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Minnesota QSO Party   2018   Feb 3   Comment Summary

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KØMD   Single Op LP   84,4202018-02-04 00:08:00
Thanks for all of the QSO's including the DX from South America (Brazil,

Rigs: Icom 7851, 7800
Antennas: Yagi Stacks, 80 meter 4 SQR

Band conditions on 20 today were characterized by a lot of QSB. The propagation
would open and close every few minutes for a while. I could not find any
activity on 15 or 10 and did not get any answers to my CQing while there.

I enjoyed working friends who were mobile stations - they are the rugged
operators in this QSP.
NØC(NDØC)   Single Op QRP   30,6462018-02-04 00:09:39
This was fun. It was very difficult to find and hold a frequency on 20 but that
wasn't really a surprise (especially running QRP). I missed a lot of state
mults but did work some EU. I was able to do pretty well on 80 and picked up a
lot of county mults there. It's always nice to work fellow MWA members (but the
1x1 calls made it difficult to recognize folks!)

Randy, ND0C (N0C)

Yaesu FTdx3000 running 5 watts
Cycle 24 TX38 tribander at 40 feet, 40 M dipole at 42 feet, inverted vee with
apex at 38 feet.
NØA(WØZF)   Single Op LP   28,2902018-02-04 00:11:37
Had a good time as N0A. Score above does not include the bonus for FT8 operation
(made 12 FT8 QSOs). Go Team South!
W5TM   Single Op LP   17,3882018-02-04 00:14:52
K3s Dipoles
Good participation
WB2ABD   Single Op HP   24,5282018-02-04 00:15:16
still recovering from operation. Havent BIC this much in years ... felt good!
Thanks to all the mobiles for the action

K3 KPA500 80minv vee 60ft 40minvve 35ft 3elStepper 40ft n1mm+
KØK(NØKK)   Single Op LP   68,4142018-02-04 00:26:44
Glad to be able to hand out Q's to out of state stations most of the day.
Thanks to those who help make this a fun state QSO party
WØI(WI9P)   Single Op LP   4,2902018-02-04 00:42:02
First time running pile-ups -- those 1x1 calls are magic! Thanks to all for
their patience as I tried to discern calls among those who zero-beat me

73, Reed WI9P
NØGEF(KØUU)   Single Op LP   47,5582018-02-04 01:02:40
Soapbox (K0UU) -- slow start as a Luddite integrating a Flex 6500 SDR with N1MM,
finally figured out how to get on 40m/80m halfway into MNQP, log periodic
really helped on 20m
NWØM   Single Op LP   20,1482018-02-04 01:02:48
Thanks to all of the MN ops and especially the mobiles.

K3/P3, OCF Dipole and N1MM+.

73, Mitch
AD8J   Single Op LP   17,3402018-02-04 01:03:04
I hope this is good enough for a box of rice. Looking at last year's scores, I
think it is. Thanks to all the mobile stations that really make the contest. I
operate my remote station which is about 20 minutes away. Everything worked FB.
WØC(AIØM)   Single Op LP   57,0722018-02-04 01:13:15
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's Minnesota QSO Party Contest Log 2.8
CLUB: Minnesota Wireless Association
NAME: Stan Cram
ADDRESS: 720 Scenario Lane SW
W7KAM   Single Op Phone LP   6502018-02-04 01:36:27
Tough day with high noise levels on all bands. None heard on 20 meters due to
long skip.
WØK(W6NF)   Single Op LP   44,9602018-02-04 01:56:42
Score does not include 500 bonus points for ten FT8 QSOs.

That was really fun. Heard no signals at all on 10/15 and 20 was very poor. 40
was very good and 80 was outstanding. 80 was good enough that I never got to 160
save for a quick listen and one QSO. I had 129 more Qs than last year and 8 more
mults with a claimed score that is more than doubled this year. I did little
S&P, which is unusual. Running on 20 was a struggle but I was surprised I
could run on 80 late in the afternoon which made up for 20's poor showing.

My XYL and I had planned a multi-op effort but phone was so poor on all bands
but we abandoned that idea quickly. I had to bail on 40 early with considerable
XE RTTY activity from 7040 to 7055. Between that activity and the FOC operation
many usually reliable calls were missing but there were plenty of other stations
to work in their stead.

