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Illinois QSO Party   2017   Oct 22   Comment Summary

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W8ASA   Fixed LP   12,9222017-10-22 16:47:37
Good conditions until about 2300Z, then IL went away....
KØVXU   Non-IL HP   16,3532017-10-22 18:03:05
K3- TL922A - Sloping VEEs

Fun QP. Many familiar callsigns.

Thanks for the QSOs.

W5TM   Fixed LP   27,0542017-10-22 18:04:22
NT9E   Fixed LP   10,5002017-10-22 18:05:03
Started late. Condx on 20 so bad had to start on 40.
WT2P/9   Fixed HP   91,9102017-10-22 18:09:27
Did better than last year, which is always good. Got the 160 antenna + radials
up Sunday AM with 20 minutes to spare.

Nice to work many SMC and FRRL members on the bands.

Missed Counties: CARR, CLNT, EDWA, JASP, JODA, LAWR, MCDN, MCLA (I heard AB4EB
but couldn't get through), WAYN.

148 2nd radio Q's, 107 hour at 1800Z.

W5JR   Non-IL LP   982017-10-22 18:09:28
Band in pretty good condition. Worked all I saw on the panadaptor that was in
the contest. Thanks for the Q's.

Flex 6500, Inv-L
KIØI   Non-IL LP   19,1762017-10-22 18:11:59
Decent condx on 40m and down. MO is too close to IL for 20m. Made 1 Qso on 20.
The mobile ops did a great job moving around,thanks AD4EB,K0PC,N0I and N9JF.
K9CQ, you moved around too! Didn't you? HIHI.
Thank you all for QSO's and the organizers for a great job.
73 Mark KI0I
ND9G   Fixed LP   34,6802017-10-22 18:12:46
Was already going to be a part time effort. Right off the bat discovered an
S9+10 noise that was 16 KHz wide every 24 KHz across 40m. Made the usable
frequencies very limited. Lost about 45 minutes working on that problem.
Managed to put in a few decent hours.
W9SMC   Fixed HP   216,7982017-10-22 18:16:10
Skip was very long. 20 and 40 meters died early. 80 was very good.
K9CT   Fixed HP   186,6362017-10-22 18:16:11
Condx were ok. Signals were not very strong on 20m. I had a lot of fun chasing
the mobiles and think I only missed a couple of counties.

Thanks to AD4EB, K0PC, N0I, and N9JF for covering a lot of counties. Also,
thanks to those that roved and also setup on the county lines. I know with the
rain it was a challenge in some places.

Ended up with 90 IL counties, 55 states/provinces and 5 dx. I worked OM2VL on
three bands and DL3DXX on two.

Thanks to the WIARC for hosting the event and doing all of the work. It is much

Thanks for the QSOs

73, Craig K9CT
N2BJ   Fixed HP   12,4742017-10-22 18:19:40
Only had a little over 2 hours to play. I am out of town in Toronto, Canada
operating my Flex 6300 from my Ipad Pro with a bad internet connection from my
hotel room. That's the best I could do for the K.A.R.S. Score this weekend
sorry guys.
K8MR   Fixed LP   4,7162017-10-22 18:20:25
Good activity. Too nice a day to spend much time on the radio, plus had to spend
time dealing with a dead dishwasher. I didn't intend to do any SSB, but K9PG
moved me from 160 CW to 160 SSB. Not often I work anybody on 160 SSB in a state
QSO party! Disappointed to hear IL guys with good signals on 160 calling the few
CQing IL stations, but not sticking around for a few CQs to work us out of state
guys who showed up on top band.
KI9A   Fixed HP   119,0102017-10-22 18:21:42
Wow...what nice time operating without an S8-9 noise level for the first time in
several years! This is fun again!

I wanted to give myself another antenna option on 40, other than my 135' ling,
open wire fed perverted V ( 50' one leg horizontal, one leg down as a vee.)

So I put a 40m loop, apex up, fed on bottom up about 40'/4' on bottom, and an
elevated radial wire vertical. Didn't really see much if any difference.

The last hour was horrible...with these poor condx, might be worth the
organizers to consider moving this back one hour...

Sent from my iPad
KD9MS   Fixed LP   28,9002017-10-22 18:29:04
Fun contest as usual! Great to here so many SMC on the contest. Although I am a
member of SMC, I did submit this score for Prime ARA. Good to hear so many of

Craig KD9MS
N9CO   Fixed LP   33,5922017-10-22 18:31:32
Part time effort from DeKalb (DEKA) County
KI4MZC   Fixed QRP   6,3642017-10-22 18:33:47
Another very nice QSO party. Thanks to the organizers. I had a great time.
K9NR   Fixed HP   133,9062017-10-22 18:34:44
Great fun!
Same number of multipliers as last year.
This year...95 counties & 45 states/provinces. seven more counties than
last year but seven less states/provinces...ARRGH!
More CW than last but less phone.
Somewhat lower score than last year. That wasn't the plan!
73 & thanks for all the Q's
Don Kerouac K9NR
N7MZW   Non-IL LP   2,1452017-10-22 18:51:29
IC706MK-2G,ZS6BKW(modified G5RV)up 40 feet,running N-S at 6,053 feet elevation
in Cheyenne,Wyoming. A limited 5 hour Hunt and Pouce effort to give the Wyoming
mult to a few folks. 73,
November Seven Many Zebras Walking (Laramie County, Wyoming
N9I(WB8RFB)   Fixed LP   39,6002017-10-22 19:03:24
Didn't make as many QSO's as last year. 20 meters was flat from the start and
the money band was 40 for a few hours with 80 getting stronger and better in
the late afternoon. Many thanks to the mobile stations - you folks all worked
very hard digging out signals as there were many of us calling at the same time
and the bands seemed a bit noisy. Was a bit surprised not to work anything west
of Colorado.
K4VBM   Non-IL LP   1,7022017-10-22 20:14:15
Enjoyed my 2nd Illinois QSO Party - Great fun, and my best score to date!
W6SX   Fixed HP   1,1882017-10-22 20:39:50
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
WQ6X(@NX6T)   Non-IL HP   7982017-10-22 22:00:03
This was another remote operation from NX6T.
In between the JARTS RTTY contest I found time to make some
As is typical for non-CQP state QSO parties, I was disappointed
by the sparse turnout of IL stations. Nevertheless it was fun to
slip some ILQP QSOs in the log.
Look for a writeup on this weekend in the WQ6X Contest Blog:
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Non-IL HP   18,4502017-10-22 22:04:46


N2SO   Fixed LP   1,1502017-10-23 03:15:47
K3/P3 to OCF Dipole @ 35\' Logging by N1MM
W7KAM   Non-IL LP   8102017-10-23 05:17:02
Short time effort all S&P. 100 watts into a Junior G5RV up 20 foot. Newly
installed antenna seemed to work fine at the new QTH but every time I
the smoke alarm kept gong off. Wife says I need to fix that problem......
K4BAI   Fixed HP   16,1042017-10-23 06:23:10
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee, tee vertical.
Thanks for all QSO. Special thanks to the mobiles, rovers, and portables.
Pretty good band conditions with QRN on the low bands. Thanks for the plaque
received last week from the 2016 running. Lots of fun. 73, John, K4BAI.
K9GDF   Fixed LP   9,2312017-10-23 06:41:56
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
N2CQ   Non-IL LP   11,1242017-10-23 07:36:04
Thanks for the mobiles and multi county stations. I plan to be back next year!

