Last year they started at 71-31-4 and ended at 72-16-2. One would have
guessed DX openings would have been as good or better than last year. It was
not the case. I only worked about 1/4 the DX mults as last year.
KD4D(@N3HBX)   SO CW HP   48,2162017-12-11 17:38:40
Ugh. There is an advantage - at least, you could call it that - for borrowing a
big station for a contest. I committed the whole weekend and drove to the N3HBX
contest station. That advantage was I just quit and face the long drive home
through the snow! :-)

The first hour was BY FAR the best with a rate of 36. It was all downhill from

I did work a two or three ZLs Saturday - nothing else west of a single QSO in
Idaho. I worked the V5 on Sunday and a smattering of South Americans. 7 DX
countries and no Mexican stations at all. I didn't even work Texas! :-(

This was a real struggle. I lost several QSOs to fading - I would copy a
callsign but just couldn't get the exchange.

My favorite time was the last 36 minutes of the contest. I worked 12 Minnesota
stations in a row - both running and S&P. Nothing but Minnesota! The rate
really seemed pretty good at that point - about 20 QSOs per hour. :-)

Thanks to John Evans, N3HBX, for loaning me his fine station. Unfortunately,
10 meters was broken all weekend and he didn't manage to fix it!


Mark, KD4D

Hourly Rates
Day Hr Tot Accum
12/9/2017 0 36 36
12/9/2017 1 18 54
12/9/2017 2 13 67
12/9/2017 3 12 79
12/9/2017 4 11 90
12/9/2017 11 2 92
12/9/2017 12 13 105
12/9/2017 13 10 115
12/9/2017 14 11 126
12/9/2017 15 13 139
12/9/2017 16 6 145
12/9/2017 17 5 150
12/9/2017 18 13 163
12/9/2017 19 14 177
12/9/2017 20 16 193
12/9/2017 21 7 200
12/9/2017 22 2 202
12/9/2017 23 2 204
12/10/2017 0 1 205
12/10/2017 12 6 211
12/10/2017 13 2 213
12/10/2017 14 8 221
12/10/2017 15 5 226
12/10/2017 16 8 234
12/10/2017 17 8 242
12/10/2017 18 8 250
12/10/2017 19 11 261
12/10/2017 20 6 267
12/10/2017 21 12 279
12/10/2017 22 3 282
12/10/2017 23 12 294
Total 294 294

QSOs by Section
Section Tot
Total 294
VA 65
MD 42
PA 28
FL 19
MN 17
NJ 13
NC 8
IL 6
NY 6
WI 5
CT 4
DE 4
GA 4
MA 4
AL 3
ME 3
OH 3
ON 3
QC 3
AR 2
KY 2
MO 2
NS 2
TN 2
VT 2
WV 2
DC 1
IA 1
ID 1
IN 1
KS 1
LA 1
MI 1
MS 1

QSOs by Country
Country Tot
K 254
PY 14
LU 8
VE 8
CE 3
CX 3
ZL 2
OA 1
V5 1
Total 294
K2RB   SO CW HP   5922017-12-11 17:43:12
No DX and a few Canadian stations. Not the best.
PT3T(@PY3UEB)   M/S HP   247,5722017-12-11 17:45:19
Special Tnx to Julio Cesar Sereno Dias and Samuca, no HAM, but whit great help
for team and Baependi Scout Group.
K7RL   SO Mixed HP   7,7602017-12-11 17:47:46
Very tough. Missed the big opening Friday night.

This is such a fun contest, so maybe it should be moved to June during low
sunspot years?

73, Mitch, K7RL
K9BGL   SO Mixed HP   8,0642017-12-11 17:59:02
Worst conditions ever.
KEØOR   M/S LP   2582017-12-11 18:00:30
The band had a small opening to the west around 0200 on Saturday. Shut station
down about 1.5 hrs before the contest ended on Sunday. Should have keep
listening until the end.
NØHF   SO CW LP   3,3322017-12-11 18:07:22
Friday night was the only decent opening all weekend, I had fun making some
73 Dan
K1WHS(K1BX)   SO Mixed HP   147,1122017-12-11 18:25:00
Thanks to Dave for use of Dave's Station.

K3 + 2K-FA

5/5/5 rotatable

5/5 fixed south

Condx were similar to a September VHF test on 6 meters. I have been in the same
chair for several of those. 80% of Q's were barely above the noise. Very sparse
E skip. Decent meteor enhancement.