It was fun hearing all the 1x1 calls. I did manage to work 31 of the available
74 1x1 calls. Apologies to N0E for not being around when he came through Kittson
County but at least I worked him for two mults later.

The truly amazing thing was being called by OM2VL at 2023Z on 40 and at 2341Z on
80! Laci must have a *very* good station.

Thanks for all the fish....uh, Qs. :>)
KB9DKR   Single Op LP   4,2922018-02-04 02:02:19
Congratulations to all of the MN ops for hosting a fun event. Gotta love those
mobiles! Thanks for the QSOs. Carl KB9DKR
N2CU   Single Op LP   53,7842018-02-04 02:08:32
Conditions were up and down. Mostly down. Good job by the mobiles as usual. Many
times they were louder than fixed stations. Don't have any idea how many 1x1
callsigns I worked but there were lots of them on.

73, Tom N2CU
KØT(@KØTI)   Multi-Op LP   126,0002018-02-04 02:10:27
With the 1x1 calls this year I asked my son if he want to multi op. We were
able to keep on pace with what I did 2 years ago. With 40 being useless for
MN mobiles for the most part we didn't work as many MN counties, but were
able to do well otherwise.

Even had a 30 minute down period to resolve some RFI problems on 80 phone.
more work to do there.

Thanks to everyone for all the Q's.

Dan K0TI
KØN(KØTG)   Single Op LP   48,2802018-02-04 02:34:07
It was fun being K0N for this one.

I wish the bands were in better shape. 40 was long enough that it was good for
working outside MN fine, but I did not hear much mobile at all. So little that
I just gave up on that and went with handing out RAM on 40 and 20. Worked one
station on 15 CW. A local. :)

Never had much luck on SSB until I was on 20 late in the afternoon and they just
kept coming. Nice!

It was tough hearing the news about the Bouvet DXpedition towards the end. It
felt like a punch for sure. Almost felt like I needed to give a moment of
silence on the radio. Probably did while looking at that info online for a few
minutes after hearing that.

I did not think I would have any luck on 80 at all. But loaded up the 40 meter
antenna and people heard me. Unusual as I have done that in the past and not
had much luck. Will fix that when the WX gets better. But anyway, who called
me on that antenna? OM2VL. In the log. Incredible.

73, John K0TG/K0N
K5IX   Single Op HP   5042018-02-04 03:33:35
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's MNQP Contest Log (Out of State) 2.8
NAME: David M. Loftus
ADDRESS: PO Box 1385
ADDRESS-CITY: Brackettville
WØT(KØTT)   Single Op LP   102,6142018-02-04 03:34:39
Score includes estimated additional points for 18 FT8 QSO's (1988 points).

Ran mostly on 20 meters. Picked up most of the MN county multipliers on 80m.

Never saw the need to operate CW. I was running stations all day on 20m, mostly
with the dipole at 75'. (The TH11 is now fixed towards Bouvet).

Didn't hear any MN mobiles, although I did not spend much time looking for them.

Deep QSB on all bands. 40m was especially poor, although I was able to get a
short run going around local sunset. 20m kept opening/closing to various parts
of the country and world in the morning. Stabilized in the afternoon. Strong 20m
openings to E and W coasts all afternoon.

States missed:

Provinces missed:

Counties: 42
DX: 17 countries (=1 DX Multiplier)

KØAP   Single Op LP   26,4062018-02-04 03:54:54
I've had a blast. Well organized Qso party with many 1x1's. The counties were
well represented by the mobiles which added 48 new MN counties to my USA-CA
No Qso's on 20m, all were made on 40 and 80m. The mobiles did a great job, big
thanks to K0M, N0E, N0L, N0S, W0O, N0R, KE0TT, K0F etc.
Thank you and will be back in MNQP 2019.

73 Dragan K0AP (K0W in KSQP)
WI9WI   Single Op HP   1,3442018-02-04 04:23:44
Long, long, long. Not a signal heard on 20. All QSOs on 40 were ESP. Eighty was
OK but few were there until the end. Did manage 7 QSO with the mobiles.

