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Kentucky QSO Party   2017   Nov 11   Calls Used

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K2RYD  Out of State  HP
K3MAW  Out of State  LP
K4AKK  Out of State  HP
K4WW  FixedMixed  HP
KE0TT  Out of State  LP
KN4Y  FixedCW  LP
KX4FR  Out of State  LP
KY4NA  FixedCW  HP
N1SOH  Out of State  HP
ND4X  FixedSSB  LP
ND4Y  FixedSSB  HP
VA7DZ  M/S Fixed  LP
VE3CRU  Out of State  LP
W3RGA  Out of State  HP
W4ANT  Out of State  HP
W4CDA  M/S Fixed  LP
W8KNO  Out of State  LP
WB9HFK  FixedMixed  LP
WI0WA  Out of State  LP
WN4AFP  Out of State  QRP