Best moment was during a meteor qso, I had just sent "K4XYZ Your State!
Your State!" for the third time, when finally there was a perfectly timed
meteor burst on receive. But instead of "Kentucky! Kentucky!" I hear
"Damn! This band Sucks!"
I eventually got the state.
73, Art
N7LOX   SO Mixed LP   8,4042017-12-11 18:31:20
Lost my main rig,, back up old ts830 worked quite well.. put up my 4 el
monobander for this one. wish I could say time well spent. not .fun in a weird
73 N7LOX
W6YX(N7MH)   SO CW HP   43,0562017-12-11 18:37:22
I was at the W6YX shack for 30 hours of the contest but spent several hours on
Saturday helping W6LD get our HyGain 105CA working again and planning some
other shack maintenance. I estimate that my operating time was 25 hours but I
know that there were at least a couple of 60 to 90 minute gaps with no QSOs
when I was CQing and/or S&Ping. 20 hours is what the logging program says.

I probably quit too early on Friday evening, leaving at 0600 when the rate
dropped and I had just over 100 Qs. That low rate of 4 to 6 per hour was better
than many of my daytime hours on Saturday and Sunday.

I heard but did not work IA, FK8 and VP8. Several of the mults I did work were
only heard briefly and very weak, not strong enough to leave any trace on the
P3 waterfall.

SO2R was only practical for 3 or 4 hours. There were just a couple combinations
of useful beam headings between pairs of available antennas that had mutual
interference low enough to hear weak stations while tuning.

-Mike, N7MH
VE3VY   SO CW LP   6402017-12-11 18:41:24
Terrible conditions in ONE !!!
W9ILY   SO CW LP   1,2002017-12-11 18:51:38
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
TM6M(F1AKK)   SO Mixed LP   12,6482017-12-11 19:08:08
Was not planed to be qrv!

I had to come to station to put antennas in safe position as hight wind thoses
days , and we can't do more than tunrning thems in wind direction !

I didn't had web so i just did some S&P at first , looked quiet , death
when "es" link started toward DL,OK,HA,I,UR,UA6!! and ON short skip!
Activity was low i think lots gived up ...
My activy has been done Saturday afternoon around 1530z +/- to 1930z +/- .
Score is up a bit from last year where i was bit more qrv !
Only qsos were to EU and few to SA (some low power are so deaf in PY !!!!)

Seen terrific bad trafic in US .

RIG FT2000 6el

Tks for qsos
N4TB   SO CW LP   20,9442017-12-11 19:16:40
By far the hardest I have ever worked for the fewest QSO's in any contest in my
62 years of hamming! Great turnout of FL stations, OJ would have been proud.

The P3 Panadaptor display was an invaluable asset. I could see stations appear
and immediately tune to them. Many of the E openings were only 5 to
10 minutes long. Heard K3EST (CA)calling CQ, worked him and moved up the band a
few Khz and called CQ. Worked 4 more CA stations and one NV station in the next
5 minutes, then they were gone! One of the very few runs I had!
Only worked PJ2 and P4 in the Caribbean. Heard ZF9CW, who was S9+++, but he
couldn't hear me. Lots of strong signals (new mults) that I called and called
with no luck.

The rain on Saturday kept my intermittent line noise to a minimum but by Sunday
afternoon is was back. Many thanks to all those who hung in there with multiple
repeats to complete the QSO.

73 Terry N4TB
N4LZ   SO CW LP   1442017-12-11 19:31:57
I tried. The hamstick was not high enough.
W1FJ   SO CW HP   4,6082017-12-11 19:53:48
Just popped in and out to work a few of the diehards. Hats off to those who
really spent serious time
KI6OY   SO CW LP   2002017-12-11 20:03:08
100 watts and a wire. S&P and running until I ran out of time.
10 meters had very poor propagation. Worked mostly local stations
EA5IIK   SO CW LP   1,4082017-12-11 20:24:44
Unfortunately I"ve lost the most funny part of the test , I couldnt
"be in" during the daylight,I made few qso-s Saturday one hour in
morning and a quart of hour evening, and the rest Sunday evening after
sunset.Anyway , 3 hours of joy...(Nice sigs Saturday evening at abt 17 UTC from
south America and Africa -CW5W , LU2DX ,PP1CZ , PT3T etc and namibian station
V51YJ but not even one USA stn heard).Used a FT 757GX 100W into a manually
rotative Moxon (my shack is on the roof and the ant. mast vy close).
Tnx to all for efforts and patience to copy my signals.
73s and to the next , Antal EA5IIK
NY3B   SO CW Unlimited LP   1,4402017-12-11 20:48:37
Mainly local guys on Saturday with a few SA Q's. Sunday didn't even get on.
N1SZ   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   2,0162017-12-11 20:56:08
WOW! Painful doesn't begin to describe this contest. I managed to miss any and
all enhancement to anywhere. Best DX was NJ! Thanks to all of the locals for
the points.