W7TR(KH2TJ)   Single Op LP   982018-02-04 04:34:49
Worked a few right at the end...Thanks...73, Todd KH2TJ
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   13,1102018-02-04 04:50:35
Dabbled a bit here and there throughout the day, moreso toward the end. Happy
20th MnQP!

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
KØW(ACØW)   Single Op LP   101,5682018-02-04 05:08:00
Having missed the last couple of years a little out of practice and strategy was
off a little. Morning conditions were good with good rates. Phone call from
grandson killed a run but who can turn down a conversation with a 1 and 3 year

Afternoon rates suffered. Did a lot of bouncing around trying to keep the rate
up, but 600 Q's was not meant to be this weekend.

Not sure why people were not on 15. My 1 Q there station was solid 59. Tried
moving another station there but no luck.

Plenty of DX:OM2 2 bands; HA8; G3; OK2; IK4; PY7; 9A1; S57; OH7; DK2. Stats says
12 DX in the log

Mults missed SD, DC KH6, KL7, VE5, VO1 VE1, VY1, VE8, VY2, VY0, and a bunch of
WØG(KØVG)   Single Op LP   4402018-02-04 05:33:33
80M seem to be the hot band. Here I had high QRM on 80 and couldn't copy any
stations coming back.
NE9U   Single Op HP   2,9702018-02-04 05:33:51
Heading out to PJ4 in a few days, so preparing for a mobile operation a no
go....XYL would have shot me too.....

I sure would love to give it a try again...its been a few years.....

i'm about 200 miles from Minneapolis....20 and 40 too long. nothing heard on
20, 40 was all ESP (although OM2VL was LOUD!!!!)
80 was good, but not much heard until the end.


Scott NE9U
KØS(KØSIX)   Single Op Phone LP   53,2862018-02-04 14:34:19
Had a great time operating the MNQP with the 1x1 call K0S. All on SSB PH.
Started out ok with lots of contacts on 80, and finished up with a good run
there also. Two shorter peaks on 20 meters added a few good runs to the mix at
19:00 and again at 22:00, 20 meters was unpredictable. 40 meters was non
existent here, only a few q's. At the end a added 6 q's on 160 meters too.

73, Vince

Elecraft K3
Force 12 CRX5
Double Bazooka's on 40 and 80
G5RVM for 160
NØM(@WAØMHJ)   Multi-Op LP   18,0122018-02-04 15:45:05
K0XQ, and I ran mobile as N0S for the majority of the contest. With some time
remaining, we disassembled the mobile station and configured a multi-2 for the
remaining time. A lot of fun as the rate meter was hitting 215-300/hour.Finished
the evening with a nice dinner and some cold brews.
K1RO   Single Op HP   47,2002018-02-04 16:10:18
Fun contest, I really like the one day format. I think I worked 59 different 1x1
call signs. They are all so similar that I had a little trouble keeping track of
which were mobiles that I needed to check on periodically. As usual, I'm a
little too far away for 40 meters during the middle of the day, but 20 meters
was productive nearly the whole time. I almost quit around 19 or 20Z when the
Minnesota stations suddenly faded away on 20, but after an hour or so the band
came back but with lots of QSB. 80 meters was tough for me except for the last
30 minutes.

I went to FT8 for a while but spent too much time and came back to CW to find
that I had missed a couple of mobile counties. I put FT8 aside, and by the time
I came back, everyone must have worked their 10 MN stations to
work each time I checked. I only worked 7 stations on FT8, so that was a bust
for me.

Great job by the mobiles. I think I worked 11 different mobiles in 5 or more
counties, led by N0H (27), K0M (20), N0L (18) and N0S (14).
K9GDF   Single Op LP   4,3402018-02-04 18:34:20
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
WØBH   Single Op HP   20,0602018-02-04 18:44:11
Enjoyed having the first QSO party of the year to operate this weekend! The
Minnesota gang did a great job of celebrating their 20th. Everyone seemed to be
out in full force, with lots of mobiles and 1x1 calls to add to the excitement.
A quick (and possibly not accurate) count shows that I worked all the letters,
and 49/75 1x1 calls in the time that I had.

Great job as always by the mobiles, and some very dedicated fixed stations out
there, too. I guess we wore everyone out, because MN was missing from my Sprint
log later in the evening!