Ken N2CQ
W3DYA   Non-IL LP   3682017-10-23 07:42:28
Just wanted to let IL know I was listening; mostly one band. It was pleasant to
hear some familiar calls; especially a few I remember from my mobile operating
times in ILQP years ago!
Lot of good operators and even got a few prefix contacts thanks to AD4EB for
those hard-to-find "A" calls.
73, Norm, W3DYA
W9QL   Fixed LP   82,2762017-10-23 08:07:03
Started out on 20 with little success. Moved to 40 and had some good runs. Back
to 20 and it seemed to pick up. Missed 6 states but did have 85 counties, 9
better than last year. That is thanks to the mobiles / rovers that did an
excellent job covering a lot of ground and pulling me out of the pile-ups. Also
had several DX stations call me on 20, which was a surprise. Also glad the
weather held out, after missing all of the PAQP due to severe lightning. Of
course, worked a lot of SMC'ers. Thanks to everyone for the Q's.

FTdx5000MP with a G5RV@35 Feet
AA8TA   Non-IL LP   5,3202017-10-23 09:40:03
Enjoyed the activity; one of the busier QSO parties, especially on CW. Since
I'm in Ohio, 40m and 80m were the only workable bands and they were pretty

Even picked up a few mults who answered my calls for IL stations.

Much fun; thanks for the QSOs.

Kenwood TS-590SG, barefoot
GAP Titan, 16 feet AGL
WN4AFP   Fixed LP   16,2782017-10-23 10:08:25
What a fun contest! I had responsibilities that took be away from the race, but
I did enjoy my 5 hours in the ILQP. I even had a 60 Qs per hour S&P rate at
one time. Special thanks to all the mobile and rover ops who kept the race
interesting... N9JF, AD4EB, N0I, K0PC, WB9CIF, K9CQ and ND9E. What good ears
you mobile ops had through the ongoing pileups. I had the pleasure of attending
the Egyptian Radio Club hamfest many years ago, so W9AIU always brings back a
few memories. Due to my time limitation, I started searching for multipliers
and CW only. After about two hours of that, I started working anyone and also
made a few phone contacts. I stopped for dinner at 2200z and told my wife that
I would return at 0100z after earning an edible prize in the ILQP. At 2230z I
only had 51 multipliers, so I had 24 new mults to work during the next few
hours. It was 0046z and I had just worked K0PC/m in Mercer for 73. I had 14
mins to work 2 more mults. I scanned 40m and 80m phone and CW and finally found
N9WEW at 0058z. I tried to work him on 80m phone with no success... I came up
short, but had a ball trying. Thanks to Jim and the WIARC for putting on an
excellent contest! 73s Dave WN4AFP
K1RO   Non-IL HP   50,8502017-10-23 12:15:20
Great turnout! The mobiles, rovers and multi-county portables sure helped keep
it interesting. Special thanks to mobiles AD4EB (29 QSOs), K0PC (26 QSOs), N0I
(16 QSOs) and N9JF (14 QSOs) for making sure there was always someone new to

I was glad to be able to work Illinois stations on 20 and 40 right from the
start. Signals on 20 were great, but there didn't seem to be a lot of stations
on that band. On 40 many stations, including the mobiles, were weak but
workable on CW, but I could only hear the louder stations on phone for the
first few hours. It was a little frustrating hearing the closer stations
working Illinois stations I could not hear. I ended up calling almost all of my
contacts, only getting a few answers to CQs on 75 SSB in the last 15 minutes.

Thanks to the sponsors and organizers for all the work that it takes to put on
an event like this!
KD9GY   Fixed LP   47,1502017-10-23 12:23:00
Fortunately, no lightning - but it did pour for the first three hours. 20 mtrs
was virtually dead, but 40 was good until the last hour or so. As always, had
WA9LEY   Fixed LP   11,5642017-10-23 12:29:48
Attic dipoles and a Wolf River Coils portable vertical outside for 80 meters.
VE3AYR   Fixed LP   2,6402017-10-23 16:33:59
7300 DX-88 Vert Jaybeam TB-2
K7HKR   Fixed LP   812017-10-23 17:58:29
100 watts, magnetic loops from AZ