K3, P3, Alpha 70V & 160m Inverted L

Jim, N1SZ
K3EST(@N6RO)   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   63,7202017-12-11 21:36:35
The E-skip Friday evening was terrific. The band was open as far east as IN and
FL. During that opening, I managed to work all W5, W6, W7(except WY), W9 and W0
states + VE4-VE7. Little did I know that that evening would produce more than
50% of all my CW QSOs. There was no real opening to anywhere Sat. Sunday there
was a brief OK opening to WA, ID, OR and VE7...but that was it. The best QSO
was with V51YJ on CW Sunday. He peaked for about 5 mins. Wrked about 10 FL
stations but only FL in W4. Never heard W1, W2, W3, W4 (only FL)or W8. I saw
Jack, N4RV spotted many times but no luck hearing him. I tried all the
tricks...beaming to NZ and SA hoping for some scatter but to no avail. Nice to
QSO XR2K Luis after quite long time. I think everyone had their own private
Thanks to Ken for hosting me and sharing several hours of football games bot
days during slow times (= both days)and the use of his station.
Bob, K3EST

Day Hr 28 Tot Accum
2017-12-09 00 32 32 32
2017-12-09 01 12 12 44
2017-12-09 02 19 19 63
2017-12-09 03 26 26 89
2017-12-09 04 23 23 112
2017-12-09 05 24 24 136
2017-12-09 06 10 10 146
2017-12-09 14 1 1 147
2017-12-09 15 9 9 156
2017-12-09 16 9 9 165
2017-12-09 17 7 7 172
2017-12-09 18 9 9 181
2017-12-09 19 12 12 193
2017-12-09 20 6 6 199
2017-12-09 21 13 13 212
2017-12-09 22 19 19 231
2017-12-09 23 10 10 241
2017-12-10 00 3 3 244
2017-12-10 01 1 1 245
2017-12-10 14 2 2 247
2017-12-10 15 1 1 248
2017-12-10 16 1 1 249
2017-12-10 17 9 9 258
2017-12-10 18 13 13 271
2017-12-10 19 27 27 298
2017-12-10 20 5 5 303
2017-12-10 21 1 1 304
2017-12-10 22 7 7 311
2017-12-10 23 1 1 312
Total 0 312 312 312
W4AU   SO CW LP   1762017-12-11 22:18:20
OF3BCX(OH1ZAA)   SO Mixed HP   11,9502017-12-11 22:19:55
Repeated Es sessions appeared at random, and often revisiting the same areas.
The limit Westward was sharp, not even one F-station and not much activity
from HB9, it seems. The 5-el home-designed wide-band 28 MHz yagi worked fine,
though the back end was only 4 ft over the metal roof. Industrial noise was
much more of a problem, but minor in the main SW heading. There were a couple
of very delicate flares and Solar flux crept up toward the end of the contest,
but that may have helped in the more temperate latitudes. At least there was
a prolonged opening from SW/Central-Europe to South America toward the
finish... Most active regions: DL/G/HA/I/LZ/OE/OK/OM/YO/YU/UR... double hop
4X/5B... Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA
DH8BQA   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   85,2002017-12-11 22:21:23
Elecraft K3, KPA500 + 6 ele G0KSC OWA @60 ft.

Much better than last year! Some ES openings also linking into TEP to South
America both days. But also lots of times without any propagation at all.
Meteor Scatter helped a few additional contacts ...

Always like the challenge of 10m in sunspot minimum. The band is open more
often than most people think! Unfortunately this also means less activity even
if the band is open. Nevertheless lots of fun!

73, Olli
N8FYL   SO CW Unlimited LP   962017-12-11 22:50:21
I guess I just wasn't listening during any of the brief band openings, except I
managed to get K4BAI in the log from GA, and even then he was not very strong.
Conditions will HAVE to be better next year, right? <Grin>

Rig: ICOM IC-9100
Antenna: G5RV/ZS6BKW at 55ft
W4DD   SO SSB HP   5282017-12-11 23:06:26
Poorest propagation I've ever seen on 10M. Basically just a Line-of-sight QSO
party. No real openings from North GA, just a few stations at the noise
level. Mults worked: FR, 6W, LU and 9 states. Unless you lived in the NE US
with good population density this year was a dud.
W3DQ   M/S HP   3,8702017-12-11 23:46:56
An interesting weekend. It was good to know that the station still works, and it
gave me an opportunity to sit in front of the radio having just gotten out of
the hospital.

Partnering with Tim N3QE once again was a blast. His enthusiasm and sense of
humor made the short time we were active that much more fun. Otherwise it would
have been a real drag!

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

Orion 565
Acom 1000
F12 C3-SS on the roof
WØZA   SO CW HP   42,4002017-12-12 00:00:47
The first 4 hours were contesters heaven! The rest of the contest was pure
boredom! It will be a few years before it is fun again.
LU3CT   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   3,4022017-12-12 00:03:41
Yagui 2 el. and Kenwood TS 450S
K3IE   SO CW Unlimited HP   4,1362017-12-12 00:07:34
RF Apocalypse.

The band was writhing - like an emergency room patient.