Thanks to all for the fun. We hope you can join us for our Tenth Anniversary
Kansas QSO Party in August.

73, Bob, w0bh
W2CSI   Single Op Phone HP   4422018-02-04 19:58:36
AMP: 811H
VE3CRU   Single Op LP   2,7522018-02-04 20:52:21
A very interesting challenge, with so many 1 x 1 calls. Keeping track of
mobiles took time, as not all sent same format calling cq. Only had antennas
for 40 and 20 but prop overall was good.

Thank to the sponsors and all participants, and special thanks to the mobiles.
Looking forward to next year.


N8FYL   Single Op LP   7,4702018-02-04 22:17:47
Rig: Icom IC-7610
Antenna: G5RV/ZS6BKW at 55 ft
W7GKF   Single Op HP   35,8822018-02-04 22:19:21
Outstanding MN mobile participation, as usual! Miss the elaborate time matrix of
projected mobile county activity, but more relaxing without it. HA! Was
impressed by the frequency cooperation between the various simultaneous
contests. One of my favorite QPs.
K7AZT   Single Op LP   722018-02-05 00:13:56
Local club field event took most of the day so could only work the last minutes
of the MNQP. Last year K7AZT was First Place AZ Low Power Single Op. Don't
think 6 QSOs is going to cut it this year.
KØB(AEØEE)   Single Op LP   42,9002018-02-05 02:07:26
K0B, "Korn" in LE Sueur County
100 W, dipoles at 7-10 m, all CW keyed on a Vibroplex bug.
11 additional FT8 QSOs (1 on 15 m, 10 on 20 m).

I was lucky and Murphy stayed away this weekend. The only minor problem was
that I still haven't bothered to get or build an adapter that will connect my
footswitch (1/4") to my rig (RCA), so I had to use a hand switch (RCA cable
to a spare CW key).

Very little action was heard on 15 or 10 meters. Much of the day 20 m CW was
useful, but it was very hard to find an open spot on SSB. QSB was a bit of an
issue, but generally stations were in long enough to finish the exchange and
repeats on my uncommon name.

After starting the contest on 80 meters to work west, I moved up to 20 meters.
OM2VL found me very quickly, as did four other EU stations. It was a thrill to
be running Europe on 20 m with 100 W and dipoles!

Before I went down again to 80 meters, I heard few MN stations, and even fewer
of the MN stations heard me back. However, there were lots of non-MN stations
to work, and OM2VL gets special mention for having great signals on 20 (both SSB
and CW), 40, and 80 meters. A couple hours after the contest I heard him on 160
m, a true 579, but my 160 m antenna couldn't direct enough power at low
elevations to allow him to hear me.

I did pretty well for states (missed 9 plus DC), and managed five Canadian
provinces and nine additional DXCC. Counties weren't a focus, but my math puts
me at 30, including Le Sueur and Nicollet.

Compared to last year, mults are up by 1, QSOs are up by 5 on CW and 17 on SSB,
yielding an increase in total score of about 5k. I think the biggest difference
came from my effort on 80 SSB, where I picked up a lot of counties and a decent
SSB rate that had been lacking on the other bands.

The 1x1 callsigns were a great addition to this contest. It's a little harder
to tell who the op is, but it sounds distinctive on the air when there are so
many of them. Maybe I'll do special event callsigns when I do non-MN QSO
parties. Yes this one was longer in CW than my normal call, but it was fun to
lean on the dot paddle a bit.

Thanks for all the QSOs!
~Bill, AE0EE
NX9Y   Single Op LP   2422018-02-05 02:40:48
About 1/2 hour of S&P. All 40 meter cw. 40 was open to MN so took
advantage with the short amount of time I had.
KC9YL(KC9&L)   Single Op LP   22018-02-05 03:08:08
1 Q - it was with my CWOps instructor and it was messy, but I did it!
WØR(WAØRBW)   Single Op LP   17,7482018-02-05 03:34:52
Spoiled with the 1x1 call. Will be tough getting it outta my head. Ditto on band
conditions. 80 was by far the most satisfying. Slogged away on 40 and 20. Forced
my self to go to phone to do justice to the overall effort. Sounds like I should
have spent more time there.

