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ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest   2017   Aug 19   Comment Summary

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K2DH   10G Plus LP   21,3282017-09-21 16:59:50
This contest was a lot of fun! My best score ever, by a couple thousand points.
K2UA traveled with me after throwing together his old 10GHz station and did
very well- something like 52 QSO's with 2W and a 20" dish! My station
never let me down. Adding the ApolLO-32 locked reference board to the 10GHz
transverter was the best thing I could have done- I knew where I was and so did
everyone else. My station is 10W and a 2' dish, with a 0.8dB RX front end. I
think I worked everyone I could hear or who heard me.
Thanks everyone who participated in this contest who worked me or tried to work
I plan on visiting the New England sites again next year- they are the best for
finding plenty of activity!
Dave K2DH
VA3ELE   10G Plus LP   17,1772017-09-21 19:07:52
Great fun of the two weekends. Spent the first week travelling along Lake Erie
with Steve VE3SMA. The second weekend, I made the trek to Mont Shefford, Quebec
to meet with Jimmy VE2JWH and Pierre VE2GT.
Highlight of the contest was working K1RZ in FM19JH on rain scatter over the
451km path from FN02AT and in the September weekend, I finally received the
parts to complete my 24GHz system which allowed for a nice SSB QSO with VE3SMA
over the 197km path from FN13FX to FN03CG.

See you next year :-)

73 de Peter - VA3ELE
K1RZ   10G Only LP   14,8932017-09-22 08:07:20
Round 1. Saturday morning had some enhanced tropo to the northeast with Jeff
K1TEO FN31jh worked at 406 km’s, and K1GX heard, and as normal that mode
faded away about 8AM. Thanks to you Ray N3RG FM29ki 179 km’ for being in
there to show both us our gear still working. Good local activity through the
day with portables W3HMS, WA3PTV, WA3RGQ, and AB4CR on the bands " thanks
guys for going out. At 2010 worked K2DH in FN02nu across the Appalachian
mountains. Dave and I have had good luck with this path in the past and it
continued that day. Then about 2045z I could see a strong storm front
displayed on K0SM's Rainscatter program stretching from SW to NE across the
FN00 to FN11 grids. I pointed at the middle of the “red” and worked K8ZR
and KB8VAO in EN91ov, VE3FHM and VE3WJ in EN92op, and VA3ELE and VE3SMA in
FN02at - finishing out a great run at 2125z. It was amazing in that I signed
with a station and sent QRZ, and another station came back. I also took a
chance and called CQ and had these stations call back. Heard Joe WA3PTV in
FM19aw working the same northwesterly stations on Rainscatter and his signals
were also coming back to me with the distorted “aurora-like” rainscatter
effects (no pure tone). It was a strong front, and not uncommon in the heat
of August. I need to keep looking for those storm fronts and cells. Later
tried with Pete K9PW on Mt. Greylock, and could hear him, but path was too weak
to complete. Finished out the day working close in stations Maurice K3EJJ,
Mike WB2RVX and Chip WA4VHF.

Sunday started off working Pete K9PW on Camelback FN21hb. Thanks for coming
east Pete. K2DH in FN02xu came through on tropo and finished the day working
local Connie WB3BZS, and working John W3HMS FM19kh portable on the ridge line
north of Carlisle PA.

