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California QSO Party   2017   Oct 7   Comment Summary

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AB9YC   SO(A)Fixed LP   3,3442017-10-07 18:36:05
Got a late start. Then the storms moved in. I got busy with other chores,
listened to the Cubs game.
K4FXN   SO(A)Fixed LP   20,6402017-10-08 08:11:28
10M and 15M were open!
VE3XD   SO(A)Fixed LP   5,0402017-10-08 08:21:40
25 watts into attic antennas.
K7ULS   SOFixed LP   4,9412017-10-08 09:01:46
Used A-frame flashing as antenna works great with tuner
100w FTDX-3000
K3WA   SOFixed HP   40,5002017-10-08 12:08:51
CW only. Good condx to Cali. Fun.
KE4KY   SO(A)Fixed LP   25,3202017-10-08 12:22:04
Approximately 7 hours on this and out for an hour here and a hour there
both days. The last hour spent was waiting for 10m to open as it did SAT, but it
did not by 1921z.

Had a lot of fun on the CW side.

Good luck to all in the clubs that participated!!

Glenn KE4KY
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)Fixed HP   43,7762017-10-08 12:51:26
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
W1UE(@W1KM)   SOFixed HP   101,9642017-10-08 13:08:45
Rain storm came in just after 1600Z, rain static S9 on all the bands. Waited an
hour and it was still going strong, so decided to go home early.

Clean sweep came at 0250Z,took almost 11 hours. Last five worked were Fres
(KB0DBI/6), Glen(N6JET/m), Colu (N6NHI), Marp(W6USN), and Lass (K6ME). Always

nice to get the sweep!

Thanks to the organizers and the California participants that make this such a
fun contest! Congrats to at least N4PN and K9CT for a great job!

Dennis W1UE
IZ3NVR   SO(A)Fixed LP   1922017-10-08 13:21:00
Didn't have much time to operate but managed to be on the air during a fairly
decent opening to West Coast on Sunday evening around 17-18 UTC.

Signals were affected by deep QSB and I'm glad for the effort of CA stations to
copy my serials.

It's always a thrill to work North America and even more when a signals flies
all the way from the West Coast towards Europe for around 9000-10000km. That's
why I love this hobby.

Hope to receive your QSL cards for my USCA. I think I worked a couple of new
counties since CA isn't usually that easy from here. The new location might
have helped a bit.

Sorry K6MR for the dupe. I was 100% sure I copied another callsign till I
logged it and had to listen for a while again before realizing I duped you. My
mistake, sorry.

Hope to be able to put in some more hours next year and hope to work many of
you during the upcoming CQWW CW.

FT-950 @ 80W
LY5W   SO(A)Fixed HP   12,0622017-10-08 13:25:29
Only second day, time to time, good cndx this year
Sam LY5W
KK6L   SOFixed QRP   3,4582017-10-08 13:39:15
A frustrating venture with poor antennas, but considering the band conditions
and distance, I think I did pretty well with what I had to work with. :) Next
year in Jerusalem! ;)
VE3RUA   SOFixed LP   22,6802017-10-08 14:08:45
The G5RV erected last week at the Kenora QTH worked well. A few folks surprised
to get a "KB" from VE3. Apologies to whoever ask me for a repeat on
my NR. When I hit the F-key it sent my CWOps number (1047). It was quickly
corrected but I'll bet that got their attention. :>) Jack, VE3RUA/W6NF
W7WHY   SO(A)Fixed HP   12,3582017-10-08 14:14:13
Just too close to California for the high bands. Had lots of fun on 40 and 80,
though. Some monster signals on those 2 bands.

Thanks for the fun and 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + AL-811H ~500 watts
Radio 2 FT-840 barefoot

160 meter 'L'
80 meter dipole at 30 feet
40 meter delta loop
20 meter 2-el HB monoband yagi
VA3PC   SO(A)Fixed LP   15,4882017-10-08 14:16:14
SSB only, 100% S/P
AI6DO   SO(A)CntyExp QRP   182017-10-08 14:19:29
The same portable setup as ARRL Field Day and NAQP CW
but a night-and-day difference in results. Many, many
CQs unanswered, with only two weak hits on the Reverse
Beacon Network. Many, many calls on CW and SSB went
unanswered. And the big stray dog that left a steaming
pile next to me was the final straw. Maybe I'll luck
out and there'll be only 9 other SO Expedition entries...
N6MU   SOFixed LP   74,9192017-10-08 14:27:16
Part time effort, mostly CW. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
K2SX(K1SX)   SO(A)Fixed HP   31,6262017-10-08 14:38:50
Didn't hear many mobiles on, in fact only K6AQL. Maybe there were more on SSB
but I didn't go there. As a result, mults seem low this year. Also limited
time this year. Oh, well...
KØEJ   SOFixed LP   17,5502017-10-08 14:47:51
part-time from home while "Nate" blew through. FT1000MP->OCF.
Called several more on 10M but "no-joy".
73, Mark K0EJ
AE1T   SO(A)Fixed LP   11,9702017-10-08 14:54:29
73 de Peter, AE1T
W6EU   SO(A)Fixed LP   129,3602017-10-08 14:58:40
Missed ND and AK
NG7W   SOFixed LP   29,6702017-10-08 15:01:20
Fun contest. I spent more time on this QSO party than probably any other contest
ever. Total of about 15 hours here and there. I had one dupe, which I kept in
the log but not counted for points. I was surprised how well my 100 watts and a
dipole worked on 40 meters. My 20 meter and 15 meter contacts where on a
Spiderbeam up only about 15 feet off the ground.

My goal for CAQSOP is to get Mariposa (MARP) county every year (which I have so
far!) There is where I grew up.

See you all next year!
AA3B   SO(A)Fixed HP   92,9042017-10-08 15:03:11
Missed COLU and TEHA
WC6H   SOFixed HP   317,9562017-10-08 15:03:56
Had fun thanks for all the Q's.
See you in SS

73 Rich WC6H
WT2P   SO(A)Fixed HP   25,9602017-10-08 15:05:12
Always a fun contest to operate in support of our California contest friends.

About the same number of hours operated last year and an additional county. 227
total Q's vs last year's 100.

SUTT, TEHA, TRIN. Pretty sure these counties were active, but I was just not in
the right place at the right time to get them.

Hope to see everyone in a couple weeks for the ILQP contest

AA6PW   SOFixed HP   178,2962017-10-08 15:06:18
Missed AK
N6EE/1(@W1/EASTPORT)   SO(A)Fixed HP   30,4202017-10-08 15:06:44
Put in a few hours operating from Remote Ham Radio station in Eastport Maine.
K3WJV   SO(A)Fixed HP   57,6162017-10-08 15:07:49
Always lots of activity in this QP. Did much better than last year but thats
because I gave in and got on phone, egad. Had fun though.

Rural location 1255ft ASL
FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv vee @55ft

K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO 6 band Hexbeam @24ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 80m & 40m with trapped 160m @55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle
Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2
SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
WØPAN   SOFixed LP   1,8242017-10-08 15:07:56
NN7SS(K6UFO)   SO(A)Fixed HP   10,0442017-10-08 15:08:46
Several passes of the band to work any 6's heard.
On 10m and 15m no North-South propagation, or all CA antennas pointed East.
20m and 40m had some good signals day and evening. I was around really too
early for 80m or 160m.
NN7SS Burt WA (K6UFO op)

15m, 20m: Force12 C31XR at 72 ft
40m: Force12 2 Element Yagi at 78 ft
80m: 4-square array
160m: 4-square array
SAL-30 Receive Antenna
Elecraft K3, KPA-500
K3/0-Mini control head and RemoteRig
W9RE   SOFixed LP   15,7502017-10-08 15:10:01
Really great to see 15 open so good to CA. Lot's of strong signals.
N4PN   SOFixed HP   122,2642017-10-08 15:10:36
Great fun as always....only mobile was K6AQL but lots of 1X1 calls in rare
counties...K6G in GLEN for the sweep early on Saturday afternoon...
Thanks to all for making the party one more time..
73, Paul, N4PN
K9NR   SO(A)Fixed HP   88,6922017-10-08 15:12:31
Almost a clean sweep...57 counties...couldn't find Tehama County...arrgh!
Still, a considerable improvement over last year. Thanks for all the Q's!
73, Don K9NR
KØFX   SOFixed LP   30,0962017-10-08 15:12:42
Not a sig on 10/15m after much checking.
Again lots of fun.
73 Don K0FX
K9CT   SO(A)Fixed HP   155,3822017-10-08 15:12:42
Ran out of people to work! Condx were good...had a rain storm near the beginning
that made copy interesting.

Enjoyed visiting with people on phone! Always a fun contest with a lot of

My last county was Kern at 0217Z but I was more worried about Tehama Missed the
mobile that was going there and thought all was lost! Then shortly afterward was
called for the first QSO of a Tehama station!

Thanks for the fun.... 73, Craig K9CT

PS Illinois QSO party is October 22nd.
N1DC   SOFixed LP   10,0452017-10-08 15:13:22
Thanks to the organizing team for another great CQP.

Thanks for the QSO's.


Rick N1DC
K2ZR   SOFixed LP   31,7342017-10-08 15:13:36
RIG: K2 @95W
AA8TA   SO(A)Fixed LP   12,7502017-10-08 15:13:43
It seems you CA ops opened up 15 meters. Found a decent number of contacts
there. Even made a rare 10 meter contact; can't remember the last 10 meter I

Had very limited time when 40 meters opened up so did not make very many
contacts there.

Really appreciate all the ops who cruised around 20 and 15 meters. That made
for a fun QSO Party.