When not distracted by DX, I was able to pick up some QSOs, and heard quite a
few more that I didn't work. The county-line ops are always appreciated! The
only problem I had was that so many IL ops were working 40 in the middle of the
day, and by the time 40 was open out here, many had already moved on to 80. The
results already posted here indicate that most of the in-staters were rather
allergic to 20, so I guess conditions were worse than they seemed from this
KD9VT   Fixed LP   44,4622017-10-23 18:34:35
Bands were up and down but had a great time. Lots of Digital QRM in the middle
of QSOs made some copy tough. Ran 100w to a OCF Dipole up 40ft and a 124ft end
fed with 9:1 unun. I need to get a NVIS up for close contacts. Some of the
local counties could not even hear me but I was being answered from DL, OM and
F stations. Thanks to all that answered me. Hope to see you next year!
W9ILY   Fixed LP   65,7802017-10-24 11:00:49
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
AD4EB   Mobile LP   173,3042017-10-25 14:46:47
This was our third time entering the ILQP, and again we operated CW mobile.
Melody is an artist, and we needed to make a trip up to my parents retirement
villiage in Urbana IL to pick up paintings she had on display there.
Fortunately for me, the ILQP occurred at the perfect time, and she was willing
to drive me thru 22 counties on the way up to Champaign county, as I operated
CW in the back of our Montana van.

Compared to last ILQP, the number of QSOs were down by 14 percent (1152 in 2015
996 this year). However, the number of mulitpliers was up by 5. There were
some slow periods early in the contest that hurt the final score. Twenty meters
fizzled about 4:30, so I replaced that antenna with the 80m hustler at 5:00 pm

We had rain showers during the second half the contest, and winds were quite
high at times. This made for challenging driving and navigating. It sure was
dark in the rain in the central Illinois farm country.

Most worked stations were:

W9AIU(64) - Thanks for taking the time to find us so may times, nice getting 4

counties at a time.
K1RO(30) - Was always one of the first to get us as we entered a new county or

changed bands.
OM2VL(23) - Wow Laci, you had a tremendous signal and excellent skill in
getting thru the pileups.

Melody and I both really enjoyed this contest. Thanks to those that took the
time to work me, and especially to Jim, N9JF, who really makes the ILQP a great
contest to be in. And of course, thanks Melody for supporting me in this crazy
mobile contesting hobby.

73 - Jim (AD4EB) and Melody (KI4HVY)
NØI(@NØAC)   Mobile LP   22017-10-25 19:27:26
Log got corrupted!

Thanks for your QSO, Bill N0AC

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
KØPC   Mobile LP   142,2402017-10-27 13:26:26
This was my second mobile outing in the IL QSO Party. My numbers were down this
year pretty much across the whole day. QSOs down by 3%, multipliers down 6%.
40M was in good shape most of the day until it went long late, 20M never seemed
to generate much activity. Later in the day 80M was strong but I had more noise
than I would like.

Here are some numbers.

Many thanks to those who rode along with me all day.
Top-Ten List:
K1RO - 27
W0ZQ - 25
NR0T - 21
K9PG - 20
K9CT - 20
K5KPE - 19
N9CK - 18
W5TM - 18
OM2VL - 17
K4AMC - 16

889 Total QSOs
IL - 232
Non IL - 657
Unique Calls - 220
QSOs per hour
17Z - 97
18Z - 91
19Z - 100
20Z - 108
21Z - 125
22Z - 119
23Z - 106
00Z - 143

Thanks to the Western Illinois ARC and especially to Jim N9JF for sponsoring
this event. I hope to be back again next year.

Pat K0PC
KEØTT   Non-IL QRP   11,0202017-10-28 15:54:21
K3/10 at 5 watts to and 88' dipole up about 45' fed with ladder line and a
Matchbox tuner. Lots of activity on 40 and 80 from here, MN. Thanks for the
fun! C U next time. 73, Dan ke0tt
K9NW   Fixed LP   4,0182017-11-07 18:42:07
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K4FT   Non-IL LP   7,9202017-11-13 09:42:55
Could not spend as much time this year. Fun contest with lots of cw activity
that kept me off fone.