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Vermont QSO Party   2018   Feb 3   Comment Summary

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W2CSI   Single Op HP   42018-02-04 20:08:35
AMP: 811H

It was a ruff conditions I worked to ONLY two VT stations I heard.
W4NBS   Single Op HP   152018-02-05 00:45:19
150w; 80m dipole @ 30FT
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Single Op HP   1332018-02-05 04:02:41


WB6ETY   Single Op LP   182018-02-05 04:46:19
worked w1nvt club stn for extra mult
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   7982018-02-05 14:30:30
Enjoyed my 4th VTQP! Thanks to many multiple band and mode contacts from W1NVT
and W1JXN the club station. Enjoyed working my fellow CWT op Joe K1VMT on the
correct mode, then I had a great conversation with Joe on PHONE. I did make one
mobile contact with K1IB. This year we missed the N1GVT mobile team which lit up
the bands last year. Increased participation by VT stations over my previous
years. See y'all next year! Dave WN4AFP

PS: Don't forget the Carolina Weekend QSO Parties - February 24-25.
K9GDF   Single Op LP   62018-02-05 15:23:40
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
VE3CRU   Single Op LP   422018-02-05 21:03:01
Lots of fun trying to find VT stations. Got K1IB/m twice at county line, W1ECH
and KB1FRW once each. Wire dipole on 40 at 25', inverted vee apex 25' on 20, no
antennas for 80, 15 and 10. Lots of bands above 10 but no path to VT.

Thanks to the sponsors, and to all who participated and those I was lucky enough
to work. Looking forward to next year.


N8FYL   Single Op LP   542018-02-05 21:21:03
Rig: Icom IC-7610
Antenna: G5RV/ZS6BKW at 55 ft
Just logged a few VTs I heard while concentrating on the MN QP.
KN4Y   Single Op LP   482018-02-06 22:11:58
Heard a few, worked a few, did not get skunked.
WB8WKQ   Single Op LP   2562018-02-07 03:54:33
W1NVT(W1SJ)   Single Op HP   477,1162018-02-08 01:11:37
Tremendous short skip to 2/3/4 land both days on 20 meters help inflate the QSO
totals and resulted in great runs on both 20 and 40 meters afternoon and early
evening. Condx to Europe were lackluster, but the contacts were there if you
worked for them. CW and RTTY was tricky, working around the Spring and MX RTTY
events. FT8 helped fill in some QSO's when the phone rates died off at night.

A very good operating result, but I do wish we had guest ops help out at the

73, Mitch
N8II   Single Op LP   8322018-02-12 01:53:22
A scoring nightmare considering only 26 Q's, Hi! N1MM does not come close to
scoring properly. If you can earn a county mult and club mult with the same
it is correct. It is quite a horse race with Dave, WN4AFP with equal Q's and me
having a 1 mult edge, but Dave with more CW QSO points. I was working the 2
other QP's more seriously than VTQP; whenever I heard VT, I logged it while
mainly chasing down Q's in the other QP's until near the end. Amazing to have 3
different sporadic E openings to VT during a time when Es is quite rare. At 23Z
Saturday, the number of VT and MN stations on 20 at any given moment was about
equal! Then twice on Sunday for relatively long stretches 20 was open again.
W1NVT listened for my call on 15 but no dice. I worked K1IB/M only once, wonder
how many times I missed him? Conditions for such low solar activity could not
have been much better to VT.
The VT winners made a lot of Q's, could have used a few more active stations.
But, WVQP is getting to the point where most ops outside WV do not put in any
large amount of time due to low WV turnout.

73, Jeff