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222 MHz Fall Sprint   2017   Sep 26   Comment Summary

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KV1J(@KV1J/1)   Single Op LP   912017-09-26 19:01:18
Operating from FN44, Oxford Co, Maine. Battery power.

73, Eric KV1J
K5LLL   Single Op HP   302017-09-26 19:21:04
Raining and poor turn out for 222 Tuesday.
W2TAG   Single Op LP   2102017-09-26 20:01:00
CREATED-BY: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log 4.7
CLUB: Mt Airy VHF Radio Club
NAME: Ted A Groke
ADDRESS: 820 Old Indian Mills Road
ADDRESS: Tabernacle
ADDRESS: New Jersey
ADDRESS: 08088
KO9A   Single Op LP   1042017-09-26 20:09:29
Hope to see you next week on 432!


Jim KO9A
VE3DS   Single Op HP   4182017-09-26 20:14:51
Lots of activity! Great to work KU8Y tonight and WX3K as well! Not much local
activity but good to work VE3CRU/R, VE2DFO and VE3ZV. See y'all next on 432. 73
Dana VE3DS
K3TUF   Single Op HP   7412017-09-26 20:14:55
Got a late start (Street fair this week) but great to get on and work folks.
Thanks to Bill and Pete for roving (CRU, BAK)
Looking forward to next week on 432.
Phil K3TUF
K2OS   Single Op HP   4752017-09-26 20:22:21
TS-2000X with transverter
750W output
4 x 16 el yagis at 30 ft
K1RZ   Single Op HP   1,6502017-09-26 20:32:42
Good to have fall activities that let us know if our gear is still working.
Thanks Southeast VHF Society activity managers for sponsoring this 222 MHz
Sprint event. Best distance to the Northeast was Mike N1JEZ in FN44ar at 741
km's. Close to that direction was Don VE2DFO at 719 km's. Northwest
represented by farthest to Bill VE3CRU/R FN04. West best distance was Ken KU8Y
EN61uw at 821 km's, with Lowell K9LQZ EM68xn at 770 km's. To the Southwest was
Garry N1GC EM95lt at 515 km's. South was Cornell FM17gv at 159 km's. Rovers
were well represented by Pete K0BAK, Bill W2RMA and Bill VE3CRU. Thank you for
going out to Rove tonight. Thanks to everyone for getting on and making some
noise. 73, Dave K1RZ FM19jh
WA2VNV   Single Op LP   5282017-09-26 20:51:26
Good turn out for the 222 Band. Worked most stations in the first 2 hours.
Best distance NW VE3ZV EN92vw 630 Km, NE K1DY FN54jq 529 Km.
WZ1V   Single Op HP   1,0082017-09-27 03:52:25
Good activity the first few hours,
hard to find new ones after that.
The Rovers and Portable ops provided
some fun. Best northeast K1DY FN54,
west VE3ZV EN92 and VE3DS FN03,
southwest WA3EOQ and W8ZN in FM09,
and south KO4YC FM17. No one from
neighboring grids FN41 or FN21.
Thanks to all who got on and sprint
sponsors. CU on 432 next week.
-73 Ron WZ1V
KJ4ZYB   Single Op LP   632017-09-27 04:52:27
Best Contact was k8TQk...203 miels. Not bad for 10 watts.
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   5702017-09-27 05:13:46
Decent activity! Best West - EN92. South - FM09. East - FN54. North - FN25.
Couldn't find anyone in FN35, FN33, FN23, FN24, FN21. I did work my own grid
thanks to KV1J.
KE7SW   Single Op HP   1472017-09-27 05:43:48
thanks to ww7d/r for the 4 grids,ve7afz for cn89, ke7uiu for cn88, kind of a low
turn out i thought...had fun, see you all at the pacific northwest vhf
conference 73,ke7sw
VE7AFZ   Single Op LP   552017-09-27 06:11:39
Much fun. Thanks to WW7D/R for activating 4 grids, VE7HR for providing my only
contact in my home grid of CN89 and all who participated.
W9KXI   Single Op HP   962017-09-27 06:20:23
Thank you to the sponsors. See you all next week.
Al - W9KXI
KA2LIM   Single Op HP   8502017-09-27 06:48:27
Had fun working from the home station (which is in a hole). Only one station
that I could not pull out of the QRN & QSB. A few SSB contacts, mostly CW.
FN54 to the NE and EN92 to the W and FM09 to the SW. some close in grids not
found or worked to include my own grid. Thanks to all who got on, hope you had
KØBAK/R   Rover LP   1,1002017-09-27 08:23:38
Best 222 sprint so far from my perspective. Activity is always a letdown
*relative* to the previous week's 2m sprint, but I thought it was pretty good
considering the band, and that a couple area super stations were either not on
or had limited operating time. Activated 4 grids: FN20, FN10, FM19, FM29.
Thanks to the following stations who got me in all 4 grids: K1RZ, KB1JEY, N2NT,
W2SJ, W2TAG. Made contacts in 8 unique grids; thanks to W8ZN and KO4YC for my
only FM09 and FM17 contacts. Shout-out to KB3MTW, for being enthusiastic and
working hard to get all the contacts she could with her modest station.
VE7HR   Single Op LP   12017-09-27 09:24:11
Heard several stations in CN87 but could not complete. Great motivation to
improve station. Larger antenna on order along with higher antenna mounting in
the works.
N6ZE/6   Single Op LP   1612017-09-27 15:10:23
Beautiful warm evening for the FALL2017's 222 MHz SPRINT! Clear, visibility
unlimited, nil wind, temperature: high 60s. Actually had a score slightly
higher than for the two meter SPRINT last week. Not much activity to South, but
worked several stations in DM06, CM97, CM98. Best DX was WA6IKE (593.4 km)
in CM98, just to North of Auburn, CA. Had QSOs with ~~ 3 DM04ne stations who
had checked-in to Local ACS/RACES 135 cm net; Rig: FT736, 100 watt TE Systems
Brick, & M>2 7 element yagi at 2340 ft above Sea Level in Santa Monica
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   3242017-09-27 15:11:32
This contest ran slow. Only VE3DS and VE3ZV were active as base stations in VE3
and I was the only rover. Every qso was a mult and that was great to see. QSB
got in the way after the first hour. Best odx south-west was K8TQK 651 km, to
east was K1TEO 562 km followed by K1RZ 546 km nd W8ZN 504 km.. To the west
was K8DIO 324 km. I struggled repeatedly to try working W2SJ, K3MD and AA2UK,
no cigar, likewise KA2LIM. Next time !

