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Pennsylvania QSO Party   2017   Oct 14   Comment Summary

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K7ULS   Single Op CW LP   8502017-10-15 07:13:05
A-frame flashing as antenna and ugly balun with tuner 100w
800 points for working W3C W3FRC W3F W3R
W3TB   Single Op LP   13,3702017-10-15 08:13:30
I don't think N1MM accounted for bonus stations -- of which there were so many.
Lots of trouble with my K3 this weekend.
K4WW   Single Op LP   21,7802017-10-15 14:06:26
Score includes bonus station
W5TM   Single Op CW LP   24,8522017-10-15 14:46:33
Thunderstorms killed 80m.
Total Score includes bonus points for W3FRC, W3F, W3R, W3C
W7WHY   Single Op HP   3,0782017-10-15 14:49:39
That was fun, but the PNW is just TOO FAR from the east coast!

Thanks for the Q's and 73
W2DLT   Single Op HP   15,8822017-10-15 14:59:13
Conditions unexpectedly good... Lots of activity.
KI4MZC   Single Op CW QRP   15,3962017-10-15 15:02:19
Well, That was fun!!
KE2D   Single Op LP   39,3562017-10-15 15:09:28
Great to work all my FRC friends during our 90th year anniversary.
I think half my score is bonus station points from FRC calls.
AA3B   Single Op HP   361,0722017-10-15 15:11:14
The total score includes 24400 bonus points (122 QSOs with bonus stations!)

My thanks to N3LI and NARC for organizing another great event. The rovers and
mobiles did a fantastic job as well!

Congratulations to the Frankford Radio Club operators on their bonus station
activations. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our 90th anniversary!


Bud AA3B
K3HW   Single Op LP   82,3542017-10-15 15:18:38
Above score includes bonus points for making 54 contacts with the contest bonus
stations. I can't remember hearing so many bonus stations in this contest.
Great job by my club the Frankford Radio Club for representing so well on this
our 90th anniversary year! Great job!
What a fun contest! Even though conditions weren't great for state mults
everything close in was worked easily with 100 watts and a dipole. This is my
second best score in this contest which this year marks my ninth though I
missed last year so my 10th anniversary in contesting kicked off on a good
note! I worked all 67 counties for only the second time with Armstrong being
the last county needed and worked late Sunday morning. I am hopeful this score
holds up for a MGY county win. That would be my third. The station worked
well. With two dipoles, a ground mounted vertical and my tribander I have many
more options now. The IC-7300 worked great during its first big contest. I
love how I can change on the fly from CW to phone to RTTY with this rig. My
best QSO per hour was 129 QSOs from 2030-2130 on Saturday. A great time! Nice
to work all the neighbors in the state. PA is such a well represented QSO party
and activity was excellent!
Thanks for the QSOs and see you in CQWW in two weeks.
KB3LIX   Single Op LP   71,4932017-10-15 15:19:38
Conditions were poor for most of the weekend.
Very noisy here and signals weak.

A & K Indicies have been very high for last 6-7 days
due to a persistant solar wind.

But, could have been worse !!!
K1PQS   Single Op CW LP   3,4722017-10-15 15:22:56
Poor condx hr. On Sat. night 40m was closed, and weak sigs plus storm front QRN
made 80 impossible.
W4AU   Single Op CW HP   6,6922017-10-15 15:23:41
Too much else going on this weekend; wish I had more time in the QP.

TNX fer the Q's!

73 - John, W4AU
K4BAI   Single Op HP   39,4352017-10-15 15:23:42
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee, tee vertical.
Thanks for all QSOs. Not many mobiles this year and they were missed. 73,
John, K4BAI
KA3BMU(`)   Single Op LP   95,7162017-10-15 15:26:46
score includes 8200 bonus points for 41 QSOs. Thanks to FRC for the bonus
stations this year
W3C/CUM(W3KB)   Single Op LP   172,3122017-10-15 15:35:52
Proud to have represented Cumberland County as the W3C/CUM Bonus station in the
2017 Pennsylvania QSO Party.

