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Worked All Germany Contest   2017   Oct 21   Comment Summary

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VO1BQ   SO CW LP   6272017-10-21 16:46:44
Quick 50min LP with inverted Vee ant. Mag Loop RX Ant. Just finished 12hr
day shift at work but wanted to at least participate in this fun contest. 73
and GL to all.

LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SO CW LP   6,0902017-10-22 02:42:31
Just short time on the air to check equipment and antennas :)



73! Andy

IZ3NVR   SO Mixed QRP   5,5802017-10-22 06:23:38
Operated just a couple of hours in between of other things only in CW, with no
assistance and with paper logging. I'm amazed at the fact that I managed to
keep the dupe number to only 1 out of 63Qs (sorry DK3GI).

Conditions were fair. Didn't have the chance to try 10 or 15 since the on time
was mainly during Saturday evening.

Nice activity from DL land especially on 40m where the skip was favourable.
Maybe I'll manage more time next year. It's a fun contest.

FT-950 @ 5W
SP1JQJ   SO Mixed HP   3,4022017-10-22 07:17:26
Band QSOs Pts Dst Pt/Q
7 54 162 21 3,0
Total 54 162 21 3,0
Score: 3 402
1 Mult = 2,6 Q's

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6846.0

TS-990, Ant: Vertical
KM4SII   SO Mixed LP   2,5532017-10-22 08:00:54
Just a short operation to test the set-up for CQWW and play with the new 20m
Delta loop. I was gone most of Saturday afternoon and evening, so I only
operated the first 4 hours and the last 2 hours of the contest.

I only operated on 20 and 15m and with SSB only.

Nice condx and congrats to DR1D for the huge signal here!

20m - Delta loop @ 65 feet
15m - Dipole @ 25 feet

73 de KM4SII - Mason (14 years old)
N3QE   SO CW HP   67,9322017-10-22 08:01:12
Delightful conditions on 20M and 15M.

I don't think I've ever heard worse conditions on 40M and 80M. Going outside to
make sure my antenna didn't fall down!
VE9HF   SO CW HP   61,0472017-10-22 08:04:31
Just alot of noise on all bands.
VE2FK   SO CW HP   12,1442017-10-22 08:06:09
Good to have 15m available.
N8UM   SO CW HP   97,3532017-10-22 08:06:56
Much better conditions than expected. 15 was excellent at start of test. Not
quite as good on Sunday. Very bad QRN on 80. Lots of activity but could not
copy much.
OL4W(OK1IF)   SO Mixed QRP   85,6802017-10-22 08:13:40
Very interesting contest. Very sorry, that in Sunday I had so strong QRM.
DH8BQA   SO CW HP   721,4092017-10-22 08:13:45
Elecraft K3, KPA500, 80/40: dipoles, 20: 4 ele YU7EF, 15/10: 6 ele G0KSC Yagis

Handing out a few points ... Condx quite okay, even nice stateside opening on
15 m but very low activity ... 73, Olli
K1ZZ   SO CW HP   307,8362017-10-22 08:14:06
Mostly S&P with a few runs here and there -- 10 meters was the only
NR3X(N4YDU)   SO Mixed HP   89,9642017-10-22 08:26:25
Good propagation both mornings on 15M made for a lot of fun. Too much going on
in the night hours to do much with the low bands. Great participation from DL
in this event - thanks for the Qs!

Hope to work many of you in CQWW SSB this coming weekend.




FT5000MP, ACOM 2000A, 2 El Quad at 60 feet, 40M Dipole at 70 feet
OZ4CG   SO CW LP   37,9802017-10-22 08:28:34
RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W)
ANT: G5RV + 15m dipole
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6846.0
KU8E   SO CW HP   4,5572017-10-22 08:34:22
Handed out contacts in between the other contests going on this weekend.
IT9RZU   SO CW LP   195,2792017-10-22 08:35:54

one of IB9T Contest Team, Palermo
DJ1YFK   SO Mixed QRP   70,9842017-10-22 08:48:46
K2, 5W, Vertical (10m long, 12m up)

Only part time but enjoyed every minute!
Thanks for all QSOs.