Round 2. Started at 1042z with Steve KB8VAO coming down to central PA at
FN00sn. Glad that Brian N3OC FM19le and John N9ZL FM08us portable on Hogback
Mtn Virginia got on too. Otherwise would have been a very slow morning.
Tried many times with the Blueknob PA FN00rg group W2RMA and NO3I and no luck
at 158 km’s. Started to look for loose connectors and blown fuses.
Unusually bad conditions, perhaps to due to the regional closeness of the Jose.
Thanks to Bill W2RMA, Bob NO3I and Steve KB8VAO for holding on at Blueknob
until the unusually bad conditions lifted. Sorry I missed Kip N3XRE who also
got on from Blueknob thanks to Bill’s construction of a 2nd 10 GHz portable
rig in the last week. Kip - hope you will continue with 10 GHz in the future.
Then worked Paul WA3GFZ on Camelback FN21hb at 1637z which began a period of
working far over the horizon stations. Connected with Warren WB2ONA and Ken
KA2LIM portable near the K2LIM contest site in Fn12mg, at 331 km’s. In the
late afternoon (2100z hour) worked John K1OR FN41LL at Horseneck Beach State
Reservation, MA at 576 km’s for our first QSO on 10 GHz after trying for many
years. FB John!! Then reached out to W1EX and KA1OJ and worked them both on
Mt. Wachusset FN42bl at 571 km’s. The earlier poor band conditions had
clearly repaired. Worked Bill W2RMA again, on his way back to Pittsburgh, Bill
stopped and hauled his portable station with horn antenna up several flights of
stairs on the Mt. Davis FM09js observation tower. Thanks Bill. And now to
Block Island Rhode Island where Paul W1GHZ and Chip W1AIM were set up near the
highest point on the island at FN41ee " 519 km’s. Good signals
" thanks guys for going out there. Terry W8ZN brought the K8GP/R 10
GHz station on the air from his driveway and we worked through and around dirt
and trees at 63 km’s. Had tried several times with Dale AF1T on Martha’s
Vineyard MA FN41ql (and FN41oi) during the day, and finally made it! Thanks
Dale and Mickie " sorry you had to leave the island earlier than planned
due to hurricane Jose. But so glad you put Martha's Vineyard on the air.

Sunday worked new local Dan WA2BTR (now living in Gettysburg PA), who went out
with Marco KD3PD, to show Dan some rover spots in south-central PA. Glad to
get you in FM19hx and FM19hs Dan " thanks Marco. Perhaps 10 GHz will be
in your future soon too? Steve K3WHC was also able to work Dan from FN10ra.
Glad we could work too Steve. Later in the afternoon Joe WA3PTV got to
FN00wc and then FM09wx. Thanks Joe for getting out and working Dan, Steve, me
and John N9ZL. John - you were a welcome addition at the end of the day, for
your contacts in from FM19cd and FM09tf.

It was a real treat to be able to connect by calling on 144.260 MHz or cell
phone, figure out where to point, establish a frequency and calling sequence,
and try to make a contact. And sometimes try again, …and again. Thanks
for going out and getting on everyone. 73, Dave K1RZ FM19jh
W2KV/2   10G Only QRP   4402017-09-22 09:27:08
Worked portable from Ship Bottom, NJ on Long Beach Island (FM29vp). Rig was 1
watt to a 20 dB horn. My view was south to southwest so missed the many
stations on to the north, but still lots of fun. First outing with the
homebrew portable set so happy to make some QSOs.
K1TEO   10G Only LP   13,2432017-09-22 10:18:22
Only had limited time both weekends but spent a little more time the second
weekend, especially Sunday. Perhaps 1.5 hours first weekend and 3.5 the second.

All operation was from home in FN31jh. My 10 ghz set up was working better than
it has for several years but still not as well as it did 10 years or so ago.
Maybe the trees are at the dish level in some directions?

Total of 59 QSO's with 28 different stations.

Always a good contest. Glad to help out those roving about and working hard.

Jeff K1TEO
VE3SMA   10G Plus QRP   16,3522017-09-22 10:44:43
A good mix of contacts this year - a bit of rainscatter the first weekend, some
decent 10 GHz distances to Quebec mountaintoppers on the second, a 197 km 24
GHz QSO, several QSOs with people I've not worked before on these bands. My
best score ever and first time I've hit 100 QSOs.

Steve VE3SMA
N9ZL   10G Only LP   1,9592017-09-22 13:22:34
I only worked the second weekend. This was my first time doing this contest.
W8RU   10G Only LP   12017-09-22 21:44:21
This was my first time on 10G and I came up empty. C'est la vie. Next time for
sure! 73, Ron (W8RU).
WØZQ   10G Plus LP   36,0122017-09-23 07:30:31
Best 10 GHz DX = 491km, 24 GHz = 122 km. How about we add 5760 to the fun?
NO3I   10G Only LP   4,3292017-09-23 07:58:42
This was my first 10 ghz contest a lot of fun none the less and a learning
curve as well. I operated at Perry park and blue Knob this year aprox 12 hours
at each location for each weekend. the rig performed well. I am using a DB6NT
transverter and lna a 24 inch Macom dish and a Harris 3 watt pa. With a 10 mhz
freq. standard.
The first weekend was busy, band conditions seemed much better than at Blue
Knob the second weekend. K1RZ and I tried several times at Blue Knob and
finally worked with some patience. Thanks Dave. Also Thanks to VE3SMA AND
VA3ELE FOR THE FIRST 2 QSO,S ON 10 GHZ. I have some ideas for some improvements
and a looking forward to doing it again.
73 Bob
de NO3I EN90uw
N1JEZ   10G Plus HP   25,5742017-09-24 03:36:05
Sadly, no 78 GHz contacts this time out, but good to work some new stations that
traveled in to NE - K2DH, K2UA, K9PW on multiple bands through 47 GHz!

