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British Columbia QSO Party   2018   Feb 3   Comment Summary

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AJ4UQ   Single OpMixed LP   162018-02-04 22:15:10
Saw a few BC stations while giving the XE RTTY a go, so I handed out some
VA7FC   Single OpSSB HP   184,6282018-02-05 00:15:29

K5LH   Single OpCW LP   5922018-02-05 00:16:22
Vast decline in QSOs and points from previous years. No openings on 15M and
10M. Thanks to VE7DDG and VE7JKZ for 40M QSOs. Always a treat. Chris, K5LH
VA7VF   Single OpSSB HP   31,5902018-02-05 00:48:18
Good opportunity to practice running skills and handling pileups for longer
periods over 10.5 hours total. Worked VA7FC on all bands, a couple of other
locals, only 2 mainland BC Federal Electoral Districts and those were on 160.
Didn't hear any other BC operators! Worked 2 Italians, one each in Panama,
Puerto Rico, Aruba, Brazil, Ukraine, Hawaii and only 4 Japan. Thanks for so much
support from USA.
OM, VE7XF, operated CW for almost 2 hours once he got an alternate laptop
programmed with N1MM+. Having two radios and only one antenna is NOT the way to
work BCQP. Looking forward to next year when we will have towers up.
73 Margaret VA7VF
VE7JKZ   Single OpCW LP   45,9322018-02-05 01:05:13
Very disappointing. Where were all the other VE7s and VE ops?
KI6OY   Single OpCW LP   2162018-02-05 01:09:05
100 watts and a wire.
VA3RKM   Single OpMixed LP   6642018-02-05 01:21:41
Only had Sunday to participate. Thanks for the contacts!
VA7ST   Single OpCW HP   19,2002018-02-05 01:43:08
Only one BC station worked from here -- VE7UBC off the back on 20M.
VE7JH   Single OpMixed LP   155,7882018-02-05 02:24:33
Icom-706MKIIG. Vertical on 80m, dipole on 40, 3el on 20m. Couldn't make anything
work for 15m, seems like every Sunday had bad weather for the last few months.
Started by working the MNQP and double dipping. Poor antenna and high noise on
80m, somewhat better on 40m and pretty good on 20.
Made some PSK and RTTY QSOs and did some band/mode changes for the BC mults that
I could hear and for the "serious" out-of-province contesters.
Thanks to all who joined the party, see you all in 2019!
N1SOH   Multi-OpMixed LP   9382018-02-05 02:34:25
54 qso pts x 17 mults for 918 plus 20 pts Orca DXCC stn VA7ODX Tnx es 73
VA7NF(@VE7IO)   Multi-OpMixed HP   735,6002018-02-05 02:55:05
Thanks to all the stations that found us and worked us making it a fun contest.
This year we operated with 3 stations, a Flex 6700, an Icom 7610 and an Icom
7300 and all the ops enjoyed the new technology. Antennas were a TH7 at 100', a
3 element SteppIR at 60' a TH 6 at 70' and dipoles on 40, 80 and 160. The
station is located on 1.5 acres in a residential neighborhood, the 100' tower is
a US towers mobile unit and certainly was noticeable, we do have great
Hats off to the BCQP organizers from the Orca club as in the past they did an
awsome job. Hope we get to do this again in 2019.
Fred VE7IO
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Single OpMixed HP   8722018-02-05 04:42:51
Bonus Station Summary
Callsign(s) : VA7ODX, VA7ODX/M
QSOs : 2
Bonus Points : 40



KI4MZC   Single OpCW QRP   1002018-02-05 17:21:49
Must be a lot of great Amateurs up in BC because I worked almost everyone I
heard and I was only running 5 watts to a dipole! I hope I was able to provide
a multiplier for some of you.