The special event callsigns used in the party were in commemoration of the 90th
Anniversary of the Frankford Radio Club (FRC).
N3JIX   Single Op QRP   4,1762017-10-15 15:39:07
Brief run from home in Montour County. QRP was difficult this year, especially
on Saturday. Lots of QRN.

73, de Bill, N3JIX
W3FRC/NHA(NS3L)   Single Op HP   50,4562017-10-15 15:43:05
Operated as a FRC PAQP Bonus Station in Northampton County
N1IBM   Single Op LP   4,4502017-10-15 15:57:14
Wish I had more time this year. Great contest as always.
W3C/LAN(N3AD)   Single Op HP   293,7062017-10-15 16:02:58
The total score includes 18000 bonus points for (approximately)90 bonus

I was honored to activate a bonus station from Lancaster County in recognition
of the 90th Anniversary of the Frankford Radio Club. When I think back to the
"old days" when the club was founded in the Frankford section of
Philadelphia by a bunch of old farts, I realize I've been a member of this
"old"club for two thirds of it's existence. I guess I've become an
old fart.

K9CT   Single Op HP   34,9262017-10-15 16:09:45
First time! Good turnout. This was just part time in between storms and other

Thanks for all the work everyone did to make this happen.

73, Craig K9CT
W3FRC/CAR(K3PP)   Single Op HP   200,4262017-10-15 16:16:44
It was fun being one of the bonus stations! If N1MM calculated this right, it
includes 39 bonus station QSOs! I missed CRN for the county sweep! Thank you
N3RD   Single Op CW HP   179,4002017-10-15 16:25:03
Best ever PAQP for me, celebrating FRC's 90th anniversary.

Thanks for the QSOs.

73 - Dave N3RD
WØZP   Single Op LP   15,0522017-10-15 16:27:14
Thank You all for a very fb qso party 73, wayne w0zp
K8MR   Multi-Op Mobile LP   58,0862017-10-15 16:28:47
Score includes the mobile bonus for 10+ Qs from 14 of the 15 counties, but does
not include QSOs with bonus stations.

Once again, this was a Saturday trip combining the PAQP with getting to our
daughter's place in NNJ. My wife Linda agreed/was coerced into driving through
PA, other than a 35 mile break through Centre and Clinton counties when the
bands went pretty dead and she was feeling a bit sleepy. We were in the Prius V
(featured in my NCJ article about FQP mobiling), which does have serious
ignition noise when pressed into hard action, which included maintaining 75+
MPH going up hills on I-80. I may have been an alligator at times, which is
why. Next time I ought to bring the 2007 Sienna (168K miles) which is the
quietest mobile vehicle I've owned.

Reasonably good conditions at the start and the end (22Z Saturday), but poor in
the mid-afternoon. Not sure if the bands took a dump, or if there had been a 200
mile skip zone all day, which when in central PA would have been enough to skip
over the rest of the state.

Not much phone operation. I tried getting some CQ action from Armstrong and (I
believe) Clinton, but no luck. Most of my phone QSOs were QSYs from CW with

It was only Friday night that I realized that NHA was a stone's throw south of
I-80 on the west side of the Delaware River, which we could then cross and skip
the first five miles of I-80 in New Jersey. But that stretch is also at the
bottom of a valley with big hills on both sides, especially to the west, so I
never got much going there, only eight QSOs.

One casual non-radio observation: I've been doing PAQP as a mobile for nearly
20 years. It used to seem that it fell pretty close to peak fall colors of the
changing leaves. This year, in spite of PAQP being on the latest possible
dates, even at the highest elevations on I-80, the leaves were barely starting
to change.

73 - Jim K8MR
K3CT   Single Op HP   227,5232017-10-15 16:30:24
The total score includes 132 Bonus Station QSO's ( 26,400 points ).

Thanks to all involved with the QSP Party organizing and planning as well as
the rovers, mobile, and bonus stations.