Fabian, DJ1YFK
KC4TEO   SO CW LP   12,6902017-10-22 08:54:31
Great contest, poor band conditions on 80/40.
S57EA   SO CW LP   61,0352017-10-22 09:16:29
RIG: YAESU FT-897D (100W)
ANT: LW 38m / 6m up
NN3W   SO Mixed HP   41,8502017-10-22 09:22:11
First time back on the air in a while. Getting geared up for CQWW and wanted to
assess conditions. Good activity from our DL friends and I always enjoy this

See you all next weekend!
YT6W   SO CW HP   338,2502017-10-22 09:32:08
TH3MK3,3L Wire Yagi,Dipole
TS-930s + KW.

Tu All fer QSOs!

QSL via LoTW,eQSL.
LZ2RS   SO Mixed QRP   172,2242017-10-22 09:59:19
Very,very good contest !!!I was admired,how many German operators worked on all
bands - I do have respect to DARC !I was very tired,but it been my pleasure!
The CONDX,except 10 m was very good,I made about 10% QSO's on CQ.
RIG : K3 5 Watts RF!
ANT's: Dipoles and A4S at 32 m.
73! Rumi LZ2RS
SK3W   Multi-Op HP   510,5702017-10-22 11:39:48
This was a remote-only operation with 2 K3s at the SK3W site and 3 operators
sharing them with their own K3/RRC at home. Microham and OpenASC took care of
most of the switching.

We went into the contest a bit handicapped running barefoot on 15m and the
20m-PA not happy with tune-up in the SSB segment. Besides, the only
german-speaking OP (DL1IAO) was not set up to run SSB with the K3/0, yet.
However, when nothing else worked, SM5AJV volunteered to dig out his best
german and the QSO-rate returned.

Thanks for the QSOs, especially on 10 & 15m!


5Q6EE(OZ1BII)   SO CW LP   3,5002017-10-22 12:30:07
Rig: Elecraft K3, 100 Watt
Ant: 20mtr wire as Inverted-L up 12mtr
Thanks for QSO\'s in this nice Contest.
Hope to meet you in the next CW Contest.
Vy 73 de 5Q6EE/OZ1BII Henning
SV5DKL   SO CW LP   167,2652017-10-22 13:21:22
Limited time participation.

Stathis, SV5DKL
N9NA   SO CW HP   1262017-10-22 17:54:16
Ten Tec Omni 7, Ten Tec Centurion, Steppir DB18e, 55 ft twr, N1MM+.
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SO CW HP   32017-10-22 21:45:22
I had high hope for the Worked All Germany contest,
Unfortunately, poor propagation, atmospheric noise and a very late start
made it not practical to pursue Germany.
So instead I played around in the NYQP, ILQP and JARTS RTTY contest.
You can read more about this in the WQ6X Contest BLOG:
LZ3ZZ   SO Mixed HP   26,4602017-10-22 21:54:00
Tnx for QSO'!
73 Aleko
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Multi-Op HP   24,2552017-10-22 22:53:03


K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   23,0162017-10-23 06:40:11
FT1000MP, Alpha 78,, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp. Thanks for all QSOs. As always, fun
and a lot of good operators. Haven't uploaded my log yet as can't figure out
how. My references are all to a German language page that I can't figure out
hoe to use. Any help will be appreciated. 73, John, K4BAI.
DR1D(DJ8OG)   SO Mixed HP   1,718,0802017-10-23 13:31:40
THANKS to Robert, DL3KO for his nice station.

Thanks for all QSOs, sri for my bad CW.

Hope to hear you all again next weekend,

Vy73 Matt - DJ8OG
W9ILY   SO CW HP   6,1202017-10-24 10:48:44
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
DL9JON   SO CW HP   170,1782017-10-27 11:40:25
Nice conds on 20 and 15m and good openings to the USA-west coast. I worked on
10m with my IC-9100 with 100 watts on my OptiBeam OB 16-5 (8 ele Monoband for
10m), but poor propagation on this band in my area. Many thanks to all and meet
you in the next contests.
73's from Heiko, DL9JON DOK:S65
CT7AJL   SO CW LP   242,5562017-10-30 00:54:18
K9NW   SO CW LP   2,6642017-11-07 18:44:28
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW