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BARTG RTTY Sprint   2018   Jan 27   Comment Summary

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W3RGA   Single Op LP   37,3522018-01-28 00:29:47
Conditions better than expected on 20M. Wires and 100W.
KO7SS   Single Op HP   110,5502018-01-28 06:14:04
Only a weak 1 hour EU opening on 20M at sunrise. Nothing on 40M.

73, Bill KO7SS
KB1RI   Single Op HP   52,8752018-01-28 12:17:59
Well this one was a bit of a slog. Not as many European stations worked with
not so great conditions and missing most of the morning Saturday. Highlight was
working a ZL on my 20M dipole just after 6pm local time.
SPE 1.3K Amplifier
SO2R - microHAM u2R
160 Inv-L, 80 & 40M Dipoles
20M, 15M, 10M delta-Loops
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   34,0002018-01-28 12:22:42
Yuk! Bands were awful, although there were a few highlights, such as W7WW and
KO7SS, but that was it. No JA/VK/ZL's for me this time, and not even any African
stations for that extra continent mult.
My CQ sessions were short-lived too. I usually got half a dozen Q's, then the
run just dried up, but that's what you get with low power and small antennas!
Oh well, it was fun while I was in the shack....

73 de Phil GU0SUP
DQ1IGRY(DF2SD)   Single Op HP   123,7502018-01-28 12:42:58
VU2DED   Single Op LP   1,3262018-01-28 12:57:05
Working conditions: Icom IC-7300, barefoot with homebrew Carolina Windom
antenna, 40M through 10M.

AMD dual core desktop computer. Software used HRD, DM-780.

Conditions for DX contacts were not that favourable in this part of the world
but still enjoyed the contest.

See you next year.
New Delhi ML88on
KC2WUF   Single Op LP   7,1282018-01-28 13:18:52
Yaesu FTDX3000, MFJ-993B, MFJ-931 and 125 ft long wire antenna 12 feet high for
HF, LDG Z-11Pro II and attic dipole for 6m
W6SX   Single Op HP   54,6122018-01-28 14:37:39
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY,
2Tone, N1MM+
NG7Z   Single Op LP   13,2162018-01-28 14:59:32
Icom 7300, vertical on a small lot. Not nearly as much activity as the RR a
couple of weeks ago. Not enough to keep me in the chair for long. Checked 15M
several times and CQ'd but no takers. Judging by the serial numbers I heard,
even by the big RTTY stations, it was not very good for everyone. But I'm just
happy I could get on and pass out a few numbers with this little gun. The WPX
RTTY should generate tons of activity in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the Q's.
Paul NG7Z
HP3SS   Single Op HP   72,3252018-01-28 15:41:31
K-line - 500W > 3 elements @ 75 feet

Conditions from this QTH mostly poor.
W3FIZ(PAT)   Single Op HP   130,2722018-01-28 15:54:56
Can't wait till the bands come back...See all in the next one

K3PP   Single Op HP   5402018-01-28 15:55:02
I only had a very brief shot at this and played a little with crude remote
operation. It worked, not great, but it was a learning experience.
VY 73 de Glenn K3PP
YO9HP   Single Op HP   311,2442018-01-28 16:35:31
I don't know how, but first score posted here was wrong due a total of 7
continents counted by logging software!!?? The BARTG SPRINT reporting format,
without RST, works great, especially in SO2R setup (shorter messages, more
QSO's). Now, if the propagation would have been with us... On Sunday I spent
good minutes on 15 m, calling CQ, to see what the skimmers would report, but no
success. Excepting a local QSO with YO3RU. See you all in WPX-RTTY! 73, Alex
K4GMH   SO Expert HP   225,2252018-01-28 17:33:54
Thanks BARTG for sponsoring the Contest. Thanks, also, to all who were kind
enough to contact me.

Here the bands seemed to be mediocre. Twenty meters was okay. Nothing heard on
15 meters although saw a few spots for SA and Caribbean. Forty was good as my
second contest QSO at 1211Z was with EI1GC while running 100 W. (At the time had
my only working amp being used on 20 meters with second radio.) Spots for
European stations started to show up early in the afternoon (LT), at least it
seemed to me to be a bit earlier than most recent days. Eighty seemed noisy
here, although until this year always had Beverages to use on this band.
Unfortunately, the Beverages were all broken by falling trees and limbs.
Definitely have some chain saw work to do in the woods before getting the
Beverages replaced.

Second amp (both amps homemade GS35B) is on the work bench being upgraded with
safety and ease of use features. Only the radio, IC746, available for second

Mike, K4GMH
N1IXF   Single Op LP   66,8102018-01-28 17:57:03
Think Sunspots!!!!

Just a casual op this year but nice to work the familiar RTTY ops and a few new

Thanks to BARTG for sponsoring the series of RTTY contests... see you in the
next one.
73, Rich N1IXF
N8FYL   Single Op LP   5,1002018-01-28 18:45:31
Rig: Icom IC-7610
Antenna: G5RV/ZS6BKW at 55 ft
My anticipated operating time was negatively impacted to render support for my
ailing wife (doctor said "flu") so not even close to bettering my
results from last year.
VE3KTB   Single Op HP   14,1522018-01-28 21:27:16
Had a small software problem that got me off to a very slow start, but things
were good once I figured it out.
K4DXV   Single Op HP   8,9242018-01-28 21:50:44
Thanks to everyone for the Q's. Wasn't able to spend as much time on this one as
I wanted. Good to work several of the NS Thursday night regulars. And a special
thanks to Phil ZL3PAH for hanging in there and giving me my first ever ZL on
WØMB   Single Op HP   8,4482018-01-29 02:28:15
NTS: Kenwood TS590, Alpha 76A, Mosley PRO 67B@60 feet, N1MM+. Got into the test
because the 160 cw test was done for the day. Band conditions was not that great
but it was nice to put some dx in the log. It was my first time for a bartg
sprint test and was fun.
W9ILY   Single Op HP   96,7442018-01-29 04:52:22
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
K7VAP   Single Op LP   17,2802018-01-29 07:02:51
My Mom was in town, and since the weather was bad, we had planned to stay in and
watch movies. However, I decided to show off my station. SSB was noisy and so
I went over to rtty, where I discovered the contest going on.

I couldn't let it pass me by, so I spent the next few hours making contacts.

Sorry Mom. Next time you visit, I'll try and plan around rtty contests.
ES4RD   Single Op HP   203,1362018-01-29 07:33:14
TRX: K3, PA-600 watts
ANT: TA-63N with TA-40KR, Inverted V -80 m band.
I hope to meet you again.
73' Anatoli.
OL7M   Multi-Op HP   653,5622018-01-29 16:58:41
Instead of the CQ WW 160, where the windstorm broke our TOP band vertical, we
participated in the BARTG sprint. We did this contest mainly as the training of
SO2R for the upcoming CQ WPX RTTY. Everything worked perfectly and we enjoyed
the contest, working interleaved on two bands was totally exciting! We used the
IC7800 + IC7600. There were exactly 900 QSO in the log and pileups were great
during the first 12 hours. The other half, thanks to less participation and bad
CONDX, was boring and much slower. We worked 200 x NA and 80 x JA, 64 DXCC and
27 areas. Anyway thank you for the nice contest and every QSO, see you in the

More info :

Pavel OK1MU on behalf OL7M team
W4NBS   Single Op LP   3962018-01-29 20:48:33
100w; FT-1K Mk V; 80m dipole @ 30ft
LA5LJA(@LA7TTT)   Single Op LP   59,6902018-01-30 20:20:58
No qsos on 80 mtr, rain..snow and ice have killed my 80 mtr gp.
Spend a lot of time outside on saturday to fix it -19*C at my qth.
Winter time is antenna time.....
VE3LVW   Single Op LP   20,0082018-02-01 04:22:45
Poor band conditions this year.
HF1ØØI   Single Op LP   12,0002018-02-12 11:04:42
RIG:FT-950 PWR:15 ANT:2elDeltaLoop & LongWire