John, K3CT
WA5LXS   Single Op CW LP   1,5602017-10-15 16:31:14
six bonus contacts, 200 pts each
KEØTT   Single Op CW QRP   5,0002017-10-15 16:34:17
K1 at 5 watts to an 88' dipole up 45'. Fed with ladder line and an old Matchbox
tuner. Thanks for the fun! 73, Dan, ke0tt MN
NG7Z   Single Op CW LP   1,3522017-10-15 16:39:10
Score includes 400 bonus.
W3F/BUX(K3WW)   Single Op HP   299,6252017-10-15 16:42:27
score includes bonus points. As a "BONUS" station this score does not
count in the general competition. Celebrating 90 years of the Frankford Radio
Club with
all the W3F W3R W3C and of course W3FRC stations.

73 Chas K3WW
N4GG   Single Op CW HP   15,9462017-10-15 16:47:59
Part time testing of some new antennas and shake the rust off. Nice to hear PA
stations with over 1,000 Qs. Thanks for the fun.

FTdx5000, FT1000MP, 2 X ACOM 2000A, Wires in the woods...
Hal N4GG
WIØWA(@NØAC)   Single Op LP   8,3602017-10-15 16:48:47
Operated off and on as time permitted.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill N0AC

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
W3R/BUX(@KU2C)   M/S HP   181,5302017-10-15 17:00:21
Loads of fun.
W3GY   M/M LP   125,2282017-10-15 17:05:57
Conditions were not the best for 100W and wires. With the high level of activity
it was still fun. Ran two stations, one on 40M and one on 20M/80M. Thanks to the
FRC for all the bonus stations.

Pat, W3RGA
W6SX   Single Op CW HP   2322017-10-15 17:10:28
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
K9NW   Single Op CW LP   8202017-10-15 17:10:29
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K2ZR   Single Op QRP   33,2962017-10-15 17:11:32
RIG: K2 @5W
ANTS: 660\' CF WIRE - 425\' EF WIRE - 160M WINDOM -
AB8OU   Single Op LP   18,2322017-10-15 17:20:17
Slightly better results than last year, but ...
Have to practice CW befor contest rather than during.
N1SOH   M/S HP   6,7212017-10-15 17:45:08
17 bonus QSOs for 3.4k
KD8MQ   Multi-Op Port LP   52,3542017-10-15 18:04:24
We had beautiful weather right up until the end. We customarily tear down early
for the trip back to Ohio.
This year, we again built the antenna on site. We used a multi-band dipole for
160-20 Meters. It was hung in Inverted Vee configuration at about 50'.
We built a 6 Meter dipole and hung it at 15'. Unfortunately, the band never
really opened for us. We'll try 6 again next year, but get the antenna much
Thanks go to John, N8PLA for hosting us again this year.
Our normal dining establishment had burned in May, then re-opened soon after,
then closed for the season the week before the PAQP. We took the opportunity to
check out the other restaurants in the area.
73 all, John, KD8MQ
N3ZZ   Single Op CW LP   1,3362017-10-15 18:24:30
Didn't have much time but thanks for the fun.

Missed my childhood home county/Huntingdon County.
N8XX   Single Op CW QRP   6,0002017-10-15 18:30:14
Terrible conditions Saturday night. Storms were coming through, mainly to the
west and south of this area of Michigan. I usually can work fellow low power
(5 watts or less) operators as far as New Jersy on 80 meters CW during the
Michigan QRP Club's weekly net (3535 KHz, 9 p.m. EDST). I managed to work ONE
PA station on 80 meters between about 0000Z and 0600Z!

On 40 on Sunday it was a bit better. No storms in the immediate area, and most
folks that were S7 or better could hear my signal. Wound up with 40 Q's and 25

Forgot about the "bonus stations" or I might have tried to work more
on different bands. But 2000 extra points are 2000 extra points. :)
WA2FZB   Single Op HP   31,8882017-10-15 18:31:07
Being less than 10 miles from Pennsylvania, this was mostly a low band effort.
With inefficient antennas and 600 watts, I managed to work 62 counties. As a
new member of FRC, I was quite proud of the job my fellow club members did with
the bonus stations. Go FRC!
N6YEU/8   Single Op LP   17,3242017-10-15 18:39:57
Operated while visiting daughter and family in West Virginia. FT-450D and diople
at 30 feet apex.
WA8REI   Single Op QRP   16,7002017-10-15 18:57:51
WB8RFB   Single Op LP   1,0582017-10-15 19:00:30
Casual, last minute decision to get in QSO Party and give out a few contacts.
Band not in the best of condition when I was on.
KØOO(@W3RFC)   Single Op HP   40,4862017-10-15 19:13:48




K7SV   Single Op LP   50,7132017-10-15 19:28:25
My first real effort at the PA Q party and I enjoyed it. Ended up working a
number of CWOPS and FOC friends, many in disguise under W3F, W3R, W3C and W3FRC
calls. The only constructive criticism that comes to mind is in regards to the
proclivity for a number of the phone operators to keep saying QRZ after each Q
rather than identifying regularly. It doesn't take a lot more time to say
"thanks W3ABC" than QRZ and it doesn't irritate the heck out of
people! (that was nice language!) Thanks to all for an enjoyable weekend.
W1NN   Single Op CW LP   14,0222017-10-15 19:33:20
This month marks the 60th anniversary of getting my ticket back in October of
1957. My call then was KN8HVT. To commemorate the event, I hauled out my old
Viking Ranger and Hallicrafters HQ-110C and fired them up. Amazingly they
still work after years of just sitting there. The RX is the original radio I
purchased in 1958 while still a Novice and has been in its box for most of the
last 50 years. I bought the Ranger about 10 years ago from another ham but it
is identical to the one I bought in kit form right after I upgraded to a
General in 1958. Yesterday was the first time I plugged it in and I am so happy
that it works. Boy, does that radio get warm! It could almost provide enough
heat for the whole second floor of my house.

The PAQP was the perfect event for testing the old radios. It took a little
getting used to hearing both sidebands in the RX - it makes the bands sound
very crowded. It took a little getting used to zero beating each station but
after I figured out the technique, most stations could hear me. I still have
my original Vibroplex bug but I couldn't make the CW sound very good so I sent
everything with a straight key at about 12 wpm.

Low band conditions were very good and the FRC boys really did a great job.

Thanks to everyone for a lot of fun over six decades!

73, Hal W1NN
W5QLF   Single Op CW LP   3522017-10-15 19:38:09
Worked three of the bonus stations a total of six times resulting in a bonus
score of 1200 and a total point total of 1552.
W8TM   Single Op LP   35,9922017-10-15 20:30:10
Total score includes 8,600 bonus points.
AI6O   Single Op HP   2,6882017-10-15 20:52:28
Nice contest. Bands were quite poor, but stations were coming through. Seemed
to be low participation from PA. Could only set in for several 30 minute
periods due to home renovations here. Thanks for the Qs.
K3MJW   M/M HP   201,7602017-10-15 20:53:27
Big fun
W3R/MCK(NY3B)   Single Op Port HP   191,0722017-10-15 21:07:41
Full Portable Operation with Wire antennas.
N9NA   Single Op HP   4842017-10-15 21:43:43
Ten Tec Omni 7, Alpha 87a, Steppir DB18e, 80 mtr ocf, 160 mtr inv L 55 ft twr,
N1MM+. A lot of Geritol (just kidding).
N3TWM   Multi-Op Port QRP   435,8722017-10-15 23:14:58
Updated score with proper breakdown. Also added bonus station points (69 bonus
station QSO's for 13,800 points).

Portable operation from northern Centre County, off the grid at hunting camp
near Snow Shoe, PA. We had 4 stations on the air much of the time, 3 KX3 with
filters and a K3S. All power was battery or a Honda 2000w generator.
were not great on 20m, but it also wasn't terrible. 15 and 10m also opened a
little although there were not many takers. 40m was great except for a short
while on Sunday, 80m was rocking, and 160m was one of the best many people
heard for this test in quite some time.

Full Size 160m Dipole up 60ft
80m EFHW up 50 ft sloping to 20 ft
W5GI Mystery Antenna up 50ft to remote tuner at base
Full Size 40m Dipole up 50ft
40/20/10m EFHW up 40 ft sloping to 20 ft
Tri-bander fixed west on 30ft portable tower trailer

2 stations were dedicated to CW, one was dedicated to SSB, one floated between
as needed.