Goal was 100 Q's and 10,000 points. Blasted through that, especially with the
help of the Mobiles/Rovers in the last hour on 80 CW. Fantabulous effort on
their part. Thank YOU!

Great fun. BIG THANKS to Rich for building momentum early, organizing the 1x1's
and pounding the drum.

KEØTT   Rover LP   25,2722018-02-05 04:20:46
K3/10 running all 10 - 12 watts. Rover antenna was a 66' inverted vee with the
apex at 20' high, fed with 300 ohm foam TV balanced line and a Johnson Matchbox
tuner. Enjoyed hamming for the day out on the road. WX held for good driving
condx, but the bands, not so much. 40M was in good shape all day, 80M early and
late in the day, and 20M was disappointing. Didn't hear a peep on 15 or 10M.
Had some high QSO rates for this op, and was fun. Thanks, everyone ! (2) Q's
with OM2VL Laci were a treat for such a low antenna on this end. Thanks for the
multiple Q's from n2cu (8), k0ap (6), k1ro (6), nw0m (6), wx4mt (5), n8ii (5),
and many others with 2 to 4 each. Thanks for the fun, and C U next time. 73,
Dan ke0tt
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Single Op HP   2882018-02-05 04:24:51


KF6NCX   Single Op LP   182018-02-05 19:47:39
Thanks for the Qs. I didn't hear many MN stations during the time I operated,
but it was satisfying to make a few Qs when signals were few and not very
strong. 73!
KN4Y   Single Op LP   8,4602018-02-05 20:23:18
Had fun chasing the mobiles and not leave the shack.
NØL(NØIJ)   Mobile Single Xmtr LP   101,1702018-02-05 21:22:24
A fun day in very snowy MN with the temp at or below zero all day! Any hope I
had of going for 3 straight was dashed early on due to difficult conditions on
40, 20 didn't open for us in the northern counties until about 10, and the cold
caused my screwdriver to over heat going to 80, so abandoned it early on except
for the two first counties. In the afternoon it warmed enough that we could go
down easier and found great results there the last 3 hours. The 1x1 calls were
lot of fun, but the vastly increased activity made it difficult for the weak
mobiles to find cq spots. I never was able to just go back to where I was
qsying down to 40 from 20) and expect to take right off.
Great bunch of ops following us around and had 17 stations in the log 10 or
times, led by N2CU--30, K1RO AND WX4MT--19, K0AP--18, WA3HAE--17, WB2ABD AND
NU0Q--15, W7GKF--14, AD8J, N8II, AND NW0M--13, W9OA--12, W2RR, OM2VL AND
W1GL--11, and W8TM, K9NW, AND WF5X--10. How about OM2VL? 5/20, 5/40, and
1/80--all to a mobile in far Northern Minnesota!--amazing. Besides these,
were 16 more stations that had 7 or more Q's in the log. Thanks a lot to all
you folks! I'm very fortunate to have W0TVD as my good friend and fantastic
driver. It was hard not to go back to Cook county, for the first time, but a
committed group operated a multi op from there, and eliminating that extra 110
miles sure made the trip a lot easier.
John, N0IJ (N0L)
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op HP   29,3362018-02-05 22:16:21
My 9th MN QP and my best result! Thanks a lot for organizing that nice weekend!
Fortunatelly 20m was open so long and 40m open so early and 80m was excellent.
My score would be higher, but some stations was only on 40m at the begenning
when my only usable band was 20m. I heard 4-5 another multipliers but when I
called him on 20m it seems he went on 40m ...
20m closed at 20:46Z last worked station was Rich N0H and I went to 40m where
was lot of stations. Some stations I must call long time because I had RTTY QRM,
because of this I can't run SSB. Several time I checked also 20m but band was
dead. I was shocked at 22:43Z when I back on Rich ferq 14252 and heard him with
excellent signal. I made QSO also with K0L at 22:48Z and he told me thet his
next county will be about 5 minutes. I stayed on his frq but unfortunatelly
condx dropped down and I don't heard any station till end of the party.
I back on 40m and continued here. CW segment was still full of MN stations and
must search also mobiles for possible new multiplier I decided no RUN on SSB.
Last hour I went on 80m (only 3 QSO during last hour on 40m) and I heard many MN
stations. Some stations I must call longer so I don't back on 40m, stay on 80m
and made amazing 21 QSO!!! Maybe I made mistake to not went 160m because after
the QP I had excellent USA pileup here. During 3 hours I made 130 US QSO
including some West Coast ... who know? maybe I can made somebody also on 160m
but maybe missed more stations on 80m ...