I had to time my stateside contacts on the ebb of the signal. My apologies to
those that never recovered - must have lost 10 to 15 contacts due to the signal
coming up and going back down in a split second.

Go figure that a ZL/SA opening occurred Saturday afternoon. ZL2AZ and ZM4T
were the loudest sigs I heard the entire contest - wild.

Thanks for the Q's - Hunter K3IE
WTØDX   SO SSB HP   5282017-12-12 00:11:18
Missed most of the opening Friday night...
AA4CF   SO CW HP   1,7922017-12-12 00:58:30
This is the worst I've seen 10M, looking forward to the next 160M contest.

Charlie AA4CF
VE7XF   SO CW Unlimited HP   7,3442017-12-12 01:06:48
Well, that was fun. So is banging my head against a brick wall.
Mostly CO, WA and CA on Friday night. Saturday offered more of the same, even a
good opening to CA, but nothing east of mid-continent.
Sunday much the same, but even quieter. Those 6m ops among us know what it's

Stats - CA:46, CO:15, WA:14, AZ:7, TX:6, BC:5, NV:4, NM:2, UT:2,
One each from HI, ID, LA, OK, OR. DX-wise, one ZL, one CX, and two CE.

Can next year be worse, or have we hit an early bottom-of-cycle?

Depressingly yours,

K-line, 260' doublet at 75'
NC6Q   SO CW Unlimited LP   2402017-12-12 02:23:09
Attic dipole
K1XM   SO CW Unlimited LP   6,4082017-12-12 02:49:26
I got on occasionally when I was around. I only worked one DX station. Most of
my QSOs were in New England, but I worked a bunch of stations from Minnesota
K7JR   M/S HP   14,0122017-12-12 03:09:02
Can't add much to what has been said by others. Out this way the only opening
was at the start and we missed the first hour. But, what we caught was good
with likely double hop E's to SC and FL among others. After that we made 3 more
QSOs the whole weekend.

W6PH   SO CW Unlimited HP   2,5202017-12-12 04:32:00
K3 + SPE 1.3K, 5 el yagi at 50 feet

I never turned the radio on Friday evening. I might have missed the Es opening
to the southeast. I had no locals to contact and did not work any US stations
on Saturday. I only worked some South American stations via TEP on Saturday.
On Sunday I got in on the Es opening to the northwest and worked seven states
and British Columbia. The TEP to SA was a lot weaker on Sunday.

I watched the DXMaps and monitored the telnet spots inside my house and didn't
go out to the shack until I could see there was some possible paths. This was
very much like a VHF contest.

There was a very interesting propagation phenomenon a couple times when a
California station in the Bay Area would peak to well over S9 for only the
duration of the call sign and then would be gone. The peak was never long
enough to make a contact. A couple of us discussed the possibility that this
may have been a reflection off an airplane flying down the Central Valley. I
am shielded from the Central Valley by 14,000 foot mountains

73, Kurt W6PH
W1NN   SO CW LP   1442017-12-12 04:37:37
In the short time I was on I heard 4-5 stations suddenly come up and then
disappear in the noise. K4BAI called me once and then disappeared, I called
N8OO in LA and another one or two 5-land stations who either couldn't hear me
or disappeared quickly.

73, Hal Remote in Tokyo
N6TV   SO CW HP   9122017-12-12 05:47:44
There's just not much to work with the solar flux in the low 70s. Most of the
QSOs were locals, with a few W7s, VE7s, a KH6 and a CX. Heard PY1MC briefly
but couldn't work him.

Ant: 5 el Yagi at 100'
Rig: Elecraft K3
Amp: Alpha 87A
Software: Win-Test 4.25

Bob, N6TV
W1IE   SO CW QRP   8802017-12-12 11:49:26
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6927.0
K5KJ   SO Mixed Unlimited LP   14,8982017-12-12 14:46:02
A sporadic E opening Friday evening to the western U.S. accounted for 2/3rds of
my contacts. Saturday and Sunday were tedious at best, with extremely low
rates. Meteor scatter accounted for most QSOs on Saturday and Sunday, with the
exception of a few QSOs to South America via TEP on Sunday afternoon. Most of
the meteor scatter pings were very short duration. My thanks to the operators
who hung in there through multiple pings to complete the exchange.
KU2M   SO Mixed HP   23,7602017-12-12 15:22:57
Possibly the worst 10M contest in memory, and there aren't enough drugs to make
me want to stay in the chair for a whole weekend of this kind of torture, so I
just got on now and then over the weekend, not that it made much difference.
With the exception of a pipeline opening to Florida on Saturday morning, the
band was pretty much uniformly awful both days. The only thing worse than this
is a VHF contest.

Can it get any worse? YOU BET. We're not at the bottom of the cycle yet, and
there weren't any solar flares over the weekend, as far as I'm aware. Bog help

Thanks to all who called me; I regret that my noise level was somewhat high and
there were times I could hear traces of signals, but they were buried by noise.