Kenwood TS-590SG, barefoot
GAP Titan, 16 feet AGL
K2QO   SOFixed LP   14,3852017-10-08 15:13:54
Conditions weren't horrible. I started the contest running QRP and no one heard
me so I turned up the power for a rare 100W effort.

K3/100, Force 12 C4e at 60'

Mark K2QO
W4KW   SO(A)Fixed LP   34,8402017-10-08 15:15:06
Fair 10 meter opening Saturday Afternoon. Very noisy Sunday Morning, with Rain.

Thanks to all for the contacts.
NJ6G   SO(A)Fixed HP   95,2362017-10-08 15:15:15
Clean sweep! First contest running with a tower and a real antenna, 4x the
points I scored last year. It was nice to finally be able to hold a frequency
and have distant stations calling me for a change. I could get used to this!
N6JET/M   SOMobile LP   1,0642017-10-08 15:16:44
Only operated on Saturday, although Sunday was planned, I had to cancel. Never
tried the CQP before and mobile at that. Learned a lot about what not to do
next time, so I gained some good experience. When I could find I clear
frequency my vertical antennas did much better than anticipated. I will have a
horizontally polarized antenna for 10-15-20 next year.
W5TM   SO(A)Fixed LP   48,4652017-10-08 15:17:02
NØBUI   SOFixed LP   22,7952017-10-08 15:22:29
Operated a bit here and a bit there between other weekend activities. It was

73, Mike N0BUI
W6US   SOFixed LP   6,8062017-10-08 15:22:38
Cal stations all abandoned 40 & 80 on Sunday Morning and skipped right over
Nevada. Using a Hustler 5 band vertical on 40 and a nvis loop on 80
AI6O   SOFixed HP   43,6082017-10-08 15:23:15
As always a great contest. Love it when all the beams are pointed west so they
can hear my lil' pistol. Lots of fun, missed a few, but all in all a great 7
hours. Thanks for the Qs. 73

Ed, AI6O
TS-590, ALS-600, R9 vertical, 102' endfed, N1MM+
W7YAQ   SOFixed LP   58,5392017-10-08 15:24:42
Lots of fun. Missed MADE.

K4BAI   SOFixed HP   76,5602017-10-08 15:28:00
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Thanks for all
QSOs. Disappointed not to work all counties. Had a number of interruptions
this year. Family gathering for lunch Saturday. Dinner Saturday night with
visitors from California. Thunderstorm early Sunday morning, no doubt a
product of the tropical depression that was passing to our west. Greeting for
two church services Sunday. And a family gathering for lunch Sunday. And a 1
1/2 hour power outage Sunday afternoon, the result of a transformer blowing in
our neighborhood. Fortunately no damage from the tropical storm. Just a lot
of rain and dead limbs blown down. Thanks also to the organizers. SECC
entered as a small club. 73, John, K4BAI.
ACØW   SOFixed LP   5,9452017-10-08 15:29:47
Understand now why some people dislike phone in contest. Between lack of using
phonetics, using strange phonetics to even one person just running his repeated
call sign together and using different phonetics each time. He had a great
signal but wasn't getting any takers because nobody could figure out his call
sign. To bad because he was probably a mult for most people. CW Q's much more
enjoyable in this event.
W6KC   SO(A)Fixed HP   131,5442017-10-08 15:31:51
Too many distractions on the home front to mount a full time effort including
the contractor working on my home needing to turn the power off for an hour
Saturday afternoon. It still was a lot of fun and it is always good to hear
all the familiar calls.

Missed NE, ND, AK, MR

K3s + P3, AL80B, TA33jr, 40M Inverted-V & 80M Dipole all @ 30 Ft

73, Jim W6KC
K4WI   SO(A)Fixed LP   47,8802017-10-08 15:32:46
Pretty Good opening on 10 mtrs to the west coast Saturday but not much activity!
Lots of fun but really disappointed to miss KERN and TEHA... never heard or saw
any activity spotted! Hurricane Nate kept me off the air for much of Saturday
night. Thanks for all the q's! 73's Cort
WB6JJJ   SOFixed HP   103,7042017-10-08 15:33:26
That was a lot of fun... I was allowed to play radio more than expected.
I finally got Oregon last night for a sweep of all states and provinces.
It was nice to get quite a few calls from Europe, South America and Russia.
Three or four of the Qs were from stations demonstrating for Scouts and friends
- very cool.
Other than my ears causing mushy problems on CW early on, and a bit of a cold,
things went fairly well. I do need to investigate why my amp didn't like the
new 160/80 Meter dipole on 80 Meters. I could get full power out through the
tuner but when I switched to SSB, it would cut out on peaks??!!??
Lots of activity on Saturday but not so much today. I was hoping to get to
1000 Qs but no joy.
Thanks for all of the Qs and KBs.
K8MR   SOFixed HP   41,7692017-10-08 15:35:37
Missed Glen, Madera, Mariposa, Tehama, Tulare, and Yolo. I did not get on until
0030z, so maybe there was activity there earlier. As always, good to pass out
some QSOs to the deserving.

I hope to see lots of you in the Pennsylvania QSO Party next Saturday. I'll be
doing something productive, operating as a mobile as my wife and I drive across
PA on I-80 on the way to New Jersey to visit our daughter. For the California
stations, note that PaQP uses ARRL sections as multipliers (not states), so you
may be a needed multiplier for somebody!

73 - Jim K8MR

73 - Jim K8MR
KØOU   SOFixed HP   81,6642017-10-08 15:37:01
Some nice runs on phone but the CW guys wouldn/t answer CQ's. C U all in CQWW
and SS coming up. Good activity from CA, and hope to hear you all in the next
KJ6MBW/QRP   SOFixed QRP   23,2882017-10-08 15:38:43
Rig: FT-857D at 5w
Ant: Triband yagi

No low band antennas this time so I decided to try it QRP with just a

I planned to make ~100 contacts initially but Saturday propagation was better
than expected, even 10m was nicely open so I kept going and doubled my goal
eventually. I think it worked fine for a 5w of power, even managed some SSB
contacts, can't complain.

Many thanks,

NWØM   SOFixed HP   80,3132017-10-08 15:42:38
Another fun CQP!! Thankfully 15m was in great shape most of the weekend.
Signals were really loud on 15m at times. Had hopes that 10m would open up but
just one lone Q with N6TV.

Missed the sweep by just TEHA. Never heard them all weekend. I had 57 logged
by Saturday night with hopes of finding TEHA on Sunday but didn't happen.

Thanks to all the CQP ops.

K3/P3, KPA500, Mosley CL33 and OCF dipole, N1MM+.

Mitch NWØM
NC6B   SO(A)Fixed HP   146,8882017-10-08 15:42:52
Radio: Flex 6500
Amp: SPE Expert 1.3K-FA
Antenna: SteppIR DB36 @ 75ft and OCFD @ 70 ft
N6WS   SO(A)Fixed LP   5,1802017-10-08 15:43:04
Rig: Yaesu FTDX-5000
Ant: SteppIR @ 54 ft.
K6GHA   SOFixed LP   107,0282017-10-08 15:44:05
A fun contest, only missed 4 states or provinces for a sweep. Not bad for
unassisted. Had a fun time, but didn't quite reach the numbers I was hoping
for this year. Conditions around the South East may have had quite an impact on
Conditions weren't super from a lot of comments heard during the contest.
Lots of fun chasing the rovers, working 40 of the 58 counties, and just fun in
Already counting the days till next year.
K4AKK   SOFixed HP   25,3802017-10-08 15:45:49
Had a great time, Bands were good Sat but much more challenging on Sun.
W6OAT   SO(A)Fixed HP   215,5442017-10-08 15:46:02
Missed AK and ND mults.
N6RV   SO(A)Fixed LP   117,5352017-10-08 15:50:54
Fun... just messing around! Next year I will make a serious effort.
N3XF   SOFixed HP   22,7252017-10-08 15:52:06
Good condx. See everyone next week in the PAQP!
AI4DB   SOFixed LP   16,8962017-10-08 15:55:07
Once again it was a fun QSO party. Conditions were rough but 15 opened up a
little in west Tennessee and helped a lot.
WA6OSX   SO(A)Fixed HP   27,4482017-10-08 15:56:51
VE3TW   SOFixed HP   8,6452017-10-08 15:58:13
Squeezed in a few contacts while at the cottage for Canadian Thanksgiving,
entertaining family and closing up for the season.
K1XM   SOFixed LP   25,0802017-10-08 16:08:04
I modified the power supply for my K3 so the fan would be quieter. I figured I
should put it on the air for a while and see if it worked. So far so good but
next time I'll need to operate a contest where I call CQ.
K3TBD(@WA3EKL)   SO(A)YL HP   34,1642017-10-08 16:10:55
What a fun contest! So glad there was a YL category, I had a blast! Thanks to
Alan WA3EKL and Susan N3DPB for being such gracious hosts, and Pat K0OO for
showing me the ropes. Was so excited each time I got a new county, maybe
someday I'll get the 6 elusive ones. ;-) Can't wait to make more QSOs in the
next contest, see you down the log! - 88, Wendy K3TBD
K6AR   SOFixed HP   104,9882017-10-08 16:12:26
Distracting hearing RST sent by too many stations apparently not having read the
N6O(@N6RO)   M/MFixed HP   623,7902017-10-08 16:13:51
Total QSOs 4549, down about 6% from last year: 160, 40, 15m were up; 80, 20 down
a bit. Last section worked was Alaska! Another fine team effort at Radio Oakley.

Special thanks to NA6O for his two special CQP antennas allowing simultaneous
ssb and cw on the same band; and N6WM for his expert IT talents.