We had a fantastic time! Thanks to all of the Rovers, Mobiles, and Bonus
Stations for their hard work. We missed the sweep by only 2 counties. We heard
ARM at ESP levels on Sunday, and we can't remember if we heard CRN or not at
any point. 80m was better in-state than 40m which is a little unusual. If it
weren't for a nice run on 40m CW toward end the contest Sunday, 80m would have
ended up with the higher QSO count. 160m was rocking Saturday night, so there
should be some good competition for the 160m plaque I sponsor. A lot of serial
#1 on 20m, hopefully we talked them into working a few more of you all (we
always tried).

Our goals were to win Centre county, break the portable multi-op record, and
break the long-standing Centre County Multi-op record. We unofficially
all three, with the portable multi op record down by the time we finished on

Two of our 5 ops are not seasoned contesters, but its a lot of fun introducing
people to the PAQP.

I have no idea my plans for next year. Depending on NK8Q and K3NG, we may
up for next year or get together again. If I'm solo perhaps I'll mobile or
rover, or find a rare county and go for a single op record.

Thanks again all,
N3TWM Team
K7HKR   Single Op LP   1,9882017-10-16 01:05:11
100 watts, two magnetic loops from AZ

Good amount of activity heard and I worked stations when I wasn't calling CQ
for the AZ QSO Party or working non-contest stations. Score includes 9 x 200
points for the plentiful bonus stations. Good to hear a couple stations
working 15 as the band was open quite a bit.
K2CYE   Single Op LP   3,7442017-10-16 05:06:43
Total Score is 8144 including bonus stations. Thank you for all the activity!

Mike K2CYE
VE3MH   Single Op LP   8,3982017-10-16 05:58:09
Thanks Had Fun
K9GDF   Single Op LP   3,1232017-10-16 06:25:20
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
IZ3NVR   Single Op CW LP   1122017-10-16 06:47:39
Decent conditions despite the solar indexes. Score does not include the bonus
points (should be around 500). Nice to work a few new counties for me. A pity I
couldn't hear or work some others.

Limited time to take part but fun as usual.
Thanks to all the operators that had the patience to log my tiny signal.

FT-950 @ 80W
N3NTJ   Single Op LP   86,8622017-10-16 07:14:50
Had a great time running the 2017 PA QSO Party once again. Worked all counties
again! Worked 65 ARRL/RAC sections and DX. Worked the various bonus stations 26
times. Thanks to all of the mobiles/portables for helping us get those tough
counties. Looking forward to the 2018 QSO Party. de N3NTJ from LAN
K2SSS   Single Op HP   58,1532017-10-16 09:18:53
I was off of party 4h top hours, thanks for great activity and good support.
Thanks for all qso's.

vy 73
W3ZR   Single Op LP   43,6702017-10-16 10:14:42
7000 points for working W3FRC,W3F,W3R,W3C 35 times.
W3F/TIO(K3WJV)   Single Op HP   199,4882017-10-16 10:19:43
I felt honored and excited to operate as a bonus station and activate a special
call sign for the 90th anniversary celebration of a truly special group known
as the Frankford Radio Club of which I've been a member for 51 years. Its been
a fun ride.

I normally do cw only for the majority of domestic contests but I know I needed
to go both modes to work as many stations as possible and at the same time get
the brain and ears prepared for CQWW SSB in two weeks. I do enjoy phone in the
domestic contests and had fun working a lot of the other cw guys I contact so
many many times.

But phone and contesting also brings certain joyful qualities out of some of
the ops you run across. I had only made five phone Q's and stirred up some
nasty hornets and I was only s&p at the time. Had a 2nd occurrence of
hornets on Sunday too, hi.

I hit my goal of 1000 Q's but I needed just one more mult to break 200K - drat!
Missed 2 counties for a sweep - CRN & MIF. There was another TIO station on
but they aren't real contesters and I doubt they were on cw. I wrkd them and
they were very weak here. They never post scores to 3830 that I know of and
not sure they even send the scores in. They use the local radio club call.

On Saturday I had to QRT for my tree guy to take down a damaged leaning tree
that was a few feet from my hexbeam. We thought it was a good idea to take the
hex down so had to work 20 with my 80m inv vee. Sure wish it got done last
weekend instead, or earlier, hi.

This was a fun event this year. I'll probably do mixed mode more often, hi.
Tnx to everyone who ran across me and called in.

Rural wooded location 1255ft ASL

FT1000MP & Alpha 89
K3/P3 & Acom 2000A

2el K4KIO 6 band Hexbeam @24ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 40m-80m-trapped 160

Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle
Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2
SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
WQ6X(@NX6T)   Single Op HP   3,8802017-10-16 12:26:29
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook.
I ran the K3 into an ACOM-2000a amp at around 1kw.
I used all the antennas on tower #2
(80-m Inv Vee, 40-m Yagi & 3-el Stepp-IR).
While the space weather condx were horrible (poking "holes" in
signals), I was even More DISAPPOINTED by the lack of PA participants.
The upper bands were certainly open (according to DXMaps.Com at any rate).
Ironically, I worked more PA stations on 80 meters than on any other band.
You can read my writeup on this and other the events during the weekend at the
WQ6X Contest BLOG:
KN4Y   Single Op CW LP   8,8322017-10-16 12:56:18
Wife was in rehab with pinned hip, so operated in QSO party was limited. I am
not a fan of serial numbers in a State QSO party. Running two QSO parties with
serial numbers, almost error free,
W2RR(WA2AOG)   Single Op CW HP   25,4002017-10-16 15:02:34
Score includes 7400 bonus points for 37 QSO's with the bonus stations! Great
job guys!
W3KWH(N3LL)   Single Op CW LP   60,0202017-10-16 17:00:02
N3XF   Single Op HP   121,6552017-10-16 17:10:01
Wow, the contest from hell for me. The K3S has audio issues on SSB, so I was
limited to low power on phone, my computer video card crashed 90 minutes into
the contest, other than that, it fun as usual. Not sure I will enter as a
county line next year. It sure confused a lot of people! Amazing how many folks
don't learn about the contest ahead of time by checking the web site.
W3R/BER(@NE3F)   M/M HP   197,4302017-10-16 17:29:01
Good time had by all
W7TR(KH2TJ)   Single Op LP   7,4102017-10-16 23:10:37
Thanks for the contacts. Chased the bonus stations around for 4200 additional
points. Never heard any PA sta's on 15 or 10 out here on the left coast ;-(

73, Todd KH2TJ
W3F/LYC(K3UL)   Single Op HP   118,3992017-10-17 03:45:16
Lots of fun and a real honor to be a bonus station and represent FRC. Bob
N8FYL   Single Op LP   18,3662017-10-17 07:36:00
Score includes 6000 points for the 30 contacts with bonus stations. Managed 1
contact with K8MR mobile for my only CLE county!
N3A(N3HEE)   Single Op CW QRP   25,0642017-10-17 12:02:57
Had fun working as N3A the NAQCC special event call. Worked 22 bonus stations.
Lot's of activity on 40, 80 and 160 meters. Fun ! - Joe N3HEE
W3C/CHE(NZ3O)   Single Op HP   33,9662017-10-17 12:42:50
Celebrating 90 Years of Frankford Radio Club
KØBAK/R   Rover Single Op HP   91,2352017-10-17 12:53:45
Another fun PA QSO Party. This is my fourth in a row, all as a rover.
Thank you to all the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and bonus station
operations; and of course especially to Mike Coslo.
I was able to follow my plan pretty closely, and got a nice pileup
almost every time I was able to find a band spot to call CQ.
Didn’t start too well with an intermittent RF problem,
but replaced the cable from radio to amp and all was good again;
was an anxious feeling having a major glitch at the first location.
My first stop was CMB; had I known how rare it turned out to be,
I would have stayed longer. Only heard one county line station,
usually get several. I didn’t discover my computer time was horribly wrong
for a few hours, took a lot of log massaging afterwards to correct it.
Activated FUL, HUN, and FRA on Saturday night using different locations
from last year that took a lot less time to get to.
My score went up hugely compared to last year, mostly due to being
more aggressive about calling CQ more and S&P less. Didn’t even try
the CW bands since I can only S&P CW. Got a call from KG4WV in
Guantanamo Bay, but it’s not a section multiplier!
I activated 3 parks in the World Wide Flora and Fauna program while in
BED, PER, DAU; some of my WWFF friends helped me out throughout the contest.
Looking forward to having a better and permanent mobile ham station for the
next PAQP.
W3R/LEH(@KC3WX)   Multi-Op Port HP   363,3302017-10-17 16:30:44
Portable ops from Flint Hill and Wimmer Roads near Coopersburg, PA.
KC4TEO   Single Op CW LP   72,2042017-10-17 18:44:59
Off and on mostly on 40 and 20 on Sunday afternoon.
N3PEC   Single Op LP   9,5482017-10-18 06:24:43
Total Score 9548
Bonus Points 4200 for 21 contacts with bonus stations
Grand Total 13748
K3URT   Single Op LP   35,6802017-10-18 07:08:05
Total includes 6200 bonus points.
W3ZGD   M/S LP   56,5362017-10-18 19:04:56
Nice bonus stations activity (worked 24 station QSOs) -- kudos to FRC

Had three new operators on the team who did really well.
WN4AFP   Single Op QRP   34,4522017-10-19 07:20:11
Due to some RFI issues, I had to operated in the QRP category for a change. I
started operating CW only, but that changed when I wanted to work a few more
mults. My average phone contacts lasted at least 5 minutes that's after the
station kinda heard me...then giving my unusual callsign when I was barely
heard... the fills were endless on phone. Activity was good throughout my 11
hours. The Bonus Station operation by the FRC was quite enjoyable and I worked
44 of them which greatly influenced my final score. I broke my own state record
this year too. Mike and the NARC did a great job putting this show together.
Hope to try again next year! 73s Dave WN4AFP
W7GF   Single Op CW LP   2,8542017-10-19 12:23:21
Score includes 3200 bonus points.
WQ3N   Multi-Op Port HP   281,8682017-10-21 04:51:36
Site: Pine Cradle Lake near Rome
Cty: Bradford
PWR: 500W
Ant: 2 Wires
N7MZW   Single Op LP   882017-10-22 20:37:33
IC706MK-2G,Heil Pro Set on VOX, and a ZS6BKW (modified G5RV) up 40 feet, at an
elevation of 6,053 feet.Just handing out the rare Wyoming mult to a few folks
while working in the shack.Your summary sheet is a pain in the ass! Any
cabrillo log file should contain all of the information required for any
contest entry.That's why the cabrillo file format was invented. It's 2017
folks,and no one should be required to provide their phone number for a sate
level contest log submission. Your web site also treats 100 watts as a
"medium power entry". 6-150 watts has ALWAYS been considered to be a
LOW POWER log submission in the real contesting world. Glad to help out a few
Ops, but I doubt that I'll bother with this one again. November Seven Many
Zebras Walking
W3KWH   M/S LP   72,1002017-10-25 09:05:03
N3LL operated the club station via remote from his qth in florida
and wa3bkd operated at the club station .
fun for all see ya next year.
KB3RC   Multi-Op Port LP   118,7202017-10-31 04:27:39
Again this year we set up 3 stations field-day style at K3JWI's family cabin
near Greenwood Furnace State Park in Huntingdon County. We ran low power with
wire antennas: 40M EDZ, 80M dipole, G5RV and 160m inverted-L with one raised
radial. Antennas were(except the G5RV and 160m) fed with ladder line through
tuners. Radios were K3's and an Icom ProIII. We were only able to operate
Saturday as one of our team members had a family emergency which required us to
leave Sunday morning. Still, it was a lot of fun and a good party.

Thanks for the QSO's!
73, Ted W4NZ for K3JWI K4VIG W4XK and WB4ZBI