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NCCC RTTY Sprint   2017   Oct 13   Comment Summary

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N3QE   Single Op LP   3412017-10-12 19:17:37
Was at home snaking the kitchen drain in the basement shack all day today. When
time came to start I had to plug back in a bunch of cables, reboot Windows and
then it had to install upgrades, so 5 minutes late start!
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   902017-10-12 19:21:26
Ouch. Nothing heard on 15m. Only faint traces on 20m, and even when I
could suss out who it was - they couldn't hear me. 40m had LOUD rain static
so slower than usual. 80m had a couple CAs and a lot of weak traces. Last
minute on 160m had a loud K6MR - who worked WD0T of course.


15m, 20m: Force12 C31XR at 72 ft
40m: Force12 2 Element Yagi at 78 ft
80m: 4-square array
160m: 4-square array
SAL-30 Receive Antenna
Elecraft K3 turned down to 5 watts
K3/0-Mini control head and RemoteRig
Writelog, MMTTY and 2Tone
WDØT(@KDØS)   Single Op LP   4072017-10-12 19:25:26
Great fun, some 20m, 40m great, a few showed up on 80, K6MR on 160, thanks Ken!

Nice turnout, W9BGX, AC0E, NG7Z, AD4TJ, VE3KTB, probably missed a few, but
welcome all and thanks for the Q's, and of course the regulars, NN7SS, W7OM,
N3QE, K6MR, K4GMH, etc..

Fun times, 73 God Bless! Todd WD0T
AD4TJ   Single Op LP   402017-10-12 19:31:34
Well, a little less confusing, but after answering someone's CQ, I would call CQ
but no one would come back to me!?! Or, calling CQ almost resulted in no
I have to shake off the habit of expecting to see " AD4TJ de xxxx ";
I hesitate when I only see a call print out, I am not sure they are calling me.
Anyway, I doubled my score from last week, from 20 to 40 points. At least I am
going in the right direction.
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   2642017-10-13 01:34:04
Another N1MM shutdown after 20 mins.

73 Bill n6zfo