All radios (7 K3s) and amps worked fine, but all bands suffered from powerline
noise to varying degrees, esp. 160m. (PGE has been unresponsive to several
telephone and online complaints)
NG7Z   SOFixed LP   6,0452017-10-08 16:14:19
IC-7300 and a vertical. I started out on 20M hoping to catch N California
stations. After working the loud guys it was a fruitless chore to find new
ones. So I gave up after an hour and came back once 40M was open. As some have
pointed out, the CQP is rather tough being that AZ is so close. Sunday AM
early, I got on again. This time on 80M which is my weakest band given the
cramped space in the back yard which gives me little room for radials. Just got
the loud guys again and back to 40M to finish up. I used to look forward to this
QSO party when I lived in WA state. Now? Not so much. Anyway, I heard some big
serial numbers from the usual suspects. K6XX, W6YX, N6IE, W6YI and so on. So
next week is the alleged AZQP and based on my numbers and time spent last year,
I'm not so sure I'll participate this year. Besides, we still haven't received
any word on last year's results. Go figure. Many thanks to the CA organizers.
They do a lot of work to make it happen. Paul NG7Z
N6XI   M/MFixed LP   207,9282017-10-08 16:16:19
N6XI and AE6Y were practicing for WRTC 2018, so this was essentially a
two-operator multi-two submitted as multi-multi because there is no M/2
category. Operated about 18 hours, confirming that the triplexor works well,
the old, big, switchable bandpass filters are OK but will be replaced with more
compact monoband units. Due to an indirect lightning strike last month, the 2el
tribander had a dead rotor so we set the mast to 70 degrees for the entire
contest. The Mag240N and 80M rotary dipole were in excess of WRTC spec and
actually could rotate. Conditions were lousy with only a couple of hours when
more than one band was open and active at the same time. We feel sorry for the
lonely ops at real multi-multi's!
N7MZW   SOFixed LP   29,4842017-10-08 16:18:23
Icom 706MK-2G,Heil ProSet,Vectronics HFT-1500 manual Tuner,and a ZS6BKW
(modified G5RV up 50 feet,running N-S at 6,053 feet elevation. A late start and
limited time resulted in my misssing Colusa,Del Norte,Madera,and Tehama
counties. Never heard a CQP player on 10,or 15 Meters, and 75 was poor for me
at times with QSB and several repeats needed for the exchange.95% hunt and
pounce, with a few good short duration runs.75 meters netted only 6 Q's for 2%
of total,40 meters (my usual work horse)produced 79 Q's for 29% of total,and 20
meters was my best band,with 188 Q's for 69% of all stations worked.I think this
is my 11th CQP, all done from Apartment QTH's with low power and wires. Alwaysa
great contest with the chance to hear many old friends. Thanks for the
contacts! November Seven Many Zebras Walking
WIØWA(@NØAC)   SOFixed LP   15,4442017-10-08 16:22:06
Thanks for your QSO

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
KE8FT/6   SOFixed LP   19,0802017-10-08 16:23:20
Still running an Icom 7300 into a slanted Delta loop and no beam. More QSOs than
last year but too low on multipliers!
VA7ST   SOFixed LP   25,9202017-10-08 16:29:12
Just 6.5 hours on the air but it was a lot of fun while I was on. Disappointing
conditions on 15M -- the band was strong to W4 and almost unworkable on the
short haul to W6 from here.

-- Bud VA7ST
On the web --
Zone Zero Podcast --
N6G(NØKQ)   SOFixed HP   48,4382017-10-08 16:35:25
This was just a casual effort; I don't do major efforts!
It seems like there were several people confused by the 1X1 call. That will
probably resolve with more people using these calls.
The bands were pretty noisy; it was sometimes difficult to pull out the
reports. I'm sure there will be several busted reports.
I was pleased to catch 10 meters open for a while.
N6TQ   SOFixed HP   53,6252017-10-08 16:41:07
Thank you for all the Qs, trying to rep Marin (MARN). 73, Jim Colletto, N6TQ.
K6M   M/MCntyExp HP   252,5282017-10-08 16:42:33
Missed Alaska. Conditions pretty good. I'm on my drive back to Bend Oregon. More
AG6AY   SO(A)Fixed HP   41,3102017-10-08 16:42:48
I was delayed starting due to other local community commitments but, in the end,
I was able to put more time (10h) in overall than last year. I concentrated on
lower bands but was pleasantly surprise how well 15M worked over the weekend.
My furthest contacts were Italy (20M) and Australia (15M). I also concentrated
on running a frequency more this time. I was spotted 4 times and each time had
quite the dog pile to work through. N6R Field Day operations sure helped
develop the right skills to get through the pile without too many peeling off
thinking they will never get through. This year several of us are also
submitting as individual and as a club (VCARS). The CQP folks made it painless
to prep that in advance so we only had to select our club from a larger
pull-down list. All in all, a very fun time.
W7RN(K5RC)   SO(A)Fixed HP   24,6402017-10-08 16:42:48
Once again we have proven that Northern Nevada is definitely NOT the place to be
for CQP
K8FU   SO(A)Fixed LP   29,5202017-10-08 16:45:49

End Fed Half Wave w/ radials @ 50' Over the Rutbaga Fields Through the
Neighbors Barn
N4ZZ   SO(A)Fixed LP   129,4562017-10-08 16:46:56
Missed the 10 meter opening on Saturday, and on Sunday it just did not happen
CQP is always a pleasure to operate, for the most part you stay busy from out
of state. I bet from in state it would be a blast with all the activity that
is created. Thanks to all the ones behind the scene who do all the work to
make this qso party possible. Thanks for a fun two days of operating. 73, Don
N6ZE   SOFixed LP   202017-10-08 16:50:37
The Microwave Fall SPRINT held on Saturday morning used up my hamming time for
this weekend.
Nice to get to try out new NVIS 80/40m dipole.

Thanks to AG6AY for encouraging VCARS activity
N6ZFO   SOFixed HP   234,9002017-10-08 16:51:18
Sunday morning, trying to eke out a few Q's on a marginal 15m SSB, I was called
by SV1PMR in Greece at solid S8. Then 1 DL on CW. On 20m Sunday morning,
5B4AMM was like a local. Many Eu stations worked.

Perhaps there should be an award for "last to 58" . finally, in
the last hour, was called by KL7SIX on 20SSB for #58 with Ser # 2. Hauntingly
similar to last year: WL7E (also received Ser # 2)) was my last section, worked
Sunday morning. VT was worrisome. . got v. weak K2LE for #57 at about 0700Z on
80CW; he called again on 20m CW Sunday morning. VE4 also worrisome, but ended
up with 3 Q's and 2 stations. Tried to get my friend Summer, VE5SDH to drive
over to VE4, but she reminded me this would not be a good idea as she is
legally blind. Normally scarce sections NE, ND were abundant.

In general, conditions were poor, with high noise on 20 and 15. Sent most of
the 1000 CW Q's by hand, not realizing until late in the contest that the K1EL
keyer batteries were almost dead.

Score migh be a new Lake County HP record, finally displacing AD6E from this
esteemed position. Any error rate below 9.5% will suffice.

73 Bill n6zfo
K6CQP(KH2TJ)   SO(A)Fixed LP   106,5902017-10-08 16:58:50
Thanks to the NCCC for the use of the K6CQP call. Thanks for the contacts. See
you next year. 73, Todd KH2TJ
K6LA   SOFixed HP   54,9122017-10-08 17:05:02
Had to QRT after 3 hours for my daughter's wedding.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
VO2RAC(VE3FU/VO2AC)   SO(A)Fixed LP   3,2762017-10-08 17:09:32
Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday!

KEØTT   SOFixed QRP   30,8732017-10-08 17:15:15
K3/10 at 5 watts to an 88' dipole, up about 45 to 50' fed with ladder line and
an old Matchbox tuner. Lots of activity, thanks for the Q's and your great
copy of my QRP. Signals weaker on Saturday, stronger on Sunday. C U next
time, 73, Dan ke0tt MN.
K6CSL   SOFixed LP   15,8672017-10-08 17:21:10
Wow! That was fun! My favorite contest of the year. I can't quite believe I
missed AZ and UT. I didn't expect to find LA or MS. I think they were up to
their ears in Hurricane Nate. I lost 3 hours I had planned for when I tried to
take a sleep break and accidentally over-slept the alarm clock. TNX to all the
KBer's who gave me counties. 73's to all. Bert, K6CSL
VE3BR   SOFixed LP   9,3722017-10-08 17:22:09
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6815.0
WA1FCN   SO(A)Fixed LP   92,2352017-10-08 17:22:42
Well that is CQP # 37 for me and one of my better one's. California
was just booming in on 40 Saturday night. Nice surprise to
find signals on 10 meters. Last year I was UNassisted and got all
58 counties, this year I was Assisted and missed 3 counties !
rarely use SSB and my beams are tuned to low end, giving me poor
SWR at high end of bands.
Sure nice to find the same guys in CQP year after year.
Thank you K6AQL once again

TH5 @75 ft TH6 @45 ft 2 el 40 @ 70 ft. 80 meter Loop
VA3DF   SO(A)Fixed LP   86,7442017-10-08 17:28:40
No sweep this year, missed TEHA and TRIN - pity. Scheduled my off time to take
advantage of 80 m but 80 was not my friend this year!

As usual, it's a jungle out there...


KH6TU(AD6E)   SOFixed HP   50,5622017-10-08 17:30:31
Lost my amp early Sunday morning so threw in the towel.
Hard enough working CA with QRO when most have their antennas aimed NE. Hope
next year will be better.
K6DTT   SO(A)Fixed HP   120,7262017-10-08 17:37:28
Operated the station remotely from my home QTH in Southern California, and
thanks to the crew at the remote operation was flawless for
the entire contest.

Already looking forward to next year.

Alan K6DTT
NF4A   SOFixed HP   55,6402017-10-08 17:38:17
Wedding anniversary on Saturday so not too much nighttime 80/40 meter operating
since we went to dinner. Great activity from the "left coast"
K6T(WQ6X)   SO(A)Fixed LP   59,2112017-10-08 17:44:33
This was my 1st CQP solo from Contra Costa county.
(In 2014 as K6U N6GEO & WQ6X set a multi-OP CCOS county record.)
For 2017, condx. were better than I had expected they would be.

The FT-1000mp was run barefoot into a 2-el 8JK sloping VEE, a
CHA-250 vertical and a 3-el Hygain yagi for 10 meters.
Surprisingly, Saturday afternoon produced a 10 meter opening
with such surprises as HI8A & PY2NY. It also turns out that
the 1000mp tunes the 10-meter yagi nicely on 15 meters (1:1
cable SWR) as I forgot to switch antennas when moving back to 15.
RBN spots and a dozen QSOs suggests that it IS possible.

Only 20% of the QSOs were made on SSB, I would have done more but
not enough SSB people materialized for this contest event.
I made extensive use of classic JPS NIR-12 Dual DSP and Autek QF-1A
audio filters. The NIR-12 got rid of some of the junk and the QF-1A
peaked weak signals so they would nicely pop into the headphones.

The exceptional break-in of the Yaesu radio allowed me to hear
numerous stations calling me even BEFORE my CQ call was finished.
Wassup with THAT? Patience will make you more QSOs than being
overly anxious. Remember this: while I am transmitting I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

My BIGGEST BEEF is with stations running SO2R (or are otherwise just
careless), who call a LOUD CQ and then disappear. I call them 3 times
(others also call) with no reply. I send QRL? 3 times with no response.
It's now safe to assume the frequency is open so I call CQ CQP.
Immediately the station comes back to resume operations - WRONG!
The frequency is NOW in use by someone else.
Remember the rule of listening FIRST before you transmit?
If the stationed had LISTENED FIRST he would have heard me calling CQ.
I call this station and he immediately comes back to me,
proof positive that he DID (or was capable of) hearing me in the beginning.
FYI: I have reported this callsign (and other similar violators)
to the CQP contest committee. Submitting a winning log pre-supposes
that we conducted our operations with proper operating decorum.

I missed a sweep due to lack of hearing: ND, NE, RI, MS, AK, AB & MR.
County-wise, 42 counties ended up in the K6T log.
Numerous stations ended up in the log on multiple band-modes - CooL!
Where were the ladies on the air this weekend? I only worked 2 of them.

You can read my write up of this contest later in the week at the
WQ6X Contest Blog: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com

What did YOU do in the California QSO party?
Is K6T in your log?
WN4AFP   SOFixed LP   5,9752017-10-08 17:49:12
Family and football had my attention more than the CQP, but I had fun during the
few hours that I participated. Several times during contest, I had to share my
operating chair with my cat Snowflake. That's one of his two favorite resting
places. I enjoyed the 15m openings... CA was strong on 15m and 20m. My typical
QP money band is 40m, but not in this one. 40m was tough because there were a
ton of stations between SC and CA. I'll try to put a few more hours in next
year. 73s Dave WN4AFP
VE3RCN   SOFixed LP   12,1292017-10-08 17:52:11
Busy Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Gave time where I could.
N6TV   SOFixed HP   260,2322017-10-08 17:55:18
First, thanks to all the hard-working County DXpeditioners who spend lots of
time, money, and effort to help put some very sparsely populated California
Counties on the air.

With the low K-index, conditions seemed pretty good, but activity on CW seemed
way down, and I logged 160 fewer CW QSOs than last year.

Missed Alaska and North Dakota -- did anyone work those on CW?

10m seemed to open briefly both days, but it was spotlight propagation, and I
just couldn't seem to get much going there. Conditions on 160m at 0500z were
also just fair.

Worked quite a number of Europeans on 20 and 15, some very loud. Very few

Struggled with the software; the automated alternating CQ scenario refused to
send any CW after sending the CQ, so I had to do it all manually the entire
contest, requiring lots of button-pressing. Further investigation required.

Ants: 5 el 10, 5 el 15, 5 el 20, 3 el 40, 1 el 80 rotary dipole, shunt-fed
tower 160
Rx Ants: VE3DO Loop
Rig: Elecraft K3 (2)
Amp: Alpha 87A (2)
SO2R: microHAM MK2R+
Software: 2.34.0

Bob, N6TV
2017 CQP County Coordinator
N8UM   SO(A)Fixed HP   73,3202017-10-08 18:00:38
10 and 15 meter openings were an unexpected bonus. Surprised at only 52
counties. Personal best in this test on CW.

K3 9500 17 verticals N1MM SAL-20 rx
N6YEU/8   SOFixed LP   27,2002017-10-08 18:01:14
First 3 hours at W8OI with triband beam then rest at daughter's with wires. Good
to work many friends back in CA!
W6JTI   SOFixed QRP   93,3502017-10-08 18:15:30
Thanks to all who struggled to copy my 5W signal. I was very pleased to work
K1KX (RI) 5 minutes before the end, for multiplier #50.

The bottom of the sunspot cycle GREATLY affects QRP operations. This year's
score is down from last year's by 14%, and down 30% from 2013. I'm looking
forward to the return of 10m. So is everyone, I'm sure.
VE3CX   SO(A)Fixed HP   94,9622017-10-08 18:21:42
Missed Teha for the sweep.
K7SV   SOFixed LP   37,0232017-10-08 18:22:56
With some reduction in antennas I decided to do CW only. Always to exchange
reports with CA friends from my Coast Guard days at Pt Reyes!
VE3CV   SOFixed LP   8,2082017-10-08 18:24:37
Just a few hours on Saturday and operating as VA3FIRE (National Fire Prevention
Week Special Event Station) on digital and all day Sunday for Thanksgiving used
the rest. Missed the hunt for mults!
Go CCO! 73 Jeff VE3CV
NN9DD   SOFixed LP   5,8882017-10-08 18:33:31
Very limited Operation only a bit over 4 hours. Conditions seemed good to
California from GA
KØVBU   SO(A)Fixed LP   28,3952017-10-08 18:38:31
K3-100 P3; TH6DXX @ 50'; 80/40 Trap dipole @ 30'; 160 INV L @
30'(winter only)

Marginal condx here, but great to at least have 15 pop open in the afternoons!
Thanks for the Q's.

Bill K0VBU
WB8RFB   SO(A)Fixed LP   10,1382017-10-08 18:47:06
Off and on casual operation while watching the Cubs fizzle on Saturday and the
Packers win on Sunday. Very good conditions on 15 meters.
K6YK   SOFixed HP   55,4402017-10-08 19:02:20
Limited time with other commitments.
Rig: Icom 756, Dentron Clipperton-L (500 watts), tribander/dipoles.
VA3WU   SOFixed LP   1,6282017-10-08 19:02:51
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CAQP Contest Log (Out of State) 3.6
CLUB: Contest Club Ontario
NAME: Rick Barron
ADDRESS: 8 Swayze crt
K6JEB   SO(A)Fixed HP   1,2152017-10-08 19:06:58
Not much time operate this one. Sounds like it was a good time judging by how
quick I was able to generate a run.
VE3NNT   SO(A)Fixed HP   28,4132017-10-08 19:07:43
It was Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's on Saturday, so I missed the first 12
hours of the contest. This was the first opportunity to test my newly installed
OB17-4. I still didn't have an 80m antenna though. I just finished installing an
inverted V for 80m today. I only played on CW.
WD5K   SOFixed LP   60,6962017-10-08 19:16:17
Elecraft K3
TH7DX @ 50\'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
KA6BIM   SO(A)Fixed HP   9,2022017-10-08 19:17:26
Just a token 80 meter effort after a full day of Public Service communications.
VE3UTT   SO(A)Fixed HP   63,9652017-10-08 19:27:47
Remote worked fairly well Saturday. Sunday every time I moved my VFO the system
hung quite frustrating. Mostly left it on K6AQL's frequency. 400 Qs Saturday
24 Sunday once K6AQL finished Sunday I ran for the last 20 minutes to make it
to 24 Qs. Didn't seem like there were the usual number of mobiles but K6AQL
was awesome.

Hope all had fun.
WC7S   SO(A)Fixed QRP   22,2752017-10-08 19:30:25
Bands in great shape, grand fun seeing old friends and making most Qs with one
call. Found Bert K6CSL-Bert, with a nice signal +9. Only had 6 hours in the
saddle, but it was fun. Thanks to all. Hope next year, HS Homecoming, and
associated activities will leave me more time. See you next year!!
AF6TF   SOCntyExp LP   11,3562017-10-08 19:33:04
Ran under 30W TX to save battery (solar charged)
W6SX   SOFixed HP   213,7882017-10-08 19:49:14

I started with two objectives.

1. W6SX Prime Directive.

2. 1000 QSOs.

I wasn't expecting much considering how conditions have been lately.

I made 1000 Qs Saturday and went to bed at 2230. Slept in until 0730.

Got on twenty CW and was pleasantly surprised. Ran for an hour with decent
rate. Then I ate breakfast followed by an hour constitutional with Sunshine

The rest of Sunday, switching back and forth between CW and SSB, I got on and
ran until it got boring and/or painful. Then I took a break.

Turned out to be a fun approach. In the past, I've operated the whole
twenty-four hours, and Sunday was always a drag. This time, taking lots of
breaks, I was able to keep the rate decent. AND, I think I probably worked
almost as many stations as if I had BIC'd.

It was very nice to have so many Europeans call in on twenty, both Saturday and

My first CQP sweep in thirty-nine years of trying.

A fun weekend.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
KK6NON   SOFixed LP   12,2182017-10-08 19:52:15
Just some causal contesting. Trying out a new Hex Beam and new IC-7600.

73 de KK6NON CU Next year!
WE6Z   SO(A)Fixed HP   141,9262017-10-08 19:59:00
I had a blast. Conditions were better than I expected.
W6RFU   M/SSchool HP   113,8292017-10-08 20:03:18
UCSB Amateur Radio Club
Good participation this year with 4 ops and some observers who did not get in
the driver seat but at least got to view a contest operation. Objective was to
provide opportunity to operate or observe for as many as possible.

K3 + SB220
Antenna C4SXL @ 130 ft
N6GEO   SO(A)Fixed LP   58,1862017-10-08 20:04:23
I missed last year’s CQP, so it was great to be back. I had fun on 75M SSB.
K2LE(@K2LE/1)   SO(A)Fixed LP   11,9002017-10-08 20:18:28
Surprising how many Californians said 'TNX for VT" even midday Sunday

On remote from NY to VT
IT8/AA8HH(@TI8/AA8HH)   SOFixed HP   18,5642017-10-08 20:27:57
Signals on 20 seemed very weak compared to 15 meters. Propagation was just OK,
about as expected in this part of the solar cycle.
W6PH   SOFixed HP   176,5502017-10-08 20:33:56
K3 to Expert 1.3K
160 Inductively loaded sloper
80 Sloper
40 40-2CD
20 3el yagi (homebrew)
15 5el yagi (N8SM design)
10 A3S

This weekend was a mess for me. Too many issues which took hours away from
operating on Saturday. I knew I wasn't going to be competitive so I decided to
stay on CW and comply with the W6SX Prime Directive (Have fun). I used N1MM+
because WinTest doesn't support the CQP. I got a three hour tutorial session
with W6SX and felt pretty comfortable using it. I still prefer WinTest though.
The Cal QSO Party is still the ultimate contest for California stations.

I missed AK, NE, and ND. I never heard them. The Europeans on 20m and 15m
were a big surprise and some of them were pretty loud.

73, Kurt W6PH
N9NA   SOFixed HP   4762017-10-08 20:37:52
Ten Tec Omni 7, Alpha 87a, Steppir DB18e, 55 ft twr, N1MM+.
W6TCP(@W6NV)   M/SFixed HP   240,3122017-10-08 20:38:07
Missed out on NT for a sweep. Exceeded my expectations by a huge margin!
Conditions were far better than expected and we had a good stack of Europeans
Sunday Morning. We also managed to do fairly well on 10!

Thank you to all the KB'ers for the points! And to the CQP team for another
great party!

Thanks to Denny KX7M, Stan K6WG and Oliver W6NV who was also kind enough to let
me loose at his station!
NC6K   SO(A)Fixed HP   208,5682017-10-08 20:56:31
I got more BIC time than usual , but not able to operate for the full 24 hours
due to the usual family commitments. I beat my best score (last year) by a
significant amount, and only missed NT for the section sweep. I never did hear
or see any stations, but I think some stations worked NT.

Conditions were excellent on all the bands for the most part, with the usual
QRM/QRN on 80 and 40 at times. 15 M was open for much of the daytime, and 10 M
even had some decent openings to the SE USA on Sunday.

My SteppIR DB36 actually worked as designed on all bands, so that made 40 M
much better than if I had to use the dipole again. This was my first contest
using the FlexRadio Maestro, and it was a big improvement over the software

I was quite surprised at the number of DX stations calling - it was great to
hear how the contest has expanded. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually
becomes a worldwide contest with CA focus. I was also amazed at the number of
out-of-state stations calling CQ CA. I usually hear a few at other state QSO
parties, but this was a significant number on all bands and both modes.

Great contest as always, and thanks to everyone that participated. I had a
N7QQ(W6RW)   SO(A)Fixed HP   16,3022017-10-08 20:58:17
Man it is hard to work California on 20 and 15, but worked everyone that I could
hear. Had a great time!
K7HKR   SO(A)Fixed LP   5,3282017-10-08 20:59:03
100 watts, 8-foot diameter magnetic loop from AZ, all SSB

Life got in the way and I missed all of daylight on Saturday. Then, I still
had to spend 2 hours to get my new 8-foot loop up, which should give me 3-4dB
over my 5-foot loop and can tune all the way down to 160. Finally on the air
at 0330UT. The loop was working fine on 40 and 80, and I nabbed 55 S&P
QSOs (plus one dupe) by 07UT, when participation fell off a cliff. A station
was periodically calling on 160 until at least 09UT, but never heard me, so
that part of the experiment didn't work.

More 40 and 80 around 1300-1400UT, then on to 20 with my smaller loop. That's
when the fun ended, as I was too close and barely heard anything at all from
CA. Plus, there was lots of QRM from the hundreds of stations calling in to CA
from the east coast. (Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, and they were mostly QRMing
each other.) Gave up at 16UT, then back for the last 20 minutes for a few more
on 40. I had no expectations of how this would go, and was happy to get almost
two-thirds of the counties on 40 and 80 with an antenna that still fits on an
8-foot square patio and tops out below 15 feet. Thanks for the big turnout.
K6IJ   SOFixed HP   201,5502017-10-08 21:02:55
Last mult was VT which I worked in the last hour...

Saturday great and Sunday long to EU 20 and 15 but action slow here.

Thanks for the QSO's

73, Fred
W6VMW(KM6I)   SOFixed LP   21,1202017-10-08 21:16:38
Elecraft K3S, JK Antennas JK401 rotatable 40m dipole, Navassa 5 (20-10). Remote
via RemoteHams software.

Thanks for all the Qs, and apologies when the network connectivity to the
caused audio dropouts. Really pleased with how the W6VMW station gets out just
with 100 watts. Great fun to alternate between my home station and the club
KE8M   SO(A)Fixed HP   51,8912017-10-08 21:19:08
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 CW 43 129 0 3.0
7 CW 71 213 4 3.0
14 CW 137 411 23 3.0
21 CW 99 297 22 3.0
28 CW 3 9 0 3.0
Total Both 353 1059 49 3.0
Score: 51,891
1 Mult = 7.2 Q's
KM6I   SOFixed HP   31,0502017-10-08 21:27:09
K3, KPA-500, Dipole @ 60ft

Alternating between our W6VMW club remote and the home shack. Thanks
for the QSOs, all!
K6VO(@K6NR)   M/SFixed HP   218,5952017-10-08 21:36:32
This year Richard, K6RBS, Tim, AF6GL and I (K6NR) once
again put K6VO on the air for the California QSO Party,
with Mike, NM6X providing logistical support. We had a
good time as always, but the noise at my desert station
near Victorville has gotten worse every year and was
particularly bad this year. I have at least three
strong noise sources and they impact all bands,
especially 20 meters and below (QRN is 20 over 9 on
40m). Apologies to everyone who called who we could not
pull out.

Conditions were fair, with a short 10 meter opening. We
didn't seem to get as many callers answering our Cqs,
but perhaps we couldn't hear them in the noise. Lots of
DX on Sunday morning " we had 101 DX QSOs overall. Hats
off to our friends in Ontario who provided 88 QSOs.
Once again Alaska was a no show and we finished with 57
of 58 mults.

Our QSO count and score was down from past years, not
sure it was us, the QRN, or conditions. Our thanks to
everyone for the QSOs.

Dana, K6NR

Station: K3 -> AL1200, 1200 W
10m 5L@48', 15m 5L@45', 20m 4L@60'
40m 4square array
80m top loaded vertical over 66 radials
40m/80m trap dipole @ 55'
160m inverted L over same radials
Misc receive
K7IA   SOFixed HP   41,8502017-10-08 21:41:01
Good fun! Enjoyed the Low Bands--hard to do in daylight hour QPs that are split
between Sat and Sun. Looks like antennas are ready for winter season.

Missed COLU, KING,, MEND, MERC, VENT, and YOLO for a sweep. I heard a few of
them in exchanges, but alas, they were S&P and I couldn't catch up with

15m was a challenge--NM is too close for Sunday's skip, but I used a tribander
fixed on EU and competed with Low Power and QRP stations on the East Coast.
There are at least 25 pairs of Good Ears in California--thanks!

There were a lot of strong signals on direct paths and all were FB ops having a
good time.

Bravo Zulu to all,
dan k7ia
W1SRD/6   SO(A)Fixed HP   226,2582017-10-08 21:54:25
Conditions good for this part of the cycle with 15 strong and 10 open (even
though I missed most of the opening(s).
/6 maybe not the best strategy, but doesn't feel like it hurt anything other
than my throat.
Thanks to everyone that got on to work CA and to NCCC for making this much fun
Ontario Contest Club was out in force!
KI6RRN   SOFixed LP   219,5072017-10-08 21:56:17
My power supply started smelling like burning electronics and intermittingly
shutting down early Saturday.

Thank you to all of the stations that let me know that my signal was
"buzzy." Not having a spare, there was nothing I could do about it.
K7QA   SOFixed LP   4,1762017-10-08 22:07:23
Mostly used 25 watts testing modified antennas.
W6SR(WO4O)   SOFixed HP   241,4542017-10-08 22:48:25
This weekend I hosted Ric Morton, WO4O (from FLA) . Conditions were just good
enough (or bad enough) to give us non-SO2R guys a chance turn-in a decent
Ric ran 23.7 hours and probably got the best score this modest station is
capable of producing in CQP.
WX6V   SOFixed HP   52,5002017-10-08 23:15:57
Only had a few hours available to operate on Saturday. Pleased to provide a
Placer County QSO to the CQP participants during that time.
KM6Z   SOFixed LP   132,2202017-10-08 23:27:25
FT920, FT1000, Comet H-422 on the balcony.
73! Vlad
NO6T(@N5ZO)   M/SFixed HP   345,6802017-10-09 00:58:20
It was 2nd CQP M/S effort here at N5ZO. David N6AN again came down from LA to
help and we just took turns at my SO2R station. We ended with virtually same
result as last year, with some more CW Qs and some less phone Qs. But we
completed multiplier sweep this year and that 58th multiplier (KL7) was worth
about 40 Qs. Thanks again to Larry N6NC for letting us use his club call.
Thanks for all the Qs and getting all repeats done in noisy band conditions and
hope to see you again next year. 73 de Marko N5ZO
N9CO   SOFixed LP   13,8062017-10-09 04:03:03
Part time, Saturday only. All qso's S&P; rig was tuned using 'Shift-Up/Down
Arrow' in N1MM+ Spectrum Scope. Neat feature!

Rig: Icom IC-7300, 100w
Ant: 2 ele 40m yagi @ 95'; 4 ele 20m yagi @ 85'.
N3QE   SO(A)Fixed HP   46,2562017-10-09 04:42:26
80M had some kind of blanket on it - the usual suspects that are easy copy at
100W on Thursday night, were at legal limit and barely audible.

Very nice to find 10M open!
KK4VA   SOFixed LP   3,8742017-10-09 05:06:52
Used K3, LP-PAN 2, CW Skimmer and N1MM+. Buddipole 1/4 wave vertical with 2
counterpoise up about 12 feet.
KG4IGC   SOFixed LP   11,8112017-10-09 05:36:54
Had an enjoyable time working the CAQP, I think this was my first time. It
proved to be quite the challenge for me because I am not very good at sending
serial numbers in CW. Band conditions were very good all weekend on 20 and 15
meters to the west coast so it was pretty easy to work stations. Spent most of
my on air time on those two bands. Had a couple of nice openings on ten meters
Saturday and Sunday late afternoon, but not as many CA stations to work. Heard
two mobiles the entire weekend, and their signals were very weak so was only
able to work one of them.

Rig: Yaesu FT DX3000
PWR: 100
ANT: Hex & 272\' horizontal Loop
K3OQ(@W3RFC)   SO(A)Fixed HP   11,5942017-10-09 05:53:41
Limited time...had fun.
WA6URY   SOFixed HP   16,0212017-10-09 06:25:22
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
VA3LR   SO(A)Fixed LP   12,4642017-10-09 06:50:40
As my CW skills are still not up to the task, the was an all phone effort.
Hopefully my score will help the CCO's Club Competition score.
VE3KZ   SOFixed HP   96,0482017-10-09 07:13:24
Special thanks to N6TCE for Mariposa on Sunday afternoon for number 58 and to
N6JET/m for giving me TEHA on Saturday afternoon, one which proved difficulat
for many. K6AQL/m did the usual excellent job. A few more like that would make
CQP perfect!
Thanks to the organizers. Hope CCO does well in the new Medium Club category!
73 Bob VE3KZ
CI1AAA(VE1RM)   SO(A)Fixed HP   14,7842017-10-09 07:30:43
Busy weekend, but tried to put NT in some logs. It seems the same very active
stations were in the log on all bands.

It was a mistake to use special Canada 150 prefix CI1 -- took a long time for a
lot of people to get it. As soon as I said "same as VY1", they got
it, mostly. One guy refused to work me (!!)

Great to hear many friends on with great sigs.

Some other op time spent giving out op time as W1VE from the K2LE/1 station in

73, Gerry VE1RM (aka W1VE)
W1VE(@K2LE/1)   SO(A)Fixed HP   8,7202017-10-09 07:37:03
Jumped on K2LE/1 remote for a bit Saturday night before prop to NT was
Glad to give out VT to the deserving.

73, Gerry W1VE
KE8G   SOFixed LP   13,8602017-10-09 07:49:38
I had every intention on putting in some serious "chair" time, but the
family had other ideas!!! It was fun, even though I only got in 3 hours of
operating time. Oh well, God willing, there's always next year!

73 de Jim - KE8G
W9QL   SOFixed LP   38,9482017-10-09 07:53:28
Started off really poor, literally did not hear any CA for the first hour. All
of a sudden 15 and 20 came to life, was getting 10 over reports on 15 phone!
Then, the storms moved in and I had to shut down for awhile. 40 and 80 were
terrible here, probably because of the storms. Never have gotten a sweep, I did
not work assisted and may have missed some opportunities to add a few
multipliers. Still had fun and did OK, but not as good as last year. See you
for PA next week.

FTdx5000MP with a G5RV @ 35 ft
K6G(W1RH)   SOCntyExp HP   12,3212017-10-09 08:01:50
Operating from a low security prison camp at 4500 foot elevation.

TA-33JR @ 20 feet
KN4Y   SOFixed LP   13,1252017-10-09 08:37:54
Between visiting wife in rehab with a broken hip and the pending hurricane I was
still able to get in a few CW operating hours. I am not a fan of using serial
numbers in a suppose to be fun State QSO party. I actually worked a mobile, on
CW even, what a great surprise.
K6CTA   SO(A)Fixed LP   8,4842017-10-09 08:54:12
Marin was pretty well covered, but I got on to hand out a few Q's. Low power and
tiny antenna makes for a frustrating experience. Looking at the RBN and
comparing to K6RIM who was running LP to a real antenna I'm down anywhere from
20 to 30db from him.....!

Thanks for the Q's and pulling me out of the noise....


Elecraft K3/P3
N6BT Bravo 5 remote tuned vertical
End-fed wire in garage attic (!)
N8II   SOFixed LP   81,9662017-10-09 09:18:47
Not a full bore effort, especially Saturday. I missed Glen for the sweep.
Activity was quite sparse from Kings and San Benito also. Conditions were quite
decent on 15 especially Saturday, but activity was somewhat low especially from
casual ops. Sunday 15 favored SOCAL most of the day until mid-late afternoon,
but was open quite early. 10 opened very slightly to SOCAL around 20Z, a
different world from N4PN's 100+ Q's! I had good runs on 20 Saturday with best
runs around 22-23Z and it stayed open past 0030Z, a great improvement from the
KS QP! 40 signal levels were great from the big guns an hour before CA sunset
and also 90-120 minutes past my sunrise.

Thanks for all of the QSO's, many very good ops from CA and quite a few worked
4-7 times.

73, Jeff
K3MAW   SO(A)Fixed LP   3,6142017-10-09 09:23:27
KX3 100 watts and a wire. Only S&P for about 90 minutes.
VE3KTB   SOFixed HP   10,8682017-10-09 09:26:25
Had a good time. Nice to see the action on 15m, but had a hard time with 80m.
KØHC(WØBH)   M/SSchool HP   74,2402017-10-09 09:50:48
Our first "outing" in the Hesston College contest season. Aviation,
nursing, and engineering students Gracie, Amos, Grace and Tyson got their first
taste of ham radio contesting as we chased the California Sweep.

We got off to a great start with a number of the "rare" counties
coming early. Tehama and Glenn are always two of the most difficult, but
N6JET/m called us from Tehama with the good news that he was going to Glenn
later. Our last five counties were MADE, TEHA, COLU, LASS, GLEN with the Sweep
coming at 0036Z when N6JET/m checked back in! We gave him the frequency after
we worked him, so perhaps others found him as well. Thanks also to K6AQL/m for
his usual FB job of covering counties and all the rest of the FB CA gang.

It was a treat to have 15m open for several hours on both days. Our students
had easy copy with the mostly loud signals, so all-in-all, a great practice
session for our Sweepstakes team. Some also learned a little Morse code as they
practiced on a keyer between contacts!

Log has been uploaded to LOTW.

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC
NC6DX   M/MFixed LP   106,5352017-10-09 10:06:00
This was a casual effort from our cabin in the Sierra in Nevada County at 5000
feet in a forest. Before we could operate we had to repair our solar power and
battery back up system, auxiliary fuel tanks for our generators and other
repairs. We have a monster 24 battery of commercial batteries wired in series
for a 48 volt battery backup array for our processor controlled pure sine wave
inverters (long story). We ended up replacing one of the twenty four monster 2
Volt commercial batteries and fabricating new battery cables among other things
(including fixing and reparing our logging computers and "in-cabin"
wifi syatem for linking the logging computers). Bottom line is that we got
everything working and were able to provide at least 774 QSOs from NEVA for the
deserving on four bands. We had a lot of fun. Thanks all for another fun CQP
event. K6XN for the "Super Bobs" K6ON and K6YN and K6XN Ted.
KQ6ES   SOFixed LP   67,9502017-10-09 10:19:33
Other than local noise on 20-40-80 everything was as expected. I heard only a
couple of the many mults I missed. That's probably the first contest ever
without AZ in the log. Pretty good 15m conditions saved the day.
Butternut vertical at 100 watts, FT-1000MP
John kq6es
WØGXA/7   SO(A)Fixed HP   3,0002017-10-09 10:32:18
A short guest operation from K2PO, Newberg OR.
DL3DXX(@DFØSAX)   SO(A)Fixed HP   23,5472017-10-09 10:37:34
Better condx then expected especially on 15m.
Thanks for all QSOs.
KEØOR   SOFixed LP   4,4202017-10-09 10:54:11
I operator for 11 hours over two days. The biggest limitation I experienced was
having only 2 bands, 40 and 20 meters, available. I am planning to add some
antennas before the end of October 2017.

The contest was a lots of fun. Conditions on twenty meters were great!
W6A   M/SCntyExp HP   43,2302017-10-09 11:28:38
Alpine County Expedition

2nd year doing this... seeing as how we only got roughly 70-80 QSOs last year,
this year went much better. Huge bonus... There was no wind on our location
this year! Or at least very little... nothing like the 60mph gusts last year.
It did get down to the low 20s at night though. Huge thanks to W1SRD for
loaning us the amp. We were able to actually hold a running frequency, and chat
with CA stations via backscatter. Took roughly 4 hours to get the amp tuned
properly, and figure out how to keep the antenna from rotating, and work the
kinks out of the station, but once we did, we had an immediate pileup for about
2 hours on 20m, and then a nice pileup at the start of 40m in the evening. We
had another station roughly 1 mile from us that was only running 100w off a hex
beam, so we had to stay 30khz away from each other. Which limited our S&P
efforts. We never saw ND, DE, or MR... even though our signal was ALL OVER the
states surrounding those ones. Even got some Europe and Eastern Europe on
Sunday. Not bad for a 600w expedition. Overall, we had a great time, and are
looking for ways to improve for next year! I will be putting together some
pictures and a write up of the shenanigans for the MLDXCC and NCCC newsletters.
K7XC   SO(A)Fixed HP   9452017-10-09 12:30:55
Northern NV is NOT the place to be for this contest. Forced to work people on
20M Back-scatter during the day and the low bands after dark. Had a dental
procedure on Friday afternoon which left me tired, sore and in pain... Not a
good way to be in a contest. Worked a few of the boys on CW when I felt up to
it as I wasn't up to talking. Tried running W6's back-scatter on 20M but LOUD
EU and RA stations kept calling me so I just stopped CQing rather than
disappoint them. 3ele 20M Mono-band Yagi up 43', 40/80 Meter Fan Inv Vee at
40', IC-746, AL-80B @ 750W. See you in the pileups for CQ WW DX SSB in a couple
weeks. Many Thanks to the N1MM+ Gang for their work to provide a up to date top
notch software package for everyone, it is most appreciated! KB!
KM4JA   SOFixed LP   9,4522017-10-09 12:32:28
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
7 CW 17 51 1 3.0
14 CW 34 102 10 3.0
14 USB 27 54 21 2.0
21 CW 17 51 2 3.0
21 USB 10 20 0 2.0
Total Both 105 278 34 2.6
Score: 9,452
1 Mult = 3.1 Q's
K6MM   SO(A)Fixed HP   78,0302017-10-09 12:43:06
Operated Saturday as Multi-Single in San Francisco (AA6SF). Conditions Sunday
were very good...many QSOs from Europe, and all bands open except 10M.
Great turnout again this year. Missed AK, ID, MB,and MR for the sweep. Keep
in mind the log deadline 23:59 UTC MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2017. 73, John, K6MM
N6PN   SOFixed LP   93,6362017-10-09 13:20:14
Rig: Elecraft K3 running 100 watts
Antennas: verticals, dipoles, G5RVjr

Having the newly installed HF6V vertical available for this contest made a big
difference for me this year.


Band QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
1.8 17 51 0 3.0
3.5 84 252 0 3.0
7 179 537 7 3.0
14 210 624 35 3.0
21 118 354 9 3.0
28 6 18 0 3.0
Total 614 1836 51 3.0
Score: 93,636
1 Mult = 12.0 Q's
KI6OY   SOFixed LP   15,1982017-10-09 14:05:09
I ran the station into the ground running.
No one was injured in the process.
VE3VY   SOFixed LP   5,7962017-10-09 14:13:49
CallSign Used : VE3VY; Operator(s) : VE3VY

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : MIXED
Overlay Category : TB-WIRES
Default Exchange : 001 ON
Gridsquare : FN14US

Name : Al Niittymaa; VE3VY/VA3KAI

ARRL Section : ONE
Club/Team : Contest Club Ontario
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6815.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 CW 5 15 1 3.0
7 CW 40 120 12 3.0
7 LSB 6 12 1 2.0
14 CW 20 60 14 3.0
Total Both 71 207 28 2.9


Rig : Kenwood TS2000; HamGadgets MasterKeyer MK-I

Antennas : 270' OCFD (N-S); 135' OCFD (E-W); 40M H-Loop all up @ 40'

Soapbox : Conditions pretty good - got to work only Friday evening
with some S&P. Lots of CA stations to choose from.
K6ELE   SOFixed HP   36,7122017-10-09 14:41:02
Started at 1PM on Saturday due to work. Icom 7600 and PW1 amp to 2 element beam
at 25 ft.
N2MM   SOYL HP   94,7142017-10-09 15:44:17
Computer problems hampered the score....Sweep at 2350Zon Saturday!
KF6NCX   SOFixed LP   4,9142017-10-09 19:12:02
Great contest. Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks for the Qs. I felt
there was great energy in this contest. Very friendly. 73
W6YI(N6MJ)   SOFixed HP   408,5522017-10-09 21:02:54
Special thanks to several people for making this operation possible. Jim, W6YI
offered up his station and as usual the hospitality was top notch. John, K6AM
helped with all the technical needs and helped Jim repair some items at the
station before the contest. N6CY for the loan of his amp. Without these guys
I wouldnt be able to do what I do.

The conditions were really good both days but the rate just wasnt there like it
was in years past. It seems to me that all the casual ops have migrated to FT8
leaving less people to work on SSB. Congrats to all the great scores out


Dan N6MJ
WN6K   SOFixed LP   146,5522017-10-09 21:05:12
Well looking back 6 years, if scoring so reflects, we're still at the bottom of
this cycle. Locally we had dry conditions and the local power lines were
singing away S7-9. I bought a new computer for the shack a few weeks back and
it is a Windows 10 machine that necessitated buying some software upgrades.
What better way to break-in a new system than in the throes of a contest. Other
than some minor operator errors (fat fingers and such) everything will work just

Still some minor things to adjust but I am going to like it cause the XYL
said,"Happy Birthday, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas & Saint
Valentines Day!"

I mostly parked and tried to milk the cows as much as I could. Only worked on
station on all Bands & Modes - NO6T but was pleasantly surprised to hear
many EUs on 20/15m. 15 was not as good as I was hoping and it won the Noise
Prize and for that I apologize for the repeat requests and as one (N6ZFO) has
said, we do hope that we stay under the 10% error benchmark.

Today I did get an email from Ruud, DL4CF with a weak WN6K audio working him on
CW and that was very fun to hear how a good op can pull this LP station out of
the mud.

There were some high numbers from the Big Guns being given to us Little Water
Pistolas and for that we are always grateful.

The two Mults I missed were KL7 & NWT.

WN6K, Paul

W6YX(N7MH)   SOSchool HP   306,0902017-10-09 22:03:08
With needed repairs to antennas and rotators not getting done before CQP I
proposed that we do a M/S instead of a M/M as we've done for the past 10 years.
With the other M/S ops bowing out due to illness and other commitments I ended
up single-op in CQP for the first time since 1978.

When I finally had time to set up the station late on Friday night I noticed
that our EME contesters were in the nearby EME shelter and that the 40 and 80
meter inverted vees that normally overhang the 2-meter EME array were down and
ended up unusable for all of CQP. The non-rotating C31XR that has been been
beaming to the east coast US with a broken rotator was now pointing due south
as it is on top of the pole that also holds the 2-meter EME array. Scratch 3
more antennas that I was planning to use...

I installed the last few coax jumpers shortly before the contest started and
discovered that one amp wouldn't key and the other radio had no signals. After
swapping out the amp and a bad jumper I started 18 minutes late.

The rate was high enough on one radio that I didn't get started on the second
radio until almost the end of the hour with 86 CW Qs made in 42 minutes. The
second hour was my best with 144 Qs, largely due to being new on 20 phone.

I periodically checked 10 meters but completely missed the opening on Saturday
afternoon. There was no rotatable antenna for 15 so I couldn't work JA or
anyone in the Oceania contest.

I missed AK. I CQed in that direction a few times when I was on 20 and 40 CW
but I was mostly beaming to the US on phone. What a disappointment when I was
called by a KL7 on Sunday but he was in NV.

I must apologize to WQ6X as I think his complaint about SO2R operators not
responding was directed at me. Unfortunately this was a "deer in the
headlights" moment for me. I am still not used to 1x1 callsigns, other
than the ones that are repeatedly activated, like N6O.

3 minutes earlier I had just moved to 80 CW for the first time and immediately
had a small packet/RBN pileup. There may have been other stations calling and
when I heard K6T I assumed that someone's keying was interrupted and waited for
him to send the rest of the call. Instead I heard K6T repeated and was in
somewhat of a daze wondering if it was K6TD, K6TU, etc. I hadn't worked anybody
on the other radio for several QSOs so my full attention was on this frequency.
I don't have a QRL/YES response in my CW messages so I had to send by paddle
which likely went out on the other radio.

Usually if I copy a partial callsign I will send whatever I've copied plus a ?
but for US 1x1 callsigns I freeze and think that there was a problem sending
the call and wait for a repeat. Again, apologies for my reaction to the CQ
which was about the time I had my eureka! moment and figured out it was K6T

I didn't get enough sleep on Friday night and was getting sleepy so I quit very
early for the night just after 0600. When I returned just under 6 hours later I
was greeted by Dave, AA6XV, operating using his callsign, logging on paper. I
let Dave continue operating until my full 6 hours of off-time had been used up.
This was a mistake since Dave had adjusted some settings that took me several
minutes to get working the way I preferred.

On Saturday I was mostly happy with my rates but on Sunday I felt that it was
hard to maintain decent rates. My serial numbers had been close to K6XX and
WC6H on Saturday evening but my early departure put me behind both of them by a
large margin on Sunday and I never caught up.

I worked a couple of locals on 10 on Sunday and heard a weak N2MM calling N6O,
but wasn't able to get anyone outside CA to answer my CQs. This was around 2115
which must have been near the end of the 10m opening we had on Sunday.