Most QSOs with mobiles: N0H 20/20 (QSO/CTY), K0M 13/13, N0E 11/11, N0L 11/11,
N0S 11/10, W0O 9/8, N0R 7/7, K0H 5/5, W9FZ 4/4, KE0TT 2/2

RESIDENT: 4 QSO: K0A, K0B, K0K - 3 QSO: K0D, N0Q, N0V, N0W, W0K, W0W

I worked 52 different 1x1 stations / totally 166 1x1 QSO!

I spell 30 words from 31 ... Unfortunatelly I can't spell UFFDA because I worked
only K0F on 40m and missed another F. It seems it was impossible mission for me
because K0F was only on 40m, N0F was only under 7200 where I can't transmitt and
W0F I never heard :(

Thanks a lot for FB QSOs for excellent job of mobiles and for organizing this
nice event!

I send my QSL for all worked stations, PLEASE also yours for my US COUNTY Award
and County Challenge Toplist - need every county on every band + mode!

worked condx:

FT5000DX + OMPower

80m: 2el Yagi 50m up
40m: 3/3 stacked full size YAGI 46/24m up
20m: 6/6/6 stacked YAGI 38/25/13m up


73, Laci OM2VL
WØMB   Single Op LP   5702018-02-06 00:42:46
NTS: Kenwood TS590, Pro67B @ 60 feet, N1MM+. To much going on to get into this
one. Was playing with XE RTTY test also and a hamfest.
NØR(NRØT)   Mobile Single Xmtr LP   51,5482018-02-06 02:02:55
Callsign: N0R
Op: NR0T, Rolf
Driver W0/OA4ABC, Taty

Worked mobile from 17 counties in Minnesota.
The following worked us more than 10 times:

N2CU (NY) - 16
NW0M (MO) - 14
WX4MT (TN) - 14
k0AP (KS) - 13
N8II (WV) - 13
K1RO (NH) - 12
WA3HAE (PA) - 12
W5TM (OK) - 11

And for DX, OM2VL worked me 7 times on 20 and 40, and G3WGN once on 20.
My only SSB QSO was with N0H (N0HJZ) when we were both in Pipestone (PIP)

I could never get sustained runs on 20, hence the low number of QSOs.
We took an hour off in the mid-afternoon (in Watanwan county) plus a couple of
short bathroom/gas breaks before that.
The average rate over the almost 9 hours of operation was 1 QSO per minute.

Taty did 100% of the driving this year. We decided to modify our route for the
last two hours to stay on major roads because the visibility was quite poor for
a while. We didn't know how bad it might get and decided the minor roads we had
selected for the end of the route probably weren't a good idea given the

With the revised route, we operated from 17 counties. We took Hwy 169 from
Mankato to the Twin Cities (the "not planned" part of the route) and
that touches on Le Seuer (5 minutes) and Sibley (3 minutes). Since that wasn't
on the original plan, you can see the QSOs from those counties are only 8 and 6.
If we were to do this route another year I would stop in those counties for 10
or 15 minutes.

We started the contest in Albert Lea (FRE) and spent the last few minutes of the
contest in Dakota county.