By the way, where is British Columbia?
Ha ha, just kidding!
VE3CRU   Single OpMixed LP   2602018-02-05 19:40:41
A fun contest, more contesters needed. Heard nothing till 2200z Saturday, then
worked 5 in 40 minutes, all on 20. Sunday was a late start as only Saturday
shown in ham magazine contest listings, then heard VE7JH again Sunday
afternoon,msurprise!!! Stations not worked, but heard were only three. Score includes 20 points for working VA7ODX.

Antenna a low inverted vee,25 feet at apex, power 100W from 756 ProIII.

Thanks to ORCA for a great contest, and to all participating and worked.
Looking forward to next year.


KF6NCX   Single OpCW LP   362018-02-05 19:43:01
Thanks for the Qs. Wish I'd had more time to spend on the contest. It was
satisfying to make these contacts when signals I heard were not very strong. 73!
WN4AFP   Single OpCW LP   3442018-02-05 20:03:33
Worked Bonus Station VA7ODX. This was all 20m. We'll see y'all at the Carolina
Weekend on Feb 24-25. 73s Dave WN4AFP
W2RR(WA2AOG)   Single OpMixed HP   1642018-02-05 22:10:29
Score includes 20 bonus points for (1) QSO with VA7ODX
VA7YJJ   Single OpSSB LP   2,4002018-02-06 04:41:32
Well, every year the experience is different, I got very few Canadian calls this
years so most of my contacts were from the USA and mostly on 40 and 20m.

I hope this was just me. Locally CML we had 4 stations including myself that I
know of . So here the participation was up :)

I participated only on Saturday although I listened to it in Sunday morning a
short while (did not hear a BC CQ outside of CML) but I had to work in the

It was still fun for me when I had about 1 hour of busy QSO on 40m at about 4pm.
VA7ODX   Multi-OpMixed HP   525,6482018-02-06 08:41:21
A common complaint among CW operators is that BCQP essentially ends when NA
Sprint CW starts. The solution, they say, is to change the date of BCQP. But
changing the date to accommodate one mode in the last four hours of the event
seems an overboard response so for 2018, we introduced a second block of
operating time -- eight hours on Sunday, following the usual 12 hours on
Saturday. It appears this was well received.
That said, conditions were dreadful. QRN on low bands. QSB on high bands. And
whether this caused potential participants to give up or whether they simply
weren't heard, who can say until I start analyzing the results. I will say,
though, that there were a number of VE7/VA7s that were not heard in the Lower
Mainland -- that is, in and around the Metro Vancouver area -- but were heard in
other parts of BC and, of course, the U.S. Location, location, location.
From the sponsor station, QSOs beyond North America were few and far between.
More on CW and RTTY than on PH, but definitely not as many as in past years.
I wasn't sure how Sunday operation would go but from the sponsor station PH
chair, at least, the pileups were fabulously wonderful. Qs with stations all
across Canada and the U.S., with a the occasional DX. Lots of fun.
So even when CONDX is horrible and it seems like the bands are closed, there are
Qs to be made.
We extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated in BCQP 2018 and to
everyone who helped others participate.
See you next year, Feb 2-3, 2019.
Rebecca VA7BEC, BCQP Contest Coordinator, PH op.
Koji VA7KO, CW/RTTY op.
WB8WKQ   Single OpMixed HP   4,4922018-02-07 04:03:28
Very fun time!
VE7XF   Single OpCW HP   8,9882018-02-08 04:01:48
Only a part time effort, when VA7VF wasn't using the antenna.
Maybe two antennas next year.
Condx not that good :-(
N8II   Single OpMixed HP   4,3502018-02-09 01:54:31
This was a part time effort, main focus was MNQP on Saturday. 15M was open
pretty well in 16Z hour Sunday, but very little activity. About half of my 15M
Q's were moves from 20M. Signals from BC were good on 20, but there could have
been more activity.
The battle for first place USA was razor thin close, looks like I lost by 1
I hope all logs are thoroughly checked. Thanks for the Q's and endless mults, 1
mult worth 1.1 Q's for me.

73, Jeff