I was surprised when AB1XX mentioned to me he had been W6YX president. Even
more surprised to learn he was my immediate predecessor as president. We had
known each other well back when Pete was WB6ZUO but hadn't reconnected in 40

As always, thanks for all the Qs.

-Mike, N7MH
K6EI   M/MCntyExp LP   269,6422017-10-09 22:42:25
This past weekend was my favorite California QSO Party of all time " a
great site, great weather, great antennas, great teammates, and pretty darn
good propagation.

We set up four stations (two CW and two SSB) near Sierraville in Sierra County
(north of Truckee) and managed a clean-sweep of all 58 multipliers while
handily beating our previous score -- even making 16 QSOs on 160 meters. Oh,
and we had a a lot of fun in the process.

I especially want to thank Bobby (K0XI) for organizing this event, setting up
his excellent solar/battery power grid, and doing a lot of the heavy lifting
throughout. Thanks also to Svend (KF6EMB) for his magnificent towers and Bill
Fehring (W9KKN) for a very cool N1MM+/WiFi implementation that worked
incredibly well.
AI6US   SOCntyExp LP   25,9202017-10-10 00:10:27
Two single operator 100w stations shared camp at 8980 ft Leviathan Peak on
Monitor Pass in remote Eastern California near the Nevada border. Antennas were
only separated by about 100 ft, but were almost placed end to end. We
coordinated band usage and used single band filters to minimize interference
between our stations. A CQP multi-op high power station was located about a
mile away to the West, but fortunately, we experienced very little

AI6US station used an inverted "L" 131 foot end fed wire with N/S
orientation. The far end was supported on a guyed 35' fiberglass mast on top of
the ridge and flew from a 43' Spiderbeam telescopic mast from the top of the RV
ladder. The wind was so strong that we had to stop contesting to attach
mid-span guy lines to the antenna wires and additional guys to the masts. My
Yaesu FT-991 was solar powered via a 320AH AGM battery bank and DC/DC step up
regulator providing consistent 13.8Vdc. Expedition photos are on my QRZ page.

Had a great time operating and hanging out with with AI6JB in an excellent
location. Great meals and conversations and beers kept us entertained when the
bands closed. The aspens the valleys below were nearing full fall colors. The
evenings were cool, the sky was clear and we experienced exceptionally colorful
sunrises and sunsets!

This was my first contest since getting my license earlier this year.
Contesting is a blast! Will be back next year. Bigger, taller, stronger and a
few more watts! :)
WB6CZG   SOFixed QRP   6,1002017-10-10 08:15:46
Since I was QRP, operation was search and pounce.I was surprised to work most
everything I could hear, with some work of course.My rig KX3 at 5 watts, PX3
panadapter (which helped finding stations)80 and 40 meter dipole at 70 feet,
fed with 450 ohm ladder line.Of course it helps to be at 6400 feet elevation HI
K6WSC/6   SOCntyExp LP   74,4002017-10-10 11:19:56
I had so much fun as a single-op county expedition in the 7QP I wanted to do it
again in the CQP. In the 7QP, I operated in the next county which was all of a
30-minute drive from my house. The CQP would involve at least a four-day trip.
I started looking for a suitable site (120vac, space to set up my antenna,
surrounding terrain, showers, food, etc.) in Imperial and later Riverside
county. No location met all of my criteria, so I started looking in the next
nearest county, San Diego and choose a site in Borrego Springs. San Diego is
not exactly a rare county, but CA is a big state and the southern quarter of
state only has four counties. Maybe next time I can make it a longer trip and
activate one of the rare counties.

The antenna was a 40-10m fan dipole with the center at 20 feet. The rig was
TS-590S. The air temperature got to 97 degrees. I am always amazed at how hot
the rig can get and still keep working. The rig did quit working however when I
moved my feet and the ground strap between the rig and the power supply
contacted the plus side of the supply. I quickly fixed that problem.

I worked 50 of the 58-possible state and Canadian area multipliers, with AZ
being among the missing. The CA county count was 33, all on 40m except for my
neighbor in Imperial county K6QK, both of us on the inland side of the coastal
mountains. The DX count was 13.

The food part of it did not work out so well. The park I was staying in did not
get their kitchen operational when they said they would. I could not drive my
vehicle (Honda Odyssey) to get food as it was part of the antenna support
system. I survived on a bag of carrots and a few energy bars for 48 hours.

It was lots of fun. Thanks to the CQP sponsors for a great QSO Party.

73, Bill K6WSC
NW6P(N6DE)   SO(A)Fixed LP   239,6282017-10-10 12:34:45
1 radio, low power

Thank you to Tom NW6P for hosting me at his great station!

-Dean - N6DE
WA5LXS   SO(A)Fixed LP   6,9302017-10-10 13:10:31
Only got to operate off and on between family activities.
N6D(KD6WKY)   SO(A)CntyExp LP   51,0502017-10-10 19:54:41
Activated Del Norte County from the Quality Inn and Suites in Crescent City. I
used two portable antennas; a Super Antenna YP-3 three element beam on 20m and
a Buddipole in the vertical configuration on 40m. I did not work 80m because I
wasn't comfortable with reconfiguring the Buddipole in the high winds in the
dark and by myself. Better to leave the antenna alone on 40m. On Sunday
afternoon I worked a dozen or so EU DX stations in the contest but only one JA
on 40m CW Sunday morning. On Sunday about Noon I got a call from the hotel
manager very animated about my antennas outside. We had a 15 minute
conversation about them. I explained that I had had a thorough conversation
with his employ prior to booking the reservation and a second time at check in.
In the end, he calmed down. Perhaps an Airbnb might be better in the future.
AH6KO   SOFixed LP   17,5892017-10-10 20:18:35
You Californians know how to party, always fun to join in even if for a short
time. Enjoyed following K6AQL/rover on CW.
Thanks and 73~ Stan AH6KO
AEØEE   SOFixed LP   19,3112017-10-11 04:24:17
100 W, K3, dipoles up 20-30'.

I ran into issues throughout the contest. Started putting antennas up for
40/15 m and 20 m at contest start. The 20 m antenna tuned weirdly, and I soon
found it was damaged beyond repair. After remaking the antenna in a couple
hours, I was back on the air for a while. There seemed to be some RFI issues
on 40 m, too, particularly on SSB. I wasn't able to track down exactly what
was going on or get it completely resolved. Better station grounding is likely
in the future. Almost all of Sunday was lost due to some natural gas issues in
the shack and getting those resolved. I wished I'd set up the 10 m antenna,
even though it would've taken away from contest time.

Despite the setbacks, propagation was good and activity was high. There were
lots of stations to work, and they came in pretty easily.

Thanks for the QSOs and KB!
W4ER   SO(A)Fixed QRP   1,4822017-10-11 13:12:00
Hurricane Nate cut into my operating time...getting ready for it, thunderstorms
during it, and clean up afterwards. Thanks for the Qs!

K3 @ 5 watts to attic dipole

73, John
K6NV   SO(A)Fixed HP   67,2502017-10-11 15:07:50
Log checkers will have fun, many Q's near the noise level her or very weak. TNX
for the Q's.............Bob
K6LRN   SOFixed HP   11,8112017-10-11 15:48:49
Computer 'issues'...sorry for delays, QLF, etc.!!
WØZP   SOFixed LP   16,0952017-10-12 16:25:40
Thank You ! So many fb ops in Ca. ! 73, till next year, Wayne W0ZP
N7VS   SOFixed LP   2,1302017-10-12 18:30:04
Experienced very unusual propagation this year. Almost all of my contacts were
with Southern California. Hope to be back next year.
N6TCE   M/MCntyExp LP   65,3402017-10-13 11:24:43
Didn't operate on 10 but heard some openings happened. one small tribander
10-15-20 at 25 feet. every thing other was 100 watts and wire. Missed regular
crew member Dan, WB6UNC who couldn't make the event this year.

Personal Best from MARP county. I have received 2 SASE for QSL confirmation
from county hunters.

Good location except no internet service, will be back there next year. have
better antenna and op plan.
Bob, N6TCE
KH6CJJ   SO(A)Fixed LP   3,6252017-10-13 18:54:42
Played around a bit going back and forth with the Oceania SSB contest. First
time ever in this contest and amazed by the participation.
KØAE   SOFixed LP   10,3952017-10-13 20:19:39
Always a great contest! band conditions perfect on 20 and 40
but activity on 10 and 15 meters very sketchy or non existent.
Worked 35 counties out of 58. 100 watts with the Yagi on 20 and
a G5RV shorty for 40!

John, K0AE
VA3TPS   SOFixed LP   7,7002017-10-13 22:01:35
Had a great time ,lots of stations only 6 hrs due to Thanksgiving!
KG6SVF   SOFixed HP   4,5362017-10-14 17:14:09
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Mother Lode DX and Contest Club
NAME: Dave Marson
ADDRESS: 2070 Middlefield Ave
ADDRESS: Stockton, CA 95204
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6774.0
WA6KHK   SO(A)Fixed LP   120,5602017-10-16 00:53:37
I bowled a 278 game the day before the CQP so I kinda' lost focus during this
contest. Towards the end of the contest I got a text from my real estate agent
telling me I got a great offer on my investment property. Then I really lost
focus. Oh well, we still had fun. Phone on 15 and 20 never really opened up
like I thought it would. I worked the east coast on 10 CW to my surprise.
Heard a lot of big numbers from out of state stations. Good job guys! See you
next month in the sweeps!
N6XT   SO(A)Fixed HP   9,5172017-10-17 11:46:06
Had commitments 1st for to Celebration life for K6EQ. Then stuck around to visit
with family and Friends.
I was limping along with my Force 13 C3E and wire antennas. for 80 and 160M
I hope to have more time to operate next year.
NR6Q   SOFixed HP   183,7442017-10-18 07:43:38