Also nice to work Canadian stations from FN44ig. VA3ELE on 24 GHz at 160 km had
a nice signal when he was in FN35qi.
W9SNR   10G Plus LP   17,1602017-09-24 14:18:52
Overall results were similar to last year, but came from somewhat different
sources. August was was poor, only 8 QSOs and no big DX. In September, I went
partway up the west side of Lake Michigan with K9PW, K9JK, W9SZ, and sometimes
KA9VDU on Saturday, and stayed inland in EN51xr on Sunday. The Lake Michigan
run produced 48 QSOs and the other 18 were from inland locations.

The most impressive QSOs were the ones made on 47 GHz using a loaner rig from
K9PW. This was basically a 47GHz "handheld": a bare mixer Kuhne XVTR
with a small horn driven by an FT817. While the path was only 1 km, the
signals were VERY loud. Now, I'm thinking about getting something similar for
myself next year.

Best DX on 10 GHz was 335 km, only 1 km on 24 & 47 GHz.
VE3KH   10G Only LP   2,9482017-09-27 10:22:07
Operated 2nd weekend from home.
N9LB   10G Only QRP   4,1132017-09-27 21:09:15
Home station with FLEX transceiver, Down East Microwave 3 Watt XVTR, 24"
dish at 65 feet.
KB8U   10G Only QRP   17,1232017-09-29 18:43:51
Not much luck the first weekend. I only operated one day. I Tried a schedule
for a east-west path the length of Lake Erie without success from the west end.
Closer in, I could not get other Lake Erie operator's attention on the air even
though I could hear them, I did not have 2m for liaison, and my cell phone
couldn't call into Canada.

The 2nd weekend was very productive from the west coast of Michigan across to
Wisconsin as the rover pack there went up and down the shore line. Signals
were so loud toward the end of the contest that I made QSOs with the dish
pointed 180 degrees the wrong way just for laughs. They were still S9. One of
the MI ops was clearly receiving the WI crowd with the coax disconnected from
his dish (just an SMA connector for an "antenna". I think the
distance was 175km. Lots of fun and the weather mostly cooperated (just a few
passing sprinkles).
AF1T   10G Plus LP   26,5342017-10-03 17:24:02
Conditions were mediocre and activity was lower than last year.

Thanks, again, to Dave, K1RZ and W3SZ for their work in preparing contest Data
Base with the list of operators and plans for the 10 GHz and Up ARRL Contest.

Dale, AF1T
VE3CRU   10G Only LP   4,9572017-10-06 12:37:27
Drove west to Wheatley EN82sb to start first of 5 stops. Was soon met by my
cousin Bruce Burgess VE3NGE from Chatham who wanted to see what we do on 10G.
Bruce ran to 3 stops, and was given a surprise package of material etc to build
WA5VJB Cheap Yagi's which were built a week later with flat swr across the band
on 144 and 432. Saturday was fun, working mostly across Lake Erie. Out of 23
qso's only 3 were Canadian. The last stop, at EN92lp saw 7 qso's to EN91kt in
8 minutes, wish that happened more often.

Sunday was a trip along Lake Ontario, with only Dave K2DH around for 5 qso's
after I extended my travels 50 km to add the last 2. Cancelled week 2.

Thanks to the sponsors and to all who participated and gave me points.


K9JK   10G Plus QRP   22,1682017-10-13 19:05:11
Thanks to K9PW for his excellent logisitical planning, bringing me along for the
second weekend of the contest and for the use of his 'backup' (but still VERY
capable) 10G station as well as 24G and 47G set-ups.

It made for a fun first experience in the 10-GHz and Up Cumulative Contest.