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Kentucky QSO Party   2017   Nov 11   Comment Summary

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K4WW   FixedMixed HP   22,5282017-11-11 15:12:29
Thanks to all for the contacts.
K4AKK   Out of State HP   1,1122017-11-11 18:23:11
Had a good time despite the poor score.
KEØTT   Out of State LP   302017-11-11 19:45:28
K3/10 at all 10 - 12 watts to overcome band conditions on Saturday. Use an 88'
dipole up 45' fed with ladder line and a vintage Johnson matchbox tuner. Thanks
for the Party! C U next time, 73, Dan, ke0tt
KX4FR   Out of State LP   5252017-11-11 20:46:58
bonus station 500 points
WN4AFP   Out of State QRP   1442017-11-11 21:11:31
This was a tough QP on 40 and 80m QRP. Thanks for the Qs. Dave WN4AFP
WIØWA(@NØAC)   Out of State LP   242017-11-12 06:39:05
I worked the three station I heard, W4CDA, KJ4AOM, and KY4NA.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
VE3CRU   Out of State LP   5812017-11-12 07:31:41
I forgot the contest was on till I heard K4TG at 2:12 pm Eastern on 40. Only
have a 40 dipole up atm. Periodically checked for more activity, heard nothing
at cw end of the band. At 6:38 pm, heard KY4DXA, the mothership and had to
work it. The op met me at Dayton in 2007 where I officially received the KYQP
plaque for DX WINNER 2006. Got one more since. The noise on 40 was s8 all
day and dropped after sunset.

Looking forward to next year.

Thanks to the sponsors and to all who participated.


KN4Y   FixedCW LP   22017-11-12 08:40:35
I listened with my right ear, listened with my left ear, listened with both
ears, next put in my hearing aids. Listened with my right ear, listened with my
left ear, and being hopeful listened with both ears and lo and behold logged a
contact. Than nothing, I am devastated. The Bluegrass State has ignored me.
W4CDA   M/S Fixed LP   12,9362017-11-13 09:34:46
Had a lot of fun running from the new club station at The American Legion Post
#46 in Danville.
W4ANT   Out of State HP   2,6082017-11-16 13:19:13
Includes 500 pt bonus. Thanks to Vern for running a bunch of counties as W4T
until 40 went long on us. Thanks for the Q's! 73 - Alan