And oh - just a thought - I enjoy a challenge as much as the next person, but
does anyone have any idea why the ARRL chooses to hold the 10 Meter contest at
a time of year when, in the northern hemisphere of our planet (where the great
majority stations reside), there is a minimum of sunlight, which is what makes
10 Meters work?
K3EW   SO CW LP   2082017-12-12 16:00:21
Put an hour in late Friday night. Lots (relative term) of PVRC'ers locally. This
one used to be my one big contest in the past. This one sounded like a bad 6
meter contest- Groundwave( very limited range with my loop)-and by all accounts
marginal at that- and a quick Es opening around 0500Z Friday night to Florida
(3Q's). Glad I spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday on the SKCC Weekend
Sprint pounding straight key brass
N4CW   SO CW HP   7,5842017-12-12 16:01:36
That was work!!!
N8EA   SO CW Unlimited LP   2,8882017-12-12 16:26:50
ZV2C(PY2CX)   SO SSB LP   2522017-12-12 18:19:59
no remarks !!!! bad propagation.
W5KFT(K5PI)   SO CW HP   63,4002017-12-12 19:27:06
Friday night was very promising -- I finished with 211 QSOs and 34 mults. But
the rest of the weekend was a bust. I started selecting different antennas on
Saturday to get the weak ones, and I realized that the 10M StackMatch was
broken. Only the all-antennas selection would work. I went out to look at it
and found that it was full of ants and that the wire connection posts were
badly corroded. Given this, the poor conditions, and the beautiful weather, I
decided to give up on a full time effort and instead work on a few projects at
the station. I sat down at the radio off an on the rest of the weekend but
never had anything like the Friday night run. I did spend some time finally
getting the hang of the P3 panadapter -- that was a very nice tool to have in a
contest like this.
K9YC   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   17,4722017-12-12 19:45:12
10M contesting at this part of the solar cycle demands BIC persistence. My
dinner break Friday evening cost me the east coast opening that gave N7MH at
W6YX (and probably K3EST at N6RO) their deserved high scores.

SO2R for this one meant keeping the second radio (K3/P3) set to display the
28.3-28.5 MHz band segment and calling the few stations that called CQ. I
worked every signal that showed up on that display.

I'd guess that meteor scatter accounted for at least a half dozen QSOs.
WBØU   SO Mixed LP   2,9582017-12-12 19:45:54
I didn't operate Friday night.

Historical data from PROPNET.ORG shows sporadic E propagation occurs more
frequently during low solar activity years. I'm working on my 10 Meter WAS
(100 watts, 2 element Moxon) and average 1.3 new states per ARRL 10 M test for
the last 3 years with 6 states remaining.
K4PZC   SO SSB LP   1562017-12-12 19:50:46
WOW what a GREAT contest w/e!!! I'm so glad I was able to work it with such
Great propagation.
From my location it was Gangbusters all over the globe!!! When it's Hot it's

Oh, wait a minute. That was just a day dream of bygone 10m contests. NUTS!!!

Well like most it was a bust for me. Worked it from start to finish. Listened
to a lot of static.
Can't believe I stayed in it to the end. Anyway here's my results:

13 total contacts. S/P = 3 Cty = 3
eight stateside contacts

Oh well. Maybe it'll be better in 2020.
N2MTG   SO SSB LP   22017-12-12 20:55:50
Worst contditions I have even seen for a 10 M contest
WN4AFP   SO CW LP   42017-12-12 21:28:42
I hoped that this contest would be a bit more interesting based upon the band
conditions during the recent CQWW contests. All I heard from SC was NC, MD, VA
and one South Carolina station -- W4OC -- thanks Don!!! Hope that next year
will be more fun. 73s Dave WN4AFP
NG7A   SO Mixed HP   602017-12-13 01:31:50
Except for finding a ZL, this was about as fun as watching grass grow in the
PU2PSP   SO SSB LP   4,0482017-12-13 02:17:45
It was a great challenge because of very bad propagation condirons htat put big
guns on the same level as LP stations. In the last contest hour propagation
opened sudedently to CA and SA and allowed good amount of new multipliers
N6TQ   SO CW HP   1,8002017-12-13 02:44:09
Hello All,

Thanks for the Qs and your patience! Had little propagation at my locale for
most of the weekend, only worked a handful of stations outside California.

Maybe next year.