Grids worked in order:
FN04xa - FM19, FN03, FM09, FN22, FN31, EM89, FN13, EN92, EN91
FN03nx - EN91, FN03, FN13, FN22, EN92, FN20, FN31, FN10, FN11

Power was 80W to 16 elmt K1FO @ 12'.

Many thanks to the sponsor and team, and to all worked hard to work the Sprint
and me, much appreciated. Was fun.


K8DIO   Single Op LP   1102017-09-27 16:21:46
Didn't realize I had the power cut back on the transverter so instead of 20
watts I was running 10 watts for most of the contest! Conditions, in northern
Ohio were below normal. Still had a good time. Worked Jeff, TEO with 10
WW7D/R   Rover LP   7952017-09-27 17:00:07
Roved the CN86/CN87/CN96/CN97 intersection in the foothills NW of Mt. Rainier.
Turnout was pretty good, although not many grids were lit. The 53 QSOs were
with 16 unique call signs. Grids worked: CN85, CN87, CN88, and CN89.

The sprint gave me the chance to try out an Artcraft AEXVRTR222HP transverter.
It worked quite well. The transverter drove a TE Systems brick. A TYT-9800
(222 MHz version) was used, with a Mirage brick, for FM.
N2NT(N2NC)   Single Op HP   1,1002017-09-27 17:44:37
Good activity level. Highlight and best DX was a truly random QSO with K8TQK at
470 miles. No chat room use at all for that one.


John N2NC
N9LB   Single Op LP   352017-09-27 19:27:32
Best DX was Bob-K8TQK at 410 miles/660 Kilometers
WX3K   Single Op LP   2942017-09-27 19:28:27
Love the 222 Sprint !
K1TEO   Single Op HP   1,4252017-09-28 05:17:52
Was hopeful for good condx as the Hepburn forecast looked good. I noticed
stations within 200 miles were a little louder than normal but nothing out
further showed any enhancement. All in decent activity though several close by
grids were MIA.

Tnx to the sponsors and hope to Cu on 432 if I can find some time to work on
the feedline.

Jeff K1TEO
WA6PX   Single Op QRP   182017-09-28 09:56:02
Used only a handheld - Kenwood HT74A feeding an vertical in the attic
N7EPD   Single Op LP   1332017-09-28 21:32:56
Broke away to chase 5T5OK on 40M CW but no joy there. Maybe cost me 2 QSO in
the sprint?? Oh well.
K6NE   Single Op LP   32017-09-29 14:13:26
Operated from home QTH.
Azden PCS-7200 25 watts, Ringo Ranger in the attic!
[Log Removed]

73 de K6NE
N2SLN   Single Op LP   6082017-09-30 17:16:51
KB1JEY   Single Op LP   4002017-10-01 19:06:52
2017 222 MHz Fall Sprint KB1JEY FN20


Band QSOs X pt = QSO pts. X Grids = Points
222 25 2 50 8 400
TOTALS 25 50 8 400

Claimed score = 400

Club participation ? Yes No
ARRL Affiliated Club: Mt Airy VHF Radio Club

I have observed all contest rules, as well as all regulations
established for Amateur Radio in my country. This report is true
and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be bound by
the decisions of the Awards Committee.

Date: 10/01/17 Call: KB1JEY

Michael L. Davis
533 Tennis Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002
K7SMA   Single Op QRP   82017-10-03 13:21:04
First time on 222 not much time available!
AC7MD   Single Op LP   752017-10-11 15:59:18
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log 5.8
CONTEST: 222 2017 Fall Sprint
CLUB: Pacific Northwest VHF Society
NAME: Barry Williams
ADDRESS: 1335 Timber Trail Rd E
ADDRESS-CITY: Port Orchard