Here are QSOs by county:
Blue Earth - 33
Cottonwood - 44
Dakota - 14
Fairbault - 30
Freeborn - 20
Hennepin - 21
Jackson - 31
Le Seuer - 8
Martin - 40
Murray - 52
Nicollet - 34
Nobles - 38
Pipestone - 35
Rock - 27
Scott - 39
Sibley - 6
Watanwan - 62

Rolf NR0T
Taty W0/OA4ABC
N8II   Single Op HP   41,0282018-02-06 02:16:32
Conditions were a challenge, especially around 2025Z when 20M closed to MN and
not much was heard on 40 either. However, unlike the CW mobiles on 20, 20 came
back to life 20 minutes later and was open eventually quite well to all of MN.
Rich, N0H/M = N0HJZ was quite loud in the 23Z hour on 20 phone as was W9FZ/M.
Very few CW mobiles showed up on 20 after 2030Z. 40 was OK until around 1645Z
when absorption took hold for the next 3+ hours making some mobiles inaudible
here. After 21Z, 40M mobile activity seemed pretty limited and the RTTY contest
du jour did not help, but below 7039 stayed pretty clear. I found almost no
phone activity on 75 phone and very little on 40 phone until most other state
20M phone was the star of the show, quite a few MN stations running along with
ever present N0H/M and running yielded quite a few new stations/1x1 calls. 80 CW
was OK, but few mobiles were found. Those there were Q5.

The 1x1 call chase was fun, but added a little more mental taxing to my somewhat
sleep deprived brain. I worked 59 unique 1x1's (same as K1RO) and 206 total 1x1
Q's. At least 2 stations from each letter were worked except O, but W0O was
worked 12 times. So, I easily qualified for all 3 awards.

Considering the obstacles including only running 200W and only a sloping dipole
on 40, I was more or less satisfied with the results, a 2nd place finish HP and
also behind Tom, N2CU as usual who always puts in a great effort/score. I also
worked BC and VT stations as I S&P'ed the bands (results good). I thought I
was active last year, but apparently not. Scores were up this year, despite
generally poorer conditions probably due to increased MN activity and the 1x1's.
I feel that a lot of the serious CW mobiles are more interested in working MN
and nearby states than others farther away. It was slow after 2030Z, pretty
hectic from 1420Z-1600Z. 20 did not open to MN until around 1430Z and not to
Minneapolis until about 1450Z, but was open with very sparse activity right
until the end thanks to probable sporadic E after 2230Z (also some definite Es
into VT!).

Thanks for the Q's and answering my CQ's, not sure it is worth spending a whole
day if conditions do not improve. And thanks to the mobiles who braved bitter
cold and slippery roads.

73, Jeff
KØM(KØPC)   Mobile Single Xmtr LP   100,3602018-02-06 02:53:40
A bit of a wild ride this year because of the weather. It snowed most
of the day and roads were icy. Thankfully, all the mobiles came through
without problems.

Band conditions were not good for most of the day and I think the scores
reflect that. I didn't crack the 100 QSOs/hr level until the last two
hours of the contest when 80M came into play. Here are some numbers.

Planned on hitting 22 counties but missed the last one (MCL) due to slow
going on snowy roads.
227 unique calls in the log
772 QSOs in the ten hour contest
21 counties and 44 states/provinces/DX multipliers

14Z 37
15Z 68
16Z 77
17Z 71
18Z 67
19Z 70
20Z 77
21Z 90
22Z 117
23Z 102

Top 5 stations worked:
N2CU 30
K0AP 23
K1RO 20
WX4MT 19
K0HNC 18

Thanks to everyone who rode along on Saturday and made the 20th MNQP
a lot of fun.

73, Pat K0PC (K0M)
WØU(WØUC)   Single Op LP   17,8882018-02-06 03:15:13
I wasn't able to spend as much time operating as I would have liked, but it was
still great fun. I seemed to have some unusual noise on 20m, but maybe it was
just the poor conditions. Score does not include another 13 contacts on FT8.
Fortunately I was able to get back to the radio for the last 23 minutes on 80m -
great run, and surprised by the big signal from OM2VL. Huge thanks to Rich for
organizing the 1x1's!

Paul W0UC
NØH(NØHJZ)   Mobile Single Xmtr LP   100,8622018-02-07 00:47:36
I think I just lost the plaque by one QSO! Wow!

What a journey! The band was long and the stations in CA, AZ, WA, NY & FL
really kept me busy!

I had sunshine, freezing mist and snow during the trip. 519 miles were driven
during the contest!

Rig was an FT991 and a vertical on the van.

Thanks to everyone that followed me around.

Rich N0HJZ
WØP(WØWTF)   Single Op LP   6,8962018-02-07 21:11:07
Score reflects +500 pts for 10+ FT8 contacts.