73, Jim Colletto, N6TQ
N8II   SO Mixed LP   41,9442017-12-13 03:01:42
It's Tuesday after the &quot;VHF&quot; contest and I have been on the air twice
briefly with 10 open to IL/WI/W4 in the morning and wide open to FL in the
evening on Es. Oh, well luck is not always good in a contest and it looks like
wherever you were in
USA or Canada conditions were universally poor. I have operated in the 10M test
approximately 40 times and this time was the worst I can ever remember for poor
Actually, it was fairly similar to the CQWW CW on 10M, with opening to deep
SA around 1730Z or just after and closed around 2130Z. Sunday was worse than
and most of what could be heard was already worked. I found V51 at 1545Z
and worked 2 ZL's starting at 1940Z. So, total DX mults were those two plus
CX, LU, and PY on both modes. Meteor scatter was down from usual maybe about
30% of a good year and sporadic E was weak and pretty worthless. There were 2
weak Es openings into NS, a weak brief opening into FL, and a fairly weak
opening into MN (no one was up to S9) and WI (one WI QSO) in the last hour.
Around 14Z Sunday there may have been weak Es into MO, KS, and AR, but signals
were so weak it have been meteor scatter.
The good news was that the local and up the East Coast activity was pretty
good at least on CW and some stations like KD4D and N4RV were beacons. almost
calling CQ. Many stations even in FRC land were heard over and over again. More
good news was that my local noise was not a factor except from SW to W, so I
could copy a lot of weak signals. The local activity saved me from complete
disaster. Sunday, I slacked off on semi-constant radio time, just too little
Not to jinx us, but I think there was enough PVRC activity to win the club
competition. I was surprised to rank high in my category on 3830; everyone in
the USA had poor conditions. Most ops were very good except for a few
overly slow meticulous ones on phone. Thanks to all for the QSO's and hope we
actually get some Es to save the day next year (during the contest!).

73 and happy holidays, Jeff
LU6DO   SO CW LP   30,9122017-12-13 03:42:57
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Mariano Bukstein
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6314.0
KA6BIM   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   35,9702017-12-13 05:31:23
Great conditions Friday Night, best in 40 years for USA propagation. I worked
almost all states West of the Mississippi &amp; quite a few 9's &amp; 3's as
well. No meteor scatter but sporadic E Good Solid signals until 0800 utc Then
it was down the toilet for the res=t of the weekend
OH3RB   SO CW HP   3,9002017-12-13 08:46:40
Fun to try to work stations with a 160m L-vertical :-D
K3KU   SO CW LP   42017-12-13 10:36:01
Got on CW Sunday morning 1400Z to see if there was any activity. Planned to
jump back and forth between CW and SSB, as time allowed, to increase other
people's scores. Immediately found a fellow PVRCer, 30 miles away. Worked him
... and keyer began acting up like it did in ARRL 160M. My treasured
40-year-old homebrew beauty would lock into sending continuous dashes. I
decided that fixing the keyer was more worthy than working the 'Test. From the
other score reports I've seen, that was a good decision. (The keyer is still
not fixed. I'm concerned that some of the TTL chips might have failed.)

Suggestion: If condx are this bad on 10M next year, let's all just re-run the
160M 'Test again.
K6CSL   SO CW LP   1562017-12-13 14:33:01
To say conditions were poor is a vast under-statement. On Sunday a brief opening
allowed me to work N9RV in MT at 1903, and K7RL in WA at 1911. The rest were
local area, mostly KB'er. I see some much larger scores posted by the big guns,
but boy it was like I was in a hole in the ground. 73's to all, and we wish you
all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bert, K6CSL and Patti.
PY2ZEA(@PY2ERA)   SO Mixed LP   8842017-12-13 16:29:31
Our CRRP club members' &quot;Saturday Night Fever&quot; was to put a new Windom
antenna up at no less than 30 meters during the first day of the ARRL 10 M

On Sunday, the Windom showed good SWR and worked FB on ten !

on behalf of the antenna team
at PY2ERA, Clube de Rádio de Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil

DL2ARD   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   126,0842017-12-13 16:30:20
Havy snow storm on sunday . So I have to go QRT 12:30 and missing the nice
opening in the late afternoon .

73 , Oliver
K3CCR   M/S HP   24,2642017-12-13 16:57:39
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC.

N3UM and W3GB operated Multi-1 in ARRL 10 m. 2017. The first hour
went OK with 7 mults and 42 CW QSOs, 36 of them running. But
after that runs ended after 10 or so Qs, and clicking spots
would clear the band map in a few minutes or tens of minutes.
We got 12 to 17 Qs in parts of 5 hours, and 5 to 8 in others.
Our BIC time was just 8.5 hr. due to these slow rates and breaks
for non-ham-radio things.

Two-thirds of our 177 QSOs were VHF-style LOS/Tropo in MD, VA,
PA, and NJ with 46, 46, 17, and 10 Qs respectively.

We got 8 Qs in FL and 1 to 4 QSOs in the other 17 states and
3 VE provinces we worked by either meteor scatter or weak
sporadic E (hard to tell). In the east (W1 thru W4) we missed
RI, SC, and TN. To the west we got IL, WI, and LA but no further.

F-layer propagation was rare and quite brief. We got just
5 countries in SA plus V5, Namibia. Due to few and weak SSB
signals and even fewer spots, only 10% of our Qs were on SSB.
Made one freak SSB DX QSO, CX, with one call!
N3RS   SO CW Unlimited HP   24,5522017-12-13 19:30:21
Didn't have much time to spend and was not on much in the mornings, but enjoyed
working the locals and an occasional Dx station that was spotted. Even found
CT7ACG who was CQ'ing on my frequency and popped out of the noise when I
switched to the NE antenna. Best USA Dx was K3PA in KS to the west and several
Florida stations to the south.

73 de Sig, N3RS

Band QSOs Pts S-P Cty Pt/Q
28 186 744 26 7 4.0
Total 186 744 26 7 4.0
Score: 24,552
1 Mult = 5.6 Q's
DK5A(DK5KMA)   SO SSB Unlimited HP   5,0462017-12-13 19:32:42
I was aiming 100 QSOs but failed, hitting F1 countless times tough. Fortunately
Sporadic-E was providing some propagation inside EU, otherwise there would have
been meteorscatter and groundwave only (both did not work well this time).
The Es opening on sunday afternoon was nice and provided even some shortskip to
PA and ON (MUF must have been good for 6m as well). A bit later the Es clouds
linked me to the TEP/F2 whatsoever to South America, what boosted my DX count
to 4 (!) QSOs.
Activity seemed to be very poor on Phone. Various mults (even some DX) heard in
CW which never appeared on Phone. Anyway, few QSOs but 10m is always fun.

73 de Kevin
W7GKF   SO Mixed HP   13,7162017-12-13 21:08:10
Ugh!!! Friday night was the only savior.
K5TR(WM5R)   SO SSB HP   12,7682017-12-13 23:14:35
It is hard to believe , but this was my 17th consecutive ARRL 10
Meter Contest, all operating from the K5TR station west of Austin.
It's only the second time I've failed to make over 1000 QSOs,
and unfortunately this weekend was far below 1000 QSOs. Aside from
marginal Eskip on Friday night, there was no real propagation. I
worked no stations in Europe, Asia, or Oceania.

The only highlight at all for the weekend was working a 6W station
on an otherwise completely dead band.

Continent Breakdown
USA calls = 127
VE calls = 1
N.A. calls = 4
S.A. calls = 35
Euro calls = 0
Afrc calls = 1
Asia calls = 0
JA calls = 0
Ocen calls = 0
Total calls = 168

-- ------ --------- -----
0 14/7 14/7 0.00M
1 29/8 43/15 0.00M
2 29/6 72/21 0.00M
3 25/3 97/24 0.00M
4 10/3 107/27 0.01M
5 --- 107/27 0.01M
6 --- 107/27 0.01M
7 --- 107/27 0.01M
8 --- 107/27 0.01M
9 --- 107/27 0.01M
10 --- 107/27 0.01M
11 --- 107/27 0.01M
12 --- 107/27 0.01M
13 2/0 109/27 0.01M
14 6/3 115/30 0.01M
15 6/0 121/30 0.01M
16 4/0 125/30 0.01M
17 --- 125/30 0.01M
18 4/2 129/32 0.01M
19 1/0 130/32 0.01M
20 --- 130/32 0.01M
21 --- 130/32 0.01M
22 --- 130/32 0.01M
23 --- 130/32 0.01M
0 1/0 131/32 0.01M
1 --- 131/32 0.01M
2 2/0 133/32 0.01M
3 --- 133/32 0.01M
4 --- 133/32 0.01M
5 --- 133/32 0.01M
6 --- 133/32 0.01M
7 --- 133/32 0.01M
8 --- 133/32 0.01M
9 --- 133/32 0.01M
10 --- 133/32 0.01M
11 --- 133/32 0.01M
12 --- 133/32 0.01M
13 --- 133/32 0.01M
14 --- 133/32 0.01M
15 --- 133/32 0.01M
16 5/1 138/33 0.01M
17 --- 138/33 0.01M
18 5/2 143/35 0.01M
19 7/2 150/37 0.01M
20 7/0 157/37 0.01M
21 5/0 162/37 0.01M
22 5/0 167/37 0.01M
23 1/1 168/38 0.01M

Multipliers worked:
6W CE Col HK Ky Mor Nv PY TG Wa
Al CX Fl Id LU Ms Oh Sc Tab Wy
Ar Ca Ga Il La Mt Ok Sd Tx
Az Co HC In Mn Nm Or Sk Ut
WKØP   SO CW LP   6,7642017-12-13 23:22:38
Gotta love 10 meters. Always fascinated at how fast signals come and go.

Can only get better after this tough year.

See you all next year!
OT6M(ON9CC)   SO Mixed LP   19,4402017-12-13 23:41:38
Just some hours of (mainly) S&amp;P as with LP even in CW there weren't many
skimmers that picked up my signal. Hence my CQ's were generally left
I was happy that the band opened at least a little bit and EU, near-East, V5
and PY could be worked.

TRX: IC7800
Antennas: OB11-3 and 3 el.SteppIR

Thanks for the QSO's!

N4XD   SO CW HP   20,7202017-12-14 00:29:11
Wow, what a trying contest. LOTS of meteor scatter. Many strong stations then
nothing again from their area. Only DX was CE,CX,PY and, if you count it as DX,
Sunday woke with strong frost and across the band noise. Not much but enough to
cover the weaker stations calling. Very frustrating.

Alpha 91b
quad and 6 element yagi
WØBH   SO CW HP   2,8802017-12-14 03:23:25
A nice opening west on Friday night where I worked everything except WY. The
rest of the weekend was a bust. Let's hope for better conditions next year.

73, Bob, w0bh
NJ6G   SO SSB LP   22017-12-14 03:46:37
Didn't have time to operate, one contact and submitted log so other end doesn't
get a busted call.
PY2GMR(PY2OX)   SO SSB LP   5942017-12-14 18:05:29
Poor propagation in South America in this contest.
WA7LNW   SO CW Unlimited QRP   1442017-12-14 18:12:27
Missed out on Friday night's opening....arrrg!

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
WZ8T   SO SSB LP   1,5302017-12-14 22:51:42
Missed the first 2 hours of the contest and that first evening was the only
opening here in Vancouver WA.
K1KA   SO Mixed Unlimited HP   11,0982017-12-14 23:13:53
Conditions: Pretty much what everyone else said.
F6GOX   SO Mixed HP   23,3522017-12-15 10:40:49
How say ? It was like a local contest the satuday morning with no ncdxf beacons
listen and only few europeans stations. Signals were very weak, deeep qsb, with
time to time sporadique reinforcements, letters by letters, probably due to
meteor scatter conditions who announcing the Geminides... So I decide to stop
the contest for the afternoon, spent time in the woods because of a very nice
sunny day... I come back few time the evening with better conditions and some
south america openings. Then I decide to do other thing the sunday. See you
next time. Best 73 Laurent
SP4Z   SO CW Unlimited HP   1,2962017-12-15 18:01:25
LU4HK only for DX, CE2AWW and CB3R did not copy me
even 6el yagi hr

Any way nice to QRV just a little this band

73, Wes SP4Z
WØMB   SO Mixed HP   2402017-12-15 19:16:50
NTS:Kenwood TS590, Alpha 76A, Pro 67b@60, N1MM. SSB was very bad all activity
was on cw. I should have put up my 10 meter vertical.
VE7JKZ   SO CW HP   3522017-12-16 00:21:03
Worst condx I have ever experienced in any contest of any type anywhere
AB1J   SO CW LP   2,2882017-12-16 01:32:28
This was pretty much the Sounds of Silence. Lots of noise, though, including
gradually drifting broad bands of hash, likely due to switching power supplies.
As not much else was happening, it was fun to watch them come and go. Some
probably from my own house, and others courtesy of my neighbors.

There wasn't much else to do this weekend except wait for the snow storm and
then shovel out. The contest took my mind off reality.

Many signals were down at the ESP level, especially on my antenna. I gave out
one 559 as a novelty, but it should have been snake eyes or maybe a generous
rifle shots.

This follows the Ten Meter RTTY the previous weekend where I had two QSOs. As
a result, my expectations were sufficiently low so as not to be too downcast.

I usually go assisted but decided the panadapter was adequate on a pretty dead
single band. I saw anything that showed up, including many signals too weak to

High power, big antennnas, mixed mode, and persistance paid off with some
surprisinigly large scores: K1WHS (K1BX) in Maine (Down East, up north) with
576 QSOs for 147,112 score. Wow!

Ken, AB1J

Flex 6500
Attic dipole, put up along my ridge beam in 1979 and still there, I guess.
LoTW eQSL ClubLog
YV8AD   SO Mixed LP   1,8042017-12-17 20:53:41
Hope propagation will be better in 2018... 73s de Rei Yv8ad
WB8WUA   SO CW LP   482017-12-18 05:41:06
Unfortunately, the 10 meter air waves were very poor, but I still had fun. I had
a nice surprise DX QSO with Namibia - wow! - Got contester Andrew - V51YJ on CW.
I slso got W3IP in VA, and antenna farm station W8PR and W8KNO both in OH. Those
ten meter air waves simply have a strange random mind of their own.
WB4GHZ   SO Mixed QRP   482017-12-22 00:23:21
SM9A(DL1IAO)   SO CW Unlimited HP   7482017-12-26 11:55:57
That's all I heard 4 hours after sunset on Sunday evening.

Again thanks to Gunnar SM3SGP for allowing me to use SK3W via remote.